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The Bigger They Are Part 3
by MTL (

The WWE diva's locker room was almost deafeningly noisy most of the time. Occasionally this would be because of divas discussing battle strategies, or dates, or whatever gossip was floating around. Mostly though it would be because of all the lesbian sex, sounds of licking, sucking and fucking only barely being drowned out by moans, groans, cries and screams of pleasure. However it wasn't unprecedented that someone would say or do something which would cause a hushed silence to fall over the usually noisy divas. On those rare occasions it was normally Beth, the undisputed top Dom of divas who had been the reigning Alpha female/leader since she was made part of the official roster.

Yet on this occasion it was little AJ Lee who had caused the hushed silence, the tiny girl beaming as she said, "It's ok, Beth already told me we were all going to get to fuck Maryse's sweet French ass tonight. Isn't that right Beth?"

With all eyes turning to her Beth did her best not to react. After all she still didn't like the idea of sharing Maryse's ass, but AJ had made it clear it was either Maryse's ass or her own and there was no way Beth would allow her sore ass hole to be fucked again, especially not by the entire locker room. Not that Beth would have bent over if she hadn't still been feeling sore from the butt pounding AJ had given her last night, it's just... it didn't matter.

What mattered was giving AJ what she wanted, so trying to keep her face neutral Beth said, "That's right."

"Non Beth, please! My ass hurts so bad!" Maryse whimpered pathetically.

"Shut up bitch, you brought this on yourself!" Beth snapped, taking her rage for AJ out on Maryse, "You've been ducking me for months! Using my bitches without bending over for me! Well now you're going to bend over and take it up the ass for any bitch who wants a piece of your dyke ass!"

"Non, you can't do this-" Maryse began without thinking.

"I CAN'T DO THIS? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BITCH?" Beth screamed angrily, taking a few menacing steps towards Maryse who cowered before her, "I am the Alpha female of the WWE and I own your fucking ass hole! If I want you ass fucked by every single WWE employee you will bend over and beg for it, do I make myself clear?"

"OUI, oui Beth, I am sorry, I understand, I am so sorry." Maryse shamelessly grovelled before the powerful blonde, "I am sorry for forgetting my place, it's just that... my ass is so, so sore. It can't take another fucking like that. Please, please let me just eat pussy or something. Please?"

Beth wasn't sure what made her more pissed off. Maryse talking back to her, or the weaker blonde trying to get out of one of the Glamazon's commands, or the fact that this inferior woman's talk of her sore ass was reminding Beth of the pain in her own rear and just how it got there. Actually Beth knew perfectly well it was the last one, but the first two certainly didn't help matters.

At least not for Maryse, Beth glaring down at her bitch as she taunted her, "Are you saying that one little butt fucking from little AJ Lee has defeated you?"

"Non." Maryse replied quickly, then realising she'd walked into a trap added, "I, I mean, I... I..."

"Because if one little butt fucking from a pipsqueak like AJ Lee is enough to render your ass hole unusable then clearly you need more regular ass fuckings to properly stretch you out for me." Beth threatened, "Maybe you would be better off being a full-time bottom. Or perhaps you would like to be the ass slut of one of my other bitches. Have one of them stretch your ass for me. Perhaps I should do it myself."

"Non, non, non, non please, I will be good, I will bend over for whoever you want, whenever you want." Maryse whimpered as she literally grovelled at Beth's feet.

"And you will lick the pussies of anyone who wants a turn with your mouth! And lick their ass holes! Or whatever else they want!" Beth firmly stated.

"Oui, oui whatever they want. Whatever you want." Maryse parroted.

"Good." Beth said, turning to her right-hand woman who already had a strap on firmly equipped, "Natalya, you first. Do whatever you want to Maryse."

"Thanks Beth, you're the best. As for you, you fucking French yammering whore, bend over and give me that dyke ass!" Natalya called out gleefully, moving to the middle of the room so everyone would have a good view of her butt fucking the previously untouchable Maryse, "I want you to bend over right here in front of me and get ready to have your ass wrecked by a real top. Mmmmm, when I'm done with you, you won't be able to shit right for a week."

Maryse whimpered pathetically, gave one final desperate look at Beth and then hung her head in shame before slowly crawling over to Natalya. Once at her destination Maryse hesitantly turned her back to Natalya, lent forward so her face was once again pressed against the dirty floor and pushed her ass up so it could be abused even more.

"Mmmmm fuck, that's one hot sexy ass! So fuck-able. And spank-able." Natalya grinned, delivering a few hard smacks to Maryse's ass, making the well-rounded flesh jiggle from the impact, "Mmmmm oh fuck yeah, I've waited for this for a long time bitch, and now... your bitchy French ass is mine!"

With that Natalya guided the tip of her strap on against Maryse's butt hole and then slammed forwards, driving over half of the dildo inside the humiliated blonde's bowels for that first hard thrust. The suddenness caused Maryse to cry out loudly, but to her shame it was mostly a cry of pleasure as while her ass was still incredibly sore it was also buzzing from the skill fucking AJ that had just given it. With another thrust Natalya was balls deep in Maryse's ass, the French-Canadian desperately trying to ignore all the happy cheers echoing around her and the overwhelming pleasure that having her ass filled so completely gave her.

"Oh fuck, nice work AJ." Natalya praised the small girl as she began slowly pumping Maryse's butt, "Mmmmmm, you loosened up this whore's ass real good for me, ooooooooooh but she's still nice and tight around my dick. Not for long though!"

"Glad I could help." AJ said, although she doubted Natalya or anyone else even heard her, the entire room becoming fixated on Maryse once again being sodomised by one of the many divas she was a bitch too.

Maryse had always been proud to be who she was and had few regrets in her life. Certainly as far as her career goes she probably wouldn't have made it as far as she did if she hadn't turned her bitch dial up to eleven. However for the first time in her life she was truly regretting being so mean, because little AJ was one thing but big scary Natalya was another.

Over the years Maryse had seen Natalya completely obliterate the ass holes of many, many women who had crossed her path, the other Canadian showing the type of skill and power few women possessed. True, she was nothing on Maryse, Beth or perhaps even little AJ, but in the state she was in Maryse knew that even an amateur butt fucker like Natalya could use her brute strength to make the sexiest of the sexy cum like a total anal whore.

Soon all Maryse could do was desperately grind her teeth and bite her lip to stop herself from begging for more, the former diva's champion becoming so overwhelmed with anal induced pleasure that she barely notice the soreness in her already well fucked ass or painful feeling of Natalya's thighs relentlessly smacking into her ass cheeks, the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoing throughout the room as did Maryse's cries of ecstasy and her audience's cries of delight.

"That's it, moan for me you little French whore. Moan for me." Natalya laughed, "Moan as I'm fucking your tight little French ass. You like that? You like that big dick inside your ass? Huh? Stretching you out? Filling that tight little French ass of yours with big fake dick? Making your ass hole my personal fuck hole. Our personal fuck hole, to use whenever we want? Huh? Do you? Do you like being our little anal whore? Taking it up the butt for us like a little bitch? Mmmmmm yeah, me and the rest of the divas are all going to fuck your ass and you're going to love every moment of it, aren't you? Ohhhhhh, you're going to love being our ass slut. Our anal ho. Mmmmmm, our little French poodle."

"Yeah, going to be our little French poodle." Eve joined in the laughter, "You were just Beth's, but now your ass belongs all of us. All of us are going to take it in turns to use your skanky whore ass and they're going to fuck it, and fuck it, and fuck it, and fuck it until it's a gaping mess."

"Mmmmmmmm fuck yes, get ready to have a gaping crater for an ass hole, bitch." Cameron added.

"Oooooooooh yeah, we're going to tear your ass hole wide open." Naomi added.

Natalya and the rest of the divas continued hurling verbal abuse at Maryse while Natalya continued assaulting Maryse's ass with nice hard thrusts, the dominant blonde continuing to pick up the pace until she was sodomising the submissive blonde with every ounce of her impressive strength. Strength which was currently second only to The Glamazon within the WWE diva's locker room, Natalya proving that with the vicious pounding she was joyfully giving Maryse's helpless ass.

If an outsider walked in right now they would think Natalya was being cruel but this wasn't anything Maryse hadn't done to countless divas, and while Natalya wasn't amongst them she'd had to put up with Maryse's winning personality for years. That should entitle her to a piece of Maryse's ass, but the annoying French-Canadian bitch had denied her time and again, refused to put her ass on the line for anything, only too happy to wiggle her ass directly in Natalya's face and tell her she would never, ever have it. Well at least for right now Maryse's ass was all hers and Natalya was going to take full advantage of that.

So when she finally made Maryse cum Natalya didn't even think of stopping, the dominant top relentlessly ramming into her now broken rival's rectum until the bitch came over, and over and over again. Natalya came too, the clit stimulator doing its job perfectly, even if Natalya was sure she could have cum just from the joy of fucking the arrogant Maryse up the ass. Especially as Natalya was determined to live up to her promise and completely ruin Maryse's ass, a goal she had no doubt she would have achieved if the chance wasn't taken from her.

Just a few feet away no one noticed AJ whispering into Beth's ear, the Glamazon gritting her teeth before then yelling out, "Ok, that's enough Natalya. I said stop! Good, now give Eve a turn with that whore's ass while you make her clean your cock."

Natalya grumbled but didn't dare to question The Glamazon while Eve, who had also strapped on a nice big dildo in the hopes of getting a piece of Maryse's ass, immediately took the other tops place behind the now former top. Even though she had been nice enough to slather a little lube onto her dick Eve wasted no time in pressing the tip of the dildo against Maryse's ass hole and slamming brutally forwards, sending every inch of the long, thick shaft deep into the bitchy blonde's bowels. With only her second thrust Eve was balls deep inside Maryse's ass, and with her third she was beginning to officially fuck Maryse Ouellet up the ass.

Eve had spent most of her WWE career as a pathetic little bottom who had been forced to bend over so many times that it had been impossible to sit down without wincing in pain and she couldn't eat or drink anything without vividly remembering the taste of pussy and ass. The latter was still true, and Eve didn't think she would be able to put any weight on her butt without getting flashbacks to the anal abuse she had taken over the years, but it was so much worse when she had been first brought up to Smackdown where she had almost immediately become Maryse's bitch.

Beth might have been the one to pop Eve's anal cherry but Maryse was the first one to shove Eve face first in between her legs and demand she lick her 'pretty pussy'. After that the cruel blonde had made her eat her ass in what was the first of many rim jobs Eve would be forced to give her new top. Then of course Maryse had rammed Eve's rectum hard and deep, making the brunette squeal in pleasure and beg to be her bitch, a position Eve had mostly continued even after Beth had broken Maryse.

At first Eve had enjoyed being a submissive lesbian slut however as she slowly improved her wrestling ability she became more and more resentful of being treated like a piece of meat. Maryse had always been the worst of the worst as far as this was concerned, the cruel blonde seeming to literally get off on treating Eve and all the other bottoms like dirt.

It had taken a lot of ass kissing, both figuratively and literally, but as soon as Beth had given her the chance to be a top Eve had done everything she could to impress The Glamazon so she wouldn't have to go back to constantly bending over. In doing this she had treated her victims just as bad as Maryse used to treat her. Maybe even worse. Which earned her a place as a top but she still got no respect, Maryse in particular calling her a wannabe and a Maryse rip-off. Well, now it was her dick slamming in and out of Maryse's ass hole Eve was going to show her former top exactly who the wannabe was.

Further channelling her frustrations with her rival Eve called out, "Ohhhhhhh fuck, that's it Maryse, take my dick. Take it straight up your ass you French-speaking whore! Mmmmmm yeah, how does it feel bitch? How does it feel to have a big dick up your dyke ass? Huh? Ooooooh does it feel good? Do you like taking it up the ass? Do you like taking it up your tight little French-Canadian ass? Mmmmmm, I think you do. From the way that you're moaning like a total anal whore I think you fucking love it up the ass. Mmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhh, the sexiest of the sexy fucking loves taking it up her tight little French-Canadian ass because she's a total anal whore! Oh yeah, all that tough talk was just for show, you're just a bottom who loves to be butt fucked. Well here you go you little anal slut. Here's a nice hard butt fucking for you. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I'm going to fuck your butt good and hard. I'm going to gape you wide open you fucking dyke slut. Oooooohhhhhh yessssss, I'm going to fucking destroy your ass hole you little French-speaking bitch and make you my bitch! Mmmmmm, my own personal little French poodle!"

Maryse barely registered the verbal abuse as she was still desperately trying to stop herself from begging for more. She had hoped it would be easier with the less powerful Eve taking over from Natalya but it wasn't, Eve showing far more skill and power than Maryse would have thought her capable of. Not that she really paid much attention to Eve who had always been a insignificant nothing to the sexiest of the sexy, which only intensified the shame the French-Canadian was feeling now that this insignificant nothing was fucking her ass.

Luckily she had the distraction of Natalya's cock in her mouth, Maryse focusing all her energies on sucking on the toy so she wouldn't be tempted to beg for a harder ass fucking. Unfortunately this resulted in her moaning around the dick almost non-stop, however as Maryse could no longer control that she had to ignore how ashamed it made her feel, along with the shame of everything else that was happening to her, and become lost in cleaning that strap on dildo.

That was easy enough at first, Maryse slurping loudly on the head of the dick which had plundered the deepest depths of her bowels before working her lips down the shaft, the blonde deep throating the cock with practised ease. Then Natalya grabbed onto her hair and began thrusting her hips back and forth, gently at first but gradually picking up speed until she was brutally fucking Maryse's pretty face.

"Yeah take it bitch. Take every inch." Natalya spat as she showed Maryse's mouth no mercy, "Take every inch down your fucking throat. Mmmmm yeah, choke on my dick. Fucking choke on it while taking Eve's cock up your lezzie butt. Mmmmm, fucking take those dildos. Ooooooh fuck yeah!"

Just when Maryse thought she was going to pass out Natalya suddenly pulled out of her throat, leaving her choking and gasping for air. A few seconds later Maryse was once again deprived of air, Natalya quickly strapping off her dildo, grabbing a handful of blonde hair again and pushing Maryse's covergirl face as deep as it would go into her cunt. Maryse briefly resisted and that just resulted in Natalya yelling more abuse at her and rubbing her soaking pussy all over her face, drenching it in cunt cream, so Maryse stuck out her tongue and began to lick, immediately liking the taste even if she wasn't a muff diving slut like the rest of the nasty little dykes that were fucking her. Or at least that's what she told herself as she got down to some serious rug munching.

"Wow, look at her go." Natalya moaned.

"Not a fucking dyke my ass." Kikki Bella laughed.

"She loves the pussy." Brie Bella agreed with her sister, "She needs it. She craves it. Mmmmm, she's a cunt lapping slut and now we know it."

"Oh please, like we didn't know that before." Kelly of all people added, the rest of the divas laughing and agreeing with the biggest submissive amongst them.

As the other divas became lost in verbally abusing Maryse, or orally and anally in the case of Natalya and Eve, Beth noticed AJ slowly getting into her wrestling gear. Noticing the time and realising that their match was in a matter of moments Beth did the same, she and AJ exchanging looks as they got dressed and left at the same time, leaving Maryse to her humiliation.

Once they were far enough away from the locker room Beth turned around and with an animalistic like growl shoved AJ up against the wall, held her up by the scruff of the neck and snarled, "You stupid little bitch, I'm going to give you the beating of a lifetime. Then I'm going to destroy your ass hole. Forget what Maryse is going through because you're going to get it twice as bad. I'm going to ruin you, worse than I've ever done. Even Trish! Yeah bitch, I'm going to fuck you up even worse than I did Trish fucking Stratus!"

"If you win." AJ said, managing a small smile even under the circumstances.

Beth smirked, and unable to stop herself from admiring AJ's guts, pointed out, "Cute, but face it AJ, you don't stand a chance."

* * *

"Here is your winner, by disqualification, AJ Lee!"

Beth was so blinded by rage she didn't actually hear that announcement, nor did she hear AJ's theme music beginning to play. It was only when the referee pulled her away from where she had been relentlessly kicking the little pipsqueak in the corner that she finally realised what had happened, Beth going pale as a sheet as she realised AJ had outsmarted her.

Throughout the match Beth had everything under control, mercilessly throwing AJ around like a rag doll and punishing her for her audacity. She had the match won so many times, but all AJ had to do was grin at her and The Glamazon became enraged, Beth pulling AJ out of a guaranteed three count over, and over, and over again so she could inflict more punishment.

Then when they were in the corner AJ whispered how tight Beth's virgin ass had been and how much fun she'd had fucking it and the blonde just went berserk, punching AJ repeatedly in the face until she slumped down lifelessly onto her ass. Then Beth started kicking her as hard as she could, completely unaware the referee was almost at a count of five at that point and warning her she was about to be disqualified.

So now here they were, Beth standing in the ring feeling as if she was going to faint, AJ's peppy little music playing in the background while her victorious opponents slowly came round and then fixed her with a wicked smile. Her new owner continued to smile wickedly as she slowly got up on slightly shaky legs and then started skipping around the mighty Glamazon, the audience clearly confused why Beth would stand there as AJ took a victory lap around her. They were even more confused when AJ blew the blonde a kiss and skipped her way to the back, Beth watching her new top go and wondering what the hell she was going to do now.

AJ was debating the same thing, though she was obviously a lot happier about it. After all her plan worked perfectly. Well, she was actually planning to knock Beth off her game and then wait until The Glamazon made a mistake to hit a big move or a rollup, but the disqualification worked fine. It was still a victory meaning the current Alpha female of the WWE Beth Phoenix was her bitch until the next event, which wasn't for a couple of days and AJ plan to spend the majority of that time deep inside Beth's big booty.

It was totally worth getting her face smashed in, although when she got to the back AJ was delighted to see the damage wasn't too bad, a decade of wrestling perhaps toughening her up to the point where she could get away with only a few bruises from an assault like that. Then again maybe Beth had been really trying to hurt her. After all she could have won, and even though AJ had pretty sure taunting the Glamazon would be enough to make Beth continue the match the dangerous blonde with more levelheaded with that, so maybe deep down Beth really wanted to be her bitch. Oh, that was a delightful thought... although AJ should probably give the stronger diva a chance to calm down before pointing that out.

Luckily both their clothes, wallets and hotel room keys were in the divas locker room where a lesbian orgy was still going on which would provide a nice distraction for them both. AJ was certainly eager to get back to it, quickly skipping her way through the backstage area and opening the door to unsurprisingly find Eve still hogging Maryse's ass hole. Natalya had at least moved on to forcing Maryse's pretty face in between her ass cheeks for what AJ was sure was a thorough rim job, but even then it wasn't fair that they have all the fun when there are other divas standing around them just aching to fuck Maryse.

Of course there was one in particular that caught AJ's eye, the victorious brunette smiling dreamily at her girlfriend for a few moments before turning to one of her least favourite divas and calling out, "Hey Eve, Beth told me to tell you that after you cum you have to let someone else have a go."

Eve gave her a look like she was going to complain, rather than likely at that, but then she smiled at AJ and panted, "Just a second."

With that Eve brutally increased the butt pounding pace, AJ watching while nonchalantly stripping and attaching her biggest strap on. It wasn't long before Maryse was screaming in ecstasy and her cunt was clearly squirting girl cum, and while she tried to hide it Eve obviously came too. AJ gave her a chance to enjoy it, and for everybody else to enjoy the sight of Maryse's ass being roughly fucked, then she opened her mouth to insist Eve stop. However before she could get a word out Eve noticed her intention and reluctantly pulled her dildo from Maryse's butt, leaving the French-Canadian's back hole gaping even wider than before.

"Nice work Eve, but now I think it's time for some DP action." AJ announced, lying down on the floor near to where Maryse was gasping for breath, "Kaitlyn, wanna help me turn Maryse into the filling of a Chick Buster sandwich?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" Kaitlyn beamed happily, before boldly slapping Maryse's ass, "Go ride my girlfriend so we can both stuff your fuck holes."

"Then Eve can fuck her mouth so we can make her air-tight." AJ added, Eve and everyone else seeming to very much like that idea, Maryse a little less so but she obediently crawled over to AJ, even if she did make the mistake of turning around and trying to shove the brunette's dildo up her butt, prompting AJ to smack her ass and growl, "No, it's Kaitlyn's turn to fuck some ass. I want your pussy."

Maryse whimpered at the blow but didn't hesitate reaching down and lining AJ's cock up against her pussy. Then, once she was in the correct position, Maryse slowly pushed her body downwards, the former diva's champion unable to stop herself from crying out joyfully as her neglected fuck hole was filled. After all those orgasms her cunt was lubricated as could be, Maryse easily being able to glide herself down on the dildo, her eyelids fluttering ones she achieved full penetration.

For a few glorious seconds she was able to enjoy that feeling of fullness in the hole on her body which was meant to be fucked. Then Kaitlyn knelt behind her and eagerly pushed her strap on into Maryse's gaping ass hole, the entry just as easy as AJ's had been which was hardly surprising given the three brutal poundings Maryse's poor bottom had already taken. For that reason Kaitlyn could have slammed every inch into Maryse in one thrust but instead the little weakling slowly pushed the toy inside her better's butt hole, no doubt savouring this honour Maryse swore she would never get again. Because Maryse didn't care what it took, she would be a top again and have her revenge. She, oh fuck it felt so good.

Maryse had dished out plenty of DPs but had never been double penetrated. It was a good thing too because the pleasure of being double stuffed caused her was exquisite but it was the type of submissive pleasure that a top like Maryse wasn't supposed to enjoy. Not that she really enjoyed it. Not really. Or at least that's what she told herself. After all, to be sandwiched in between the likes of AJ and Kaitlyn was a humiliation which was nearly unbearable, even more so than being simply fucked up the ass by little AJ Lee.

Things only got worse when for the first time in her life Maryse was officially made airtight, Eve shoving her strap on into Maryse's open mouth when the French-Canadian was moaning from the shamefully pleasurable sensation of Kaitlyn's thighs smacking against her butt cheeks, two man-made cocks now fully embedded in Maryse's pussy and ass.

"That's right, suck it you fucking bitch! Suck my fucking cock." Eve spat, "Suck the big cock I just used to fuck your ass you dumb whore. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck it you ass to mouth slut. Fucking suck that ass flavoured dick."

"Mmmmmmm that's so hot." Kaitlyn praised as she watched Maryse work, "Clean that cock while I'm fucking your ass. Ohhhhhhh, your ass is so tight. I love fucking it. I love fucking you with AJ, giving you a taste of your own medicine, you getting stuffed in all your holes, fuck, this is also good. I fucking love this."

Kaitlyn wasn't exaggerating, she loved everything about this. Watching Maryse suck her own ass juice off of Eve's cock, AJ playing with the French-Canadian's boobs, her own thighs smacking against Maryse's well-rounded butt cheeks and of course her strap-on cock pumping in and out of that stretched anal ring. The last two were definitely her favourite because Kaitlyn could feel Maryse's ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs and the end of the dildo was bashing against her clit with every thrust in and out of Maryse's butt, not to mention that fucking the bitchy blonde up the ass was literally a dream come true.

Maryse had gone out of her way to treat Kaitlyn, AJ and pretty much all the other divas like crap for her entire WWE career and her returns were no different. Honestly Kaitlyn dreaded the French-Canadian's returns and had more than one occasion had refused to bend over for Maryse despite the fact that she knew the forceful bitch would smack her around and yell at her until she bent over like 'the walking fuck hole' she was. Of course part of Kaitlyn loved being humiliated and abused, and Maryse was impossible to say no to, but constantly being a poorly treated bottom got kind of old and while Kaitlyn had never imagined she would get the chance to turn the tables on the French-Canadian getting to do so now was amazing.

Even after three rough butt fuckings Maryse's ass was a nice snug fit for Kaitlyn's dildo, the friction working wonders on the hybrid diva's clit. Maryse's constant moans of pleasure which could be heard even through the sound of the cock in her mouth was also doing a lot for Kaitlyn, as was the feeling of her thighs smacking into Maryse's ass cheeks as she slowly increased the pace until she was slamming the former diva's champion's ass with every ounce of her strength.

Despite her impressive strength Kaitlyn had always felt most at home as a bottom. Even when AJ was supposedly the bottom in their relationship it had been more of a 50/50 arrangement with the tiny brunette either just as much as in control as she was or sometimes even taking the lead. Now Kaitlyn happily thought of herself as AJ's bitch and would even consider herself a pure bottom if it wasn't for the simple fact she loved fucking asses. Tight little female ass holes to be exact. AJ's ass was by far her favourite to fuck however the WWE was filled with beautiful divas who had beautiful butts which almost literally begged to be fucked on a regular basis, and while there were only a select few who would give their asses up to Kaitlyn it was enough to keep the Nxt winner from being a total bottom, especially now Maryse's heavenly backside was apparently on the market, Kaitlyn promising herself this would not be the last time she would sodomised this French-speaking bully.

AJ was more or less thinking the same thing. Partly because of the way Maryse had been acting she deserved to be a fuck toy for every diva she'd ever victimised, partly because despite her protests Maryse was clearly loving every second of being a bottom, but most of all because it made Kaitlyn happy. Nothing was more important to AJ than that, in that moment AJ kind of wishing she could give Maryse to Kaitlyn as a gift. Like their very own pet, only instead of a puppy it was a submissive slut they could fuck together.

They had talked about both getting a real pet and getting another diva to be their fuck toy. The latter was clearly difficult given that both of them had pretty much been at the bottom of the WWE diva pecking order until maybe moments ago when AJ had sort of become a top, but even now AJ knew it was going to take a while for her to gain the respect of the women's locker room for her and Kaitlyn to publicly have a bitch. Luckily she was taking important steppingstones towards that and already had someone in mind for their bitch. Someone who was already technically AJ's bitch and with a little training would soon be Kaitlyn's bitch too.

As if on cue that bitch entered the women's locker room, still clearly fuming after her loss to AJ moments ago. Smiling widely at her AJ decided to help put on a real show, thrusting upwards into Maryse's tight cunt while the French-Canadian's mouth and ass was still getting fucked by Eve and Kaitlyn. She was pretty sure this made Maryse cum, although it simply could be making her cum harder.

Honestly it was hard to tell given the various gargling sounds coming from Maryse, and how much the humiliated blonde was shaking, and just how much liquid was almost continuously gushing from the former diva's cunt. Either way it seemed to encourage Eve and Kaitlyn to fuck Maryse's mouth and ass even harder, all three currently dominant divas cumming from the force of the stimulators in their harnesses rubbing against their clits and the sheer mental pleasure of making Maryse 'airtight'.

In the middle of all this AJ kept her eyes locked with Beth's, The Glamazon now not only fuming with rage at having being outsmarted but from AJ celebrating by once again using a fuck hole which was supposed to be for Beth's exclusive use. Hopefully Beth was also thinking about how if she said the wrong thing right now she could very easily end up taking Maryse's place sandwiched in between AJ and Kaitlyn with two dildos stuffing her holes or maybe a third filling her mouth, AJ trying to tell Beth with a look that not only this would happen if she said the wrong thing but it would eventually happen anyway regardless. AJ wasn't sure Beth got the whole message but the usually intimidating Glamazon kept her mouth shut which in its own way spoke volumes. Not that anyone noticed, the rest of the divas still all too busy enjoying Maryse's humiliation.

A round of laughter echoed through the room as Maryse clearly came again, the humiliated French Canadian squealing in pleasure as her body shook and her cum covered AJ's cock. Of course this was quickly followed by Brie Bella whining, "Come on AJ, the bitch has clearly cum."

"Yeah, that should mean someone else gets a chance with that dyke slut." Kikki Bella added, "Like me and Brie."

"I've got a better idea, why don't me and Beth try sharing her ass." AJ grinned, everyone quickly following her line of sight to spot The Glamazon.

Which meant of course no one noticed the follow-up look AJ gave Beth, one which dared her to antagonise the little brunette by refusing her or trying to make her pay for beating her. Luckily for them both Beth needed to blow off steam so she could think clearly, and in her personal experience there was no better way to do that than destroying another woman's ass hole.

So Beth gave a little half smile to show she approved, "Sure, why not."

"Alright, double anal time already." Natalya said gleefully.

"Oh hell yeah, let's really get this party started!" Eve added.

"Yeah, stretch out that bitch's butt so me and Brie can double-team her ass hole!" Nikki exclaimed.

There were other words of encouragement but Beth ignored them all in favour of concentrating on strapping on her biggest dildo. Kaitlyn, who had only just pulled her own strap-on out of Maryse's ass hole, looked at it with a mixture of apprehension and lust, AJ's girlfriend clearly remembering all the times she had taken that monster dildo inside her own butt. She soon would again, and so would AJ, but for now Beth concentrated on the task at hand.

Wasting no time Beth lined up her big bitch tamer with Maryse's sore and gaping butt hole and then slammed forward with all her might, every inch of that huge dildo being forced up the French-Canadian's ass in one brutal thrust. Maryse let out an almost animalistic squeal of pain and pleasure as Beth's thick dildo forced her rectum walls wide apart but The Glamazon showed no mercy. Beth barely even paused in between briefly forcing her strap on into Maryse's loosened ass and grabbing a tight hold of her bitch's hips and began reminding her fellow divas that she was still the Alpha female of the WWE.

Those first few thrusts were hard. The ones that followed them were brutal, Maryse squealing hysterically from the onslaught to her already well used ass. For about a minute, the squeals were mostly of pain but they quickly changed to pure pleasure, the usually so dominant French-Canadian top even beginning to desperately beg for more, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me up the butt! Fuck my butt! Oooooooh butt fuck me Beth, oooooooh drill my little butt hole, ohhhhhhh Beth, oh oui, it feels sooooooo goooooooodddddd!"

"If that dick feels so good in your ass you must want another!" AJ said as more of a statement than a question as her pussy juice covered dildo bobbed in between her legs.

"Non, ohhhhhhhh, non, please mercy, mercy Beth, oooooooh, my poor little ass hole can't take two." Maryse whimpered.

"Oh shut up and take it bitch!" Beth said, "You know the rules around here, if the Alpha female says you take two dicks up your ass you take two dicks up your ass!"

"Unless you'd like to leave now and forfeit the right to come back for more lesbian fun." AJ grinned.

Maryse whimpered again at those words but she lowered her head in submission, causing Beth to grin wickedly. This was just what she needed to take her mind off her current predicament with AJ. Perhaps she would even use brutalising Maryse's ass hole as a way to remind that little pipsqueak of who was really in charge around here. Who was top dog in the diva's division. Who the best butt buster in the company was. Who exactly should be bending over for who.

From the way AJ was grinning Beth hadn't seemed to get her message through yet but she was confident she would. The way the rest of the divas were looking at her was reminding Beth of the top she really was, as was Maryse's pathetic screaming. The French-Canadian was once again incoherent as her body trembled and her cum squirted from her cunt, Beth showing her superiority by effortlessly sodomising Maryse to multiple climaxes with her big bitch taming strap on dildo.

AJ just watched for a while, enjoying the show just as much as her fellow divas if not more, before finally calling out loud enough to be heard, "OK BETH, SLOW DOWN! Give me a chance to get into that ass."

Beth heard her just fine and looked over at AJ for a second. Then, to show she was still in charge, Beth suddenly pulled her dildo out, leaving Maryse's ass hole gaping wider than ever, "Na, you shove in, and I'll join you. Easier that way."

There was about a second when the two divas stared at each other, then AJ smiled, "You're right, I'll go first."

With that AJ pushed her strap on all the way inside Maryse's brutalised back passage, the dildo barely even touching the sides of the French-Canadian's ruined rectum. Maryse whimpered pathetically, knowing what was about to happen. Or at least she thought she did, she quickly learned the dishing out a double butt fucking was much different to taking it.

When the head of Beth's cock forced its way into her ass hole along with AJ's for a few seconds Maryse literally thought her anal ring had been ripped open. Then two more brutal thrusts had Maryse thinking her rectum had been ruined forever, not even rectum reconstructive surgery ever being able to fixed the damage done to her shit pipe. Then Maryse was incapable of thinking for who knows how long, Beth briefly beginning to sodomise her again without giving a single fuck about her well-being. Not that Maryse had shown any mercy when she was in Beth's position, but she had at least hoped for some after all the years of loyal service. Apparently not.

Maryse wasn't sure if she screamed. Her mouth had been wide open from the moment Beth thrust inside her rectum, but she wasn't sure if any sound came out. For all she knew she could have been screaming so loudly that dogs could hear or she could have been deafening everyone in the room. Maryse didn't know and she didn't care. Not when she was experiencing such ecstasy.

Sure at first it had been the most unbearable agony Maryse had ever known, but as always Beth skilled thrusts had made the pain go away in no time and be replaced by amazing pleasure. The only difference was this was far more powerful than the likes of which Maryse had known before, seemingly every little movement in her bowels making her cum. And it only got better when AJ finally started thrusting in and out too, working alongside Beth to completely wreck Maryse's rectum and give the French-Canadian the hardest orgasms of her life.

Maryse didn't care about the former thing. She didn't care if her rectum really was wrecked, if her butt hole would close again, if she would ever be able to sit down again, hell she didn't even care if she could ever shit right again. Nothing mattered except the ecstasy she was feeling.

Certainly not what the other divas were saying to her, all of them talking over each other until their voices became indistinguishable:

"Fuck her! Fuck her bitch!"

"OMG I can't believe that she's actually taking two cocks up her ass."

"What a slut."

"Fuck, I don't think her ass hole is ever going to close."

"Oh don't worry, we'll make sure it doesn't."

"Come on AJ, harder. Fuck that bitch harder."

"You can do it AJ. I love you."

"Fucking ruin that slut's rectum."

"Pound her like the anal whore she is."

"Just fuck the bitch. Fuck her hard."

AJ grinned happily. The things the other divas were saying was hot, but they were like little fireworks next to one big firework. They helped make the sky extra pretty but the main focus was the big firework. In this case AJ's main focus was Maryse screaming hysterically in ecstasy, the bitchy blonde spasming wildly as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body from the two dildos jackhammering in and out of her widely stretched ass hole.

Eventually AJ's focus became only the two dildos slamming in and out of Maryse's gaped butt hole, her entire world being to revolve around those cocks brutalising that hole. In fact in that moment AJ became completely obsessed with brutalising Maryse's butt hole. Not simply ass fucking the French-Canadian anymore, but literally trying to wreck Maryse's rectum just like the French bully had threatened to do to her ass hole and the ass holes of just about every other diva who had ever had the misfortune of being one of Maryse's victims.

Girl on girl anal had been commonplace in the WWE women's locker room for over a decade now and there had never been a case where a girl had caused another's ass any permanent damage. Even Kelly Kelly who had been a total bottom since she'd debuted over half a decade ago was fine. Her ass hole was rarely allowed to fully close, and it was even more rare for Kelly's ass to stop hurting before it was fucked again, but when given the chance her ass could return to good as new. So it was unlikely that AJ, and Beth, could finally make another diva have to schedule the humiliating appointment of anal reconstruction surgery. That didn't stop AJ from trying her hardest, the little brunette using every ounce of her strength to viciously pound Maryse's butt.

AJ wasn't sure if Beth would ever seriously want to ruin someone's ass but considering the way she was slamming Maryse's bottom AJ suspected the answer was yes. Except it wasn't Maryse's bottom that Beth really wanted to destroy. No, AJ had a feeling that Beth was imagining she was the one bent over in front of her squealing hysterically as her butt hole was brutally pounded by two strap on cocks, the Glamazon taking revenge on the ass hole in front of her. Or at least imagining it and taking out her frustrations on Maryse's back hole in the process much to the delight of Maryse and the other WWE divas watching.

Capturing Beth's eyes with her own AJ quietly gave her a message. That AJ wouldn't, and didn't have to, bend over anytime soon and in fact it would be Beth who would be very soon getting her ass fucked by AJ. Possibly even find herself in Maryse position and get gang bang by the WWE divas. Given the look in Beth's eyes she got the message, but the Glamazon did a good job of hiding her fear, the two divas concentrating on slamming Maryse's ass until the French-Canadian passed out from the ecstasy she was feeling.

Luckily for the other divas eager to fuck Maryse's ass Beth had a nearly sure-fire way to wake one of her victims when they passed out from pleasure, namely beating their butts until they woke up screaming in pain. And then she would spank them some more. This time was no different, Beth smirking with sadistic satisfaction as Maryse's ass clenched around the two massive dildos inside with every blow, the stronger blonde only able to imagine how much pain and humiliation that caused her bitch. She hope to never find out, although the terrifying image of AJ spanking her ass like this while sharing it with her precious girlfriend Kaitlyn briefly haunted Beth's mind.

Wanting to get rid of that thought Beth gave the fuck hole in front of her a few more brutally hard thrusts and then roughly pulled her rectum wrecker out of Maryse's thoroughly wrecked rectum. As she was naturally stronger the sudden force of her pulling out caused AJ's strap on to leave Maryse's butt hole too, something which the little brunette looked momentarily annoyed about, although both their attentions were quickly focused on the damage they had done to Maryse's ass.

"Now that's what I call a gape." AJ beamed.

"Mmmm, mmmmm." Beth hummed in happy agreement as the other divas rush to agree.

Beth ignored them and concentrated on just how widely Maryse's ass hole was gaping, that red ringed crater and those rectum walls so stretched and loose it was perhaps one of the widest gapes in diva history, which was really saying something. It showed that little AJ Lee was becoming every bit the ass destroyer that Beth was, and if The Glamazon didn't act soon the infuriating brunette could become better and then Beth would really be in trouble.

The image of AJ not only taking her position as Alpha female of the WWE away from her but actually doing a better job had enraged Beth and she once again took out her frustrations on Maryse, this time strolling over and pulling the blonde up by her pretty hair and then while Maryse's mouth was open in a yelp of pain Beth slammed her cock inside that lovely target. At first she just hit the back of Maryse's mouth, allowing the other diva a few seconds of tasting the deepest part of her bowels and whimper as she realised what was to come. Then Beth slammed forwards again, driving most of the toy cock down Maryse's throat before beginning to fuck the other blonde's mouth with the same brutal enthusiasm she had used to pound her ass.

While Maryse choked and gagged on the taste of her own ass the Bella twins as silently as possible replaced AJ and Beth behind the French-Canadian, those two sisters exchanging a wicked grin before they brutally slammed their strap ons into that open and inviting butt hole. The sudden attack on her horribly abused ass caused Maryse to scream and cry around the dick savagely fucking her mouth but there was no point in complaining now as her dignity had been well and truly taken so what was one more humiliating double butt fucking?

Of course once again the her body betrayed her and she soon began moaning around the cock brutalising her throat, her sore and aching back door and back passage quickly relaxing against the anal assault until she was feeling so much overwhelming pleasure it almost took her mind off Beth fucking her throat. Almost. However Beth refused to be forgotten, her thrusts becoming so hard Maryse feared that the stronger blonde would bruise her perfect face or at least break her nose as result of her hip slamming into her perfect face. And who knows if she would talk properly ever again, Maryse half expecting Beth would skewer her voice box on that big toy.

Luckily for Maryse she was given a distraction when the Bella twins quit playing around and got down to some serious sodomising, working in unison to ram their dildos into the deepest depths of Maryse's bowels at a pace which would have probably wrecked the blonde's rectum if it wasn't already wrecked. Naturally this had Maryse cumming like a total bitch, her cum squirting out of her cunt so hard that the blonde almost didn't care if she ever became a top again.

Bottoming just felt so good. Being butt fucked just felt so good. It felt so good to be completely and utterly humiliated by being forced to take two giant strap on dildos up her ass at the same time, Maryse not even caring that the Bellas verbally humiliated her throughout her orgasms, much like they had been doing through the entire double ass fucking.

"Take it! Take it you dumb slut!" Kikki taunted, "Take both our cocks up your ass like a fucking bimbo slut! Mmmmmm, fucking take it! Take it you fucking ass slut! Ohhhhhhhh take it right up your slutty ass, ass slut! Oh yeah Maryse, you used to make everybody your ass sluts but now your ours! You're our ass slut! You're the Bella twins' ass slut!"

"You're everybodys' ass slut!" Brie agreed with her sister, "All of us divas own your ass hole now, and that means we can use it as our personal fuck hole whenever we want! Mmmmmmm, we're going to use you as our personal fuck hole all the time from now on! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you're our French whore Maryse! Our French anal whore! Oooooooooh fuck, our little French poodle who loves taking it up her slutty ass for every single diva who has ever been on the fucking roster, but especially the Bellas who are tearing your little ass hole apart right now and fucking loving it! Mmmmmm yeah take it slut, fucking take it!"

As the Bellas pretty much wouldn't shut up the rest of the divas didn't bother trying to get a word in. All the most dominant ones had already butt fucked Maryse and while it was obvious they wanted seconds they were happy for the excuse to rest and regain some energy. AJ was definitely amongst them, but it was amusing to the little brunette that Beth wasn't taking the same opportunity.

Was that because Beth felt like she had something to prove to herself? Or wanted to revel in everybody seeing her as a top? Or was she silently reminding AJ that no one had more stamina than the feared and respected Glamazon? Or perhaps Beth was even tiring herself out so as soon as she got back to her hotel room she would immediately collapse in exhaustion and go to sleep? Like AJ would let that happen.

Whatever the reason AJ got a hell of a kick out of watching Beth's big, luscious butt thrusting back and forth, the tiny brunette licking her lips as she imagined herself butt fucking the bigger, stronger diva who she used to be so afraid of. And she would. Very soon she would go back to Beth's hotel room and sodomise The Glamazon and remind the mighty Beth Phoenix she was AJ Lee's personal anal whore. In fact as fun as watching that big butt thrust back and forth, and Maryse getting double ass fucked and throat fucked, was AJ wanted to go back to Beth's hotel room right now. There was just one thing she wanted to do first.

So, after she was sure all four women had achieved orgasm at least once, AJ firmly tapped Beth on the shoulder and playfully grinned, "My turn to get my cock cleaned?"

Although she phrased it like a question her eyes told Beth it was a demand, AJ's grin getting wider as the mighty Glamazon looked at her with something almost resembling fear for a nanosecond and then unceremoniously pulling out of Maryse's throat, leaving the bitchy blonde desperately choking and gasping for air. Not that AJ had any mercy for her, the little brunette shoving her dick down the French-Canadian's throat just as far as Beth's dildo had gone and then beginning to fuck Maryse's pretty face with all the strength she was currently capable of.

Once she had established a rhythm AJ call out, "Hey Beth, don't you think it's time the Bellas let someone else have a turn? Like say, Naomi and Cameron. They haven't had the chance to double ass fuck Maryse yet, and I really think everyone should get a chance with this French bitch."

Picking up on AJ's subtle tone, which made it clear this was again a demand, Beth glared at the tiny brunette who was grinning triumphantly and then addressed the locker room she was still in charge of, "That sounds good to me... Kikki, Brie, stop hogging Maryse's slutty butt hole and let Naomi and Cameron have a turn tag teaming that ass. Mmmmm yeah, I think it's time Maryse learnt what it's like to have a butt full of black dick!"

"Fine." Brie grumbled, she and her sister pulling their dildos out of Maryse's ass hole and then turning to Naomi and Cameron, "Just make sure you fuck her good."

"Hell yeah we will!" Naomi beamed as she and her partner approached their target and pressed their black dildos against Maryse's once again gaping butt hole, "Here's two big black dicks for you bitch!"

"Right up your pale white ass!" Cameron added as she and the other black girl violated Maryse's sore butt, the former top gurgling around the cock in her mouth as she was once again anally stuffed.

Beth smirked widely as Maryse let out deafening cries of ecstasy around AJ's big dick, the bitchy Canadian clearly so far gone that even having two huge black dildos shoved as far as they would go up her ass caused her nothing but pure pleasure. It was something Beth had experienced many times before. Not Maryse taking two dicks up her ass, but a supposedly dominant woman succumbing to the submissive pleasure of having her butt fucked, Beth dreamily thinking of all her victims over the years. Maryse, Natalya, Victoria, Melina, Lita and even Trish Stratus had surrendered to her because she had skilfully fucked their asses, turning tight puckered holes into gaping craters and dominant women into her anal loving bitches.

That wonderful trip down memory lane came to a screeching halt when Beth remembered the overwhelming ecstasy she had received when after over ten years of dominating/sodomising other women she finally lost her anal cherry, her no longer virgin ass hole quivering with delight at the memory. Beth couldn't deny she had enjoyed it just as much as all the others, cumming just as hard as Maryse was now, the mighty Glamazon fearing she would become just another victim of butt sex. That AJ's promise would come true and she would find herself in the exact same position Maryse was now in, being double butt fucked surrounded by the divas she had fucked in the ass who would taunt and mock her, Beth completely and utterly humiliated as her precious reputation, and her ass hole, was completely destroyed.

The scariest thing was that part of Beth liked the idea that after all this time on top she would then take such a massive fall from grace, The Glamazon knowing on some level but much like Maryse she would love being used as a fuck toy. That her cum with squirt out of her cunt like that if diva after diva fucked her up the butt in the centre of the locker room, that she would even push herself back against the anally invading thrusts and beg for more just like Maryse was doing. But she couldn't let that happen. She wouldn't let that happen.

AJ was the key. Beth had to find a way to turn the tables on her, remind the little pipsqueak that The Glamazon was the most dominant woman ever and all the divas were her ass whores. And since she had forcefully lost their latest match she was just going to have to intimidate her way into AJ's ass hole. Because sure, she couldn't physically harm the other diva who was technically now her top, but she could threaten and bully her into submission, something that had worked countless times before. She just had to ignore the submissive tingles that flooded her body whenever AJ looked at her, right now being a perfect example.

Not wanting to give away the truth too soon AJ tried to avoid looking at Beth, but it was so hard. Especially when she was pounding Maryse's throat, AJ probably spending way too long on face fucking the French-Canadian before she finally allowed the Bella twins to take over and get their cocks cleaned. It then became much easier to glance at Beth because everyone was busy watching Maryse getting anally gang banged, and for good reason. It was quite the show, and promoted such wonderful harmony in the divas locker room as friends and enemies worked together to completely ruin Maryse's ass hole.

Hours later AJ would receive a picture from Kaitlyn, the little brunette grinning widely as she saw the message on her phone entitled Maryse's gaping butt hole. And oh boy, was that one destroyed hole, AJ genuinely thinking she couldn't remember a wider gape, this fact only being more fun when she learned that when Maryse finally passed out the other divas just left her there, laying unconsciously on her front with her destroyed butt hole on display for anyone to find.

AJ loved how utterly humiliated that must've made Maryse feel, and she agreed the bitch got what she deserved after being so horrible to them for so long. However as much as she would have loved to have stuck around for the latter half of Maryse's fall from grace, which was apparently filled with orgasms and Maryse swearing she would never be a top again, AJ had something else to attend too. Namely Beth Phoenix's big bubble butt, the wonderfully tight fuck hole in between those cheeks frantically calling out to AJ to fuck it.

That was why she struggled to take her eyes off Beth and why shortly after she finished fucking Maryse's mouth she whispered in The Glamazon's ear, AJ letting her bitch know they were leaving. Beth had blushed but hadn't dared complain when they were surrounded by the other divas, AJ and her new bitch quietly getting dressed and then leaving, everybody else too captivated by Maryse's humiliation to notice.

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