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The Big Bang Part 1
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In front of the double doors that lead into the male locker room area, "The
Coach" Jonathan Coachman is waiting a bit impatiently for the four remaining
contestants of the 2004 Raw Diva Search to arrive. He looks at his watch and
looks up just as the final four, consisting of Amy Weber, Christy Hemme,
Carmella DeCesare and Joy Giovanni, come down the hallway. "About time you
arrived ladies," The Coach says as he folds his arms,

The adorable, Joy Giovanni, smiles sweetly at the Coach as she dressed in
a short black skirt and a light blue top "Sorry Coach, I had to fix my

Amy Weber, the former daytime Soap Opera star, folds her arms and disgustedly
looks at Joy "Don't you mean stuff your bra?" Amy says with a confident

Joy opens her mouth a bit offended and glares at Amy "Oh...shouldn't you be
sucking up to management here so you can get a job...or maybe go back to your
failed Soap Opera career."

Christy Hemme, the fiery red head, sighs and steps between Amy and Joy.
"Girls...girls...come on not today please?" Christy then looks at Jonathan
Coachman, and smiles a bit "Anyway, Coach, what did you calls here for?"
Christy asks as the Playboy Playmate of the Year, Carmella DeCesare is busy
filing her red painted finger nails, not really paying much attention to her
fellow three Diva Search contestants or the Coach.

"Well first ladies, congratulations for making it this far in the
competition, but you all still have a long way to go before you any of you
win," The Coach says as he looks at them with a snobby look on his face.
"And today, we're going to allow the men of the Raw Roster evaluate your
potential to see which of you has what it takes if you should win."

Christy raises her eyebrow a bit "What exactly do you have in mind?"

Amy nods her head as she looks at Coach "Yeah...what's our next task?"

Carmella looks down at her red painted nails after filing them and nods her
head in approval. Carmella sighs as pushes Joy and Amy to the side "Excuse
me...out of my way.." Carmella says in a snotty tone. Amy glares at Carmella
as she steps forward towards the Coach so she's in the center of the group.
Carmella places a hand on her hip "Whatever the task is, I'm going to win it know why because I'm the Playboy Playmate of the....Year!"
Carmella looks her shoulder at the three other diva contestants. Carmella
rolls her eyes "Joy, Amy and Christy...they're a nobody...a nothing! They
have no chance of winning this!"

Amy glares at Carmella "Oh shut up you gutter slut!"

Coach raises his arms, "Ladies, please, you all have an equal chance of
winning, since it's in the hands of the WWE fans." The Coach turns a bit and
places a hand on the on one of the door knobs on the double doors, "And as
for your task... you all must... prove how much sex appeal you have."

Carmella smiles confidently "Well everyone knows that I have what it takes...
its these trash hos who will struggle." Carmella says as she motions her head
back to Christy, Joy and Amy.

Joy shakes her head "At least we're not all fake and just in this contest for
the money..."

Amy nods her head "Yeah that's right!" Amy then looks at Joy "All...Joy's
just here for all the dick..."

Joy turns to Amy and pushes her a bit "Am not!" Joy yells.

Christy steps between Joy and Amy once again to prevent a further altercation
"Joy...Amy, knock it off" Christy takes a deep breath "Look...why don't us
three focus on getting that cumming swallowing slut out of the competition...
and then worry about each other later.." Christy says trying to be

Carmella looks over her shoulder at Christy "I heard that tramp...."

The Coach shakes his head, "Ladies, control yourselves..." The Coach opens
the door and motions for them all to step inside. "The final decision on
who's going to win will come down to the fans... but what you prove in here
today will determine how you'll be used here in the WWE and more importantly,
here on Raw."

Carmella enters the locker room first, then followed in by Christy, Joy and
Amy. Carmella folds her arms "Alright...what's going on here?" Carmella asks
looking in Coach's direction unaware to the fact that thirteen Raw Superstars
are in the locker room as well, with towels around their waists.

"Mmm...I think I know what’s going on here.." Joy says slightly licking her
lips as she looks at the thirteen Superstars consisting of Randy Orton,
Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Rhyno, Maven,
Batista, Val Venis, Sylvain Grenier, Rob Conway and Shawn Michaels.

The Coach remains outside the locker room, "Ladies, here is your task....
this is a last woman standing contest where the winner will be determined by
being the one who can withstand the skills of the Raw Superstars. Do any of
you have any questions?"

Christy licks her lips and nods her head "Oh fuck...who do I start with..."
Christy says as Carmella puts her hands up and shakes her head " way
am I degrading myself to this disgusting...."

Amy places a hand on her hip and glances at Carmella as she cuts her off
"Whoa...whoa...miss Playboy whore...we all know you've been blowing Vince
McMahon." Amy says as Joy laughs and nods her head.

Carmella blushes a bit and shakes her head "That...that's not true!" Carmella

"I guess not..." The Coach smirks as he closes the locker room door.

Edge walks over to Joy who seemed very eager to participate in this latest
Raw Diva Search challenge. He licks his teeth as he checks her out, "Now
aren't you a hot little thing?"

Before Joy can respond, Shelton calls out. "Edge, she's not hot, now this
one...'"He points at Carmella, "Now she's a hot one."

Randy shakes his head "No way, guys, Amy here," He pause and points at her,
"She's the hottest one here."

"Oh you kids are blind, truly anyone can see that Christy is truly hot and
sexy," Jericho licks his lips as he moves to stand behind the fiery red head.

Carmella folds her arms as she looks away "I am not doing this!" Carmella
says as Christy drops down to her knees and turns on her knees to face
Jericho. The fiery red head looks up at Jericho with a smile as she pulls
the towel off of Jericho's waist. Christy takes Jericho's cock into her
hands and begins to stroke his cock as Joy and Amy both get down onto
their knees as well.

"Oh come on Carmella," Shelton smirks, "We'll all be having a lot of input
on how you're going to be used around here."

"That's right..." Sylvan says as he walks over to Carmella and Shelton, "Our
opinions are going to go a long way..."

Over by Joy, Matt Hardy and Christian have approached her, joining Edge, as
Rhyno and Val stand around Amy as Randy removes the towel from around his

Joy takes Matt and Christian's cocks into her smooth hands and begins to bob
her head on Edge's stiff cock. Joy traces her tongue around Edge's cock as
she bobs her head deeper on his cock while she strokes off Christian and
Matt's cocks. Meanwhile, Amy Weber is busy jerking off the cocks of Rhyno
and Val Venis, while she flicks her delicate tongue against Randy Orton's
ballsack. Amy takes one of Randy's balls into her mouth and begins to gently
suck on it.

Meanwhile, Christy slowly picks her head up from Jericho's now saliva-covered
cock. Christy wraps her hand down his shaft and begins to slide her warm
saliva all over his cock. Christy turns her head as she comes face to face
with the monstrous cock of Evolution member, Batista. Christy eyes widen.

"Whoa shit!" Christy says as licks her lips. Christy leans her head into
Batista's cock as she starts to circle her tongue against the head of his
large cock. While Christy licks the head of Batista's cock, the first ever
Tough Enough winner, Maven kneels down behind Christy and starts to remove
her top. Meanwhile, Carmella sighs as she looks at Shelton, Sylvain, and
now Rob Conway and the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels who both made their
way over to the group.

"Fine...I'll do it...I know I'm going to win anyway" Carmella says with a

"That the spirit," Michaels smirks as he, Shelton, Conway and Sylvain removes
the towels from around their waists, revealing an impressive collection of
hard cocks to the former Playboy Playmate of the Year. Over with Christy,
Maven is reaching around her to her chest and is groping her breasts before
he pulls her up to remove her skirt. Batista grunts out a moan as he feels
his cock hit the back of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Randy is moving one of his hands through Amy's silky black hair as
he licks his lips, "Mmmmm I know I'm glad I voted for you so far."

Rhyno and Val both look down at Amy, licking their chops as they wait for her
to work over their cocks.

Meanwhile, Joy has now taken Matt's cock into her warm mouth and Matt is
biting his lips, "Awww fuck, now that's what I'm talking about."

Christian gets a grin on his face, "Hey don't hog her mouth Matt, I want her
to blow me soon."

Joy bobs her head a few more times on Matt's cock before she lifts her head
up with a cute smile. Joy turns towards Christian " it's your
turn..." Joy says as she opens her warm mouth and accepts Christian's cock
into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his shaft as she
starts to bob her head on his cock. Meanwhile, Amy picks her head up Randy's
cock and licks her lips, before she takes Val's cock into her warm mouth.
Amy slowly bobs her head on Val's cock as she teasingly sucks his large cock.

Meanwhile, Carmella is down on her knees and bobbing her head along Shawn
Michaels's cock as she swirls her tongue against his cock while she's
sucking. Carmella wraps her hand around Shelton's cock and begins to stroke
his cock as Sylvain and Conway start to remove Carmella's black shorts.

Meanwhile, Christy Hemme tenderly sucks on Batista's monstrous cock as she
fondles Jericho's ballsack. Once Maven removes Christy's short skirt, he
pulls her up from her knees, still bending over and rams his stiff cock
into her warm pussy. Christy lets out a moan around Batista's cock while
she continues to bob her head, lapping her saliva all over his cock.

"Fuck that's a tight cunt..." Maven grunts as he thrusts in and out of
Christy's pussy at a respectable pace. Batista pulls his cock out of
Christy's mouth and smirks, "Her mouth ain't bad either..."

Meanwhile, over with Joy, Edge has gotten behind her and is removing her
skirt and panties. Once they are off he lays down on his back and slides his
head under her so he can start licking her pussy. Edge places his hands on
Joy's ass and squeezes her ass cheeks as he drags his tongue across the slit
of her pussy. Christian rakes his fingers through Joy's hair and pushes his
hips forward so he's thrusting his nice sized dick in and out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, with Amy, Rhyno, Randy and Val have removed all of her clothes
and lay the raven-haired beautify on her back. Randy and Val are kneeling on
opposites sides of her head, holding their cock against her lips as Rhyno
roughly inserts his cock into her pussy. He begins fucking the former Soap
Opera star with long hard thrusts.

Back with Carmella, Shelton licks his lips as he watches Carmella slowly
bring her lips to his cock. "It's not going to bite you," He laughs. Behind
her, Conway and Sylvain both start rubbing her pussy with their hands.

Meanwhile, Christy grits her teeth as Maven rams his cock in and out of her
warm pussy, Christy gradually pushes herself back against Maven's cock as she
feels a hand placed on top of her head. The fiery red head turns to see Shawn
Michaels with his cock right in front of her face. Christy moans and licks
her lips before taking HBK's cock into her warm mouth. Christy presses her
lips against his shaft and begins to slowly bob her head along his shaft.

Meanwhile, the adorable Joy Giovanni rides Edge's cock as he thrusts up into
her tight cunt. Joy bobs her head quickly on Christian's cock until Batista
walks up behind Christian and taps his shoulder. Christian moves out of the
way and Joy takes Batista's monstrous cock into her warm mouth.

Joy begins to bob her head quickly against Batista's cock as Christian kneels
down behind Joy, while she's bouncing on Edge's cock.

Meanwhile, Amy bobs her head along Val's cock, she laps her skilled tongue
around his cock. Rhyno suddenly pulls out of her tight cunt and Randy gets
down on her knees, he pulls Joy up onto her knees and turns her onto all
fours as he pushes the head of his cock into her warm pussy.

Meanwhile, Carmella gently mounts herself on top of Shelton's cock as he
lays down on the floor. The Playboy Playmate of the Year places her hands on
Shelton's muscular black chest as she slowly comes down on Shelton's large,
black cock "Mmmm...ohhh...godd!" Carmella moans as she tilts her head back
and begins to rock back and forth on his cock, while Shelton's thrusts up
into her tight cunt.

"Someone.... likes black dick..." Shelton smirks as he lifts her up and down
on his long hard ebony shaft.

"Ohhhh I love it..." Carmella moans as Conway stands up and pushes his cock
into her hot mouth. Carmella gags a bit but quickly gets used to Conway
thrusting his dick in and out past her lips. Meanwhile Maven has pulled out
of Christy's tight twat and is replaced by Edge who shoves his cock deep
into her asshole. Christy screams a bit around Michaels's thick shaft as
Sylvain has come over to her. Her hand finds his shaft instantly and she
begins jerking him off after she grips his dick tightly.

Back with Amy, Randy continues to plow his cock nonstop into her pussy,
making her jolt forward every time she pushes back against him. Matt Hardy
who works his cock into Amy’s asshole soon joins Randy behind her. The sensei
of Mattitude and the Legend Killer take turns pushing into Amy, making it
difficult for her to get used to just one of them fucking her. She looks over
her shoulder at them and licks her lips, "Ohhhh fuck, that's hot...." She

Meanwhile, Joy is mounted on top of Val Venis's cock with her back facing
him. her head is turned to the side as she continues to suck Batista's
monster dick while Christian is easing his shaft into her pussy so it's
along side Val's.

Carmella slams down extremely hard on Shelton's black cock and it causes
her to unexpectedly cum on his cock. She suddenly pulls her head away from
Conway's cock and she looks down " isn't fair!" Carmella
brings to protest as Amy turns her head, looking at Carmella with smirk.

Amy begins to laugh "Ohhh...girls....the big...bad...I'm too good for you
Carmella....just cummed!"

Joy licks her lips "Oh, I knew she was all talk!" Carmella gets off of
Shelton and glares at Joy and Amy "I only lost because I'm not a whore like
you two!"

"Ohhhh ahhh... cut it out...." Christy moans as she gets a sharp spear like
thrust from Edge, "She... did her best..." Christy starts to sweat as
Carmella gets her clothes,

"Oh fuck off Christy!" Carmella stamps her foot.

The door of the locker room is opened and The Coach peeks inside, when he
hears the exchange of conversation, he assumes Carmella just cummed.

"Carmella, I'm sorry, you're eliminated from this contest, please come out
side." The Coach says as he holds the door open.

Carmella glares back at Christy, Joy and Amy " three will pay for
embarrassing me!"

Amy laughs as Matt and Randy pull their cock out of her asshole and pussy,
"Na Na Na Na... Na Na Na Na... Oh Hey Carmella... Goodbye!"

Amy soon gets picked up by Batista who presses her back up against a wall and
the largest man in the locker room shoves his monster cock into her pussy,
making her moan loudly in pleasure.

Amy grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth legs around Batista's waist.
"Ohhhh.... ahhh fuck!" Amy moans as the powerful Batista bounces the
lightweight Amy on his monstrous cock. Meanwhile, Joy Giovanni is on her
hands and knees in a doggy style position as Chris Jericho moves behind
her. Joy looks over her shoulder with a cute smile and slowly crawls back
until she feels Jericho's stiff cock into her warm pussy "Ohhhh Chris....

Chris places his sweaty hands on Joy's waist to pull her back against him
once he starts thrusting forward. "Mmmmm this... should go on... on your
highlight reel..." Jericho licks his lips as he pushes forward into her
rather hard.

Shelton comes over in front of Joy and holds his cock near her mouth, "Hey
Joy, you want some big black dick?"

Joy licks her lips and nods her head as she takes Shelton's cock into her
warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his black shaft and begins to
bob her head along his cock as she pats her tongue against Shelton's shaft,
while she slams herself back against Jericho's cock. Meanwhile, Christy the
fiery red head grits her teeth as wildly bounces on the cock of Matt Hardy.
Christy tilts her head back and moans as she slams down hard on Matt's cock
"Mmmm ohhhh...Matt...fucking Hardy!" Christy moans as the cock of Maven
silences her moan.

Maven runs his hands through Christy's bright red hair as she bobs her head
wildly on his dick, "Ohhh yeah suck that dick Christy... mmmm I think I'll
change my votes..." Christian soon joins in on the action by getting behind
Christy and aggressively works his cock into her pussy. Christian wraps his
arms around her body and quickly fucks her with hard thrusts that makes her
rise and fall harder but slower on Matt's cock. Christy moans against Maven's
cock as she starts to pushes back against Christian's cock, while managing to
impressively bounce on Matt's cock with her own momentum.

Meanwhile. Joy Giovanni is bent over the left arm of the couch in the locker
room getting rammed from behind by Edge as she bobs her head on Conway's

"Ahhh fuck I love these diva wannabes... they'll do anything to live up to
our standard..." Edge licks his teeth as he drill's Joy's tight pussy.

"Fuck yeah... too bad they are all American," Conway moans as he puts his
hands behind his head.

"Hey let me have a crack at this joyful beauty..." Sylvain says as he stands
next to Edge.

"Sure buddy... knock yourself out..." Edge pulls out of Joy's pussy and
allows Sylvain to insert his throbbing French-Canadian dick into Joy's tight
wet pussy.

Joy lets out a moan as she pushes gently back against Sylvain's cock, while
she bobs her head on his tag team partner Rob Conway. Joy laps her smooth
tongue around Conway's shaft.

Meanwhile, a sweaty Amy Weber violently rocks back and forth on Jericho's
cock, bouncing quickly as the monstrous cock of Batista ravages her tight
asshole "Ohhhh ohhhhhh...awwww...shit!" Amy yells as she comes down on
Jericho's cock, releasing her warm juices. Amy takes a deep breath as she
lays down against Jericho's sweaty chest "Oh my god..." Amy moans with her
eyes rolling in the back of her head.

Batista grits his teeth together as he drills her asshole with hard violent
thrusts that almost push her off of Jericho's stiff prick. He places his
hands on Amy's waist to pull her back against him one more time. Jericho
lifts his head up from the floor as he feels Amy's cum trickle down the
sides of his cock, "Wow Amy... that was impressive..." Jericho licks his

Amy wipes the sweat off of her forehead as she breaths heavily "Am...I done?"

Batista pulls out of her asshole and heads over to Christy Hemme, leaving
Jericho to help her get off of his cock, "Yeah, you're done... but I know
I'm putting in a good word for you, even if you don't win the diva search."

Amy smiles "Really?" Amy licks her lips as picks up her clothes "Ohhh...this
is better then the one time I got to slap that bitch across the face while I
was on Port Charles..."

"Good luck, Amy..." Jericho smirks as he gets up, "Hope to see you around in
the future..." Jericho goes over and stands near Joy as the locker room door
opens and The Coach pokes his head in. He sees Amy putting her clothes on.

"I see you're done Amy, please step outside... hopefully I won't need to call
security on you like I did with Carmella."

Christy slides her hand through her sweat-damped fiery red hair as she takes
a few moments to catch her breath, while she sits by herself on the couch
until Val Venis and Chris Jericho join her. "Hope you're ready for more..."
Val smirks as he and Jericho hoist her up from the couch. Jericho lifts her
up, which allows Val to push his cock into her pussy. A few moments later,
Jericho slips his rock hard dick into her asshole. The Ayatollah of Rock and
Rolla and Big Valbowski start bouncing the petite redhead between their
sweaty bodies while thrusting their rods into.

Christy grits her teeth as she comes down on both Val and Jericho's cocks at
the same time. Christy "Ohhhhh fuck..." Christy groans as she starts to rock
back and forth on Val's cock as she leans back against Jericho's sweaty chest
"Ohhh...fuck...I wanna be a diva!" Christy moans.

Meanwhile, Joy is riding Batista's huge shaft as both Edge and Sylvain fuck
her asshole at the same time. Her hands are wrapped around the dicks of Matt
and Rhyno. "Come on Joy... suck my dick or do you want to get gored by it?"
Rhyno snarls as his long hair hangs down over his face making him look more
animalistic. Shawn Michaels and Christian are standing off to the side,
stroking their cocks as Maven, Conway & Shelton take a break from all the
action. Joy licks her lips and opens her mouth as she goes down on Rhyno's
cock, taking a good portion of Rhyno's cock into her warm mouth. Joy begins
to slowly bob her head on Rhyno's cock while she rubs her smooth hands
against Matt's ballsack.

Meanwhile, back with Christy, Val has pulled out of Christy's pussy and
Jericho sits down on the couch. He continues to lift Christy up and down on
his dick, impaling her ass with his cock. HBK sees that Christy is a bit
free and he walks over to join in. "I'm going to make you sound like my old
music..." Michaels smirks as he inserts his cock into her pussy.

Christy closes her eyes as HBK enters her warm pussy "Ohhhh fuck...Shawn!"
Christy moan as she starts to grind her pussy against HBK's cock. Christy
breathes heavily as she pushes down on Jericho's cock in her tight ass.

"Close enough..." Shawn smirks as he thrusts sharply into her cunt, making
her lean back against Jericho's sweaty chest. Back with Joy, everyone has
rotated. Joy is now on her side, with Shelton thrusting in and out of her
asshole from behind while Christian fucks her pussy front the front. Both
Shelton and Christian press their bodies against her's making her into a
giant sandwich.

"Ohhhh my god..." Joy closes her eyes as she bites down on her bottom lip.
Her body is soaked with sweat as she opens her mouth to moan again but is
muffled by Edge's cock. Joy opens her eyes and looks up at Edge as she
twirls her tongue against his shaft while she begins to slowly rock her

Edge looks down at her as sweat drips down his lanky body, "Yeah.... suck
that dick Joy... if you're... good enough... we'll all put in a good word
for ya..." Edge says as Shelton reaches over Joy and places his hand on her
chest as he thrusts as hard as he can into her tight asshole.

Christian groans as he pulls out of Joy's pussy, his body totally covered in
sweat, "Fuck this is great... I hope this happens next year..." He smirks as
he moves away. Matt Hardy soon replaces him and he eases his dick into her
well-fucked pussy.

Meanwhile, back over with Christy, she has her eyes closes as she quickly
bounces on Jericho's cock in her asshole. Christy grinds her pussy against
Shawn's cock as her quickly thrusts and buries his cock deep in her warm
and wet pussy. Sweat drips off of HBK's chest onto Christy's smooth stomach.
Christy suddenly opens her eyes as she begins to cum "Ohhhh no..." Christy
bites down on her bottom lip and then looks up at Shawn Michaels. Christy
shakes her head as she quietly pleads with him "Please...please don't say
anything...I want to win this...please..."

Shawn looks at Jericho and smirks, "What do you think Chris... should we
cover for her?" Jericho smirks, "Why not... we need a natural red head around
Raw anyway..."

"All right Christy... we'll cover for ya... just stay quiet..." Shawn smirks
as he slows down his thrusts.

Christy smiles and hugs Shawn "Ohhh thank you!"

Meanwhile, Joy on all fours, getting fucked in the ass doggy style by the
Animal Batista who is pulls her back against him every time he shoves himself
forward into her asshole. He grunts silently as he continues his seemingly
endless movements. "Fuck man... watch him go... Joy ain't going to hold out
for long," Conway laughs.

Sylvain smirks, "Yeah, Batista is giving her the fucking of a lifetime."

Joy hangs her head down as Batista powerful pushes his entire cock into her
tight asshole. Joy's eyes widen as she opens her mouth "Ohhhhh god!" Joy
moans as sweat rolls down Joy's smooth arms.

"Look at that mouth..." Maven licks his lips as he kneels in front of her. He
pushes his cock into her mouth as he places his hands on her head to make her
bob her head on his dick at a slow pace. Joy gently laps her soft tongue
around Maven's cock as she slowly moves her head further down on his shaft
taking more of his decent sized cock into her warm mouth.

Batista pulls out of Joy's ass suddenly and moves away without saying a
word. "Get ready to get gored!" Rhyno snarls as he replaces Batista, roughly
inserting his cock into her pussy. The Man-Beast instantly starts fucking her
with incredibly hard thrusts. Joy jolts forward taking all of Maven's cock
into her warm mouth. Joy feels the head of Maven's cock hit the back of her
throat as she starts to bob her head along his shaft, sucking smooth and

Maven starts to cum suddenly in Joy's warm mouth, "Ohhh shit...." Over on the
couch, Jericho and HBK continue their easy thrusting into Christy's pussy and
ass as they all look over at Joy and the other guys.

Jericho smirks, "She should've made a deal with us..."

Christy smiles and looks over her shoulder at Jericho " you want
to switch things up at all?"

"How about you blow us..." Jericho licks his lips.

"Yeah Red, you got to work those lips on one of us..." Michaels adds as he
pulls out of her pussy and places his hands on his hips. Like the group of
guys that are around Joy, HBK and Jericho are covered in sweat, and their
hair is extremely soaked.

Christy licks her lips with a smile "Ok...who wants it?"

At almost the same instant, Jericho and Michaels say "I do." They look at
each other and laugh a bit.

Christy gets down on her knees on the floor and smiles up at both Jericho and
HBK "Well?"

"You can do us both," Jericho smirks as he stands up from the couch.

"Yeah, you seem like the type that can take two at once," HBK chuckles as he
stands next to Jericho in front of Christy. Christy smiles and takes both HBK
and Jericho's cocks into her soft hands. Christy opens her mouth as wide as
she can slowly brings her mouth around both cocks. Christy then slowly lifts
her head and brings her head back down.

"Ahhhh I love being right," HBK smirks. Meanwhile back over with Joy, Edge
and Christian are both fucking her pussy at the same time, with Joy riding
Edge and Christian fucking her from behind. Rhyno stands in front of her as
she has both her hands wrapped around his thick cock.

Joy slams down on Edge's stiff cock and begins to cum "Ohhhh fuck no!" Joy
moans as she closes her eyes, tilting her head back.

As she starts to cum, Joy yanks hard on Rhyno's cock and he starts to cum on
her lovely face, "Ahhhhh yeah..." He grunts as he sprays his load all over
her face. Edge and Christian both licks their lips as he feels Joy's warm
juices all over their dicks.

"Looks like we have another loser..." Christian smirks.

Joy looks down and frowns "Darn it..." Joy sighs as she looks over her
shoulder and waits for Christian to pull out of her asshole.

Christian pulls out of her asshole with a grin on his face, "Boy... you may
have lost... but you're a better fuck than some of the divas we got around
her already."

Joy slowly gets off of Edge and turns with a smile "Really?"

"Yeah..." Christian smirks, "Granted, you're not Raw quality... but you're
better than the chicks on Smackdown... you'd be perfect for over there." Joy
glares a bit at Christian comment and walks away to gather her belongings.

The locker room door opens and the Coach peeks inside, everyone can see Amy
standing behind him against the hallway wall. The Coach sees Joy getting her
stuff together, "Impressive staying power Joy, you almost made it..." The
Coach holds the door open for her so she can leave.

Christy lifts her head up from HBK and Jericho's cocks with a smile as Joy
exits the locker room "I...I won!?"

The Coach nods, "That right Christy, you won... clean yourself up and get
ready for Raw..." The Coach leaves the locker room as Edge, HBK, Jericho,
Christian, Val Venis, Sylvain, Conway, Matt, Batista and Randy soon surround
Christy. All of them have a bit of a grin on their faces. Christy raises her
eyebrow as she starts to sit up on her knees.

"She looks a bit too clean..." Randy smirks as he wraps a hand around his

"Yeah... she needs to remember this... with fond memories," Val licks his
lips as he and the rest all start to stroke their throbbing cocks.

Christy starts to stand up slowly "But Coach said..."

"You're not going to leave us all hanging are you?" HBK asks with a smirk on
his face.

"Yeah, a diva always finishes the job," Edge licks his teeth.

Christy bites down on her bottom lip "Coach said to get cleaned though...."
Christy says as she tries to walk out of the circle of Raw Superstars huddled
around her.

Jericho gets a cocky smirk on his face, "You know Christy... I don't think
you were the winner now that I think about it." Everyone except HBK gets a
confused look on their face, not sure what he's talking about.

"What's are you talking about Jericho?" Christian asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh well... Christy here..." Before Jericho can reveal Christy's secret, he
gets cut off.

Christy smiles nervously "What he was going to before I win...I have
to make sure all of you cum..." Christy nods her head "Right Chris?"

Jericho licks his lips, "That's exactly right Christy..."

"Ohh yeah... now that's the type of diva we need... one who makes sure
everyone goes home happy," Randy laughs.

Christy smiles and gets back down onto her knees "I'm ready for everything
you got!"

"Good... cause I got a lot for ya," Batista grunts as he pumps his stiff
cock. He places one of his large hands on Christy's head and has her turn to
face his monster dick. Christy opens her mouth and takes Batista's cock into
her warm mouth. Christy begins to bob her red head along Batista's long and
hard cock as she places her hands around Randy's and Matt's cocks as she
strokes their cocks at a quick pace.

Batista lets out a loud grunt as he starts to cum inside of Christy's warm
mouth. He holds her head down on his cock to get her to swallow his entire
load as Matt tilts his own head back, "Ahhhh shit Christy...." Matt groans
as he starts to cum, resulting in his warm dick juice landing on her arm.
Christy lifts her head up from Batista's cock after swallowing his cum. She
flips her fiery red hair back as she turns taking the next cock into her
mouth, that being Shelton's black cock. Christy wraps her lips tightly
around his cock and starts to quickly bob her head against Shelton's cock.
Christy removes her hand from Matt's cock and places it around HBK's cock,
now stroking both his and Randy's cock at a quick pace.

"Yeah that's right, suck that big black dick..." Shelton moans as he feels
Christy's mouth move all over his cock. Randy Orton rakes his bottom teeth
against his top lip as he tries to keep himself from cumming, but Christy's
skilled hands gets the Legend Killer to blow his top.

"Ughhhhh mother fucker...." Randy moans as Christy milks his cock with her
soft clammy hand. Christy pats her tongue against Shelton's cock as she
removes her hand from Randy's cock. Christy circles her head around Shelton's
cock as she tightly sucks him.

Shelton groans as he starts to cum inside of Christy's warm mouth, and
moments later, HBK cums from Christy impressive hand techniques. As Randy,
HBK and Shelton move away from the fiery red haired beauty, Edge, Christian
and Val Venis get in front of her, stroking their long hard cock. "Tilt your
head back," Val says as he places a hand on Christy's head just before he,
Edge and Christian start to cum on her chest.

Christy smiles as she closes her eyes feeling the warm cum of Val, Christian
and Edge splash against her chest "Ohhhh shit..." Christy moans slightly.

"Open that mouth..." Conway moans as he and Sylvain hold their dicks near
Christy's lips as she still has her head tilted backward. When Christy opens
her mouth, both members of La Resistance start to cum inside of her mouth,
filling it up with their loads.

Christy moans as she licks and swallows up every drop of cum. Christy then
smiles "Is everybody done?"

"Just one more... the one true sexy beast of wrestling, the highlight of the
night..." Jericho steps forward stroking his hard cock as he brings it close
to her lovely, sweat covered face. Christy smiles and licks her lips as she
holds her mouth open, allowing Jericho to insert his cock into her moist
mouth. Once he does, Christy tightly wraps her pouty lips around his cock
and begins rock her head back and forth along Jericho's cock as she sucks.
Jericho spreads his legs apart and holds out his arms as if he's doing his
trademark entrance pose on his way to the ring. "Ahhhh fuck yeah..." Jericho
moans loudly as he thrusts his hips forward and starts to cum inside of
Christy's mouth. Christy lets out a soft moan as she swallows Jericho's warm,
sticky cum down her throat. Christy slowly pulls her head away from Jericho's
cock and licks her lips Jericho looks back at his fellow Raw Superstars and
smirks before he looks back at Christy, "I think we all know who we'll be
voting for the rest of the Diva Search."

Christy smiles proudly and throws her right arm up into the air as she sits
up on knees "Yeah!"

"Congratulations Christy, you have now 'officially' won..." HBK smirks as he
takes her hand and holds her hand up, declaring her the winner.


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