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The Billion Dollar Opportunity
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage during an episode of RAW IS WAR in early June of 2000, Edge and
Christian are hanging out near the catering area. Edge is dressed in green
wrestling pants, while Christian is wearing yellow wrestling pants and a see
through brown top. "This totally has humongous amounts of suckatude..."
Christian says as he stamps his foot slightly, "We should be getting our
rematch to get our double gold back from Too Fools!"

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... how can we please all of our adoring fans
without our double gold... it's like totally unrighteous!" Edge says.

Christian pauses, "We should go to the McMahon-Helmsley faction! They know
we totally deserve to have the double gold back again..."

Edge smirks, "Yeah... but ain't it the McMahon-Helmsley regime?" Edge asks.

"No it's faction..." Christian says.

"I could swear it's regime..." Edge responds.

Christian makes a face before smirking, "How about facgime?"

Edge grins, "Yeah... the McMahon-Helmsley facgime sounds totally awesome..."

* * *

A short time later, Edge and Christian barge into the luxury-sized locker
room of D-Generation X, much to the extreme annoyance of the Billion-Dollar
Princess Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley who looks up instantly, and before Edge
and Christian can say anything she gets up from the leather couch and glares
at them. "Whoa... the Billion-acious Princess..." Edge says as he was
half-expecting to see Triple H.

The bitchy, spoiled wife of The Game Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
grits her teeth together as she narrows her eyes into a deadly glare "Just
what the hell is this!" Stephanie shouts "Don't you knock!?" Stephanie says
with annoyance as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips while
the slutty Billion Dollar Princess is dressed in a tight, short black skirts
and a red tank top.

Christian shrugs his shoulders, "Knocking is so not reeking of
awesomeness...." Christian answers.

Edge grins, "Yeah... only losers knock... and we're totally not losers like
the Dummy Boyz..." Edge says, "But we came here to get our much deserved
rematch against Too Cool for the WWF Tag Team Titles."

"Yeah! We so totally deserve a rematch!" Christian adds.

Stephanie slyly smirks and raises an eyebrow "Oh really? You think you
deserve one?" Stephanie asks as she takes a step towards Edge and Christian,
locking her sternly glaring eyes at the former Tag Team Champions "What makes
you think you deserve a rematch?" Stephanie asks as she looks at Edge "Let's
not forget just who exactly you're both talking to either..." Stephanie adds
with a arrogantly, sly smirk on her face as she turns to look at Christian.

"We're the greatest tag team in WWF history! We totally dominated the ladder
match at Wrestlemania in Anaheim and we kicked Road Dogg and X-Pac's butts at
Backlash..." Christian says, reminding Stephanie of how DX came up short in
the Tag Team Championship match a few months ago.

Edge nods his head, "Plus the people love us... they totally love everything
we do... and when we have the double gold... we make this company a ton of
money..." Edge adds.

Stephanie presses her lips together and slowly nods her head "I'll give you
two a rematch...but on one condition." Stephanie says with a sly, slightly
manipulative smirk as she arrogantly tosses her smooth brown hair back "You
must impress me..."

Edge claps his hands together, "Great... who do we have to beat... The
Hardys? We kick their butts all the time..." Edge asks.

Stephanie laughs and slowly shakes her head " you don't have to
face anyone in a match..." Stephanie says before she slowly, but seductively
licks her lips while she noticeably glances down the crotches of Edge and
Christian "You two...have to fuck me!" Stephanie says with a stern voice as
the bitchy Billion Dollar Princess grits her teeth together with an evil, sly
smirk on her beautiful face.

Edge and Christian both get wide grins on their faces, "That totally reeks of
awesomeness! That' so fair!" Christian says as he quickly lifts up and takes
off his see-through brown top, totally revealing his smooth, toned and tanned
upper body.

Edge licks his teeth, "Stephanie totally rules..." Edge says as he starts to
lower his green wrestling pants to bring out his thirteen inch cock.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow slyly as she takes a casual step forward,
clicking her high-heeled shoes on the floor of the luxury locker room "That's
right! I do rule...I'm a McMahon!" Stephanie says in a proud, arrogant manner
before she glances down and looks at Edge hardening thirteen inch cock.
Stephanie licks her soft, luscious Billion Dollar lips before she tosses her
smooth brown hair back and kneels down on the floor in front of Edge.

Edge licks his teeth and smirks, "This totally has coolisty written all over
it..." Edge says as Stephanie wraps her right hand around his now fully hard

"Totally... banging Billion-Dollar babes rules!" Christian says as he lowers
his yellow wrestling pants to free his stiff, thick eleven inch cock. The
younger Canadian stud gets right next to Edge so that the Billion Dollar
Princess can grab his cock with her left hand.

Stephanie lifts her head up and slyly smirks at Edge and Christian "Yeah...
you just remember who I am!" Stephanie says as she seductively grits her
teeth while she smoothly moves her delicate, manipulative hands swiftly
against the firm shafts of Edge and Christian, stroking them at an equal

"We know who you're the babe in charge!" Christian says as
Stephanie strokes his and Edge's cock at smooth, quick pace.

"Who's totally fair to those that deserve it!" Edge adds with a grin as he
starts to push his cock against Stephanie's right hand as she jerks him off.

Stephanie nods her head and laughs "Yeah...that's exactly right!" Stephanie
says before she leans her head down towards Edge's cock and brushes her soft,
wet Billion Dollar tongue across the head of his incredibly hard and thick
shaft. "Mmmm..." Stephanie softly moans before moving her head to Christian's
cock to coat it with her saliva as well.

"Ohhhh yea... that rocks the cock...." Christian moans and licks his lips as
Stephanie brushes her Billion Dollar tongue across and then around the head
of his rock hard cock. Edge smirks as Stephanie moves her head back towards
his shaft to continue giving equal, fair treatment to the hot Canadian WWF
Superstars. Stephanie closes her eyes as she gently slaps her wet tongue
against the head of Edge's cock before she opens her hot Billion Dollar mouth
and lowers her head to take Edge's cock into her mouth. Stephanie presses her
lips around his shaft and starts to expertly bob her head, gently and
smoothly sucking his cock while she continues to jerk her left hand up and
down Christian's shaft.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yea...." Edge moans and licks his teeth as he watches Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley as she bobs her head smoothly on his thirteen inch cock.
Christian has a huge grin on his face as Stephanie twists her left hand
around his cock as she moves her hand up and down his shaft, keeping him
right where she wants him.

"Mmmmmm...mmmm" Stephanie moans as her soothing saliva splashes against
Edge's cock while she continues to steadily bob her head, gradually
increasing her pace. Stephanie presses her lips firmer against his cock as
she lowers Edge's cock deeper into her hot Billion Dollar mouth. While the
Billion Dollar Princess eagerly sucks Edge's cock she continues to guide
her left hand up and down Christian's eleven inch shaft, occasionally
brushing her hand against his ballsack.

"Ohhh fuck..." Christian moans as he feels Stephanie manipulative hand
brushing against his large ballsack as she strokes his cock, "Ohhh shit I
can't wait to see what she does to my majorly hard cock!" Christian says

Edge licks his teeth as he tilts his head back as the Billion Dollar Princess
deep throats his entire thirteen-inch cock. "Ohhh damn... mmm and I can't
wait to tap the bodacious booty of the McMahon-Helmsley facgime!" Edge says
as he tosses his long blond hair back.

Stephanie firmly taps her soft, wet tongue against the underside of Edge's
stiff shaft while she deeply holds his cock inside of her mouth Billion
Dollar mouth. The bratty, bitchy wife of Triple H opens her eyes and slowly
lifts her head off of Edge's cock, now dripping with her wet saliva. "Mmmm...
that was great!" Stephanie says with a sly smirk before she turns on her
knees and pulls Christian's cock towards her wickedly hot mouth and the
manipulative Billion Dollar Princess easily takes his shaft into her wet,
warm mouth.

"Ohhhh... baby..." Christian moans as he closes his eyes, "Getting head
totally rules..." Christian says with a grin as he feels Stephanie wrapping
her lips around his eleven inch cock.

Edge smirks a bit as he steps around behind Stephanie and kneels down so
that he can lower her tight, short black skirt, revealing her juicy ass. "No
panties... that is major points on the awesomeosity meter!" Edge says with a
laugh as he completely removes Stephanie's skirt. The tall, hot Canadian stud
licks his lips before he proceeds to push his rock solid, thick thirteen inch
cock into the Billion Dollar pussy of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

"Mmmmmmm ohhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans around Christian's cock, lightly
pressing her teeth against his shaft as Edge thrusts his rock hard thirteen
inch cock into her warm, tight pussy. Stephanie lifts her seductive,
manipulative eyes and locks them with Christian as she continues to smoothly
bob her head, splashing her saliva against his cock. As Edge begins to firmly
thrust his cock into her pussy, the Billion Dollar Princess starts to
smoothly rock back on her knees to guide herself back against Edge's cock.

"Mmmm.... yeah... mmmm..." Edge moans as he puts his hands on Stephanie's ass
cheeks as he pumps his dick firmly in and out of Stephanie's' tight, warm
pussy as she rocks back against him.

Christian smirks as he watches Stephanie bob her head at a quicker pace on
his shaft, and her saliva drips down his cock to his balls, "Ohhh yea... this
totally rules!" Christian moans as he continues to have a big smile on his

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's soft, luscious Billion Dollar lips gently rub
back and forth against Christian's shaft as the spoiled daughter of Mr.
McMahon eagerly slurps and sucks Christian's cock. "Mmmmmm fuck!" Stephanie
moans as she pushes herself back against Edge's cock at a harder pace,
pressing her juicy Billion Dollar ass back against his toned, muscular waist
while he quickening spears her tight pussy with his thirteen inch cock.

"Ahhh... oooo... mmm fuck..." Edge moans as his cock pistons in and out of
the Billion Dollar Princess' tight pussy. Edge's ball sack slaps against
Stephanie's smooth skin with every one of his deep thrusts.

Christian soon pulls his eleven inch cock out of Stephanie's highly valuable
mouth and grins, "Hey Edge... we should like totally double tag her... show
her why we're the greatest tag team in the WWF!" Christian says.

Edge smirks, "Now there's an idea that's full of coolisty..." Edge says as he
pulls his thirteen-inch cock out of Stephanie's tight pussy.

Stephanie slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she tosses her smooth brown
hair back and licks her lips "You know...I love getting double teamed..."
Stephanie says with a smirk as she glances back over her shoulder at Edge
while she scoots back on her knees, allowing Christian to get into position.

Christian lays down on the floor in front of Stephanie and smirks, "I heard
something about that from Jericho..." Christian says with a grin as he
watches Stephanie take off her red tank top to reveal her large, round tits.

Edge shakes his head, "That probably just cost us our title shot..." Edge

Stephanie narrows her eyes as she glares at Christian "Don't mention that
name!" Stephanie slightly snaps at Christian as she moves over towards him
while he lays on the floor. Stephanie places her hands onto Christian's
toned stomach and lifts herself onto his cock, easily settling herself on
top of his stiff shaft. "Mmmmm...ohhhh fuck" Stephanie moans with his cock
inside of her warm, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm.... fuck...' Christian groans as he feels Stephanie's tight, warm
pussy squeezing his cock as she settles herself on his shaft. Christian puts
his hand on Stephanie's smooth, sexy legs while behind her, Edge scoots
closer to the Billion Dollar Princess in order to push his huge thirteen inch
cock into her gorgeous, juicy ass. Stephanie leans forward a bit and places
her hands onto Christian's muscular chest as she grits her teeth and starts
to smoothly rock back and forth on Christian's cock, inside of her pussy, in
order to push back against Edge's cock inside of her hot Billion Dollar ass.

"Ahhh... mmmm.... shit..." Edge moans as he puts his hands on Stephanie's
waist as he thrusts his cock in and out of her tight Billion Dollar ass.
Christian licks his lips as he begins to thrust his cock upward into
Stephanie's pussy so that he and Edge and deeply pushing their cocks into
Stephanie as she rocks between them.

Stephanie tilts her head back as she starts to swiftly bounce on Christian's
shaft, while she quick rocks back and forth "Ohhh yeah...fuck yeah!" The
slutty Billion Dollar Princess moans as she grinds her juicy ass against
Edge's toned waist while firmly pushing herself back against his rock hard,
deeply thrusting cock in her ass.

"Ohhhh damn... mmmm fuck..." Christian says as he watches Stephanie's tits
bounce up and down as the Billion Dollar Princess rides his cock with sharp,
quick movements. Christian arches his back a bit to give himself some
leverage to ram his cock upward into her pussy. Edge licks his teeth as he
starts to slam his cock faster and harder into Stephanie's juicy ass
repeatedly. The two Canadian studs cause Stephanie to constantly adjust her
pace because they are deeply fucking her as hard as they can to impress her.

Stephanie grits her teeth tightly as she hangs her head down, allowing her
brown hair to sway back and forth as she quickly rocks on Christian's cock,
grinding her tight pussy against his thick shaft. "Ohhhhh...ohhhh fuck!"
Stephanie moans as sweat starts to drip down her hot Billion Dollar body
while Edge deeply rams his cock into her tight asshole, forcing her to ride
his brother's cock at a quick, rough pace.

"Mmmmm ohhh damn... ohhh fuck..." Edge moans as he sharply drives his cock
into Stephanie's tight asshole while Stephanie slams herself back against
him. Edge then pulls his cock out of Stephanie's ass and guides it to
Stephanie's cock filled pussy in order to force his dick into her Billion
Dollar pussy along side Christian's dick.

"Mmmm.... shit...' Christian groans as he feels Edge's cock grinding against
his as they both start to tag team Stephanie's hot pussy as it stretches to
accommodate for the huge cocks inside of her.

Stephanie arches her smooth, tanned back as the Billion Dollar Princess
closes her seductive, manipulative eyes "Ohhhhh fuck yeah! I'm such a
slut!" Stephanie moans as she pushes herself back against both of Edge and
Christian's rock hard cock inside of her tight, wet and warm Billion Dollar
pussy. Stephanie moves her soft hands against Christian's muscular chest as
she rocks back and forth on his shaft at a smooth pace, while Edge pumps his
cock into her cock-stuffed pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm shit... we totally rock the Billion Dollar body..." Christian
groans as he and Edge drive their cocks hard and fast into Stephanie's hot
pussy as she rocks and grinds herself between them. Edge reaches around
Stephanie and grabs her tits with both hands, using them as an incentive to
pull himself harder and deeper into Stephanie's pussy and at a few points,
the Billion Dollar Princess can feel every inch of Edge's thirteen inch cock
and Christian's eleven inch shaft inside of her slutty pussy.

Stephanie closes her eyes and roughly slams herself down on Christian's rock
hard cock after Edge sharply slams his cock into her tight pussy "Ohhhhhhh
fuck!" Stephanie moans as the sweaty Billion Dollar Princess is presses
tightly between the two muscular, sweaty Canadian studs.

"Mmmm... ahhh ohhh damn..." Christian moans as he feels Stephanie's sweat
landing on his sweaty body. The younger Canadian Superstar grits his teeth
as he starts to cum inside of Stephanie's double-stuffed pussy and Edge
jerks his shaft out almost instantly, allowing Stephanie to feel all of
Christian's cum shooting inside of her pussy.

"Ohhhhh....yeah...." Stephanie moans presses her lips together as she tosses
her sweat dampened brown hair back as she sits straight up on his cock while
he warm cums floods her tight, warm pussy.

With Stephanie still on Christian's cock, Edge stands up and moves around in
front of Stephanie while stroking his throbbing thirteen inch cock, "Want
more?" Edge asks with a smirk on his face just before the Billion Dollar
Princess grabs his cock.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as sweat drips down her face
" fucking bet I do!" Stephanie asks as she pulls his cock towards her
warm, wet mouth and easily takes his throbbing, thick cock into her Billion
Dollar mouth. Stephanie presses her lips around his shaft and starts to
eagerly bob her head as she craves the taste of his warm, salty cum.

"Mmmmm.... fuck.... yeah..." Edge moans as Stephanie bobs her head quickly
and hungrily on his cock. Edge titles his head back and grits his teeth to
keep himself from cumming and to also make the Billion Dollar Princess work
harder for his cum.

Christian licks his lips as Stephanie rocks on his cum spent cock, "Mmmm
fuck... this totally rules..' Christian says as he relaxes underneath her.

"MMMMMMMM!" Stephanie moans against Edge's throbbing shaft as she rocks back
and forth on Christian's softening shaft while gently grinding her pussy as
she bobs her head at a quick pace, twirling her tongue against Edge's
throbbing shaft.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohhh fuck...." Edge groans as he can't hold out any longer
and his cock erupts with a large, thick stream of warm salty cum into
Stephanie's cum hungry mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhhh" Stephanie moans as she tilts her head on Edge's throbbing cock
allowing his warm cum to spray into the back of her hot Billion Dollar mouth

Edge licks his teeth as Stephanie uses her soft, Billion Dollar lips to milk
the head of his cock as he continues to cum, "Mmmmm... shit.... fuck..." Edge
groans as he finishes cumming.

Stephanie slowly pulls her head away from Edge's cock and raises an eyebrow
as she slyly smirks " sure did prove a few things to me..."
Stephanie says with a laugh as the sweaty Billion Dollar Princess lifts
herself off of Christian.

Christian smirks, "Awesome! When do we get our shot for more double gold?"
Christian asks eagerly as he gets up from the floor.

Stephanie places her left hand on her left hips and slyly laughs "Oh yeah...
you get your shot again at gold...."

"Great... but when?" Christian asks as Edge groans a bit, thinking that
Stephanie might screw them if she's hassled too much.

"It'll be next week live at the King of the Ring..." Stephanie then pauses
and locks her glaring eyes on Edge and Christian "'ll be a fatal
four-way tag team match!"

"That's not fair..." Christian says before Edge covers his mouth to keep
Christian from making things worst.

"That totally works for us Stephanie! We're totally reek of awesomeness and
we'll win back the Tag Titles easily!" Edge says.

Stephanie smirks "And next better knock!"


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