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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own AJ Lee or Beth Phoenix. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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The Bigger They Are Part 1
by MTL (

Beth Phoenix loved entering a WWE divas locker room. She was always fashionably late so everyone would already be there, all of them falling silent and turning their heads towards her as she strutted over to claim a locker as hers. As she did this her eyes would scan the room, admiring her bitches, deciding which one or ones would have the privilege of eating her pussy and/or ass, and who would know the joy of her strap on in their asses. Of course sometimes she'd have already made up her mind, and other times she would still debate it, but the point was the other divas knew they would be sized up like the pieces of meat they were, the Glamazon obviously debating which one of them she would use for her pleasure.

Today was different. Beth didn't enter with her usual swagger. She didn't look at her bitches. Instead she kept her eyes down and tried to concentrate on walking normally as possible, which was proving far from an easy feat.

That something was off didn't go unnoticed, but none of the divas could figure out what it was and all but one was too afraid to ask. However as Beth's best friend and a powerful wrestler in her own right Natalya Neidhart had the guts to call out, "Hey Beth, what's up?"

There was a long moment of silence as Beth blushed, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

All of a sudden Beth heard a voice prompting her, "Well, aren't you going to tell everyone the good news?"

Turning around to face her tormentor Beth blushed. Then she opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out.

"Cold feet? Here, let me help you."

Beth's open mouth proved a too tempting target and suddenly the mighty Glamazon found herself pulled into a tiny pair of arms, the blonde forced to bent down slightly so she could kiss the much smaller woman. Despite herself Beth found herself becoming lost in the kiss, her eyelids fluttering closed so she could concentrate on massaging the invading tongue with her own. If she'd been thinking clearly Beth would have realised it was a trick.

Too late Beth found those pair of tiny hands grip onto the waistband of her tight fitting pants, the younger girl ensuring she had hold of Beth's underwear too before yanking them down, leaving the Glamazon's backside exposed.

There was a chorus of confusion, no one really having any idea what was going on but all the divas were far too afraid of Beth to say anything too loudly.

Natalya said nothing, because while everyone else was staring at Beth's butt Natalya was close enough that she could see what looked like a tiny little ring sticking out between Beth's well rounded cheeks. But that was impossible.

Beth Phoenix was the Alpha female of the WWE divas, a secret title which meant that she was in charge of her fellow divas and they in turn were her bitches. She had earned that title by brutally sodomising her predecessor Trish Stratus into submission and had been sexually humiliating every diva on the roster ever since. Having a huge anal kink the Glamazon never went a day without abusing the asses of her fellow divas, but unlike every other WWE diva she had never taken it in the ass. The only thing she allowed up her ass was another girl's tongue, something Natalya knew from experience.

So Natalya's eyes must have been playing tricks on her, because there was no way such a dominating woman would ever allow a butt plug anywhere near her.

Just as the thought went through Natalya's head a hand reached behind Beth and grabbed a firm hold of that little ring which Natalya was sure wasn't really there.

Beth whimpered softly in protest and blushed but didn't try and stop what was happening.

Natalya's eyes grew as big as saucers in disbelief and amazement as she watched the Glamazon's ass hole slowly stretch wide open to allow a large toy to be pulled out of it. The butt plug had to be 2 inches thick and it seemed to be longer than Natalya's arm as it just kept coming and coming.

All around the room there were loud swears and gasps of amazement and disbelief as the huge butt plug was slowly pulled from Beth's butt hole, the head finally coming out with a loud pop which left the WWE divas looking in disbelief from the 12 inches long dildo and the Glamazon's obscenely gaping ass hole.

Once everybody had been given ample time to stare little AJ Lee broke the kiss with Beth, moved slightly to the side and smacked the feared Glamazon's butt.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" AJ ordered boldly, "Show everybody the hole I now own, and tell them exactly what you are now."

For a few seconds Beth just stared at the petite brunette, both herself and AJ knowing full well that this was the Glamazon's last chance to regain control. Because sure, AJ had humiliated Beth privately to the point the former champion might never be the same again, and it would be a struggle to regain her place after all the other divas had seen her ass hole stretched so widely, but if anyone could do it it was the Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Brutalising AJ's cute little butt would be a good start, Beth spanking it until it was bright red and the tiny girl was begging for mercy. Then Beth could make the younger diva eat her pussy or ass, or she could skip right to using the biggest strap on in her collection to ass fuck AJ for hours, turning the uppity little bitch's butt hole into such a widely open crater that Beth could shove her hand up AJ's ass without touching the sides. After that Beth could butt fuck every single one of the other divas until they wouldn't even remember what they had just seen. That was what the Glamazon Beth Phoenix should do.

Instead the Glamazon Beth Phoenix bent over, reached back, spread her ass cheeks, lowered her head, and whimpered, "I'm... I'm AJ's bitch."

There was a few long seconds of silence, the other WWE divas clearly still not believing what they were seeing, then there was a chorus of applause and congratulations for AJ. This caused a fresh blushed to cross Beth's cheeks, the mighty Glamazon thinking back to how she had ended up in this position.

* * *

It had all started innocently enough, that was to say with Beth forcefully pushing AJ against a wall and turning her around so she could grind against the smaller girl's ass while growling in her ear, "Hey there pretty girl, guess who's ass I'm fucking tonight?"

"B, Beth... I'm a top now." AJ tried to say firmly, though it came out as a whimper.

Beth chuckled, "Just because your little girlfriend and a few of the other anal sluts around here happily bend over for you doesn't mean jack. You and all the so-called divas around here belonged to me. And if you're forgetting that, well, between later tonight and our match I bet I could remind you."

"You, you could..." AJ stammered, before finally managing to find the courage playing Crazy AJ had given her lately, "Or we could make this interesting?"

"How so?" Beth asked with a raised eyebrow.

Turning to look Beth directly in the eye AJ whispered, "Traditional diva rules."

This made Beth laugh harder than she had in a long time, directly into AJ's face to emphasize her point, "You actually think you can beat me?"

"Kelly used to all the time." AJ shot back.

Immediately becoming deadly serious again Beth growled, "Yeah, but that was just to piss me off so I'd slam fuck her tight little ass so hard she'd barely be able to walk. And she had the good sense not to challenge me to a traditional match. In fact no one has since Maryse got herself injured so she could finally go more than a few hours without getting her ass fucked!"

"So what are you afraid of?" AJ questioned.

"I'm not afraid of anything!" Beth snapped, fuming with anger for a few seconds before laughing, "You know what, you're on! But if you think what me and Nattie used to do to you and Kaitlyn was bad, you just wait. When I'm done with your ass hole you'll never even think about strapping on a cock again. Hell, you'll probably end up quitting the WWE just to get away from me, and even then I bet your ass hole never fully closes again! You'll probably never sit properly again too. And just remember you asked for this. I've never lost a traditional match, and I never will!"

* * *

Perhaps Beth should have known better than to jinx herself like that but when it really mattered she had always won. She'd beaten everyone from Victoria to Natalya to the legendary Trish and Lita. Even Stephanie had fallen before her. Or more accurately bent over and spread her butt cheeks. However Beth made the mistake of punishing AJ when she should have finished her off, but the uppity little bitch started off the match by slapping The Glamazon across the face. What could Beth do except teach the little pipsqueak a lesson.

So Beth responded to the slap with a brutal forearm strike which knocked AJ to the ground, the muscular blonde immediately mounting the dazed diva and delivering a series of vicious right hands, utilising the five count to punish the tiny brunette. After that Beth pulled AJ up by her hair and began throwing the smaller girl around like a rag doll, using a variety of different suplexs and slams to effortlessly lift the other diva high into the air and then bring her crashing back down to the mat.

After about five minutes of brutalising her opponent Beth hit AJ with her finishing move the Glam slam, a huge grin on her face as she drove the smaller diva's face into the mat and then turned her over into the pinning position. Half-heartedly the audience chanted along with account, everyone fully expecting this would be it as anyone kicking out of the Glam slam was almost unheard of. However at the last second Beth pulled AJ up by her hair, her grin becoming even more evil as she dragged her clearly defeated opponent back up, hit her with another Glam slam and again pulled her up before the three count.

Hellbent on making an example of this girl Beth busted out two moves she had previously used as finishers, the Samoan drop followed by a delayed fishermen's suplex, for the latter keeping AJ upside down in the air for almost a full minute before bringing her crashing down to the canvas. Then, after a little posing, Beth finally picked AJ up for what she intended to be the match ending Glam slam, only to be taken by surprise by an elbow from the tiny girl.

While the blonde was stunned AJ jumped onto Beth's back and applied a sleeper hold. Starting to get lightheaded Beth defensively moved backwards against a turnbuckle to try to get AJ to let go. AJ almost got the wind knocked out of her from the powerful impact, but she was resilient enough to change the hold by reaching under Beth's left arm and grabbing her wrist to raise it above Beth's head trapping it. AJ followed this by quickly lifting her left leg up to Beth's neck to try to lock in another submission. Before Beth knew what was happening AJ had her in a Pentagram submission. With Beth's head and arm trapped between AJ's powerful thighs the Glamazon struggled to break free, the older diva almost achieving her goal when out of desperation she fell backwards, driving her weight onto the smaller girl. Unfortunately AJ still held on tightly, leading to panic flooding Beth's body as she made a few last desperate attempts to struggle free as her whole world slowly turned black.

A few long moments after the powerful blonde went limp the referee cautiously lifted up Beth's right arm which fell limply down once, twice and finally a third time, leading to a mixture of cheers and surprise murmurings from the audience as the ref called for the bell.

As her music began playing AJ released the hold and began jumping around wildly for joy before she wisely ran away with a big smile on her face and the historic upset win, leaving the mighty Glamazon to slowly come too. When she did it took Beth a few long seconds to figure out what had just happened. Then the powerful blonde fumed with rage, Beth letting out a scream of frustration before running after the brunette bitch.

* * *

Tracking AJ down was easy enough, and when she did Beth immediately slammed the smaller diva against the nearest wall and growled, "You bitch."

"I believe you'll find you're the bitch here Beth." AJ grinned, feeling on cloud nine thanks to her win.

Fuming with rage Beth began to yell, "Do you realise what's going to happen to you now AJ? I'm-"

"You're going to bend over!" AJ interrupted sternly, "Because if you don't I'll tell everyone you refuse to follow the rules, and you know what happens then, don't you Beth? Pretty much all the divas will gang up on you, hold you down and spank you until you're begging to be butt fucked. Then they'll gang bang your butt until you're begging someone else to be the Alpha female, because you just can't pretend you're a top anymore."

There was a few moments of silence and then Beth grumbled, "It's my word against yours."

"Yeah, and we both know Stephanie, Trish, Lita and even your buddy Natalya will happily use any excuse to ass fuck you into submission." AJ pointed out, pausing to let that sink in before adding, "Or, you could come over to my hotel room tonight and honour your end of the bargain by taking one little butt fucking. If you do I promise I won't tell anyone, not even Kaitlyn, so your reputation will remain intact. If you don't, well, one way or another I'm sure I'll end up getting a turn with your ass, even if I have to wait in a very long line to do it."

Beth gritted her teeth and opened her mouth to say something but AJ beat her to the punch by shoving her tongue down her throat. The Glamazon wasn't used to such treatment, and when she began fighting back, her skilled tongue gaining the upper hand, AJ pulled away and smiled.

"Think about it." AJ said, managing to break free of Beth's now loose grip and skip away, leaving the muscular blonde stunned and questioning what she should do.

* * *

Hours later Beth found herself standing outside AJ's door. More than anything she wanted to break it down and ass fuck AJ into a whimpering wreck. Instead she politely knocked on the door and waited for AJ to open it. She didn't have to wait long, the door quickly flying open to reveal AJ wearing only a strap on dildo and a grin.

"I was beginning to think you weren't going to show." AJ said brightly, stepping aside so Beth could enter the room.

Unlike AJ's strap on and smile the hotel room wasn't very big, not that it was surprising. WWE superstars and divas never knew when an injury or a falling out with management or something could end their careers so it was always important to save money whenever possible. The possible downside in the situation was it meant that the moment she walked in Beth was faced with the bed in which she would receive the ultimate humiliation. Not that it really mattered, AJ was clearly in no mood to wait around and honestly neither was Beth.

"Let's just get this over with." Beth grumbled, beginning to strip off her clothes the second AJ shut and locked the door.

"Oh Beth, you're so romantic." AJ giggled, The Glamazon giving her one of those stairs which normally terrified the tiny diva but tonight AJ felt untouchable, "But it's not up to you though, is it Beth? No, tonight I'm the top and I get to make the decisions. You're just the bottom."

"For tonight maybe, but tomorrow I'm going to make you wish you'd just bent over when you had the chance." Beth growled, getting in AJ's face as she took off her bra, secretly hoping to intimidate the smaller girl into just surrendering to her.

"Maybe." AJ murmured, staring at Beth's big boobs for a few moments before looking up at the blonde with a wide grin, "But for now, you're my bitch. That means you have to do what I say, when I say, so... get down on your knees, bitch!"

AJ switched from playful to serious with the last few words, the little diva feeling very proud of herself not just for having the guts to say that to Beth but managing to keep her cool as the muscular blonde stared down at her with the most terrifying look AJ had ever seen.

Of course AJ had been expecting this reaction and had spent the last couple of hours psyching herself up to do this. After all if she was going to top the longest reigning Alpha female in the history of the WWE AJ was going to need to act the part. Besides, Beth HAD to do what she said, something AJ reminded herself over and over again for a few terrifying seconds as Beth continued looking at her as if she was about to snap her like a twig, something the powerful blonde could no doubt do without breaking a sweat.

Then to AJ's delight Beth cursed and dropped to her knees, her head lowered in defeat.

Resisting the urge to jump for joy, which would have no doubt affected the momentum she had as a top, AJ grabbed her 'dick' and began stroking it as if it was real, the whole time watching as Beth refused to look up. After a few seconds of this AJ slowly stepped forwards so that if her cock had been real she would be literally jerking off in Beth's face.

After another few seconds AJ ordered softly, "Look at me Beth."

Beth made AJ regret that commanders she looked up at her with a steely gaze, although sadly that didn't stop the little brunette from pressing the dildo to the blonde's lips and softly ordering, "Open up."

There seem to be a long staring match again between the two divas, AJ being the one to literally blink first however metaphorically speaking it was Beth, the Glamazon momentarily excepting her debasement as she slowly parted her lips wide enough to allow the weaker girl to push the dildo into her mouth.

"Now suck it." AJ said huskily before grinning, "I know you're not used to that, what with you being a big butch dyke and all, but tonight every inch of this cock is going straight up your ass! So I suggest you embrace your inner cock sucker Beth, because this is the only lube you'll be getting. Which if you think about it is fitting, as it's all you used to give me."

If possible Beth's blood boiled even hotter and her gaze became even deadlier for a few long moments, then The Glamazon finally broke the stair and started sucking AJ's cock. This was something which felt alien in more ways than one to the Glamazon as Beth had been with enough men to know she preferred women, and while in her past with men she had given the occasional blow job she had never sucked another woman's dick before. And why would she? She was the most dominant woman the WWE had ever known, turning every single diva in her path into a whimpering submissive slut. So this was indeed an indignity Beth had hoped never to know, although it was at least more pleasant than sucking a man's cock. The taste was better for one thing, as was the smell, but mostly Beth enjoyed it because she was envisioning that it was AJ sucking her cock, something that would be happening very soon.

Not soon enough however, especially as AJ began to 'encourage' her, "Come on Beth, you need to do better than that. Remember, every single inch of that dick is going deep into your butt, stretching you like you've never been stretched before, so you've got to get every single inch of it nice and wet. You've just got too. Spit on it if you have too, just make it wet. Come on Beth, spit on to the base and then rub it in with your hand. Yes, that's it! More. Don't forget to keep sucking my cock. Mmmmmm, that's it, good little Glamazon."

Hearing her nickname, which she had spent so much time teaching the other WWE divas to fear inside and outside the ring, being used in such a playful and even degrading tone had Beth glaring up at AJ, but once again it had no effect which led the blonde to a rather terrifying conclusion... she really was going to have to go through this. She really was going to have to take a dick up her ass.

Her entire professional life Beth had been dreading doing just that, but once it became clear she was finally going to have to suffer that very dignity her cunt absurdly became wet, the powerful blonde blushing furiously at the undeniable evidence of her body's betrayal. Refusing to try and rationalise it Beth did the only thing she could do under the circumstances, make sure the dildo was as wet as possible by embracing her inner cock sucker. That was why Beth began to bob her head up and down on AJ's dick at a slow but steady rhythm, eventually lowering her head far enough that the dildo hit the back of her mouth. Then, with a lot of effort, the mighty Glamazon forced herself to suffer the indignity of deep throating a cock. Not that she got very far, Beth beginning to choke after just a few inches, but she kept trying, the former WWE women's and diva's champion suddenly feeling desperate to make the dick as wet as possible.

This delighted AJ, "Mmmmmm yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Suck my cock Beth! Take my cock down your throat! Ohhhh yes, get it nice and wet so I can shove it straight up your dyke ass! Mmmmmm fuck, can you imagine it Beth? Can you imagine what it's going to feel like to have this massive cock forcing your virgin ass hole open? Huh? Your untouched back passage slowly stretching for this big cock? Your insides being rearranged as I turn your shit hole into my own personal fuck hole? Think about that little Glamazon. Think about what it's going to be like to get a taste of your own medicine!"

Even from this angle AJ could tell that Beth was thinking about it, the little brunette letting the big tough blonde contemplate what was about to happen to her for a long ten minutes, at which point the dildo was thoroughly lubed as whatever Beth hadn't stuffed down her throat she had thoroughly spat on.

Finally AJ ordered, "Stand up."

Beth was more hesitant to obey this order, and when she finally did she didn't look AJ in the eye, something which made the little WWE diva grin happily.

"Look at me." AJ commanded softly, waiting until Beth was looking her in the eye to step forward so they were nose to nose. Then, after staring the big tough Glamazon down for a few long seconds, AJ murmured the words she had heard from this former champion countless times, "Bend over, bitch."

Again Beth hesitated, a brief look flashing over her face like she was about to offer AJ anything not to go through with this. Then the terrifying blonde slowly turned towards the bed, crawled on top of it, and then pushed her ass up into the air, offering it up to be fucked.

For a few seconds AJ pretty much just drooled at the sight, then with a huge grin on her face the brunette jumped into position behind the blonde, grabbed two handfuls of Beth's well rounded butt and began playing with it. That included squeezing, pinching and most importantly slapping, AJ licking her lips as she watched Beth's butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of each strike, which made the tiny diva question whether she should spank The Glamazon or not.

Technically she had already decided not to as she really wanted to save all her strength for fucking Beth's virgin ass, however watching those cheeks jiggle like that made AJ seriously want to reconsider that decision. She certainly gave The Glamazon a mini spanking, AJ bringing her hand down as hard as she could on Beth's butt half a dozen times just to watch the flesh ripple, and maybe to turn it a little pink. Mostly though AJ simply stuck with groping the blonde's ass, silently promising herself if she ever got another shot at this hot ass she would definitely give it a proper spanking.

AJ actually became kind of lost in the vision of herself spanking The Glamazon, but also kind of lost in simply the joy of groping Beth's ass, the thought in turn making her smile and wonder something out loud, "You know something Beth, I always thought you were a really underrated hottie. I mean you've got those big beautiful boobs, and this big juicy ass which just looks so... fuck-able. I bet if you weren't such a scary top divas would be lining up to fuck your big, fat ass."

AJ could practically hear Beth's teeth grinding in anger but the former women's and diva's champion said nothing, leading AJ to grin again and then spread The Glamazon's ass cheeks as wide as possible.

"Mmmmmm, and just look at those fuck holes. They're so pretty... and so obviously eager to be fucked." AJ beamed as she moved a couple of fingers down to gently stroke Beth's pussy lips, "Ooooooh God, you're sooooo fucking wet Beth. You must really wanna get ass fucked."

"Fuck you AJ!" Beth blushed furiously before letting out a sharp gasp as AJ pushed a finger into her cunt.

"No, it's actually me who'll be fucking you Beth. It's me, little AJ Lee, who's going to fuck your virgin ass!" AJ growled lustfully as she gave the bigger girl's pussy a quick finger fucking before then pressing that pussy juice coated finger against Beth's rosebud and pushed forcefully forwards, both WWE divas letting out loud cries as AJ's finger slowly violated The Glamazon's virgin ass, "Oh my God... you're sooooooo tight. I've never felt an ass this tight before."

"That's because only complete ass whores like your girlfriend let you fuck their asses." Beth snapped angrily.

Defiant to the end, AJ thought with a grin, pulling her finger from Beth's ass hole after a few quick thrusts and then slowly leaning in and whispering, "I guess that makes you my ass whore, huh Beth?"

"NO! You're my ass whore, and no matter what happens you'll always be nothing but my ass whore!" Beth screamed angrily as she felt the tip of AJ's strap on cock pressing against her virgin ass hole, the blonde gripping tightly to the bed sheets beneath her and gritted her teeth as she accepted her fate.

This was it, the moment she had dreaded her entire professional life. A moment which was agonisingly drawn out, Beth having to use every ounce of willpower she possessed to prevent herself from whimpering as she felt her virgin butt hole beginning to open from AJ's slow but insistent thrust.

Beth had ass fucked countless women, a lot of them anal virgins before she got her hands on them. Some of them Beth had savoured, taking her time to slowly opened their ass holes to draw out the joy of ass fucking them. AJ's girlfriend Kaitlyn had been one of those women due to her muscular physique and the fact that she used to compete in bodybuilding competitions, so while in reality she hadn't put up much of a fight Beth had enjoyed taking the anal cherry of a woman almost as strong as herself. Meanwhile AJ was such a tiny little thing and had been so easy to conquer that Beth had treated her like an insignificant notch on her belt and slammed through her virgin butt hole after applying only the minimum of lube. As such Beth would have thought AJ would have wanted to get her revenge by brutalising her back door cherry. Of course whether AJ knew it or not this was a far more effective revenge, the mighty Glamazon forced to wallow in the humiliation of being robbed of her anal virginity.

Not only did the build up take forever but when AJ finally did it, pushed the head of the dildo into Beth's virgin butt hole, the little pipsqueak officially taking the Glamazon's anal cherry, AJ stopped in her tracks and murmured over and over again, "I did it! I got your anal cherry! I got the Glamazon Beth Phoenix's anal cherry! Me, little AJ Lee, just popped the anal cherry of the big bad Glamazon Beth Phoenix!"

Those words were more or less repeated, Beth doing her best to ignore them for several long minutes as the initial pain of her ass hole being penetrated for the first time slowly faded. Then the weaker diva seem to take some time to just stare down to where her strap on was buried in Beth's butt hole until the stronger diva almost wanted to yell at her to get it over with and ass fuck her already. Then AJ finally started pushing the dildo the rest of the way into Beth's well rounded bottom and the powerful Glamazon found herself longing for the moments that just the head was inside her. Or just before then. Or long before then when the idea of taking it up the ass was still absurd.

It wasn't because of the pain. While that was unique Beth had experienced far worse during her wrestling career. There was even a gentle start of something that could be almost called pleasure, but after ass fucking so many women Beth knew that was an inevitable response and didn't worry about it. What did bother her however was the complete and total humiliation she felt from having her ass filled with strap on dildo. And while this moment would have been humiliating no matter what, to have it be tiny little AJ Lee being the woman who finally busted her butt cherry was so humiliating the Glamazon could barely stand it. And in the following moments it only got worse for the powerful blonde, Beth blushing furiously as she already began feeling strong sparks of pleasure coming from somewhere deep inside her bowels as a result of the butt fucking she was now receiving.

Of course while Beth was in hell AJ was in heaven. Like literally heaven on earth, something AJ was very used to at this point in her WWE career. After all there had been so many different versions of heaven for her. Beth's strap on cock up her ass. Kaitlyn's strap on cock up her ass. Pretty much having any divas' strap on cock up her ass, or using her mouth and tongue on any of their tits, pussies, or asses, but especially Kaitlyn's. Oh yes, sliding her mouth and tongue all over Kaitlyn's body might be the greatest heaven of all. Either that or fucking Kaitlyn's big juicy ass. Not that AJ didn't love it when Kaitlyn used her mouth and tongue on her, or having one of the other divas do that, but AJ had grown to prefer being the giver over the receiver, and everything with Kaitlyn was special because she was her girlfriend and she loved her. However what she was doing right now was a whole different level of heaven. Not necessarily better than it was with Kaitlyn, but something AJ had never quite experienced before.

Ever since she had started acting 'crazy' AJ had felt different. More confident. Dominant even. And up until this moment she didn't think there could be anything better than making Kaitlyn bend over for the first time. However as powerful as ass fucking her first woman had made AJ feel it was nothing on shoving a strap on up Beth Phoenix's virgin butt. In fact nothing in her entire life had ever made AJ feel this powerful and dominant, that feeling becoming overwhelming when her little thighs finally came to rest against Beth's butt cheeks, announcing the tiny diva had buried every single inch of her 10 inch strap on cock into the bowels of the feared Glamazon.

That fact caused a tiny whimper of delight to escape AJ's lips, followed by another a few minutes later when the small diva finally gripped tightly to Beth's firm waist and slowly began pulling the dildo from the bigger diva's no longer virgin ass hole. As with every second of the anal penetration AJ's eyes were locked on Beth's butt hole, watching in delight as it stretched obscenely wide to allow the strap on to slide out of it and then back into it, the brunette establishing a slow but steady rhythm as she... as she began butt fucking the Glamazon.

Butt fucking Beth. She was butt fucking Beth. She, little AJ Lee, was butt fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. The Alpha female of the WWE divas was bent over and taking AJ's big strap on dick up her fat ass.

Those words, or some variation of them, echoed in AJ's mind for hours. Literally. She glanced over at the clock to check that they were slowly ticking by, AJ never more glad than she was at that moment for her years in the WWE women's locker room where she learned to have incredible stamina. It was a mandatory requirement for a WWE diva so they could cope with the demands of their forever horny co-workers. Of course AJ's stamina wasn't infinite, but luckily she had a way around that.

"You know what? I'm tired of doing all the work. Start pushing yourself back against me." AJ ordered, immediately halting her thrusting and then when Beth didn't immediately do as she was told the weaker girl smacked the stronger girl's ass as hard as she could, making one of the Glamazon's ass cheeks jiggle, "Come on bitch, I said move it! Move that fat ass!"

Immediately Beth turned her head to give AJ a look which had never failed to make the receiver tremble and stumble over their words. Until now that was, the fact AJ had a strap on up the Glamazon's ass clearly making the smaller girl brave. Or stupid considering it only fuelled Beth's rage, the powerful blonde more determined than ever to make AJ pay for this.

Unfortunately for Beth she was currently bound by diva law to do whatever AJ said so with cheeks flushing in embarrassment the mighty Glamazon began slowly pushing herself back and forth, which earned her another smack to her ass and praise from the tiny brunette, "Yes, that's it! Bounce that fat ass on my dick! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, bounce it! Harder! I wanna see those big juicy cheeks of yours jiggling as you ride my fucking cock! Mmmmmm fuck, you really do have a great ass Beth. Ohhhhh Gawwwwd, it feels so good jiggling against my thighs. Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk yessssss, I love the feeling of Beth Phoenix's big bubble butt jiggling against my thighs as she bounces her no longer virgin ass hole on my cock! I love the feeling of The Glamazon impaling her own ass for my amusement! I love having the Alpha female of the WWE taking it up the ass for me!"

Ignoring AJ's words Beth concentrated on what was important, not under any circumstances allowing herself to moan.

Again Beth had known a certain amount of pleasure was inevitable however it was embarrassing just how quickly the agonising pain turned into a dull ache and then to pleasure which became increasingly hard to ignore. And sure, Beth usually prided herself on the fact that even by the super high standards of the WWE divas her stamina had been called almost superhuman by many of her conquests however for once her stamina had betrayed her because while she had been so busy pretending there was no part of her which was enjoying being fucked in the ass the pleasure inside her just kept building and building. Places deep inside her bowels which had never been stimulated before were now suddenly experiencing the thrill of being rubbed by a large cock, even the stretching of her anal walls suddenly pleasurable to the degraded Glamazon.

This left Beth with a humiliating dilemma. If she continued on like this she would cum just from the gentle ass fucking but... but part of Beth didn't feel like she could wait another second to cum, however she wasn't sure she could bear begging for a hard rectum wrecking. At the same time the former women's and diva's champion was terrified of just how powerful her climaxes would be if AJ started wrecking her rectum. Either way Beth knew it was only a matter of time before she had to suffer the indignity of cumming like a submissive bitch, and the powerful blonde was worried what such humiliation might do to her.

In the end the choice was taken out of her hands when a moan finally escaped her lips, leading AJ to smack Beth's butt and joyfully cry out, "Yes! You love this don't you? You love taking it up the ass! Say it! Say it and I'll let you cum!"

Gritting her teeth Beth debated this for what felt like an eternity before finally mumbling, "I love taking it up the ass."

Smacking Beth's ass AJ demanded, "Louder! Say it like you mean it!"

"I love taking it up the ass." Beth said more firmly.

"LOUDER!" AJ yelled with another smack to Beth's behind.

"I LOVE TAKING IT UP THE ASS!" Beth screamed.


"I'M YOUR ASS WHORE!" Beth screamed even louder.

"YOU'RE MY BITCH!" AJ pushed.

"I'M YOUR BITCH!" Beth cried out.

Having to say such things utterly humiliated the Glamazon but it almost seemed worth it thanks to the overwhelming pleasure that filled her body. Beth honestly thought she was cumming for a few seconds before realising the ecstasy she was feeling wasn't an orgasm, it was just the incredible sensation of AJ beginning to fuck her ass again, this time slowly speeding up her thrusts until the little pipsqueak was pounding her pooper as hard as she could. And Beth only truly realised this much later as all of a sudden she was attacked by something far stronger than any orgasm she'd ever known, the mighty Glamazon becoming a complete wreck as her cum squirted violently from her cunt.

AJ was used to turning Kaitlyn into a Bucking Bronco whenever she fucked her girlfriend in the ass. However while Kaitlyn was far bigger and stronger than AJ the blonde with the dark highlights had nothing on the power of the Glamazon. As such AJ was extremely proud of herself for holding on as long as she did but ultimately she was knocked backwards, landing on her back on the bed, her dildo coming out of Beth's butt hole with a loud pop.

Given Beth's reluctance to bend over in the first place it seemed this would be the end which made AJ extremely sad, however to her shock Beth immediately grabbed hold of the dildo, positioned her ass hole over it and forced the fake cock back inside her bowels. Then Beth leaned back so she was almost resting against AJ's body with her arms and legs stretched out, then in that position the powerful blonde began using all of her strength to hammer her own butt hole up and down on the dick.

For a few seconds AJ was too stunned to analyse what was going on, then once the ability to think returned to her she quickly concluded that Beth was so overwhelmed by anal lust that she wasn't thinking about her actions, just simply doing whatever necessary to satisfy her new anal need. Of course AJ had seen Beth lose herself in her desires before, however all those other times the intimidating blonde had been in control. Now she was completely out of control and giving into her submissive side in a way that AJ would have never imagined. Hell, most WWE divas didn't think Beth had a submissive side, but here it was and it was relentlessly slamming itself up and down on AJ's cock to make itself cum over and over again.

Of course even the legendary stamina of the Glamazon had its limits and eventually Beth came crashing down on top of AJ, the two WWE divas just lying there for what felt like an eternity. However while Beth's amazing stamina had finally run out AJ's hadn't, the little diva grinning wickedly as she rolled the WWE Alpha female over onto her side and then snuggled up behind her.

When Beth finally returned to her senses she found she was whimpering like a little bitch, her entire body still shaking from the after-shocks of the biggest orgasms of her life. Not that Beth had the mental and physical energy to stop herself, that fact just as humiliating as how hard she had cum while being ass fucked and how all that pleasure had turned her into a mindless anal whore.

To add insult to injury Beth found she was being spooned which was another degrading first for her. She hadn't really liked to cuddle with men, and she only occasionally did it with women to show her dominance. The spooning position was great for that, Beth often leaving her strap on buried in her victim's ass overnight or at least allowing it to lay between them as she spooned the other woman from behind, either way the toy being a constant reminder that there were more ass poundings to come. Now Beth was on the bottom. She... she was the little spoon while AJ was the big spoon, such a ridiculous thing considering their height difference.

Just when Beth didn't think it could get any worse AJ began gently sawing her strap on in and out of the blonde's butt hole, the mighty Glamazon letting out a pathetic little cry and whimper as her incredibly sore shit hole was once again turned into a fuck hole. Luckily Beth was able to prevent herself from the indignity of begging for mercy, and for better or worse the pain quickly faded and while the pleasure that replaced it had nothing on the ecstasy Beth had so recently experienced it was still really intense, so much so that no matter how hard she tried the powerful blonde couldn't stop herself from moaning loudly as AJ began fucking her in the ass again.

"Did you think I was done Beth?" AJ taunted playfully in between gently nipping at Beth's ear, "Did you think I was done fucking your big sexy dyke ass? Because I'm not. Mmmmmmm, I'm not done fucking the Glamazon up the ass. I'm not done ass fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. I'm not done fucking your ass! And I'm not going to be done until your ass hole is gaping so wide that I'll know just from looking at it that you're not going to be able to sit for a week! Until then get used to the feeling of my dick up your butt Beth, because honestly, I think I could fuck this big sexy dyke ass all night long!"

In response Beth just found herself whimpering pathetically enclosing her eyes as AJ established a slow but steady rhythm, ass fucking her in that position for several long minutes before all of a sudden AJ grabbed hold of one of Beth's legs, lifted it up and over one way while sliding her body in the other direction, effectively repositioning them into missionary style without the dildo leaving Beth's ass. Despite herself the Glamazon was impressed, a feeling she begrudgingly felt a lot as AJ skilfully ass fucked her, the little pipsqueak grabbing her other leg and then pushing them both up into the air, the unfamiliar position making Beth feel exposed and vulnerable.

Beth had rarely allowed men to touch her, and on the few occasions she had allowed them to she had almost always been on top. Even during the couple of times she had been fucked in this position Beth's powerful legs had been wrapped around them, the Glamazon pulling them into her as she yelled at them to do what she said, just to make sure it was clear she was still in control. Now AJ was in control, and once again no matter how much Beth hated it she couldn't deny that her treacherous body was loving every second of being butt fucked like a submissive little bitch.

As for AJ, she loved to be fucked in this position as it allowed her to look up at her lover and see the pleasure on their face. More often than not, at least in this position, she also got to see a sparkle of love and devotion in their eyes, and their big tits jiggling from the force of their thrusts. That was because she was mostly fucked in this position by Kaitlyn, although more recently Kaitlyn was the one in the position Beth was in now with AJ thrusting a strap on dildo deep into the blonde's butt. And like when Kaitlyn was the one beneath her taking her cock in her big juicy butt there were several things AJ got to enjoy in this position.

One of those things were her lover's big boobs bouncing with every thrust, both Beth and Kaitlyn possessing full round tits which drew AJ's attention like a moth to a flame. However unlike a moth AJ was just about able to pull her gaze away as there was an equally captivating sight just above those beautiful boobs, namely the beautiful face of the blonde beneath her. When it was Kaitlyn she was ass fucking AJ got to see the joy in her girlfriend's face. The pleasure she was feeling, and the love Kaitlyn had for AJ as she stared up at her, the two lovers regularly becoming lost in each other's eyes. Meanwhile Beth was clearly distressed at just how much she loved being butt fucked, the diva who used to make all other divas tremble and quake in their boots now adorably blushing and trying to avoid AJ's gaze.

With a huge grin on her face AJ suddenly pushed Beth's legs up onto her shoulders and lent forward so she was bending the mighty Glamazon in half. That got Beth's attention, the two divas immediately locking eyes. However instead of looking at her with rage for this latest indignity Beth just kind of gave AJ this look of disbelief mixed in with lust which made AJ grin, briefly kiss Beth and then finally whisper in the blonde's ear, "You really do love this, don't you Beth? You really do love it up the ass, just like the rest of us slutty divas. Mmmmmm, not that I blame you. Taking it up the ass totally changed my life. Made me addicted to anal. Made me crave it. And now I bet that's going to happen to you. I bet the mighty Glamazon is going to start craving the feeling of getting her ass fucked. Mmmmmm, ohhhhh yesssss, you're going to feel sore at first, probably so much so that even walking hurts and sitting down will be out of the question, but then it will be replaced by this overwhelming ache which just won't stop until you get your ass fucked again. And when that happens, when you are so desperate for an ass fucking that you just can't take it any more, please come find me because oh my fucking Gawwwwwwd this ass is tight! Mmmmmm fuck, I swear I'll take real good care of you Beth. Stretch out your ass real good, make you cum over and over again until you can't even remember what it was like to be a top."

"Dream on." Beth finally whimpered, trying her best to concentrate only on the dildo making her ass feel so good and not AJ's words.

Ignoring the other diva AJ continued, "And I'd definitely come to me if I were you Beth, because I bet even your buddy Nattie would throw you to the wolves the second they were done fucking your ass. Mmmmmm, but not me though. Ohhhhh fuck yes, I'd keep this tight little ass hole all to myself, use it as a fuck hole whenever I wanted, turn you into a total bottom. Then, when you're ready to be officially my bitch I'd make you tell everyone, and make sure every single diva you ever ass fucked got a shot at your ass hole! Mmmmmm, can you imagine it Beth? All those divas you victimised, beat and abused passing you around like a piece of meat? Completely and totally humiliating you? Making you a laughing stock? Mmmmmm, and you better believe that will include a lot of double ass fuckings, but don't worry, I'll make sure you're well stretched out for it, and trust me, you haven't lived until you've cum from getting your ass fucked by two huge strap ons! Oooooooh yeeeeessssss, just think about it! Think about what it would feel like to feel two huge strap ons fucking your ass just like I'm fucking this slutty hole now! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkk, think about it while you're fucking cumming on my cock! Think about the divas locker room fucking you while you're cumming hard on my cock like a good little bitch!"

Doing as she was told like a good little bitch Beth came hard, AJ feeling the blonde cum as she began pounding into the other diva's pooper as hard as she possibly could. Which truthfully wasn't that hard, AJ possibly being the physically weakest diva on the roster. Hell, virtually all the other employees of the WWE were stronger than her, however it didn't matter at that stage because her constant speedy thrusts were enough to make the mighty Glamazon cum over and over again, the powerful blonde trembling beneath AJ as she relentlessly ass fucked the Alpha female of the WWE divas.

This whole experience was easily one of the greatest of AJ's life and this was perhaps the very best part of it, AJ never feeling more powerful than when she was ass fucking the Glamazon through climax after climax. As such she used every ounce of energy she had to keep it going, AJ powering through countless orgasms of her own and using reserve energies she never knew she'd possessed all just for the chance to continue butt fucking Beth. Of course AJ's stamina wasn't unlimited and eventually the little diva was forced to stop, if only because she literally felt like she couldn't move any more.

On the bright side that moment came during one final orgasm for both herself and Beth, meaning they both got to bask in the afterglow after AJ collapsed down on top of the larger diva in a sweaty mess. Of course thanks to ass fucking Kaitlyn lots of times in this position AJ was careful not to bump heads with Beth, the smaller diva's face simply landing in the mattress to the side of the bigger diva's head, AJ gasping for breath into that mattress for a few moments before turning her head to start kissing Beth's neck. After a few moments of that AJ worked her way up to Beth's lips, the blonde hesitating only for a moment before kissing the brunette back, the two women becoming lost in their passionate lip lock for several long minutes before AJ pulled back with a grin.

"Turn over. I want you on your hands and knees again." AJ ordered.

Beth clearly whimpered with fear that there was more butt fucking to come however luckily for her sore butt AJ was too tired for that and had something else in mind. Not that it was necessarily easy to get into that position, AJ first having to guide Beth's right leg over her and then hold on tightly as the blonde got up on all fours. However it was totally worth it, at least for the brunette, when without warning AJ pulled her strap on out of Beth's butt hole, the tiny diva's mouth then falling open slightly as she was confronted by The Glamazon's gaping ass hole.

For a few moments AJ was so overwhelmed she couldn't even think, then pretty much of their own accord her lips started moving, "Spread your cheeks."

There was a long pause, and then the mighty Glamazon slowly reached back and pulled apart her ass cheeks, better presenting the smaller, weaker girl who took her anal cherry with the ass hole AJ had so skilfully destroyed. Of course like taking it up the ass this was something Beth had to do. However like before the fact that she was obligated to do this didn't excuse the fact that her treacherous body was literally shuddering with delight from having to further degrade herself like this.

To make matters worse the little pipsqueak who had defiled her seemed to go out of her way to make the situation as humiliating as possible for Beth, because it wasn't enough AJ spent several minutes staring at the blonde's gaping butt hole, no, the little bitch had to grab a hand-held mirror and position it so Beth could see the sorry state of her own ass hole.

Then, just to unnecessarily hammer the point home, AJ said, "Do unto others Beth... you did this to me, Kaitlyn and every other WWE diva for over five years, and now it's your butt hole which is gaping wide after just being roughly fucked. Mmmmm, it always made me feel like such a dirty anal whore having a gaping ass hole like that. And a submissive slut. Like, until my hole closed completely I was still the bitch of the girl who butt fucked me. Is that how you feel Beth? Do you feel like a dirty anal whore? A submissive slut? My bitch? Tell me Beth, how does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine?"

"I... I'm... I'm going to ass fuck you so hard tomorrow." Beth said weakly, not even believing herself at the moment.

"Yeah, you said that." AJ chuckled, "But you didn't answer my question... how does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine? How does it feel to have a gaping ass hole? How did it feel to get your ass fucked?"

Beth just glared at AJ in response, a look which was nowhere near as intimidating as it was before the smaller diva had butt fucked the mighty Glamazon.

After a few moments a still grinning AJ softly said, "You know what Beth? It's ok... you don't need to say anything. Your cum squirting from your cunt and you riding my dick like an anal whore spoke volumes. But if you want to get out of here you're going to have to go through one final bit of medicine tasting. Although it won't be medicine you'll be tasting, it'll be your ass."

Again Beth glared and gritted her teeth as AJ glanced down to the huge dildo still sticking out of her crotch, however it wasn't long before the Glamazon slowly crawled off of the bed, got onto her knees in front of the pint-size diva and took that dildo into her mouth.

Beth had given a few rim jobs and had tasted both her own and other divas' asses on the few occasions she kissed one of her bitches after she made them eat her ass or go ass to mouth. However this dildo had burrowed into the deepest depths of Beth's bowels, particularly the head of the toy reaching places inside the Glamazon which had never, ever been touched before. As such Beth was reluctant to do this, perhaps more so than taking it up the ass which at least she had time to psych herself up for. And sure, she had been expecting this too, but it seemed inconsequential when compared to the thought of taking another woman's strap on up her ass. Now things were very different.

To her tremendous surprise when she finally wrapped her lips around the head of the cock Beth found the taste of the deepest part of her ass wasn't unbearable. Not necessarily something she liked, but as long as she did her best to ignore where the dildo had been Beth felt as if maybe this wouldn't be too bad after all.

Then AJ opened her mouth, "Mmmmmm, oh Beth, suck it! Suck my cock! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! SUCK YOUR ASS OFF MY COCK! MMMMMmmmmm, oh fuck, that's a good little Glamazon. Suck up every drop of your own ass juice. Clean that cock the same way you made me clean yours after you fucked my ass. Do it! Harder! Come on Beth, you would have never accepted such a lousy blow job if I was the one cleaning your dick right now instead, so why should I? I'm warning you, don't make me face fuck you like you did to me all those times. Ha, that's better. That's much better. Take that cock down your throat. Deep throat that dildo! Mmmmmm, come on Beth, suck it! Suck it like a little ass to mouth whore! Like the little ATM whore you now are!"

It took awhile but Beth managed to ignore AJ once the little diva had stopped whining about her blow job skills, which didn't happen until Beth started bobbing her head up and down on the cock and slurping loudly on it. Not that she was doing it for AJ's benefit of course, she just wanted to get this over with. Or at least that's what Beth kept telling herself as she slowly got into the BJ.

As for AJ her occasional threats to face fuck Beth were hollow because honestly she didn't feel like she could move a muscle. In fact she was so tired the only thing that was keeping her upright was the sight of the mighty Glamazon sucking her cock. Which admittedly wasn't quite as amazing as getting to ass fuck the Glamazon, yet making the usually terrifying Beth Phoenix go ass to mouth was still an incredible thrill for AJ, one she would treasure no matter what came next.

Honestly AJ had just figured this would be a one-time thing. That she would get to do the one thing every other diva had failed to do and then Beth would have her revenge. AJ had been fine with that. She loved being ass fucked, and being 'forced' to eat pussy and ass, and to a certain extent being spanked. And sure she'd been sure Beth would find a way to make her beg for mercy, but she would undoubtedly get multiple orgasms out of the deal so if anything AJ had been looking forward to Beth's inevitable revenge. Only now AJ wasn't so sure it was inevitable, or that she wanted to simply let Beth take her revenge.

Given how hard Beth had cum, and how the Glamazon had at one point shamelessly ridden her dick, AJ was now convinced that this powerful diva had a submissive side. She was the only one who had seen it, and it had been beautiful. And AJ wanted to see more of it. Which wouldn't exactly be easy, but hey, AJ was up for a challenge.

Re-focusing on the here and now AJ's eyes bulged as she finally registered Beth was now deep throating her strap on dick, over two thirds of the shaft disappearing in between the blonde's lips on every downward bob of Beth's head. Somehow AJ had been so lost in her thoughts she had missed that, so actually getting to see it put a huge grin back on her face. Unfortunately that seem to be as far as Beth could go, to AJ's delight the Glamazon not only trying to take those last few inches but when it was clear she couldn't the strong blonde removed her mouth from the dick and started licking the bottom of the dildo clean, clearly not stopping until every drop of her ass juice was gone at which point Beth returned to sucking AJ's strap on.

Yes, AJ thought as she continued watching the mighty Beth Phoenix continue sucking her now clean strap on dildo, she was going to try the impossible and make the Alpha female of the WWE divas her bitch.

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