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The Bigger They Are Part 2
by MTL (

AJ was on cloud nine as she skipped through the latest arena to host a WWE event. It was only a lowly house show, but AJ was so happy she felt like it was Wrestlemania and she had a title match on the card.

Last night she had done the unthinkable and ass fucked The Glamazon Beth Phoenix. She, little AJ Lee, had taken the big tough Glamazon's anal cherry and butt fucked Beth to multiple orgasms in what had to be the greatest show of dominance in the tiny diva's life. Every single moment of it had been pure heaven, and while unfortunately AJ had to let Beth limp away afterwards she had another chance to butt fuck the blonde tonight and she was definitely going to take it. In fact if she was lucky she might get to fuck Beth, or at least one of the other WWE divas right now, which was almost always the case when she entered a WWE divas locker room.

Oh how AJ loved entering a WWE divas locker room. It could be completely empty and her pussy would still tingle with countless memories of being fucked in every position all over this room or a room just like it, of eating the pusses and asses of her fellow divas, and lately butt fucking her beloved Kaitlyn which was to date AJ's only top-like behaviour in the never ending lesbian fuck-fest which was the WWE divas locker room. However this room was not empty.

"Hey there, little troll." Maryse smirked.

AJ was pretty sure Maryse said something else, but she was too busy being stunned by the sight before her to hear what it was. Not that finding Maryse waiting in a locker room wearing nothing except a huge strap on dildo and a grin on her face was an uncommon occurrence, but the French-Canadian was breath-taking fully clothed, and considering AJ had already been tingling with anticipation it was only natural that she would end up making a fool of herself. The same thing happened frequently when she saw Kaitlyn naked, the difference being her girlfriend was nice about it. Maryse was never nice.

"Did you hear me little troll!" Maryse yelled, then when AJ appeared to be blinking herself awake added, "I asked is anyone hotter was with you? Your girlfriend perhaps?"

AJ scowled, "It's just me."

"Uh, pity." Maryse sighed, "Oh well, I suppose you'll just have to be my little appetiser. It is all your good for."

AJ desperately fought the urge to laugh. That was the thing about Maryse, she was amazingly beautiful, but she was also one of the most obnoxious WWE divas of all time. But she was an amazing butt fucker and it wasn't like AJ could ever really talk back, not when she was always at the bottom of the WWE pecking order while Maryse was right at the top as one of the closest minions of the untouchable Beth Phoenix. Of course that was before...

Suddenly AJ was awoken from her thoughts via a vicious slap to her face which was almost hard enough to knock her down.

"Pay attention to me you pathetic little worm!" Maryse practically screamed, adding growl when AJ glared at her, "That's better. Now bend over like a good little bitch. Give me your ass. It's ok, I've spent the last five minutes rubbing lube into my cock so I could shove it up the first hot little piece of ass which walked in here, but you'll do. Now hurry up little troll. I'd hate to have too waste any of my energy spanking your worthless ass when I could be fucking it."

For a few more seconds AJ continued glaring, then a wicked idea popped into her head.

"Sure, no problem." AJ beamed, "I just need to make a quick call, then I'll be back for the ass fucking."

"Hey, get back here you little cunt!" Maryse yelled angrily, although she didn't dare follow AJ outside the safety of the locker room in her current state of undress.

* * *

Beth Phoenix was having a bad day. In fact she was having the worst 24 hours of her life.

Last night she'd been forced to give up her anal cherry and it had been far worse than she ever imagined, mostly because the orgasms had been even more powerful than she had feared they would be, and the one to finally take her back door virginity was not some towering super top like herself but a tiny little runt who got lucky.

Thankfully AJ had been true to her word and let Beth go after a single, if drawn-out, ass fucking session, however that was of little comfort as Beth had slowly walked back to her hotel room, every step causing her aching ass to cry out in pain which utterly humiliated The Glamazon. It was nothing compared to trying to sit down or lying on her back, Beth spending the entire night lying on her front as she mostly plotted against AJ and relived the most humiliating experience of her life.

As of right now Beth had to get to the latest arena soon and she was still walking funny, and sitting down in her rental car seemed out of the question. Checking herself in the mirror it seemed her ass hole had finally closed, which was a relief as it had been gaping open all night after its first, and last, fucking however in her current condition Beth was contemplating calling in sick.

The sound of her phone ringing annoyingly brought Beth out of her thoughts, and as she was distracted by those thoughts and exhausted from only having a few hours of sleep the Glamazon made the mistake of not checking her caller ID.

"What?" Beth snapped into her phone.

"Good morning to you too Beth?" AJ beamed, unable to stop herself from adding, "Did you sleep well?"

Beth went very pale as she heard that voice which had haunted her for the better part of 24 hours. To her shame her body also quivered, the memory of being butt fucked by this little pipsqueak becoming so vivid Beth swore she felt AJ's strap on once again slamming into the deepest depths of her bowels, her ass hole stretched widely around the other diva's dick as she, the mighty Glamazon, became little AJ Lee's bitch.

Suddenly Beth was awoken from her thoughts by AJ whispering down the phone, "You know, I've been thinking about last night and my promised that, you know, it would be just a one-time thing and I'm not going back on that or anything, but... until there's another diva's match, you still have to do everything I say, right?"

"Yeah." Beth blushed, finally replied in a less forceful tone then she would have liked, "What, what do you want?"

"Oh, I want many things." AJ grinned, once again checking over her shoulder that she was alone before continuing to whisper, "But specifically... your little crony, I mean friend, Maryse is here. Again. Clearly looking to fuck some ass. Now, normally I love a good ass fucking and Maryse is one of the best ever... it's just that... after what happened last night... I'm not really in the bottoming mood."

Again Beth found herself blushing, "So you want me to call her off?"

"No, I want you to tell her to bend over." AJ said.

There was a long pause and then, finally sounding more like her old self, Beth growled, "Maryse's ass is my exclusive property, and I'm not going to let some uppity little wannabe top touch what's mine!"

"Technically you don't have a choice. Not if you don't want to break our agreement, leading me to tell everyone what happened with us last night." AJ pointed out firmly before softening her tone, "But let's pretend for a minute you do. I know Maryse spent her entire WWE career figuratively and literally kissing your ass, but ever since she let her contract expire she's totally gone rogue. She's constantly 'visiting' her little boyfriend, every other week sneaking into the locker room and fucking a whole bunch of us lower-level divas and then running off before you show up. I mean, when was the last time you even ass fucked her? A year ago before she left? And she's in here every other week making us eat her pussy and ass without returning the favour and pounding every ass she can get her hands on. How is that fair?"

"I suppose you have a point." Beth mumbled after a few moments of contemplation.

"I'm glad you see it that way, because I totally think Maryse needs a taste of her own medicine." AJ beamed happily, "First, she'll have to bend over for me, which will totally be more humiliating for her than for you. I mean, you're The Glamazon, the Alpha female of the WWE divas, and I'm just little old me. Then when I've loosened up her ass hole the other divas can have a turn-"

"NO!" Beth cut her off, "Letting you have a piece of her ass is one thing, but I'm definitely not letting anyone else use one of my personal fuck holes."

"Oh come on Beth, it'll be fun. And a total moral booster for the other divas. We all pretty much hate Maryse's guts and would love to send her home to Miz with a gaping ass hole. I know particularly your current besties Eve and Natalya have been wanting to pound Maryse's ass for years, and while they'd be pissed I got there first they'd totally see it as you making sure Maryse was totally humiliated for abusing her rights as a former WWE diva. Plus they totally wouldn't care as long as they got a piece of that hot blonde ass." AJ said excitedly, before adding, "Best of all we can think of it as a little preview. You know, for when you officially become my bitch, and you find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of a gang bang."

For a second Beth thought she was literally going to explode with rage, then with pure venom in her voice she growled, "That's never going to happen you little bitch."

"It could happen right now." AJ pointed out, her voice taking on a dangerous quality which she didn't recognise, "I could order you to get your ass over here and bend over for me in front of everyone, and you'd be bound by diva law to do it. I could turn you into my little ass whore right in front of all the divas you call your bitches and then let each and every one of them have a turn with your ass hole once I'm done with it. So I guess the question is Beth, would you rather it be Maryse's ass that gets gang banged, or yours?"

There was another moment of silence, then Beth offered, "You, Eve and Natalya can do what you want with her. No one else."

"It's either we all have her ass, or we all have yours." AJ said firmly, before adding confidently, "But since we both know what you're going to choose I'll throw you a bone and let you be the one to give the good news to everyone. Oh, and do it after I've had my turn with her. Oh, oh, oh, and don't tell her she's getting gang banged. Just tell her she has to take it up the ass for me as punishment for abusing her former diva privileges, then when she's all relieved that her time as a bottom is over you can tell her I was just loosening up her ass for everyone else. Oh that'll be so much better! Mmmmm, I can't wait to see the look on her face!"

Again there was a long moment of silence, then Beth grumbled "Fine, you win. Just let me talk to her."

Beaming happily AJ couldn't resist pumping a fist in the air in celebration like the huge dork she was before slipping out of the broom closet she'd been heading in, down the hall and back into the diva's locker room, a huge grin on her face the entire way. It momentarily faded when she opened the door to find Maryse waiting for her, the French-Canadian more angry than AJ had ever seen her.

Cautiously AJ stepped forward, barely getting inside before Maryse raced forwards, slammed the door closed, grabbed hold of AJ's neck and pushed her backwards against the now closed door.

"Who the hell do you think you are you little bitch! Huh?" Maryse spat, slapping AJ twice in the face to emphasise her next questions, "Did I give you permission to leave? Did I? Did I give you permission to leave, or did I tell you to bend over? Which was it you little troll?"

Ignoring questions, and the urge to fight back, AJ simply held up the phone and said, "It's for you?"

Maryse stared at the phone for a second, grabbed it and then yelled into it, "What!"

Then Maryse went a little pale, then a lot pale. Then she looked like she was about to blow a gasket, but something Beth said clearly made her think twice.

Finally the usually so confident blonde stammered, "Please, we had a deal!"

There was more silence in which Maryse went from looking scared to terrified, the blonde slowly taking her hand off AJ's neck and stepping back, although it was hard to tell whether she was aware of it or not given the faraway look in her eyes.

When Maryse did finally focus on AJ she handed her back her phone, her hand noticeably trembling before murmuring, "I... I have money."

"I don't want money." AJ beamed.

"I, I have my own clothing line. And jewellery. Lots of pretty things a girl like you can't afford." Maryse quickly offered.

"I don't want clothes. I don't want jewels. What I want, is this." AJ said, slowly closing the distance between them and grabbing Maryse's butt, "I want your ass. I want to fuck this yummy ass of yours. Pound it hard and deep until your tiny little butt hole is a gaping crater."

Maryse gulped softly, then a small smile crossed her face, "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer something else? Like my perfect face pressed up against your little dyke pussy? The sexiest of the sexy giving you the honour of feeling her normal girl tongue deep inside your nasty little queer cunt? I haven't eaten pussy in years you know, and while I definitely prefer receiving because I'm not a filthy dyke like you I have to admit, I have missed dyking out. Acting like one of you shameless little rug munchers. And of course there's-"

"The taste of pussy?" AJ offered, pushing her hand briefly into her short shorts and rubbing her downstairs lips with two fingers before then presenting them to Maryse, "Have you missed the taste of pussy Maryse?"

For a few seconds Maryse just stared at those fingers. Then she looked at AJ. Then back at the fingers. Then Maryse lent forwards, taking those fingers into her mouth and sucking on them enthusiastically. This had AJ grinning widely, but before she could say anything Maryse was pressing her lips against her and shoving her tongue into her mouth.

While AJ was distracted Maryse flipped them around, pushed the smaller diva up against the lockers and grinded against her, the blonde enjoying her dominance over the other girl while it lasted. Then AJ started fighting, taking control of the kiss with surprising ease which annoyed Maryse. What was even more annoying was no matter how hard she tried Maryse couldn't seem to regain control. Even when she reached down, grabbed hold of AJ's little tank top and pulled it upwards the brunette wasn't fazed in the slightest, the smaller diva eagerly lifting her arms up and breaking the kiss so Maryse could remove the offending item and then grabbing a handful of blonde hair so she could pull the taller girl down for another frustrating kiss.

Letting out a groan of annoyance and pleasure Maryse reached behind AJ and began attacking the other girl's bra strap. This was one of the few things in the world Maryse wasn't good at, if only because she didn't have much practice at it. Beth mostly removed her own clothing, and Maryse had always preferred ordering the other WWE divas to strip than having to make any effort to do it herself. Not that Maryse couldn't do it, it just proved to be difficult.

Before Maryse could succeed AJ reached behind herself and unhooked the garment with ease. AJ then smirked into the kiss, Maryse almost flying off the handle as it seemed like this little pipsqueak was mocking her. Since the other girl currently had power over her Maryse restrained herself, but took her aggression out on first AJ's bra which she literally tore away from the brunette's body and tossed aside, then secondarily on AJ's mouth and tongue. Unfortunately even this added aggression didn't help her regain control of the kiss, and neither did playing with AJ's tits, so Maryse switched to AJ's neck. She kissed it, licked it, sucked it and mostly bit down on that soft flesh almost hard enough to break the skin. That, combined with some rather rough nipple tweaking, finally made Maryse feel like she was in control again. It didn't last long.

"Lower!" AJ moaned, grabbing a hot firm hold of blonde hair and pushing down on it to make sure Maryse got the message.

Despite the head grabbing Maryse resisted a little, just long enough to leave a mark, before finally moving lower. No doubt thanks to her years in a WWE women's locker room Maryse pressed soft kisses to AJ's skin as she pushed her downwards, which included kissing up one of AJ's full breasts until she reached her nipple. Then Maryse obediently took that nipple into her mouth, AJ letting out a joyful cry as the other diva began sucking on that sensitive ball the flesh.

For a while AJ closed her eyes, lent back against the lockers, pushed her chest out and just moaned in appreciation of what Maryse was doing to her. Well, she was unable to keep her eyes closed for long, but the other stuff she did pretty consistently. Then after a while she began using her hands to guide Maryse from one breast to the other or to press the taller girl more firmly into her chest.

Finally AJ gave Maryse another type of verbal encouragement, "Mmmmmm, harder! Suck my tits harder you mouthy bitch! Ahhhhhh fuck, you're always running your mouth Maryse, mmmmmmmm, yammering on about how great you are at everything, oooooooh, well here is your chance to prove it. Prove that your mouth can be used more than just for talking, mmmmmm and sucking on the Miz's cock. Oh Gawwwwwd yes, bite me! Bite down on my nipple just like that mmmmmmmm yessssssss, I love it rough! More! Harder! Yeeeeeessssssss! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

The verbal encouragement had the desired effect, Maryse licking and sucking on AJ's nipples much harder than before, using particularly her hands to make sure the rest of the brunette's full boobs didn't go untouched. Plus the biting was a huge turn on for AJ. She loved Kaitlyn with all her heart, but her girlfriend was always hesitant to do something like this because she was worried about actually hurting the brunette. Maryse had no problem with that. In fact AJ suspected she was trying to hurt her as much as possible without doing any actual damage, Maryse's teeth digging into her sensitive flesh almost but not quite enough to break the skin.

This was the kind of rough treatment that AJ could happily enjoy for hours, but time wasn't exactly on her side. Besides there were other things AJ wanted to do with Maryse now she had the former champion at her mercy.

So a few minutes after she began the verbal encouragement AJ ordered, "Ooooohhhhh now lower. I want that mouth lower. Get down on your knees and lick my pussy. Surely you can be a little dyke slut just like the rest of us. Come on Maryse, embrace you're inner lesbian ooooooohhhhhhh my Gaaaaawwwwwwddddd!"

From the second AJ ordered her to go 'lower' Maryse had dropped to her knees. Normally she didn't enjoy being in such a submissive position, but after having to bend down to kiss AJ and then even further to suck her tits this was something of a relief for her back. Sure she still had to lean forward but nowhere near as much, and better still seconds after the change of position Maryse reduced AJ to a incoherent mess. All she had to do was pulled down AJ's short shorts and panties and then bury her face in the other girl's cunt, then all AJ could seem to do was moan, groan and whimper. That would teach the little bitch for suggesting she should act like all the other dyke sluts in the WWE.

Maryse knew that most divas considered themselves to be either bisexual or gay but she wasn't like those sluts. She was better. She was straight. Sure, she'd had sex with more women than men, but that's only because nothing got Maryse off like dominating another woman. It was a power trip like no other, but it didn't mean she was a dyke or anything. Besides, Maryse had never met a man who was remotely good at eating pussy, just like she'd never been with a woman who wasn't a world class rug muncher. That was because women knew exactly what it took to please a pussy, a natural skill which was only enhanced by spending time in a WWE women's locker room. As such Maryse wasn't bothered by the fact that licking pussy came naturally to her, or that she didn't exactly hate doing it.

The first time she had licked a pussy it had been Beth's. Maryse had been riding high on Smackdown, dominating the competition both in and out of the ring to the point where she was calling herself the new Alpha female of the WWE. Back then the RAW and Smackdown brands had been separated, meaning Maryse had been able to get away with doing whatever she wanted while only really having to avoid Beth during pay-per-views, which Maryse avoided going to if she wasn't scheduled to compete. Unfortunately for Maryse in the 2008 edition of Survivor Series she found herself on the losing side of a 10 diva tag team match in which it had been agreed the losers would be the winners' fuck toys for the rest of the night. So instead of truly becoming the new Alpha female of the WWE by pinning the mighty Beth Phoenix and then taking the Glamazon's anal cherry Maryse found herself first pinned to the mat and then sexually dominated by the stronger woman.

Being forced to eat Beth's pussy and then losing her anal cherry to the other blonde had been the most humiliating experience of Maryse's life, especially as all the other divas stopped fucking each other so they could watch. On the bright side while her fellow teammates Victoria, Michelle, Maria and Natalya got ass fucked and double ass fucked by Beth, Mickie, Jillian, Candice and even Kelly after about an hour of the losing divas orally worshipping the winners' pussies and asses Beth kept Maryse all for herself. In return Maryse had become one of Beth's personal bitches, able to keep dominating the other divas while submitting to Beth every month or every other month.

Every time she'd gone down on Beth she'd been reminded of that first time, often by The Glamazon herself even though it was completely unnecessary. Nothing could ever make Maryse forget the feeling of submission that came from being turned into a rug muncher. Having to slide her tongue along the soft lips of a pussy. Tasting girl cream and inevitably girl cum. Those liquids covering her pretty face, filling her mouth and sliding down her throat. It was... indescribable. Unforgettable. Haunting. And whenever she found herself in this position Maryse just became totally lost in acting like a total dyke slut. Just to get it over with of course.

It was quite a while before AJ finally murmured something coherent again, and honestly, it took almost as long for her to think coherently. Not the speech was really required, but dirty talk was a big thing with the WWE divas and AJ had quickly grown to love it. So when she was finally capable of it AJ was only too happy to cry out, "Mmmmmmm yessssssss fuck me! Fuck my dyke pussy! Fuck it with your skanky litttle tongue! Ahhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, you're sooooooooo gooooodddd at that Maryse! Mmmmmm, you make such a good little cunt lapper! Just like the rest of us pussy crazy sluts!"

Even after Maryse pushed her tongue inside her pussy and began fucking her with it AJ continued verbally assaulting the bitchy blonde, the opportunity to give this loudmouth a taste of her own medicine almost as thrilling as the other diva's tongue work. After all Maryse had almost never shut up during sex and now the tables had been flipped AJ was only too happy to return the favour, especially as those nasty words had the same effect on Maryse as they always had on the other WWE divas, namely making them become increasingly eager for whatever sex act they were enjoying.

In this case it was pussy eating and for all her claims of being straight Maryse sure seemed eager to bury her face in AJ's twat and tongue fuck her nice and hard. Maryse even had a skilled touch, curling her tongue upwards in just the right angle to hit AJ's G-spot, the French-Canadian also easily finding and attacking that spot when after a while she switched to using her fingers to fuck AJ's pussy while her lips and tongue started licking and sucking the brunette's clit. Back and forth Maryse switched between these two techniques, effortlessly driving AJ to orgasm.

Naturally this put a big happy grin on AJ's face, not just because of the obvious pleasure she was receiving from getting her pussy so skilfully eaten but because she was right. She was right about Maryse. The stuck up blonde was just as much a pussy craving dyke as the rest of the WWE divas. AJ had always suspected as much, and so did everyone else she'd ever talk to about it (even though that was mostly just Kaitlyn), and yet sadly she hadn't been present any time Maryse had eaten pussy before. She'd seen Beth butt fuck Maryse a few times, but only when she'd been getting anally rammed herself which was very distracting. Plus AJ would frequently have a pussy pressed up against her face or a dildo in her mouth, and there would be naked women fucking each other all around her. Really her most vivid memories of Maryse being a bottom was of the blonde pulling her underwear or a strap-on over her ass to hide the gaping crater where her ass hole used to be.

Those memories combined with an oral assault completely different to the ones AJ normally received from Maryse and the little brunette went over the edge, her pussy clamping down around Maryse's fingers as she shuddered joyfully in climax. The next thing AJ knew Maryse was replacing her fingers with her mouth, the former diva's champion greedily gulping down the girl cum which poured more or less directly down her throat. Then just as AJ's orgasm was subsiding Maryse shoved her tongue back inside the tiny diva and fucked her with it hard and fast, quickly making AJ cum directly into her mouth. Maryse repeated this process, giving AJ enough hard climaxes to make a normal girl faint. But AJ Lee was not a normal girl. She was a WWE diva, a.k.a. one of the biggest lesbian sluts on the planet with a ravenous sex drive which meant she could and would go all night. And right now there was something she wanted even more than another chance to cum in Maryse's mouth.

So with all the strength she could muster AJ pushed Maryse away, so hard the French-Canadian landed on her butt, then gasped, "Wow... just... wow..."

"I'm glad you approve." Maryse murmured, licking the delicious girl cum from her lips before getting back onto her knees and trying to push her tongue back into AJ's pussy.

She was stopped by AJ placing her hand on her forehead and then scolding her, "Uh, uh, uh, I don't think so. I mean, wow, who knew that mouth of yours was actually good for something, and I'd love the chance to use it more later, but for now I've got to get me some of that hot French ass."

Gulping softly Maryse offered, "Are, are you sure you wouldn't like more of my tongue? You seem to enjoy having it in your dyke pussy, and I have to admit, it is a tasty little lezzie fuck hole. Surely a bottom like you would rather just be tongue fucked by a sexy girl like me?"

"Nope." AJ grinned, "I wanna fuck you. Mmmmm, I wanna fuck your hot French ass."

"Non, non please." Maryse whimpered, the diva who had never shown AJ or anyone else mercy now begging for it, "I'll do anything else. Eat your little dyke cunt all-night long. Your ass too. I'll... I'll eat your tight little dyke ass. I've only had to do that for Beth so it would be totally something you could boast about to your little friends. Maybe I could even do both. Or you could fuck my pussy. Only Mike gets to do that. Or like I said, I can get you money, and jewellery, and pretty clothes, and you could do whatever else you want, just please-"

"I don't want money. I don't want clothes." AJ interrupted, "I don't want jewels. An ass licking could be fun, later. But right now, all I want is your ass."

"Please." Maryse said softly, moving backwards, "Surely we can come to some arrangement."

"Oh, we can." AJ beamed, "See, the way I see it you have two choices. Wait, make that three. First, you can get your skanky ass out of here and never come back. Give up your secret privileges as a former diva. That means no calling us up to 'visit' you when you're 'lonely'. No sneaking into our hotel rooms and demanding we do what you want. And absolutely no using your boyfriend as an excuse to show up whenever you want to have lesbian sex. Of course Beth would probably hunt you down for disobeying her, but yeah, maybe she'd be willing to accept a bribe. And if not, well, one butt beating/fucking from her might be preferable to you. But since we both know that you're actually just as much a 'dyke slut' as the rest of us I guess it's safe to assume you won't be running, non?"

There was a pause and then Maryse slowly nodded her head.

"Ok, so that leaves you with either fighting me or bending over, and as you haven't been in a match for almost a year and I just beat Beth I don't think you stand much of a chance, and if you try I'll spank you so hard you'll wish it was just Beth beating on you. But, if you hand me that strap on and bend over I swear I'll be gentle. Stretch you out real good, and make sure you cum just as hard as you always did when Beth fucked your ass." AJ said firmly, somewhat softening her tone halfway through as by this point it seemed she had her prey down for the three count, "I remember you know... the last time Beth ass fucked you in front of us. It was like two years ago, when I first got caught up to Nxt and Beth was showing all of us new recruits that she was top dog, first by fucking us, then one by one she fucked a different diva in front of us each night, including the most dominant ones like you. I remember how you screamed in ecstasy as she slammed her strap on in and out of your ass, how you begged for more, how your cum squirted from your cunt. You still went on to slam fuck each one of our asses, so why should this be any different? Or do you think I can completely break you when Beth couldn't?"

Maryse, who had been staring down at the ground, finally looked up and snapped, "Non, I am the sexiest of the sexy! I am the top who makes other tops jealous! A worthless little bottom like you could never break me."

"Then prove it." AJ said challengingly.

There was a long moment of silence, then Maryse slowly stood up until she was towering over the tiny brunette, perhaps in one last-ditch effort to make AJ lose her nerve. When that didn't work Maryse blushed, looked down and undid the straps to her harness. This made AJ so ecstatically happy she thought she was going to explode, but she said nothing. Maryse kept avoiding the other girl's gaze as she pulled the strap on down her legs, stepped out of it and cautiously held it out for AJ.

AJ reached down to grab it but Maryse held on and murmured, "You will be gentle, non?"

"At first." AJ grinned wickedly, making Maryse go very pale again as she let go of the harness.

In a flash AJ pulled the strap on up her thighs, tightened it around her waist and then said, "Now bend over like a good little bitch. Give me your ass."

Maryse gritted her teeth at her own words being thrown back at her, then turned around, got down on her knees and bent over.

"No, I want you facing the door so the other divas can get a good look at you when they come in." AJ ordered, grinning as Maryse did what she said, the brunette moving around behind her prey before adding, "Oh, and spread your ass cheeks for me."

Again Maryse gritted her teeth but did as she was told, pressing her beautiful face to the dirty floor so she could reach back with both hands and pull apart her ass cheeks, exposing her ass hole. To Maryse's extreme annoyance she was left in that position for several long seconds, although it was not necessarily worse than what was to come.

The reason Maryse was left in that position was because AJ was so blown away she could barely even think. After all, as breath-taking as Maryse had been when AJ first walked in it was nothing compared to what the little brunette was witnessing now. Honestly the only thing that could really compare was having Beth in this position, flashes of last night once again clouding AJ's mind before she finally was able to focus on the present, which involved her slowly getting down on her knees behind the French-Canadian, spitting on Maryse's butt hole and then pressing the tip of her strap on firmly against it.

This caused Maryse to let out a soft whimper, followed by another louder one as AJ slowly pushed forwards, both divas entire worlds suddenly revolving around AJ's cock entering Maryse's ass. The difference was one diva was in total control, AJ happily abusing that power to draw out the opening of Maryse's ass hole, the smaller girl pushing as slowly forwards as possible until the bigger girl's back door was stretched painfully wide around the bulbous head of the dildo.

AJ left her strap on almost inside Maryse's butt for several long seconds, then ordered, "Beg for my cock. Beg me to shove every inch into your tight little ass!"

Maryse let out the most pitiful whimper AJ had ever heard and then murmured, "Please... give me your cock. I... I want your cock in my ass. Please shove every inch into my tight little ass AHHHHH FUCK!"

Hearing exactly what she wanted to hear AJ forcefully pushed forwards, violating the butt hole of the girl who used to bully her and forcing over a third of the dildo into the bitchy blonde's ass with that first hard thrust. She then graciously gave the other diva a chance to recover, which involved Maryse yelling what AJ was pretty sure were mostly French swear words given the occasional English one mixed in. Maryse also took her hands off her ass cheeks the second AJ had anally penetrated her, the French-Canadian gripping tightly to the tiled floor and lifting her head up as she screamed.

If the roles were reversed Maryse would have yelled abuse at AJ, spanked her and demanded she returned her hands to her butt cheeks. However AJ had become very used to taking it up the ass while it had clearly been a while for Maryse, so AJ decided to do something Maryse had never done, show mercy. Of course it wasn't that long before Maryse's body relaxed from the initial pain but the blonde top was clearly indignant from having to bend over, hence why she continued to blather in French, probably threatening AJ in the process. Maryse only stopped when AJ began thrusting in and out of her ass hole, and that was only temporary to let out a sharp cry, followed by several whimpers of pain and humiliation along with some very noticeable moans of pleasure.

Those moans only became more noticeable as inch by inch AJ worked the rest of the strap on cock into Maryse's butt hole, the dildo the former champion had lubed up to go into another diva's butt now slowly travelling up her own back passage, Maryse no doubt aware of the irony in that as her shit pipe was filled with hard dick. AJ certainly gave her plenty of time to dwell on it, inch after inch slowly disappearing into the blonde's bowels with every other thrust until finally the brunette's thighs smacked into Maryse's ass cheeks, announcing the head of the dildo was now in the deepest part of the former diva's champion's rectum. And of course being fully impaled on the fake cock only made Maryse complain more, mostly in French, and grip tighter to the tiled floor below her, although thankfully Maryse's words became less frequent when AJ began butt fucking the other girl with the full length of the strap on dildo. The words were just replaced by more whimpers and whines, but still.

AJ smirked. Compared to Beth, Maryse was such a pussy. Beth had taken every inch of AJ's cock up her ass almost completely without reaction, clearly not wanting to show how humiliated she felt and perhaps more importantly how much pleasure getting her ass fucked gave her, forcing AJ to really work for it. As a result Beth had been able to keep a little dignity, although when AJ had taken it from her it had been super satisfying for the tiny diva. Meanwhile it was crystal clear right from the start just how humiliated Maryse felt being ass fucked, but it was also really clear that the former diva's champion was getting off on it. Also while little AJ and other submissive divas could take a cock up their asses without complaining the self-proclaimed super top Maryse, who had all mocked them for being weak, was whining like a little bitch. Which again made her a pussy, although AJ had a feeling there was a better term for her.

"You know, there's a rumour about you Maryse." AJ said casually, almost as if she wasn't gently sliding a strap on dildo in and out of the other girl's ass hole, "Do you know what it is?"

"Fuck you dwarf!" Maryse spat before crying out as AJ grabbed her hair and pulled it back so roughly her upper half was forced off the ground and she was practically bent in half.

"What was that?" AJ practically yelled directly into Maryse's ear.

"I said..." Maryse smirked, "Fuck you dwarf! AHHHHH!"

AJ delivered a series of smacks to Maryse's ass then pulled back on the other girl's blonde hair even harder than before and growled, "What was that?"

"I said..." Maryse began to repeat herself, but deciding it wasn't worth it changed her answer too,"The WWE is filled with jealous sluts, all wishing they could be the sexiest of the sexy. So, it is not my fault that they make up a bunch of rumours about me."

"Really?" AJ grinned, "So Beth doesn't have a pet name for you then?"

An overwhelming feeling of dread filled Maryse's body, making her feel like her face was becoming pale and yet she was blushing at the same time, however she replied as coolly as possible, "I, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Really?" AJ grinned even wider, "So... Beth doesn't like to call you her little French Poodle?"

This time Maryse definitely went pale, "Non."

"Are you sure?" AJ questioned, "Because I swear I remember Beth mentioning something about that. Or was it Eve? It was definitely something along the lines of, 'Maryse is not just a bitch, she is a annoying little bitch who doesn't know when to stop yapping, just like a little French poodle', which really is the perfect description of you, isn't it?"

"Tais-toi putain de salope! Je ne suis pas un caniche! Je suis le plus sexy de la sexy et la première fois que je peux, je vais baiser le cul si fort que vous ne serez jamais merde encore à droite!" Maryse snapped angrily.

"What's the matter Maryse, too scared to insult me in English?" AJ asked, and then when there was no reply said, "I guess everyone's right about you... your bark is worse than your bite. In fact, since barking is all you really do, let's hear some. Bark for me bitch! Bark for me my little French Poodle, or else!"

Emphasising her point AJ grabbed Maryse's hair and pulled on it roughly again, although this time not pulling it all the way back. It was still enough for Maryse to grit her teeth and then force herself to yell out, "Bark! Bark, bark, bark!"

"That's it my little French Poodle! More! More!" AJ giggled, pulling on Maryse's hair a few more times before letting it go, the little diva totally getting off on turning the tables on Maryse and humiliating the bitchy blonde for once.

Maryse recognised this was what AJ was doing and although she hated it, part of her was extremely impressed. She had no idea little AJ Lee had such a mean streak. Not that she had anything on the sexiest of the sexy, but she was at least as good as other wannabes like Eve Torres and Natalya Neidhart. Not that anyone but Beth had ever sodomised her before, however if Maryse had to submit to someone who wasn't The Glamazon she was glad she wasn't dealing with a total amateur. In fact if she hadn't personally dominated AJ in just about every conceivable way Maryse might have mistaken this pipsqueak for a super top like herself, not just some bottom playing pretend.

After all, Maryse had seen with her own two eyes tops being broken and turned into bottoms, however the reverse was rare in the WWE, and this was tiny little AJ Lee, the very definition of a submissive little bottom who's only purpose was to be abused and fucked, which was exactly what Maryse was going to do the first chance she got.

AJ might have the upper hand now, and be butt fucking her incredibly good for a bottom, but Maryse would take whatever AJ could dish out and then afterwards she would put the tiny little troll back in her place. Until then Maryse would bark, swear, and take AJ's strap on up her ass, ideally while keeping her moans to a minimum, that last part becoming incredibly tricky as the seconds ticked by.

Suddenly Maryse heard a sound she had been dreading, namely the sound of the locker room door being opened, the French-Canadian immediately lowering her head and pressing her face against the dirty floor in a desperate and ultimately doomed attempt to hide the shameful fact she was being butt fucked by the runt of the WWE divas.

"Hey AJ, what's up?" Kaitlyn grinned, quickly closing the door behind her before approaching her girlfriend. Before coming to the WWE Kaitlyn would have been furious to find her boyfriend cheating on her, but that was a lifetime ago. Still, whenever she found AJ fucking someone else she couldn't help think about how different things were now. Shaking herself from her thoughts Kaitlyn asked, "Who's the blonde?"

"Beth's little French Poodle." AJ grinned, allowing confusion to fill Kaitlyn's pretty face before she smacked Maryse's ass roughly, causing the former diva's champion to cry out. This caused a look of disbelief and shock to cross Kaitlyn's face, leading AJ to add, "It's ok, I have permission. Isn't that right Maryse?"

Maryse made the mistake of not responding which caused AJ to grab her hair again and yank her upwards, the French-Canadian crying out before answering, "Oui, you have permission."

"Permission to do what? And from whom?" AJ pushed, "Look into my girlfriend's eyes and then tell her what I have!"

Gritting her teeth angrily Maryse finally looked over at Kaitlyn and said, "Your girlfriend has Beth's permission to fuck my ass! Oooooh fuck, AJ has Beth's permission to fuck my ass hole!"

For what felt like an eternity this process repeated itself, one by one almost all the divas arriving and Maryse being forced to confirm AJ was being allowed to ass fuck her, the fact that Beth Phoenix owned her ass hole never more humiliating to Maryse then it was during this living hell. After all the timing couldn't have possibly been worse as by the time Kaitlyn showed up Maryse was already having problems keeping her moans of pleasure under control, and every diva who came afterwards was greeted by the sight of the French-Canadian super top almost literally screaming in ecstasy as she was expertly fucked in the ass.

It was worse when the other tops showed up, all of them predictably pissed that little AJ of all people was getting to butt fuck Maryse when none of them had and grumbled to themselves and each other that AJ better be telling the truth because they were totally taking this up with Beth when she finally arrived. Of course shortly after their arrival the tops began licking their chops, both at the vision of Maryse on her hands and knees with a big strap on dildo pumping in and out of her ass hole and the idea that they may get a piece of that hot French-Canadian ass, those two things quickly leading the likes of Natalya and Eve to mercilessly mock the humiliated blonde.

"Yeahhhhh, take it bitch! Take it!" Eve called out joyfully as she joined a crowd of divas standing as close as possible to where AJ's hips were gently thrusting into Maryse's butt so they could get a real good look at that dildo abusing the bitchy blonde's butt hole, "Take that dick right up your ass like a little bitch! Take it like the little bitch, or should that be French Poodle, you are!"

"Fuck, you look really good with a dick in your ass Maryse. I've always thought that. But honestly, you've never looked better than right now taking an ass fucking from this tiny little nothing." Natalya taunted, "Ha, I don't know what you did to piss off Beth so much that you'd have too bend over for a bottom like AJ, and I don't care, I just hope I get a piece of your ass next! I've been waiting for the chance to butt fuck you for years and if I get it you better believe your ass hole will be wider than the Grand Canyon when I'm done with you! Till then, I'm going to just enjoy watching your ass getting fucked!"

"Mmmmmm yeah, fuck her ass AJ! Fuck that tight little hole good! Make it loose and gaping. Make sure she can't sit for a week. Do to her what she did to us so many times and ass fuck her until she begs to cum like a total anal slut! Then destroy her ass hole and make her cum like a total anal slut!" Kaitlyn encouraged her girlfriend, leading several other divas to do the same, even a few dull 'AJ' chants starting as AJ butt fucked increasingly loud moans from Maryse's mouth.

Maryse hadn't really crossed paths with AJ since she'd left the WWE. Ok, maybe she'd ass fucked her once or twice like six months ago, but AJ had always been such an insignificant worm Maryse had barely paid attention to her even while fucking her. Now it seemed that while Maryse was away this little midget must have been butt fucking other women on an hourly basis because oh fuck had she become an incredible butt fucker. Maybe even better than Beth, not that Maryse would dare say that out loud. But... there was just something about the way AJ slowly fucked her ass, the initial pain fading away in record time leaving only overwhelming pleasure, AJ making Maryse want to beg for more with every skilled thrust. Which would only make her current situation more humiliating, but after a while Maryse figured she had hit bottom and succumbed to that particular desire.

"Please..." Maryse whispered softly, "Harder... fuck me..."

The crowd laughed and roared in approval, but before they could say anything AJ roughly smacked Maryse's ass and said, "I'm sorry Maryse, I didn't hear that. Speak up!"

Maryse whimpered, her eyes locked to the floor as she whispered slightly louder than before, "Please... fuck me harder... please... I... I need to cum..."

"Nope." AJ grinned wickedly, "I'm not going to make you cum until you beg me properly."

In response Maryse buried her face in the tiles again and desperately hoped AJ would run out of patience first, the whole time doing her best to ignore her audience who was mocking her joyfully.

"You heard her slut, fucking beg!" Eve called out gleefully, "Fucking beg to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass! Make us all believe you want to get ass fucked! That you want to get ass fucked so hard by little AJ here that you cum on her cock like a bitch. That you want to cum with a big strap on dick up your ass like a fucking bitch! Do it! Fucking beg! Fucking beg to cum like a little bitch with AJ Lee's dick deep inside your dyke ass!"

"Fucking beg for it like the anal slut you apparently are!" Natalya laughed, "Mmmmm yeah, come on little French Poodle, beg! Or at least bark some more!"

"Come on bitch, beg!" Kaitlyn ordered, at one point yanking Maryse's hair up so she could spit in the bitchy blonde's face and then yell, "Beg for it like all the times the rest of us did when you ass fucked us. Me, AJ and all the other divas you ass fucked wanna see you beg and plead for my girlfriend to slam fuck your tightest hole and make you fucking cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass!"

At first Maryse had responded to these unoriginal and lacklustre remarks with far better ones of her own, but as the minutes ticked by and the pleasure she was receiving from the ass fucking seem to increase with every thrust Maryse had been reduced to simply replying with 'fuck you' over and over again. Now the former diva's champion was just concentrating on begging AJ to 'fuck her hard and make her cum', Maryse pretty much repeating that phrase in a variety of different ways. First she was saying it as quietly as possible, then she was whimpering it, then was grumbling it through gritted teeth, then she was yelling, Maryse demanding AJ ass fuck her hard or else. The last one earned her a series of hard spanks to her dildo stuffed butt, the pain quickly having Maryse begging for mercy and going right back to trying to ask as nicely as possible for a harder butt fucking.

Finally after what felt like an eternity Maryse broke down and cried, "PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK MY FUCKING ASS YOU BITCH! Oh Gawwwwwwd, please AJ, please fuck me hard! I need to cum. Please, I need to cum so fucking bad! Please... I'll... I'll do anything!"

"All you have to do is beg properly." AJ said in a singsong voice, not looking away from where her dick was sawing in and out of Maryse's butt hole.

"HOW!" Maryse screamed in frustration, another sharp slap to her ass quickly making her rephrase, "What do you want me to say?"

"Wellllll..." AJ grinned, finally looking away from Maryse's dildo filled ass hole to the blonde's face, an evil smirk crossing her own as she noticed Maryse was literally crying with frustration, "You can start by saying sorry for always being so mean to me."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry." Maryse quickly exclaimed, not even caring she was apologising, something she was normally proud of never doing. Of course at this point Maryse was so desperate to cum she didn't really care about pride or dignity, "I'm sorry I was mean to you!"

"And my girlfriend?" AJ questioned, thrusting hard into Maryse's butt to emphasise the point.

"Ahhhh Gawwwwd oui, your girlfriend, I'm so sorry, ooooooohhhhhh fuck, I'm sorry for being mean to your girlfriend!" Maryse moaned as AJ finally began to pick up the pace of the butt fucking, the tiniest increase making Maryse's eyes role in the back of her head.

"Look at her and tell her you're sorry!" AJ suddenly snapped, stopping the ass fucking altogether and giving Maryse's ass a hard slap.

"AHHHHH shit, fuck, I'm sorry Kaitlyn!" Maryse cried as she looked up for the first time in ages and locked eyes with Kaitlyn, "I'm so sorry I was mean to you! I'm so sorry Kaitlyn, oh please don't stop fucking me AJ, ooooooohhhhhhh ouuuuuuiiiiiii!"

AJ gave Maryse's ass just a few lazy thrusts, just enough to make the French-Canadian moan for her, then stopped and ordered, "Now tell them! Tell everyone how sorry you are for acting like a total bitch and treating us all like dirt!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being a bitch and treating you like dirt!" Maryse immediately told her fellow divas, a sharp slap to her ass quickly making her add, "A total bitch! I'm sorry for being such a total bitch!"

"But you like being my bitch, don't you Maryse?" AJ asked, beginning to ass fuck Maryse again, this time returning to the slow but steady pace she was using before.

"Ouuuuuuiiiiiii! Ooooooohhhhhhh ouuuuuuiiiiiii!" Maryse moaned loudly, even in her delirious state knowing she would have to choose her next words carefully, "I love being your bitch AJ. I'm Beth's bitch, we all are, but as long as your dick is in my ass I'm your bitch and I love it!"

"You mean your dick, right? I mean this is your strap on, the one you used to ass fuck me, my girlfriend, and everyone else, right? That's what I'm using to fuck your tight little ass hole right now, so... oh wait, because your strap on is around my waist it's my dick. I remember now. Silly me." AJ smirked, slowly beginning to fuck Maryse's ass harder again, "But seriously, how does it feel Maryse? How does it feel to get ass fucked by your own strap on? How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine bitch?"

"Good!" Maryse moaned, something in AJ's eyes telling her to truthfully add, "Humiliating, but sooooooo gooooooddddd! That big strap on feels so good in my ass! Please fuck me! Fuck my bitch ass hard with my own strap on dick! Butt fuck me and make me your bitch!"

"That's more like it!" AJ beamed, this time increasing the pace of the ass fucking so the sound of her thighs smacking against Maryse's ass became audible even over the French accented moans, groans, cries and whimpers of the blonde she was butt fucking, "That's how you properly beg for more. Keep it up! Tell me how much you love my big dick in your ass! That you love being my bitch just as much as you love being Beth's! That you love getting ass fucked more than you love to fuck ass! That you're just a bottom pretending to be a top!"

The last comment actually cause the divas to go silent, all of them surprised about just how far AJ was taking this. Although not as surprised as they were when Maryse went with it, although that was mostly because AJ started slowing down her thrusts again.

"I love your big dick in my ass! I love your big dick in my ass soooooo fucking much! It feels so good! I fucking love it! Mmmmmmmm, oh, oh oui, I love being your bitch! I love being AJ Lee's bitch! I... I love it just as much as I love being Beth's bitch!" Maryse cried out, hesitating with the last part, but after telling herself they were just words push them out, "I, I, ooooohhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I... I love getting ass fucked more than I love to fuck ass! I'm... I'm just a bottom pretending to be a top... AHHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHHH!"

"LIKE. YOU. MEAN. IT." AJ growled, punctuating every word with the brutally hard thrust.


Maryse continued begging hysterically for a long time, however as the blonde became overwhelmed with mind melting pleasure of the butt fucking she couldn't help switching to her native tongue. Not because she wanted to throw insults at AJ like before, but because it honestly felt like she forgot how to speak English. She also forgot everything else including her name, the other girl fucking her ass so hard the poor blonde became nothing but a quivering mess. Around that time Maryse became completely incoherent, nothing but mindless screams and the occasional swear words falling from her mouth as her entire world revolved around the giant dick slamming in and out of her ass hole.

This was exactly why Maryse hated to be ass fucked. It felt so amazing but she lost any semblance of dignity, and each time she took a cock up her ass she feared she would never be able to be a top again. And... everytime her ass was being pounded hard and deep like it was right now... Maryse would fantasise what it would be like to be a pure bottom. To completely submit to another woman, or women, and allow herself to become a fuck toy. A muff diving/butt munching anal whore. To truly be another woman's bitch. And now more than any other time she truly felt like another woman's bitch, like every single word she said was true and in these blissful moments Maryse felt truly broken... like she was now truly AJ's bitch. And, if only for these blissful moments, Maryse truly wanted to be this tiny girl's bitch.

When her first orgasm and her cum squirted from her cunt more violently than ever before Maryse not only felt like AJ's bitch, but like she'd never wanted anything more in her entire life. Shortly after when her second orgasm hit Maryse suddenly found her voice again, the super top hysterically screaming over and over again, "PLEASE AJ MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH MAKE ME YOUR BITCH MAKE ME YOUR BITCH MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! I WANT TO BE AJ LEE'S BITCH!"

These latest words cause the crowd to cheer and call out encouragement again however neither girl heard them. Maryse was lost in the multiple orgasms AJ was giving her and AJ was solely focused on destroying Maryse's ass hole.

It was easy for AJ to block everybody out. All she had to do was focus on the same thing her eyes had been constantly drifting to since Maryse had first bend over for her, namely the bitchy top's perfect ass. Or perhaps more accurately the sight of her dildo sliding in and out of Maryse's ass hole, although now it wasn't so much sliding as it was slamming, the surrounding flesh just as interesting as AJ's thighs pummelled the taller girl's ass cheeks so hard that they jiggled with the force of the impact.

It had been a long time since Maryse had 'forced' AJ to give her a rim job but the little brunette could have sworn that the tall blonde's butt hadn't been this full and round before. Not that it could be called big like Beth's juicy ass, or even Kaitlyn's, however there was definitely a little cush for the push which AJ hadn't really noticed during the gentle butt stretching but now she was pounding Maryse's pooper not only did AJ see it but she felt it and it only pushed her to ass fuck the other WWE diva harder, which was really helpful considering she was running out of steam.

AJ had only recently started topping and usually she liked to switch positions, partly for the fun of changing things up, partly because she found another girl bouncing on a cock extremely erotic, but mostly to give herself a little rest. Because sure, she had incredible stamina just like every other WWE diva, but she quickly found it was a lot more work being a top than being a bottom, and she hadn't quite adjusted yet. However the doggie style position was arguably the most clear symbol of power/control during sex, or at least that was how it had always been seen in the WWE women's locker room, and AJ was determined to make a statement that she wasn't meek little bottom AJ Lee anymore. She was a dominant super top, and all the other tops better start showing her some respect or they were going to end up like Maryse, bent over and taking AJ's cock up their asses.

To properly motivate herself to continue AJ thought about how she had been treated like dirt by all the dominant divas, especially Maryse. Beth was the most dominant and rough fuck, but Maryse was easily the meanest, clearly getting off on humiliating every girl she fucked. Really, apart from the mind blowing sex, Maryse was exactly like the mean girls at school who had relentlessly bullied AJ, the little brunette not knowing who had made her cry more, them or Maryse. And Maryse had been constantly fucking Kaitlyn when she was around, and telling AJ how much she enjoyed fucking her girlfriend, and how much better a fuck Kaitlyn was, that AJ wasn't hot or good enough to be a WWE diva, that she was beneath her! Well who was bent over and taking it up her fucking ass now?

Becoming blinded by rage AJ took out each and every one of the frustrations she had with Maryse out on the blonde's butt hole, somehow slamming Maryse's shit hole harder than ever before. And this wasn't just harder then she's fucked Maryse before, this was harder than she's ever fucked anyone before. So, harder than Beth or Kaitlyn, but still the sound of her hips crashing against Maryse's ass cheeks became deafening, as did the French-Canadian's screams of ecstasy. The only downside was AJ wasn't able to stop herself from cumming anymore, but she was so overwhelmed with the physical need to punish Maryse for all she had done to her she carried herself through it.


In response Maryse whimpered, barked, woofed and made various other noises, the dominating top now face down and ass up, the only thing keeping her lower half in the air being AJ's vice like grip on her waist. Meanwhile as she felt the last of her strength leave her AJ finally looked up at the crowd, first meeting the gaze of Kaitlyn who gave her a loving smile, then she spotted Beth who looked angry, aroused and... jealous? The very thought had AJ cumming again, this time her climax so powerful that she pretty much blacked out, the tiny diva becoming completely lost in ass fucking the other woman.

Usually Beth loved entering a WWE divas locker room. She was always fashionably late so everyone would already be there, all of them falling silent and turning their heads towards her as she entered. Sure, she was frequently walking into an orgy or gang bang, but her arrival always commanded attention until today when her bitches didn't even notice her come in because they were so enraptured by the sight of little AJ Lee viciously sodomising Maryse Ouelette.

To be fair the only one to ever fuck Maryse's ass up until today was Beth, and it was no secret that Maryse was despised, so it was understandable the other divas couldn't take their eyes off this former champion being fucked up the ass, by a smaller girl no less. That was why she probably wasn't going to punish any of her bitches for not noticing her entering the locker room. At least not any time soon. Maybe much later on she would use this as an excuse to spank some ass, but for right now Beth was focused on getting her revenge on AJ. Or at least that's what had been in her mind when she stormed over to the arena. Now... she was honestly just as captivated by AJ pounding Maryse's butt as everybody else.

Part of Beth was still livid at having to share Maryse's ass hole which had always been so exquisitely tight and sensitive. It had always been so easy to make Maryse cum from ass fucking, and it was such a thrill having the butt hole of the bitch everyone hated all to herself. That was why Maryse had been allowed to remain a top. Well, that and she was figuratively and literally a first-class ass kisser. But Beth had to admit it was sexy as hell watching AJ fucking Maryse's ass, the little brunette's thighs now moving at lightning speed, relentlessly slamming into the blonde's butt cheeks, making them jiggle, and making Maryse scream in pleasure, and making Beth wish she was the one getting ass fucked, AJ's big dildo pounding her ass, NO! Beth was no bottom. She didn't want to be ass fucked ever again. Not by anyone, but especially not by little AJ Lee... no matter how much her sore ass hole seemed to be quivering at the memory of last night, the sight of AJ butt fucking a blonde forcing Beth to imagine herself in the position Maryse now was, on her hands and knees being fucked up the ass in the middle of a locker room while the current crop of divas watched and cheered AJ on.

No matter how hard she tried Beth couldn't shake the image, and when AJ looked at her and smirked the mighty Glamazon trembled. Luckily no one noticed as that's when AJ kicked into high gear, fucking Maryse's ass with a impressive brutality Beth didn't remember AJ using on her, and kind of wished she had. This caused Maryse to turn into a bucking bronco but AJ held on tight with the vice like grip, showing impressive technique even as she brutalised Maryse's butt, making a very, very small part of Beth wish that AJ would ass fuck her next. Then to Beth's horror she remembered AJ could.

When a diva lost a traditional rules match to another she was her bitch until the next diva's match. These terms could be negotiated slightly, for instance AJ promising she would let Beth just take one little ass fucking, then she could go. But that had been last night, and AJ hadn't promised not to do anything to Beth before their match tonight. Even if there was no time for a lengthy butt pounding AJ had enough time to do plenty of damage to Beth's flawless reputation as a top through a quick anal fucking or making Beth lick her ass or something. FUCK! Why did Beth have to spend the whole day plotting her revenge, and trying not to imagine AJ fucking her big ass? What the hell was wrong with her?

Meanwhile AJ was going over the edge of yet another orgasm, this one so powerful she literally blacked out for a second. To be fair her own exhaustion probably was a factor, but either way she was dimly aware of herself falling but instead of hitting hard concrete she landed on something soft. Or more accurately her head landed on two very soft things which seemed very familiar to her.

Then with the following words AJ realise she was in maybe her favourite place in the entire world, her girlfriend's strong arms, "It's ok, I've got you baby."

AJ smiled softly as Kaitlyn gently kissed her forehead, taking a moment to enjoy the fact that her girlfriend was literally there to catch her when she fell. Then AJ turned her attention to the mean girl who had used to torture her, Kaitlyn and just about everybody else, a wide grin crossing the tiny brunette's face as she spotted the state of the usually proud blonde.

Maryse was still lying face down and ass up, allowing AJ and the rest of the divas to stare at her gaping butt hole, Maryse still trembling from the after-shocks of her orgasms as the other divas made fun of her and praised AJ.

"Nice work baby, you really destroyed that hole." Kaitlyn grinned, licking her lips at the beautiful sight in front of her.

"Yeah, you made the little hole Maryse shits from loose and gaping." Natalya grinned.

"And it'll probably stay loose and gaping for at least a few hours." Eve spoke from experience before adding somewhat exaggeratedly, "And she definitely won't be sitting right for a week.

"Spread your cheeks Maryse!" AJ suddenly yelled out, "Make sure everyone sees just how good I ass fucked you!"

Maryse left out yet another soft whimper but her hands immediately shot to her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as she could, leading to another soft round of giggles, cheers and murmurings.

"Wow, she's totally got that bitch housebroken." Alisha Fox murmured in disbelief.

"Yeah, it's so hot." Naomi grinned.

"Fuck yeah, forget about a week, that bitch will be lucky if she ever sits or shits right again!" Cameron laughed.

"Yeah-" Rosa began before noticing something out of the corner of her eye, causing her to look past Maryse and stammer, "B, Beth!"

Suddenly everyone looked past, or in some cases away, from the captivating sight of a freshly ass fucked Maryse and over to the terrifying sight of the Alpha female of the WWE divas standing in front of the door to the locker room. This caused everyone in the room to get at least a little nervous.

Everyone except AJ of course, "What are you waiting for French Poodle? I said show everyone how good I ass fucked you, and that definitely includes your owner. So show her your gaping ass hole bitch!"

Even as AJ was talking Maryse was slowly moving herself around so that her ass was facing Beth, even remembering to spread her ass cheeks so The Glamazon could get the best look possible at her well opened back door.

Once Maryse was in the correct position AJ murmured, "So... what do you think?"

Beth glanced from Maryse's gaping butt hole to AJ's grinning face, something about the letter telling her she needed to choose her words carefully. In the end she went with a truthful, "It's not a bad gape."

"Is it good enough?" AJ asked hopefully, "Does, does this mean I can be one of your tops?"

Beth gritted her teeth. To everyone else it clearly sounded like AJ was asking to become a top, a.k.a. one of Beth's personal bitches who's ass holes were for her only, but Beth knew exactly what AJ was implying and it made The Glamazon so mad she nearly lunged at the tiny brunette. However if she did all it would take was a few words from AJ and Beth would be the one with a dildo up her ass, which would probably be her fate if she didn't give AJ what she wanted. So, trying to keep a little of her control, Beth murmured, "We'll see."

"You need more of a demonstration? No problem." AJ grinned, turning her attention to Maryse, "Hey little French Poodle, get over here and suck your ass juice off my cock!"

Unintentionally letting out a sound which was similar to a small dog whining Maryse let go of her butt cheeks and crawled over to where a now clearly tired AJ was sitting on the floor, the French-Canadian grimacing with every move.

Maryse was not sure what was more humiliating, the pain in her ass or having to go ass to mouth. On the one hand her ass hurts so much she would probably just lay on her front on the floor when AJ was done with her, the other divas revelling in her humiliation as they would get to watch her ass hole ever so slowly recover from being abused. The last time Beth had done this to her Maryse had laid on the dirty floor until the arena was closing, and even then her return to her hotel room had been hell, and given the way her ass was currently aching this time promised to be no different. On the other hand sucking on a cock which had been inside an ass was perhaps the nastiest thing Maryse had been involved with, and when she was the one going ass to mouth in front of an audience it felt like the ultimate form of humiliation, and to have to do it for little AJ Lee rather than the big tough Glamazon Beth Phoenix was somehow far worse.

Of course the most disgraceful part was how much Maryse's treacherous body got off on it, the former diva's champion shuddering with overwhelming shame and twisted pleasure as she wrapped her lips around the head of AJ's strap on and tasted the deepest part of her ass for the first time in two years. The flavour was not one she'd missed, nor was the verbal abuse she received from doing it, but as her debasement was almost over Maryse focused on cleaning AJ's cock as quickly as possible. That meant slurping forcefully on the head of AJ's dildo followed by the shaft, Maryse soon bobbing her head up and down on the full length of the fake cock as she took it down her throat with a minimum amount of gagging.

As she quickly but thoroughly cleaned the cock of her own ass juices Maryse tried not to do two things, moan and look up at AJ. She failed on both counts, moaning not because she loved the taste of her own ass like the other ATM sluts surrounding her but because her body was reacting favourably to being humiliated. That was why she also moaned when looking at the grinning brunette, Maryse being reminded just how amazing this tiny diva had made her feel. How hard she had made her cum. How much Maryse had loved being little AJ's bitch. Her body! Her body had loved it, had wanted it and needed it, which was the only reason Maryse had said whatever necessary to make AJ fuck her hard. Or at least that's what Maryse told herself.

None of the other divas believed Maryse was just doing what she had too, especially not AJ. Sure, they were all watching Maryse eagerly sucking her own ass juice off AJ's cock, and before that they had witnessed Maryse begging for a hard butt fucking and cum like a total anal whore when she got her ass pounded. That alone was evidence enough for most that Maryse was now a bottom, or at least had been broken enough so they could all get a piece of that bitchy French-Canadian ass. However through it all Maryse reminded AJ of someone who was standing right in front of her.

It was really hard to tear her eyes away from Maryse bobbing her head up and down on her dildo. Hell, AJ had never thought she'd ever get any type of head from Maryse before tonight, now she'd had both. And the ever so slightly less enjoyable version had the added bonus of Maryse cleaning her own ass juice off of AJ's dildo, making the sight almost impossible to tear herself away from. But AJ managed it, and it was totally worth it to look up into the eyes of the mighty Beth Phoenix, a woman who used to terrify AJ, now looking on nervously.

The Glamazon was nervous. Afraid, even. The mighty Glamazon Beth Phoenix was afraid of little AJ Lee. Or more accurately what AJ would do next.

The temptation to make Beth bend over was almost overwhelming. AJ could ass fuck The Glamazon right here right now in front of all the other divas and do the one thing no other WWE diva had done since Beth became part of the main roster and become the top dog, head Dom, the Alpha female of the WWE. But that would send things into chaos. Divas at each other's throats to get on top, AJ constantly having to watch her own ass while someone tried to overthrow her. No. She was going to take her time with Beth. Make The Glamazon want to submit to her. Maybe butt fuck a few of the other dominant divas like Eve or Natalya. Slowly take control like some kind of super cool ninja. Or maybe she'd just let Beth keep being in control so she could secretly be butt fucking the Alpha female of the WWE. Hell, even if Beth turned the tables and started dominating her AJ wouldn't mind so much, although she hoped she'd get to fuck Beth's heavenly tight butt at least once more first.

In the meantime AJ was determined to take full advantage of her current situation. That meant gripping a handful of blonde hair and yanking it up and down, forcing Maryse to bob her head on the dildo faster and harder. Of course Maryse let out a garbled complaint, but didn't try to pull away. It was the same story when AJ pushed Maryse all the way down so the full length of the dick was inside the blonde's mouth/throat and then held her for several seconds. Then it was more or less the same thing with only a few more additional whimpers from Maryse as AJ began using her bitchy mouth as a fuck hole, the tiny brunette thrusting in and out of the blonde's throat while the other WWE divas joyfully cheered her on.

"Oh yeah, fuck that bitch's throat! Fuck it like you fucked her whore ass!" Eve practically yelled, "Fuck that throat so hard that the bitch fucking chokes!"

"Mmmmm yeah, make her a face pussy!" Kelly added eagerly, "Mmmmm that's so hot! Do to her what she always does to us after a butt pounding. Give her a taste of her own medicine, and a taste of her own ass!"

"Fuck AJ, you look so sexy fucking that bitch's face!" Kaitlyn called out, "Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm fuck that model face of hers hard! Oh God, I love you so much baby."

"I love you too sweetie." AJ grinned at Kaitlyn before again going back to glancing from Beth to Maryse as she added, "Now... who else wants a piece of this ass?"

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