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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released. This
takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 8: The End Of An Era
(MF, FF, FFF, fist, BDSM, f-mast, inter, reluc, ws, scat, roman, best)
by Big Red Dope (

(01/08/06 New Year's Revolution)

"Of all the matches on tonight's card this one's probably got the most
intensity and the most hatred surrounding it," Joey Styles said as the rules
for the bra and panties mud match were explained.

"That's certainly an understatement," Jerry Lawler replied. "Everyone saw
the video replay of everything that has happened leading to tonight's match.
Even if two superstars here in the WWE don't like each other there's a pretty
good chance they respect each other as competitors. Here we have two divas in
Melina and Trish that just flat out hate each other."

"And if Trish loses tonight she'll prove to be the worst general manager in
WWE history," Coach added. "Not only will a diva from Smackdown be holding
the women's title, but she'll be our boss here on Raw was well. In fact-"

"We get it Coach," Joey interrupted. "You don't like Trish as our boss.
You've been bitching about it since day one."

"Hey if nobody else around here will care about what happens to the show,
then I will. Somebody has to."

"Joey's right Coach. Just shut up will you? If nothing else this could be
the shortest match ever. Ashley is the special guest referee," Jerry barked
at Coach.

* * *

Melina waited impatiently for Trish while standing in the mud pit that had
been built off to the side of the entrance ramp. Finally the Canadian
bombshell appeared and the crowd erupted with cheers. Trish stood at the top
of the ramp for a moment staring down Melina who returned the favor. As
Trish made her way down the ramp towards the pit Ashley got between the two
and told Melina several times that the match was all but over. Trish smirked
hearing Ashley talk and knew that all she had to do was go through the
motions well enough to convince everyone that the match was legit.

By decree of Vince McMahon both divas were wearing Daisy Duke blue jean
shorts and sleeveless white shirts. With the cheap fabric of the shirts and
the glaring lights overhead Melina and Trish's bras were visible through the
shirts. Ashley put the title belt on a table underneath the ramp and
signaled for the bell.

The match started with the two divas locking up and testing each other's
strength. After almost a minute Melina gained the upperhand and threw Trish
down. The Raw diva landed in the mud covering her backside and splattering
it onto Melina's legs.

"Get up Trish. You're going to make yourself look bad if you have Ashley
help you win," Melina mocked her opponent.

With a growl Trish leapt at Melina tackling her to the ground. She climbed
onto the brunette's stomach and starting raining blows onto her head. Melina
quickly covered her face and waited out the barrage. After half a dozen
blows Trish grabbed a hold of Melina's shirt and started tugging on it.
Melina was still covering her head which made it difficult for Trish to pull
off the shirt. Ashley injected herself into the match and quickly made
apparent the virtual two on one odds that Melina was facing. Ashley grabbed
Melina's wrists and pulled her arms upwards. Trish was then able to quickly
tear the shirt from Melina's body and start on her shorts.

The mud that was now splashing everywhere began to cover the divas. With mud
on her wrists Melina was able to wretch them from Ashley's grasp. The
Smackdown diva grabbed a handful of mud and threw it into Ashley's eyes. As
Ashley stumbled backwards wiping mud from her eyes and trying to regain her
vision Melina quickly thumbed Trish in the eye.

As Trish reached for her eye temporarily blinded Melina pushed the blonde
off of her and climbed to her feet. Melina was able to pull the shirt off of
Trish and started on her shorts. She got them unbuttoned and began pulling
on them when Trish came at her with a handful of mud. Melina was able to
partially block it, but was blinded in her left eye.

Melina stumbled out of the pit and headed towards the ring trying to clear
up her vision. She was hit from behind by Trish who knocked her to the
ground with a clothesline to the back. As Trish started kicking Melina the
crowd started booing. Near the mud pit as Ashley started to regain her
vision Jillian came running down the ramp. She grabbed a handful of mud and
threw it into Ashley's eyes. The referee was once again blinded, but this
time she was pushed to the floor. Jillian then grabbed the title belt from
the table and ran towards the ring where Trish was busy working Melina over.

Jillian climbed into the ring, but Trish saw her in time to duck the
incoming belt and kick her in the gut. Trish grabbed the Smackdown diva in a
headlock and started to do a running bulldog. Jillian pushed Trish away at
the last second sending her crashing into the turnbuckle.

As the odds turned on Trish and both Smackdown divas began to pound on her
after Melina regained herself Jerry Lawler left the announcer's table and
ran to Ashley's side near the ramp. He grabbed a towel from a nearby staffer
and handed it to Ashley to clean her eyes. When all was right Ashley thanked
him and ran towards the ring where Melina was holding Trish in place and
Jillian had the belt in her hand.

As Jillian began to swing the women's title belt forward Ashley caught it
from behind and yanked it from her hands. The distraction gave Trish enough
time to escape Melina's hold and the two started brawling again. As the two
of them fought Ashley kept Jillian at bay with the belt. Soon Trish began to
gain the upperhand and bodyslammed Melina.

The crowd began cheering loudly as Trish readied herself for her patented
Chick Kick waiting for a groggy Melina to get up. Jillian made a lunge at
her but was met with a shot from the belt to her shoulder. She crashed to
the mat and rolled out of the ring. Melina eventually climbed to her feet
and Trish went into motion to finish her off.

"What the hell just happened?" Joey Styles screamed as Trish fell to the mat
unconcious after Ashley struck her in the back of the head with the women's
title belt.

"Damn it Ashley! Damn it!" Lawler replied disappointed.

"Great! Now a Smackdown diva is going to be our boss," Coach sighed. "I told
you Trish was not fit for the job! I knew something like this was going to

Ashley, Melina, and Jillian all stood in the ring grinning at Trish and
hugging each other. They quickly stripped the Raw diva of her shorts and
Ashley counted a quick three after Melina covered Trish. As Lillian Garcia
announced Melina as the winner she left the ring as Jillian and Ashley began
kicking Trish's body. Melina searched under the ring for a few seconds
before standing up with duffel back in her hand. She climbed back into the
ring and told the others to stand Trish up in a corner.

"What the hell is this? What are they planning?" Lawler asked as Melina took
out two sets of handcuffs and cuffed Trish's hands to the ropes on each side
of the turnbuckle.

"Whatever it is Trish deserves it. She's let Raw turn into complete garbage!"
Coach said.

"Oh, no. This isn't good," Joey said as Melina pulled a towel from her bag
and began to wipe down the front of Trish's body.

Trish began to regain consciousness, though groggy, as she felt a towel run
up and down her legs. When the cobwebs cleared she panicked when she realized
she was handcuffed to the ring.

"Good you're awake. It'll be nice to see the embarrassment on your face,"
Melina smirked grabbing hold of the blonde's bra at the bottom. Jillian
grabbed hold of Trish's panties at the same time.

"What? What are you--- Please don't!" Trish begged.

Her pleads fell on deaf ears as Melina pushed her bra up over her breasts
and Jillian yanked her panties down. Taking Melina's words to heart Mr.
McMahon had someone standing by who shut off the lights of the arena just a
split-second after Trish was stripped, but not before a few lucky fans
managed to snap photos of the naked diva.

* * *

Trish sat on a folding chair in the diva's lockerroom as she put on the last
of her street clothes after showering. Embarrassed and angry Trish sat with
her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. She was embarrassed that
she had been stripped live on a pay-per-view and knew that someone had
managed to take pictures of her naked body and that they'd be put on the
internet within hours. At the same time Trish was pissed at Melina, Jillian,
and Ashley that they'd dare do this to her, the WWE's most dominant and most
popular diva ever. And she was pissed at herself for not seeing this coming.
Trish knew that Ashley had become extremely jealous ever since Mickie James
joined the WWE and taken her television time. For whatever reason, that she
was now kicking herself for, Trish just brushed Ashley off as a contest
winner and paid her no attention.

"You bitch!" Trish screamed thinking of Ashley as she got up and threw the
folding chair against the wall. It clanked loudly and fell to the floor.
"God damn it!" Trish muttered to herself.

"Trish, you okay?"

The recently dethroned champion looked up to see Ashley standing just inside
the doorway.

"You bitch!" Trish screamed at her before going over and picking up the

"Nah ah ah, I wouldn't do that," Ashley replied smugly. "I tell Melina and
Jillian you're being violent and unruly and they'll make what they put the
rest of us through look like a cakewalk once they're done with you."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Are you that blind? Have you not heard the rumors or read anything on the

"I don't care what you or anyone else has to say. I get what I want when I
want. I'm the most dominant diva ever and yes I pushed you off to the side
once Mickie joined Raw, because she knew what she was doing in the ring. She
wasn't a god damn contest winner."

"You know what Trish, fuck you you old hag. Melina and Jillian want to see
you in their office right now. You know the one that used to be yours. Oh
and I have just one piece of advice for you. Drop the attitude now. It'll
make things a lot easier on you."

* * *

"Mmm..." Jillian moaned as she and Melina kissed making out on the couch in
Melina's new office. "So what's the first thing you're going to do champ?
You going to fire Trish?"

"Not yet," Melina giggled as her hands worked up Jillian's shirt and
underneath her bra. "She's still going to be a fan favorite and have a great
reputation. She didn't exactly lose the belt cleanly," Melina kissed
Jillian's lips again as her hands massaged the blonde's breasts, "so we
can't just out right fire her. First we need to kill her reputation, destroy
her fanbase. Then we need to turn the other diva's against her and run her
into the ground. Eventually we'll run her right out of the WWE and maybe she
can get work with TNA."

"God I love you," Jillian said smiling widely before pressing her lips to
Melina's and pushing her tongue into the brunette's mouth.

"Not right now baby, maybe later," Melina said after someone knocked at the
door. "You brought the tape recorder didn't you?"

"Yeah, it's in my bag." There was another knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Melina asked getting up to get behind her new desk while
Jillian took the tape recorder from her bag and pressed record. She then set
it on the floor on the inside of one of the desk's legs.

"Who do you think?" Trish snarled.

"Come in, come in. I was expecting you."

"What the hell do you want?" Trish growled at Melina.

"I'm the new GM of Raw Trish. Change your attitude or you'll be working Heat
until your contract runs out. And not that there's a good chance you'll get
one anytime soon, but if your attitude doesn't change you'll definitely
never get another title shot as long as I run things. Understand?"

"Fine," Trish said staring at Melina before conceding to her lack of power.

"Good. Now that's out of the way I have an offer to make you. Don't worry
you're still going to be my assistant until one of your so-called great Raw
divas can beat me in a match, but how you answer my next question will
determine how rough our time together will be for you. Jillian play this for
Trish," Melina said handing her friend a DVD. Jillian turned on the tv and
popped the disc into a player that was sitting on a rolling stand against
the wall.

Trish did her best to keep a stern face as various clips from the videos
Melina and Jillian made of the Raw divas played. For the most part her poker
face keep strong, but everyone once in a while the Smackdown divas could see
Trish have a slight physical reaction to what she was watching. When the
video ended the tv and DVD player were turned off and Trish turned her
attention back to Melina.

"What the hell was that?" Trish demanded though it was in a visibly
half-hearted manner.

"Do you remember when I mentioned Mickie becoming a major embarrassment for
the WWE? That now applies to every Raw diva except Lita and what happens to
them is now up to you. I'm going to make you the same offer we made everyone
else when we paid them a visit. You can either cooperate without problem
when we begin your training and save everyone the major embarrassment of
having these private moments leaked onto the internet or you can simply turn
your back on everyone and walk away unscathed. It's up to you."

"Threaten somebody else. I've been here longer than any of you and I can do
whatever I want whenever I want. Give me fives minutes and Vince will be
firing your ass and turning you over to the police."

"That's funny, because I'm sure everyone would be interested to know that
you fucked our beloved chairman to get the GM job and who knows how many
times you've done it before."

"You've got no proof. I'd be your word against mine and I always win. Don't
try and badmouth me because I'm willing to do what it takes to advance my
career and get what I want. It's not my fault I'm the only one who's willing
to take advantage of Vince's tendencies. Fuck all the other divas and fuck
you Melina."

"I figured you say something like that," Melina said as she and Jillian

"What's so funny?"

"Not much," Jillian replied happily picking up the tape recorder and
rewinding it a bit, "except this."

"Fuck all the other divas and fuck you Melina," the tape played back.

"Give that to me," Trish shouted unsuccessfully swiping at the device.

"I don't think the others will think too highly of you anymore once they
hear this," Melina grinned as Jillian tossed her the tape recorder. "But I'm
willing to give you one more chance. The offer is still the same except now
if you walk out the videos of the other divas are going online and they're
going to hear the tape. What's your answer?"

"Go to hell Melina," Trish growled before turning and heading towards the

"I figured you'd say something like that," Melina replied.

As Trish reached for the doorknob Jillian attacked her from behind striking
her in the back of the head. Trish fell forward to one knee cracking her
head on the door, before completely falling to the floor. Before Trish could
even try to get up to defend her Jillian grabbed hold of her blonde hair and
pulled her up. Trish grimaced as some of her hair was pulled out by the
roots, but other concerns soon hit her as Jillian quickly put her in a
sleeper hold.

"Turn her around," Melina said as she got out of her chair. When she was
face to face with the diva she reached back and slapped Trish as hard as she
could. "Stupid bitch, did you really think I was going to let you walk away
from us untouched? Other than my complete boredom on Smackdown you're the
reason why I came to Raw. Tomorrow we'll make a brief appearance on Raw then
after that we've got three days until Smackdown to fill. Oh and since I'm
the new GM I'm ordering you into a divas lumberjack match a week from
tomorrow against Mickie and that'll be after everyone hears you selling them
out. But before all of that that tonight you're going to make one fan's
dream come true."

* * *

"So are you ready?" Melina asked with a wicked smile as she and a pudgy
white male with balding hair got out of her car and walked up to a hotel

"Trish really asked you to set this up for her?"

"She gets into these moods every once in a while and decides to make a movie
to add to her collection. She's in character already so she's going to
pretend she doesn't like what you two do, but all you need to do is go in
there and fuck her like you've always imagined."

"Why does she have you help her? You're on Smackdown."

"Look Stephen everything you see on tv is make believe. Some of us like each
other outside of work and some of us hate each other. Trish, Jillian, and I
are rather close. Stop asking some many questions or I'll find someone else.
You won't get a copy of the video, but we'll give you five hundred dollars
for your time."

"Alright, sorry for so many questions."

"Good let's go in."

Melina and Stephen entered the hotel room to find Trish lying on her stomach
in a black bra and panty set. Jillian stood above Trish with a 26" riding
crop and Trish had half a dozen welts on her back. In the corner on the
opposite side of the room was a video camera that sat on a tripod and was
pointed at the bed.

"Has Trish been misbehaving?" Melina asked.

"Of course she was. She always behaves like a bad girl," Jillian replied

"This is Stephen. He's going to help us with Trish's project tonight."

"Excellent," Jillian said grinning at him. "There's just one thing." Jillian
picked up a bag off the floor and removed three generic leather masks that
had two openings for the eyes and one for the mouth. "Trish likes everyone
who might appear on camera to wear one of these." Jillian tossed a mask to
Stephen and one to Melina before putting on her own and tucking her hair
inside it.

"Okay," Stephen replied not giving it much thought and putting his on.

Once Melina had hers on as well Jillian walked over to the camera and
started recording. "Anytime you're ready big boy."

Stephen turned Trish over onto her back and found her mouth bound by a
ballgag. Her face was red and her eyes were moist. He looked at her
momentarily then spoke.

"All of this is part of her act? For the video?"

"Okay forget it Stephen. I told you no more questions before we came in,"
Melina sighed.

"No, no, no. No more questions I swear."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I swear."

"Alright then, continue."

Trish screamed and moaned through the gag as Stephen sat her up to unhook
her bra in the back. When it was undone he let her fall back to the bed as
he pulled the bra from her body. Just looking at Trish's large naked breasts
gave Stephen an instant hard-on. Trish was his all-time favorite diva and
now he was about to have sex with her.

As gently as he could Stephen took hold of Trish's breasts and softly began
to squeeze them working them around in his hands. The diva's perky nipples
began to harden and became pointy. Stephen leaned forward and pushing his
tongue through the mouth hole of his mask he began to flick his tongue
across Trish's right nipple. Trish moaned against her will not being able to
help it as Stephen's hands continued to roll her tits around in them as he
literally sucked on one nipple then the other biting the protuberances on

Trish wanted to fight desperately and get the disgusting man off of her as
he sat up and began to pull down on her panties, but her back was still
screaming in pain from having been whipped by Jillian. And if Jillian wasn't
whipping Trish in bed during the time before Melina and Stephen arrived,
then she had been choking her with her hands. The blonde's face quickly
turned red with embarrassment when she felt her panties leave her body and
the cool air of the room on her pussy.

Stephen's cock began aching terribly as if he was about to come as he gazed
at Trish's private parts. He was very much inexperienced at oral sex, and
sex and general, and was nervous about going down on Trish on camera
especially with two other lovely divas watching.

"Something wrong Stephen?" Jillian asked.

"Uh... No, not really."

"Then why don't you take your clothes off and fuck Trish with your massive
cock? She's waiting for it."

Self-conscious about how his overweight body looked Stephen slowly took his
clothes off expecting someone to say something. When he stood nude at the
foot of the bed and nothing had been said he climbed back onto the bed a bit
more relaxed and spread Trish's legs. Stephen heard Trish moan loudly as his
tongue made it's first pass over her slit. He felt his cock start to throb
getting ever so closer to orgasm. Stephen could even feel his underwear
start to smear his precum over the tip of his cock as it moved about.

Stephen slid his tongue up and down Trish's pussy several more times pushing
it inside to taste her juices. Trish moaned at each touch of the wet
appendage on her opening and found her pussy starting to wet itself. She
cringed at the thought of getting horny by the touches of the overweight man
in front of her, but she couldn't help it. Trish groaned loudly and found
herself really getting excited when she felt two of Stephen's fingers push
inside her pussy.

"Excellent work Stephen," Melina smiled beneath the mask. "Finger Trish real
good then fuck her. She wants it bad."

With a renewed sense of confidence Stephen slowly began working up the pace
of his fingers. He could feel Trish's pussy clamp down on his fingers a bit
harder each time he thrust them into her. He could feel his dick start to
throb violently with each thrust of his of his fingers into Trish. It begged
him for release and he nearly came several times. With a final hard push
into Trish's cunt Stephen pulled his dripping fingers out and wiped the
diva's cum onto his cock.

Stephen then lifted Trish's legs into the air placing them on his shoulders.
With his cock in hand he slid the throbbing member toward the diva's pussy
and slowly pushed it in splitting her open. Trish bit down on the gag in her
mouth and groaned as she felt her insides being invaded. Stephen was in
heaven as he worked his member in and out of Trish's pussy. His cock throbbed
as her innerfolds rubbed against his shaft. Trish's cunt was squeezing down
on him with a decent pressure and each time he drove himself back into her
she squeezed just a bit harder.

Disgusted or not by who she was fucking Trish had become overwhelmed by an
intense feeling of pleasure. Her body was burning and each time Stephen
thrust his cock into her it only made it worse. Stephen wasn't doing much
better. His dick was as hard and was aching as much it ever had before. His
scrotum had tightened up on him like it never had before and he knew he was
literally minutes if not seconds away from orgasm.

Seeing that the end was near Melina interrupted the both of them. "You're
doing great Stephen. You're giving Trish exactly what she wants. The only
other thing you need to do is pull out before you come and blow your load on
her face."

Wanting to do what Trish wanted and keep her happy Stephen pulled himself
out of Trish and stood at bedside stroking himself. No sooner had he pulled
out Trish quickly slipped a hand between her legs and started to furiously
finger herself. Stephen got several hard strokes off before he came. Several
shots of cum leapt from his peehole striking Trish in the eyes and on her
cheeks. Slowly his hand came to a stop and slipped off his dick as it went

As Stephen's orgasm ended Trish's was just beginning. Her body bucked upwards
and she moaned very loudly several times as she continued digging her fingers
into her cunt. She began shaking and her juices began flooding out covering
her fingers as she came. When she finished coming Trish's body relaxed and
she had and almost content look on her face, until she realized what she had
just done.

"Great job Stephen. You did great for Trish," Jillian said turning off the
video camera. "Get cleaned up in the bathroom and Melina will have your money
for you."

Melina took off her mask and sat down next to Trish on the bed. "Now that
wasn't too bad was it?" She said stroking Trish's head. "Just behave and do
as we ask like the others did and this video never sees the light of day
understand?" Trish half-heartedly shook her head yes. "Good. Our time
together begins tomorrow after we make our appearance on Raw."

A few minutes after he went in Stephen came out of the bathroom and begin
dressing. When he finished Melina retrieved five hundred dollars from her
purse and started to hand it to him, but he stopped her.

"You don't want the money?"

"Tonight was more than enough for me. Thanks everyone, it'll be a night I
always remember."

"Suit yourself," Melina said putting the money away and showing Stephen the

As Melina showed him out Jillian removed the gag from Trish's mouth. "Way to
go Trish, I bet he's a fan for life," Jillian laughed. "Now get yourself
cleaned up. We need to talk to you about Raw tomorrow and the rest of this
week once you're done."

* * *

"Welcome to Monday Night Raw everyone!" Joey Styles exclaimed as the pyro
and music ignited. "There were a lot of great matches and surprises last
night at New Year's Revolution including Edge cashing in his Money In The
Bank contract to beat John Cena and becoming the WWE Champion right after
Cena successfully defended his title in the elimination chamber. But the
most important match as far as the future of the Raw brand goes was the
Melina /Trish Stratus match. Unfortunately Melina won the match to become
the new GM of Raw and the women's champion and not surprisingly she won it
with some outside help."

"What was surprising was who helped her though," Jerry Lawler added. "Raw's
own diva Ashley turned her back on the show to help Melina win. Let's not
forget what transpired after the match. As excited as I get about puppies
and watching our divas come out every week what Melina, Jillian, and Ashley
did to Trish was just wrong."

"I have nothing to say on this matter other than I told you so," Coach said.

As Coach finished his statement Melina's music started playing. She
appeared at the top of the ramp wearing the women's belt to a chorus of
boos. Following behind her was Trish who was wearing the most conservative
unrevealing woman's business suit that could be found. As she followed
Melina to the ring she made no gestures of any kind and her face was blank
expressing no emotion. Inside the ring Melina grabbed a mic and began

"Since my match with Trish last night was first announced I heard rumors
about what would happen if someone from Smackdown took control of Raw. I
kept hearing and reading things about the show erupting into chaos or me
using Raw as my own personal playground to fulfil whatever whims I might
have. First let me reassure everyone that there will be no Smackdown
invasion on Raw. Everything will continue as is though I will interject
myself into things as I deem necessary. I am the general manager of Raw
after all. However I will not abuse my powers like Trish did."

"I'll believe it when I see it. Trish was only trying to keep you off of
Raw," Lawler retorted into his headset.

"As for tonight Trish is immediately beginning her training as my assistant
so she and I will be leaving early. Jillian will be in charge and will be
arriving shortly. She had some business to attend to before the show. Moving
on I want to briefly address Edge, John Cena, and the WWE title. Literally
since the moment he lost his match to Edge John Cena has been harassing me
non-stop for a rematch. Now as the former champion he has the right to one
rematch and it will happen, but not tonight."

"What does she mean not tonight?" Joey said. "John Cena got screwed by Edge
and deserves a rematch immediately!"

"I don't believe champions should be forced to defend their title immediately
after a pay-per-view therefore I am giving Edge the night off to recuperate
from his grueling match."

"Grueling my ass," Lawler retorted.

"But don't worry John Cena will be in a match tonight. It'll be a rematch of
sorts of last night's elimination chamber. It'll be John Cena versus Kurt
Angle, Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, Carlito, and Kane in a five on one
handicap match. If he wins tonight then he gets to pick the stipulation for
his title match next week against Edge. If he loses then Edge gets to pick
the stipulation. Oh and before I forget next week my new assistant Trish
will face Mickie James in a divas lumberjack match."

"Melina is already a better GM then Trish was," Coach said.

"What are you talking about Coach," Lawler asked. "She's got John Cena in a
five on one handicap match."

"He gets to choose what type of match he's in next week with Edge. John Cena
shouldn't be handed the belt back on a platter just because he's been
champion for a few months.

"You know Coach, just when I think you can't say anything more ignorant than
what you have in the past you go and prove me wrong," Joey replied.

* * *

"Where are we going?" Trish asked as she and Melina left the arena parking
lot leaving Jillian in charge of Raw.

"It's nothing to worry about. All we're doing is starting your training
tonight. Like I said last night don't cause any problems and nothing that
you say or do these next few nights gets leaked onto the internet."

"Yeah right."

"I'm serious."

"What happens if one of us beats you in a match and becomes champion?"

"It won't really matter. I'll never put my job as GM on the line so I can
give myself a championship match whenever I want."

After about an hour of driving Melina and Trish pulled into the parking lot
of a plain looking building in the middle of nowhere. The only indicators
that showed the building to be a place of business was a cardboard "Open"
sign stuck between the front display window and blinds and some lettering
on the front door that read "Randy's Adult Funhouse". There were four
lightposts lighting the small parking lot and six other cars sitting in it.

"What are we doing at a porn shop?" Trish asked half disgusted.

"What did I say Trish? Shut up," Melina replied opening the trunk of her car
and retrieving the video camera that had been used to tape Trish the night
before. "Don't make too big a scene and you'll save yourself a lot of
embarrassment. Now let's go around back."

Melina and Trish made their way to the back of the building and stopped in
front of a door marked Employees Only. Melina knocked three times and after
a few minutes the door cracked open a tiny bit.

"Who are you?" A gruff voice asked.

"I brought the golden goose," Melina replied.

The door swung all the way open and a man in his fifties with graying hair
and a scraggly beard greeted the two divas. "Ms. Perez so good to see you.
And this is the girl who you say wants to experience the other side of

"Oh yes, Trish is very eager to get into one of your booths and service your
customers. We would have been here last night, but we had other business to
take care of."

"That's very understandable and we were more than willing to work around
your schedule. Before we go in I just need to make sure this what Trish
wants to do. I can't tell you how many times we've had girls claiming they
wanted to work a booth only to chicken out at the last second. Before I
forget let me give you your payment." The old man reached into his pants
pocket and pulled out a rolled up wad of cash bound by a rubber band.

"Excellent," Melina said as she quickly counted it and stuck it into her
pocket. "Let's get started."

"Just one thing," the man interrupted. "Why's Trish dressed all neat and
ladylike? I thought you said she was into sex."

"Oh I am. It's just I have to hide my body and tone down my sexuality at
work. Tonight I had to stay late for a meeting," Trish said with feigned
enthusiasm. "But now I'm ready to work that booth for you."

"I think you'll do good here," the man grinned handing Melina a key. "Here
you go Ms. Perez. Booth three with the large holes like you requested. It's
down the hall on your right and it'll be the fourth booth on your left. I've
given you freeplay on the movies so you don't need to worry about putting
coins in the slot."

"Thank you very much," Melina said smiling seductively at the man. "We're
going to have a lot of fun tonight."

Melina and Trish walked into the building followed by the old man. Following
his instructions they found their booth and went in locking the door behind
them. The room was a dingy white color that smelled strongly of cleaning
solution. In the wall directly across from the door was a tv monitor with
several buttons below it and a coin slot off to the right. There was a
backless bench in the middle of the room and two large holes in the walls on
both sides.

"Oh my god..." Trish muttered.

"So you know what we're here for then?"

"This is gross. I'm not doing this," Trish gagged.

"Sure you are. Or else the video from last night will be released onto the
internet. All you need is a little motivation. We've got freeplay on the
movies so let's see what they have playing." Melina walked to the monitor
and pushed the first button below it. The scene that appeared on the monitor
was of two white guys in bed together. One was giving the other a blowjob.
"How bout this?" The look on Trish's face was all Melina need to see to know
the answer. She pushed the second button a scene with a man having sex with
an obese woman started playing. Again Melina looked at Trish and her
expression was still the same. "Yeah you're probably right. I really don't
want to see Mickie having sex either." Melina pushed the third button and a
rather generic sex scene with a male and female pornstar started playing.
"How about this?"

"Just turn it off," Trish mumbled disgusted.

"Oh come on Trish, give this a chance. You never know, you might like it."

"I'm only here because you forced me here." Just as Trish said that a
semi-hard cock emerged from one of the holes.

"Look Trish, your first customer. Get to work," Melina said turning on the
camera and pointing it at the diva.

With a disgusted look on her face Trish sat down on the bench in front of
the limp cock. Slowly she reached a hand out took hold of it at the base.
The large holes of the both allowed the customer to push his body against
the wall and get both his shaft and scrotum inside. A loud grunt could be
heard through the thin wall as Trish began stroking the dick. Slowly she
picked up her speed as her hand slid back and forth over the fleshly rod.
The man's cock was fast to stiffen and fast to start throbbing in Trish's
hand. Melina and Trish could hear the man panting hard as the blonde
continued to quickly jerk him off.

"Suck on it," Melina demanded and Trish slowly obliged. The Smackdown diva
smiled widely as she got video of Trish bobbing her head back and forth over
a stranger's dick in a pornshop booth. With camera still in hand Melina
walked over to Trish and gave the strangers testicles a slight squeeze.

"Ah shit!" The man grunted from the other side of the wall as his cock
exploded shooting stream after stream of cum into Trish's mouth. When the
man's shaft went limp and he pulled from Trish's mouth the diva made like
she was about the spit the semen out.

"You better swallow," Melina said and smiled when Trish did so. "Good girl."
Just then a twenty-dollar bill slipped through the hole and fell to the

"Thanks babe," The man's voice said.

"You can keep whatever money you make tonight," Melina grinned at Trish.

"How much longer are we going to be here?"

"Until I've got all the footage I want." Trish glared at Melina in disbelief
at what she had just done and whatever it was Melina wanted her to do next.
"Now until the next cock shows up I want you take off your clothes and sit
on the bench with your legs spread." Slowly and with hostility Trish removed
her clothing and set them at one end of the bench and sat down on the other
end. "You're just like the others wanting to act all high and mighty and
keep some dignity about them, but you'll cave in soon enough and surrender
like the others did."

"I hate you Melina," Trish said with a disgruntled look.

"Big surprise there. Now what I want you do is play with yourself and talk
nasty to the camera like you did outside. Make it good or I'll turn this
into a gangbang for you."

Trish sat there quietly for a few minutes while she composed herself. She
didn't want to make this video saying what she was about to say, but she had
no choice. Trish licked her index and middle fingers and slowly slid them
down her body towards her pussy. When they reach her private parts she
slipped them inside and began working them in and out.

"Mmm... Hey guys, this is Trish and I'm here in a sexbooth fulfilling my
fantasy of taking part in gloryhole action. I hope you have fun watching
while I have fun sucking and jacking off massive cocks," Trish said in as
sexy a voice as she could muster in her current situation. "Mmm... I'll be
back in a bit. Looks like I have some business to take care of," Trish added
when another cock appeared in one of the holes. Trish turned her attention
to the waiting dick and began by running her tongue along topside of the
shaft. It immediately hardened and Trish quickly had her hand wrapped around
it moving back and forth.

Watching Trish take the new dick into her mouth a few minutes after it
appeared Melina found herself getting excited. Holding the camera steady and
focused on the fellatio Trish was giving, Melina reached down with one hand
and unfastened her belt and pants button. She opened up her pants and her
hand crept down between her panties and skin.

While Trish bobbed her head back and forth running her lips along the shaft
a large black dick appeared in the free hole neck to her. The cock in her
mouth was ready to explode but it could have been another few minutes so
Trish reached up with her right hand and grabbed the nine-inch cock hanging

With all the excitement and movement of her hand Melina's pants eventually
fell to the floor. She had to bite her lip in order to keep from moaning as
she furiously dug her fingers in and out of her pussy. Melina nearly came
when Trish pulled back from the second cock and semen started erupting from
it splattering her face.

Trish quickly wiped the cum from her face and wiped it on the floor, before
turning her full attention to the thick black cock in front of her. It was
very much bigger than the first two she had sucked and was slower going into
her mouth. The first time she took it in Trish was able to work about seven
inches in before it started to fill her throat and make her gag. Trish took
her time slowly running her lips and tongue over the shaft lubing it with
her spit. Then five minutes after she started it on it Trish decided to try
and deepthroat it.

Melina's pussy was burning up as she watched Trish slowly inch the thick
black cock into her mouth. Melina was thrusting her fingers in and out her
pussy so fast and excitedly that her hand holding the camera started to get
shaky. Her pussy was becoming sopping wet dripping her juices onto her
fingers and she was now unable to keep from even letting the smallest moans
escape. When the ninth and final inch disappeared into Trish's mouth Melina
couldn't hold back. Her pussy clamped down hard on her thrusting fingers and
squeezed the life out of them as Trish started to go back and forth over the
nine inch cock taking it all in.

Trish heard a loud moan and pulled her mouth off temporarily to turn her
head and look. By the door to the room Melina stood with the camera pointed
towards the ground and her pants around her ankles. Trish smiled as the
brunette eagerly thrust her fingers in and out her pussy and moaned each
time they went in.

Melina's knees buckled and she fell to one as she orgasmed. She kept pumping
her fingers in as her cum gushed out and covered them. Then when her body
calmed down and she recovered she stood up and pointed the camera back at
Trish again who was smiling.

"Something wrong Trish?"

"Not at all you filthy slut."

"Me a filthy slut? You're the one sucking cock in a sex booth, but that
really doesn't matter. I want you to stand up and fuck him," Melina said
walking towards Trish. "Oh and clean my fingers." Melina grabbed a handful
of Trish's hair and began wiping the blond locks with her cum covered
fingers. She then picked up Trish's top and wiped her pussy with it before
throwing it at the blonde. Melina pulled her pants back up and fastened them
before turning the camera back onto Trish.

Once again grunting could be heard as Trish bent over in front of the
nine-inch rod that was literally sticking straight out from the wall and
with one hand she reached back to guide the massive cock to her pussy. Using
the bench to hold herself up Trish slowly began to push back onto the cock.
She gritted her teeth and moaned as the lengthy and thick organ split her
pussy open as it inched inside. This time she was only able to get six
inches in due to the thickness.

"Come on Trish, don't be a bitch. Get it all inside and fuck it hard,"
Melina taunted her. "I know your pussy is more accommodating than your mouth

"Fuck you," Trish grunted as she started to pull herself off the big black
dick then pushed herself back on.

"It's a good thing I'm in a decent mood tonight or else your mouth would
have gotten you in trouble already."

Slowly, but surely Trish was able to work her pussy enough so that it could
stretch to take in all nine inches. Due to the wall and the girth of the
cock the action wasn't fast and hard, but it went quickly and smooth enough
that Trish really began to get off. Her face contorted and she let out
stifled moans as her damp pussy started to slide back and forth over the
massive rod with more and more ease. Trish's slit started making sloppy
almost slurping like sounds as she continued to ram herself as hard as she
could onto the shaft.

"Shit bitch, you're fixing to make me come," the man on the other side of
the wall moaned.

Trish wasn't far from orgasm herself and Melina caught every moment as the
blonde lost her inhibitions and started moaning free and loud. Moments later
Trish slipped off the nine-inch dick and fell onto the bench as she started
coming. Melina nearly laughed noticing Trish was a gusher as even a few feet
away she could see Trish's cum dripping down her legs.

"Finish him off," Melina demanded not wanting the man to come and waste his
semen by spraying it on the floor.

Barely finished with her own orgasm Trish quickly returned her attention to
the cock still sticking out of the wall. She began licking her own cream off
the shaft as she took it into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and
forth. Within seconds of Trish's lips touching the shaft the black man
grunted loudly right before coming. Shot after shot of his semen sprayed
into Trish's mouth striking the back of her throat before slowly heading
down towards her belly.

A bit worn both physically and mentally Trish laid back on the bench when
the man started to go limp. A few minutes later another twenty-dollar bill
fell through the hole and landed on the ground next to the other bill.

"Great work for a first time booth worker. I've got all the footage I need,
but we still have another hour and thirty-fives minutes you owe the owner so
we're not leaving just yet."

Trish sat up on the bench with a contemptuous, but tired look in her eyes
and looked quietly at Melina for a few minutes without saying a word. Before
she could say anything another cock appeared in a hole and Trish went to
work on it. In the two hours she was in the booth Trish managed to service
eleven guys and get them off. Each time they threw a twenty-dollar bill
through the hole when they were finished. Trish reeked of semen and her hair
had started to clump together.
"God you smell bad," Melina said as Trish started to redress. "I really
don't want you stinking up my rental car. They'll think I'm a slut like you
when I return it."

"Let's just get the hell out of here. I think I'm going to be sick."

"This is just step one. We'll be in town for a few more days so you can do
step two tomorrow and step three on Wednesday.

* * *


"So do you and Melina come to these places a lot?" Lita asked looking around
a well-equipped room of a fetish club.

Melina rented the room out for the night so she could conduct the second
phase of Trish's training. She had yet to arrive at the club with Trish, but
Jillian, Lita, and Ashley were already there.

"I can't speak for her, but this is only the second time I've been to one of
these places," Jillian replied. "The first time was when we broke Victoria."

"So how do you know about these places and can get these rooms?"

"There's still a lot about Melina I don't know, but she can set these things
up in a hurry."

"Did you use these on Victoria?" Ashley asked holding a curled up bullwhip
in one hand and a twelve-inch dildo in the other.

"That's not for you to know," Jillian smirked. "You may be on our good side
as it were, but Melina and I don't completely trust you. Or you either Lita.
No offense."

"None taken."

"In time we may decide to show you everyone's video, but it won't be any
time soon."

Just then there was a knock at the door and Jillian went to answer it. As
she opened the door a blindfolded Trish wearing a plain beige trenchcoat
stumbled into the room followed by Melina.

"Sorry it took us so long to get here, but Trish began dry-heaving in the
bathroom right before we left," Melina apologized closing the door behind
her and locking it. "Let's get started," Melina grinned wickedly pulling the
blindfold from Trish's eyes.

Trish's eyes widened and panic crept into her face when she saw four people
instead of the two she was expecting. "I... I thought it was just going to
be you and Jillian," Trish muttered as she looked back and forth between
Lita and Ashley.

"I said we were meeting Jillian tonight. I never said there wouldn't be
anyone else there," Melina replied as she found Jillian's bag and took out
the tape recorder from days earlier. "And in case everyone here didn't
already know how Trish thought about all the other divas, this is what she
had to say Sunday night."

"Fuck all the other divas and fuck you Melina."

"Yes, the so-called greatest diva ever was ready to sell everyone out to
save her own ass."

"I knew she was trouble since day one," Lita smirked, "Now she's finally
going to get hers."

"You self-centered bitch," Ashley said glaring at Trish.

As Lita started to step towards her Trish suddenly made a lunge for the
locked door and desperately tried to get out. No sooner had her had touched
the knob Lita planted a forearm into the back of Trish's head slamming it
into the door. Dazed by the blow Trish was yanked towards the middle of the
room by Lita and had the trenchcoat torn from her body.

"Please don't," Trish begged getting her senses back.

"This entire time I blamed Mickie for my loss in tv time and basically
becoming irrelevant to the women's division, but it wasn't just her. It was
you too," Ashley snarled.

"It was just a misunderstanding Ashley... I'm sorry..." Trish said

"I can't count the number of times I talked to Vince about wrestling again
only to be given some asinine reason why I couldn't come back full time,"
Lita added.

Melina and Jillian sat back leaning against a table and smiling as they
watch the Raw divas exchange words.

"Should I record this?" Jillian asked.

"No, you don't need to. With the video from Sunday and yesterday I've got
more than enough to keep Trish under my thumb. Plus there will be the
footage I get tomorrow," Melina replied.

"Things really couldn't be better right now," Jillian smiled as Lita and
Ashley continued to berate Trish.

"Not at all," Melina replied coyly looking at her partner.

The Smackdown divas leaned in planting their lips on the others. As their
tongues slowly wormed into each other's mouth there was a loudly thud as
Ashley punched Trish in the jaw and the Canadian bombshell dropped to the
floor. Trish moaned for several seconds before she started to stand up.

"Not too rough with her girls," Melina said. "Who knows how easy she'll

"What's the plan tonight?" Ashley asked.

"There isn't one other than to break her down to a lowly pathetic wretch of
her soon-to-be former self. Look around the room and work her over to your
heart's desire."

"Let's bind her hands together," Ashley said noticing some shackles hanging
from the ceiling.

Lita helped Trish up and as she regained her senses and while Ashley
shackled her hands together Trish began to struggle. That was quickly put to
a stop when Lita kicked her hard in the stomach. Trish stumbled backwards,
but only fell to her knees as only her right hand was free. Trish was
dangling by her left wrist while her knees barely scraped the floor.

Lita had to hold Trish up while Ashley bound her hand, because Trish was
gasping for air with the wind knocked out of her by the kick. It took
several minutes, but Trish was finally able to stand on her own two feet
with her hands hanging above her head.

"Please don't... I'm sorry..." Trish begged as Melina picked up a knife from
a shelf in the room and walked towards her.

"Wow, we haven't even started yet, and you're already crying like a bitch,"
Melina smirked. With a couple of quick slashes Melina cut Trish's bra and
panties from her body and then cut them into several small pieces before
throwing them on the floor.

As Melina returned to Jillian's side Trish cried out as Ashley struck her
with the bullwhip. The first strike left a welt on Trish's abdomen. Ashley
snapped the whip into her body again this time striking Trish almost
directly between the breasts.

"I've changed my mind," Melina said. "Record this. I have a feeling that
this'll turn out good."

"Sure thing," Jillian smiled as she removed the camera from her bag and
began recording the action in front of her.

Ashley lashed the whipped into Trish's body several more times striking the
front of her body up and down. Welts and tiny cuts began forming on Trish's
legs, stomach, and breasts. Trish cried out each time leather touched her
skin and the two Raw diva's laughed at her as tears began streaming down her

"Aww, what's the matter Trish?" Lita asked mockingly licking the tears from
her face. "You're no longer in control of your career or you life now. How
does it feel?" Anger flared inside Trish and she spit in Lita's face. "Big
mistake Trish." Lita reared back and slapped Trish across the face as hard
as she could. A loud pop filled the room as flesh met flesh.

"Looks like she needs more breaking in," Ashley said as Lita moved and she
readied the whip again.

"Wait a minute," Melina said interrupting. "Plain old physical punishment is
not the way to break her in. Let's show them how to do it Jillian."

"Take this and record everything," Jillian said handing Ashley the video

Melina started by squatting in front of Trish and placing her head between
the blonde's legs. She then spread Trish's slit apart and dipped her tongue
inside. The Raw diva let out a small moan as Melina's tongue worked itself
in and out of her pussy.

"Stop it," Trish moaned as Melina's tongue continued to slip back and forth
between her inner walls.

"Don't get too much pleasure from this, I'm certainly not. Who knows how
many dicks have been in here?"

Melina continued to tongue Trish's pussy until she felt the first drop of
the blonde's cum start to ooze out. That happened after Jillian pressed her
tongue into Trish's asshole and began working it around the outer edges of
the anus. With her hands on each buttock of Trish's curvy ass Jillian gave
them hard squeezes while still flicking her tongue in and out. Melina
meanwhile had inserted her finger into Trish's pussy and was working it in
and out pushing to go deeper each time.

With the pain from the whippings having pretty much subsided Trish's body
couldn't help itself and she began to feel it tingle. Her pussy was burning
as Melina slipped a second finger inside and she was starting to wet
herself. She nearly came when Jillian pushed her first finger into her ass.

As Melina and Jillian fingered Trish's openings Lita found herself becoming
excited. She watched with bated breath as Jillian pulled her finger from
Trish's asshole, stripped off her clothing, and grabbed a latex glove from a
nearby shelf. Jillian slipped the glove onto her right hand and slipped not
one, but two fingers into Trish's ass. Lita then unbuttoned her pants and
pulled down the zipper before sliding her hand into her panties. She moaned
as her fingers brushed against her slit. Lita's pussy was sensitive from
just watching the trio in front of her and she moaned loudly when she pushed
one finger inside.

While Trish initially derived some pleasure from the touches of Melina and
Jillian she was now experiencing discomfort. While Trish's pussy was wet and
Melina was able to thrust three fingers hard inside with relative ease
Jillian was also pushing three fingers into Trish, but it had less to with
the Raw diva's ass being accommodating and more with Jillian forcing them
inside. Each time Jillian pushed her fingers into her ass Trish gritted her
teeth and let out muffled grunts.

Melina slipped her fingers from Trish's pussy and stood up. "Lick my fingers
clean!" She ordered pushing her fingers into Trish's mouth. As the Raw diva
began sucking on Melina's fingers Melina suddenly thrust them deep into her
mouth and into her throat. "Don't you dare throw up," she warned as Trish
gagged violently when Melina removed her fingers. The Smackdown diva then
removed her clothing and kneeled back down in front of Trish.

As she watched Melina slowly turn three fingers into four and those four
became a fist Lita found herself burning up intensely. Her pussy begged for
more and her pants and underwear found their way down to her ankles. Lita
feverishly dug her fingers deep into her pussy as her wetness dripped onto
her fingers and down her legs.

Deciding to give Lita a hand Ashley walked over to her and gave her the
camera. "Hold this for a moment," she said.

"Hold on..." Lita moaned as she continued to pump her fingers deep into her

"Do it now," Ashley growled.

"What are you-" Lita began stopping what she was doing to turn and talk to

"Just do as I say. When I decide to hook up with Edge down the road, you're
going to be my slave too. Now take off all of your clothes."

Lita started to say something, but decided against it. She had been
dominated by Edge for years now, but this was going to be the first time she
was dominated by another female. She stripped off her clothing and took the
camera from Ashley pointing it at Melina, Jillian, and Trish.

Jillian cracked a smile as she caught a glimpse of Ashley and Lita in the
corner of her eye and overheard their conversation. With a final hard push
she forced her entire hand into Trish's backside. Trish cried out moaning
like a wounded animal as Jillian's fist started pumping in and out of her
ass. Trish's butt felt like it was going to tear in half at any moment as
the large object punched back and forth inside. At the same time though
Melina's fisting was turning her on. It was a little uncomfortable at first,
but Trish's pussy eventually got used to the size of the hand and eagerly
accommodated it.

Now nude herself except for a strap-on Ashley returned to Lita's side. "Bend
over the table behind you and keep the camera pointed at them at all times
no matter what."

The slightest of smiles crossed Lita's face as she followed Ashley's orders.
Lita was filled with a lustful anticipation as she leaned over the table and
pointed the video recorder at Melina, Jillian, and Trish. She let out a long
soft moan as Ashley took hold of her hips and the tip of the strap-on
penetrated her pussy. Lita felt her body began to burn again as the length
of the shaft slowly pushed it's way inside spreading apart her vaginal
walls. Her body began to shake with great vigor and she nearly dropped the
camera as Ashley began thrusting herself hard into Lita's pussy. Lita
quickly began moaning as the shaft of the dildo slid back and forth between
her lips. Ashley's hands tightly gripped Lita's hips with the nails dug into
her skin. Her thrusting became long and hard rocking Lita back and forth.

Melina smiled widely as the moans of Lita and cries of Trish filled the
room. Even as the Raw diva cried her pussy squeezed down on Melina's hand.
With each hard punch into Trish's cunt Melina felt it tighten on her fist.
She knew the Raw diva wasn't far from coming so she pulled out her hand.

"Oh please, I'm not going to let you come on me," Melina snarled as she
stood up. She then slapped Trish hard across the face temporarily leaving a
handprint. "That was for wetting yourself," She said using Trish's hair to
wipe her hand clean.

Whatever pleasure Trish had in her body was fleeting as her attention was
now focused on Jillian. Her ass continue to ache with ever increasing pain
as the diva's fist continued pushing in and out of her anus. Trish's screams
soon became very loud and pathetic sounding. Melina giggled with joy when
she looked into Trish's eyes for the first time. They were red and wet from
her crying and a look of fear and weakness filled them.

"Let me have that," Melina said as she took the camera from Lita. "You two

Melina turned the camera to Trish's face and zoomed in on it. A frightened
look of pain and despair filled the diva's face as Jillian's fisting became
much more violent and vicious.

"How's this feel Trish? Huh?" Jillian growled. "You've ruled the WWE and
ruined careers long enough! You're time is over!" Trish screamed
hysterically as Jillian punched her fist into her backside with the most
savage effort she could muster. The pain was too unbearable for Trish and
she passed out before Jillian even began to remove her hand.

"Jesus! Fuck me Ashley," Lita cried out begging. The diva was bent over the
table with her hands clinging to the edge. Lita's body was aching and cum
was dripping down her legs.

"You're going to be my little fuck slave from now on," Ashley grunted. She
continued to ride Lita drilling the dildo fast and hard into Lita's pussy.
With a mighty thrust Ashley buried the strap-on deep into Lita's cunt. The
diva cried out as she clamped down on the dildo and orgasm raced through out
her body.

"Holy shit," Lita panted standing up after Ashley slid out of her. She
reached down to her legs and wiped up some of her cum. "That was great," She
smiled licking her fingers.

"It's going to get even better once we get Edge involved," Ashley smiled
approvingly at Lita.

"Don't get too full of yourself Ashley. Lita's more of a ho than fans
realize. She got off like that when she was with us," Melina said.

"Shut up," Lita pouted with an agitated look on her face.

"What? It's true. Anyway, we've still got a ways to go with Trish."

As Melina gave the camera to Jillian and unshackled Trish's hands letting
her fall to the floor Ashley looked among the many shelves and tables for a
toy and found it. It was a ten-inch long two and a half-inch thick hollow
glass cylinder with a rod of some sort inside. Ashley held it by the bottom
where she also found the switch and flipped it to the opposite position. She
jumped and nearly dropped the cylinder as several loud popping noises were
made as electricity began pulsing through the rod.

"Oooooooooooh, very nice!" Ashley gleed at her new found toy.

"You'll like that. I used one on Victoria," Melina smirked as the Raw diva
moved towards the barely conscious Trish. "Just try not to kill her."

"So you want to play with electricity huh Ashley?" Lita asked still looking
over the items available until she spotted something. She picked up a small
black box with several knobs and two cables with clamps attached. "Fine by
me," She smiled.

Ashley then removed the strap-on she was wearing and set it on a nearby
table. She straddled Trish's chest and stared at her momentarily before
slapping her across the face. "Wake up Trish," Ashley demanded slapping her
again. "I said wake up!" She screamed slapping Trish for a third time.

Trish coughed and muttered incoherently as she slowly regained
consciousness. "Stop," Trish mumbled opening her eyes.

"Are you ok Trish? We think we may have taken this whole thing too far and
are as concerned about your well being as you were about the rest of us on
Raw. But seeing as you're okay, we're going to continue." Ashley then got up
and stood in place momentarily before spitting in Trish's face and kicking
her in the side of the head. "Bitch."

Ashley then took the ten inch long cylinder and pressed the end of it into
Trish's gaping pussy. It took very little effort to slide the entire
cylinder into Trish's overly stretched opening and when there was just the
very bottom sticking out Ashley flipped the switch. Trish screamed as
electricity pulsed through her body causing her body to clamp down on the
cylinder. Her body thrashed about on the floor while she begged for it to
stop and it did five seconds later.

"Hmm..." Melina grinned. "Who would've thought Ashley had this mean streak
in her?"

"That's what happens when you treat someone badly long enough," Jillian
replied as she continued taping the threesome in front of her. Watching
Trish flop around on the floor was starting to get to Jillian. The Smackdown
diva found herself start to get excited and when she reached down between
her legs she found that her pussy was wet.

Melina took notice of this and brought Jillian's wet hand to her mouth. "You
kinky little slut," She said licking the cream from Jillian's fingers.
"You're almost as bad as I am."

As Melina kneeled in front of her partner to lick her pussy clean Lita was
attaching the claps from her device to Trish's nipples. If Trish's screams
caused by the cylinder were bad before, they were down right brutal to the
ears once the electricity from Lita's toy began pulsing into her nipples.

After fifteen seconds of shock treatment to Trish's breasts Lita turned her
device off, though the pulsating waves of electricity coming from the
cylinder continued. "How's that feel Trish?" Lita snarled. "How does it feel
to one week being on the top of your profession and calling all the shots to
the next week being on the low end of the totem pole like the rest of us
were?" Trish opened her mouth to say something, but instead began screaming
as electricity began pulsing through her pussy again. "That's what I

Lita turned her toy back on to listen to Trish scream even louder, but this
time she left it on past fifteen seconds. With Trish's mouth wide open from
her screaming Lita squatted down above her face and began to piss on her.
Trish nearly began to lose her mind with having to deal with the electric
shock treatment she was receiving and Lita's urine entering her mouth. As
the last of the yellow liquid left Lita's body she held Trish's mouth shut
and pinched her nose. The Raw diva couldn't help but swallow the urine and
nearly threw up in her mouth. Satisfied Lita stood up turned off her device
and jerked on it tearing the clamps from Trish's nipples.

As Lita walked away from Trish Ashley turned the cylinder off and straddled
the blonde's face. "God there's so much I want to do to you tonight, but
I've got plenty of time in the near future to do it. Right now though I just
want you to suck all the urine from my pussy and swallow it like you did for
Lita. I swear to God if you spill a single drop I will turn that thing on
again and burn your nasty cunt even more than it already is."

Trish nodded her head ever so weakly and with her pussy pressed to the
diva's mouth Ashley let loose her urine. Trish did her best to keep Ashley
happy, but with her weakened body and low gag-reflex that was now fighting
her Trish could only get three swallows in before spitting up the rest all
over herself and Ashley's lower body.

"YOU BITCH! WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" Ashley screamed enraged. She picked up
Trish's head and slammed it against the floor before covering her mouth and
nose with her hands. Trish started screaming into Ashley's hands clawing at
them as air left her body. Slowly her fighting stopped before she finally
passed out again.

Melina's tongue was buried deep in Jillian's pussy licking up the cream her
body was releasing Ashley and Lita worked over Trish. It was the loud thud
of Trish's head getting slammed into the floor that caught Melina's
attention and got her to pay attention in time for her to watch Ashley
smother Trish until she passed out. "Hey Ashley! Calm down! There's a lot of
things we can down to Trish and the others and be able to hide it, but
killing or maiming isn't one of them!"

"Sorry about that," Ashley immediately apologized. "I didn't mean to get out
of hand, but God I guess I didn't realize how much Trish pissed me off."

"Don't worry about it. Get yourself cleaned up and head back to the hotel.
Someone will call you later."

"Okay," Ashley said gathering up her things. "Once again I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it, just go."

"You want me to leave to?" Lita asked as Ashley disappeared.

"You may as well. I need Trish in one piece and I almost let this get out of
hand. Jillian and I have a few things to do here so we'll be awhile longer."
Melina waited until Lita left then locked the door behind her.

"I'm sorry things didn't work with Trish tonight like you wanted," Jillian
said hugging Melina, "But on the bright side if we ever need to beat the
holy hell out of someone we know who to go to."

"I'm not too worried about the footage tonight or lack there of. What I have
with Stephen and the sex booth is more than enough to keep Trish under our
thumbs. Tonight and tomorrow will just be icing on the cake." Just then
Trish started coughing and wheezing as she came too. "There's just one more
shot of Trish I want to get tonight. One that is so horrific and
embarrassing that she'll never ever question or disobey us."

"Please stop..." Trish mumbled barely audible. "You win."

"I already know that. I always get what I want, but you'll get your wish. In
a few minutes this little get together will be over and you'll be on you way
back to your hotel," Melina replied squatting down next to Trish. Trish then
began to try and sit up, but Melina stopped her. "Not yet," the Smackdown
diva said right before sticking her fingers down Trish's throat.

"Stop fighting," Jillian said placing a foot firmly on Trish's chest with
the running video recorder still in hand while Melina held the diva's head

Trish began to violently gag and her body began to convulse as Melina's
fingers reached further down into her throat. Then Trish's body sat straight
up in a sitting position when she was let go and she began to violently
throw up. Melina and Jillian laughed as Trish vomited several times covering
the floor around her and her lower body. Trish then fell back to the floor
once she stopped.

"We're not into this really nasty stuff, but we just want to make sure you
always know where you're place is," Melina said as she squatted over Trish's

"No!" Trish weakly cried out as a long rope of feces slowly squeezed from
Melina's ass.

At the first motion of Trish trying to get away Jillian pressed her foot to
the diva's head and pressed down on it until the last of Melina's shit had
come to rest on Trish's breasts. Then Melina and Jillian switched places and
it wasn't long before Jillian was releasing her own brown load onto Trish.

"Now would be a good time for a bad joke," Jillian said when she finished
and was standing over Trish alongside Melina.

"Got it smells like shit in here... Oh it's just Trish..." Melina replied.
"Was that bad enough for you Jillian?"

"That was perfect, but you know we're going to be here awhile. Who knows how
long it's going to take for Trish to clean herself and this room."

"Like I said yesterday, I'm going to be a fair GM. Let's give Trish a hand."

Humiliated and feeling less than human at the moment Trish began to silently
cry as Melina and Jillian began to piss on her mixing vomit, shit, and
urine. She had one more day left with Melina and she couldn't figure out how
this could get any worse.

* * *


Rolling around in the trunk of Melina's rental car in just her bra and
panties for forty-five minutes with her hands and feet bound together by
duct tape Trish was relieved when the car finally came to a stop. Several
minutes later the trunk opened and Melina cut the tape from her hands and

"Get out," She said lifting Trish up by the hair and dragging her from the
trunk. Melina threw the knife inside and closed it before retrieving the
video recorder from the car.

"Where are we?" Trish asked almost in a whisper.

"First rule. From now on you don't speak unless Jillian and I tell you to.
Second rule. Tonight you and me have taken a trip to a horse farm. Before
you say, do, or think anything remember that I've got the video of you from
last night and I will not hesitate releasing it on the internet. So with
that in mind do like you did for the camera at the porn shop. Okay?" Trish
meekly shook her head yes. "Good. Now go."

"Hi again guys, it's me Trish again. If you liked what you saw of me in the
sex booth as much as I did then you're going to love what you see tonight!
I'm here on a horse farm and I just absolutely love animals! See you soon!"

"Excellent intro Trish," Melina said after shutting off the camera. Trish
only nodded her head in aknowledgement as she followed Melina. "Let's go.
You're training is almost over."

Remembering what she had been through the night before a sense of dread
began to fill Trish as she followed Melina through the horse farm in the
dark of night. After several minutes of walking they came to a stop in front
of a stable.

"Inside," Melina said as she opened the door. "And take your bra and panties
off." Trish did as she was told and stood nude next to the horse waiting
for Melina's next commands. "For the abuse you took last night you don't
look too bad. His name is Friar Buck. Now get underneath him and get all
twenty-four inches of him to come out."

Trish reluctantly climbed underneath Friar Buck taking her time to do so and
was slower in touching the horse. She felt her stomach turn from just
looking at the six inches of horse cock that were showing and there was
still eighteen more inches to come.

"Trish..." Melina called out giving the diva her only warning.

"Oh my god..." Trish muttered reaching out to touch the flaccid penis

She gripped the bit of the shaft that was showing and began to timidly
stroke it back and forth. Friar let out a soft whinny as Trish slowly jerked
him off. The diva's eyes began to bulge as more of the horse's cock began to
emerge. After several minutes of stroking the horse was up to twelve inches,
but seemed to stop after that.

"You're doing good so far Trish," Melina taunted, "but I want all
twenty-four inches."

Fearing release of the previous night's video and possibly physical
retribution Trish closed her eyes as she wrapped her lips around thick
bulbous head of Friar's cock. As Trish began bobbing her head back and forth
it felt like she was trying to deep throat a giant salami. She gagged every
time Friar's cock head pushed into the back of her throat and as her lips
caressed his shaft more and more of his shaft started to come out.

Melina smiled widely at the footage she was now getting. Trish was bobbing
her head and back and forth on a horse penis and the twelve inches he was at
slowly turned into eighteen. Trish even gagged several times coughing when
she pulled her mouth off of Friar as he began to push his cock into her

"You okay Trish?" Melina asked. The Raw diva shook her head yes while wiping
spit from her mouth. "Good. Friar's read for some action and so am I." Trish
couldn't help but stare at Melina with a pleading look in her eyes. "I know
I'm asking a lot of you here, but do it for the good of the company. You may
never get another title shot again or do anything of importance on Raw, but
you'll still be in the public eye and you'll still have your fans. Now get
on all fours and stick that firm fat ass of yours up in the air."
Trish did as she was told and closed her eyes as she waited for the worst to
come. Melina watched impatiently for several minutes as Friar tried to
penetrate Trish, but missed. "This could take all night," Melina thought as
she considered giving the horse a hand. "As disgusting as touching the horse
cock would be at least I wouldn't be fucking or sucking it like Trish..."

Melina turned the camera off long enough to help guide Friar's large penis
to Trish's pussy. With just the little help the horse was able to penetrate
Trish on the first try. Trish screamed hysterically the first time Friar
thrust into her. Ten inches of his bestial penis plunged deep into her pussy
before she was ready for it. Trish's eyes bulged and she continued screaming
as Friar started slamming his thick cock hard into her cunt. The ten inches
that initially split her apart turned to twelve then to fourteen.

Melina was finding herself becoming very turned on as she watched Friar
rapidly thrust himself into Trish's tiny opening causing her to cry out for
mercy. Trish's face was red and tears were readily streaming down her cheeks
as her voice started getting hoarse from all of her screaming. Each time
Friar's cock buried itself deep within her body it felt like her pussy was
being torn apart. Finally after five minutes the pain became too much for
Trish and she passed out. It would be several more minutes before Friar
finally started coming. If she had been awake Trish would have felt the
several ounces of horse semen that erupted into her womb and that dripped
out her pussy when Friar finally calmed down and Melina dragged her away
from him.

"Wake up Trishy, wake up," Melina said slapping her several times.

"Oh god... Please stop..." The blonde begged.

"Believe it or not, you're training is finally done. You can go home and get
some rest now to prepare for your match Monday."

As Trish struggled to get to her feet and find her underwear Melina replayed
the video she just recorded on the camera's LCD screen. She smiled widely
listening to Trish scream while Friar Buck fucked her. Melina had just
completely broken the most popular and powerful WWE diva ever. She was the
women's champion and GM of Raw. Life couldn't be any better.

* * *


As he drove back to his hotel after Smackdown ended Matt Hardy was
disappointed he lost the battle royal for the WWE World Heavyweight title,
but at this particular moment that wasn't his concern. He was backstage at
New Year's Revolution when Ashley turned on Trish helping Melina get the
win, but he wasn't able to talk to her as she skipped out of the arena with
Melina and Jillian without saying a word to him. Ashley was absent from Raw
the following night and he tried calling her all week without any luck. Matt
decided he would give her one more call and if she didn't answer this time
he'd have to talk to Melina to try and get into contact with her. He got his
cell phone from his bag and dialed her number. It rang several times before
he was about to give up, but someone finally did answer.

"Hey chumpstain, what's up?"

"What the hell are you doing with Ashley's phone?" Matt shouted recognizing
Edge's voice.

"God you are one pathetic loser. First I stole Lita, now I stole Ashley from
your sorry ass."

"What are you doing? Give me my phone!" Matt heard someone say. "I'm sorry
Matt. I didn't mean for it to end this way or for Edge to be involved at
all, but I was going to break up with you next week." There was silence on
the phone while Ashley waited for him to respond. "You still there Matt?"

Seething Matt hung up on his ex-girlfriend without saying a word. As he
continued towards his hotel he began to formulate a plan to get back at
Edge. He might just have to follow Melina's example and crash Monday Night

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