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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Bet Part 4: Kelly's Wednesday
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Later on Wednesday, in the afternoon, the adorable and sweet ECW Diva Kelly
Kelly has just finished signing her last autograph in a session with RAW
Superstar Cody Rhodes. Kelly smiles as the final eager fan walks through the
line to get an autograph from Kelly and Cody. Kelly, dressed in a light pink
sweater and cute jean shorts, sets the permanent marker down on the table as
she hears her cell phone buzz with a text message. Kelly reaches into her
pocket and removes her cell phone, flipping it open.

TO: Kelly the Slut
FROM: Layla

...Hey Bitch! I just got two guys...that's two for me and two for you! But
don't worry bitch, I'll get a few more guys before you get your next...

TO: Kelly the Pathetic Bitch!
FROM: Layla

...Hey Kelly-Bitch! Guess what? I just got two more guys for our little bet!
That makes the score 4 to me and only a pathetic 2 for Kelly...

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and frowns as she sees the two missed text
messages from Layla. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and sighs
"Four...already?" Kelly says before she starts to type a return message.

TO: Layla
FROM: Kelly

...Layla, why don't you try coming up with something more clever besides
calling me a bitch and a slut. Besides I think everyone knows that nobody
enjoys going down for guys more than you...HAHA!...

Kelly closes her cell phone and takes a deep breath as she lightly tosses her
blond hair back.

Cody Rhodes, dressed in jeans and a green collared short sleeved shirt, looks
at Kelly, "Man... I think there were over 500 fans here today..." Cody

Kelly Kelly glances over at Cody Rhodes and scrunches her nose up "I wasn't
keeping count..." Kelly says with a soft laugh as she frowns a bit as well.

"Oh..." Cody says as he looks at Kelly, "Everything all right?" Cody asks as
he notices Kelly frowning.

Kelly looks up and scrunches her nose up as she looks sweetly at Cody Rhodes
"Huh? What?" Kelly asks as she appears slightly distracted.

"You look a little bothered by something..." Cody says.

"Oh..." Kelly nods her head and takes a breath "
got cancelled for tonight..." Kelly replies as she avoids mentioning the bet
she has with her rival Layla to Cody Rhodes.

"Oh.... well... I got no plans tonight... if you want to go out..." Cody

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "You want to?" Kelly asks with a cute
smile "I thought your daddy Dusty told you not to go messin' with the Divas?"
Kelly says with a cute laugh "At least that's the rumor in the locker room
with all the girls..."

Cody Rhodes laughs a bit, "My dad said to put business before pleasure,
basically just take care of the stuff in the ring before I go have a good

"Oh!" Kelly says with a laugh and nods her head. "So...what do you want to do
tonight?" Kelly asks as she cutely presses her lips together and stands up
from the autograph table.

Cody stands up from his seat, 'Hmmmm.... how about... dinner and a movie?"
Cody suggests with a smile

Kelly laughs and smiles "Oh that sounds so much fun!" Kelly says as she and
Cody Rhodes start to walk away from the autograph table and towards the exit
of the building where a long black limo is waiting for the two Superstars.

Cody walks with Kelly, "Yeah... and there are some great movies out....
Everyone says Iron Man is awesome..." Cody says as he and Kelly leave the
building and approach the long black limo, where Cody opens the back door for

"Oh! I would love to see that!" Kelly says as she slides into the limo while
Cody Rhodes holds the door for the beautiful ECW Diva before he climbs into
the limo with Kelly.

"Me too... so... I guess we'll see that tonight..." Cody laughs as he closes
the door of the limo after he sits on the leather seat. Kelly presses her
soft, adorable lips together as she instantly scoots closer to Cody as she
sits directly next to him. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely
looks at Cody as she places her left hand onto his upper leg. Cody Rhodes
raises his right eyebrow slightly as he looks at Kelly and then at her left
hand as she moves it slightly on his upper leg. Kelly shyly lowers her
adorable, beautiful eyes as she gently moves her left hand up against his leg
towards his waist as she adorably plays with the buckle of Cody's belt.

"Ummmm.... what are you doing..." Cody asks as he smiles a bit as Kelly
playfully unbuckles his belt.

Kelly cutely licks her soft lips and starts to slide Cody's belt out from
around his waist as she playfully moves her left hand over to the crotch of
Cody's jeans and gently rubs his crotch. "Umm...nothing..." Kelly says with a
cute laugh.

"Ohhhh... mmmm... I see..." Cody Rhodes nods his head and licks his lips as
Kelly rubs his crotch as it starts to harden, becoming larger with every
passing second. Kelly raises an eyebrow a bit as she slyly looks around
inside of the back cabin of the limo before she scoots off of the leather
seat and down onto her knees on the floor of the limo as she kneels in front
of Cody Rhodes. The adorable and sweet ECW Diva starts to unzip and unbutton
Cody's jeans before pushing them down from his muscular waist. Cody lifts
himself slightly as Kelly pulls down his jeans so that his fourteen inch cock
becomes freed as it continues to harden.

Kelly's adorable eyes widen at the sight of Cody's impressive and hardening
cock "Oh my!" Kelly says with a laugh as she wraps her soft, adorable hands
around his thick cock and she starts to gently move her hands against his
shaft. "It's huge Cody!"

"Mmmmm thanks Kelly...." Cody laughs and moans as Kelly uses both of her
hands up and down on his thick huge cock. Cody licks his lips as he lifts up
his shirt and pulls it over his head to reveal his toned tanned and muscular
upper body. Kelly licks her soft, adorable lips as she lowers her blond
haired head and gently flicks her wet tongue against the head of Cody's cock
while locking her adorable eyes with Cody Rhodes. Kelly gently works her
soft, wet tongue around the head of Cody's cock before she opens her mouth
and happily takes his rock hard cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh..." Cody moans as Kelly taps her tongue against his cock before she
starts to bob her head up and down on his huge fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmmm..." Kelly softly moans as she presses her soft, adorable lips around
Cody's cock and she starts to sweetly bob her head, sucking the impressive
cock of the young stud Cody Rhodes.

"Uhhhh ohhh yeah... mmmmm!" Cody moans as Kelly lifts and lowers her head
repeatedly on his huge, thick cock. Cody leans back on the leather seat of
the limo and closes his eyes as Kelly sucks his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Kelly moans as her adorable blond-haired head smoothly bobs up
and down on Cody's long and hard cock as her soft lips brush back and forth
against his shaft. Kelly's wet saliva nicely drips down his cock while she
happily sucks on his cock.

"Ohhh yea... mmmm.... fuck Kelly..." Cody Rhodes moans as he opens his eyes
to watch Kelly bobbing her head happily up and down on his dick.

Kelly Kelly softly slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Cody's
hard cock as she eagerly and swiftly bobs her blond haired head on his cock.
"Mmmm...ohhh...mmmm..." Kelly moans as her adorable eyes lock with Cody

Cody Rhodes licks his lips, "Mmmm that's so good Kelly... ohhh fuck!" Cody
moans as Kelly manages to get ten inches of his cock past her soft, sweet

Kelly Kelly slowly lifts her head off of Cody's cock and licks her lips
"Geeze Cody..." Kelly says as she takes a cute breath "That's a huge dick!"
Kelly says with a laugh as she moves back onto the leather seat of the limo
and starts to lift her light pink sweater to expose her nicely tanned, petite
body as well as her firm and juicy tits.

Cody laughs a bit, "I'm glad you like it..." Cody says as he reaches over to
unbutton Kelly's cute jean shorts in order to begin pushing them down from
her slender, gorgeous waist. Kelly blushes as Cody pulls her short jean
shorts down her gorgeously smooth and tanned legs to expose her nicely
shaved, incredibly hot pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Cody licks his lips as he looks down at Kelly's hot shaved pussy
as he kicks his jeans off of his legs. The hunky young WWE Superstar then
pulls Kelly Kelly onto his lap to lower her pussy onto his huge cock.

"Mmmmm...." Kelly moans and presses her soft lips together as she feels
Cody's fourteen inch cock entering her tight pussy as she starts to gently
rock back and forth on his cock.

"Uhhhh ahhh yea..." Cody moans as he keeps his hands on Kelly's hips as he
thrusts his cock upward into her tight warm pussy. Kelly licks her adorable
lips as she locks her eyes with Cody Rhodes while she places her hands onto
his muscular, tanned chest and starts to gently grind her wet pussy down on
his shaft.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah Kelly..." Cody moans as he moves his hands behind Kelly and
places them on her round juicy ass as she grinds herself on his fourteen inch

Kelly smiles "Mmm...Cody...that feels so good!" Kelly moans and laughs as she
smoothly rocks back and forth on Cody's fourteen inch cock as her adorable
tanned ass lightly smacks down on his thighs. Cody smiles as he lifts his
hips slightly to thrust his cock harder up into Kelly's pussy as she bounces
up and down on his cock.

Kelly gently moves her soft hands against Cody's muscular, tanned chest as
her wet and tight pussy nicely grinds against his shaft as his cock deeply
rams up into her pussy. "Ohhhh Coddles!" Kelly moans with a cute laugh.

"Ohhhh shit...." Cody laughs as he hears the nickname that the WWE Divas have
for him. Cody Rhodes licks his lips as he lifts Kelly off of his fourteen
inch cock. Cody moves off of the leather seat to kneel on the floor of the
limo before he brings Kelly with him to have get on all fours in front of

Kelly presses her soft lips together and cutely glances over her shoulder as
she watches Cody Rhodes guide his rock hard cock into her warm, tight pussy
from behind "Ohhhh...mmmm..." Kelly moans and gently pushes her adorable,
tanned body back against his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah Kelly... mmmmm..." Cody moans as he puts his hands on Kelly's
hips as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Kelly Kelly's tight wet
pussy from behind. Cody starts off slowly with his thrusts, but quickly
starts to increase his pace. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes
back smoothly on Cody's cock as he starts to thrust his cock quicker and
deeper into her tight pussy from behind, causing her to rock forward on
her knees.

"Mmmmm uhhhh ahhh!" Cody moans as he quickly and firmly thrusts his cock in
and out of Kelly's warm wet pussy. Cody's large ball sack smacks between
Kelly's tanned thighs with each of his deep thrusts. Kelly closes her eyes
and hangs her adorable blond haired head down as she rocks back and forth on
her knees as Cody Rhodes deeply thrusts his cock into Kelly's tight pussy as
her adorable ass presses back against his muscular waist.

"Ohhhh mmmmm.... ohhh yeah!" Cody moans as he thrusts his cock deeply into
Kelly Kelly's tight wet pussy as her ass cheeks smack loudly against his

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh Cody! Ohhhhh!" Kelly moans as she steadily pushes her adorable
ass back against his muscular waist, forcing his cock deeper into her wet

Cody Rhodes licks his lips before he grits his teeth when he starts to cum
inside of Kelly Kelly's pussy, "Ohhhhh ahhhhh!" Cody moans as he shoots his
cum into Kelly's pussy.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and laughs as she feels Cody's warm cum spraying
into her pussy "Ohhh Coddles..."

"Ahhh... mmm..." Cody moans and laughs a bit as he finishes cumming inside of
Kelly's wet pussy. Cody then slowly pulls his thick cock out of Kelly's

Kelly smiles as she turns around and casually reaches for her cell phone
"Hey...ummm Cody, would you mind if I took a picture of you?"

Cody raises an eyebrow, "Um.... no..." Cody says as he sits on the leather
seat of the limo.

Kelly smiles and turns to face Cody Rhodes as she holds her cell phone up at
Cody with the camera feature selected "Ready Coddles?" Kelly asks with a cute

"Um yeah." Cody laughs as he sits on the leather seat of he limo, legs
slightly spread as his cum spent cock hangs between them. Kelly presses her
adorable lips together as she snaps a picture of Cody Rhodes and then starts
to type in her text message to her rival, Layla.

TO: Layla
FROM: Kelly

...Hey Lay...I wouldn't get too cocky, cause I'm catching up! In case you're
not keeping track, I have three now and you have four...but don't get excited
Lay, I'm only one way from catching up!...


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