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The Bigger... The Better?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After the wrapping up of a Smackdown taping, Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman,
two men who have been in high impact matches with Jamie Noble over the
previous few months, are discussing the events that took place the earlier
in the night between Noble and his now ex-girlfriend Nidia. Kidman, dressed
in jeans and a white button shirt, leans against the door of the locker
room they are in, waiting for Rey as he changes into his street clothes.

"I don't know Rey, that had to be the single funniest moment I've ever seen.
When Nidia threw that coat into that wood chipper, Noble freaked," Kidman

Rey, dressed in his blue wrestling tights, is removing his trademark mask as
he replies, "Yeah, but you have to feel proud of Nidia. Especially with how
Noble has been using her when she was recovering from Tajiri's black mist."

Kidman nods, "Yeah, we both tried to tell her what he was doing, it's great
that she's finally got him back for all the dangerous stuff he's put her

Rey nods, "Too bad she didn't believe us sooner, but now that she does,
she'll put Noble in his place."

Before Kidman can reply, there's a soft knock on the locker room door. "Hey
can you see who it is?" Rey asks as he leans down to untie the laces of his
wrestling boots.

"Sure no problem," Kidman replies and goes to open the door, "Yeah?" he says
as he keeps the door somewhat closed to prevent anyone from seeing Rey
getting changed behind him.

Standing on the other side of the door is the former trailer-park girlfriend
of Jamie Noble, the stunning and now very single Nidia. Nidia smiles at
Kidman "Hey Billy..." Nidia say as she dressed in a short pair of jean shorts
and red sleeves top. "Is Rey in there by any chance?"

"Yeah he is..." Kidman smiles as he steps back, "He's getting changed

"Hey Billy, who is it?" Rey asks as he gets his boots off and is about to
take off his tights.

Billy looks back at him , "Oh Nidia is here to see you."

"Really? Ok... well let her in..." Rey replies. Kidman nods his head and
steps away from the door to let Nidia into the locker room.

Nidia smiles and nods her head at Kidman, as she enters the locker room.
Nidia blows a bubble with the gum that she has been chewing up and pops the
bubble with her soft lips. Nidia places her hands on her round hips as she
sees Rey "I'm glad both of you are here actually..." Nidia begins to say as
Kidman closes the locker room door.

Rey smiles a bit as he sits on a metal chair, "What do you mean Nidia?"
Kidman walks around Nidia and casually checks out her backside before he
goes to sit on the armrest of the couch that's against the left wall.

Nidia sighs "Well...Jamie went to Paul Heyman and demand an intergender tag
team match on SmackDown for next week....him and Sable...against well me"
Nidia says as she looks at Rey and then at Kidman "And...I hoping one of you
could be my tag team partner."

Kidman and Rey both smile and nod their heads, "Hey don't worry Nidia, we'd
be happy to help you out," Kidman says.

"Yeah, Noble needs an seriously ass kicking... I'd be more than happy to do
what I did to him at the Rumble again next week," Rey says as he stands.

"So who do you want for next week, me or Rey-Rey?" Kidman asks as he slides
hand over his black hair.

Nidia shrugs and smiles, shaking her head "I don't mind either way...I knew
both of you would be more then willing to help me out.." Nidia says as she
slightly licks her lips.

"You got that right Nids," Kidman smiles, "Although if you want someone to
punch Noble's lights out, I'm the better choice since I'm stronger than Rey."

Rey tries not to laugh, "Billy... strength doesn't mean much... I've beat you
like a hundred times in WCW..."

Kidman frowns but then laughs a bit, seeing the humor in Rey's comment,
"Thanks for reminding me about that..."

Rey shrugs and looks at Nidia, "Anyway, we're both willing and able to help
you out anyway you need."

Nidia bites down on her bottom lip "Maybe I should ask Billy
offense...but Jamie does have a height advantage over both of you..."
Nidia replies with a weak smile, trying not to offend either Rey or

"A height advantage?" Rey folds his arms, "I've beaten some guys three times
bigger than Noble... heck me and Billy beat a couple of big Texans to win tag
team gold back in the day."

Kidman nods and then adds, "Yeah Nidia, size isn't everything in wrestling...
in sex maybe, but in wrestling... it doesn't mean a lot..."

Nidia shrugs "Well...I've heard size is everything..." Nidia says with a

Rey and Kidman exchange glances and Rey shakes his head, "Nidia... you need
to find out that bigger isn't really better..."

"Yeah, you could be missing out on a whole lot just thinking that... haven't
you heard that great things come in small packages?" Kidman asks with a bit
of a smirk.

Nidia raises her eyebrow a bit as she turns to Kidman and folds her hands
"What do you mean by that?"

Kidman grins a bit, "I could mean a lot of things... I could be talking about
how a great short guy can beat a great big guy anytime in the ring... or I
could be talking about what goes on in the bedroom."

Rey laughs, "Billy get you're head out of the gutter... she just dumped
Noble... who probably is pretty short in a lot of areas other than his
wrestling skills."

Nidia turns her head to Rey and smirks a bit nodding her. Nidia laughs
slightly "Actually're right...Jamie was pretty small.."

"Why doesn't that surprise me..." Rey laughs a bit, "I mean he does wear jean
shorts that don't exactly help his look."

Kidman starts to laugh a bit before he asks, "What in the word did you see in
him anyway?"

Nidia shrugs "I have no fucking clue.." Nidia says with a weak smile "Maybe I
was desperate for a guy?" Nidia asks herself before she turns back to Kidman
and looks at him.

Kidman looks back at Nidia and his eyes drift down to look at her large
cleavage, "Wait, you desperate for a man, I find that hard for you to
believe..." Kidman says.

Rey nods, "Yeah Nidia, you can have the pick of any all the guys out

Nidia raises her eyebrow as she turns her head back to Rey "You really think
so?" Nidia asks as she unfolds her arms and places her right hand on her hip.

Rey nods his head, "Yeah... you're a WWE Diva... and one of the hottest ones
that's ever been."

Kidman smiles, "Nidia... you're so hot that I wish all the chicks back in WCW
looked half as good as you do."

Nidia smiles a bit and nods her head " I have could have
any guy." Nidia shrugs "What about you two?" Nidia asks as she exchanges a
glance between Rey and Kidman.

Rey and Kidman exchange glances and shrug before they look back at Nidia. Rey
smiles a bit, "Uh yeah, I guess you could have us..."

"I don't see why not..." Kidman says as he slides a hand into his pocket.

Nidia licks her lips as she takes a step back so that she's now directly in
between Kidman and Rey. Nidia looks at Kidman, then at Rey "What about...
right now...right here in this very locker room?" Nidia asks.

Kidman licks his lips a bit as he looks right at Nidia's chest, "That sounds
great to me.... what do you say Rey-Rey?" He asks as he looks at his long
time friend.

Rey shrugs and smiles a bit, "Sounds good to me... and we can show you why
either one of us will be perfect partners for you for next week too."

Nidia smirks and licks her lips slightly as she turns to Kidman and lowers
her eyes to his crotch "If you're so ready...why don't you lose the pants?"

"Hey give me a second..." Kidman smirks as he untucks his white button shirt
from his pants and quickly goes to work to unbuckling his belt. He undoes
his pants and takes them off, as well as his loafers. Kidman then lowers the
boxer-briefs he's wearing, freeing a nine-inch cock between his legs. "Well
what do you think Nid?" Kidman asks with a grin as he takes off his white
button shirt but pulling it over his head.

Nidia smiles widely "Well...Billy...definitely bigger than Jamie.." Nidia
says as she looks over her shoulder at Rey and smirks "What about you
Rey-Rey?" Nidia asks in a slight seductive tone.

Rey grins, "Well it's a good thing I don't like to brag..." Rey lowers his
wrestling tights and the pair of boxer briefs he has underneath them to
reveal a fairly thick twelve-inch penis.

Kidman happens to take a glance at his friend's crotch and smirks, "So that's
what Torrie was talking about..."

Nidia licks her lips and laughs "Now...that's definitely bigger than Jamie!"
Nidia exclaims as she then gradually moves down onto her knees and onto the
floor. Nidia exchanges glances between Rey and Kidman as motions with her
hands for them to approach her.

Rey and Kidman approach Nidia and Rey stands to Nidia's right and Kidman
stands on her left. "Hey Nidia... just wondering... what is Noble packing
between his legs?" Rey asks with a smirk as Kidman tries to peek down
Nidia's top.

"Oh...I'd say about a five or sixer..." Nidia shrugs a bit as she wraps her
right hand around Rey's shaft and her left hand around Kidman's shaft, she
begins to move both of her hands slowly against their to shafts, feeling
them instantly harden in her soft hands.

"Damn... that is not big at all for a chick like you..." Kidman says with a
grin as he moans a bit. Rey licks his and starts to thrust his hips forward,
pushing his cock against her hand.

Nidia looks up at Kidman with a smirk "I know..." She replies as she moves
her hand up his shaft to the head of his prick. Nidia gently twists her the
palm of her left hand against the head of his cock. Nidia moves her right
hand down Rey's shaft to his ballsack and begins to fondle and massage his
decently sized sack.

"Mmmm hey Nidia... Noble always talked about some trick you did with your
tongue... can you show us what that is?" Rey asks as he smiles down at her
as Kidman pushes a hand through Nidia's hair.

Nidia smiles up at Rey and licks her lips "You really want me to show you"
Nidia asks with a wink "I'll let you decide...who or your buddy

Kidman smirks, "Oh that's easy... Rey should go first... if what I heard is
true I want to prepare for it..."

Rey smirks a little, "Well you heard Billy... looks like I'm going first..."

Nidia smirks "Ok..." She says as she turns a bit on her knees, so she's
facing Rey a bit. Nidia holds his cock firmly as she lowers her head and
gently pats her tongue against the head of Rey's cock before she starts to
work her tongue around the tip in a circular motion, gradually twisting her
tongue as she continues to stroke Kidman's cock.

"Ohhhh shit..." Rey gasps a bit as he feels the stud in Nidia's tongue graze
around his cock as Nidia assaults it with her exceptionally skilled tongue.

Kidman smirks a bit, "Damn good thing Rey is going first..." Kidman says as
he bends down some and starts to feel Nidia's chest through her top. Nidia
gently works the tip of her tongue in Rey's piss-slit before she opens her
mouth and gently takes Rey's cock into her hot mouth. Nidia presses her
tongue around the head of Rey's cock as she starts to bob her head against
his cock. As Nidia bobs her head, sucking on Rey's cock, she moves her left
hand down Kidman's shaft and rubs two of her fingers against the underside
of his ballsack once her hand reaches his ballsack.

"Ohhhh shit.... Billy... Nidia sure knows how to work a guy up..." Rey moans
as he closes his eyes while thrusting his hips forward slowly. Kidman nods as
he too moans, but from Nidia's manual manipulation of his ballsack.

"Don't have to tell me... I know... ohhh damn that feels good..." Kidman says
as he flips Nidia's hair back so it's not hanging over her face. As Nidia
starts to bob her head quicker on Rey's cock, she begins to lap and pat her
tongue against and around his cock, gradually tightening her grip around his
cock inside of her warm, wet mouth. Nidia slowly raises her two fingers up
from the underside of Kidman's ballsack, slowly guiding her two fingers up
the inner side of Kidman's shaft.

"Hey Nid... show Billy... what you can do..." Rey moans as he feels the
Nidia's tongue piercing press against the underside of his cock.

Kidman groans and smirks, "Yeah Nidia... show me what... Rey's getting..."

Nidia slowly lifts her head up from Rey's cock leaving his cock covered in
her warm saliva. Nidia smirks as she turns around on her knees and flips her
hair back as she places both hands around the base of Kidman's cock "Ready
buddy Billy?"

"Yeah... but first... let's get you out of those clothes..." Kidman licks his
lips as he bends down to pull up Nidia's red sleeveless top. Rey gets down on
his knees in front of Nidia and pops the button of her jean shorts. Nidia
raises her arms up as Kidman's pulls her red sleeveless top off revealing a
light pink colored bra underneath, concealing her large chest that's ready to
burst out of her bra.

"Holy Chest..." Rey says as he gets a close up view of Nidia's large chest,
"Better let those puppies out before that bra breaks...." Rey says as he
moves behind her to unfasten the snap of clasp of Nidia's bra to free her
chest from it.

Kidman smirks a bit and he bends down to peel it from her body, "Whoa
Nidia... if bigger is better... than you're the best from what I see..."
Kidman licks his lips. Nidia smiles and flicks her tongue against her lips
as she leans forward grabbing at Kidman's cock, while Rey slowly tugs down
her short jean shorts.

Rey tugs her jeans shorts down her lovely thick thighs, getting a look of her
round panty-covered backside. Rey pats her backside before he tugs down her
panties. Kidman licks his lips as he steps closer to Nidia, "Oh yeah Nidia...
you're great... too good for Noble..." Kidman says as he Rey pulls Nidia up a
bit so he can better caress her asscheeks.

Nidia lowers her head to Kidman's cock as she places her tongue against the
head of his prick and begins to lap her tongue around the head of Kidman's
cock as she cups his ballsack with her right hand and begins to massage his

"You got a hot ass Nidia... kinda like J-Lo's..." Rey says as he grips his
cock and starts to slide it into Nidia's waiting tight pussy. He pushes his
thick long shaft into her pussy slowly, as Kidman places his hands on Nidia's
head and starts to play with her lovely yet hair. Nidia moans softly as she
opens her mouth and takes Kidman's awaiting cock into her warm mouth. She
wraps her lips around his cock and begins to slowly and tightly suck on his
cock as she gradually pushes herself back against Rey's large, stiff cock.

Rey places both of his hands on both of the sides of Nidia's thigh as he
slowly starts to speed up his thrusts. "Mmmmm yeah..." Rey licks his lips as
he his cock smoothly goes in and out of Nidia's pussy.

Kidman smirks a little as he tilts his head back, "Ahhh god yes... suck that
dick Nidia..." Nidia's head bobs head become deeper as she takes more of
Kidman's cock into her wet, hot mouth. Nidia starts to lap her saliva around
his cock as she twists her head slightly on his cock, sucking him at
quickened rate. Nidia begins grind her pussy around Rey's cock as she starts
to push her backside back against Rey's waist fast, taking more of Rey's
large cock into her sweet, sensual pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck Nidia... you got a hot... tight pussy...." Rey licks his lips as
he pushes hard into her pussy, making sure that almost all twelve inches of
his prick is inside of Nidia's cunt.

Kidman gasps as he pushes his cock forward past Nidia's lascivious lips,
"Ohhhh fuck... Nidia..." Nidia's moans vibrate against Kidman's cock as she
starts to deep throat his entire cock while she starts to gently rake her
teeth against Kidman's shaft every time she lifts her head up.

"Hey... Billy... you want.. to try her pussy?" Rey asks as he again gives
Nidia a sharp thrust that jolts her forward.

Kidman nods his head and groans as flips Nidia's hair back, "Yeah... Rey...
ohhhh fuck yeah I do..." Rey grins a little and pulls his long thick shaft
out of Nidia's pussy as Kidman backs up to slide his saliva-coated cock out
of her mouth.

Nidia licks her lips once her head is completely off of Kidman's cock,
drenched in Nidia's warm saliva. Nidia smiles up at Kidman with a twinkle
in her eyes "Mmmm...that's a great cock, you have there Billy..."

Kidman grins a little, "Thanks Nidia... want to go for a ride on it?" He asks
as he starts to lay down on the somewhat cold floor of the locker room, with
his rock hard cock pointing straight up at the ceiling with Nidia's saliva
dripping down it.

Nidia's licks her lips as she flips her hair back "Mmmm...I'd love too.."
Nidia says as she moves down on the floor with Kidman. Nidia straddles
herself over Kidman's cock and slowly mounts herself on top of his cock.
Nidia places her hands on Kidman's shaft as she gently comes down on his
shaft for the first time "Mmmmm....Billy..." Nidia moans as her pussy
tightens around his cock.

"Ahhhh shit... Rey was right... your pussy is tight as fuck..." Kidman groans
as he places a hand on Nidia's waist and the other on her right thigh.

Rey smirks a little, "Hey did you guys forget I was here?" He says as he gets
behind Nidia and pokes he ass with his long cock.

Nidia arches her back up a bit, feeling his cock against her ass "Ohh... horny little bastard..." Nidia moans as she starts to rock back
and forth on Kidman's cock, while bouncing at an increasing speed and power.

"Hey... some people used to call me a filthy animal..." Rey laughs as he
pushes Nidia forward a bit. He grips his cock and starts to slide his cock
into her asshole. Once his shaft is a tad inside of Nidia's asshole, Rey
begins thrusting in and out slowly, pushing in another inch inside of her
every time he moves forward. Kidman licks his own lips and stars to pushing
up into Nidia's night pussy.

"Ohhhhh god yeah!" Nidia moans as she tilts her head back, bouncing quicker
on Kidman's cock as she starts to push her ass back against Rey's thick cock.

"Ughhhhh shit... How... the hell did... Noble keep you satisfied..." Kidman
asks as he continues to thrust up into Nidia's pussy while moving his hands
up to grope her large round tits. Rey wraps an arm around her waist and pulls
himself forward into Nidia's ass to ram her ass harder with his cock.

"Ohhhh...he...really...never did..." Nidia moans, closing her eyes as she
begins to sweat.

"Ohhhh... no wonder... you need... the two... best... men here..." Rey grunts
as sweat drips down his youthful face. He continues to relentlessly pump his
cock into her asshole.

Kidman sits up slightly and gets an idea, "Hey Rey-Rey... let's do... what
we... used to do..."

Rey smirks as he understands what his long time friend is referring too,
"Good idea Billy..." Rey pulls out of Nidia's backside so that he and Kidman
can turn Nidia around without her getting off of Kidman's cock.

Rey sees the confused look on Nidia's face now that she's has her back to
Kidman. "You'll love this Nid..." Rey says as he places a hand on Nidia's
chest to lean her backward while he also guides his cock into her already
stuffed pussy.

Nidia grits her teeth as she places her hands behind her onto Kidman's sweaty
chest "Ohhhhhh fuck!" Nidia screams as her pussy is stretched with two large
cocks "Ohhh my god..." Nidia moans. Rey and Kidman start to alternate thrust,
making sure that Nidia is fully aware of the difference in the sizes of their
cocks as they ravage her pussy. Rey lowers his head to Nidia's chests and
lightly flicks his tongue against her right nipple.

Nidia holds her head back as she starts to bounce down on Kidman's cock as
she grinds her pussy against both Rey and Kidman's cock "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck...
Jamie was nothing like this."

"Ohhhh of course... not... he's just one guy... with a small dick... right?"
Kidman says as he and Rey both sharply thrusts their dicks into her pussy at
the same time.

Nidia grits her teeth as she slams down on their cocks "Mmmmm...yess...
yess...he's a small dick...ohhh...god!" Nidia moans as her warm pussy erupts
with cum "Awww fuck...!"

Rey and Kidman feel Nidia's pussy tighten around their cocks as she reaches
her orgasmic peek. "Ohhhh mother... fucker..." Kidman bites down on his
tongue and arches his back as he starts to cum inside of Nidia's pussy. Rey
starts to pull out of Nidia's pussy as he's on the brink of blowing his load,
but he doesn't pull out in time and like Kidman, he cums inside of Nidia's
warm tight pussy.

Nidia closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels the cum enter her tight
pussy "Ohhhh're amazing."

Rey smiles as he pulls out of her pussy, "Thanks Nidia... you're... really
amazing too..."

Kidman grins a bit, "Just remember Nidia... bigger... ain't really better..."

Nidia licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder at Kidman as she remains
on top of him "And...size doesn't matter..." Nidia glances at Rey's cock and
smirks "At least it certain areas it matters..."


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