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The Blonde Bytch Project
by Foley Fan

If anyone remembers, Stevie and the Blue Meanie did a Blair Witch spoof a few
years ago in the WWF. This is one way that spoof COULD have gone. BTW, this
is told from the camerman's POV.

[Fade in on Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards, both in bWo attire, walking down
a hotel hallway]

Stevie: Hey gang, and welcome to the first installment of the new video
mini-series, the Blonde Bytch Project. I'm Stevie, and this is my buddy the
Blue Meanie.

Meanie: Hiya folks!

Stevie: The Blonde Bytch Project is a special assignment by Mr. McMahon-

Meanie: Actually Stevie, he said it was a job to get us the hell out of his

Stevie: Well, whatever. Anyway, our job was to interview the hottest blondes
in wrestling today. Why blondes?

Meanie: Well, let's face it, Mr. McMahon loves fair-haired women. Our first
assignment is to interview the UPW Power Twins, Diane and Elaine.

[Stevie and Meanie stand outside a hotel room door and start to whisper.]

Meanie: But we wanted to make this interview a little special, so we had the
hotel kitchen add some powerful aphrodisiacs to their food. They should be
feeling the effects by now.

Stevie: Right, so let's head on in.

[Stevie and Meanie open the door and walk in. They find Elaine lying to the
bed in a set of red bra and panties. Her hands are shoved inside her panties,
frigging her pussy. Her panties are very wet. Stevie and Meanie have big
smiles on their faces. They walk beside the bed. Elaine is so involved with
herself she hasn't even noticed their presence.]

Stevie: Hey Elaine, how are you?

Elaine: Uggghhh!

Meanie: Sounds interesting. Do you want us to get you anything?

Elaine: Cock! NOW!!

Meanie: You're the boss.

[Stevie unziped his cut-offs, revealing his ten-inch cock. Meanie shoveed his
pants down, letting loose his fat fifteen-inch monster. Elaine's eyes bugged
out at the sight and shoved Meanie's dick into her mouth. She managed to
swallow five inches in the first suck, then seven, then ten. Her tongue
coated his prick with a layer of saliva as she sucked.]

Meanie: Damn Elaine, you got one hell of a mouth on you!

[Stevie ripped off Elaine's panties and stuck three fingers in her moist
pussy. He shoved his fingers in and out of her pussy. After ten minutes of
this, Elaine started to cum. Spasms of pleasure wracked her body. She kept on
sucking Meanie's cock until he finally came. He shot off three loads of cum
in her mouth, one on her face, and two on her chest. Elaine licked the jizz
off her face and tore off her cum-soaked bra. Her firm tits bounced free.
Meanie immediately went down and started to suck them.]

Elaine: Mmmmm, that's it baby. Suck mommy's breasts.

Stevie: Hey, what about me?

[The bathroom door opened and out stepped the other Power Twin, Diane. Her
body was soaked and her cunt was leaking her honey. She obviously was busy in
the shower. She saw Stevie's erect cock and licked her lips.]

Diane: Finally, the real thing.

[Diane ran over to Stevie and gave him a deep french kiss. Their tongues
invaded each others mouths furiously. After breaking the kiss, Diane got down
on all fours in front of Stevie. She wagged her ass at him invitingly. With a
smile, Stevie got down on his knees and shoved his cock into Diane
doggystyle. Diane squealed.]

Diane: Oh Stevie!

[Big Stevie Cool slam-fucked the blonde's tight pussy with all his might.
Meanwhile, Meanie was lying down on the bed while Elaine was bouncing up and
down on his giant prick. His baseball sized nuts slapped Elaine asscheeks as
she bounced. Meanie sucked on her tits whenever they bounced near his face.
Elaine moaned when Meanie bit down on her erect nipple.]

Elaine: Oh Meanie! That feels sooooo good.

[Meanie continued battering Elaine's snatch with his massive tool. He took
his right hand and inserted three fingers into her smooth ass. Elaine groaned
even louder, her buttocks firmly grasping Meanie's fat fingers. Stevie was
still see-sawing his cock into Diane's pussy. Her juices gushed out like a

Stevie: Damn girl, you got the Hoover dam in there or what?

Diane(giggling): Just keep fucking me you stud.

Stevie: Yes ma'am!

[Stevie and Meanie continued to service their respected bitches. At the
twenty-minute mark, they both came. Stevie shot off a wad into Diane, then
pulled out and coated her plump ass and smooth back with jism.]

Diane: Oh Stevie that feels so good!!! I just LOVE your cock!!!

[Meanie had shoved his entire hand into Elaine's ass. The woman was in the
middle of multi-orgams, she couldn't stop squealing.]


[Meanie filled Elaine's pussy with so much cum it was leaking before he was
even done. After a few minutes, Elaine rolled off him. Meanie was panting,
that was one hell of a fuck for him.]

Meanie: H-holy shit! I need a break.

Stevie: You need to lose a few pounds there, pal.

Meanie: Go to h-hell!

[When Meanie caught his breath, Diane and Elaine started going at it. The two
blondes were ravaging each other mouths. Stevie and Meanie instantly had a
pair of healthy hard-ons.]

Meanie: Dude, have I mentioned how much I LOVE this job?

[Elaine retrieved a two-way vibrator from her gym bag. She shoved one end
into Diane and the other into her own wet pussy. The two sisters began to
slam-fuck the hell out of each other.]

Diane: Jeez Elaine, give it me! Give me it NOW!

Elaine: Whore!

[Elaine licked Diane's neck, then went to work on her sister's tits. She
tried to swallow it whole. For the next five minutes, each sister tried to
out fuck the other. Finally, Diane ended up the stronger of the two. She
rolled over so she was on top and started to savagely ram the vibrator into
her sister's cunny.]

Diane: Say my name bitch!

Elaine: D-oh god YES-DIANE!!!

[With a feral smile on her face, Diane continued to fuck her sister. Stevie
and Meanie were stroking their giant dicks in time with Diane's thrusts.
After ten minutes, Elaine's cunt was a mess. The two sisters' finally came
hard, their collective juices soaking the vibrator.]


[Both sisters' were quivering in ultimate ecstasy. They came hard and toppled
on top of each other. When their orgasms subsided, Stevie and Meanie aimed
their cocks and shot their cum all over the two Power Twins. Diane opened her
mouth to get as much in as possible. After wiping their cocks clean on the
sisters' hair, Stevie and Meanie put their clothes back on. They looked down
at the exhausted, cum-covered sisters.]

Stevie: Well, thanks for your time ladies. Hope to do this again some time.

Elaine: Ughhh.

[Fade out on a smiling Stevie and Meanie giving each other a high-five as
they leave the hotel room.]

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