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The Betrayed
By Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Aww Trish listen... look it was a stupid bet..." In the hallway leading the
women's locker room, Trish Stratus is storming down the hallway as Chris
Jericho chases after her. He runs to get in front of her to block her path.
"At least let me explain..." Jericho says as he steps from side to side to
prevent Trish from walking around him.

Trish shakes her head as she looks at Jericho "Chris...what's there to
explain!? You used me!" Trish says as she tries to pass by Jericho. Trish
sighs when Jericho won't let her pass by as she folds her arms glaring at
him "Chris...let me through..." Trish says before she turns her head away,
trying her best not to tear up. Trish is dressed in tight pair of navy blue
jeans and a white sleeveless top.

Jericho, dressed in black pants and a sliver blue button shirt, continues to
block her way, "Trish listen... I'll admit... it started off as a bet between
Christian and me... but... look... things changed when I got to know you... I
didn't mean for you to find out... or to hurt you."

Trish rolls her eyes and then looks back to Jericho "You know Chris...I
really thought you were different." Trish smiles a bit "I thought...we had
something special..." Trish then looks down "I guess...I was wrong about

"No, you weren't wrong... what we had was special... I really thought it
would become something more... You got to believe me... yes I started this
all out because of something stupid I agreed to... but I stopped caring
about the bet when we started hanging out... and going to dinner... and
started riding together." Jericho takes hold of Trish's hand for a moment
before she pulls it away.

Trish folds her arms again as she turns away from Jericho "Well...I guess you
did end up winning that bet...since we did sleep together." Trish looks down
"You're an asshole, Chris."

Jericho looks down, "Trish, I don't care if I won the bet or not... I care
about you..."

Trish sighs and shakes her head as her back is now completely to Jericho
"What are you in another bet to see if you can nail me again!?" Trish asks
in a rough tone.

"No, I'm not..." Jericho looks up at her, "Trish... I'm really not like
that... sure I'm cocky, arrogant and a whole lot of other things... but I'm
telling you... I care about you a lot..."

Trish takes a deep breath and softens a bit as she turns back to Jericho
"How do I know you're being honest this time?" Trish asks as she looks sadly
into Jericho's eyes.

Jericho takes a deep breath of his own, "Would I be... here trying to
apologize... and explain myself.... if I felt horrible about the bet."

Trish looks down and shakes her head "No...I guess not.." Trish then looks up
with a smile " you want to...give us a try?"

Jericho smiles a little, "Yes, I do... but if you don't... I understand... I
just hope we can be friends at least..."

Trish laughs a bit and blushes "I that" Trish nods her head "I
mean...we had a blast together!"

Jericho smiles again, "Yeah... wherever we were or what we were doing, it was
always fun... like the time we drove from LA to Las Vegas and back to LA all
in one day."

Trish laughs as she begins to walk down the hallway, side by side with
Jericho "We wouldn't have had to go back to LA if you didn't forget your
check book..."

Jericho laughs a bit, "Yeah, I know... but it was worth it... I mean, how
often can someone do 110 Miles Per Hour on an empty highway..." Jericho
starts laughing even harder, "You almost had me begging for you to slow

Trish laughs "Well...we were going to be late for that house show!" Trish
replies with a smile as she looks at Jericho.

Jericho smiles, "Good point, I'm just glad we didn't get pulled over by the
cops." They start to approach Trish's private dressing room and Jericho slows
down pace. "You want to catch a bite to eat, after you get changed?" Jericho
asks with a hopeful smile.

Trish smiles and nods her head as she leans against the door to the dressing
room. "Yeah...that sounds great." Trish turns to push the door open, but
stops and looks back at Jericho "Do you want to wait for me?"

"Sure..." Jericho smiles as he leans against the wall next to the door, "I'll
wait right here."

Trish laughs a little "I meant...inside.."

"Ohhhhh..." Jericho laughs a bit, feeling a bit embarrassed, "Sure... I'd
like that... if you wouldn't mind."

Trish shakes her head "Nope...not at all..." Trish says with a wink as she
pushes the door open to her dressing room.

Jericho smiles as he follows Trish into her dressing room and he closes he
door behind him. Jericho looks around, "Wow... I swear you have the nicest
dressing room here..."

Trish laughs a little as she kneels down to her travel bag "'s not
that great..."

Jericho smiles, "Well it is very nice... it's practically an apartment...
just doesn't have a window..."

Trish laughs as zips up her travel bag and stands up with a bundle of clothes
in her arms. She sets the clothes on the couch and looks at Jericho with a
smile as he starts to turn around, with his back to Trish. Trish raises her
eyebrow "Umm...Chris, what are you doing?"

"Giving you a little privacy," Jericho replies with a good-natured tone. He
raises his hands and covers his eyes as well, "I'm not looking Trish."

Trish laughs a little "What's the big deal Chris, we've slept together's nothing you haven't seen before."

"Well, you know... I want us to start fresh..." Jericho smiles, "I can't
start peaking just yet... it's one of those dating 'rules'."

Trish laughs a little as she cutely bites down on her bottom lip "Well...I
want you to see me.." Trish says as she takes a step towards Jericho.

"You do?" Jericho lowers his hands from his eyes and turns a bit, "Are you
sure you want me to see you?"

Trish nods her head with a smile "Actually..." Trish says as she closes the
distance between herself and Jericho once he turns to face her. Trish places
her hands on Jericho's waist as she leans up and kisses his lips.

Jericho kisses Trish back softly as he places his hands on Trish's hips. He
slides his tongue against her soft pouty lips before he breaks the kiss. He
smiles playfully at Trish and says, "What were you going to say after

Trish smiles "I...think...we should stay here for a bit before we go to
dinner." Trish says softly as she slowly unhooks Jericho's belt

Jericho looks down at his belt and Trish's soft hands as she unbuckles his
belt. He looks up at her lovely face and locks eyes with her, "If that's
what you want to do... I think that would be a good idea..." Jericho strokes
Trish's cheek with the back of his fingers.

Trish nods her head as she slides off Jericho's belt, she slowly unzips
Jericho's belt as she looks back up at him "That's...what I want."

Jericho smiles, "Then that's... what we'll do..." Jericho lifts up her white
sleeveless top slightly so her stomach is exposed to the cool air that's
circulating around the room. "What else do you have in mind..."

Trish shrugs cutely "I don't know...maybe...some extra special Stratusfaction
for you." Trish says as she tugs at Jericho's jean while getting down onto
her knees.

"I'll like that... I'll like that a lot..." Jericho licks his lips slightly
as he moves his legs so Trish can lower his jeans more easily so that he's
only left in his shirt and boxer-briefs. Jericho lifts up his shirt to remove
it and he drops it onto the dressing room floor behind him. Trish smiles up
at Jericho as she flips her blonde hair back. Trish reaches up and pulls down
Jericho's boxer-briefs causing his cock to flop out and dangle in the free
air. Trish licks her lips as she takes Jericho's cock into her soft hands,
she moves her hands against his shaft instantly feeling him harden up.

"Mmmm.... you have lovely hands..." Jericho moans softly as he feels the
palms of Trish's hands glide along the length of his shaft. He closes his
eyes for a brief moment and he opens them again as he cock reaches it's
full nine and a half inches. Trish leans her head into Jericho's cock as
she presses her tongue against the head of Jericho's cock. She circles
her tongue around the head of his cock before she moves her moist, warm
tongue down Jericho's long shaft.

Jericho moves his hands through Trish's soft blond hair as he experiences
the sensations created by Trish's tongue moving over each inch of his dick.
"Ohhhh damn Trish... I love that..." Trish's guides her tongue down to
Jericho's ballsack and she gently flicks her tongue against his ballsack
before moving her tongue back up his shaft. Trish reaches the tip of
Jericho's cock and she opens her mouth taking his cock into her warm mouth.
Jericho's mouth hangs open as he feels the warmth of Trish's lovely mouth
over the sensitive tip of his dick.

Jericho licks his lips and tilts his head back slightly. "Mmmmm baby...."
Trish wraps her soft lips tightly around Jericho's cock as she starts to bob
her head up and down along Jericho's nicely sized cock. Trish twirls her
tongue against Jericho's shaft as she takes more of Jericho's cock into her
warm mouth.

"Ahhhhh Trish... baby... don't stop..." Jericho moves his hips forward
slowly, matching the pace Trish is using to bob her head along his cock. "He
licks his lips as he looks down at her, "You're amazing..." Trish glances up
at Jericho and locks her eyes with his eyes as she opens her mouth wider
taking more of Jericho's cock into her mouth. Trish moves her tongue back
and forth against the underside of Jericho's cock as she bobs her head
quicker while taking longer head bobs.

"Uhhhhhh got damn... keep it up...." Jericho moans as he balls his left hand
into a fist while he starts to tense up his muscles. He starts to feel like
as if he's going to cum and tries his best to keep from blowing his top just
yet. Trish slowly works her mouth down completely on Jericho's shaft, deep
throating him. Trish softly moans against Jericho's cock as she slowly,
teasingly bobs her head.

"Ahhhh... fuck.... Trish...that's it.... ohhhh baby... give me that...
Stratusfaction..." Jericho clenches his eyes shut as he starts to cum inside
of her warm mouth. Trish smiles around Jericho's cock as feels his warm cum
rush into her mouth. Trish slowly picks her head up from Jericho's cock as
she swallows his warm cum. Trish looks up at Jericho as she licks her lips
clean of Jericho's sticky cum.

Jericho smiles at her, "Trish... that was... a real highlight.... don't
worry... I can recover fast... so I can..." Before Jericho can finish, Trish
cuts him off when she looks at the time on Jericho's watch.

Trish sighs as she stands up "Ohh shoot! Chris I completely forgot!" Trish
shakes her head and looks down "I can't believe I forgot...I'm sorry Chris...
I'm supposed to go help Lilian out with something" Trish frowns a bit "And
here we're supposed to go to dinner...and..."

"And we can go to dinner tomorrow... or when you're free..." Jericho says,
with a bit of a disappointed look on his face showing that he was looking
forward to having dinner with Trish.

Trish then smiles "How about..." Trish says she moves her index finger
slowly up Jericho's muscular chest "I meet you back at your hotel room...for
a little special treat tonight." Trish says with a wink.

Jericho smiles slightly, "I'd like that... and... we can still have dinner
together when you get there..." Jericho places his hand on Trish's thin wrist
to caress it slightly as he tries to come across as a nice guy.

Trish smiles "That sounds great..." Trish leans up and kisses Jericho on the
lips before, moving to the side and walking past Jericho heading towards the
door. Trish glances over her shoulder "I'll see you later Chris...Bye..."
Trish says as she pushes the door open and walks into the hallway.

"Bye Trish..." Jericho calls out as the door closes behind her after she
walks out.

Trish starts walking down the hallway away from her dressing room. Trish
sighs and rolls her eyes "Oh my god...what a loser..." Trish says as she
thinks about Chris Jericho. Trish comes to a stop at the door of another
dressing room. Trish balls a fist and knocks against the door before she
pushes the door open and steps inside the dressing room. Trish looks
around once she's inside "Knock...knock...anyone here?" Trish asks with
a slight laugh.

"Yeah... back here...." A voice calls out from the shower area, a moment
later; Christian walks out with a towel tied around his waist as beads of
water drips down his body.

Trish smirks mischievously and licks her lips "Mmmm...hey babe..." Trish
says as she closes the door behind her.

"Hey Trish..." Christian smirks when he sees her after he wipes some water
from his eyes. "Mmmm... I love that tight top... shows you off in all the
right places..." Christian licks his lips.

Trish laughs as she walks towards Christian, she smirks as she glances down
at the towel wrapped around Christian's waist. Trish then sighs, "
so pathetic..."

Christian laughs a bit as he slides a hand through his short damp hair, "What
was your first clue? Him apologizing about placing a bet to fuck you... or
him admitting his 'feelings for you' to the whole world to Mae Young?"

Trish laughs as places her hands against Christian bare muscular chest.
Trish slightly tilts her head back with a smirk "Ohhh...Chris is going
to pay dearly for he did to me..." Trish lowers her head and looks in
Christian's eyes "I was I was actually falling him...when
there was clearly a much better man out there..." Trish moves her hands
down Christian's chest to his stomach "A much stronger man out there...."
Trish continues to move her hands down Christian's body and brushes her
left hand against Christian's crotch "And...a man who can give me
everything I want...and more!"

Christian licks his lips as he feels Trish's hand squeeze his crotch. "And
I'm sure as hell that man... and I got the tools to give you what you want...
anytime you want," Christian says as he starts to loosen the towel so that it
starts to fall a bit.

Trish licks her lips as she laughs " going to be
great! When we screw over Chris....he won't see it coming" Trish says as she
grips onto Christian's cock once his towel falls off from his waist.

Christian laughs as he moves his hands to unbutton and unzip Trish's tight
jeans. "Yeah, we're going to shock him... the announcers... fuck... we're
going to shake up the world in one moment."

Trish smirks as she locks eyes with Christian, while wrapping her right hand
around Christian's shaft. "He deserves this...I mean come on, I'm worth more
then one dollar...Canadian." Trish glares a bit "Besides...Chris is a little
boy, I need a real man..." Trish says as she tightens her grip of Christian's

"I bet you do..." Christian licks his lips, "You need a man that can meet
your standards... and has a big throbbing dick to match it..." Christian
grabs the neckline of Trish's top and pulls it upward to pull it off of her
body, making her break her hold on his thirteen-inch cock.

Trish licks her lips "Chris isn't even man enough for me...with his pathetic
tiny dick.." Trish says before she kisses Christian's lips, sliding her
tongue into his mouth and mixes her saliva with his saliva. Christian puts a
hand behind Trish's head to grab a large handful of her hair as he kisses her
back. Christian slaps his tongue against her soft tongue causes both his and
her saliva to spill out of their mouths a bit when they break the lip lock
for a few seconds.

Trish grits her teeth as she breaths heavily with lust filled in her eyes
" know I'm a big slut.." Trish pats her hand against
Christian chest "I want you to treat me like it.." Trish says in a seductive

Christian smirks, "If that's what you want.." He pulls back on her hair as
he forces her down to her knees, "Open that fucking mouth, I want those
pouty slutty lips of yours on my dick." Christian grips his cock and slaps
it against her lower lip. Trish smirks as she opens her hot mouth and takes
his large cock into her mouth. Trish wraps her pouty lips around his cock
and begins to quickly bobs her head on Christian's cock as she sloppily
slaps her saliva against his cock.

"Yeah, that's it, suck that fat big cock you dirty little slut..." Christian
moans as he pulls on the back of Trish's hair as he thrusts his cock all the
way into her mouth so she's deep throating his impressive dick. Christian's
cock hits back of her throat and Trish's surprisingly doesn't gag on his
cock. She bobs her head even quicker along his shaft as the head of his cock
constantly hits the back of her throat.

Christian holds Trish's head down on his cock for a few moments to enjoy the
feeling of his whole thirteen inch cock buried past her lips. He then yanks
her head off his cock rather roughly and pushes her onto her back, "Oh yeah
you slut, you're going to get treated just like you want..." Christian smirks
as he bends down to pull off Trish's jeans.

Trish smirks "Mmm...I love rough know how I love it!"

"Yeah I do..." Christian smirks as he grabs her legs to turn her over onto
her stomach. Christian gets down on his knees and pulls her up onto all
fours. He grabs her hips and slams his cock into her tight wet pussy.

Trish grits her teeth as she looks back with a wicked smirk on her face
"Ohhhh fuck Christian!" Trish moans as watches Christian thrust in and out
of her pussy from behind "Oh babe...I love your big dick!"

"Yeah bitch... you love big hard fucking dicks.... pounding your tight fuck
hole..." Christian pulls her back against him, causing her ass to slap hard
against his hips. Christian speeds up his thrusts, moving his dick in and
out of her pussy so fast, he's thrusting in twice for every time Trish pushes
back against him.

Trish tilts her head back as closes her eyes "Mmmm...oh I fucking love it!"

Christian squeezes the left butt cheek of Trish's ass so hard that his
fingernails dig into the flesh of her backside side. "Know what... ahhh
shit... I love? I love... fucking that hot... big... fat juicy ass of
yours...." Christian forces his cock all the way into her Trish's pussy
as sharply as he can.

Trish looks down as she musters enough energy to force herself to slam back
hard against Christian's large cock "Mmmm fuck!"

"Get ready your fucking slut..." Christian rips his cock out of Trish's pussy
and gets to his feet. He pulls Trish up a moment later, but he pushes her so
she's bending forward and he then shoves his cock into her asshole. Wrapping
his arms around Trish's waist, Christian pumps his cock into her ass by
thrusting his hips forward.

Trish moans widely as she sweat begins to drip down from her pretty face
"Ahhhh Christian I love it in my ass!"

As Christian slams his cock deep Trish's ass, sweat drips into his eyes and
blurs his vision. "Fuck Trish... you got the best fucking ass possible...
it's made for being fucked by a stud like me!" Christian lifts her off the
ground slightly, but lowers her down by dropping her so his cock shoots up
into her ass.

Trish grits her teeth as sweat drips off of her tanned body "Mmmm...awwww...
fuck" Trish moans as she rubs her pussy with two fingers, while Christian
fucks her tight asshole.

Christian moves a hand up to Trish's chest to clutch her right breast, "Yeah,
moan out like a slut Trish!" Christian pushes his dick in and out of her ass
as fast as he can. He clenches his teeth and gives her another sharp thrust.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Trish moans loudly as she begins to cum on her hands.

"Ahhhhh Christ, Trish!" Christian starts to cum hard inside of Trish's

Trish leans her head back against Christian's sweaty chest "Awww...fuck...
Chris has no idea what he's missing."

"But he will..." Christian laughs a bit, "After Wrestlemania... he'll
defiantly know what he was missing..."

Trish smirks as Christian sets her down on her feet "We'll show him!"


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