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The Bigger They Are Part 5
by MTL (

The Glamazon Beth Phoenix should be fake balls deep in some diva slut's ass right now, or at least have one of her bitches eating out her pussy or ass. Maybe one dyke whore licking her pussy while another passionately tongued her ass hole while the rest of the WWE diva's roster presented their asses to The Glamazon, Beth slowly making up her mind which of her lesbian bitches she would ass fuck first. Instead she had a two sizes too small pair of jeans halfway down her tree trunk like thighs along with her underwear and she was spreading both her meaty ass cheeks as wide as possible so she could study her own ass hole in the large mirror of the hotel toilet.

Seconds ago Beth had made sure that no one would witness this indignity, kicking out every other woman so she could be alone with her shame. At least by some miracle her once widely gaping ass hole had returned to the puckered dot it should be, but that was a small consolation right now as well her back hole looked virgin to the untrained eye Beth knew her fellow tops would be able to see the tell-tale signs of stretching. It was why she could never shower in the locker rooms or even fuck her fellow divas again. At best she would have to be strategic about it, and that would only be when this infernal month was up and she was no longer bound by diva law to be the sex slave of that little pipsqueak AJ Lee.

Just the mentioning of that name by anybody, including the voice in her own head, made her ass hole quiver, Beth vividly remembering being butt fucked to countless orgasms by that little runt of a diva. The Glamazon had already suffered the indignity of an entire week's worth of non-stop butt pounding, and Beth feared if she didn't find a way to turn the tables soon she would break completely and become the submissive little bottom AJ was constantly promising she would be. The next part of that process was happening that night as Beth was promised a threesome with AJ's girlfriend Kaitlyn, and while that allegedly meant that they would be fucking Kaitlyn together because AJ wanted to keep The Glamazon's 'big sexy ass' all to herself Beth was reluctant to take any chances.

As she was sure her ass hole wasn't going to recover any further Beth pulled up her jeans and underwear and made her way to AJ's hotel room. Getting closer and closer to her destination Beth comforted herself with the knowledge that despite her size and strength Kaitlyn was one of the biggest bottoms in the secret history of the WWE divas and therefore wouldn't be able to notice that The Glamazon's butt hole wasn't virgin anymore, and AJ was the one who had taken Beth's back door cherry in the first place, so no matter what happened Beth's reputation should at least remain intact. And even if Kaitlyn discovered AJ had been using Beth's butt hole as her own personal cock depository for over a week she probably wouldn't say anything because her precious girlfriend wouldn't want her too.

Truthfully that wasn't that comforting as Beth knocked on AJ's hotel room door and the little pipsqueak replied by moaning loudly, "Ooooooohhhhhh, come in and close the door. Mmmmmmm, quickly!"

It was a risk. Anyone could have been on the other side of that door. A member of the hotel staff, a lonely WWE employee with a message or even a fan. Or worst of all a reporter. But AJ was expecting Beth, and it was very late, and she was somewhat distracted so she pretty much called out without thinking. Luckily she was rewarded for her reckless behaviour by her big bitch slipping into the room and closing and locking the door behind her before even turning her attention to what was going on in the hotel room bed.

Which of course was exactly what AJ wanted Beth to see when she first came in, namely a muscular blonde ravenously eating her pussy. Sure, this particular blonde had gorgeous dark streaks in her hair, but from the look on Beth's face the comparison work perfectly, the mighty Glamazon instantly picturing herself in between AJ's thighs and instantly jealous that it wasn't her eating that yummy treat. Which of course she would be doing soon enough, Beth quickly realising that and blushing at that thought while scolding herself for thinking such things. Which in turn made the huge grin on AJ's face grow even wider.

AJ also tightened her grip in Kaitlyn's hair, pushed the stronger girl's head downwards and cried out, "Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssss, fuck me Kaitlyn! Mmmmmmmm, fuck me with your dyke tongue! Ohhhhhhhhh, that's it you blonde bitch, eat me! Eat my pussy like a good little muscular bitch like you should! Mmmmmmm, all your muscles don't mean shit, because you're my little bitch! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, you're just a big old bottom who gets off on being bossed around by a tiny little top like me, aren't you? Huh? Yeah you are, mmmmmmmm, you love being my big bitch!"

Eager as always to obey Kaitlyn slammed her tongue in and out of AJ's love hole, curling it upwards with every thrust to make sure she was hitting the brunette's G-spot. Weather it was on purpose or not her nose was also bashing AJ's clit, those things and the look on Beth's pretty face triggering a massive orgasm which almost had AJ drowning her girlfriend in her juices.

Of course Kaitlyn was very used to AJ cumming incredibly hard into her mouth, so she quickly pulled her tongue out of her girlfriend's cunt and created a tight seal around the smaller girl's pussy so she could swallow as much of the escaping girl cum as possible. Of course AJ continued to push down on Kaitlyn's head while grinding up into the face she adored so much, which meant that plenty of her cum ended up covering Kaitlyn's face, but that was ok, because AJ just licked it up after she pulled Kaitlyn up into a passionate kiss, AJ delighting in tasting herself on her lesbian lover's lips and face.

"Mmmmmm, that was great baby." AJ beamed when she broke the kiss, she then looked over Kaitlyn's shoulder and feigned surprise, "Oh, hey Beth. Didn't see you there, how are you?"

"Fine." Beth replied, doing her best to hide her annoyance.

"Well, don't just stand there. Take off your clothes." AJ grinned, delighting in bossing Beth around in front of Kaitlyn, even if it was so subtle that her girlfriend probably wouldn't notice.

Beth just stared at AJ for a few long seconds, then the Glamazon did as she was told. It would be pointless for her not too, because even if she was going to rebel Beth would totally just top AJ and Kaitlyn because there was no way a WWE diva could turn down lesbian sex. Still, it felt like AJ had won a victory, even if it was tiny. That and the fact that she was technically stripping for AJ made Beth blush, something that she could thankfully mostly hide as she first pulled her shirt over her head, and then come around to take off her pants, revealing the ass she had made AJ and Kaitlyn worship countless times. From the grin on AJ's face it only seemed to remind the tiny brunette of butt fucking the big blonde, the removal of her underwear making it even harder for Beth to hide her blushing at the end.

Then AJ gave her another order, "Mmmmmm, very nice. You're sooooooo sexy Beth, mmmmmmmm, why don't you relax on the bed so me and Kaitlyn can worship your beautiful body?"

It may have been phrased as a question but the grin on AJ's face and the twinkle in her eye made it very clear what this was, Beth having no choice but to obey. At least this was something she truly wanted, the Glamazon having no problem with first Kaitlyn and then AJ giving her a long drawnout kiss before moving her lips down to her tits. Kaitlyn got there first, moving between those two massive boobs while AJ's tongue dominated Beth in a way that couldn't even have occurred to Kaitlyn, and as much as she enjoyed dominating the other muscular blonde with her lips and tongue Beth had found she missed the way AJ took control.

So Beth definitely preferred when Kaitlyn was working her boobs and AJ was kissing her, although it couldn't compare to when AJ kissed her way down to that soft flesh, Beth moaning loudly as two of her little sluts started to please her at the same time. And that's what it felt like, Beth feeling in control of AJ for the first time in over a week as she grabbed a handful of both the other divas' heads and pressed them into her chest. That feeling of wonderful dominance and pleasure continued for a little while, then AJ slapped Beth's hand off of Kaitlyn's head, grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pushed Kaitlyn downwards.

Beth was almost 100% sure that Kaitlyn didn't notice that subtle reminder of who was really in charge, but it was humiliating for her nevertheless. Luckily she found she couldn't dwell on it, not when Kaitlyn's talented little mouth caressed her stomach before eventually settling in between her thighs, Beth's eyes going wide as she let out a loud joyful moan as Kaitlyn's tongue proved to be even better than she remembered at licking pussy.

Kaitlyn had missed licking Beth's pussy. Back when Beth and Natalya were regularly teaming together as Pinup Strong Kaitlyn and AJ had pretty much spent every night with their faces buried in the cunts of those super strong women. At least when Kelly and Eve weren't busy being their cunt lickers, and when they were Kaitlyn was always a little jealous of those lucky pussy sluts getting to tongue the twats of such dominating tops as Beth and Natalya, even though in the WWE she was never far away from a woman willing and eager to spread her legs and give Kaitlyn the privilege of eating the yummy treat she craved above anything else. Well, actually she craved being butt fucked more, but pussy was definitely her favourite form of food.

As she settled into a gently cunt lapping Kaitlyn found herself wishing once again that she could just live on a pussy only diet. She was naturally tall and wide, and she worked out religiously to keep herself in the muscular shape she had grown so fond of, so as not to waste away she needs to consume a lot more food than the average WWE diva, and as much as she was very fond of all the 'real' food she ate she would happily give it up if she could only have this, with a side of girl butt. Because Kaitlyn's second favourite thing to eat was definitely girl butt, although it didn't provide her with the yummy honey that pussy did, Kaitlyn soon wrapping her lips around Beth's pussy so at least the majority of the cream flowing out of her mistress ended up in her belly where it belonged.

For a while Kaitlyn was lost in eating Beth's pussy, then she heard the dominant blonde moan, "AJ, mmmmmm, please, ohhhhhhh, sit on my face!"

This made Kaitlyn's eyes, which had previously been closed so she could concentrate on the smell and most of all the taste of Beth's cunt, went wide as saucers. She then looked up to see AJ mounting Beth's face, The Glamazon reaching out to grab the tiny brunette's pretty little butt when she was almost at her destination and shove her down onto her tongue, which apparently immediately went to work from the sound of AJ's moans. Which was surprising as Beth rarely ate pussy, and Kaitlyn had never seen her do it in this position before as it was considered submissive.

Then again who was Kaitlyn to argue with the Alpha female of the WWE? So Beth obviously wanted a change, what was the big deal? Kaitlyn loved having girls sit on her face because then her entire world revolved around their tasty twat. Kaitlyn even did it when she was firmly in control, so she could never blame Beth for wanting it. Still, she doubted Beth would risk this if there was another top around. Well, there was AJ of course, but Beth probably thought she barely counted, even though Kaitlyn knew from experience that AJ was an awesome top, the blonde with the dark streaks smiling dreamily up at her girlfriend, or more accurately her girlfriend's cute little butt, and then went back to concentrating on licking the tasty treat in front of her.

What Kaitlyn hadn't seen, because she was fully concentrated on eating pussy, was that AJ had whispered into Beth's ear that she wanted to ride her face. That she wanted to rub her dripping wet cunt all over The Glamazon's pretty little face, and eventually squirt her girl cum all over it as a reward to Beth for being a good little rug munching dyke for her. Then she ordered Beth to tell her to sit on her face, nice and loudly so Kaitlyn would here and think it was the Alpha female's idea.

As Beth continued the steady licking she had started with AJ grinned, and thought how in a way it was the Alpha female's idea. Because sure, Beth may still officially have the title, but AJ had been pounding that big fat ass of hers with her strap-on so hard and so frequently it was surprising that The Glamazon could still keep up the charade in public. But AJ knew the truth, and no matter how much she would deny it if AJ asked Beth knew deep down that she was nothing but a powerless figurehead. For all her physical strength and all the female wrestlers she had totally dominated Beth Phoenix was nothing but a puppet with the real Alpha female pulling her strings.

Oh yes, AJ thought to herself, she was the real Alpha female now, and riding Beth's face just proved it. Because make no mistake, The Glamazon would've never allowed anyone to do this to her before. If AJ had tried when she was a pure bottom, or just starting out as a top, Beth would have probably spanked her ass bright red for even suggesting such a thing, before giving her an extra rough anal pounding just for fun. Even now the idea was somewhat appealing, but AJ was more in the mood to cum in Beth's mouth. Unfortunately she couldn't order Beth to make her cum without revealing what was really going on to Kaitlyn, provided that the hybrid diva could take a second from licking Beth's pussy to acknowledge what her girlfriend was saying. Luckily there was an alternative.

"Please Beth, please make me cum!" AJ pleaded like in the old days when she was completely submissive to Beth, "Ohhhhhhhh please make me cum. Mmmmmmm oooooooh fuck yessssssss, fuck me with your tongue. Please Beth, stick your tongue inside me and fuck me with it. Please fuck me like the lesbian slut I am AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK YEEEEEESSSSSS!"

Perhaps not wanting to piss off her Dom Beth almost immediately shoved her tongue as deep as it could go into her twat, and then about a second later she began hammering it in and out of the smaller girl, meaning that very quickly AJ was throwing her head back to let out a scream as she came all over Beth's face. Marking her bitch in front of her other bitch, shortly after she had marked that bitch. Because make no mistake, there was a little of her essence left on Kaitlyn's face, and now Beth was getting more than her fair share, AJ loving the fact that she had squirted in the face of her girlfriend and then done the same to her pet in less than an hour.

To her horror Beth felt a tingle of pride at being able to make AJ cum so hard and quickly. Sure, AJ was obviously on a high from having complete control over two women who could snap her in half like a twig, one the Alpha female and the other blissfully unaware of what was really going on. Beth had experienced a version of that, of subtly topping while another woman had no clue, not only about what was really going on but what was about to happen to her, Beth often using her already conquered sluts to help her seduce new victims. Of course AJ was supposed to be a conquered slut, and here she was suffocating Beth with her delicious pussy.

Getting back to the point, while AJ was obviously excited from her power trip, and although there were many things the tiny brunette could've done with Kaitlyn before Beth even arrived, The Glamazon felt her skills as a muffin muncher was mostly the reason AJ came so hard. It was proof that all of Beth's hard work over the past few weeks to improve her pussy eating skills had paid off. Sure, it had been part of her bitch training, but Beth had begun craving AJ's sweet flavour and as a result had ended up researching the art of cunnilingus in her own time. And while that fact filled her with shame it was totally worth it to swallow as much of AJ's heavenly cum as possible.

Of course AJ was grinding down on her face so hard, and squirting so forcefully, that even the biggest pussy whore probably couldn't have swallowed it all, and Beth's inner carpet muncher was very proud of herself for immediately shoving her tongue back inside the twat of the tiny and yet dominating brunette the second AJ finished cumming, the Glamazon relentlessly tongue fucking her mistress just like before until AJ came in her mouth again.

At pretty much the same time all this was happening Kaitlyn took the risk of pushing her tongue deep inside Beth's pussy, making The Glamazon cum pretty much instantly. Beth had been known to use things like this as an excuse to punish her bitches, but Beth was certainly in no position to do so, and AJ was so preoccupied with her own pleasure right now she probably didn't even notice. Not that it really mattered, Beth was too preoccupied with giving and receiving pleasure to even think about punishing Kaitlyn, and as she felt the other blonde sucking every drop she could get out of her and then tongue fuck her to another orgasm Beth didn't think she would punish her even if she could.

Over and over again that process repeated itself, AJ cumming in Beth's face as Kaitlyn skilfully swallowed Beth's cum, until with the final cry AJ collapsed down next to her and after a few seconds of rest gave the Glamazon a quick kiss and then whispered in her ear, "Tell my girlfriend you want her to ride your face."

Beth blushed, but what could she do other than comply, "Kaitlyn, get up here and give me your cunt. I want you to ride my face like AJ just did."

Pulling away from Beth's pussy Kaitlyn just stared up at The Glamazon in disbelief for a few seconds, before quickly replying, "Yes Beth."

Trying to avoid putting her foot in her mouth and ruin the moment or Beth's amazingly good mood Kaitlyn scurried up the other blonde's body and positioned her pussy over the far more dominant woman's face. As she moved Kaitlyn wondered if this was some kind of trick, that Beth would push her off, laugh in her face and then brutally spank and butt fuck her, before or after riding HER face. Which to be fair didn't sound unappealing, Kaitlyn almost disappointed when Beth grabbed her big round ass and pulled her downwards onto her face instead of pushing her away.

Whatever momentary feeling of disappointment was quickly forgotten when Beth's unsurprisingly strong tongue started lapping away at her juice covered pussy lips, Kaitlyn letting out a long moan as her centre received some much-needed attention. Considering how horny Kaitlyn was from going down on first her beloved AJ and then The Glamazon those firm licks to her twat would have been more than enough to get her off, but a few seconds after she found herself sitting on Beth's face her own face was being grabbed by two soft and tiny hands and pulled into a passionate kiss.

Knowing full well who it was Kaitlyn smiled into the lip lock and then concentrated on kissing her girlfriend back, although as usual AJ remained in complete control throughout. That included AJ's hands having their way with Kaitlyn's body, the bigger girl grateful that her lover didn't waste time teasing her but instead went straight for her big boobs, the smaller girl caressing them roughly with practised ease. Then, after who knows how long, AJ pulled away from her lips and moved to her neck, kissing that soft flesh for a few minutes before going up to play with one of her ears, Kaitlyn crying out and nearly cumming when AJ shoved her tongue into her ear, something the hybrid diva found oddly erotic.

Before Kaitlyn had time to analyse that AJ whispered huskily in her ear, "Having fun baby?"

"Uh-huh. Sooooooo much fun." Kaitlyn moaned happily.

"Yeahhhhh, you love it when a girl licks your pussy, huh?" AJ teased while still playing with Kaitlyn's big boobs, "Mmmmmm, and guess what baby? Beth has grown to really like pussy. That's why we've been spending so much time together, even though I'm a top now. See, Beth thinks I have a really tasty cunt, and loves it when I ride her face just like this, but the whole time I've been telling her how tasty you are. How she needs to get her face buried in your yummy little love box, mmmmmm, and you're not letting me down, are you sweetie? No, Beth clearly loves that sweet little muffin I love to eat so much. In fact, I bet any second now she's going to push her tongue inside you, then she'll really get to taste you. I don't think she's done that before, has she?"

"Nooooo oooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeesssssssss!" Kaitlyn crying out as Beth slammed her tongue inside her cunt, making talking extremely hard, "I, ohhhhhhh, I mean, mmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, no she's never, oooooooooh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, never gone down on me before, mmmmmmmm, but I'm glad she is now because it feels soooooooooo goooooddddddddd ooooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss!"

"Yeah she is! Mmmmmmm, Beth is almost as big a slut for pussy as you baby." AJ teased, "Mmmmmm, remember when you first came to the WWE? You were convinced you were straight, but were willing to top a few girls to get to the top. Now look at you, riding a girl's face with two girl's cum drying on your face and a massive butt-plug stretching your ass so the two girls you just orally pleased can tear apart your slutty little ass with ease. What does that make you, huh? What have I turned you into Kaitlyn? Say it!"

"A slut! I'm a slut! I am a lesbian slut!" Kaitlyn cried out, Beth slowing down her tongue work to make it easier for her to talk, "Oooooooooh, you and Beth made me a lesbian slut. Mmmmmmm, thank you so much for making me your slut. Please, fuck me any way you want too."

"Oh don't worry sweetie, we will." AJ promised, twisting Kaitlyn's nipples and staring into her lover's eyes as she came, "We're going to use you because you're our dyke bitch! Our lezzie whore! Our lesbian slut! Mmmmmmm, all those muscles and you don't even compare to me, let alone Beth. You're just a fuck hole for real women like me and Beth to use for our pleasure. Oooooooh yeah, you're our big muscular blonde lesbian slut! What are you?"

"I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm your big muscular blonde lesbian slut!" Kaitlyn practically wept as AJ lowered her head to start licking, sucking and biting her nipples, "I'm your big muscular blonde lesbian slut. I'm your big muscular blonde lesbian slut!"

Kaitlyn repeated that over and over again, mostly screaming it as she got to enjoy the unique experience of cumming in Beth Phoenix's mouth and all over her face. Of course she was kind of spoiled by having AJ as her top, for many reasons, but specifically because unlike most of the tops around here AJ loved going down on her, and a few times she'd gotten to grind herself down against AJ's tongue while they rolled back and forth in a 69, but to do this to Beth? While her girlfriend got lost in those big boobs she loved so much, it was all so wonderful, Kaitlyn becoming completely lost in the pleasure she was experiencing.

AJ was dangerously close to becoming just as lost in worshipping Kaitlyn's magnificent rack. It wouldn't be the first time, AJ had previously spent hours just licking and sucking these glorious titties, either teasing Kaitlyn until she was whimpering for mercy or fucking her with her fingers or a dildo until her bitch lost count of her climaxes. So naturally this was an unique experience, one AJ allowed herself and her pets to enjoy for quite a while before she reached around to start playing with Kaitlyn's butt-plug, grabbing onto the handle and at first just twisting it around inside her girlfriend's bottom, then eventually she escalated to pulling it out and pushing it back in, which of course made Kaitlyn cum extra hard.

For a few minutes AJ just watched Kaitlyn's face as she grinned around one of her girl's tits, then she pushed herself up slightly so she was directly in Kaitlyn's face and then spoke firmly and clearly so even in their current state both her lovers would understand what she was saying, "Are you ready to get your big fat ass fucked my big muscular blonde lesbian slut?"

"Yeeeeessssssss mmmmmmmmm, I'm ready to get my big fat ass fucked!" Kaitlyn quickly replied, Beth momentarily slowing down her tongue work so it was easier for her to talk again, "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, please AJ, fuck my big fat ass! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh, fuck my big fat ass while Beth eats my pussy sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd mmmmmmmmm I want both of you dominating tops to fuck me like the lesbian slut I am! Oooooooooh fuck me in both holes like the big muscular blonde lesbian slut I am! I'm your big muscular blonde lesbian slut AJ oooooooohhhhhhhhh and Beth's too of course aaaaaaahhhhhhhh shit, you both own all my holes, please use them for your pleasure!"

Grinning wickedly at that response AJ literally skipped over to her suitcase, quickly retrieved her 10 inch strap-on, pulled it up her thighs and securely tightened it around her waist before positioning herself behind Kaitlyn. She knew if she asked Kaitlyn would happily spread her cheeks in submission, but AJ wasn't in the mood for that. No, she was in the mood to unceremoniously yanked the butt-plug out of Kaitlyn's ass hole and then ram her strap-on into that cute little gaping hole, and that's exactly what she did, AJ grinning widely as Kaitlyn's cry of pleasure and disappointment at the removal of the toy in her butt turned into a deafening scream of pleasure mixed with a little pain as a much larger dildo was slammed deep into her big bottom.

Despite her best efforts only about half of the strap-on cock entered Kaitlyn's fat ass on that first thrust, and most of the area that the dildo slid through was loosened by the butt-plug, so AJ was understandably disappointed. Then again she had never been the strongest diva, and what she lacked in strength she made up for in ruthless aggression, AJ grabbing hold of Kaitlyn's thighs while still holding the plug awkwardly and then jackhammering her hips back and forth, pushing her cock deeper into her girlfriend's bowels with every hard thrust until her thighs were smacking into the meaty cheeks of the far stronger diva, announcing that the real butt pounding could begin. Right after AJ popped the butt-plug into her mouth, the tiny brunette moaning joyfully as she tasted the juicy butt she quickly started to ram with every inch of her strap-on cock.

This treatment would be cruel if Kaitlyn wasn't a total ass whore who AJ had anally fisted before her match on RAW, AND stuffed the butt-plug she was holding up that sluttty ass after her match, AND AJ could tell from Kaitlyn's cries that whatever pain she received from having the deepest depths of her rectum stretched out and filled with strap-on quickly faded away and was replaced only by pure pleasure, the fact that Beth's face was still buried in her cunt no doubt helping Kaitlyn. It was certainly resulting in some powerful orgasms, AJ holding onto her girl like a bucking bronco as Kaitlyn gave her one hell of a ride.

Beth had never seen ass fucking from this angle before, at least not in the flesh, and she had to admit it was incredibly erotic, in no small part to the fact that this 'additional stimulation' made Kaitlyn's already explosive orgasms become so intense that Beth might go deaf from all the screaming and might drown from all the girl cum being squirted down onto her. Of course she had sodomised Kaitlyn many times, but whenever she butt fucked one of her bitches she wasn't exactly concentrating on their pleasure, she was concentrating on her own. How nice and tight the ass hole was in front of her, how the ass cheeks jiggled against her thighs, how good her cock looked slamming in and out of her bitch's most private hole, and perhaps most importantly of all how it felt to anally abuse a member of her own sex.

Now all Beth could think about was swallowing girl cum for her own survival, and because it was so yummy, until AJ spat out the now thoroughly cleaned butt-plug which she had been sucking on like a baby with a dummy and then subtly ordered The Glamazon, "Hey Beth, come and see what I'm doing to this slut's ass. Mmmmmmm, please Beth, I know you're enjoying my girlfriend's pussy, but please crawl out from under her so I can show you how good I am at fucking big muscular blonde lesbian sluts up the ass."

Initially she was reluctant to move away from Kaitlyn's cunt, but then Beth remembered she was supposed to be a dominant top, and true tops didn't eat pussy, they destroyed ass holes. So obediently she slid out from underneath Kaitlyn, Beth positioning herself beside AJ and almost literally drooling at the sight in front of her. In Beth's opinion there was nothing hotter than watching a strap-on dildo pumping in and out of another woman's butt hole, that poor hole and the back passage it normally protected were stretching beyond anything they were designed for. Sure, there was also nothing more perverted, but that was at least part of the reason why it was so hot.

Of course Beth had always preferred to be the one stretching girl butt as opposed to watching it, or God forbid getting her butt stretched, however the moment she crawled out from underneath the other blonde AJ was nice enough to spread Kaitlyn's ass cheeks in a way which gave Beth a perfect view of that little stud pumping that anal whore's slutty ass, and somehow it was more enjoyable than watching anybody else ass fucking a bitch. Or at least Beth tried to tell herself she didn't know why it got her so hot and wet watching little AJ Lee fucking a bigger/stronger woman up the butt, the mighty Glamazon actually blushing like a schoolgirl with a crush when the ass taming little brunette smiled at her.

"Hey Beth, doesn't my girlfriend's big fat ass look so good with my big hard cock sliding in and out of it?" AJ asked, feigning innocence as she pulled Kaitlyn's butt cheeks wider apart to give herself and her secret bitch an even better look at her girlfriend's butt hole stretching for her strap-on, "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, I just love fucking this big fat ass just like this, my big strong girlfriend giving up her big bitch ass to its rightful owner... I mean, one of its rightful owners, Kaitlyn accepting that even with all her muscles and her superior strength she is MY anal loving little bitch. Isn't that right Kaitlyn? You're my anal loving little bitch?"

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmmmm oooooooooh AJ, I'm your anal loving little bitch! I'm nothing but your anal loving little bitch." Kaitlyn moaned, her eyes widening in panic as she quickly corrected herself, "And Beth's! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit, I'm Beth's anal loving little bitch, and yours AJ. Mmmmmmm, both of you own my anal loving ass and I fucking love it!"

"We love it too sweetie, don't we Beth?" AJ teased her bitch, "Mmmmmmm, me and Beth agree there's nothing hotter than a submissive bitch with a fuck-able ass who knows her place."

Gritting her teeth Beth nodded, "Ye, yes Kaitlyn. You're a great piece of ass... you're a great piece of bitch ass I've fucked more times than I can count. Mmmmmmm, I love that ass!"

Loving the little jab her bitch gave her AJ beamed, "Oh Beth, I know that Kaitlyn loves to hear you say that, and it makes me so proud that the mighty Glamazon thinks my girlfriend is a great piece of bitch ass which she loves to fuck. In fact, why don't you get a strap-on out of my collection so you can get a piece of this perfect ass."

As soon as AJ subtly gave her permission Beth scurried to retrieve her strap-on dildo, although the entire time she could barely take her eyes off AJ ass fucking Kaitlyn. The Glamazon just couldn't help herself, or stop thoughts she really didn't want to be thinking invading her head. Thoughts like 'AJ is such a stud', 'that should be me getting it up the ass' and 'why is AJ wasting her time with Kaitlyn's slutty ass which has been fucked by every WWE diva on the roster when she could be hammering my tight little ass hole which hasn't been fucked by anyone except the little goddess who conquered it'. Thoughts which Beth had to ignore to prevent from outing herself as a temporary bottom to Kaitlyn, which was something which should have been easy because butt fucking her bitches was Beth's favourite thing ever. And yet...

"Move aside slut!" Beth yelled out, startling AJ into stopping the butt fucking, "You said that I could get a piece of that ass... not that it matters, because I own it anyway."

For a few long seconds AJ just stared at the Glamazon, and then she widely grinned at her, "Of course Beth, right away. After all, you're the Alpha female, and the Alpha female gets to anally destroy any bitches whenever she wants."

AJ tried to keep her tone sweet, although she couldn't help letting a little underlining threaten in there. After all, she was threatening Beth. It was something she had never imagined herself doing, but it was totally worth it to see the worried look on Beth's face. And Beth should be worried, because it was so tempting just to bend her over and have Kaitlyn watch while she sodomised The Glamazon. Or at the very least make Beth get down on her knees and suck her ass flavoured cock, something AJ very nearly did when she pulled her strap-on out of Kaitlyn's butt and turned to face her secret bitch only for Beth to immediately look down and stare at the dildo which had just been hammering the deepest depths of Kaitlyn's bowels.

Instead AJ roughly slapped Beth's big butt and then said, "Go get her Beth. Ram my girlfriend's ass like the big muscular blonde lesbian slut she is."

Beth blushed adorably, and looked AJ in the eye with such overwhelming desire and longing. Except there was no hatred or desire to turn the tables on AJ like there was in the beginning, oh no, Beth wanted to get her fat ass fucked. AJ could practically see the words on the tip of Beth's tongue, and if her former top would have only accepted the fact that she had been beaten, butt fucked into submission, she could have known the joy of AJ's dick up her ass again. All Beth needed to do was admit she'd rather be the one getting her ass fucked, but instead the stubborn blonde marched over to the kneeling blonde and stuffed her strap-on up Kaitlyn's ass.

As Kaitlyn squealed in delight and Beth started pounding her well loosened tailpipe AJ skipped round so she could stuff her dildo into her girlfriend's open mouth, AJ giggling as she did so, "There you go Kaitlyn, a nice, yummy treat just for you. It's your favourite flavour, your own ass! Mmmmmmmm, that's it you perverted little slut, suck my cock like the greedy little ass to mouth whore you are! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh suck it like the ATM whore me and Beth Phoenix turned you into. Mmmmmmm ooooooooooh shit, suck my dick clean of all your slutty little ass cream like a good girl. Don't embarrass me now, we all know you can take every, single, inch of this big dildo down your throat like a good whore should. Mmmmmmm, how many times have me or one of the other tops used you as a face pussy, huh? Yeahhhhhhhh, that's it, take every ass flavoured inch down your submissive little throat. Mmmmmmm, suck every inch of it clean and I'll reward you. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, stuff this big cock of mine into your little dyke cunt so me and Beth can DP you. You'd like that, wouldn't you Kaitlyn? Wouldn't you?"

Naturally all this encouragement, but particularly that last thing, made Kaitlyn forcefully crawl forwards just so she could stuff the last few inches of that butt flavoured dildo down her throat, making Beth have to shuffle forwards in turn to keep up the butt pounding. As usual Kaitlyn had initially savoured the first few inches of the strap-on as they had slid into the deepest part of her ass, but with Beth pounding her pooper at the same time it hadn't been long before Kaitlyn had been bobbing her head up and down nearly the full length of AJ's cock, giving her dominant girlfriend the kind of passionate blow job she deserved. AJ rewarded Kaitlyn for this by first stroking her hair and smiling down at her, then by giving her something a lot better.

"Oh baby, you give the best blow jobs." AJ praised, pulling her now clean cock out of Kaitlyn's mouth, "Mmmmmm, and now it's time to reward you. Oh yeah, it's time to reward you for being such a good little cock sucker who loves the taste of her own fat ass by stuffing this girl cock into your slutty little lesbian cunt, give you that DP I promised you."

Despite being on the receiving end of many, many double penetrations and triple penetrations, and having to watch while Kaitlyn was DP'ed or made airtight, AJ had never been one of the pieces of bread in a Kaitlyn sandwich. It was something she'd wanted for sometime, and it seemed appropriate to do it with Beth, now more than ever. Although it was a little awkward at first, not only the part where she had to slip herself underneath Kaitlyn while her girlfriend was being anally reamed by The Glamazon but the initial pussy penetration and fucking. However it was totally worth it for the ecstasy on Kaitlyn's face once they got underway, AJ lovingly cupping that face and forcing the love of her life to look at her.

"You like that baby? You like having your pussy and ass filled with cock? Mmmmmmm, you like having two big cocks inside you at the same time?" AJ teased with a soft smile.

"You know I do." Kaitlyn immediately whimpered, "I love big cocks oooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, I love having big having cocks inside me. Girl cocks! Big hard girl cocks strapped around the waists of gorgeous women like AJ and Beth, because I'm a big muscular blonde lesbian slut! Ohhhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd, thank you AJ for turning me into your big muscular blonde lesbian slut. Mmmmmmmm, I loved topping you, but you're clearly the superior woman and I'm so glad we're now in our rightful roles. Ooooooooooh fuck fuck, mmmmmmmmm, you as the top and me as the bottom. Oh AJ, your such an Alpha! You and Beth are the biggest Alpha females in the WWE!"

"Awwwww, baby, you say the sweetest things." AJ smiled happily, hugging her girlfriend briefly so she could shoot Beth a wicked smile before returning her attention to Kaitlyn, AJ gently caressing her girlfriend as she told her, "Oh sweetie, I feel like I was made to be a top, but if that's true you were born to be a bottom. Mmmmmmmm, you make such a hot little bottom, my favourite big muscular blonde lesbian slut. Ohhhhhhhhh, you've got these big bitch tits, perfect for grabbing onto or just entertaining me while I fuck you, mmmmmmmmm, and the tastiest little twat in all of the WWE, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, and a mouth which not only feels like it was designed to eat pussy but you suck every single inch of my strap-on straight from your ass, your whore throat accommodating it with ease. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh shit, and best of all you've got that big fat ass of yours which jiggle so wonderfully when I fuck it! Mmmmmmmmm, but no matter how much I fuck that big bitch ass you're still nice and tight for me back there baby, oooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttt, you're the perfect bitch baby! My girlfriend is the perfect bitch!"

"No, you're perfect AJ!" Kaitlyn practically wept as AJ stroked her face lovingly, "Mmmmmmmmm, you're right, even with all my muscles, strength and height I don't even compare to you. I thought I was so tough when I got to the WWE, but you and Beth have shown me I'm nothing but a submissive little anal loving bitch. Oooooooooh, I am a big muscular blonde lesbian slut who just can't get enough of having real women pound her slutty little fuck holes with huge strap-on cocks! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me AJ! Fuck me Beth! Fuck my pussy and ass at the same time and prove I'm nothing but a fuck hole! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, fuck me, yes fuck me just like that, mmmmmmmmm, harder, fuck me like the walking fuck hole I am, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddd, I fucking love you AJ!"

"Not as much as I fucking love you." AJ insisted, pulling Kaitlyn into another kiss.

Beth had never known such jealousy like she did while watching AJ being so sweet to Kaitlyn. The kissing, the caressing, the words of utter devotion, Beth had never had anything like that. Women were submissive to her out of fear and sexual desire, not because they loved her. And to her horror she found she still didn't want love, she just wanted someone to be that gentle and loving while dominating her. True, AJ had never given her anything other than a mildly rough spanking, but the little pipsqueak had completely fucked with her mind, that was worse than any physical pain Beth had ever known.

On top of that the way AJ had been talking to her just then, and before, and that slap to her ass, it would be a miracle if Kaitlyn didn't at least suspect that AJ now have the upper hand on The Glamazon. Kaitlyn wasn't the most gossipy diva on the roster, and if she worked it out it was possible she wouldn't tell anyone either because she found it funny that her tiny girlfriend had butt fucked Beth into submission or because AJ wanted it that way, but Beth wasn't sure she could handle the humiliation of anyone else knowing that she was now little AJ Lee's bitch.

So out of self-preservation more than anything else Beth began giving Kaitlyn a serious sodomising, The Glamazon desperately telling herself the reason that she took so much pleasure out of wrecking Kaitlyn's rectum had nothing to do with jealousy or the fact that AJ had subtly ordered her to do it. No, she was just trying to make Kaitlyn cum so hard that the only thing she could remember about tonight is that AJ and Beth dominated her completely and made her their little bitch. Or more accurately reminded Kaitlyn she was their bitch, and that AJ only had claim over her because she was a top.

It didn't matter how many times AJ fucked Beth's butt, or even if other people found out, the only way Beth stopped being the Alpha female of the WWE was if somebody fucked her into total submission. Or got her to put that title on the line, and neither one of those was going to happen. No, Beth was going to keep that title forever, turned the tables on that little pipsqueak AJ Lee and once and for all prove her dominance, Beth desperately telling herself that over and over again as she relentlessly brutalised Kaitlyn's big butt until the sound of her thighs smacking off those jiggling butt cheeks was almost as deafening as Kaitlyn's screams.

Kaitlyn had been double penetrated just like this many, many times before but this was by far the best. How could it not be? She had the two greatest tops in the secret history of the WWE AJ Lee and Beth Phoenix fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, the former of course being the love of her life who showed her so much love and tenderness even now. Ok, towards the end AJ was more preoccupied with thrusting upwards into her cunt, something she hadn't done much of during most of the DP, but Kaitlyn could still look into her eyes and see just as much love as there was lust.

That love caused her orgasms to become as powerful as they'd ever been, Kaitlyn afraid that she would deafen her lovers with her now completely incoherent screams. Before that she had tried continuing to encourage AJ and Beth to fuck her, in between passionate kisses with the little brunette of course, but now she was practically nothing but a mess, nothing but a quivering mess of flesh and bone who was perhaps having one of the greatest experiences of her life. Not just the continuous, and eventually constant orgasms, but simply being the meat in a sandwich also featuring Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee, oh Kaitlyn had never known such happiness.

When Beth finally ran out of steam and pulled her cock out of Kaitlyn's ass the submissive blonde literally wept with disappointment, but then AJ smacked her ass roughly and ordered, "Get your fat ass on Beth's dick so we can double fuck it like the total ass whore you are!"

Her eyes went wide with glee as she eagerly did as she was told, Kaitlyn barely even registering how tired she was or how sore and loose her fuck holes had become as all she could think about was getting Beth's cock up her ass. Which was as easy as it had ever been, Beth helpfully holding her strap-on firmly pointing upwards so Kaitlyn could simply lower herself on top of it, her gaping butt hole easily swallowing the large piece of rubber which had so thoroughly stretched it open. Then it was just a matter of waiting for AJ to make a sandwich out of her again. Not that she really waited. No, Kaitlyn immediately started jack-hammering her loosened butt hole up and down Beth's cock, but being the total ass whore she was she desperately wanted the second cock up her butt.

For Kaitlyn it felt like an eternity, although in reality it was barely a minute until AJ was kneeling behind her, grabbing hold of the muscular blonde's waist with one hand in a silent command to stay still for a second while she used the other hand to thrust the second large dildo into Kaitlyn's already thoroughly abused anal ring. Briefly Kaitlyn cried out in pain at having first her back hole and then her back passage obscenely stretched, but she had been getting double ass fucked for years now, and she took pride in the fact that it wasn't long before her bowels relaxed and she felt nothing but pure pleasure. It was proof of what a total ass whore she really was, Kaitlyn verbally confirming that while she could before she once again became incoherent from the greatest pleasure she had ever known.

"Oh God fuck me! Fuck me! Oh Goooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck my ass! Double fuck my big fat lezzie ass with your big fucking girl cocks!" Kaitlyn cried out shortly after AJ had stuffed every inch of her cock into Kaitlyn's widely stretched/filled rectum, "Stuff my cock taking ass hole full of your strap-ons! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk tear my shit hole apart! Destroy my dyke butt! FUCK ME! Fuck my slutty dyke ass with both of your big hard girl cocks! Mmmmmmmmmm, please AJ, please Beth, wreck my fucking rectum! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, ruin my ass hole!"

"No problem slut, one ruined ass hole coming right up!" AJ screamed, her eyes barely leaving the wonderful sight of Kaitlyn's ass hole stretching for those two dildos, "Mmmmmmmmm, take it you worthless piece of trash! TAKE IT! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit yeah, take these cocks like the shameless anal whore you are! Fuck, how'd I end up with such a skanky anal fuck hole for a girlfriend? Yeahhhhhhhhh, I should probably be with the real woman like me, but instead I'm settling for a skanky anal fuck hole like you! Cause that's what you are, nothing but a skanky anal fuck hole! A skanky little whore, good for nothing except taking it in her tight little ass hole. Mmmmmmm, not that it's going to be tight when I'm done with it. Oh no, it's going to be loose, and gaping, and worthless, nothing but a well used hole! YOU HEAR ME KAITLYN? You're going to be nothing but a well used hole when I finished with you, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, a gaping open fuck hole who's just been used by a couple of real women, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck, and all your muscles can't save you because you're my big muscular blonde lesbian slut! You're my fucking bottom Kaitlyn! You're my bitch, my slut, my whore, my fuck hole and I can use you whenever I want because I own this big fat slutty dyke ass of yours!"

Beth was little taken aback by both the things that these two divas said to each other and just how savagely AJ began to sodomise Kaitlyn. She wasn't surprised how much Kaitlyn loved it, she used to double butt fuck Kaitlyn, and AJ, on a weekly basis. However it was jarring to see these two women go from acting so sickeningly lovey-dovey to one treating the other like total trash. Then again Beth had personally trained Kaitlyn to love that sort of thing, so maybe this was AJ giving her girlfriend what she secretly wanted. What she secretly needed. What Kaitlyn craved, Beth having no doubt whatsoever Kaitlyn couldn't be in a relationship without receiving this somehow.

It used to be her bitches would call Beth whenever they wanted their asses totally owned. She would train them so well that just licking their girlfriends pussies or being made love to by their boyfriends simply wasn't enough and they physically needed Beth to abuse them. Now it seemed at least one of those bitches had become The Glamazon, or perhaps superior to her, Beth not merely feeling impressed with AJ's butt wrecking skills but actually feeling like this little stud could teach her a thing or two. Or perhaps she should just beg to be AJ's bitch right here and right now with AJ's girlfriend as their witness.

In the middle of the passionate double ass fucking AJ's eyes locked on to Beth's and The Glamazon trembled. The meek little butt slut Beth had first met was unrecognisable, The Glamazon nevermore desperate for AJ to stuff her big ass full of strap-on. Then the part of Beth that wanted to remain in control of the divas division got her attention and she began thrusting up savagely into Kaitlyn, the current Alpha female desperately trying to prove she was still worthy of her title. She said as much with her actions, and she at least attempted to give AJ the kind of look which made her other bitches tremble, although it only resulted in making AJ looked amused before redoubling her rectum wrecking efforts.

Soon Beth and AJ became completely lost in butt fucking Kaitlyn, The Glamazon's superior strength probably the only thing keeping Kaitlyn in place towards the end. At first because Kaitlyn was trembling so powerfully from her orgasms, and then because she was barely conscious, nothing but a obscenely stretched out butt hole for the superior women to use and abuse for their pleasure. Oh did Beth, and especially AJ, use Kaitlyn, relentlessly pounding their dildos in and out of her utterly ruined back hole while the stimulators on their clits and the sheer joy of destroying another woman's ass hole cause of both of them to go over the edge of orgasm after orgasm.

AJ was really tempted to use every ounce of her strength to completely ruin Kaitlyn's rear hole, both for her own selfish pleasure and for the pleasure of her lovers, however the most important thing to AJ at the moment was to maintain control of The Glamazon, and she'd risk losing that if she didn't save at least a little energy. Luckily nothing made Kaitlyn cum harder than a rough double butt fucking, so when she did finally stop her big strong girlfriend collapsed in a sweaty heap down onto the other blonde, the only sign that she was ok being her frantic gasps for breath which eventually turned slow and gentle as all of Kaitlyn's orgasms overwhelmed her and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Even when AJ yanked her dildo out of Kaitlyn's big butt, the force causing Beth's cock to slide out of the well fucked blonde's ass hole at the same time with a lewd popping sound, Kaitlyn only whimpered and snuggled deeper into her Beth shaped pillow. Of course that 'pillow' objected to being cuddled, Beth pushing Kaitlyn off her while making sure the other blonde ended up face down/lying on her stomach so that when she sat up Beth, and AJ, could get a look at just how widely gaping Kaitlyn's butt hole was. And oh was it gaping, that poor forbidden hole looking as stretched as it had ever been, allowing AJ and Beth to see deep into their victim's bowels.

For minutes, or possibly hours, AJ stared gleefully at her handiwork, then she turned to Beth and unstrapped the dildo from the Glamazon's waist. Beth opened her mouth to protest, but just one look from AJ made the Alpha female of the WWE shut her mouth. Which of course made AJ grin happily, but not as widely as when she pressed Beth's own strap-on cock into her mouth, the Glamazon looking pleadingly at her top for a few moments before opening her mouth again, this time to close it around the head of the dildo she'd just used to pummel the deepest depths of Kaitlyn's ass.

Despite her best efforts AJ couldn't help but let out an evil chuckle when she started pushing inch after inch of strap-on into Beth's mouth, and then again when the last of the dildo disappeared in between this beautifully painted lips, both times Beth looking over nervously at the by now clearly unconscious Kaitlyn. Confident that her girlfriend wasn't going to catch them AJ only continued to smile, and once Beth's throat was straining around the dildo she started sliding it in and out of her bitch's mouth, literally face fucking the mighty Glamazon. Something only AJ had done in the past, and of course she was about to do again in a far more primal way.

Once the cock had been thoroughly cleaned AJ pulled it out of Beth's mouth and then stood on her tiptoes to whisper into the taller diva's ear, "Get on your knees. You have another cock to clean."

Again Beth looked nervously at Kaitlyn, the Glamazon desperately wanting to grab hold of AJ's dyed black hair, force the little pipsqueak to her knees and then rape her mouth with her own strap-on. But instead she lowered her head in submission, whimpered pathetically and then slowly fell to her knees in front of the much smaller WWE diva. She then looked at pleadingly at AJ, silently trying to remind the other girl how risky this was, but just like Beth used to do AJ showed her no mercy. Instead AJ just yanked on Beth's blonde locks, forcing her head downwards so it was easier to press the tip of her cock against the stronger woman's lips.

Wanting to get this over with quickly Beth immediately opened her mouth and took as much dildo as she could without gagging. Then, trying not to think about the fact that she was forced into humiliation of tasting another woman's ass for only the second time in her life with the first being mere moments before, Beth closed her eyes and relaxed her throat so she could take the rest of the strap-on down her windpipe. Which actually wasn't too bad, the last few nights of AJ constantly making her go ass to mouth making it a lot easier for Beth to deep throat her top's cock, The Glamazon even feeling an unmistakable shiver of pride as she took everything AJ had to give her, the dominant brunette who had temporarily conquered her smiling happily down at her the entire time.

Then, once that cock was thoroughly cleaned, AJ yanked Beth up by her hair and pulled her into a passionate kiss, Beth swooning in the arms of the physically weaker girl. During that kiss AJ's little hands slipped down to Beth's big butt and greedily fondled it for several minutes, only stopping when AJ gathered up some of the girl cum and pussy juice from the blonde's cunt and used that wetness to ram a finger into Beth's butt hole, making the muscular diva pull away slightly with a girlish gasp.

This only made AJ chuckle evilly, begin sliding her finger in and out of the mighty Glamazon's ass hole and then lean in so she could whisper as close to Beth's ear as she could get, "This is what you really want, isn't it Beth? You liked ass fucking Kaitlyn, but what you really want is to get your big fat ass fucked. It's ok, Kaitlyn was kind of the same way when she first got here. She would fuck my ass for hours, even though she was giving her ass up to you and all the other tops. Mmmmmmm, but deep down all she really wanted was to be a little ass whore, and now I've put her in her place the only time she tops anybody is when we're double teaming a lesbian slut. The rest of the time she's a proud bottom, and most importantly my bitch. That's what you really want isn't it Beth? You want to be my personal ass whore, spending your days bottoming for me and only topping when I want you too. Mmmmmmm, and maybe someday soon me and Kaitlyn double team you, make your bitch ass gape just as wide as Kaitlyn's slutty ass is right now!"

"Oh God AJ." Beth whimpered in response, biting her lip to stop herself from moaning in pleasure as AJ slowly finger fucked her ass hole.

"It's ok Beth, I know you're not ready to admit it." AJ said softly as she added a second finger into Beth's ass and then picking up the pace of the anal fingering, "But I also know how badly you want this big fat ass fucked. Mmmmmmm, you kept telling everybody you were an ass pounding top, a butt busting stud... a real woman, but I think we both know what you really are. It's ok baby, you're in the presence of a real woman now, and I know exactly what big muscular blonde ass whores like you and Kaitlyn need. Speaking of my other ass whore, don't worry, as long as you keep that big mouth of yours quiet I'm sure I can destroy your bitch hole without waking her. All you need to do is ask. Say the words, 'AJ, I want you to fuck my big fat bitch ass', and I'll bend you over right here and now, and give you what you so desperately need."

As the once mighty Glamazon just stood there and allowed this tiny little woman to roughly finger her ass and say all those things to her Beth was terrified that AJ was right. That she wanted to get her ass fucked by this pint sized diva. That the desire she felt was like a burning need, Beth never wanting anything like that moment she wanted to be butt fucked by little AJ Lee. But the risk was too great, her pride refusing to allow herself to take such a big risk. Besides, even as the words were practically on the tip of her tongue Beth couldn't bear the idea of actually saying them. It was bad enough she had admitted how much she loved it when there was a dick deep in her ass. At least then she was only telling AJ what she wanted to hear so she could cum, or at least that's what Beth told herself. To actually ask AJ to fuck her ass, under these circumstances, it was unthinkable.

So staring down at the ground Beth whimpered, "I can't. I just can't. Please don't make me, I-"

"Shhhhhhh, it's ok Beth." AJ whispered softly as she pulled her fingers out of Beth's butt and then gently rub the hole she had just abused, "The time will come that your spread your cheeks for me without a second thought, and blush at the memory of how stubborn you once were. So, go back to your hotel room and shove one of your big dildos up your butt. Anally fuck yourself silly thinking about me taking that big fat bitch ass of yours. Think about me taking your big fat bitch ass in front of the other divas, you squealing with joy the entire time and telling everyone who's the real Alpha female around here, and who's her little bitch."

With that AJ gave Beth's butt an insulting little slap and then skipped over to the bed to cuddle with Kaitlyn, the dominating little brunette rolling the submissive blonde over onto her side and then snuggling up behind her. For a few seconds Beth just watched AJ spooning Kaitlyn, kissing and nuzzling her neck, and whispering sweet nothings into the other woman's ear, AJ having her way with the bigger WWE diva even now. Then, barely taking her eyes off the dominating little brunette, Beth gathered up her clothes and quietly slipped out of the hotel room. The entire time Beth had to stop herself from begging AJ to fuck her ass, and it was only after The Glamazon return to her room and had fulfilled that last order, or perhaps suggestion, and anally fucked herself with one of her biggest dildos did Beth even remember that she should be planning how to turn the tables on the little pipsqueak, not dreaming of submitting to her completely. Oh, Beth was in so much trouble.

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