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The Bigger They Are Part 4
by MTL (

Beth Phoenix had never felt more humiliated, which was really saying something considering she had been recently robbed of her anal cherry by tiny little AJ Lee. She couldn't have imagined anything that could come close to that embarrassingly pleasurable experience, but this was maybe almost as bad or at least a close second because she was the Alpha female of the WWE, a woman taming stud and a total butt buster. There was no way she should be wearing lingerie like some bored housewife trying to get her husband's attention.

To make matters worse it felt like what she was wearing was several sizes too small, the see-through black corset she was wearing making it difficult to breathe and her already big tits look gigantic as they were being pressed to her chest. The worst part was the tiny thong which was digging into her ass so much Beth thought it was literally going to go up one of her holes, and again it seemed to make her fat ass look enormous. The fact that the thigh high stockings, garter belt and high heels fit more or less perfectly were a small comfort as Beth studied her body in the bathroom mirror.

She had always been as confident in her body as anyone could be. Sure she had her moments, but considering the large collection of sluts who were her willing fuck toys Beth mostly didn't worry about such things. Now though, she felt fat and ridiculous, and suddenly terrified that AJ would sneak in the entire divas roster or maybe just random hotel workers to laugh at her the second she stepped out the bathroom and revealed she was wearing such unflattering bitch wear.

"Hurry up Beth and get your fat ass out here." AJ called from the other room, "Mmmmm, I want to see you in that sexy clothing I brought you."

Blushing with humiliation Beth decided the best course of action was just get this over with, so she unlocked the door, opened it and stepped out to thankfully find only little AJ Lee sitting cross-legged on the bed with a beaming grin on her face. That grin quickly turned into a look of wicked lust, Beth trembling slightly as she knew what kind of things must have been going through AJ's head.

"Wow Beth." AJ said breathlessly, "You look amazing."

"I look ridiculous." Beth huffed.

"No way." AJ disagreed, quickly standing up and skipping over to her conquest, "You look like a goddess."

The compliment made Beth blush like a schoolgirl with a crush, the mighty Glamazon looking down before she mumbled, "I look like a hippopotamus. I can't believe you're making me dress like this."

"Oh come on, don't be like that." AJ said, stepping into Beth's personal space, "You look gorgeous. Mmmmm, I can't wait to fuck you."

Because Beth had her head lowered it was easy for AJ to reach up, grab the blonde's hair and pull her down into a passionate kiss following those words, the stronger diva resisting for maybe half a second before melting into AJ's arms. For a while AJ just gently wrapped them around Beth, and she definitely got a thrill out of gently holding The Glamazon while her tongue topped the hell out of Beth's tongue/mouth. But ultimately she just couldn't resist that fat ass, AJ grabbing two handfuls of those meaty cheeks and squeezing them which of course made Beth break the kiss with a gasp.

"Mmmmm, I can't wait to fuck your ass." AJ grinned without missing a beat, "Mmmmm, I can't wait to fuck your big, fat, sexy ass with my big strap-on dick. Stretch that little hole in between these giant cheeks wide open and pound you until you're squealing my name. Mmmmmm, make sure you can't sit down for a week because your little ass hole will still be gaping and aching from what I did to it. Oh God Beth, show me that ass. Show me that big, fat, sexy ass which I'm about to fuck!"

Beth let out another gasp as AJ smacked her ass and stood back before making a twirling motion with her finger, the powerless Glamazon clearly gritting her teeth in anger but doing what her top said, which again made AJ grin widely with delight. That grin faded into a look of awe and lust when AJ saw Beth's big booty perfectly framed by the garter belt and the tiny little thong digging into the blonde's ass crack, Beth's big butt looking even bigger than usual in a very, very good way.

"Oh my God Beth, your ass looks incredible." AJ moaned breathlessly as she kneel down behind her bitch and then slid her hands over those large globes of flesh, eventually squeezing Beth's ass like a butcher with a piece of meat, "Mmmmm God Beth, I don't care how tough and scary you are, someone should have fucked this amazing ass years ago. Ooooooh, then we could have been all fucking this beautiful booty, mmmmmm, each and every one of the divas you've ass fucked over the years lining up to pound this ass so they could all make these giant cheeks of yours jiggle against their thighs. Mmmmmm, I swear Beth, I would have been first in line, every time. But I guess this way I get this incredible booty all to myself, and believe me Beth... this time, I'm going to take full advantage of it!"

With that AJ pulled down that tiny thong and buried her face in Beth's big booty and started frantically lapping at her ass hole. She hadn't meant too. She had genuinely just meant to get a close-up look at Beth's butt, maybe grope it a little, but once she was up close she just couldn't resist. AJ didn't even bother removing the thong, instead just slipping it to one side before greedily beginning to lick Beth's anal ring, making the mighty Glamazon moan with pleasure.

AJ had eaten Beth's ass many times before, often when she was on her knees just like this, except back then it was the stronger diva shoving her face into that big butt, now AJ was practically suffocating herself with those glorious globes of flesh. She only came up for air so she could kiss those globes and spread them wide apart so she could spit onto Beth's back hole and then rub that saliva in with her tongue, although those moments were few and far between and AJ definitely prefer just burying her face in between these cheeks until her entire world became Beth Phoenix's big butt.

After a while of doing this AJ felt the familiar sensation of Beth's super strong hand grabbing her hair and shoving her deeper into that ass, The Glamazon crouching down and sticking out her booty to make sure the little brunette's face was as deep in between the muscular blonde's butt cheeks as physically possible. Which was a clear sign of The Glamazon rebelling, which in some ways was a terrifying thought but in truth AJ loved it up the ass so even if Beth turned the tables on her completely and thus violated the rules of the divas it wouldn't be so bad for her. Besides, right now she wasn't really focusing on that.

Instead AJ was practically obsessed with getting her tongue as far up Beth's butt as possible, the tiny diva abandoning the ass licking for literally thrusting her tongue into that only recently deflowered ass, that soft wet muscle sliding in just far enough that AJ could feel The Glamazon's anal ring clamping down around it which delighted her beyond words. Of course eventually AJ became aware that Beth was frantically pounding two fingers in and out of her own cunt, the tall blonde shuddering as she came in a powerful climax which loosened her grip and allowed AJ to pull away and start roughly spanking the by far stronger diva.

"No! Bad Glamazon! Bad! No trying to top your top!" AJ giggled playfully, while continuously slapping Beth's ass, eventually standing up so she could get more momentum behind her blows, "You're my bitch tonight, remember?"

Taking AJ by surprise instead of continuing to rebel Beth whimpered, "Yes AJ! I'm sorry AJ! I didn't mean to, I just... I was just-"

"No excuses!" AJ said flatly, delivering one final hard blow to Beth's butt before casually walking over to the bed, where she sat down and then calmly asked, "Now bend over my knee."

"No AJ, you can't." Beth protested, her cheeks going pale.

"I can't what?" AJ questioned impatiently.

Beth blushed, "Spank me."

"Why not?" AJ asked.

"Because I'm Beth Phoenix." Beth said desperately, "I'm the Alpha female of the WWE. I'm-"

"My bitch." AJ interrupted, then after a pause added, "You lost to me Beth, twice, and now you're my bitch and I can do whatever I want to you. Those are the rules. Now stop wasting your top's time and bend over like a good little bitch."

Beth momentarily fumed with rage and then went limp with despair. She was still bound by the rules she had spent over half a decade enforcing, and if she broke them now she may never be able to turn the tables on AJ without everyone finding out she had taken it up the ass like a submissive little bitch. So The Glamazon submitted to yet another horrifying humiliation, this time Beth leaning over AJ's knee and struggling to balance herself on it, in the end pretty much holding herself up on her hands and the tips of her toes.

Then AJ went back to groping her ass, Beth whimpering pathetically as her ass cheeks were squeezed, fondled and pinched like a piece of meat, the tiny brunette even slipping a finger in between her cheeks to tickle her embarrassingly wet pussy and vulnerable little ass hole. To her tremendous shame Beth got even more wet when AJ started to spank her, gently at first, but with an ever-increasing roughness until the blonde's butt cheeks were jiggling like a plate of jelly and the sound of the brunette's hand relentlessly connecting with her well rounded rear echoed throughout the room.

Of course Beth had done this to AJ countless times, along with every other WWE diva from her best friend Natalya to the mighty Trish Stratus. All of them had been over her knee at some point, or pressed against a wall, or tied up in a variety of positions so that Beth could give their butts a thorough beating to make sure they knew who was in charge. Now it was AJ. AJ was in charge and she was letting Beth know it, the weaker girl eventually using every ounce of her strength to beat Beth's ass, and even though the Glamazon had taken far worse pain than this it was still constant and on a vulnerable area.

Naturally the worst part of it was how utterly humiliating it was, Beth trying desperately to concentrate on how she had made the likes of Lita and Trish weep for her like this. She also imagined AJ's precious Kaitlyn over her knee, and of course AJ herself, and when that failed Beth imagined herself destroying their asses another way, her biggest strap-on pounding in and out of their butt holes and leaving AJ, Kaitlyn, Trish, Lita and every single other girl she'd ever sodomised lying unconscious with their ass holes gaping open obscenely wide. But it was no use, she couldn't escape from the reality of little AJ Lee spanking her like the disobedient bitch she now was.

For her part AJ was loving her current reality as it had been something she had been thinking about all day long. She had even considered doing it last night, but ultimately decided she wanted to save all her energy for fucking The Glamazon's then virgin butt. It was a decision she didn't regret at all because last night had been a pure anal heaven, a memory AJ would treasure for the rest of her life. Of course she would also treasure having the mighty Beth Phoenix bent over her knee, her big round ass jiggling with every blow of her dainty little hand.

In that moment AJ wished she had big 'man hands' like Beth or Kaitlyn, or had at least half of their strength so she could really do some damage to this fat ass. Which was an unusual feeling for her, because for a wrestler, AJ didn't really delight in causing pain like so many of her peers did. It was why she had only spanked Kaitlyn a few times, because sure, it was a fun way to cement her dominance over the bigger, stronger diva, but it just wasn't as fun as pounding Kaitlyn's ass with her strap-on. However Kaitlyn had never really hurt her, Beth had.

Luckily for the rest of the divas Beth preferred dishing out ass fuckings to show her dominance, but she also regularly dished out the type of brutal butt beatings which left divas in tears with their asses battered and bruised. AJ wasn't sure of the number of times her ass had been turned bright red under Beth's loving hands, and perhaps more importantly she wasn't sure how much she had been forced to watch Kaitlyn suffer the same fate, but she was using all that anger now to make sure that The Glamazon got a taste of her own medicine.

It took a lot to make Beth actually cry out in pain, the moment AJ actually achieved it being a very proud one for her. Of course by then Beth's butt was bright red and AJ's hand felt like it was going to fall off from constantly slamming down on the bigger woman's ass. It was then AJ switched hands and redoubled her efforts, and even then she failed to actually reduce the mighty Glamazon to tears, but she did have the stronger diva whimpering rather pathetically for her which was almost just as good, and definitely more than enough to humiliate the Alpha female of the WWE. Especially as AJ was moments away from fucking her ass again, although there was something else she wanted to do first.

"Ok, I think that's good enough, get your fat ass up and lie on the bed." AJ ordered with one final extra hard smack to Beth's butt.

Eager to bring an end to this painful humiliation Beth quickly scurried off AJ's knee and onto the bed, whimpering softly once she reached her destination as it was only then she realised that the little pipsqueak diva was probably now going to assault the inside of her ass and make it just a sore and aching as the outside now was. However Beth soon learn that this wasn't the case, although what AJ actually wanted was only slightly better, and it came with another smack to her aching ass to make her squeal embarrassingly.

Once she was sure she had Beth's attention AJ firmly said, "I said lie on the bed, as in on your back. You know, the way you made me and Kaitlyn lie on our backs with our sore little asses pressed against the floor so you could ride our faces! Mmmmmm yeah that's right Beth, I'm going to sit on your pretty little face and suffocate you with my cunt! Gonna cover you in my cream and mark you as mine, mmmmmm, then I'm going to fuck you up the ass while my cum is drying on your face, ohhhhhhhhh yeah, the mighty Glamazon's face covered in my cum while I butt fuck her like the submissive little bitch I've turned you into!"

AJ said a whole lot more, but Beth didn't pay any attention. She was too busy gritting her teeth and trying to relax as her sore butt pressed against the bed sheets, Beth trying to keep as much weight as she could on her back but without physically lifting her ass up there was only so much she could do, and if she tried that AJ would no doubt punish her for it, and the blonde just couldn't take another spanking. So she remained silent while AJ first finished her rant and then slowly lowered her pussy down onto Beth's face.

It was fear of another butt beating which caused Beth to immediately stick out her tongue and start lapping away at AJ's pussy the second it was close enough to lick, the stronger diva finding herself letting out an embarrassing loud moan as she tasted the weaker diva's cunt. When she had first started fucking other women Beth had eaten pussy all the time and even enjoyed it, but as she perfected the art of being a Dom she quickly grew to believe pussy licking was the job of the subs. A total Alpha female like herself shouldn't be bothered with pleasing other women in such a way, no, they should pleasure her with their mouths and be grateful for whatever enjoyment they received when Beth was using one of their fuck holes for her pleasure.

Sure, there were a few occasions when she made an exception to that rule, most frequently with her best friend Natalya, but Beth couldn't remember ever going down on AJ before, and despite herself The Glamazon had to admit, this little pipsqueak did have one yummy little fuck hole in between her legs. She might have to briefly sample it again before she ruined it and AJ's ass hole with her biggest strap-on dick, Beth smiling dreamily as she planned her revenge while subconsciously really getting into licking her temporary top's pussy.

When Beth's tongue first slid over the sensitive lips of her pussy AJ forgot all about talking dirty in favour of moaning in blissful happiness. Ok, so Beth wasn't the best rug muncher she'd had, not even close, yet while Beth lacked the enthusiasm of a veteran cunt licker like Kelly Kelly or the enthusiasm of Layla El or the sheer love and devotion of her girlfriend Kaitlyn the one thing the muscular blonde did have going for her was that she was The Glamazon Beth Phoenix, the longest reigning Alpha female in the WWE's not so well known history, AJ once again becoming lost in that fact as she enjoyed a nice long pussy licking.

To be fair AJ kind of lost track of time. Minutes or hours could have passed and she wouldn't know the difference, the tiny brunette far to preoccupied with the tongue lapping against her cunt to really worry about such matters. Then the rather competent tongue work caught up with her and AJ felt a growing need to cum. At first AJ's reaction to this was to gently grind down on the face she was now firmly sitting on, subtly encouraging Beth to give her more of that wonderful tongue. Then she grinned as a far more effective way crossed her mind.

"Mmmmmmmm fuck me Beth! Ooooooooh yes, fuck me with your tongue. Stick your tongue inside me and fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd." AJ cried out as Beth immediately did as she was told, the tiny brunette struggling to still form words, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, fuck me fuck me fuck meeeeeeeee, oh fuck, FUCK YES! FUCK ME BETH! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE AND MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW SO I CAN FUCK YOU UP THE ASS! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, MMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, I WANT TO FUCK THE GLAMAZON UP THE ASS WHILE MY CUM IS DRYING ON HER FACE!"

AJ heard Beth whimpering softly underneath her in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation, the confused blonde clearly dreading her next ass fucking and yet at the same time she couldn't wait. It was the same for AJ for her second time taking a cock up her ass so it was totally understandable, but again that it was the mighty Glamazon who was now in that position was an incredible turn on. The whimpering also caused these wonderful little vibrations which AJ felt deep inside her core as Beth continued to slam fuck her cunt with that wicked tongue of hers, the smaller diva frantically grinding down on the bigger diva in rhythm with those thrusts until she came.

Once Beth's tongue started pumping in and out of her pussy it didn't really take long at all, AJ soon becoming completely incoherent as she reached the edge of orgasm. And unlike so many other times with this woman Beth couldn't deny her because it wasn't her choice, and AJ was in no mood to slow things down. She had wanted to cum quick and hard so she could save her energy for butt fucking Beth, and that's exactly what she got, AJ letting out a deafening scream as her cream covered the other WWE diva's face.

Beth was used to smothering weaker girls with her pussy or ass, either shoving them in between her thighs or in between her cheeks or just grinding onto their faces like AJ was now doing to her. She'd only experienced being in her current position once before during her first time with another woman, and even then she had got out of it quickly as it was far too submissive for her taste. Eating pussy was one thing, but this position felt like pure submission. Now to her shame she was finding a certain level of thrill in this, but Beth firmly told herself that was just because AJ's cum tasted so good.

Not that AJ's regular pussy cream hadn't been good, because it had, it was just there was something extra enticing about girl cum. As she struggled to get every drop Beth found she understood why some sluts could get addicted to it, which was a thought which had crossed her mind during the rare occasions she had gone down on another girl. Of course Beth wasn't a cum slut like the rest of the WWE divas so naturally she failed to swallow all of AJ's cum, a great deal of those juices ending up covering her face, a shudder running through The Glamazon as she always thought she was marking her territory when she did this to her conquests, and now she was the conquest being marked. Tiny little AJ Lee had conquered her and marked her as her territory.

Given the smile AJ gave her when the tiny brunette dismounted her face, jumped up and landed flat on the large blonde's body in something resembling a wrestling move Beth realised that her temporary top was thinking something along the same lines. Which wasn't surprising as she had drilled that idea into the heads of all her sluts, Beth blushing briefly in shame before frowning as anger flooded her body at being so easily humiliated by the physically weaker WWE diva.

Opening her mouth Beth was about to give AJ a piece of her mind, The Glamazon hoping to intimidate her way back on top. However before she could get a word out AJ's lips crashed against her own and Beth's tongue found herself fighting for its life. In a way she lost that fight, but only because AJ cheated by tweaking her nipples, and she remained very much alive even if she did have to live through the humiliation of yet again being dominated by the smaller girl, although it was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

After a few minutes of passionate tongue kissing AJ pulled back and grinned, "Come on Beth, let's go pick out a nice big dildo to stretch out that tight little ass hole of yours."

With that AJ jumped up and skipped over to her bag, the grin only leaving her face when she saw that Beth was still lying on the bed. One menacing frown from the tiny brunette later Beth was jumping off the bed and awkwardly shuffling over to where AJ was now standing, the muscular blonde becoming brave again once she was standing in front of her new top, the once mighty Glamazon staring coldly into her fellow diva's eyes as she effortlessly towered over her like a playground bully.

There was certainly a time where AJ would have found this terrifying, now she just found it cute, the tiny brunette giggling as she picked up her bag and opened it to reveal her collection of dildos and then when she was sure the blonde had got a good look she slapped Beth's ass playfully. She then opened her mouth to say something but stopped as Beth cried out in pain, her sore butt unable to take even a little spank without the mighty Glamazon crying out like a little girl. This caused AJ to laugh in her bitch's face, which in turn made Beth give her another cute little menacing look.

"So what do you think Beth? Which of these butt stretchers should I stuff up your big fat ass? Huh? I've got big, bigger, huge and rectum wrecking? Come on, don't be shy reach out and touch them. Do it!" AJ yelled that last part, causing Beth to reach out and quickly start touching her dildo, the blonde looking as nervous as hell as she closed her hand around each cock in turn until she could feel just how big and long each one was, "Mmmmmm, that's it, feel those big cocks. Imagine what they would feel like stretching your tight little anal ring. Ooooooh, you remember that one, don't you Beth? Yeahhhhh, that's the dick I used to pop your anal cherry. Oh we just got to use that one. Here, take it and strap it on to me. Get me ready to fuck your big fat ass."

Beth whimpered like a little bitch at this command but didn't hesitate to take the offered strap-on, the muscular blonde obviously considering strapping it on herself before she submissively fell to her knees and held out the straps for AJ to step into. Once she had put her bag down and retrieved a bottle of anal lube AJ happily slipped into the harness and watched with glee as the mighty Glamazon pulled the device up her thighs and then secured the straps before looking up to her for further instruction. AJ gave it to her in the form of handing her the bottle of lube, Beth whimpering again as she took it, squirted some of the gel onto her hand and then started rubbing the slippery liquid into the shaft.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that's it bitch, jerk off my cock like it was real. Ohhhhhh, imagine how every inch of that long, thick cock is going to feel inside your big fat ass, stretching out your tightest fuck hole and then filling your forbidden passage so I can give you a nice, long, hard butt fucking." AJ taunted the kneeling WWE diva, saying a whole lot more as she watched Beth thoroughly cover every inch of it strap-on. Then AJ smacked Beth's hand away and got back on the bed, this time on her back, before ordering, "Now lube your hole! Mmmmmmmmm, lube your tight little butt hole so it's nice and ready for this dick. NO! I want you to show me. I want you to present your big fat ass to me so I can watch you fingering your ass hole so you can take my dick up that big slutty bottom of yours!"

For a moment Beth glared at AJ, then she lowered her head in submission, stood up, turned around and bent over, presenting her big booty to her owner. Which of course had AJ grinning widely, but not as wide as when the once mighty Glamazon reached back and spread one of her cheeks with one hand so she could started rubbing her cute little butt hole with the fingers of the other. Then the grin became almost physically painful as Beth penetrated her own butt hole, moaning in pleasure in the process, proving while this humiliated the blonde beyond belief she was enjoying it, the Alpha female of the WWE continuing to moan as she began finger fucking her own ass hole, soon picking up the pace and even adding a second finger.

AJ watched this gorgeous little display of submission for several minutes, taunting Beth at random intervals throughout before finally ordering, "Ok stop fingering your ass like a slut and come sit on this dick. Mmmmmm, I want the big, tough Glamazon to come ride the dick which popped her anal cherry with her ass hole. Oooooooh, and do it reverse cowgirl. I want to watch that big booty bounce on my cock, those big fat cheeks jiggling while Beth Phoenix, the Alpha female of the WWE, rides my strap-on like a total ass whore! Oh, and spread your ass cheeks. I want a good look at Beth Phoenix's ass hole stretching for my big cock!"

Beth was unable to stop herself from letting out a really pathetic sounding whimper as she took her fingers out of her butt, turned around and slowly got in the requested position, pathetically whimpering again once she was spreading her ass cheeks and beginning to slowly lower herself down. Almost immediately she felt a little bit of retroactive respect for all the women she had forced to do this because even with AJ holding the dildo firmly upright by the base, like Beth herself had done many times when she was in her proper position, it wasn't easy to guide her ass hole to the fake cock. She missed more than once and even when she connected, felt that unforgiving man-made meat against the entrance to her forbidden passage, it took a lot for Beth to summon the courage to lower herself further.

When she finally did it Beth gritted her teeth and closed her eyes to stop from whimpering again as she felt her ass hole stretching for AJ's cock, little by little that anal ring opening up until the head slid back into that only once penetrated bottom. The immediate sharp pain caused Beth to cry out and then whimper like a little bitch, the mighty Glamazon wishing she would just die with shame right at this horrific moment, the powerful former champion dressed in lingerie, spreading her ass cheeks and squatting over a strap-on dildo wearing AJ Lee, the Alpha female of the WWE penetrating her own butt hole on that pipsqueak's dick in a sign of total submission, and the worst part of it all was it all made her feel so incredibly wet.

Just when Beth didn't think it could get any worse AJ practically moaned, "Oh Beth, that's so hot. Your little ass hole stretching for my cock is soooooooo hot. Mmmmmm, I can't believe I have Beth Phoenix taking my cock up her ass like a total bitch, but here you are. And ohhhhhh, I can just watch you squatting over my dick all night long, your pretty little ass hole stretching for my dick, but I don't think that would be much fun for you. So how about you get the rest of my big cock up that fat ass of yours, huh? Mmmmm, come on oh mighty Glamazon, get that ass on my cock. Be a good little Glamazon and stuff every inch of that big dildo up your butt like the little anal whore I've turned you into."

Part of Beth screamed at herself to offer a retort but what could she possibly say? She had lost, AJ had won, and now all she could do was try not to become the anal whore AJ claimed she now was, the muscular blonde telling herself over and over again she was a dominant Alpha female, not a submissive anal whore, as inch by inch she took the other girl's cock up her ass until finally there was no more to take. And then, when Beth's butt cheeks came to rest against AJ's lap, announcing the blonde had taken every inch of that monster dildo into her butt, the mighty Glamazon whimpered like a little bitch.

"Yay Beth, you did it!" AJ exclaimed, "Mmmmmm, 10 inches of dick right up your big fat ass. Oh it looks so good, mmmmmm, you look so hot sitting on my lap with 10 inches of dick stuffed in your big fat ass Beth! And now I want you to ride it like the bitch you are. Come on, move that fat ass. I wanna see that big booty bounce on my cock. Mmmmmm, show me how much Beth Phoenix loves my dick in her fat ass by bouncing up and down and giving yourself pleasure. Come on, nice and slow. Make yourself want to cum on my cock like the anal whore you are."

No one used to talk to Beth like that, and she never thought the first one to do so would be little AJ Lee who had been so timid and meek around her during their first meeting. Ironically in the middle of their first meeting Beth had made AJ anally ride her strap-on cock, but by then AJ's ass hole was thoroughly loosened up by hours of having The Glamazon brutally pounding her pooper from behind so it was easy for the tiny brunette to drop her gaping butt hole down on Beth's dick and take every inch. Then AJ had rode her dildo with such enthusiasm, the countless orgasms she had already given her leaving the little pipsqueak delirious and eager for more. Now it was Beth who was slowly lifting herself up and then down on AJ's dick, the powerful former women's and diva's champion officially starting her second ever butt fucking.

When she first lifted herself up Beth let out the cuteist little sigh of relief as part of her rectum was freed from the dildo stretching it open and thus allowed to relax. This was followed by an incoherent sound AJ couldn't quite describe escaping the blonde's lips as Beth fully impaled her big butt on that cock again, the sound being repeated for the first half a dozen thrusts. After that Beth started making some very clear sounds of pleasure, despite the fact that The Glamazon was desperately trying to hide them. Then finally the woman who had viciously sodomised every diva on the current roster gave up trying to hide it and her cries, whimpers, squeals, groans, and moans began to echo around the room.

It was a delightful soundtrack to the work of art AJ was devouring with her eyes, the tiny brunette first captivated by watching the rectum wrecking former champion's ass hole slowly stretch and then accept the big strap-on dildo inside it. Inch after inch slowly disappeared into that fat ass until Beth's stretched wide butt hole started sliding up and down the toy cock like a professional whore's mouth hungry for a load of cum. Sadly AJ had no sperm to fill Beth's butt with, but honestly her cock seemed to be doing just fine, the fact that the feared Glamazon were spreading her cheeks the entire time to give AJ a better view of her brutalised back hole only making this moment more perfect.

AJ couldn't believe she had ever been scared of this woman. In the back of her mind she remembered The Glamazon as an ass wrecking machine, the other woman literally a Terminator who had been sent back in time to terminate ass holes. It used to make sense, Beth had no mercy just like a killing machine, and she brutalised butt holes with machine-like efficiency, the powerful blonde pounding her collection of strap-on dildos deep into AJ's guts and the guts of all the other divas on the roster. Now Beth was acting like just another WWE diva eager to give up her ass for the mind-numbing pleasure anal submission could bring her, this once mighty woman never seeming more fragile or human to AJ. Or beautiful for that matter.

In total contrast to that AJ had never felt more powerful than right now. Well, maybe popping The Glamazon's anal cherry had made her feel ever so slightly more powerful, but it wasn't by much considering not only did she have Beth Phoenix bouncing her ass hole up and down her dick but the blonde was wearing beautiful lingerie which framed her obscenely stretched ass hole sliding up and down, up and down, up and down that cock. Oh AJ could have happily kept this going all night, the tiny brunette at least planning to spend another hour or so just watching Beth's ass bounce for her.

Then the mighty Glamazon whimpered pathetically, "Please AJ..."

Grinning wickedly AJ asked, "Please what Beth?"

Blushing furiously Beth forced herself to add, "Let me cum."

"Oh, let you cum.... how do you want me to let you cum Beth?" AJ asked, and then when there wasn't an immediate response asked, "Do you want me to let you slam your little bitch hole on my dick and cum like the bitch you are? Do ya? Mmmmmmm, is that what the big, tough Glamazon wants? Does the scary Glamazon want to cum with my dick up her ass? Huh? You do don't you Beth. You want to cum with my big fat dick inside your big fat ass. The mighty Glamazon wants to cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass! Say it bitch, say it!"

"Yes! Yes I want it! Is that what you want to hear AJ? I want to cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass!" Beth half wept, half cried out in anger, "I want to cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Mmmmmm Gaaaawwwwwddddddd I need to cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass! Please let me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Please AJ, please let me cum!"

"I'll think about it." AJ said thoughtfully, then as Beth was whimpering and this response added, "First entertain me some more with that big fat ass of yours. Mmmmmm, entertain me by shaking that big booty. Mmmmmmm, give me, your top, a nice little booty shake. Take your hands off your fat ass and shake it for me. Ohhhhhhh yeah, shake your big booty for your top like a good little fat assed bitch. Mmmmmm fuck yeah, booty shake for me Beth, booty shake for your top."

It was a relief to change positions as Beth's joints felt stiff and the last position had been awkward without almost any chance of cumming. Now there was a chance, something which was very important to Beth as she began to 'booty shake' for her 'top'. It was probably a new low for her, which was really saying something, but the thought of the amazing pleasure to come made it seem worth it. And at least the end was near. Oh who was Beth kidding, she wanted to cum. She desperately wanted to cum like a bitch with a dick in her ass.

Shaking her booty around like that kind of hurt at first, the dildo rattling around inside her bowels and stretching her anal walls even wider than before. But after an embarrassingly short time it began to feel good and the mighty Glamazon found herself moaning in pleasure again. Beth also blushed again, both because of this latest indignity and because she was so turned on by it. Her shame continued when she properly restarted the sodomy, Beth grabbing onto her knees and lifting herself up until two thirds of the dildo was out of her ass and then she slammed herself back down. She then repeated the process over and over again until she was pounding her own ass hole on that fake cock as hard as she could.

Despite trying not to Beth could help a look over her shoulder at the unsurprisingly grinning AJ, the muscular blonde horrified and terrified to find her heart fluttering at the thought of pleasing the tiny brunette. At the thought of pleasing her top. As in more and more she was thinking of AJ as her top and if Beth wasn't careful soon she really would be this younger girl's bitch, and she couldn't let that happen. She just couldn't. So she did her best to block out who was doing this to her and concentrate on just destroying her own ass hole, which made Beth feel even more submissive but at least it was generalised submission as opposed to being submissive to someone in particular.

After enjoying the little butt shaking show for who knows how long AJ finally took pity on her bitch who at that point was pathetically whimpering most non-stop, "Ok Beth, since you've been a good girl... you have my permission to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass. Mmmmmm, come on bitch, do it! Cum for me! Switch positions if you have too, I don't care, just make yourself cum. Make yourself cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass like the slutty little anal whore you are!"

Letting out some kind of sound of gratitude, Beth honestly wasn't sure what, the blonde reached behind her, grabbed onto the sheets while resting some of her weight on her elbows and lower arm. She then got off her knees and lifted herself up onto her legs for the leverage she needed. Then, oh then, she began hammering her ass hole with every ounce of her strength, perhaps putting even last night to shame as she began to scream hysterically and cum ridiculously hard. Her juices literally squirted out of her cunt and her body shook but Beth was ravenous for more so she pushed herself on until she was gasping for breath and drenched in sweat. Even then it felt like an hour before she collapsed onto AJ's body, Beth still twitching from the force of her orgasms.

AJ graciously gave Beth about a minute to recover, then she flipped them so the blonde was lying on her stomach with the brunette on top of her, their two bodies still connected by the massive dildo between them. Then, after another minute, AJ grabbed onto the bed sheets, lifted herself up onto her tiptoes, and started doing push-ups into Beth's butt, the once terrifying Glamazon whimpering pathetically as her poor ass hole continued to be abused.

It may have seemed cruel but AJ ignored the blonde, partly because The Glamazon had never shown her any mercy but mostly because Beth soon started moaning in pleasure even as she continued to protest. Then all of a sudden Beth completely changed her tune, the blonde even pushing her butt back against AJ's anal invading thrusts and she began to shamelessly beg for more.

"Oh God AJ, aaaaahhhhhh shitttt, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh my God, it feels so good, mmmmmmm, your dick feels soooooooo gooooooddddddd in my ass, oh fuck me!" Beth moaned, "Please fuck my big fat ass, oh my God it's soooooo gooooodddddd, I love having your dick in my ass! I love your big dick, it feels so good in my ass, ooooooohhhhhhhh please fuck me, mmmmmmm, fuck my slutty little ass hole and gape it wide open, oh fuck, treat me like a total fucking anal whore, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!"

Only too happy to oblige AJ used every ounce of her strength to drill the other diva's butt hole, Beth's moans for more quickly becoming incoherent squeals of pleasure as she slammed the mighty Glamazon's tightest hole. Although right now it was more of a snug fit for AJ's strap-on dick, the little brunette hammering that long thick piece of rubber in and out of Beth's back hole until she had the former champion cumming against the sheets, the stronger woman grinding her cream leaking cunt against the bed and shamelessly pumping her ass back against AJ's rectum wrecking thrusts.

It took all of AJ's previous experience with Kaitlyn to hang on to the wildly orgasming Beth Phoenix, but it was totally worth it for how powerful it felt to sodomise the Alpha female of the WWE this way. It somehow felt more primal and dominant than simply having Beth ride her, AJ enhancing those primal and dominant feelings by grabbing onto Beth's hands, which were frantically grabbing the bed sheets, and sinking her teeth into the blonde's upper back and neck, although it was a strain for her to reach the latter. Unfortunately this caused Beth to cum extra hard, one particularly violent orgasm knocking AJ off completely.

Of course by that time AJ was just too tired to hang on, and probably would have stopped anyway soon afterwards, most likely by collapsing down onto Beth and passing out. Still, AJ was worried this would somewhat damage the role she had been on as a dominating top, so to save face she used the last of her energy to sit up, deliver a hard smack to Beth's big booty and then strategically collapsed back down onto the sheets.

Just before she collapsed, in as dignified a way as possible, AJ called out, "Spread your ass cheeks for me. I want to see how open your butt hole is."

Beth let out an adorable whimper of humiliation and then, just as AJ was worried she'd have to exert energy she didn't have smacking Beth's butt again to save her street cred, the muscular blonde slowly got up, positioned herself kneeling in front of AJ with her ass pointed at her, and then the mighty Glamazon reached back and spread her ass cheeks, presenting AJ with her handiwork.

The perverted sight left AJ speechless for quite a while. Beth's butt cheeks were even redder than before, and more importantly her butt hole was gaping even wider than it had the previous night, AJ able to see deep into the Glamazon's rectum via the huge crater in between her cheeks. It was so hot and empowering, a huge grin crossing AJ's face pretty much the moment she saw just how battered and loose Beth's butt now was.

After what felt like an eternity of just staring AJ called out, "Mmmmmm, wow... now that's what I call a gape. Oooooh, it looks so cute. You look so cute Beth with a gaping butt hole. But you know what would be even cuter? Your lips wrapped around my cock, giving me the blow job I deserve after pounding your big fat ass so good. Come on bitch, you know how this works, I just fucked you up the ass, now you suck my cock clean like the good little ass to mouth whore you are!"

With another adorable whimper from Beth she slowly let go of her cheeks in turned around to look at AJ. Only instead of a death glare, or a look which hinted at revenge at all, Beth seemed the epitome of broken and submissive, the mighty Glamazon lowering her head in surrender before she crawled in between AJ's legs. There was a moment of hesitation, AJ half expecting Beth to finally forsake the rules of the diva hierarchy by tearing that dildo away from her body and then beating her with it. And then ass fucking her with it. But no, Beth just took the cock into her mouth like a good bitch, even moaning loudly as she did so.

That moan was incredibly shameful but there was just something about tasting her own ass which drove Beth wild. Especially when it came to the deepest part of her ass, Beth very aware that's what this tip had been hammering just moments before she gave it a very wet sloppy sucking, the muscular blonde beginning to bob her head on the toy cock like a little submissive bitch.

Beth used to wonder how women could allow themselves to be degraded in such a way, but now the tables had been turned on her so thoroughly she was beginning to understand that somewhat. Surrendering herself so completely to another woman, one much smaller and weaker than herself no less, was incredibly thrilling, and as much as she had loved humiliating her bitches Beth was finding that being on the receiving end of the humiliation even more enjoyable. And surely nothing could be more humiliating than sucking a strap-on which had just fucked your ass.

Proving that it could get more humiliating AJ began to taunt her again, "That's it Beth, suck my cock. Suck it you little cock sucker. Mmmmm, suck all your nasty little anal juices off that beautiful cock. Mmmmmm, clean it you slut! Be an ATM whore for me! Ohhhhhhhh yeah Beth, you make such a wonderful little bottom. I don't know why you ever bothered being a top when you're clearly meant to be a bottom, mmmmmm, taking it up the ass and going ass to mouth, ooooohhhhhhh, being a little bitch, mmmmm, my little bitch, oh Beth, suck my cock like the bitch you are! Suck my cock like the little bitch I turned you into! Suck my ass flavoured cock like the little bitch you were always meant to be!"

While saying those dreadful things AJ petted her, stroked her hair, and even let out these obnoxious cooing noises. And yet somehow this attention, and to some extent even the words, made Beth's heart flutter. Like she was proud to please her top, Beth realising that feeling might just be the thing which pushed her over the edge and turned her into AJ's bitch forever. Not that she was close to fully breaking, she just had to remember who she was, even as she did the most humiliating things imaginable.

So Beth told herself over and over again she was the Alpha female of the WWE and the most dominant woman in WWE history, even as she took inch after inch of strap-on cock into her mouth and down her throat. And when she was gagging on nearly the full length of the dildo, her mouth full with the taste of her own ass, Beth looked up into the eyes of the pipsqueak who had temporarily conquered her and tried to let her know she would get her revenge. But instead of being intimidated AJ just giggled and gave her an extra condescending pat on the head. Which she would pay for, Beth promised herself, before she focused all of her attention on cleaning AJ's cock.

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