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The Bet

Paige screams as loud as she can. She tries everything to reach the rope. Why was she so stupid to accept this bet? She knows that she has no chance. She's trapped in Natalya's Sharpshooter in the middle of the Ring. Finally she taps out. The pain is too strong, she can't hold it anymore. Nattie's music hits and she celebrates while Paige lays curled up in the Ring.

* * *

Paige sits in her own, private locker room and waits for Natalya. This stupid bet. She has to obey Nattie now, for one full hour. Finally the door opens and the canadian Diva steps in. She wears her usual, black-pink-white gear with the white boots.

"Hello, Paige..."

A wide smile appears on Nattie's lips. Paige stares up at her, smiling lightly back. She just had a shower, but she's still wearing her black bra, her short jeans skirt and her pantyhose, just like Natalya commanded. Nattie steps in front of the young Diva.

"Stand up, Paige!"

Paige mutters a "Yes" and raises to her feet slowly. Natalya focuses the young woman as she opens her top. It falls down and reveals Natalya's huge, round breasts. Her nipples are already erected, she can't wait to have this beauty under control. Nattie wraps her arms around Paige's neck and gives her a short, soft kiss. She breaks it after some seconds and looks at her slave. Then she kisses her again, this time with more passion. Nattie opens Paige's bra and strips it off. Goosebumps are prickling all over her pale breasts as the breeze hits her skin. Natalya touches both of Paige's tits and squeezes them careful. Paige can't hide a moan as she feels Nattie's strong, warm hands on her chest. Natalya pulls back and sits down the couch.

"Come here, my pale Bitch."

Paige crawls between her domina's legs and wants to open Nattie's tight skirt.

"Not yet," says Natalya and holds Paige by both cheeks. Then she guides her head to her stomach. Paige understands and starts to kiss Natalya's sweaty abs. She moans and exerts her muscles more to reveal her light six pack. Nattie loves the feel of Paige's soft lips on her muscles, she feels so dominant, so good right now. Finally she can make someone pay for TJ, he completely ignores her sexual needs. Paige continues for several minutes before Nattie pulls her into a passionate kiss again, brushing with the tongue against her tight shut lips. Natalya knows that Paige is bisexual and she wants to please the pale English girl, so they can do these kind of bets more often. Nattie slips her fingers slowly under her skirt and rolls it teasingly down, revealing a neat trimmed patch of well-cared, dark blonde pubic curls above her mound. Paige gasps quietly as Nattie's strong scent of moisture fills her nostrils.

"Come on," says Nattie and runs through Paige's black hair. The British Diva closes her eyes in sweet desire and brings her lips slowly to the warm, wet entrance of Natalya. A quiet moan leaves her mouth and she spreads her legs wider, opening her pussy lips with two fingers to show Paige her pink inner walls. She gasps quietly and darts her long tongue slowly into Natalya's sweet moisture, the touch sends chills down her spine. She looks careful up at her Mistress, hoping that she does everything right, and rotates her tongue slowly and careful inside of the Canadian woman. Paige continues for some minutes, guiding her tongue deeper and deeper into Nattie's core, until she tells her to stop.

"Bend over my lap, be a good girl."

Paige takes a deep breath before she raises and bends very slowly over. She knows how strong Nattie is and how hard her smacks are, and she prays that she would be gentle. Natalya plays with Paige's black skirt, pulling it down, just to reveal a black string. Natalya really likes how the tight cloth is buried between Paige's firm arse cheeks. She runs her hand over her pale, round arse before she delivers the first smack. Paige moans quietly, immediately biting on her lower lip. Natalya watches her cheeks wiggling before she smacks her again, this time harder. And again. And again. Natalya starts to smack Paige's bare ass every ten seconds, always using her palm hand to add more pressure on the young Diva. Paige started to moan after some smacks and her white arse cheeks get a nice, red color, every slap burns and itches now and Paige struggles under quiet groans. Then Natalya stops and pulls the string down. She lifts Paige up and makes her sitting with spreaded legs on her lap, so she can feel Paige's pussy on her's. Paige's pale, milky white snatch glances from moisture and desire, not a single hair is on it. Natalya wraps her lips around one of her nipples and starts to suck tightly, just making Paige moan louder. The young Diva enjoys every second of this, Natalya is so experienced and mature, her body is nice and round, not small and fragile like the other girls Paige had. Suddenly Natalya stops and pulls a black, long strap on out of her bag. Paige gasps in excitement, and she is even more surprised as Nattie starts to tie the toy around her head, the black laces are around Paige's head so the plastic dick covers Paige's mouth.

Natalya wets her lips before she squats down over the British girl, three fingers are running through her blonde pubic curls. Then Natalya lowers slowly down, squeaking in desire as the big toy enters her. The cock spreads her moist petals and pushes against her warmness, her walls are wrapping tightly around it. She lowers down with quiet moans till the complete dildo fills her warm, wet snatch. She looks down at her slave and starts to move careful up and down, a slurping sound fills the room every time the toy widens Nattie's pink pussy more out. Even if Paige hates it to be submissive, she can't resist this Canadian beauty so near to her face, and slowly, very slowly, Paige moves her head back and forth to thrust deeper. Natalya's neat, pink arse hole widens everytime her cheeks get separated from the movements, and the British girl watches in delight how Nattie inserts two of her own fingers in her puckering anus. A loud groan leaves Natalya's throat as she curls her fingers up in her arse hole, the wetness of her sweet pussy starts to lube the dildo, pearls of her desire are glancing on the toy. She winks down at Paige, which teases the British girl just more. How badly she wants to touch herself, but she don't dares to. Natalya stops after some minutes and raises again, the dildo slurps out of her dripping pussy. She frees Paige from the strapon, just to push it inside her mouth.

"Suck my moisture. Believe me, you won't get this taste again."

Paige feels so humiliated, but she don't wants to pass this chance without tasting Natalya's desire, so she starts to suck the dildo clean, and she swallows as much as she can. Again, a wide smirk appears on Natalya's lips and she pushes the dildo deep down Paige's throat. After her slave cleaned every black inch she pulls out and lifts Paige up to sit her on the bed. It always surprises her how strong the Hart woman really is. Natalya spreads Paige's legs and bobs her head between them to face her pale, hairless girlhood. Nattie starts to place a soft kiss on her inner thighs, just to see how she reacts, she listens in pleasure to the quiet moans. She repeats it, and comes closer to Paige's sweet smelling, moist clit with every kiss. Then she switches the thighs and starts to kiss her way closer again. Paige leans her head back under dark groans of pleasure and spreads her legs just more, nearly begging for Nattie's soft, skilled tongue. Finally the Canadian reaches Paige's wet mound and starts to glide her tongue over her flawless skin while Paige's groans are getting louder. Then Natalya dips her tongue into the heated, moist entrance of the young woman, just to flick her tongue against Paige's tiny petals. Her gasps of desire are stimulating Natalya to enter her pink pussy now completely, she runs with her tongue over Paige's pussy walls and explores her British cunt. She tastes so sweet.

"Bloody hell...ummmm...fuuuuuuck, Nattie you...ooh!"

Natalya curls her tongue inside of Paige and stimulates her hidden spot by brushing her tongue every two seconds against it. She knows that Paige won't stand this pleasure for long.

"Fuuuuuck....ah! Ah! Awww! Yeees, lick my cunny, please, Nattie, aah-ah!"

Her whole body clenches and she digs her nails deep into the sheets, so close to her climax, only one, two pushes more and...Natalya stops. Paige looks with widened, surprised eyes at her dome.


Natalya glanced to the clock and startled. Only ten minutes left! Natalya nearly throws Paige on the floor, on her hands and knees, with her face to a mirror. Natalya sneaks on her knees behind Paige and separates the reddened arse cheeks to reveal a neat, light brown arse hole. Natalya licks her lips in desire and starts to lick Paige's ass crack very slowly up and down. She inhales the sweet scent of pussy moisture and sweat before she circles her tongue around Paige's dainty anus, watching it puckering and widening to her touch. Her tongue travels the ass crack up again, where she drops spit, which runs her ass crack down and slides into her anus. The British girl moans in pleasure with her head lowered, she is too ashamed to watch herself naked and on her knees in a mirror. Natalya decides that she lubed her enough and wraps the strap on tightly around her hips, the laces are pressing against her skin. A short glance to the clock. Only three minutes. She wraps her hand around the toy and inserts it careful in Paige's arse hole. The young, British girl groans loud in pleasure and arches her back, this feels so good, her tight arse hole clenching around the strap on. Natalya starts to thrust, first slow and careful, then faster with every move, till the impact of her hips against Paige's ass fills the room with loud smacks and her groaned sounds of desire. Natalya sees that Paige has her face still down, so she wants to humiliate her a bit. She reaches the head of the young Diva with her hands and sticks two fingers of every hand in Paige's mouth, forcing her mouth wide open by pulling at the corner of her lips.

Then Nattie makes Paige looking up into the mirror. She hates Natalya for doing that to her. Paige can see everything, her small, taut boobs bouncing with every hard smack, her knees are grinding against the floor. Her whole body moves, nearly jumps every time her Mistress thrusts into her ass. She can see Nattie's body behind her, her mature body, with her well rounded breasts and her beautiful blonde hair, and the pleasure in her face. Paige can feel how her orgasm starts to build up again. From this humiliation, it angers and pleases her at the same time. Could that be a secret fetish of her inner Paige? Getting humiliated and used? She looks into her own face for the first time tonight, staring in darkened eyes from ultimate pleasure. Sweat glances all over her milky skin and black hair strands are hanging all over her face. Nattie's fingers in her mouth, forcing and holding it open, so every small groan and sob can be heard. Even as Natalya's fingers are leaving her mouth she keeps watching her own body getting fucked. Then Natalya enters Paige's snatch with one finger and pushes against her g-spot. She hits her climax with a howl of pleasure. Every muscle in her body tenses and a thin load of her juices squirts out of her. Then she collapses onto the floor, panting and exhausted, only some seconds before the hour is over.

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