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Featuring: Trish Stratus (WWE), Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (MTV's Jersey Shore),
Evan Bourne (WWE)

The Brunette Mafia Ride Air Bourne
A WWE/Jersey Shore erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

April 3rd, 2011, and during the tail end of the live sports entertainment
spectacular that is WrestleMania XXVII, the handsome high flyer known as Evan
Bourne is shaking his head with a smile, listening to what the always
entertaining Santino Marella has to say as they are both backstage in The
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

"I am telling you Evan Bournes!" Santino states proudly still dressed in his
ring gear from the eight-man tag team match he was victorious in, not
realizing he's saying the name of the person he's speaking to wrong. "We were
the well oiled machine out there! Unstoppable! We broke down that Corre and
teached them the lesson never to be forget!" He says with a smirk, lifting a
hand up to make the gesture for his "Cobra" finisher. "We strike and we got
the win! We win for Vladmir!"

"Well, it's always good to see those guys get what they deserve..." Evan
says, clad in his ring tights from the earlier pre-show battle royale, and an
official Air Bourne merchandise T-shirt. "Didn't like three of them from the
Nexus, and I don't care much for them now either."

"Well no need to be worryings about them now. We took care of them! Now if
you'll excuse me, I must give Vladmir a call and inform him of my great
victory tonight. He'll be thrilled to know I lead my team to victory..."
Marella says, not even waiting for the other Superstar to say goodbye as he
turns and proudly leaves, making his signature victory trumpet playing
gesture as he goes.

"See ya!" Bourne says with a laugh, shaking his head as he turns around to
head in the opposite direction. As he walks, he doesn't get far before his
attention is drawn to a loud voice and some excessive swearing as well.

Turning a corner, he sees the source of the noise - that being the star of
MTV's hit reality TV show Jersey Shore in Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, and to say
that she looks angry is an understatement as she seems to be venting rage
towards the woman she teamed with successfully in her WWE debut, the iconic
former full time Diva and multi-time former Women's Champion Trish Stratus.
Curious to this rage, Evan bravely approaches the two stunning women and is
able to clearly hear what they are saying.

"That fucking dickless juice-head!" Snooki yells, still clad in black booty
shorts that hug to her juicy hips, a black low cut top with "BRUNETTE MAFIA"
in silver on the front which nicely shows off her large chest, and a shining
sliver headband that covers her forehead. "You're telling me he's fucking
ditching us just because his fucking tramp girlfriend is pissed at us both?"

"I know, I don't get it either!" Trish states, also still dressed in nicely
fitting ring attire from the match in the form of tight black bottoms that
are snug against her perfect ass, and a black top that shows off a sexy
amount of her big cleavage. "He gave me the cold shoulder out there in the
ring, and now he's not even talking to us! I guess some people just aren't
smart enough to know good business..."

"Good business?? If he knew fucking good women when he saw them, he would
have dumped her fat ass and partied with us all night long!" Nicole Polizzi
says, her anger only building as it seems being denied a chance to party is
not something she approves of.

"Hey, uh, everything alright here?" Bourne says as he comes close to them,
drawing both women's attention to him.

"Oh, hey there Evan..." A little smile appears on Trish's face. "Oh, it's
just John Morrison being pussy whipped by that total bitch Melina, once

"Oh yeah? Things don't change too much around here then I guess..." Evan
says, trying to make a joke out of the situation.

"Woah, woah, woah there Trish!" Snooki says, holding an arm out as she looks
to her tag partner and then to the current Superstar. "You gonna keep me
guessing, or are you gonna introduce me to this hunk or what?"

Stratus raises an eyebrow slightly. "Oh? Well this is Evan Bourne, Air Bourne
himself and from what I've heard, yeah, hunk is the right kind of word for
him." She says with a smirk, glancing to him.

Before Evan can interject, the MTV star steps forward with a smirk of her
own, grabbing the bottom of his shirt to lift it up and then smiling as she
looks over his muscular upper body. "Oh yeah, we've got a stud here alright!"
Snooki says, looking up to him now. "Fucking cute guy, with a fucking hard
body? Baby, you think you can turn this night around for me?" She asks with a
seductive look in her eyes. "I'm thinking you can be the kind of guy who can
go all night long with me, and I ain't just talking about down at the club!"

"Well, I mean...." Bourne blushes slightly, surprised by being hit on by the
reality TV personality.

"Hold on Snooki, you're getting yourself into something major here..." Trish
says as she comes forward. "The WWE Superstars aren't like any guy you just
pick up from any club, even down at the Jersey Shore. Believe me, I've had
plenty of experience with the men around here and trust me, you better be
ready for a "party" like nothing you've ever had before." Her gaze turns to
him, eyeing him up with a smile. "And from what I've heard from the current
Divas? Air Bourne tops the list of studs around here."

"Well, I don't like to brag or anything but I can handle a party on a good
night..." Evan says, looking between both brunettes. "And I'm certainly not
going to give you two any kind of cold shoulder and turn down a chance to
party with you! I mean, with Trish Stratus and Snooki? It's too good to turn

"Fuck yeah! That's more like it baby!" Snooki grins, grabbing him by the
wrist. "Fuck that Morrison jerk and his bitch! Come on, let's fucking party
and show how the Brunette Mafia can ride Air Bourne all night long!"

* * *

Minutes later in the private room set aside especially for Nicole "Snooki"
Polizzi, the MTV reality star herself is moving herself to straddle the
handsome face of Evan Bourne as he is sitting back slightly on a couch, the
controversial female now bottomless as her nicely shaven pussy is lowered
towards his mouth as he places his hands onto her juicy thighs. Snooki gasps
with a little laugh as she feels his tongue start to lap up against her
snatch, making her bite down on her bottom lip as she feels the high flyer
starting to eat her out, already able to tell that the rumours she'd heard
about him are very much true from the great feeling she's already getting
from his tongue after just a few seconds.

Between the WWE Superstar's legs, the legendary former full-time Diva Trish
Stratus grins up as she watches her tag team partner from the night's
WrestleMania match moaning on the face of the man she's lowering the tights
off, her eyes now going to his semi-hard and already very long cock that
makes her lick her lips, and her "Brunette Mafia" friend's eyes widen as she
looks down and sees the weapon that "Air Bourne" is packing. The Canadian's
hands now go to her tight ring attire top, pulling up and over her
brunette-haired head to release her large and sexy breasts which bounce a
little once freed from the tight clothing, and then she takes a hold of his
shaft with both hands, giving his member some quick pumps, looking to get him
hard as quickly as possible.

That task doesn't take too long at all, as the St. Louis, Missouri native
moans up into the snatch of the busty woman grinding herself down against his
hungry mouth, allowing his tongue to easily slide up into her to probe and
lick around, much to the clear delight of the Jersey Shore star who's also
groaning out at his obviously experienced ability in eating pussy. His dick
soon gets rock hard inside the grip of the Tough Enough trainer as she
smoothly strokes him off, making him smile up into the dampening snatch he's
lapping his tongue against and around inside of, drinking down the forming
wetness as his hands run over her legs and thighs.

Placing her hands on the back of the couch, the usually very vocal Snooki is
almost lost for words, stunned by the top notch treatment her
Chilean-American pussy is getting from the sports entertainment stud
underneath her, finding herself bouncing slightly on his face as he dines
eagerly on her snatch to make her moan out as she tosses her long hair back.
She licks her lips, watching the Canadian as she places his long shaft
between her large tits so she can sandwich it between her perfectly rounded
and tanned mounds, her hands gripping them so she can start to give the high
flyer a tit-wank, sliding her boobs up and down the thick shaft and enhancing
the feeling by spitting down onto his American cock.

The feeling of the big, soft breasts grinding against his pole and the
wetness as her saliva is rubbed into his dick thanks to her titties moving
smoothly up and down on him makes him moan again up into the pussy he's
tasting, knowing full well it means the multi-time former WWE Women's
Champion is pleasuring him with her chest, something many a red blooded
wrestling fan would give an arm and a leg to experience. He's able to handle
taking it though, not skipping a beat as he continues to lash his tongue up
at the controversial MTV star to make her groan in lust as well, his mouth
glued to her love tunnel as she moves it around and across his lips,
encouraging him to go deep and get her really fired up for what's still to

As her hands move her large boobs all the way up and down the dick of the
handsome Superstar, Stratus is making herself groan as she squeezes her sexy
tits, watching his shaft pop up from between her cleavage before vanishing
back down, a smile on her face as she spits down again onto his long dick in
order to rub her saliva quickly into his skin. She glances up, and finds
herself biting down on her bottom lip as she watches her tag partner and
recent friend over the past few weeks moaning on his face, the sight of such
a gorgeous and hung man making one of the most famous women on television
today moan out almost whorishly turning her on and fuelling her on to further
please him with her breasts.

"Awww shit Trish!" Nicole Polizzi moans as she grinds herself down one last
time against the face of the man eating her out. "You weren't fucking kidding
when you said this guy could party!" She adds before she somewhat reluctantly
moves herself up from him.

Stratus smiles at her fellow victorious team mate, leaning back and letting
go off her breasts to free his cock from between them. "Not to brag, but I
did tell you so..." She says, standing up and then moving over towards the
couch. "What do say Evan? Want to really get this party started?"

A big grin is still Bourne's face as he nods his head, looking between both
gorgeous "Brunette Mafia" members. "Hell yeah I do! Whatever you want to do,
I'm game for."

"Then fucking lay back and let me get some of that big stick of yours!"
Snooki feistily says as she pushes him down so he has no choice but to fall
back to be outstretched on the couch. "And let my girl Trish get some of that
awesome tongue of yours!" She adds as she climbs over his waist, reaching
down to grip his rock hard dick.

The breakout star of the Jersey Shore TV show moans out as she guides the
cock of the WWE Superstar into her already nicely wet snatch, her legs
resting back so she's in a cowgirl position which allows her to sink down to
take an impressive amount of his long cock with just the one motion. Her eyes
locked on his she grinds herself against his member, adjusting to the vast
size as they both moan, feeling him filling up her tight hole. Before she
can start to bounce on him, she's distracted by the other woman involved in
this threesome as she starts to lift up her nicely fitting "Brunette Mafia"
top up and over her head, revealing her large breasts in the process.

Trish stakes a step back, watching as her WrestleMania tag team partner
begins to rock back and forth on one of the men involved in the pre-show
battle royale earlier on, pushing her tight fitting black bottoms down as she
hears the sound of skin hitting skin as he starts to thrust up into Snooki's
snatch to make them both moan at the tight fit as his big cock moves in and
out of her. Stepping out of the last of her clothing, the woman voted WWE
Diva of the Decade moves onto the couch, now taking her turn to straddle the
handsome face of the hunk laying down and as soon as her smoothly shaven
pussy comes into contact with his mouth she moans out, having to grab the
back of the seating in surprise as she immediately feels pleasure from his
probing tongue against her outer folds.

Closing his eyes, the master of the awe inspiring Air Bourne finisher focuses
on the dueling tasks he's faced with, moving his hips up so he can fuck the
snatch of one of the stunning brunettes on top of him while he works his
tongue across the snatch of the other busty babe as both women are moaning
out from his porn-star like talents to get them pleasured. He's also
groaning, loving the tightness he feels around his thick dick as he pumps up
into the reality star's snatch as she bounces up and down on his member,
causing her ass cheeks to smack down against his toned thighs as they show
perfect timing, his cock going straight up into her as she drops down so he
can go balls deep into her pussy much to her clear delight as she squeezes
her big boobs which are starting to jiggle from the effort her body is using
to ride such a fat shaft.

At the same time, the Toronto, Ontario born beauty is also finding herself
toying with her own breasts in response to the way the American underneath
her is lapping tongue all around inside of her wet snatch, a complete turn on
and then some as she grinds herself right down against his handsome face.
Brushing her long hair back over her shoulders, she groans as she looks from
down between her own legs, getting a glimpse of him as he dines on her pussy,
and then across to the other woman, watching her bounce away on his dick as
it drives up again and again into her snatch as it's obvious they are both
being driven wild with shameless lust for the young high flyer of Monday
Night Raw.

Noticing that the other brunette was watching her getting hammered by the
cock of the man underneath them both, a grin appears on the face of the
Santiago, Chile born beauty as she leans forward enough to place a hand on
the back of the other woman's head, drawing her in so she can plant a big
kiss on her lips. Moaning into it, the Canadian doesn't hesitate to deepen
the lip lock and soon their tongues are starting to dance around each other,
making out as they ride and get eaten out by the man involved in this steamy
threesome as the two women run their hand through each other's hair while
swapping spit and exchanging moans.

"Mmmm..." Snooki pulls back from the kiss with a gasp, moaning as she grinds
down against the thrusting dick into her wet and tight snatch. "Shit... Now
we're fucking partying, Jersey Shore style!" She groans with a smile directed
at one of her WrestleMania tag team partners.

"I guess we are..." Stratus says with a groan, lifting herself up away from
Bourne's face so she can move off from the couch. "Now let me get some of
that big dick before he drives me crazy with his tongue!" She adds with a

"So... You're telling me that Morrison actually gave you both the cold
shoulder, and is missing out on this?" Evan says as he sits up, watching as
Trish makes her choice by assuming a doggy style position on the couch.
"Geez, what a moron!" He adds with a handsome laugh.

"Yeah! Fucking juice head!" Nicole Polizzi says with a hint of bitterness.
"That bitch he's with ain't got shit on what my girl Trish has!" She states
as Bourne moves into place behind the other brunette.

"Fuck him, and fuck that talentless whore of a girlfriend he has!" Trish says
with a smirk. "And now fuck me Evan. Fuck me nice and hard!"

He doesn't need any further encouragement to do as the horny former full time
Diva demands as he admires her perfectly rounded ass for a moment before he
pushes his cock that's still coated in the juices of the other woman in the
room into her snug and noticeably damp snatch, making them both moan as he
eases in a large amount of himself in with the initial thrust. Placing his
hands on her waist he starts to bang the gorgeous and tanned Canadian from
behind, pumping his rock hard American cock in and out of her snatch and
finding himself going in deeper still without even trying as she's all too
eagerly pushing herself back against him, clearly wanting every inch of him
insider and not wanting to wait for it.

Taking a seat on the couch right by the two WWE stars as they fuck, the
controversial but stunning reality TV personality watches with a lick of her
lips as she leans back, placing a hand down between her legs as she pushes a
couple of fingers into her pussy, moaning out was she watches her teammate
from the night's six-person tag team match getting nailed from behind by a
man they both barely know. It's clearly something that pushes all the right
buttons for the Jersey Shore star to watch some hot and shameless action
unfold in front of her as she pumps her own snatch with a couple of digits
and uses the other hand to feel up her own large breasts, her gaze running
over the curvy frame of the woman getting her pussy banged by the handsome
stud who's stood behind her.

Closing her eyes, the multi-time former Women's Champion moans deeply as she
feels the cock of the Slammy Award Winner for best finishing manoeuvre
slamming back and forth into her wet but still tight snatch, stuffing her
full of his thick dick that seems to be a perfect fit for her love tunnel as
his repeated thrusts are making her sweat as she rocks her one-of-a-kind body
back sharply against his movements. His muscular waist is smacking against
her juicy ass cheeks when he drives his shaft into her, going balls deep into
the iconic Diva and giving her the kind of fucking she deserves, and that
results in both the giver and the receiver moaning out from the feeling as
his hands run up and down her sides slightly and her large breasts sway
erotically as they hang down and her body moves back against him.

Perhaps another man wouldn't be able to last this long having to sexually
pleasure not one, but two stunningly curved household names like this, but
the high flying sports entertainer is showing he's up to the task as he
increases the pace of his thrusts into the moaning Canadian he's pounding
with his long and thick American dick as she stays on her hands and knees in
front of him on the couch. Looking over, he smiles as he sees the other woman
enjoying his work as well even though she's not getting touched by him at
all, rather she's getting herself off with some finger fucking as she pumps a
couple of digits back and forth into her wet pussy while teasing her own
erect nipples to make herself groan. Seeing that he's taking a long look at
her, the Chilean-American beauty spreads her legs wider to give him a clear
look at what she's doing to herself, smirking at the hunk and mouthing to him
"Fuck her hard!" as she works her fingers quickly in and out of her pussy
with a moan.

Tossing her long brunette hair back, the former full time wrestler is showing
she can handle a whole different kind of "hardcore" than the Championship
kind she once briefly held in the WWE, continuing to rock back against the
incoming deep thrusts into her still tight and now soaking wet snatch as she
moans out, not seeming to mind that she's getting taken from behind by a man
that's not her husband. Rather, she shamelessly loves every moment of it,
looking right back at his gorgeous waist as it smacks into her butt cheeks
time and time again, no sting of pain being felt from the impact as she
groans in between deep breaths, very willingly taking everything the young
stud has to give her as he thrusts away into her box and moaning deeply
himself from the feeling of her all around his shaft.

"Yeah... You like fucking my girl Trish Evan?" Nicole Polizzi asks with a
moan, pulling her fingers out of her pussy as she sits up, watching him
thrust a couple more times into the other woman. "I bet her pussy is real
fucking fine, ain't it??" She asks again with a grin as he pulls out of the
other WWE star, and she can't help but lick her lips when she looks over his
still hard and coated with pussy juices cock.

"It's incredible!" Bourne admits with a smile, moving over so he can step
between the spread legs of the guest wrestling star of the night's major Pay
Per View event. "But you've got an awesome pussy as well..." He adds as he
moves down on top of her, causing her to smile wider.

"A cute guy who can fuck like a porn-star and actually appreciate us both?"
Trish says as she catches her breath, now sitting down on the couch as she
watches the other two start to get into it again. "We totally picked the
wrong guy to team with tonight..." She says with a smirk.

The St. Louis, Missori native lets out a little laugh at the shot directed at
the under-the-thumb Superstar she was referring to, but soon moans instead
when he plunges his dick into the snatch of the reality TV starlet who moans
deeply as well, her back arching as he sends every inch of his fat cock into
her snatch before he starts to pump her. Her hands run over his muscular
chest before going up to his shoulders to rest, her legs soon wrapping around
his body to keep him close and he works hips towards and then away from her,
in no time at all establishing a quick and hard rhythm with which to bang her
with his tool that's covered in the juices off the other female involved in
this "celebration" fucking in this private V.I.P. room.

Much like how the female currently getting hammered couldn't resist touching
herself as she watched the fucking going on before her, the Diva of the
Decade rests on her side slightly with one arm propping herself up as the
other has her hand placed right on her pussy, teasing her wet folds with her
fingertips to make herself groan as she watches the other female member of
"Brunette Mafia" take the long cock of the high flier quickly and firmly. She
can't take her eyes of either of their desirable bodies, watching his muscles
flex as he moves himself back and forth to slam his shaft straight into the
begging for it woman in front of him, and the large tits of the MTV star
bouncing as her body jolts back in response to every forceful pump she takes
from him.

She's shown on the Jersey Shore show that she can take a punch, and it's also
clear that she can take a fucking as well, moaning out as she locks eyes with
the young hunk banging her with such force that it would render most women
unable to walk straight for a number of days, let along still be conscious by
this point. Instead she's demanding more from him, rubbing her smooth legs
against his body as well as running her hands along his shoulders and up to
his neck to encourage him, as if getting a piece of one of the most
recognizable women in all of television today wasn't fuel enough in addition
to her almost slutty moans as she doesn't seem to care that if she gets any
louder, anyone passing by outside the door could hear them going at it.

With a smirk, the beautiful Canadian shifts herself closer towards them both,
sliding a couple of fingers into her damp pussy as she gets herself off on
watching them fuck intensely as the smack of skin hitting sweat covered skin
rings out as he continues to deeply drive his fat American dick into the
tight and soaking wet hole of the Santiago, Chile born stunner. As the former
full time Diva pumps her own snatch with her fingers, he shoots the current
Superstar a wink and a playful grin as she leans her head in over towards the
other woman, sticking her tongue out in order to flick against the tanned and
bouncing breasts of the reality star, causing her to moan louder as she feels
the smooth and nicely wet tongue dragging across her large mounds.

Just this sight alone is enough to make the master of the spectacular Air
Bourne finisher moan out as he watches the legendary Diva licking away at the
other "Brunette Mafia" babe's titties, even using her free hand to cup one to
bring it up so she can lick around and across the nipple with a groan as the
other hand still works a couple of fingers in and out of her snatch. He keeps
his control though even as he's grunting and sweat drips off his muscular
body, making sure he thrusts his member into the soaking wet snatch of the
controversial but stunning TV star who's now running her fingers through the
hair of the former infamous blond who's licking away at her big breasts.

The body of the Chilean-American beauty arches back again, this unexpected
double teaming of having her friend and tag partner pleasing her tits while
she's getting hammered hard and fast in her snatch soon becomes all too much
to take as she closes her eyes and moans loudly. In the next moment Evan
Bourne starts to groan deeply as he feels Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi start to
cum hard on his long and thick cock, feeling her juices flowing out over his
thrusting dick as her pussy claps around his shaft for added pressure but he
keeps his composure as he bangs the star of the Jersey Shore TV show as she's
getting her breasts licked by Trish Stratus. Giving her a couple more deep
thrusts, the high flying WWE Superstar withdraws from the well fucked pussy
of the reality show star, smiling as he looks down at the mess she'd made on
his dick as her juices drip off his hard and slightly throbbing cock.

"I told you Snooki, if you want to fuck a WWE Superstar you need to be able
to handle anything..." Trish says with a grin as she leans back, giving the
male involved in this hot three-way a wink as she does.

"Mmmm shit... You weren't fucking kidding!" Snooki moans as she opens her
eyes, panting for breath as she looks between the sports entertainers. "Go on
Trish, finish off this big dicked stud for me!" She says with a smile as she
pushes herself up to sit back in order to catch her breath.

"With pleasure!" Stratus eagerly says as she stands up, taking a smiling
Bourne by the hand to lead him down to take a seat by the worn out reality
starlet. "Think you can handle some Stratusfaction Evan?" She asks as she
climbs up onto him to mount his lap.

"I'm sure as hell going to try!" Evan says, helping her out as he holds his
dick by the base in order to line it up with her snatch as she pushes herself
down onto him.

Not for the first time this evening, the perfectly curved Canadian lets out
a loud and lusty moan as she drops herself right down onto his thick American
dick, grinding against him for a moment as she places her hands onto the
sides of his handsome face in order to draw him into a deep lick lock,
smiling into it when he immediately welcomes her with a tongue pushing up
against her own. She's soon moaning into his mouth when he takes a hold of
her toned waist and begins to thrust up into her wet and still tight snatch,
his balls slapping up into her butt cheeks each time he sends his manhood
deeply up into her love tunnel while they both make out like they've been
lovers for years.

Leaning back and placing her arms around his neck, the record-setting former
WWE Women's Champion starts to quickly bounce on the fat dick being sent up
into her, an erotic slapping sound ringing out when their sweat coated skin
collide as her ass cheeks slap down into his thighs and his ball sack touches
her ass cheeks as they time their movements for the maximum possible
pleasure. She bites down on her bottom lip, unable to deny how great the
feeling is of riding the big dick of the young stud as he pumps up into her
with such skill that it has her wondering if he's a porn-star when he's not
wowing crowds with his in ring skill.

The eyes of the high flyer switch from her large bouncing breasts to her
moaning, sweat-covered face as he groans, making sure he keeps stuffing the
Tough Enough trainer full of his cock with a series of hard and sudden
thrusts that sends every inch of his man meat into her dripping wet pussy,
paced exactly right so he drives upward as she drops herself down so he can
go as deep as possible into her love tunnel. His chest heaves for air,
showing how much energy he's putting into fucking one of the hottest women to
ever grace the squared circle and is now a moaning mess on his fat cock as
she almost wildly bounces away on his tool, forcing him to keep up with her
sinful demands and give her snatch a pounding that would finish off most
women within seconds.

Caught up in their own pleasure, both WWE stars have forgotten about the
other woman in the room who's now recovered from her own intense sexual high
and is smirking as she gets up to her feet, moving around the two to stand
behind the stunning Canadian as she rides the fat and long cock of the
American hunk she's on top off. Said former full time Diva soon remembers the
reality TV star when she feels the hands of the Chilean-American reaching
around to grab her large tits from behind, giving them a deep squeeze to make
her groan and arch back, turning her head to come nose to nose with the other
half of "Brunette Mafia" and exchanging a smile with her.

Continuing to cup and play with the perfectly rounded breasts of the Diva of
the Decade, the MTV star presses her lips against the other woman's, moans
being exchanged as they start to deeply make out as their tongues push out
and wrap against each other although the cries of the woman bouncing on a
thick dick are clearly much louder. There's a huge grin on the face of the
man who's sitting back and thrusting his shaft right up into the multi-time
Women's Champion, licking his lips as he watching the two gorgeous women
kissing with open mouths and closed eyes as the one behind gropes the boobs
of the one riding his cock like her life depended on it, and it all just
means he's moaning out as well as her tight snatch moves up and down on his
throbbing manhood as he gives it to her hard and fast.

Pulling her head away from the kiss, the bouncing brunette now tilts her head
back again, letting out a deep groan as she now hits her limit, and with
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi squeezing her breasts as she does so, Trish Stratus
now starts to cum on the cock of Evan Bourne as he thrusts away into her,
moaning himself as her snatch claps around his thick and long shaft. The
Canadian groans with a lick of her lips as she grinds her soaking wet pussy
down against the massive American dick that's gradually slowing down it's
pumps into her, allowing her to ride out her hard orgasm while her breasts
are still getting teased by the other woman behind her, leaving the former
multi-time WWE Women's Champion gasping for breath when she finally opens her
eyes to smile at the current Superstar.

"Fuck! You're a real party animal Evan!" Snooki exclaims with a grin as she
lets go of Trish's tits. "Making me and my girl here explode? You've got to
have parted down in the Jersey Shore before!"

Bourne handsomely laughs as he leans back, watching as the former full time
Diva a little shakily climbs off of him. "Can't say I have before, but if
it's anything like this then I sure want to know!" He says with a smile.

"Mmmm... Come on Snooki, let's really fucking give it to him now!" Trish says
with a big grin, wasting no time in moving down to between his legs.

"Fuck yeah! Brunette Mafia in the fucking house!" Nicole Polizzi says as she
soon sinks down to beside the other woman, the sight making him smile as he
braces himself knowing pleasure is on the way.

Smiling up at the stud who'd brought them both to intense orgasms, they start
things off now with their tongues as Trish moves down in order to flick her
tongue across at his heavy balls, sliding her tongue around both nuts and
even giving both a slight pat for good measure. At the same time Snooki has
run her tongue along the side of this thick shaft, tasting the other woman's
pussy juices that coat his rod in the process but she gives no indication
that she's disgusted by the taste as she starts to swirl her tongue around
the head of his cock with a groan.

The high flying Superstar has to fight to keep his eyes open, the feeling
incredible of having not one, but two gorgeous brunettes pleasing his dick as
they expertly use their soft and wet tongues on his balls and cock
respectively, licking up juices from them to replace with soothing saliva,
and all the while keeping eye contact with him as their treatment on him
increases as they see the look of pleasure on his face. With a sly smirk,
Stratus opens her mouth to take one of his balls in, moaning lightly around
him as she starts to softly suck on him, her tongue slowing sliding around
against the sack as well as she traps him inside her mouth for a several
moments before releases with an audible pop as she moves onto the other nut
to give it the same controlled sucking treatment.

Back at his throbbing shaft, the stunning reality TV starlet has wrapped her
pouty lips around his member as she starts to smoothly bob her head up and
down on the top portion of his thickness, her pretty face moving with ease
along his size as continues to look up at him, wanting to know for sure that
he's loving what she's doing as if the loud moans he's letting out weren't a
sign enough of that. She can't help but moan around his massive American
cock, loving the feel of it moving in and out of her mouth as the
Chilean-American quickly blows him and further tastes the snatch of the other
woman off of his dick as she does so.

Giving the current Superstar's ball a final lick across, the other half of
the "Brunette Mafia" moves her head up enough so she can flick her tongue
against the bottom portion of his cock, lashing all the way around him so she
now tastes herself and that seems to make her moan as she smirks up at him,
placing her hands onto his balls to squeeze them firmly as she starts to
press her lips against his throbbing pole. The former multi-time Women's
Champion is kissing and sucking on the side of his cock, looking far from the
strong willed role model her legions of fans worldwide know her as, and more
like a needy whore as she groans against his shaft as she and her tag team
partner double team the cock that brought them both to huge sexual highs with
combined sucking and licking.

He can't do anything more but sit back, watch and enjoy as the two beautiful
women work over his member as if they've done it several times before, and
it's impressive enough that he's managed to survive such treatment for as
long as he has but it's no surprise that he soon arrives at his limit. With a
huge smile on his face and one last deep groan, Evan Bourne starts to cum
inside the mouth of the Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi as she sucks
away on his cock, not stopping even as her mouth gets flooded with spunk
while Trish Stratus groans and licks away at the base and lower inches of his
long cock.

The MTV star groans as her mouth is quickly filled up with creamy spunk as
she carries on moving her mouth up and down onto him, looking to milk him dry
as is the other female who's smirking as lapping at his dick a couple more
times before she sits back, licking her own lips as she watches her friend of
recent weeks give a last couple of sucks on the Superstar's meaty cock.
Lifting her head away, the former Diva moves right in to swirl her tongue
around the head of his softening dick, cleaning him up and collecting up some
last drops of his cum in the process which appears to have been the intention
of the smiling female all along.

The Canadian soon finds herself being pulled back by the Chilean-American as
they exchange a smirk before their lips press together passionately as Trish
Stratus and Snooki deeply kiss once again, but this time and to former full
time wrestler's delight the Jersey Shore starlet is using her tongue to push
some of his thick American jizz into her mouth, sharing the massive load with
the other half of the "Brunette Mafia". Both women groan as their tongues
wrap against each other, swapping the cum between them so both gets a more
than ample mouthful before they pull back and gaze at the spunk in the
other's mouth before they turn to Bourne to show them what they've got in
their oral holes. In the next moment they both close their mouths and with
big satisfied gulps swallow down his cum, causing him to grin at the sight
and sound.

"Wow... That was, I mean..." Evan says, shaking his head with a big smile.
"Wow! That was amazing! You two, Trish and Snooki? You're really something

"Damn fucking right we are!" Snooki laughs as she hops up, taking a seat
beside him and leaning against him with a grin. "There ain't nobody else who
can party like the Brunette Mafia can!"

"Well, maybe you, me, and Evan here now..." Trish says with a smile, taking a
seat on his other side. "He can defiantly party with us again, and you
wouldn't give us a cold shoulder, would you?"

"Yeah! You wouldn't ditch us for some fat ass, loud mouth bitch with no
fucking style or damn class, would ya Evan?" Nicole Polizzi asks, slightly
running her hand over his chest.

"Cold shoulder? No way! You'd have to be a complete idiot to want nothing to
do with you two!" Bourne says, looking between them both.

"That or being a ball-less, gutless waste of talent..." Stratus says with a
grin. "But correct answer there Evan, and I think that earns you an after
party with us both, doesn't it Snooki?"

"Fuck yeah it does baby!" Snooki says as she stands up and raises a fist up
as she starts to make the signature fist-pump motion. "The Brunette Mafia are
gonna ride Air Bourne all fucking night long!"
_ _ _

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