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Sequel to the story Jackie Earns Her Push
Starring Stephanie McMahon and Jackie Gayda

The Catch
by NotTooFugly (


Steve grumbled a bit, coming out of his sleep to the sound of an alarm
screaming in the dark. "Hellfire," he muttered, rolling over to grope for the
alarm on the night table. But his hand encountered an obstacle. Warm, soft,
and definitely female. Comprehension slowly filled his sleep-addled head. The
alarm silenced.

"Good morning," Jackie said, flicking on the light. Steve gazed at her
smiling face, then dropped his gaze to the smooth body concealed beneath the
thin sheets.

"It's always a good morning when I wake up next to you." She laughed.

"You can save the sweet talk Steve. You've already fucked me. And I'm not
here for your tongue," she licked her lips, "although it was almost reason
enough last night."

"You're probably not here for my cock either."

"Well no, not entirely. But it was the best bonus I've ever had." Steve
reached a hand under the sheets and slid it down to her cunt.

"Nice and wet. That wasn't a lie after all," he said, trailing his fingers
around her pussy.

"Ooooh, that feels niiiice...", Jackie breathed, obviously savoring his
touch. "When are you going to talk to Stephanie about my push?" Steve sighed.
He definitely wasn't looking forward to dealing with Stephanie after the way
he'd embarrassed her the last time.

"Alright, I'll go see her today."

"Oh thank you Steve!", squealed Jackie. Steve must've had a pretty sour
expression on his face because Jackie saw something was amiss. "Oh poor
Stevie, you look kind of glum. Here, let me cheer you up." Jackie leaned
over and locked lips with him, stroking his cheek before sliding down his
body to grasp his excited member. Her tongue met his as she squeezed his
penis. Jackie broke the kiss and moved downwards to his dick. She took
him in her mouth, expertly flicking his head with her tongue. She licked,
circling his shaft like an ice cream cone. His balls were in her hands
and he could feel her rolling them with her fingers. He groaned as she
tortured him, bobbing her head erratically so as to prevent him from
getting a rhythm. His cock pressed against the inside of her cheek as she
ran her tongue along his length. Her lips wrapped around his glistening
cock as she began to deepthroat him. Her nose was buried in his crotch,
and he loved the sight of it. His hands ran through her hair as he became
to pump, fucking her throat as he had her pussy the night before.

"Mmmm...oh yeah..." he murmured as his climax built. His balls tightened and
he shot a thick stream of cum down her waiting throat. This, he thought to
himself as he spurted, is an excellent way to start the day.

* * *

Steve Deschain steeled himself. Well if Jackie will swallow my cum than I
can damn sure swallow my pride, he thought. He knocked on the door to
Stephanie's office, remembering her rather odd reading material during his
previous visit. He could hear papers being shuffled and the sound of a
drawer slamming shut. "Come in!" a voice called.

He opened the door. Stephanie wore a matching charcoal suit jacket and
mini-skirt that showed off her long, luscious legs. She looked a bit flushed.
Steve had always had a thing for Stephanie. She was no supermodel like Trish
or Sable, but in Steve's opinion she was more alluring than the both of them.
Now if only she wasn't such a bitch...

"Well? What are you staring at?" Stephanie snapped. Steve started a bit.

"Excuse me, I got distracted. I'm here to talk business."

"Oh are you now? Whatever happened to the self-righteous firebrand who
stormed into my office yesterday? Something about "idiocy" as I recall?"
Stephanie smirked. What happened to him? He got hit up by a buxom blonde
for a promotion that what, thought Steve bitterly.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," Steve grated, "I may have...overreacted."

"Well I'm glad you've come around Steven. Now what can I help you with?"

'I suppose you mean how can you punish me, spiteful bitch,' Steve thought.

"I'd like to talk to you about Jackie Gayda, one of our developmental
talents. I've felt her...umm, I feel her talents have improved enough to
justify a place on the active roster."

"Well, I'm sure she's felt you too. Nevertheless, I need proof of this."

"Proof?! Stephanie you know damn well how many talents I've discovered. I
know ready."

"Steve, Steve, Steve. Lets not live in the past. What can she offer the

"Dammit Steph, quit beating around the bush. Name your price."

"I want the title on HHH through Mania, and I'll need your support on this."

"Goddammit! He's had the title too damn long already." Stephanie simply
stared at him. Finally he looked away. "Fine. I won't fight you on this. But
in return you must accept whatever I write for Gayda." When Stephanie nodded,
he got out of his chair to leave.

"Ah! There is one more thing Steve." He whirled to face her.

"What?", he bit out. Stephanie stood up and walked around the desk to stand
in front of him.

"The catch."

"The catch?"

"Steve, there's always a catch when you deal with a McMahon. Steve, I know
you can't stand me, and I absolutely hate you. But I like your looks."


"I know you've had every woman in the company but me...and I want you bad."

"Wait a second." He tried to think this through. He'd gotten to fuck Jackie
Gayda in return for a push, and now he was going to fuck Stephanie McMahon to
make that push happen. "This can't be happening..."

"Oh but it is," she replied. She proved it by sticking her tongue in his
mouth. Her body pressed against his as her lively tongue danced in his mouth.
He returned her fire with his own, his hands roaming her supple curves while
his crotch ground against hers. He could feel her hands pressed against his
back. His hands found the lapels of her jacket and he pulled them apart,
sending buttons flying in several directions. His lips still pressed do hers,
he pushed her against the wall. He broke the kiss and looked down at her.

Her breasts were full and round, straining against the confines of her black
brassiere. His hands moved around to her back, deftly unhooking the straps.
He grabbed the bra and tossed it over his head. Now he could see her breasts
in their full naked beauty. Her nipples were pink and fully erect. He pressed
down on one of them with his thumb. He massaged them lightly, his fingers
circling her mountainous tits. She was moaning now, her hands running through
his dark hair as his head bent down to lick them with his tongue. His mouth
moved over them, wetting them with his saliva.

While he pleasured her this way Steve a hand down her side, passing over her
wide hips and up between her thighs. He smiled at her gasps as he clutched
her crotch, the heat traveling through the soaked cloth as he rubbed her.
Steve hooked his fingers under the waistband of her panties and he pulled
them down. Stephanie wriggled them until they fell to the floor. His fingers
immediately went to work, sliding between her velvety lips to explore her
secret places.

"Unnn...", Stephanie moaned as he went to work on her. Steves fingers probed
her tunnel, touching her most inner parts. He kissed her pale throat as she
squirmed under his touch, his free hand cupping the loose, hot flesh of her
left breast. Stephanie began bucking her hips, grinding them against his busy
fingers. Her back arched as she moaned, panting and gasping for air. He could
feel her clench up as her orgasming pussy responded to his ministrations. She
slumped against him as she rode out her climax. He removed his slick digits
from her sopping pussy and slathered the juices against her smooth belly.

"I hope that isn't all you got Stephanie," Steve mocked. She responded by
licking his earlobe.

"I won't be done `til my cunts overflowing with your cum," she whispered in
his ear. Steve got a good old of her thick ass and lifted her up, carrying
her over to the desk where he deposited her upon it. She lay there, her legs
splayed so he could almost see the glory of her cunt but for her skirt. She
grinned wickedly, noticing his gaze, and lifted the skirt.

"Looking for this?", she asked. He could only nod at the sight of that
bald busy nestled between her creamy thighs. Steve could feel his erection
pressing uncomfortably against his pants, so he remedied the situation by
dropping them. His cock sprung to attention.

"Mmmm, I wanna feel that big fucker inside me." Stephanie wrapped her hand
around his penis, squeezing it a little.

"The door isn't locked."


"Just anybody could walk in."

"Oh if only!". He smiled at her enthusiasm. Then she spread her legs wide
and his only thought was that tight cunt. He pushed into her, penetrating
her smoothly. Her moist pussy took his breath away. Then he went to work.
He began to pump her, fast shallow pushes. Her long sexy legs wrapped
around his squeezing him tight as she could. He began pumping her deeper
and deeper, burying his throbbing cock inside her. She bit her lip to keep
back her screams. It seemed everybody in the building would hear the wet
slapping noises of their coupling, but Steve found he didn't care.

"Let it out Steph, nobody will complain." She obliged.

"OH FUCK STEVE! Oh baby you're so huge!", she shrieked, turning Steve on all
the more. His cock churned inside Stephanie, stretching her out deliciously.
Her inner muscles were rigid against him, but he kept his rhythm. Finally he
was unable to hold back.

"I'm cumming Stephanie!" he shouted hoarsely, blowing his load deep inside
her. His throbbing cock shot stream after stream of thick white cum splashing
into her wet hole. He couldn't believe the dizzying waves of pleasure
coalescing in his loins. He continued to grind as he spurted endlessly, each
slapping pump jiggling her great tits. Finally he petered out, collapsing
atop her. He kissed the body that gave him such indescribable pleasure as he
panted. Eventually he straightened and stood up and pulled his pants back up.
He strode to the wall and picked up Stephanies panties. He brought them to
his nose, inhaling her scent. "Pleasure doing business with you. I think I'll
keep these."

"The pleasure has been all mine. I'd love to seal the deal with you, whenever
and wherever I can."

"Agreed. I'd love to try your outlets again Steph, but for now, goodbye." And
with that Steve Deschain left the offices of Stephanie McMahon, whistling
down the hall, with a pair of black panties tucked in his back pocket.

This one got delayed a bit. I have a very vivid imagination so I kept having
to, ummm, stop once in a while during the writing. But it's here now, so I
hope you all like it.

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