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The Bigger They Are Part 6
by MTL (

Ever since AJ Lee had taken Beth Phoenix's anal cherry she had been skipping around like she was on cloud nine. Today was no different, especially as she was looking for The Glamazon, and not because she wanted her ass fucked like old times. No, AJ was looking to abuse Beth's butt, and while she could simply just call the other diva and Beth would have to come running there was just something about seeking Beth out. It was like she was a predator stalking her prey, AJ getting a thrill when she saw the look of dread on Beth's face when she spotted her coming towards her, this time extra special as it was causing the mighty Glamazon to stop mid-sentence, her conversation forgotten as her secret top approached.

"Hey Beth." AJ greeted her secret bitch cheerily.

Before AJ could continue she was rudely interrupted by Eve Torres, "Do you mind? We were talking."

"And now you're not." AJ shrugged, "Beth-"

"Hey!" Eve interrupted again, "You better apologise or else!"

AJ narrowed her eyes and gave Eve her full attention, "Or else what?"

"I, I just meant that you shouldn't interrupt the Alpha female." Eve said, backing down slightly.

"I didn't, she stopped talking." AJ pointed out, "You're the only one being rude here. In fact, you've been rude for a very long time, and I'd just love to teach you some manners."

"Oh yeah?" Eve scowled.

"Yeah." AJ confirmed, adding with an evil grin, "With our asses on the line."

Eve went pale, "No way!"

"What do you think Beth?" AJ turned to her secret bitch, "Should I teach this bitch some manners?"

Afraid to answer any other way Beth nodded, "Fine by me."

"BETH!" Eve exclaimed, "I really don't think-"

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!" Beth yelled, taking out her frustration with AJ out on Eve, "I'm tired of your whining. You can either fight AJ, or you can fight me. Your choice, but either way your ass will be on the line."

There was a moment of silence, then Eve gritted her teeth, turned to AJ and told her, "Your ass is mine AJ."

"We'll see." AJ shrugged, barely taking her eyes off the real prize, "Beth, can I talk to you before I make Eve my bitch?"

"Ok." Beth replied, trying not to seem flustered as she told her friends, "See you later."

Once Beth's friends had turned their backs AJ gave them a little wave and then grabbed her secret bitch's hand, "Come on Beth, follow me."

Beth pulled her hand away from her but followed without another word, so AJ chose not to even acknowledge it. For now. Later she would use it as an excuse to spank Beth's butt a rosy red, but for now she had something else in mind for that butt. A little romance first wouldn't hurt though, so the second she pulled Beth into the empty closet she picked out for this little get together she shoved her tongue down the other woman's throat. Which wasn't easy given the height difference, AJ having to jump up, grab a handful of blonde hair and yank the Glamazon downwards, but it was totally worth it to hear Beth let out a squeak of surprise and the look on her face. And of course the kiss itself, even if it only lasted about a minute before Beth pulled away.

"What do you want AJ?" Beth grumbled.

"Awww, don't be like that..." AJ pouted, before pulling a butt-plug out of her pocket, "Look, I got you a little something."

Beth went very pale, "No, please, I have a match-"

"Bend over!" AJ snapped with no hint of mercy in her tone, "Do it or I'll drag you into the locker room and fuck your ass in front of everyone!"

For a few moments the two WWE divas just stared at each other, then the bigger/stronger one whimpered pathetically, lowered her head and turned around. Beth even placed her hands against the wall and stuck her ass out without needing to be asked, leaving AJ with a wonderful view. One which made her lick her lips before she reached out and started greedily groping that fat ass, AJ spending several minutes squeezing and pinching those meaty cheeks before she finally pulled Beth's skirt up and bunched it around her waist, and then pulled her panties down around her knees.

Then, after more groping, she brought the toy up to Beth's lips and ordered, "Suck it. Get it nice and wet for your fat ass!"

There was a brief pause in which Beth obviously considered complaining, then she parted her lips and allowed AJ to shove the butt-plug into her mouth. Beth then sucked passionately on it for a few minutes, slurping loudly so AJ knew she was doing a good job. Then in one swift movement AJ pulled the plug out of Beth's mouth and plunged it into the hole it was designed for, the little brunette pulling apart one of the blonde's butt cheeks with her free hand to make it easier to shove the butt-plug up Beth's ass. To AJ's delight the butt-plug slipped into her bitch's ass hole with ease, the relentless butt fuckings she had given Beth clearly taking its toll on The Glamazon's back door.

"FUCK ME!" Beth cried out loudly, before grinding her teeth and blushing furiously as she tried to get used to the intrusion.

"Is that what you want Beth?" AJ whispered, "Do you want me to fuck your big fat ass?"

"I, I..." Beth stammered.

"You, you what?" AJ mocked playfully, before smacking Beth's ass so hard that the cheeks jiggled and the sound echoed throughout the room, "Turn around and look at me you giant anal slut!"

Beth whimpered but did as she was told, blushing furiously again and looking away when she saw the tiny diva who secretly owned her, "AJ, I-"

"I said look at me!" AJ snapped, slapping the stronger diva across the face and then waited for the woman who towered over her to look her in the eye again before continuing, "Your little brown nosing cronies aren't around now Beth, so you don't have to be all coy and embarrassed. We both know it's your big fat ass you want me to stick my strap-on into tonight, so go ahead and beg for it. Tell me what you really want and I promise, after I kick Eve's ass I'll spend all night pounding yours. Which is a huge sacrifice for me, because I've been wanting to teach that bitch some manners back when I thought fucking your ass wasn't even a possibility, but let's face it you're the real prize. And once you proudly tell everyone you're my bitch Eve's ass will be mine anyway, and I'd rather spend the night breaking you in completely. But I'm not fucking you again until I know that's what I'm doing, so if you want to know the joy of my big dick in your fat ass again you'd better be ready to give up the Crown and become my full-time anal loving bitch."

There was a long pause in which AJ almost took back her words. She had the power too, at least for two more weeks, however as much as the silver prize of having an irate Glamazon give her the ass pounding of a lifetime when that two weeks was up was really appealing what AJ really wanted was to go for the gold. If she was honest with herself she didn't want to be second best, she wanted to be on top. Now that she'd had a taste of it AJ officially wanted to become the Alpha female of the WWE with all the other WWE divas, even including Beth Phoenix herself, as her little lesbian fuck toys.

For that she needed to take risks, including turning away and starting to walk out until Beth practically cried, "Wait!"

Turning back AJ grinned, "Yes Beth."

"Fuck me." Beth whimpered softly.

AJ grinned, "Fuck you where?"

A long silence, and then Beth admitted, "In the ass. Fuck me in the ass."

"Good girl." AJ smirked, "Now make me believe it."

There was a long moment of silence were Beth just looked up and gritted her teeth at AJ angrily. She couldn't believe the audacity of this little bitch.

"If you don't I'm walking out the door and spending the night deep inside Eve's ass!" AJ threatened.

Still Beth couldn't admit what she wanted, forcing AJ to leave, the tiny brunette wandering through out the next few hours, but especially during those few seconds it took for her to walk out, whether she had done/was doing the right thing. Technically she wouldn't know for sure until the two weeks had finished, or Beth begged to be her bitch. Again, while part of AJ would be happy with either result, it was the latter she really wanted, the idea of her, little AJ Lee, be not only the one to take Beth Phoenix's anal cherry but also her position as Alpha female of the WWE intoxicating beyond words.

* * *

Eve was about a head taller than AJ and was a three-time/the current WWE diva's champion. But she was also arrogant and easily distracted while AJ was faster and more experienced. Ultimately, it took less than three minutes for AJ to knock the champion down to her knees and then smash her knee into Eve's head with her signature Shining Wizard, bringing the taller girl crashing down to the mat below. A three count later AJ's hand was being raised and her music was playing as she grinned down at a horrified looking Eve Torres, AJ skipping around her and then the ring as a victory lap before she headed to the back.

AJ then waited patiently behind the curtain for her conquest to emerge, while of course keeping an eye on a near by TV screen to make sure Eve didn't do something stupid like trying to run for it. Of course AJ wasn't going to rape her, and she'd be perfectly happy with just fucking her little bitches Kaitlyn or Beth. Maybe she would finally fucked them both at the same time. But Eve had been bullying her ever since she turned heel, and she had been very much looking forward to putting that bitch in her place, which was why AJ grinned happily when Eve finally stumbled through the curtain.

"AJ!" Eve called out, nervously shuffling over to the woman who had just defeated her, "Great match out there, and I just wanted to take this time to say how much I admire you."

"Eve, Eve, Eve... sorry, but there is nothing you can say which is going to save your tight little ass hole from getting destroyed tonight." AJ grinned evilly, stepping closer so that she was in Eve's personal space, "But since you like kissing ass so much, I'll make you a deal. If you get on your knees right now and promise to literally kiss my ass with enthusiasm, and thoroughly shove your tongue deep inside my ass hole, I swear I'll take you back to my hotel room and slowly stretch your ass before I pound it hard and deep. Mmmmmm yeah, and I'll use lots of lube, make sure you love every second of having my big dick inside your booty. If not, well, you saw what I did to Maryse."

There was a long silence were Eve just stared at AJ, then she fell to her knees and begged, "Please AJ, please take me back to your hotel room. I swear I'll be a good little slut, kiss your ass figuratively and literally all night long, and of course kiss any other part of your beautiful body you want. Your mouth, your tits, mmmmmmm, and I hope that tasty pussy. Mmmmmmm, I love pussy, and I'd just love to stick my tongue up your twat. I'll eat you so good AJ, I swear I'll eat your pussy and ass hole better than anyone if you just take me back to your hotel room... and, be gentle when you take my ass."

AJ looked thoughtful for a moment, and then grinned, "Bend over and pull down your tights."

"What? Here!" Eve exclaimed in pure horror, immediately regretting not being able to keep her voice down and even her words as AJ stared menacingly at her.

"Do you want me to take it easy on you, or not?" AJ questioned coldly, grinning as Eve blushed, looked up and down the for now empty corridor before quickly standing up, turning around and pulling down her wrestling tights/underwear just enough so her ass was exposed. AJ just stared at her target for a few seconds, then she reached out and grabbed two handfuls of Eve's ass cheeks and started playing with it as she casually remarked, "You know, for someone who's special move when she first got here was shaking her booty, you really don't have much of an ass. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's cute and fuck-able, but you're lacking the type of big butt I normally look for in my bitches. Which is too bad for you, because tonight I'm going to teach you to crave the feeling of my dick in your ass."

Fighting back the retort she wanted to give Eve faked a smile and nervously replied, "Whatever you say AJ. Just please, have mercy on me."

"If you're good, I will." AJ said while squeezing Eve's ass, then she moved in closer and lifted herself up on her tiptoes so she could whisper in the other brunette's ear best she could, "And you are going to be a good little bitch, aren't you Eve?"

"Yes AJ, I promise." Eve blushed, "Now can I pull my tights up?"

"In a second." AJ promised with a grin, "I just want you to know even though your ass isn't as fat as I normally like I love how tall you are. I mean damn girl, you're almost a head taller than me without heels."

"That's because you're tiny." Eve mumbled, her eyes going wide when that slipped out of her mouth, "Which totally works for you, by the way."

"Yeah it does. Mmmmmmmm, and I'm going to just love bossing you around." AJ confessed, pulling away and roughly slapping Eve's ass before beginning to skip away, "Now pull up your tights and follow me. Your ass isn't going to fuck itself."

Eve quickly pulled up her tights and looked around, before calling after the other girl, "AJ... can, can I join you later? I'd like time to lube myself up for you. Maybe loosen myself up with a butt-plug."

AJ opened her mouth to reject the request, then she had a wicked thought and instead told Eve, "Ok, but I want you at my door in two hours with a plug firmly entrenched within your ass. If you're even a second late I'll spank the hell out of you before roughly taking your ass and then I'll share it with every WWE diva available. Understand?"

Gulping softly Eve weakly replied, "Yes AJ."

"Oh, and where your biggest pair of pumps." AJ ordered gleefully, "I just love topping big bitches"

* * *

Almost 2 hours later AJ's biggest bitch was glad to be safely back in her hotel room... and yet Beth's body craved AJ. She wanted the tiny wrestler to touch her. Kiss her, finger both her holes, feed her that yummy cunt of hers, and most of all ass fuck her. Oh how Beth craved to be butt fucked by tiny little AJ Lee, her treacherous butt hole practically crying out for that little pipsqueak to burst through her hotel room door and demand that the Alpha female of the WWE bend over and give up her fat ass.

Beth knew if that happened, or if AJ just politely knocked on her door she wouldn't hesitate in letting the tiny diva into her room and then into her back door, the once mighty Glamazon having to dig her fingernails into her arms to stop herself from masturbating at the thought of AJ roughly taking her ass. Hell, she couldn't stop picturing it and AJ gleefully sodomising Eve, Maryse and even Natalya, the toughest butt busters of the last 5 years all bending over and spreading their cheeks for the chance of having AJ's strap-on up their butts. Or better yet AJ following through on that anal gang bang she had been threatening, Beth closing her eyes tightly and imagining how saw her ass would be after all the WWE divas had taken turns with her big bottom, somehow the thought becoming less horrifying and more erotic with every passing day.

Just as she was imagining AJ taking her ass for the third time during that gang bang her phone rang with the sickeningly upbeat tune of AJ's entrance theme, causing Beth to open her eyes wide and whimper. Naturally it was AJ who had made that adjustment, Beth not daring to change it back while she was still AJ's bitch as she didn't need to give the little brunette an excuse to give her another one of those brutal spankings she was now forced to endure on a regular basis.

The last time Beth had ignored one of AJ's calls her butt was beaten a particularly bright shade of red, so unsurprisingly she answered it as quickly as she could, AJ's cheery voice greeting her from the other end, "Hey Beth, whatcha doing?"

"Noth, nothing." Beth stammered nervously.

"Great, then get to your hotel room and locked the door." AJ ordered.

"I'm, I'm already there." Beth blushed, worried and yet excited at the prospect of AJ maybe coming to her room.

"Excellent." AJ beamed, stretching on her own hotel room bed, "As you know I'm about to make Eve my bitch, and I want you to listen to every moment of it. Mmmmmmmm yeah, I want you to listen as Eve eagerly eats my cunt and ass until I'm ready to destroy her cute little ass hole with my big strap-on dick which you love so much. And don't you dare hang up, or stop listening, because if you do I'll spank your big fat bitch ass so hard you won't even be able to walk right, are we clear?"

"Yes AJ." Beth blushed.

"Good." AJ smiled, "Of course I'm not a monster, you can totally fuck yourself while I'm fucking another one of your bitches. But it does have to be up the ass, and you have to use that big handheld dildo I brought you. That way it will be easier for you to imagine it's your fat ass I'm taking instead of Eve's, mmmmmmmm, because I know I'm going to be thinking about that big sexy bottom while I'm deep inside Eve's butt, so I can guarantee you'll be thinking about my dick up your ass just as much as me. Speaking of which I think I hear her knocking now... so bye Beth, I hope you enjoy the show."

With that AJ put her phone down on the bedside table and went to answer the door, leaving Beth to scramble to get naked and retrieve the sex toy AJ was talking about along with a bottle of lube. As AJ was big on preparation Beth gambled on the idea that her secret Mistress wouldn't mind her spending a few minutes fingering her butt hole in preparation for the big dildo so that was exactly what she did. Then she thoroughly coated the toy and obediently shoved it up her ass, Beth going slow so she could savour the sensation of having her most private hole stretched as she listened into Eve learning the same lesson Beth had learned, namely little AJ Lee loved topping tall women.

Eve had been understandably hesitant to show up/knock on the door given that it had been a long time since she had been topped by anyone who wasn't Beth Phoenix, and AJ had a lot of reasons to treat her poorly. However, Eve was just as addicted as every other WWE diva to the constant lesbian sex they had, and after all the work she had done to become a butt pounding top she wasn't about to give it up just because she had to be a bottom for a night. Besides, if the Glamazon couldn't turn her into a pure bottom then what chance did that little pipsqueak AJ Lee have?

That was the thought which pushed Eve to knock after several minutes of just standing there working up the nerve, but then she thought about how there had just been something different about AJ lately. As if to prove that when the door opened to reveal AJ standing there in a skimpy little outfit and a wicked smirk on her face, the latter of which made Eve's insides melt and her butt hole quiver around the plug now stretching it.

"Eve, great to see you. Please come in." AJ beamed while moving aside. Faking a little smile Eve obeyed, walking into the centre of the room and then standing there as proudly as possible while AJ closed the door and licked her lips. She then slowly walked around the other woman, sizing her up before ordering, "Strip for me. But leave your pumps on, as I like girls towering over me right before I fuck them in the ass."

Again faking a little smile Eve started taking off her clothes as AJ moved to sit on the bed. It was far from the first time Eve had done a striptease, and although it was humiliating to do one for a little pipsqueak like AJ Lee it was also a massive turn on. Plus Beth hadn't fucked her in quite a while, so maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. Then, after taking off her bra and showing off the big tits she was so very proud of, it came time to remove her panties, Eve blushing furiously as she turned around and slowly pulled them down to reveal the butt-plug sticking out of her ass, which of course made AJ grin wickedly.

"Oooooooooooh Eve, your ass look so good with a plug in it." AJ giggled, "Mmmmmmmmm, spread those cheeks for me. I want a real good look at the cute little ass hole I'm about to make my cute little fuck hole."

Eve gritted her teeth but did as she was told, allowing her panties to drop round her ankles before she pulled her ass cheeks apart as wide as she could without the butt-plug falling out. Unfortunately she felt it about to fall out anyway, forcing her to clinch her ass hole to keep it in, which naturally made Eve blush again. If she noticed AJ didn't say anything, either out of mercy or more likely because she was just too busy staring at Eve's ass. As if proving it was the latter AJ jumped up and skipped over to Eve for a closer look, after a few seconds pushing Eve's hands away so she could spread those cheeks herself.

"Oh yes, your ass hole look so good with a plug in it. So good, and so fuck-able." AJ grinned wickedly as she squeezed Eve's cheeks and rubbed her finger over and around the plug before smacking that booty, "But I don't want to get ahead of myself, I haven't even greeted you properly."

With that AJ grabbed onto Eve's hair and yanked it upwards, forcing the other woman to her full height. Then it became a bit of a pain to maintain her hold, especially when she yanked that hair again and forced Eve to turn around, but it was so worth it to be able to pull the other girl down into a heated kiss as it helped establish who was in charge here. That's what AJ had been doing since she opened the door and she delighted in keeping it up through shoving her tongue into the other WWE diva's mouth, Eve surprisingly docile as she massaged AJ's tongue with her own and let her victorious opponent have full control.

"There, consider yourself greeted." AJ gasped several minutes later when she had broken the kiss, Eve straightening up as AJ let go of her hair, giving her an idea, "Then again, I think there's at least one more thing I have to do before you're properly greeted."

Grinning mischievously AJ buried her face in Eve's huge boobs and 'motor-boated' them, gleefully rubbing her face against those mountains of flesh for several minutes. With Eve's high heels she didn't even have to bend down a little bit. Actually, she almost had to stand on her tiptoes, and despite the insecurities about her height this was a massive turn on for AJ. Beth and Kaitlyn hated wearing heels, but they both wore them for AJ out of obligation in the former's case and love in the latter so AJ could do things like this, and of course eventually wrap her mouth around one of those nipples so she could officially start the tittie worship.

Eve Torres might be one of the biggest bitches AJ had ever met, but she also had one of the biggest racks AJ had ever had the pleasure of playing with. If it wasn't for her amazing girlfriend Kaitlyn and her soon to be fully broken in bitch Beth Phoenix then AJ would have probably gone after Eve a lot sooner, because damn these tits were wonderful, AJ grabbing two big handfuls of them and going back and forth between those nipples, licking and sucking on them greedily while loving the fact that the only thing Eve could do was stand there and moan in pleasure like the big bitch that she was.

AJ could have happily played with those big boobs all night long, but that wouldn't put Eve in her place. Besides, while she was used to having her cunt burn with need while she worshipped a woman's body, she wasn't a helpless bottom anymore. No, AJ was a top. That meant she could get pleasure whenever she wanted it, and as much as she wanted to play with Eve's enormous tits she also wanted to have the diva's champion on her knees in front of her frantically eating her out. So while her face was still buried in Eve's cleavage AJ slowly pushed down her short shorts and panties, stepped out of them and then grabbed a firm hold of Eve's hair again.

Finally pulling her face from Eve's boobs AJ ordered, "Time to eat my pussy you stuck up little bitch!"

Before Eve could offer up any kind of retort she was shoved down onto her knees and then her face was pushed into AJ's pussy. Instinctively she immediately started to lick, a proud smirk crossing her face as she made AJ moan. It had been a long time since she gone down on AJ, or any other woman who wasn't Beth, but Eve remember just how the little pipsqueak liked to be licked, the taller brunette quickly giving the smaller one what she knew she liked in an attempt to avoid taking a brutal butt banging. Or more accurately taking a brutal butt banging before she was ready for it.

Of course a big part of her wanted to avoid taking a brutal butt fucking at all, but Eve had more or less made peace with the fact that she was getting ass fucked by this tiny girl. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop it, and while that horrified her it also turned her on, just as while she was mostly showing such enthusiasm for licking AJ's cunt so the girl would go easy on her part of her had missed the taste of pussy. Or at least pussy not belonging to Beth, and it was thrilling to taste AJ's pussy again, Eve finding the flavour just as delicious as she remembered.

As AJ's cream began flowing more rapidly, prompting Eve to wrap her lips around the tiny wrestler's entrance so that yummy liquid could pretty much flow directly down her throat and she could suck as well as lick, Eve found herself wishing that they could just do this all night long. That if she made AJ cum hard enough with her mouth then she could just spend the entire night between the other girl's legs, not simply because she wanted to avoid the humiliation of being butt fucked by this tiny brunette, but because she genuinely wanted to spend the whole night with her face buried in AJ's pussy.

Unfortunately those hopes were almost immediately dashed as AJ moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm, harder! Lick me harder Eve! Come on bitch, make me cum. Ooooooooooh, you still need to stick your tongue up my ass before I fuck yours, so get a move on! Mmmmmmmmm, don't act like you don't know how to get me off you little muff munching slut, ohhhhhhhhhhh, come on, get that dyke tongue inside me so I can ass fuck you! Oh yeah, shove your tongue in my lesbo pussy like you're about to shove it up my dyke ass you fucking lesbian whore! Fucking fuckkkkkkkkkkkk ooooooooohhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me! Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss oh God, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Eve smiled proudly as she was able to render AJ incoherent by pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl's cunt and then beginning to fuck her with it. Part of her still wished she could just do this all night, especially when AJ's heavenly cum flooded her mouth a few minutes later, but mostly she found she was looking forward to being further humiliated. After all, Eve was currently on her knees worshipping the pussy of the shortest girl on the roster, a girl who until recently had been everybody's slut, a girl she had personally abused almost as much as Beth. The idea of her getting her revenge was undeniably hot, Eve's submissive side loving that she was on her knees getting her face covered in little AJ's pussy cream and then later her cum.

AJ somewhat regretted rushing this. She knew from past experience, when Eve wasn't a complete bitch, that the taller brunette had a really talented tongue and apparently she hadn't forgotten how to use it. Although AJ was sure Beth had given Eve plenty of practice, AJ grinning with delight at the thought of a threesome where Beth watched, and not just heard, AJ use Eve like a cheap whore. Then maybe she'd butt fuck Beth in front of this little brown-noser, Eve's mouth becoming almost as wide as Beth's butt hole as AJ stretched it. Then, she had no doubt, Eve would started figuratively kissing her ass, cheering her on a she pounded Beth's butt.

That of course led AJ to glance at her phone and wonder what her secret bitch was doing right now. Was she gearing up to shove a dildo in her ass? Maybe lubing it up or fingering her back hole? Or was the mighty Glamazon already frantically abusing her fat ass while the whole time wishing it was AJ's strap-on that was ramming in and out of her ass hole. Or perhaps Beth was sitting on her hands trying to resist the urge to get herself off, or even listening, as AJ made another of Beth's bitches hers. Try as she might she couldn't hear anything, not that it really mattered as soon she would force the truth out of Beth and punish or reward her accordingly.

In the meantime Eve was doing some of her best work, tongue fucking AJ more rapidly than ever before, her hand squeezing her ass as she pulled her cunt and her own face forwards so that Eve was literally smothering herself with AJ's cunt. This enthusiasm, having Eve on her knees and thinking about Beth anally masturbating to all of this combined to make AJ rushed towards the edge of orgasm and then over it, a loud squeal of ecstasy echoing throughout the room as the smallest diva on the roster came in the WWE diva's champion's mouth and all over that bitchy diva's face.

AJ tried her best to say something coherent, but it was no use, she was too far gone. Although not too far gone to not realise Eve had removed her tongue in favour of frantically swallowing as much of the yummy girl cum as she could, the sensation of having her cum sucked out of her more than enough to keep AJ on her high. And oh how she would have loved for Eve's tongue to return and make her cum a few more times, but she wanted to save her strength for pounding Eve's ass hole with her strap-on. So even though it almost physically hurt AJ tightened the grip she already had in Eve's hair, forced her away from her cunt when she was sure the other girl had swallowed all of her cum and then turned around.

"Pucker up brown-noser!" AJ said, slapping her own ass with the hand which had been holding Eve's hair, "It's time for you to literally kiss some ass! Mmmmmmm, come on slut, don't act like you haven't done this before. I've seen your pretty face buried in between Beth's big fat butt cheeks plenty of times, so I'm sure this will be a real treat for you."

Eve blushed as AJ's words reminded her of all those times she worshipped Beth's ass, not just in the locker rooms in front of everyone but in private. Obviously it was more humiliating with an audience, but in private Beth had more patience, often enjoying a good book while Eve's face was buried in between her cheeks for hours. Luckily for Eve she wasn't normally Beth's first choice to be her ass kisser, but she did it enough to know what to do, and she doubted AJ would accept a second-rate performance, so after the other brunette let out a annoyed sounding cough Eve shot forwards and pressed her lips to AJ's left ass cheek.

"That's right, kiss my ass!" AJ grinned as she felt Eve's lips on her backside, "Mmmmmmmm, and speaking of right, don't forget about my right butt cheek. Yes, that's it you little kiss ass, don't let either of those cheeks feel neglected. Embrace your true self Eve. Embrace the fact that you're an ass kissing bitch who will do anything to get ahead by literally becoming my ass kissing bitch!"

Instinctively Eve glared up at AJ, but there was nothing she could do. Nothing but glare and move her lips from one cheek to the other, Eve covering those cheeks in kisses as a sign of respect to the tiny woman who had conquered her. That's what AJ had done. AJ had kicked her ass and merely a few hours later had Eve on her knees kissing AJ's ass, the little pipsqueak effortlessly humiliating her, and part of Eve was loving it. Sure, she fantasised about shoving her biggest strap-on up this tight little booty and giving this uppity bitch the butt fucking of a lifetime, but that just let her to thinking about how it was going to be her butt fucked in a matter of moments, which made Eve whimper against AJ's ass cheeks in an mixture of fear and anticipation.

"Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's right ass kisser, become my personal ass kisser!" AJ giggled as she arched her back and stuck out her ass to make it easier for Eve to worship it, "Yeeeeeeessssssss mmmmmmmmm, oh Eve, it feels so good to have you kiss my ass, mmmmmmmmmmm, but my ass hole is beginning to feel neglected. Oooooooooooh, I know, why don't you give it a little kiss? Oh yes, that's it Eve, spread my cheeks and kiss my fucking ass hole you tall bitch! Oh yeah, now lick it, lick my butt hole ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssss! That's it, that's exactly it, ooooooooooh tongue my little ass hole! Mmmmmmmm, tongue it like you do Beth's."

Again Eve blushed but obeyed, using both hands to pull AJ's cheeks as wide apart as possible so she could get plenty of access to the other girl's butt hole. She then gave it a little kiss before beginning to cautiously lick it. Then firmly lick it. Then before Eve knew it she was enthusiastically lapping away at that puckered rosebud, the WWE diva's champion giving the other wrestler a long drawn-out rim job as AJ continued offering encouragement. And literally laughing at her, Eve just glad that her fellow tops and the WWE universe couldn't see her submissively licking AJ's ass hole.

"Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, lick it slut! Lick my ass hole!" AJ practically growled as she reached back and pulled the other brunette deeper into her butt, "Don't be shy, really get in there. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, stick your tongue in my ass and taste what I had for breakfast! Ohhhhhhhhhh come on Eve, let go of my cheeks so you can really bury your face in my ass. Yeahhhhhhh Eve, you've been walking around with your head up Beth's butt for so long it's about time you learned that there is at least one other woman around here that's better than you, and deserves your tongue up her butt."

While part of Eve wanted to remove her tongue entirely and argue the point she really couldn't. AJ might be tiny, but she had defeated her with ease, and the funny thing was that Eve had known it was coming. It was why she was so grateful that AJ had been completely distracted by the men, and women, in her life and had left the title to her, because if she fought the much more experienced wrestler for the belt she knew she wouldn't stand a chance, the thought making Eve whimper as she let go of those cheeks and let them smother her face as she started pushing her tongue up AJ's ass.

"YES, that's it, mmmmmmmmm, get your tongue up my tight little butt! Mmmmmmmm, fuck me!" AJ squealed with delight.

AJ was sure she said more, no doubt a lot more, but she became lost in the wonderful sensation of having Eve Torres eating her ass out. Oh yes, for someone who used her mouth to hurt everyone around her Eve was really talented at oral, worshipping pussy and ass with her pretty little mouth and making the recipient feel so good. So good in fact that AJ considered making Eve a bottom again when Beth gave in and begged her to take her place as Alpha female and take the mighty Beth Phoenix as her full-time bitch. AJ was sure that would be a great way to start off her reign, diva after diva lining up to give Eve a taste of her own medicine.

Then again that was the fate AJ had picked out for Beth, and she couldn't do much better than throwing The Glamazon to the wolves. At best Eve would be a yummy desert, served after all the other divas had been spoilt on the delicacy which was submissive Beth Phoenix. So maybe she'll keep Eve all to herself just as Beth had done recently, perhaps only allowing her girlfriend Kaitlyn a shot at this wonderful mouth, and Eve's tight little ass. The tight little ass AJ was about to destroy, the smaller brunette reaching down to rub her clit, that and the thought of destroying Eve's tight ass while Eve's tongue was as far as it could go up her own tight booty making AJ cum again.

It was nowhere near a satisfying as the last, but AJ were still tempted to spend a little longer with Eve rimming her butt. Like a couple of hours maybe. But as much as she liked getting her ass worshipped it was time for AJ to really make Eve her bitch, so with a grin on her face she ordered, "Mmmmmmmm, that was great, but it's time to wreck your rectum. So take your tongue out of my ass so I can go and get one of my strap-ons."

Eve whimpered into her ass, and then when she pulled her tongue out reminded AJ, "You, you said you would be gentle, remember?"

"I did." AJ softly conceded as she walked over to her bag, then she grinned as she pulled out a huge dildo, "But I didn't say I would use a small strap-on. Or even that I would use lube."

As AJ steps into the harness and started pulling it up her thighs Eve gulped, "Could, could I suck it at least? Please?"

Tightening the strap-on around her waist AJ pretended to look thoughtful before smiling, "I guess that would be ok, as long as you promise to do a good job."

"Oh, I promise." Eve said in relief as she waddled over on her knees to where AJ was now standing, "I promise I'll be the best cock sucker you've ever had."

AJ giggled as with that Eve grabbed the shaft by the base and wrapped her lips around the tip, sucking noisily as she then started to bob her head up and down it. Then, with a somewhat smug look in her eye, Eve more or less lived up to her promise by taking inch after inch of dildo into her mouth and down her throat. Of course AJ had trained Kaitlyn to deep throat her cock just like this, and after a lot of practice Beth had become just as big a sword swallower, however it was still impressive, Eve sucking and slurping eagerly with the full length of the dildo down her windpipe, definitely making her one of the best cock suckers AJ had ever had.

Despite her teasing AJ had been totally going to make Eve suck her cock before the other diva had offered. After all, she may hate this bitch, but she wasn't a monster and wasn't about to literally ruin her rectum, even though there was a sadistic part of AJ which thought she would rather enjoy truly destroying Eve's booty. However figuratively would be more than enough, especially if Eve officially became her bitch shortly afterwards, AJ again becoming lost in the idea of how Beth's submission to her would mean that all the WWE divas past and present would become her little lesbian fuck toys as she allowed Eve a few minutes to give her a long drawn-out blow job.

"Ok, that's enough lube." AJ grinned, pulling the dildo out of Eve's mouth, "Now, what position shall I fuck your ass in?"

"Whatever position you want AJ." Eve quickly replied while making sure to sound subservient.

"Nice submissive reply brown-noser." AJ laughed, "But I'm actually asking. What position would you like me to ass fuck you in?"

Eve blushed, thought about it for a second, and then admitted, "I, I like it when I can ride it. That way I get to control how much I take, and at what speed."

AJ consider this for a moment, then nodded her head, "I suppose since you've been such a good little submissive slut, I'll be nice just this once. But you're going to have to get your tongue much further up my ass if you want this treat next time. Do you understand me bitch?"

"Yes AJ." Eve blushed, not even trying to argue that this was a one-time thing as deep down she suspected this was the first of many times she would be submitting to little AJ Lee, "Do you want me in cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl?"

"Mmmm, let's start off with reverse cowgirl. That way I can enjoy watching your booty bounce for me." AJ grinned as she jumped on the bed so that her head was resting against the pillow and then criss-crossed her fingers behind her head in a cocky pose and ordered, "Now pop out that butt-plug and come sit on my dick. Mmmmmmmm oh Eve, your ass is so hot. I'm going to love fucking it."

Eve blushed once again as she did as she was told, standing up and turning around so AJ could get a good view of her slowly pulling out the plug. Then she quickly jumped onto the bed and got into position, and then pulled her ass cheeks apart to expose her ass hole. At least that way she didn't have to look at AJ's grinning face as she slowly positioned her butt hole over the far smaller girl's cock and started pushing herself downwards, Eve softly quivering with humiliation when she felt she had made contact. This was it, the moment she was going to get fucked up the ass by the smallest girl on the roster, Eve having to redefine her understanding of humiliation as she took a calming breath to relax herself best she could before forcefully pushing downwards and violating her own ass hole.

Only too happy to help AJ kept a firm grip of her dildo, that and the lubricant, and the relentless butt fuckings she used to take when she was a full-time bottom, allowed Eve's ass hole to stretch with ease, the cry which escaped her mouth even containing some undeniable pleasure along with the pain, which was exactly what Eve felt. Which of course made her blush even more in humiliation, AJ capitalising on this by letting out a laugh which seemed to amplify the feeling of shame overwhelming Eve before beginning to do the exact same thing by taunting her mercilessly.

"That's it Eve, take my cock!" AJ encouraged enthusiastically, "Mmmmmmmmmm, your ass hole looks so good wrapped around my cock. In fact, I don't think you've ever looked better. But don't get lazy now, I still want every inch of that fucking dick up your tight little ass. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that's it Eve, good girl. Be a good little submissive lesbian bitch for me and take every single inch of my big strap-on dildo in that tight little ass of yours. Mmmmmmmmmmm, that's it bitch, take every inch up your butt and then bounced that booty like the anal whore everybody knows that you really are."

Trying to ignore the little pipsqueak Eve closed her eyes, bit her lip and started slowly lowering herself down further on AJ's cock. As that massive dildo slowly travelled up her tailpipe Eve was bombarded by the same humiliating pain and unwelcomed pleasure she experienced before, not that she was any stranger to it. Beth butt fucked her more than she would like to admit, and to her shame the Glamazon never failed to make her cum incredibly hard from being fucked up the butt. That's why Eve desperately wanted to avoid being sodomised by AJ in front of the other divas, they would see how much she loved it and none of them would ever take her seriously as a top again.

Sure enough when the rest of that strap-on was inside her ass and she started bouncing up and down on it whatever initial pain Eve felt soon melted away and she felt nothing but pleasure. Overwhelming pleasure, which she tried desperately to fight, but she was soon moaning like the total anal whore Beth had easily turned her into. The anal whore she could so easily become again if she wasn't careful, and considering how badly she had treated AJ when she was the one on top Eve was terrified that the other brunette wouldn't hesitate to expose her for the anal loving slut she truly was.

AJ was certainly thinking about it. Regardless of what Eve may think AJ would probably be doing her a favour. Just like Beth it couldn't be clearer to AJ that Eve was a natural bottom who loved nothing more than to take it up the ass for truly dominant women like AJ Lee. Besides, Eve would look so cute at the centre of her own lesbian anal gang bang, every single diva on the roster taking it in turns to sodomise this stuck up bitch and then make her clean their strap-on dildos. Perhaps they would even make Eve airtight, a strap-on in all three of her fuck holes, AJ telling each diva to stick what where and when. However that was the fate she was reserving for Beth Phoenix, and it wouldn't hurt to have a sidekick of her own, AJ using Eve as Beth currently did, to help keep the other divas in line when she wasn't around.

Both ideas appealed greatly, and AJ just like that Eve's fate now lay in the palm of her hand, but she didn't need to decide right away. Especially when she was confronted by her favourite sight in the world, a bigger and stronger woman's butt hole stretching around her strap-on cock. True, AJ preferred to be the one doing the pumping, but there was an undeniable thrill of making a big, strong bitch anally ride her like this. In fact she had become quite addicted to making the mighty Beth Phoenix bounce her fat ass on her dick, and she did love the added bonus of making her bitch spread her cheeks like Eve was doing right now so she could have had a perfect view of the ass hole sliding up and down her strap-on like a whore's mouth on a real cock.

However there was something else AJ want to see right now, "Turn around! Mmmmmmmmm, I want to see those big titties of yours bouncing while you take my dick up your ass!"

Again an adorable little whimper escaped Eve's lips but she did as she was told, slowly pulling herself up so that the dildo was halfway out of her ass before turning around and then sliding all the way back down the shaft. It was a technique Beth had gone to great lengths to teach all of her bitches, AJ having even seen the mighty Natalya and the formerly mighty Trish Stratus turning around on Beth's dick without allowing the man-made meat to leave their tailpipes completely. It was a reminder of the dominance of Beth Phoenix, the woman who AJ was secretly butt fucking every chance she got, the tiny brunette lost in the thoughts of her favourite bitch for a little while before the bigger brunette began bouncing on her cock again, this time face to face.

That was when AJ started really enjoying what had to be Eve's best feature, namely her huge tits which almost smacked the other girl in the face every time she lifted herself upwards. It was so comical AJ couldn't help laugh at her once proud rival, her delight growing as those upward bounces added to the look of utter humiliation on Eve's face, the other WWE diva desperately trying to avoid her gaze, but eventually their eyes did lock for a second, and that was it. AJ knew from then on that all it would take was a little push and Eve would be her brown nosing bitch instead of Beth's, and that's exactly the role AJ wanted her in.

Eve wanted to be grateful when AJ finally broke eye contact, but that just meant that the smaller diva went back to staring at her big boobs, making Eve flush with embarrassment again. She wanted to slow down so at least they would bounce a little less, but her slutty ass was so close to giving her the type of orgasm she could only receive through anal sex. Of course there was no way Eve was going to do that. She wanted too, she wanted to so badly, but she was worried if she started slamming herself harder on that cock AJ would stop completely, and Eve's pride wouldn't allow her to beg for more, at least not without prompting.

Thankfully, after what felt like an eternity, AJ finally gave her that prompting, "You wanna cum Eve? You want to cum with a dick in your ass?"

After a few long seconds Eve just couldn't resist whimpering softly, "Yes."

"Then cum for me." AJ said, "Bounce that booty and cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass!"

With grateful tears in her eyes Eve started slamming herself at full speed up and down the dildo, cumming in what felt like seconds. It was the type of orgasm she hadn't received in weeks. Three to be exact, the powerful sensations rocking her body turning her into the complete anal whore she was whenever Beth was taking her ass. And for a wonderful and terrifying moment Eve thought that was exactly what was happening to her as she was suddenly flipped onto her back, her legs pushed up to her shoulders and her butt hole began to receive the type of brutal fucking that previously only The Glamazon had given it.

To her amazement Eve realised exactly what was happening to her, that tiny little AJ Lee was folding her up like an accordion, her legs resting on the pipsqueak's shoulders and she slammed her ass hole as hard as Beth had ever done. Perhaps even harder. And Eve's ass loved her for it. Eve loved her for it, her rival causing her cum to squirt almost painfully hard out of her cunt as the tiny little girl redefined Eve's understanding of rectum wrecking, each of AJ's powerful thrusts feeling like they would literally destroy her ass and yet still Eve incoherently pleaded for more because it felt so good.

If this was a few years ago Eve would have got down on her knees after this hellacious ass fucking and begged to be AJ's full-time bitch. Honestly it was going to be difficult for Eve not to do exactly that, because she couldn't remember ever cumming this hard. Not from a submissive slut's mouth, or from butt fucking another woman, and certainly not from a man. Not even Beth Phoenix herself had made Eve cum this much, and as much as Eve wanted to be a top and at least be one of the divas running this division the current WWE diva's champion knew she couldn't live her life without knowing the joy of being butt fucked by little AJ Lee.

AJ vaguely remembered cumming as hard as Eve now was, and there was only a tiny part of her which ached to feel that sensation again. However knowing she was the one to make another woman cum this hard to anal sex was mentally satisfying beyond anything else she'd ever experienced. Sure, this wasn't quite as satisfying as sodomising The Glamazon, however Eve had ass fucked her plenty of times, and been a way bigger bitch about it than Beth, so it was definitely fun to turn this bitch into her bitch. Oh yes, Eve was her personal bitch now, something AJ took great delight in reminding her new conquest.

"You're my bitch now Eve! Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, you're my little bitch!" AJ growled directly into Eve's face, "I loved being your bitch, but I'm really, really going to love having you as mine. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck, everybody thinks you're a brown-noser now, just you wait Eve, because you're going to practically live with your face buried in between my cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm going to make you kiss my ass even more than I'm going to fuck your ass, oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, and I'm going to fuck your ass a lot. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, when I'm Alpha female you're just going to be another piece of ass in my collection, but I'm going to go out of my way to keep you in-line by ruining your ass hole almost as much as you lick mine you brown nosing little bitch!"

That had probably been more information than AJ had wanted to let slip, but despite the fact that she was looking right at her AJ was pretty sure Eve was in no condition to even comprehend her words. She certainly didn't give a coherent reply, just screaming and squealing incoherently as AJ lovingly continue to slam her ass through orgasm after orgasm. And as the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of anally abusing this bigger girl who used to bully her around caught up with her AJ experienced a powerful climax of her own, followed by another and another and another, until there was no way either WWE diva could have cared what the other one was saying.

They became like mindless animals, completely lost in the perverted act of butt sex, AJ just mindlessly slamming Eve's most private hole with every ounce of her strength for as long as she could. Even Eve got in on the action, pushing herself forward and up in time with AJ's downward thrusts to make sure that dildo went as deep and as hard into her bowels as possible with every rectum wrecking thrust. However while AJ had saved all her strength for this hard fucking, and practically lived in the gym, she didn't have unlimited stamina and ultimately she ran out of steam, her sweaty body collapsing down on the equally sweaty body beneath her.

She just about had enough sense to slide Eve's legs off of her shoulders just beforehand, but the bigger brunette just wrapped them around her waist and encourage her to continue when she collapsed by pulling her in and then pushing her away slightly with her now tight grip around her waist. Whether it was a conscious decision or not this led to AJ gently pumping a few moans, and possibly some orgasms, out of Eve as the two of them lay there gasping for breath and desperately tried to recover. Luckily AJ knew the perfect way to regain a little strength, even if it would only be adrenaline.

* * *

Beth meanwhile was screaming AJ's name into her pillow while continuing to jack-hammer a dildo in and out of her butt hole. She wasn't sure how long she had been there, lying on her front and abusing her own ass, or how many times she'd came, but the bed sheets were soaked in sweat and as the other divas finally took a break from butt pounding so did she. With a muffled groan she pulled the dildo from her ass, and then unable to resist rolled onto her side and looked behind her at the full length mirror to study her well-fucked ass hole, Beth blushing furiously as she awkwardly used the hand holding the toy to spread one of her cheeks so she could get the best possible look at her gaped hole.

After a few moments of just staring at her gaping butt hole she heard AJ taunt Eve through the phone, "Oh Eve, your butt hole look so cute when it's gaping open. I've always thought that, but especially now it's me who stretched it open. But enough about your ruined hole, it's time for you to use that big mouth of yours again. Mmmmmmmm yeah, it's time for you to become my little ass to mouth slut and clean my cock of all your nasty anal juices! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes, just like that, mmmmmmmmm, oh Eve, you look so good with your lips wrapped around an ass flavoured cock. Ohhhhhhhh yeah, Beth trained you well, didn't she?"

Recognising that pacific comment was meant for her Beth blushed. It was true, she had trained Eve to be her ATM whore, and now AJ was using her personal property like no one else, taking more of Beth's dignity when she thought she had no more to lose. It was also a reminder that Beth was now AJ's ATM whore, The Glamazon ashamed to admit it even to herself but she wished that was her sucking off her own ass cream and there. Or sucking Eve's ass cream off AJ's cock, possibly with Eve watching, the champion in total shock as she watched the Alpha female of the WWE go ass to mouth like a common street whore/WWE diva.

The thought made Beth's mouth water, bringing the dildo in front of her face as she did so. AJ would probably want her to clean up after herself, but she hadn't specifically told her too. Would she be punished if she didn't do it? Would she be punished if she did? Or was it left simply as her decision, AJ wanting to see if the most dominant woman in the history of the WWE would willingly submit herself to such a humiliation? Apparently the answer was yes, Beth moaning loudly as she wrapped her lips around that dildo and started sucking.

"That's it slut, suck my cock!" AJ's voice and the sound of frantic sucking and slurping came from Beth's phone, "Yes, suck that cock which has just been deep inside your slutty dyke ass! Mmmmmmmm, I just love it when a girl who thinks she's all that submissively sucks ass flavoured cock for me. Oh yeah, that's so hot. You're so hot.Ooooooooooh, it's so hot when a submissive little bitch tastes her ass after it's been well fucked. Mmmmmmm, and it is well fucked, isn't it. Can you feel it? Can you feel your destroyed little butt hole gaping wide open because of me, reminding you that no matter what happens right now you're my bitch. Oh yes, that's it Eve, deep throat my dildo. Mmmmmmm, get every drop of your anal cream you perverted little slut!"

Again Beth had no doubt those comments were partly or entirely made for her, but either way it made her cheeks flush. But the humiliation wasn't enough to make her stop sucking. On the contrary, it made her give the dildo in more enthusiastic blow job, taking every inch down her throat just like AJ had told her. And it wasn't enough Beth wanted this dildo to be strapped around AJ's waist. She wanted it to be AJ's cock she was sucking, before and after her tiny mistress pounded her butt hole. Anally masturbating just didn't cut it, Beth Phoenix needed to be butt fucked by AJ Lee. She needed to be dominated by her, to be her bitch. She, she just needed her little mistress.

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