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The Best Of Friends
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the large spacious home of Matt Hardy located outside of Cameron, North
Carolina, the 2005 Raw Diva Search Winner, Ashley Massaro is sitting on the
couch, watching TV as she elevates her injured leg onto the coffee table to
place an ice-pack on her part that's slightly swelling, "I hate this..."
Ashley grumbles, commenting on the things she has to do to help heal her
injury. As she's about to sit lean back on the couch, the doorbell rings.
"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." Ashley says as she reaches for her
cane that's leaning against the couch, stands up and hobbles a bit towards
the front door, "Matt if you left your own keys...." Ashley laughs as she
reaches the door, unlocks and opens it.

The standing on the other side of the door is one of Ashley's good friends
and her fellow WWE co-worker, the former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus.
Trish smiles a bit as she's dressed in a tight fitting pair of jeans and a
black t-shirt "Hey are you feeling.." Trish asks as Ashley looks
a bit surprised to see her good friend and the same woman who is helping
train Ashley to become a great wrestler in the ring.

Ashley, wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink hooded sweatshirt, laughs
a bit after realizing she has not yet replied to Trish, "Oh hey Trishers...
I'm feeling all right..." Ashley gets a confused look on her face as she
lets Trish into the house, "What are you doing here? I thought you weren't
coming by till next week..."

Trish shrugs a bit "Ohh...I had the weekend off of House Shows, so I decided
to come a few days early." Trish laughs a little "I hope that's ok..." Trish
says as she walks into Matt's house. "If not I can just stay at a hotel...I
have my bags still in the rental car."

"No... no... it's all right..." Ashley shakes her head and laughs, "I wished
you called ahead... cause Matt could've cleaned more..."

Trish shakes her head as she sets her purse down on the couch "Ohhh...
please...the place looks great.." Trish says with a smile as she sits down
on the couch and watches Ashley hobble back to the couch with her cane. Trish
raises her eyebrow "What's with the cane, old lady?" Trish asks jokingly with
a laugh.

"It's too hit people with..." Ashley laughs, "Do you want me to show you?"
Ashley sits down on the couch and holds it like a baseball bat. "But
seriously... the Doctors want me to use this cane to walk around if I'm not
going to wear the full leg brace.... and I prefer the cane..." Ashley smiles.

Trish laughs a bit as she sits completely back on the couch and gradually
looks around the living room of Matt Hardy's home "So...where's Matt?"

Ashley leans back on the couch, "Oh he went to the store for some food..."
Ashley pauses then she points at Trish, "And no I'm not eating everything he

Trish nods her head and laughs "Uh huh...sure...Porky..." Trish laughs a bit
as she gently nudges Ashley with her elbow.

"Don't make me hit you with my cane..." Ashley frowns for a moment then
laughs as she uses her cane to poke Trish's leg.

"So...have you met Jeff yet, Matt's brother?" Trish asks with a smile.

"No... I was supposed to... but he overslept and missed his flight up from
Florida..." Ashley shakes her head and laughs, "Matt chewed him out on the

"Awww..." Trish laughs a little and then smiles "'re like Jeff a lot,
he's such a sweetheart.."

"I know he's pretty cute... just going by some of the pictures Matt has of
him..." Ashley smiles, then she nudges Trish a bit, "I bet you came early to
see if he was here..."

Trish laughs a little "Oh please...will you quit...I don't have a crush on
every guy I talk to..." Trish shakes her head "Besides...Jeff and I that's in
the past...the way past..."

Ashley nods her head, "Uh huh... sure.... cause I thought I mentioned he was
supposed to come up this weekend..."

Trish rolls her eyes as she turns away from Ashley "Like I said...that was
the past.."

"Yeah right..." Ashley laughs a bit as neither she or Trish notice that the
front door is being opened and that Matt Hardy has entered with a bag of
groceries in his left arm. Dressed in blue jeans, a black tank top and a red
jacket, Matt closes the door, but neither woman hears it.

Trish shakes her head " can think whatever you want to." Trish says
as she looks back at Ashley.

"You're making it easy fro me to think that though..." Ashley laughs as Matt
walks into the living room and sees Ashley and Trish on the couch,.

"Hey girls..." Matt says as he stops and stands behind the couch on his way
to the kitchen.

Trish turns her head and smiles a bit "Oh hey Matt..." Trish says as she
stands up from the couch "Do you need any help?"

"No... it's just one bag..." Matt smiles, then he looks at Ashley, "How are
you feeling Stumpy?"

Ashley gives him a playful dirty look, "Stop calling me Stumpy... or I'll hit
you with my cane!"

Trish laughs a little "Do I have separate you two?"

"No... I'll kick Matt's butt... even with one leg..." Ashley laughs as she
again holds her cane like a baseball bat.

Matt laughs a bit, "Don't get too worked up Ash... let me go put these up..."
Matt says before he walks towards the entrance of the kitchen and leaves the
living room.

Ashley laughs as Matt walks out of her site, "You coward!" she calls out
jokingly, then she looks back at Trish, "He's such a great guy."

Trish nods her head "Yeah...he's really nice too..." Trish then pauses and
points at Ashley "And no...I don't have a crush on him."

"You better not..." Ashley quickly says with a smile, "Matt's been so
great... he's like... the perfect guy... he always calls to check on me when
he's on the road."

"Awwww...isn't that cute..." Trish says with a smile as Matt walks back into
the living room.

"What's cute?" Matt asks as he slips off his red jacket and tosses it onto
the back of a chair.

"Nothing..." Ashley says and then she looks at Matt's jacket, "You do have a
coat rack..." "I know..." Matt smiles and laughs, as if this is a routine
between him and Ashley.

Trish smiles a bit as she flips her blonde hair back and smiles "Hey Matt...
do you remember that 4th of July party a few years ago..."

Matt thinks and nods his head, "Yeah I think so... if I remembered
correctly.. it was a pretty big party..."

Ashley gets a confused look on her face, "What party is this you guys are
talking about?"

"Ohh...Matt had this party for 4th of July...a couple friends...I was dating
Jeff at the time and well after the party was over..." Trish blushes a bit
and laughs "Matt...Amy...Jeff and I...had our own little party."

Ashley laughs a bit, "Oh you... slut..." Ashley laughs and she nudges Trish
with the cane.

"Hey that's not nice..." Matt says as he walks around the couch and sits down
next to Ashley.

Ashley looks at him, "How come you never told me you... had sex with my best
friend?" Ashley asks as she scrunches her nose and folds her arms.

"It was... like 4 years ago..." Matt replies.

Trish laughs a little "Yeah....and besides Amy and well as Jeff and
Matt were all a bit drunk too"

Ashley nods her head, "So... was it fun?" she asks as she looks at Trish.

"From what I remember it was a blast..." Matt answers.

Ashley laughs and looks back at him, "I wasn't asking you... I was asking

Trish laughs a bit and nods her head " was fun...except when Amy
wanted to get really wild..." Trish shakes her head "God...she's such a

"You don't have to ask me to verify that..." Matt says as he shakes his

Ashley frowns, "Well... that whole thing was in the past... no need to bring
up bad memories of an unfaithful bitch like her..." Ashley says, sounding a
bit angry at Matt's ex-girlfriend for what she did to him.

Trish smiles a bit "Yeah...that wasn't cool at all, what she did...and
she used to be like a close friend too..." Trish says as she looks back at
Ashley, then at Matt "So...what do you guys want to do?"

Matt shrugs, "I dunno... anything you girls pick is all right with me..."

Ashley flips her hair back a bit as she bites her bottom lip, "Well... I
sorta got an idea... but it may be a little weird..."

Trish looks at Ashley and raises her eyebrow "Usually everything you think up
is weird..." Trish laughs a bit "But...seriously...what is it?"

Ashley laughs a little, "Not everything I think up is weird... ok maybe that
thing about putting apple sauce in Carlito's jacket pockets was weird..."

Matt shakes his head as he heard what Ashley did, "C'mon Ashley... what is

Ashley looks back and forth at Matt then at Trish and blushes, "Well...
since... well you guys... had like... some wild times before... I was
thinking maybe... you know... we could..."

Trish raises her eyebrow and laughs a bit "You mean...the three of us...get
a little wild?"

Ashley nods her head and smiles, "Yeah... c'mon... we're like the best of
friends right... and you've already done stuff with Matt...." Matt doesn't
say anything, as he's extremely shocked at what Ashley is suggesting.

Trish laughs a little as she a bit shocked as well "Ok...ummm...I...uhhh...
guess if you want to."

Ashley nods and smiles, "Yeah... I kinda do..." She then looks at Matt, who's
still speechless, "What do you say Matt?"

Mat shakes his head as his to clear his head, "Ummm yeah... sure... it...
defiantly gonna be interesting...."

"Hey... you and Trish did this before... I haven't..." Ashley laughs as she
points out that little detail to him and Trish.

Trish laughs a little "Ok...I guess I'm up for it..."

"All right... we're all in..." Ashley smiles and laughs as she flips her hair
back, "Ummm... since there's... like two of us... ummm Matt... you take your
clothes off."

Matt's jaw drop open, "Say what?"

Ashley smiles and folds her arms, "You heard me... take your clothes off...
or... Trish will hit you with my cane."

Trish laughs a little and nods her head "You heard her, Matt...get

Great... you two are gonna gang up on me..." Matt laughs as he stands up, and
he starts to lift up his black tank top up.

"You got that right," Ashley laughs a bit as she see Matt's upper body become
exposed as he lifts his tank top off of his body. He drops it down on the
floor and smiles at Ashley and Trish while shaking his head when he kicks off
his sneakers and stars to unbutton his jeans.

Trish laughs a little as she scouts closer to Ashley on the couch. Trish
gently puts her right arm around Ashley "That's what we're talking about,
Matt...get naked!" Trish says with a laugh as she turns her head and smiles
at Ashley.

Ashley looks at Trish and smiles, "That's the spirit..." She looks back at
Matt as he unzips his jeans and starts to lower them down his legs, exposing
a pair of black boxer-briefs underneath. "Don't forget your boxers and your
socks Matt... we want you in the buff!" Ashley says as she points at him.

"All right..." Matt laughs as he steps out of his jeans and lifts each leg
one at a time to take off his socks before he begins to take off his boxers.

As he lowers the black boxer-briefs down, his eleven-inch shaft becomes free,
and Ashley looks at Trish and nudges her, "I wonder if that brings back any
memories for you?"

Trish laughs a little and blushes, she nods her head "Ash...Matt is
definitely a hottie..." Trish gets a soft smile on her face "Oh...Ash you
know what would be so awesome?"

"No... what?" Ashley asks as looks at Trish with a raised eyebrow. Meanwhile,
Matt has kicked his clothes underneath a coffee table so they are not in the
way. He then places his hands on his hips and looks at Trish and Ashley as he
his shaft starts to rise to the occasion without being touched.

Trish smiles a bit and turns to Ashley cupping her hands around her mouth as
she whispers into Ashley's ear "What if...we both gave him head?"

Ashley smiles and licks her lip a bit after she heard Trish's idea, "That'll
be... way awesome..." Ashley says as she then looks at Trish, "But... we're
a bit over dressed..." Ashley looks at Matt, "Matt... stand right there...
me and Trish... are going to... get more comfortable..."

Matt nods his head and laughs a bit, "All right Ash... take your time..."

Ashley blushes as she starts to lift up her hooded sweatshirt and after a
moment, she takes it off completely from her beautiful body, and revealing
a blue sports bra underneath it. Before she starts to take it off she looks
at Trish, "Come on Trishers... I'm not the only getting undressed here..."
Ashley laughs as she begins to remove her sports bra.

Trish laughs a little "Ok Ash..." Trish says as she reaches down and slowly
lifts her black t-shirt up and over her head. Trish sets her t-shirt down on
the couch, revealing her stunning, tanned and toned body as well as her large
tits, covered by a black bra. Trish turns with her back to Ashley and smiles
over her shoulders "Ash...could you unclip me?"

"Sure..." Ashley says as she takes off her sports bra, freeing her own fairly
large breasts. She turns to her right and releases the clasp of Trish's black
bra, and it falls forward almost instantly.

Matt licks his lips a bit as he looks at the chests of both women, "Damn...

Ashley looks at him, "Oh stop it... you've seen us both topless before..."

"Yeah... but not together..." Matt smiles.

Trish laughs a little as she stands up from the couch after removing her bra
of her large, nice tits. Trish smiles at Matt "Like what you see?" Trish asks
as she lowers her right hand and helps Ashley up from the couch.

Matt nods his head slowly, "Yeah... I sure do... it's a great view..."
Ashley laughs a bit as Trish helps her up to her feet, "Matt.... you're a
screwball..." She says as she starts to push down her white shorts a bit as
she holds onto Trish for balance.

Ashley then stops and looks at Matt, "Since you're not doing anything... can
you come here and... take these off?" She asks, trying hard not laugh.

"Sure..." Matt walks over to them and bends down a bit to pull Ashley's
shorts down her smooth legs.

Trish leans back a bit and watches Ashley's white shorts fall of her hips
and slide down her smooth legs. Trish smiles a bit as she takes a look at
Ashley's nice, toned backside "Damn...Ash you a got cute little ass there..."
Trish says with a laugh, before she stands back up straight and looks down as
she starts to unbutton her tight-fitting jeans.

"Cute? I got a hot little ass..." Ashley says back as Matt brings her shorts
down to her feet. After Ashley steps out of them, Matt looks up at her, and
smiles as he starts to tug down her dark blue thong from her waist, and as
he does, Matt slides his hand all the way down her legs as well. Trish laughs
a little as she gradually pushes her tight-fitting jeans off of her nicely
rounded hips and down her own smooth, tanned legs. Trish steps out of her
jeans once they drop down to her feet. Trish flips her blonde hair as she
sees Matt raises and eyebrow when he sees she isn't wearing any underwear,
just her smooth, hot pussy.

Matt tries to hide his smiles, "You're pretty bare down there..." He says,
commenting on her not wearing any underwear. Matt licks his lips as he looks
at Trish's smooth pussy as he brings Ashley's panties all the way down to her
feet, where Ashley steps out of them.

"Hey... stop starring!" Ashley playfully smacks the top of his head, which
gets Matt to look at her own cleanly shaved pussy.

"Sorry Ash... I just love sight seeing... and these sights are great..." Matt

"You dork... stand up..." Ashley laughs.

Trish smiles and licks her lips as she looks down at Matt's stiffening hard
cock "Yeah Matt...Ash and I have something special planned for you."

Matt slowly stands up in front of both blond bombshells, "I wonder what you
two got in mind..." He says out loud as he licks his lips as he looks at
Trish and then at Ashley.

"You'll see..." Ashley smiles cutely as she places her left hand on Matt's
chest and slowly slides it down the front of his body towards his cock, where
she lightly wraps her hand around it.

Trish smirks and winks at Ashley, before the former Women's Champion lowers
herself down onto her knees in front of Matt. Trish looks up at Ashley and
smiles "Are you joining me too?"

Ashley looks down at Trish and smiles, "Yeah... don't rush me..." The 2005
Raw Diva Search winner carefully sinks down to her knees in front of Matt
and next to Trish. Once she is kneeling, she looks up at Matt and winks as
she starts to stroke Matt's cock with her left hand for a moment, "We're...
going to blow your mind..." she says in a seductive voice.

Matt gets a wide smile on his face when he hears those words past her lips,
"That... sounds hot to me..."

Trish laughs a little as she cups Matt's ballsack with her left hand against
begins to massage his ballsack as Ashley works over the top half of Matt's
cock with her hands. Trish smiles "Yep...and Stratusfaction is guaranteed,
by Trish and Ash...right?" Trish asks with laugh as she places her right hand
onto his ballsack as well.

"That's right..." Ashley smiles as she leans forward and flicks her tongue
softly against the head of Matt's cock, and her studdly boyfriend's body
shivers from it.

Matt places a hand on each of their heads as he looks down at them, "I hate
to sound like my character right now... but Mattitude and Stratusfaction and
Masseduction is going to make a great combo right now..."

Trish laughs a bit and winks at Matt "Cute one, buddy..." Trish says before
she leans her head forward and places her wet, warm and delicate tongue
against his large ballsack. Trish begins to gently flick Matt's large balls
back and forth with her tongue.

Ashley looks up at Matt and smiles, "Masseduction? Hmmm... yeah I guarantee
that..." She says as she slides her left hand all the way down to the base
of Matt's cock and places her right hand down on the floor for extra balance.

"That's going to be the next big thing..." Matt says with a moan as Ashley
starts circle her tongue around the head of his cock. Trish twirls her tongue
against Matt's ballsack, before she opens her warm, hot mouth and gently
takes one of Matt's balls into her mouth. She wraps her lips gently around
his ball and begins to slowly suck on one of his balls.

"Mmmm...." Matt moans and slides his fingers through the hair of both
ladies as Ashley parts her lips and takes the head of his cock into her
mouth. Looking up at him, Ashley slowly begins bob her head along the top
half of his cock. "Ohhh... damn..." Matt moans as he feels Trish's tongue
against his balls as she sucks on them. Trish opens her wet, warm mouth a
bit wider as she takes his other ball into her sensual mouth. With her lips
wrapped tightly around his balls, the Canadian beauty, starts to rock her
head against Matt's ballsack, tightly sucking on his nutsack, as Ashley
works on the head of his hard cock.

"This... is a handicap match...." Matt moans as he tilts his head back and
licks his lips. Ashley moans around his cock as she moves her left hand and
places it on the side of his left leg, allowing herself to take in more of
Matt's thick meat past her lips. Trish slowly pulls her head away from Matt's
cock, removing his ballsack from her mouth as she flips her blonde hair back.
Trish smiles a bit and licks her pouty lips as she watches Ashley start to
bob her head swiftly on Matt's cock.

"Ash... I think... Trish... wants a bit of a taste..." Matt says as he looks
down and sees Trish watching Ashley.

Ashley slows down the pace of how swiftly she's sucking Matt's dick, then
she pulls away, causing a bit of saliva to drip from the tip of Matt's shaft.
Ashley looks at Trish and smiles, "You wanna taste of Mr. Mattitude here?"
She asks cutely.

Trish laughs a little "Well...if it's ok with you Ashley...I mean he's your
boyfriend and all."

Ashley smiles and licks her lips, "You can have a taste...." Ashley smiles
as she wraps her left hand back around Matt's cock and pushes it towards

Matt laughs a little, "If you don't want to Trish that's fine..."

Trish smiles as she looks up at Matt "Ohhh...I just wanted to make sure it
was ok." Trish says with a wink as she sits up on her knees, holding her head
above Matt's cock. The beauty from Toronto opens her warm, saliva-dripping
mouth and lowers her mouth and down on Matt's cock. Trish takes the head and
part of Matt's shaft into her sweet mouth, wrapping her lips around his shaft
and starts to slowly bob her head on his cock as she sucks at a teasing rate.

"Ohhhh... shit..." Matt groans as he closes his eyes as Trish works over his

Ashley licks her lips and flips her hair back, as she watches Trish's give
Matt a high class blow job. "Damn... I should take some notes..." Ashley
laughs a little as she leans her head down a bit and slides her tongue
against the part of Matt's meat that is not in Trish's mouth. Trish softly
moans against Matt's cock as she sucks on his meaty tool, causing her moans
to gently vibrate against his cock. Trish lowers her head more on Matt's
cock, taking him deeper into her wet mouth as she begins to lap her warm
saliva around his cock with her tongue once she twists her head quickly on
his cock.

With Trish taking more of Matt's cock in her mouth, Ashley moves away from
his dick and reaches for Matt's ballsack to start massaging his nuts with
the ball of her hand. "Ohhhh... damn... whew... you girls... are hot..."

Ashley licks her lips as she looks up at him, "Matt... you haven't seen
nothing yet... right Trishers?" She asks as she looks back at Trish who's
almost deep throated Matt's impressive rod.

Trish slows down her head bobs and slowly lifts her head up causing a string
of saliva to trickle down Matt's long, soaked cock. Trish licks her lips as
she looks up at Matt and grips his saliva coated cock with her right hand and
begins to stroke his cock, rubbing her warm saliva against his cock with her
hand movements "That's right got anything in mind?" Trish asks as
turns her head to look at her good friend, Ashley Massaro.

Ashley ponders Trish's question for a few moments and then smiles, "I think
it would be hot... if Matt did you doggy style... while I..." Ashley blushes,
"Do a few little things to him..."

"What things?" Matt asks with a raised eyebrow.

Ashley smiles, "You'll see Mr. Mattitude..." Ashley replies as she uses her
right index finger to knock Matt's balls back and forth.

Trish removes her right hand from around Matt's cock and laughs a little "Ok
Ash... you're the boss..." Trish says as she walks on her knees a bit away,
from where Matt and Ashley are, heading more towards the couch. As Trish
passes Ashley, she pauses and raises her left hand to gently smack her hand
against Ashley's nice, firm backside.

Ashley jumps a bit after Trish smacks her backside and she turns her head to
look over her shoulder at her, "Hey you..." Ashley laughs as she scoots a bit
to right to allow Matt to walk behind Trish towards the couch.

As Matt passes her, Ashley smacks the back of his ass. He looks down at her
and with a confused smile asks, "What was that for..."

"You better do Trish good... she's my best friend after all..." Ashley says
with a cute wink, before she looks at Trish again, "Ain't that right Trish?"

Trish laughs a little as she winks back at Ashley "That's right, girlfriend."
Trish says with another laugh as she kneels down in front of the and leans
over onto her hands and kneels. Trish looks back over her shoulder at Matt
and Ashley as her nice, rounded backside is facing them. Trish smiles a bit
"Come on Matt...give me a little Hardy experience." Trish says as she
slightly licks her lips and reaches back, smacking her left ass cheek with
her right hand to encourage Matt a bit more.

Matt smile a bit, "Sure thing Trish..." Matt says as he kneels down behind
her and places a hand on Trish's round backside as he strokes his nice long
cock with the other. He lines it up with Trish's pussy and slides it smoothly
into her, then begins to thrust in and out at a nice slow, but firm pace.

Ashley licks her lips as she watches her boyfriend starting to fuck her
best friend, and she slides her right hand up and down Matt's strong back,
"Matt... you don't have to be too gentle with Trish..." Ashley laughs a

Trish laughs a little as she continues to look back at Matt as she starts
to gradually push herself back against Matt's cock at a quicker and quicker
rate, making his cock thrust into her nice, sweet pussy deeper. Trish bites
down on her bottom lip "Ohhhh... Matt..." Trish moans a little "
right, don't go gentle... I can take it babe..." Trish says with a laugh as
she turns her head back forward and plants her hands firmly on the carpeted
floor of Matt's living room.

Matt grins a bit, "All right Trish... you asked for it..." Matt laughs a bit
as he firmly grasps both side of Trish's sexy hips with his hands and pulls
her back towards him at a quick rate as he increases the tempo of his

Ashley bites her lip as she watches Trish's ass smack back against Matt's
waist, and nods her head a bit, "That's it Trish what you got,"
Ashley says as she slides her hand down the middle of Matt's back firm butt
and gives it a bit of a slap.

Trish gently grits her teeth as feels Matt's powerful and quick thrusts enter
her soothing, and moist pussy "Awww...mmmm...Matt...ohhhh...yesss..." Trish
moans softly as she pushes her ass back against Matt's waistline, feeling his
cock suddenly drive deeper into her delicate pussy "Ohhhh god..." Trish moans
as she opens her eyes wide.

Matt grunts and starts to sweat a little as he pumps his cock into Trish's
pussy with harder and faster thrusts, "Ahhhh... shit... whoa..." Matt moans
as Ashley occupies herself but sliding her right index finger up and down
between Matt's ass cheeks. Matt looks back at her, "What... are you up too...
back there?"

Ashley smiles cutely, "Oh... I'm just... keeping busy..." Ashley gives him a
wink as she lightly drags her fingernail around his asshole.

Trish tilts her head back as she closes her eyes, holding her body still
as she allows Matt thrust his cock into her pussy at an extremely fast and
hard-drilling rate "Awwww... fuck... Matt..." Trish groans as she grits her
teeth. Trish hangs her head down as she keeps her eyes closed, when Matt
smacks his hand against Trish's ass, she lifts her head back up and looks
back at him with a smile as sweat starts to build up on her forehead.

Matt smiles at Trish but then he grits his teeth as he feels Ashley to start
dipping her index finger into his asshole, "Hey... Ash... you want... some of
this action... I'm giving Trish?" He asks with grunt after he gives Trish a
hard a sharp thrust that makes her jolt forward.

Ashley licks her lips, "Mmmm... I dunno.... I mean... Trish looks like she's
having fun getting some of your 'Mattitude..." Ashley laughs a little as she
moves her hand away from his asshole. "But maybe she'd like to be on top...
for a while..." Ashley adds as she gives Matt's ass a hard smack with her the
palm of her right hand.

Trish laughs a little as Matt gently pulls his cock out of her tight cunt.
She wipes her forehead " can have a turn..." Trish says as she
starts to breath heavily.

Ashley smiles, "Thanks Trishers..." Ashley grins a bit. "Since Trish past
upped on being on top... that's where I want to be..."

Matt turns a bit and smiles at her, "All right Ash... don't get pushy..."

Ashley laughs as she punches his arm lightly, "I am not pushy... now lie

Matt laughs and starts to lay down on the carpeted floor, but he looks at
Trish, "I love it when Ashley is pushy don't you?" he asks as he laughs.

Trish laughs a little "Matt...I'd watch out if I were you...with Ash on top,
she's the one in control... " Trish says as she crawls around to where Matt
is laying on the floors and sits on her knees by his head as Ashley mounts
herself on top of his hard, thick cock.

"Mmmmm yeah... I'm the boss now..." Ashley laughs a little as she places both
of her hands down flat on to Matt's chest. The Raw Diva Search winner bites
her lip a bit as she begins to slowly rock back and forth on Matt's shaft,
"Ohhh mmmm..."

Matt licks his lips and places his hands on Ashley's slim waist to bounce her
up and down on his pole, "Trish... I don't mind... if Ashley is on top..."
Matt grins a bit as Ashley slightly digs her nails his chest.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and slightly licks her lips as she watches
Ashley riding on Matt's cock. Trish flips her blonde hair back as she leans
down on her knees and lowers her head to Matt's head. Trish softly presses
her lips against his lips as she begins to kiss him. The Canadian Beauty
closes her eyes as she casually slips her tongue into Matt's mouth.

Matt moans up into Trish's mouth as he circles his tongue around her's as she
explores his mouth with it. Matt moves his right hand from Ashley's waist and
reaches underneath Trish to rub her smooth pussy with his palm. Ashley arches
her back backward as she rides Matt's cock faster, "Ohhhh.... mmmmm Matt...."
Ashley moans as she reaches back with her hands and places them on Matt's
strong legs.

Trish gently flicks her tongue with his tongue as she continues to kiss the
ultra-studdly hot, Matt. Trish lifts her head up and breaks the kiss, before
flipping her blonde hair back and smiles at Ashley as she watches Ashley
bounce and rock on Matt's cock.

Ashley is bouncing non-stop on Matt's cock, slamming herself down all the way
on his cock as some sweat rolls down the sides of her face, "Ohhhhhh baby..."
Ashley moans as she grinds her pussy down against the base of Matt's stiff
cock. "Ahhhh... this is hot..." Ashley laughs a little as she flips her blond
hair back.

Matt thrusts up into Ashley's pussy as he continues to rub Trish's pussy
before slipping two fingers inside of her warm wet cunt, "Uhhhh... whew...
wonder what I can do with you two.." Matt says out loud as he bucks his cock
up into Ashley's pussy, making her jump a bit.

Trish lets out a soft groan as Matt starts to thrust his two fingers in and
out of Trish's pussy repeatedly. She licks her lips as she moves a bit and
slightly startles Matt's chest, still allowing him to finger-fuck the
beautiful Canadian. Trish has her back to Matt and is facing Ashley as Ashley
bounces on Matt's cock. Trish grits her teeth a bit as she feels Matt's two
finger enter her pussy deeper "Ohhhh...mmm...Matt..." Trish moans as she
locks her soft brown eyes on Ashley's sweat dampened face "Ohhh...Ash you're
such a hottie..."

"Mmmmm.... you're... a real... hottie..." Ashley moans her reply as she bucks
down on Matt's cock. She brings her right hand off of Matt's right leg and
lightly bites her right index finger as Matt continues to thrust up into her.
Matt mean while puts his left hand between Trish's legs and firmly rubs the
inside of her left thigh. Trish licks her lips as sweat drips down her
beautiful face. Suddenly, Trish leans forward and closes her eyes as she
softly kisses Ashley on her lips as the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner is riding
the cock of Matt Hardy.

Ashley's eyes go wide when Trish kisses her lips, and a bit of confusions
of what to do goes through her mind before she becomes lost in the moment.
Ashley softly kisses Trish back and moans into her mouth as she slows down
the pace of her momentum. Matt groans and raises his eyebrow when he
doesn't hear the moans of Ashley or Trish, "Hey... are you... two hotties...
ok up there?" He asks as he slides his right hand fingers out of Trish's
pussy, but he quickly replaces them with two fingers from his left hand.

Ashley leans forward and places her right hand on top of Trish's right
shoulder as she taps her tongue against Trish's. After a few moments, Ashley
slowly breaks the Trish with and licks her lips, "Wow..." Is all Ashley can
say as she come to a bit of a stop on top of Matt's cock, but she continues
to rock back and forth. Matt continues to work his fingers in Trish's pussy
as well as pushing his shaft up into Ashley's warm pussy.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she feels her pussy tighten around
Matt's two fingers and she begins to cum on his quick-thrusting fingers.
Trish grits her teeth and closes her eyes, tilting her head back "Ohhhhh

Ashley smiles a bit as she sees Trish cumming on Matt's talented fingers,
Ashley then places her hands on Matt's stomach, then she gets off of Matt's
cock, but she sits on the couch.

Matt moves his head to the right and looks at her, "What are you up too now?"
Matt asks as he pulls his cum covered fingers from Trish's wet pussy.

Ashley smiles, "Oh... just getting ready for you... when Trish calms down..."

Trish opens her eyes and slowly gets off of Matt's chest, while she breaths
heavily "Matt....what... if.. you ate Ash out...and...I blew you?" Trish asks
as she swallows a bit.

Ashley suddenly laughs a bit, "Someone has ESP..."

Matt laughs at Ashley comment as he sits up, "Yeah... that sounds like a
great idea..." Matt says to Trish as he licks his lips, before he starts to
move to the couch and towards Ashley, but then he stops "There's only one way
to do that..." Matt says with a grin.

Ashley licks her lips, "Yup... back on your back Matt..." Ashley laughs. Matt
lays back down on his back, with his head pointing towards the couch. Ashley
slides off the soft couch and straddles Matt's head, but doesn't lower her
pussy down to his mouth just yet.

Trish smiles as crawls towards Matt and positions herself between his legs.
Trish gently grips his cock with her left hand and begins to slowly stroke
his cock as she leans her head down and places her tongue against the head
of Matt's cock. The former Women's Champion begins to circle and trace her
tongue around the head of Matt's cock.

Matt places his hands on Ashley's thighs and pulls her down all the way so
her pussy is where it was going to be. Ashley coos slowly as Matt's tongue
starts to make it's way into her warm wet pussy, "Ohhhh Matt...." Ashley
moans as she leans forward, placing a hand on Matt's flat stomach, while
using the other to flips Trish's hair to the right. "Mmmmm..." Ashley bits
her lip as she starts to grind her pussy over Matt's face.

As Trish traces and circles her tongue around the head of Matt's cock, she
begins to gradually tap her tongue against the throbbing head of his cock.
Trish slowly opens her mouth and takes his spear-like cock, into her mouth,
wrapping her lips around his shaft. With her lips wrapped tightly around
his cock, the blonde bombshell begins to swiftly bob her head up and down
on Matt's cock as the extreme Matt Hardy eats out his girlfriend, Ashley.

"Mmmmmm.... ohhhh Matt...." Ashley moans as she leans forward even more,
hanging her head almost directly over Trish's head as she places her own
hands on Trish's back. Matt responds to Ashley's moans by quickly swirling
his tongue around inside of her pussy. Matt also lets out some moans as he
bucks his hips upward, pushing his cock up between Trish's pouty lips.
Ashley closes her eyes tightly and tilts her head back as she starts to
cum on Matt's face and tongue, "Ahhhh ahhh ohhhh god... fuck...." As Trish
bobs her head swiftly on Matt's hard and thick cock, she begins to lap her
tongue around his shaft, while she splashes her wet, warm saliva against
his long, throbbing shaft. Trish softly moans against Matt's cock as she
starts to lift her head quicker on his cock, sucking him at a tight gripped,
fast blowing rate.

Ashley continues to move back and forth on Matt's face before she moves off
of him and lays down on the floor next to her boyfriend, and watches Trish
give him a completely Stratusfying blow job. Matt sits up a bit and leans
his upper body against the couch behind him, "Ohhh... shit... fuck Trish...."
Matt lets his mouth hang open as he leans his head backward when his hot cum
starts to erupt from his cock. Trish tightly clamps her lips around his cock
after she feels and tastes the hot spray of Matt's cum into her sweet little
mouth. Trish, sucking tightly, continues to bob her head milking Matt's cock
of his sticky, man-juice.

"Ohhhh shit.... damn..." Matt moans as he closes his eyes. He swallows a bit
and licks his lips as all of his spunk shoots into Trish's warm mouth. Ashley
sits up and sits on her kneels next to Trish and Matt, then flips her sweat
damped blond hair back as she watches with a smile as Trish gives Matt's cock
a work out. Trish slowly lifts her head up from Matt's cock and flips her
blonde hair back as her upper and lower lips trickle with drops of Matt's
cum. Ashley gets a bit of a smile on her face, she walks on her knees towards
Trish, leans forward and flicks her tongue against Trish's lips, lapping up
the drips of Matt's cum that are there. Matt happens to opens his eyes and
sees what Ashley has done and smiles, "Shit that's hot..."

Trish smiles a bit and wraps her delicate warm arms gently around Ashley,
pulling her closes and softly kisses her lips. The Canadian bombshell slips
her tongue into Ashley's mouth as she kisses her best friend. Ashley moans
into Trish's mouth and softly kisses her back as she intertwines her tongue
around Trish's. As she places her soft slightly clammy hands on Trish's hips,
Ashley looks at Matt out of the corner of her eye and smiles as she kisses
her best friend in front of her boyfriend.

Trish slowly pulls her head away, breaking the kiss before she smiles at
Ashley "You know Ash..." Trish says as she puts her left arm around her "We
really are the best of friends..."

Ashley smiles and puts her right arm around Trish, "Oh yeah... we're the best
of the best of friends..."

Trish laughs a little "I love ya Ash..."

Ashley smiles and flips her own hair back, "I love ya too Trish..."

"Hey! What about me?" Matt laughs a little.

Ashley looks at him and laughs, "Oh you big baby, of course I love you."

Matt smiles, "Had me worried for a second there..."

Ashley raises an eyebrow, but smiles, "Don't make me hit you with my cane..."

Trish smiles and cutely bites down on her bottom lip "Ummm...Jeff is coming

Matt nods, "Yeah... if he caught that second flight... he should be here

Ashley smiles and looks at Trish, "Oh I knew it! You came here early to see
Jeff again...."

Trish laughs and shakes her head "I did not..." Trish smiles a bit "I was
just wondering..."

"Uh huh... sure... you slut..." Ashley laughs as she nudges Trish, showing
that she was joking.

Trish rolls her eyes "I don't have a crush on Jeff...and you're the slut."
Trish says with a laugh as she nudges Ashley back.

"If I have a say..." Matt starts to say, but then Ashley cuts him off.

"You don't.... but what are you going to say anyway?" Ashley asks as she
scrunches her nose a bit.

"Well... I was going to say... neither of you are sluts..." Matt smiles.

Ashley laughs a bit, "Matt... sweet talking isn't going to get you
anywhere... but thanks."

Trish smirks and looks at Ashley with a sly look on her beautiful, slightly
sweaty face "You know Ash..."

Ashley smiles a little, as drops of sweat slowly rolls down her cute sexy
face, "No... what?"

Trish licks her lips as she then looks at Matt "I don't think Matt's
completely worn out yet..." Trish says with a cute laugh before looking back
at Ashley "What do you say, best friend? Should we work over your boyfriend
some more?"

Ashley smirks a little as she looks at Matt to see the sly smile on his face,
then she looks back at Trish, "That sounds like awesome idea... lets give him
more Stratusfaction and Masseduction than he can handle."

Trish laughs a little as she flips her blonde hair back "Ohh...I'm so with ya


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