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The Big Bang Part 2
by Dice & Kristi

On the final day of the 2005 Raw Diva Search, the three finalists, Ashley,
Leyla and Elisabeth are waiting in the backstage area for Jonathan Coachman.
The Coach walks up behind the ladies, and surprises them.

"Congratulations ladies, on making it this far in the competion. You all
should be very proud of yourselves."

Ashley, Leyla and Elisabeth all turn around close to the same time. Leyla
smiles and folds her arms looking confident, while her toughest opponent
Ashley just nods her head with a laid back smile. Elisabeth blows Coach a
kisses and winks at him, flirtatiously

"Hey Coach..." Elisabeth says.

Coach smiles a bit, "Yes Elisabeth? Do you have a question?"

Elisabeth shakes her head "No...I just wanted to say how incredible sexy you
look today."

Coach smirks a bit as Ashley shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Ashley turns
to Leyla and mumbles to her.

"Could her nose be anymore brown?" Leyla laughs a bit, nodding her head as
she bites down on her bottom lip.

Leyla points at Ashley "That was a good one..."

"Why thank you Elisabeth, but flattery will get you no where... at least, not
until we have a winner." Coach folds his arms, "Now listen up, here's how
it's going to go tonight... we'll have two eliminations.... the first will be
from the votes gathered from last week... and the second will be from votes
gathered between that elimination and the 10:30 tonight. Do you understand?"

Ashley nods "I'm cool with that..." Leyla sighs raises her hand "Ok...

Coach smirks and looks at her, "Yes Leyla?"

Leyla scratches the right side of her head "Ok...remember during the
auditions, you said the winner had to give you..." Leyla makes a disgusted
face "...head....thats not true right?"

Ashley folds her arms, "I hope to hell its not true!"

Elisabeth smiles and licks her lips eyeing up Coach, "I wouldn't mind."

Coach laughs, "No that's not true... but it's a good thing you brought that
up, because there is one last test you three have to go through."

Ashley raises her eyebrow, her arms still folded, "I thought you said our
tests were over?"

Leyla nods her head, sliding her hand through her hair, "Yeah...I thought you
said that too!"

"Well the boys came up with one more test... to see who'll really fit in with
everyone," Coach replies.

Elisabeth smiles. "Really? What is it?!" she asks a bit excitedly.

Ashley turns her head to Leyla again. "And I thought Simona annoyed me..."

Leyla then laughs and says back to Ashley, "I think they're about the

"It's primariy a stamina test... and to better explain it, I'll show you how
it'll be done... now if you will follow me." The Coach starts to walk down
the corridor towards the locker room area, none of the ladies notice at first
they are heading towards the men's side of that area of the arena Ashley and
Leyla walks side by side as Elisabeth follows Coach closely behind.

The Coach opens the first door he comes too, then he looks back at the Diva
hopefuls, "All right ladies, please step inside..."

Elisabeth steps in first standing next to Coach as Ashley walks into the room
with her arms folded looking around. Leyla is the last to enter the room and
slides her hand through her hair.

" why the hell are we here?" Leyla asks.

The Coach turns light switch, which birghtens the room some what, and the
Diva's see that it's full of half naked wrestlers. In the locker room is
Chris Jericho, Carlito, Edge, The Heart Throbs, Chris Masters, Rene Dupree,
Rob Conway, Shelton Benjamin, Val Venis, Tyson Tomko, The Hurricane and Matt
Hardy. All of them appear to be ready for something as they look over the
three contenstants. The Coach smirks and looks back the ladies to see their
reaction before he explains anything. Elisabeth has a wide smile on her face
as she licks her lips. However, Leyla and Ashley both have their arms folded
with raised eyebrow as the two Diva hopefuls look at Coach, wondering what
the hell is going on.

"This is going to be a stamina test... the girl that lasts the longest with
all these guys, wins." Before Ashley and Leyla can protest, Coach leaves and
closes the door behind him. They can hear it being locked from the outside.

Leyla and Ashley both turn back to the group of male Superstars, while
Elisabeth steps forward to the guys already. Leyla sighs and steps forward.

"Screw it...I can out last both of you!"

Ashley laughs a little and pushes Leyla a bit, "I don't think so!"

Jericho gets a grin on his face, "Ladies... ladies... there's one way to
settle this... now come over here..." All the guys remove what little clothes
they were wearing, giving the ladies an eyeful of the best of what the WWE
has to offer.

Leyla smirks a bit as her eyes make contact with the cock belonging to
Carlito. Leyla licks her lips. She then glances at Chris Jericho's cock, she
nods her head a bit "Not bad..."

Jericho and Carltio both grin as Leyla eyes them up, "Hey baby... you picked
to come to us first... that's cool." Carlito says as he finished up eating an
apple he had.

Leyla smirks as she eyes up both Carlito and Jericho's cocks. Leyla places
her right hand a Carlito's cock and her left hand on Jericho's cock. Leyla
begins moving her hands against theirs cock, making each cock grow larger in
her warm hands. Leyla locks eyes with Jericho as she continues to standing
stroking both cocks.

Jericho and Carltio both nod at Leyla with smirks on their faces. Jericho
pats Leyla's cute ass, "You got some nice hands... I hope the rest of you is
just as nice."

Leyla smiles and winks at Jericho as she slowly lowers herself to her knees.
Leyla runs both of her hands along their shafts as she sticks her tongue out
of her mouth. Leyla gently pats the head of Carlito's cock with her tongue
and then pats Jericho's cock with her wet and warm tongue Edge, Antonio and
Romeo are near by and are watching Leyla sucking Jericho's cock.

"Damn, look at that kitten go down..." Romeo says with a laugh.

"Yeah... she might be able to make me go Oh, Oh Oh!" Antonio replies.

Edge smirks, "Why are you two talking... let's get in on that."

"Right on Edge," Romeo says as they walk over to Leyla, joining Jericho and
Carlito. All five men are in a cricle around her.

Jericho moans as Leyla licks the tip of his cock, "Whew... you got some...

Leyla takes Jericho's cock into her mouth and begins bobbing her head on his
cock. Leyla sees Edge and Antonio standing by her sides and lifts her hands
up, wrapping her hands around both of their shafts and begins stroking their
cocks as she sucks quicker on Jericho's cock.

Jericho pats Leyla's head as he closes his eyes. Romeo takes hold of his own
cock and strokes it a bit to keep it ready for Leyla when she turns his way.
Carltio holds his dick and taps it against Leyla's head a bit, "She's pretty
cool down there..." Carltio grins

Leyla lifts her head up from Jericho's cock and opens her mouth to take in
Carlito's cock. Leyla wraps her moist lips around his cock and begin pumping
her head on his cock. Leyla moves her hand from Antonio's cock to Romeo's
cock, with her hand ontop of Romeo's hand, Leyla helps Romeo stroke his own

Carltio moans as he feels Leyla's lips around his cock. He thrusts forward
a bit to get more of his dick into her mouth. Romeo starts moving his hand
faster, at the same time causing Leyla to move her hand master. Edge looks
at Jericho, "How's her mouth?"

Jericho smirks at him, "A perfect 10..."

Leyla lashes her tongue quickly against Carlito's cock as she bobs her head
faster. Leyla moves her hand down to Edge's ballsack and begins to play with
his balls in her hands. Leyla removes her other hand from Romeo's cock and
places it back on Antonio's cock, she begins stroking his cock again.

Edge lifts his cock up a bit so Leyla can play with his bag of nuts more
easily. Carlito tilts his head back as he mutters something about how cool
Leyla's mouth is. Antonio steps foward a bit so Leyla doesn't have to fully
extend her arm to stroke his cock. Romeo pats the back of her head, stroking
her hair as Jericho takes hold of his own cock to stroke it a bit. He turns
his head to see what else is going in the locker room.

In another corner of the locker room, Matt, Shelton, Hurricane and Masters
are looking at theb beautiful Ashley as she walks towards them, slowly
stripping out of her clothes.

Hurricane elbows Matt, "Hey she reminds me of someone..."

Matt shoots him a playful glare, "Don't even say it..."

Ashley smiles at Shelton and then at Hurricane. Ashley gets down to her
knees taking Matt and Masters' cocks into her hands, moving her hands gently
against their shafts. She sticks her tongue out of her mouth and begins
taking to turns licking the two cocks in front of her belonging to The
Hurricane and Shelton Benjamin. Shelton and Hurricane both hold on to their
cocks to keep them nice and steady for the lovely tomboy. Matt pats Ashley's
head, and tells her "You got a good grip..."

Masters watches Ashley licking Shelton and Hurricane's cocks and grins, "Now
that's a master piece."

Ashley opens her mouth taking Shelton's big black cock into her mouth first
and begins to bob her head on his cock. Ashley moans softly against Shelton's
cock as she starts sucking faster. Ashley moves the hand on Masters' cock
down to his ballsack and begins to massage and play with his sack, while she
moves her hand quicker against the shaft of Matt Hardy.

Shelton moans loudly, "Yeah... that's it... tame that South Carolina black
snake..." Hurricane strokes his cock a bit to keep it fully ready for Ashley
to suck on. Masters puts his hands on his hips, continuing to smirk down at
Ashley. Matt titls his head back, moaning noticeably as Ashley's hand glides
over his cock.

Ashley picks her head up from Shelton's cock and turns around a bit to Matt
Hardy, she opens her mouth a bit takes Matt's hard cock into her sweet mouth.
Ashley wraps her lips around his cock and begins bobbing her head, slowly at
first, but soon gradually picking her pace. Ashley places her free around
Hurricane's cock and begins to pump his cock quickly as she slowly moves her
other hand up Masters' long and thick shaft.

"Oh wow... she wants a dose of Mattitude..." Matt moans as he thrusts forward
a bit to give Ashley more of his cock to chew on. Shelton takes hold of his
long black staff and beigns to stroke it a bit as Masters moves his head in a
rhytym that matches Ashley's head bobbing on Matt's prick. Hurricane mutters
something about how Ashley's hand is Hurri-terrific, but no one catches what
he really means.

Ashley tightens her lips around Matt's cock as she slows down a bit, gently
patting her tongue against his cock. Ashley comes to a stop and lifts her
head up from Matt's cock, she cutely smiles up at him, before turning to
herself to The Hurricane. Hurricane smiles down at her, as he takes a half
step closer to her to bring his cock closer to her face.

Matt looks at Shelton, "Man, I hope she wins..."

"Yeah, Me too, she'd make a great diva..."

Masters doesn't say anything as he looks over at the other two divas, and in
his mind is comparing them. Ashley opens her mouth taking Hurricane's cock
now into her mouth. Ashley starts off sucking Hurricane's cock at quick and
somewhat sloppy pace with her saliva flying all over Hurricane's cock. Ashley
removes her hand up Masters' cock and places both of her hands now firmly on
Shelton's cock and starts pumping his cock at a steady pace in her hands.
Ashley pulls her eyes away from Hurricane's cock, and then opens her mouth
taking Masters' cock finally into her mouth.

Masters gasps a bit as he feels Ashley's mouth clamp down on his cock.
Hurricane looks down at his own dick and sees how much saliva is on it. He
grins as he sees some saliva drip from the tip of his cock. Matt is stroking
his cock, and looks at Hurricane, "You're right... she does remind me
someone..." Shelton places both his hands on Ashley's head, silenlty
encouraging her to go all out.

Ashley bobs her head quickly on Masters' cock, she begins to lash her tongue
with a hard force against his cock. Ashley starts pumping both of her hands
on Shelton's cock faster, her left hand goes up to the head of his cock and
squeezes it a bit.

"Easy baby... don't bruise me..." Shelton laughs a bit. Masters starts to
flex his arms a bit, as if telling Ashley to show him what she's capeable of.
Matt and Hurricane start really looking around the locker room to see what
the other divas wannabes are doing, and Matt points towards Elisabeth, "Hey
man... check her out..."

"I am... and I like what I see..." Hurricane replies.

In the middle of the locker room, Conway, Dupree, Val and Tomko are all
standing in a line. Val flicks his thumb against his mouth as he checks out
Elisabeth as she starts down at the end of the line on Conway. Conway smirks
at Elisabeth, "You got good taste... starting on me, The Con Man first..."

Elisabeth smiles up at Conway as she instantly takes his cock into her slutty
mouth. Elisabeth starts bobbing her head quickly on Conway's cock, slobbering
it up with her saliva. Elisabeth shifts a bit and leans up more as she takes
Conway's cock deeper into her warm mouth. Elisabeth reaches over at takes
Tomko's cock into her hand, since he was standing next to Conway, and begins
to rub her hand up and down his shaft.

Tomko turns a little bit to give Elisabeth a better angle to rub his cock.
Conway places a hand on her head and tugs a bit on her bleached blond hair.
Dupree and Val show that they want to have longer blow jobs than most of the
other guys by hanging back and watching biggest slut of the diva search work
on Tomko and Conway.

Elisabeth moans around Conway's cock as she sucks faster. She then opens her
mouth a bit and shifts Conway's cock to the right side of her mouth. She
leans a bit toward Tomko and jams his cock into her mouth along with Conway's
cock. She instantly tightens her grip and starts bobbing her head quickly on
both cocks.

Tomko holds his hand up and Conway gives him a high five as they both feel
Elisabeth's tongue slide over the under-side of their dicks. "Damn... this
chick is solving my problem..." Tomko says that with such a straight face
that Conway has a hard time beliving the big man told a joke.

Elisabeth lifts her head up from Tomko and Conway's cock with a sultry smirk.
Both Tomko and Conway's cocks are dripping with her warm saliva. Elisabeth
looks over her shoulder with a smirk and motions for Dupree and Val to join
in. Dupree and Val both grin and motions for Elisabeth to come to them to see
if she'll do it. Tomko and Conway move out of Elisabeth's way to give her a
clear path to the other two men.

Elisabeth, sitting up on her knees, shakes her head with a smirk "You want
this whore, you have to come to this whore!"

Val and Dupree think for a moment, then they both go to the self-proclaimed
whore. Van grabs a handful of Elisabeth's hair and holds his cock up to her
mouth, "Open wide for the Valbowski 747..."

Elisabeth opens her mouth widely and takes Val's large cock into her mouth.
Elisabeth wraps her lips tightly around his shaft and begins to bob her head
at a slow speed, gradually bobbing her head faster on his cock. Elisabeth
takes Dupree's ballsack into her hand and begins to rub his balls, almost
matching the speed she's sucking Val at.

Rene takes hold of his own cock and start to rub it swiftly as Val works his
hips a bit, giving Elisabeth more of his cock to work with. Conway moves
close to the slutty diva hopeful, bends down, takes her free hand and places
it on his shaft. Tomko stands behind Elisabeth while watching her, and sees
that she's still has some clothes on. He quickly rips them off her body,
leaving her completly naked except for a now tattered bra that's handing on
her arms.

Elisabeth begins to completely deep throat Val's cock with perfect skill as
she lashes her tongue against his cock. Elisabeth removes her hand from
Dupree's ballsack and begins rubbing her two finger against his ass crack.
Dupree pushes his ass back a bit onto her fingers as he taps the head of his
cock against her forehead. Val places his hands on the top of Elisabeth
head as he holds her head down on his cock to keep it deep in her mouth.
Elisabeth's moans vibrate against Val's cock as she deeply sucks on his cock,
pressing her tongue sharpely against his shaft. Elisabeth begins pump her two
fingers in and out of Dupree's tanned backside.

Tomko kneel down behind Elisabeth, then reaches around her to grope her tits
and to feel her body. Dupree starts pumping his cock a bit harder, matching
the pace of Elisabeth's talented fingers and moans in a bit of pleasure.
Conway places his hand over Elisabeth's to get her to rub his shaft faster.
Val has now closed his eyes and is rocking his hips a bit into order to have
his balls slap against the blond's chin.

Elisabeth lifts her head up off of Val's cock, now covered in her saliva. She
smiles as she looks around the room "You ready for some more fun!?"

Val smirks, "Baby... in the WWE... everyone is all ways ready for fun..."

On another side of the the r oom, Jericho is laying on the ground with Leyla
riding his cock. He is sitting up a bit, sucking on one of her nipples as
Carlito stands to the side of her, waving his cock near her face.

"Come on baby... open up that cool mouth... Carlito's got something really
cool for you..."

Leyla lets out a moan as she opens her mouth "Ohhhhh..." Leyla leans for
taking Carlito's cock into her mouth. Leyla begins rocking her head back and
forth on Carlito's member as she rides Jericho's cock at an increasing speed.
Jericho places his hands on Leyla's hips to move her back and forth as she
rises and falls on his cock. He bites her lift nipple a bit as he flicks his
tongue against it as well."

Ohhh yeah... suck that cool cock..." Carlito moans as he pats her head a bit.
Carlito reaches between his own legs and plays with his own balls a bit.

Leyla pats her tongue against Carlito's cock as she twists his cock around
in her mouth, bobbing her head faster. Leyla moans against his cock as she
looks up at Carlito locking eyes with him. Leyla starts bouncing faster on
Jericho's cock, slamming down harder with each impact, this causing Leyla
to deep throat Carlito's cock. Carlito smirks as he looks down at Leyla
looking up at him. Jericho moves his hands from her hips to her ass and
starts to pinch her ass cheeks a bit. Both her and Carlito grins as they
hear Leyla squeak a bit around Carlito's cock in response to Jericho's

Leyla begins rotating her hips against Jericho's cock as she grinds her pussy
against his cock as he thrusts deeply into her. Leyla slowly picks her head
up from Carlito's cock and begins to flick her tongue against the head of his
cock. Carlito holds on to his cock and moves it around Leyla's lips as if he
was painting her face. Jericho groans happily as he moves his legs apart and
puts his knees up in order to get a little extra push on thrusting up into
her pussy.

Leyla places her hands onto Carlito's shaft and begins to pump her hands
against his cock, stroking his cock at a fast pace. Leyla looks over her
shoulder as she buckles her hips and starts rocking back and forth quickly
on Jericho's cock.

Meanwhile in the middle of the room, Shelton is banging the ultra hot Ashley
in the classic doggly style posistion. Shelton is holding her by her her hips
as he drills her pussy with his long thick cock. Hurricane has just gotten
infront of Ashley and she can see that not all of his hair is green as he
moves a closer to get his cock close to her mouth.

Ashley sticks her tongue out of her mouth and begins to run her tongue across
the head of Hurricane's cock. Ashley circles her tongue around as she moans
softly. Ashley moves her tongue down Hurricane's shaft moving towards his

Shelton is fully rocking his hips back and forth, giving Ashley the full
experience of being fucked by the best damn athlete on Raw. Hurricane runs a
hand through is own hair as she says to Ashley, "You have incredible super
powers..." That comment throws Shelton off for a second, but resumes his pace
after figuring out Hurricane was telling Ashley she gives great head.

Ashley brings her tongue back up Hurricane's shaft and she opens her mouth
taking his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around
Hurricane's cock and begins to guide his cock in and out of her sweet mouth.
Ashley starts pushing back a bit on Shelton's cock as he continues to drill
her hot, tight pussy.

Hurricane keeps himself pretty relaxed as he breathes slowly to keep himself
from coming any where close to cumming any time soon. Shelton smacks Ashley's
ass a bit, leaving a red imprint of his hand on her butt cheek. "She's got
one hell of a pussy... it's better than almost every diva already on the

Ashley tightens her lip as she goes completely down on Hurricane's cock with
her mouth. Ashley starts to now slowly bob her head on his cock, letting her
tongue slide against his shaft everytime she brings her head up.

Hurricane closes his eyes, and is just loving the best blow job he's ever
received. He places both his hands on her head and massages the top of her
skull a bit. Shelton gives Ashley some hard thrusts, making her go down on
Hurricane's dick a bit more frequently. After some time, Ashley slowly lifts
her head up from Hurricane's cock and glances over at another corner of the

In the far corner of the locker room, Tyson Tomko has his back against the
wall as he lifts Elisabeth and lowers her onto his cock. As she gets herself
settled, Rene comes up behind her and works his cock inside her very loose
asshole. The Two men start to lift the whore-ish blond up and down on both
their cocks.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Elisabeth moans as she starts bouncing on her momentum on
both cocks.

The two men have to worker harder than they expected as Elisabeth starts
bouncing on both their cocks as if it was nothing to her. Tomko puts his
large hands on her thighs to slow her down a bit as Reney reaches around
her to maul her breasts with his own hands.

"Ohhhh yesss...fuck my pussy!" Elisabeth moans as she starts rocking back
against Rene's cock, while grinding her pussy against Tomko's cock.

Rene and Tomko quickly have to change tatics and they quickly go down to the
ground. They lay on their sides and with Elisabeth still between them they
continue to fuck her as hard as they possibly can with out blacking out.

"Ahhhhh fuck yeah!" Elisabeth screams in pure pleasure. Elisabeth leans in
towards Tomko and begins to lick his sweaty bald head.

Tomko moves his head away from Elisabeth's tongue and gives Rene a "What is
wrong with this woman?" look. Rene shakes his head as he drills her ass. Back
on the other side of the room, Leyla is mounted on Antonio's cock as Romeo
pounds her sweet ass. Edge is in front of her holding his cock against her
mouth. "Open your mouth you little slut... you know you want another taste of
a main eventer..."

Leyla opens her mouth excepting Edge's cock into her hot mouth. Leyla moans
a bit against Edge's cock as she starts to work her tongue around his cock
as its inside her mouth. Leyla places her hand down onto Antonio's muscular
chest as she starts bouncing a bit on his cock, while Romeo pounds her nice,
round as faster.

Edge tugs on Leyla's beautiful hair as he moves his hips back and forth to
drive his cock deeper ino her mouth. Antonio puts his hands on Leyla's
impressive tits, moving them around before pressing them together. Romeo
massages Leyla's shoulders as he keeps his pace smooth and steady. Leyla
begins to rock her head back and forth on Edge's cock, sucking it at a
decent pace. Leyla tightens her grip as she goes down on his cock, taking
it deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

Edge moans as Leyla's mouth move along his cock. Antonio starts thrusting
upward into her sweet pussy, as he sucks on her right tit a bit. Romeo slides
his hands down from her shoulders to her ass, then squeezes both of her butt
cheeks a bit. Leyla begins to gently push back against Romeo's cock, inside
her ass as she bobs her head quicker on Edge's cock, lashing her tongue
against his cock roughly.

"Yeah that's it...' Edge says as he licks his teeth. Elsewhere in the room,
Ashley is Riding Carlito like she's riding a bull.

"Oh yeah... that's cool...' Carlito moans as Conway, Matt and Masters stand
on three sides of Ashley holding their cocks at the level of her mouth.

"I wonder if she can multi-task..." Conway says with a smirk.

Ashley holds Matt's cock in her left hand and Masters' cock in her right
hand. Ashley moves both of her hands against their cocks as she bouncing
quickly on Carlito's cock. Ashley opens her mouth taking Rob Conway's cock
into her mouth. She wraps her tongue around his cock as she bobs her head.

Carlito reaches around and puts his hands on Ashley's behind as he rockes her
back and forth as she rides his cock. Conway strokes his own cock a bit in
rhytym with Ashley as she bobs her head quickly on his cock. Masters looks at
Conway, "Hey man... stop hogging this hottie's mouth..."

Ashley lets out a moan as she lifts her head up from Conway's cock, she turns
her head to Masters' cock and takes his large cock into her mouth and she
begins bobbing her head on it as she moves her hand quickly against Matt
Hardy's shaft.

Masters puts his hands on his hips as she stands fairly still so she'll have
to do all the work. Carlito sits up a bit and wrpas his arms around her to
lift her higher and drop her faster on his dick. Matt waves his finger at
Masters, "Hey man, she doesn't want that... she wants a does of Mattitude..."

Ashley as if on cue, lifts her head up from Masters' cock and turns to Matt.
Ashley sticks her tongue out of her mouth and starts to flick her tongue
against his cock. She opens her mouth wider taking his cock deeper into her

"Now that's cool..." Matt says, which drawss a look from Carlito.

"Hey man... that's my line..." Carlito continues to assists Ashley as she
fucks him while Masters and Conway look over towards Elisabeth when they her
her scream. Both men smirk as Elisabeth is mounted on Jericho's cock and just
a moment ago, Hurrican shoved his cock into her pussy as well. Val stands
over Jericho's head, holding his cock away from her mouth.

"You want this?" He asks as he waves his cock near her face.

Elisabeth leans her head with her tongue out trying to get to Val's cock as
she double penetrated in her loose pussy "Yes...I want that cock!"

"Then here you go!" Val shoves his cock into her mouth, and quickly begins to
fuck her throat. Hurricane and Jericho are both slamming their cocks in and
out of her pussy as hard as they can.

"Even with two dicks in her... it's still a lot of room..." Jericho says,
commenting on how easily his and Hurricane's dicks are moving in and out of
Elisabeth's pussy. Elisabeth's body rocks violently as she is being fucked
by two large cocks in her pussy. Elisabeth matches the speed bobbing her
head quickly on Val's cock as she deep throats his entire cock.

Jericho and Hurricane continue to fuck her pussy as Shelton comes over to see
if there's an opening somewhere. He sees her asshole is free and works his
black cock into her ass when Hurricane moves a bit. Val grips Elisabeth's
head by her ears to bring her head all the way down onto his cock, to the
point where her face is pressed against his pelvis.

Elisabeth's moans massage to escape her slutty mouth as she bobs her head
even quicker on Val's cock, giving on hell of a blowjob. Elisabeth rocks back
quickly against the three cocks inside her.

"No... wonder she made it to the finals," Hurricane says as he, Jericho and
Shelton are doing everything they can can to out fuck the slutty Elisabeth.
Val pulls his cock out of her mouth, then slams it back in shortly after
hearing her whimper for it.

Elisabeth lets out a loud squeal as she starts cumming on Hurricane and
Jericho's cock. Elisabeth licks her head up from Val's cock and slides her
tongue down behind his ballsack and begins licking his ass from the front

The four men smirk at her. Shelton and Hurricane pull out of her and Val
pulls away from her mouth. They lift her off of Jericho's cock and carry her
to the door. Jericho gets off the floor and rushes to the door and knocks on
it. A moment later and it's unlocked and opened by the coach. Shelton,
Hurricane and Val drop her outside of the room, then Coach closes the door
and re-locks it. "I'm sorry Elisabeth... you have been eliminated."

Elisabeth looks up a bit shocked, she then gets a smile as she sits up on her
knees, smiling at the Coach "I don't think so yet..."

Back in the locker room, Leyla is laying on a bench in the middle of the
locker room. Her legs are spread wide apart and Edge is between them,
spearing her pussy with his cock. Her legs are dangling off the sides of
the bench, but Edge's hands are underneath them and he's pulling Leyla
towards him every time he thrusts into her. Shelton Benjamin is straddling
Leyla and the bench, with his long cock between her impressive tits. Shelton
pushes it forward a bit until the tip is pressing against her mouth.

Leyla opens her mouth, wrapping her lips around the head of Shelton's massive
black cock. Leyla twists her lips against his cock as she starts to push on
Edge's cock, teasingly trying to fight Edge's cock out of her pussy, just to
make Edge work harder at his efforts.

Shelton places his strong hands on Leyla's breasts and pushes them close
together so that his cock is smoothered between them. He starts to move back
and forth, fucking her tits while at the same time pushing is cock in and out
her mouth. "Ahh yea... now this is heaven..." Shelton moans.

Edge moves his hands from under her legs to where they are behind her knees.
"This chick got's a great pussy... nice and tight..."

Leyla wraps her legs around Edge's waist as she grind her tight and wet pussy
against Edge's cock. Leyla moans against Shelton's cock as she rocks her head
back and forth, sucking his cock at an even pace.

Down on the floor, Chris Jericho is fucking Ashley in the classic doggy style
posistion. He has his hands on her hips and is pulling her back with each
thrust. "Yeah... you fucking like that dose of Vitamine C don't you..."

Ashley is sweating and breathing heavily "
it...." Ashley moans as she pushes back on Jericho's cock deep inside her

"You... think... you got... what it takes... to be... a W... W...E...
Diva..." Jericho grunts as he shoves his cock harder and faster in and out
of Ashley's pussy. He smacks the side of her left leg once, leaving a bit of
a imprint on it.

"!" Ashley moans as she rotates her hips
adding to Jericho's pleasure as she pushes back faster, with a tremendous

"Then... prove... it!" In one swift motion Jericho rolls with Ashley so he's
on his back and she's on top of him, although not face him. Jericho corrects
this by lifting her about and manages to turn her around to where she's
facing him. "Show... me what you got..." Jericho grins. as he waits for
Ashley to ride him like a bull.

Ashley smiles as she places her hands onto Jericho's chest and begins to
bounce on Jericho's cock, rocking back and forth on his member. Ashley leans
down and kisses Jericho's neck as she starts riding his cock faster.

"Oh yeah that's fucking it... ride that dick...' Jericho says as he puts his
hands on her tits to feel how they bounce as she rises and falls on his cock.
Meanwhile, Leyla is now riding Hurricane hard and fast as Masters is fucking
her ass. Matt is her head, getting another great blow job and is running his
hands through her hair. Matt sees how hard Masters is pounding Leyla's
perfect ass and wants a crack at it.

"Hey Chris, man, let's trade up..."

"Why... this chick loves the Master Piece fucking I'm giving her..."

"Aww come on man... I need to tap that booty before it's gets worn out..."

"Oh all right... geez..." Masters and Matt both pull away from Leyla to
switch places. Masters pats her ass, "Stay like that..." He tells her so she
knows not to change posistions.

Leyla slides her hand through her hair as she Masters approaches her mouth.
She sticks her tongue out of her mouth and flicks the head of Masters' cock
before sliding her lucious tongue across the tip of his prick.

Matt gets behind Leyla as Hurricane lifts his head a bit to suck on her tits.
Matt presses his cock against her asshole, then rams it home, jolting one
half of the remaining diva hopefuls forward, causing her to deep throat
Masters' thick cock. Masters gets a grin on his face, "Easy baby... don't

Leyla tightens her grip around Masters' cock as she slows down her pace a bit
as she sucks, pressing her tongue against his shaft. Leyla starts to gently
push back on Matt's cock, while at the same time trying to ride Hurricane's

Hurricane wraps his arms around Leyla's body and thrusts upward into her
pussy to make up for Leyla slowing down. Matt reaches forward and places his
hands on Leyla's shoulders in order to pull himself harder into her pussy.
Masters flexes his pecs a bit as Leyla pratically inhales his cock.

Over with Ashley, the tomboy and overal favorite to win the competition is
now riding Romeo as Rene works his cock into her pussy along side the Heart
Throb's dick. Rene doesn't waste time being gently and and starts to go all
out on her pussy, making her adjust to having two cocks in her cunt with
each hard thrust.

Ashley leans forward a bit as she gets double penetrated in her tight cunt.
"Ohhhh yeah...." Ashley moans "Fuck.....that....cunt!"

"Oh yea baby... you like the French Phenom fucking you don't you..." Rene
says as he slows down a bit to give her some sharp & hard thrust. Ashley
can't reply for Romeo out a hand behind her head and pulls out down into a
hot kiss. Romeo's tongue easily finds its way into her mouth.

Ashley slides her tongue into Romeo's mouth as well as she massages his
tongue against her tongue. Ashley begins pushing down against Romeo's cock,
guiding his cock deeper into her warm, tight pussy.

Rene continues to fuck her, until Edge pulls him out of her pussy. Rene is
about to protest but he sees that Leyla is free for a moment and goes over
to her. With Rene gone, Edge slams his cock so hard into her twat that she's
forced to break the kiss with Romeo. Edge pulls on her hair, "Take that
cock... you're going to earn your spot here in the WWE if you win..."

Ashley firmly plants her hands on Romeo's chest as she looks over her
shoulder at Edge, girtting her teeth "Ohhh...that cock feels so good!"

"Damn straight it does..." Edge licks his teeth as Romeo starts to thrust up
into Ashley's pussy, giving her the full experience of riding his cock with
Edge's prick in her pussy.

"Ohhh...fuck...yeah!" Ashley moans as she pushes back agaisnt Edge's cock,
while trying to bounce quickly on Romeo's cock.

As Ashley gets double teamed by Edge and Romeo, Leyla is getting sandwhiched
by Val Venis and Rob Conway. Both men are standing and she is between them,
with Val's cock in her pussy and Conway's cock in ass. They lift and drop her
easily as Hurricane and Tomko watch.

"Man, these two idiots are hogging her all to themselves," Tomko complains as
he crosses his massive arms.

"Don't freet my large friend, My Hurri-seneses tell me that our fortune might
change soon." Hurricane says as he pats Tomko's back.

Leyla slams down on Val's cock in her pussy "Ohhhhhhh!" Leyla moans letting
out a loud moan. Leyla leans back wrapping her arms around the back of
Conway's neck as she rocks back and forth with the cock in her ass.

Val looks over and sees that Ashley is taking a breather, and grins. "Hey
Rob, let's go rock her world." Conway gets a grins on his face before both
men pulls out and gently drop Leyal to the floor and rush over to Ashley
before some one else gets to her. Hurricane sees an opening and gets behind
her, pulls her up to her knees, and inserts his cock into her ass, and
quickly begins fucking her butt quickly. Tomko stands in front of Leyla,
and crosses his arms again.

"I got a big problem..." He says moves close to her so his cock is near her

Leyla opens her precious mouth taking Tomko's cock in. Leyla wraps her lips
around his cock, while placing a hand on his shaft. Leyla starts bobing her
head against Tomko's cock, sucking as she strokes his cock as well.

"Her ass, is Hurri-Fantastic..." Hurricane says as his cock slips in and
out of her rear with no trouble at all. Tomko just grunts in response as he
stands as still as a statue as he gets blown by Leyla. Leyla's backside
pushes back agaisnt Hurricane's cock with each thrust he gives her. Leyla
moans against Tomko's cock as she begins to deep throat, petting her tongue
gently against his shaft.

Tomko groans a little as Leyla sucks his cock. Masters then taps his
shoulder, "Hey... let the master piece handle her..." Tomko shakes his head,
not laughing, even though he wants to. He pulls out of her mouth as Masters
looks at Hurricane, who quickly backs out of Leyla's ass. Masters then looks
down at the near exhausted diva contenstant. "Are you ready to feel my
master-cock," Masters grins.

Leyla slides her hand through sweaty hair with a smirk, as she licks her
lips. Masters lays down on his back and motions for her to mount him.

Leyla crawls over to Masters' and gently mounts herself ontop of his
impressively long and thick cock. Leyla smirks as she feels his cock slide
up into her pussy "You don't disappoint..." She says in a tired breath.
Leyla places her hands onto his chest as sweat runs down her soft skin.
Leyla starts bouncing on Masters' cock, moaning as she rides faster.

Masters puts his hands behind his head, "Mmmmm you got a lot of talent...
if... you win... I might put in... a good word... for you... to manage me..."
Masters says with a big grin.

Leyla licks her teeth as she starts riding his cock faster, coming down each
time harder " that..."

"Come on... go faster..." Masters says as he encourages to go all out.

Leyla grits her teeth as she bounces faster on Masters cock "
that tight...pussy...don't you!" Leyla screams as she rocks back and forth at
a quickening speed

Masters puts his hands on her hips and starts to help her ride him. "Fuck...
yeah... you... got... a hotter... better... pussy... than... some of the
divas... already... on Raw..." Masters says as he thrusts upward, catching
her by surprise.

As Leyla bounces harder on Masters' cock she begins cumming "Ohhhh...fuck...
yeah..." She moans as she slows down on his cock.

Masters feels Leyla's juices on his cock, and knows she's done. He sits up
and lifts her off his cock, then he stands up and carries her to the door,
which he kicks. The door is unlocked and opened by the Coach, and Masters
then sits Leyla on the floor outside the locker room. Masters goes back in
side and Coach closes the door again. He then hands Leyla a towel, "I'm
sorry Leyla, but you have been eliminated..."

Back in the locker room, Ashley is being bent over a bench and is getting
fucked in the ass by Jericho. Jericho grips her by her waist and pulls her
back onto his cock with each thrust. Ashley is grunting and moaning as she
wipes her forehead clear of sweat. Ashley moves a hand between her legs and
start to rub her pussy in perfect rhytym as Jericho's thrusts. Carltio and
Matt are nearby and are watching the action closely.

"Hey man... look... she want's more... that's cool..." Carlito grins.

"Then let's give her more..." Matt smirks.

Matt and Carlito go over to Jericho, "Hey man, let Carlito and me take a
crack at her," Matt says. Jericho happily pulls out of her pussy.

"Good thinking... I was about to blow..." Jericho laughs as he moves away.
Matt inserts his rod into her ass, then he pulls Ashley down to the floor
and both she and him lay on their sides. Carlito lays down infront of Ashley
and lifts her leg, then pushes his cool cock into her tight pussy. Ashley
starts grunting and grinding, pushing back and forth on both men's dicks.
She bites her lower lip as she feels that's she going to climax, but she's
able to focus enough to hold it off. After awhile, Edge gets bored of
watching and wanders over just when Matt and Carlito pull out of her. Ashley
sees Edge and licks her lips.

Ashley rolls over on to all fours. giving Edge a choice of fucking her ass or
cunt. Edge licks his teeth as he holds his cock. He teases her by presses the
head against her asshole, but he slides it down and with alot of force,
drives his cock into her pussy. Ashley gasps in pleasure of feeling his cock
insider her and starts to push back onto his cock. She lowers her head down
on her hands as Edge gets off his knees and into a squating posistion. To the
casual eye, Edge looks like frog with the way his standing as he pounds her
cunt.. When Edge feels liks he's going to cum, he pulls out of her pussy,
leaving the last remaining Diva contenstant disappointed.

But her disappointment is soon changed as Antonio of the Heart Throbs comes
over to her. He repleaces Edge by slaming his cock into her ass.

"OH... OHHH.... OHHHHHHH!" Ashley yells as she pushes her self up. Romeo sees
there's enough room underneath the extra hot blond, so he lays down on the
ground in front of her and slides between her arms and underneath her pussy.
As his tag team partner fucks her ass, Romeo starts eating our her hairless
pussy. Ashley's body shudders a bit, but she lowers her head downward and
fills her mouth up with Romeo's cock. She bobs her head up and down on his
thick shaft.

Val Venis has now wandered over, to see if he can't get in on the fun.
Ashley, as if she had some sixth sense, knows he's close by and she reaches
for his cock with one hand. Val smirks and lets her grab it. Ashley pulls him
to where he's infront of her and puts her other hands on his shaft, using
both to beat the hell out of it. She twists and turns her hands as if working
a pepper stick.

Ashley bobs her head up and down rapidly on Romeo shaft as he wraps his arms
around her well toned body. Romeo works his tongue deep inside her pussy,
making her juices flow like wine down onto his face. Antonio's cock is flying
in and out of her ass so fast that it's making her move all over Romeo's
face. Ashley can't hold out any more and has what would've been a ear drum
shattering screaming orgasm, but her mouth is full. Antonio and Val move
their cocks away from her and help her off of Romeo.

Ashley sits down, her back against the bench, as all of the men surround her
all three sides. They are all stroking their cocks, and Ashley gets a big
smile on her face as to what's about to happen. She gets onto her knees,
tilts her head back and opens her mouth, and soon she's rewarded by the cum
of all 13 men. Her mouth is filled to the top, and cum is pour out of the
sides and down her face. Some of the men's loads streak across her beautiful
face, while other's aim down to give her tits a fresh paint job. When the men
are done blowing their banana juice, Ashley lowers her head and spits the cum
in her mouth down on her body. She uses her hands to smeer it all over her
skin, then starts to use her fingers to scoop it off. Ashley licks her
fingers clean and continues to repeat her actions as she cleans herself off.

Carlito has a big grin on his face, "Now... she's cool..."

Jericho nods his head in agreement, "Yeah... definitely cool..."

Edge look at them and crosses his arms, "This slut gives head and fucks
better than my whore Lita..."

Matt glares at Edge for a moment, but then Shelton says something that all of
them can agree on.

"Boys..." Shelton smirks, "We better hope she wins the Diva Search..."


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