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The Champ Is Here... The Women's Champ!!!
by Kristi & Dice (, AOL IM: FredCasden)

Shortly after the WWE Unforgiven 2005 pay-per-view has gone off the air, WWE
Women's Champion Trish Stratus and the 2005 Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro
are talking by the catering table.

"Oh my god, Trish take so much for helping me against those three," Ashley
smiles in reference to Trish lending her a much needed hand in her on going
feud with the WWE's Pink World Order, Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Candice
Michelle. The two beautiful fun shares a hug, which Trish soon breaks.

"Oh it's no problem, I've been itching to get back in the ring, and the tag
match tonight was a good test," Trish replies.

"It was like a dream teaming with you," Ashley smiles, obviously in awe of

Trish laughs a bit, "It's all good Ashley..." Trish pats her back. Ashley
then realizes what time it is and hugs Trish again.

"I gotta get to the hotel... I'm on the first flight out tomorrow morning...
have a good night," Ashley smiles and starts to walk off.

"You too... see tomorrow night at Raw," Trish replies and waves Ashley
goodbye. "She's cute..." Trish says to herself as she begins to walk down
the down, slightly adjusting the Women's Championship belt that is draped
over her left shoulder. As Trish makes her way to her own locker room, she
passes an open door that's for John Cena. Trish and John have lightly
flirted with each other in the past whenever Raw and Smackdown held joint
event. Trish peeks inside and sees the reigning WWE Heavyweight Champion
packing up his travel bag. John is dressed is his usual attire, black
jeans, a baseball jersey and a baseball cap. Trish eyes him up for a
moment before she knocks on the door and stands in the doorway. "Knock,
knock..." Trish says with a smile.

John turns a smile creeps onto his face when he sees Trish, "Hey Trish..."

"Well... well... well... John Cena..." Trish smirks and places her hands on
her sexy hips.

"You can come in if you want..." John says with a smile.

"Thank you..." Trish laughs a bit and steps into the locker room, closing
the door behind her. "You looked good tonight against Kurt... too bad the
Bischoff got involved..." Trish says in reference to John's DQ loss to Kurt
Angle that was the main event for the night's Pay Per View.

"Thanks... I'm a bit mad I lost like that..." John says with a sigh but then
he smiles, "But hey, it wasn't all bad, you looked really good out there...
and right here too..."

Trish laughs a bit and runs her fingers though her hair, "Thanks... you
know... we both can celebrate a bit... I won my comeback match... and you
still kept you title tonight... I'm a champ... and you're a champ..." Trish
lays her championship belt on top of John's bag as she smiles cutely at him.

John smiles at her, "Yeah... the champs are here...." John shrugs off his
baseball jersey, and it falls down his arms to the floor, exposing his
muscular upper body to Trish. Trish places her hands on his chest and
slides them down to his belt buckle that and slowly undoes it.

"That we are..." Trish smiles as she pulls his belt through the loops and
drops it down on the floor. Trish then gets down to her knees in order to
unbutton and unzip his jeans. Trish then pulls down his jeans and smiles
a bit. "I see you weren't lying about going commando when not in the
ring..." Trish says as she gazes at John's trouser snake as she takes it
into her soft hands.

"Well... I like to be comfortable..." John smiles as Trish slowly begins to
pump his cock with both hands.

"I like guys who are comfortable..." Trish smiles as she licks his cock like
an ice cream cone, tenderly dragging her tongue along the sides of his dick
and occasionally over her own fingers as she continues to pump his cock.
John moans as he runs the fingers of his right hand though Trish's soft blond
hair while turning his cap backwards so he can watch Trish take his shaft
into her mouth without anything blocking his view. Trish slowly inches his
penis further into her mouth and soon completely swallows his cock. Trish
seductively bobs her head along his shaft, completely blowing John's mind.

"Man... I heard... from ol' Tommy Dreamer about... Francine being the Head
Cheerleader in ECW... but damn Trish... I think you have her beat... compared
to... the stories... I've heard..." John moans as he leans his head back and
closes his eyes. Trish tightens her lips around John's shaft and slowly pulls
her head off his cock resulting in a bit of a popping sound when the head of
his dick escapes her lips. Trish licks her lips and looks up at John and

"Hey..." Trish laughs a bit as she looks back at him as he lifts her right
leg up and guides his cock into her pussy. Trish moans as the WWE Champ pumps
his cock in and out of her pussy. John moves a hand and cups Trish's breast
as the Women's Champ pushes back against him. Trish bites her lower lip as
she starts to orgasm. She whimpers slightly and she grabs the wrist of John's
hand that is cupping her breast as she presses back against him as her climax
swoops through her beautiful body.

"Ohhhhh god... John... The Champ.... Is... here!!!" Trish moans as John
continues to thrush into him for a few more moments before he grits his teeth
and cums inside of her.

Both Trish and John remain laying on the locker room floor, sweating,
breathing heavily. John pulls out of her and Trish turns over so she can look
at him. John puts his arm around her and smirks a bit.

"What's that smirk for?" she asks.

"Just thinking about how it's great being the Champ...." John replies.

Trish smirks a bit and after a moment, she nods her head in agreement, "Oh
yes it is... and don't forget... you're not the only Champ... that's here..."
She says as she puts and hand behind his head and pulls him into a deep kiss.
John breaks the kiss and smiles at her.

"You are defiantly here...Champ."


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