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The Cop Situation: Trish Stratus Part 1
by Tweedy61

Trish Stratus was driving at a major speed on the deserted highway, when she
glanced down at the clock and saw what time it was.

"Oh my God! It's already 8:49, and I'm still driving on the road?" Trish
asked herself, as she didn't bother to slow down on the road. Suddenly, Trish
heard a cop coming from another highway come up behind her.

"Oh shit! I was going too fast," Trish said, as she decided to pull over. She
did, and the cop pulled up behind her. Instead of it being one cop, it was
two. Trish sighed, as she prepaired for a ticket. As the two cops approached
the car, Trish put on a seductive smile.

"Why hello miss, there might be a problem with us," the officer said. Trish
looked on, as they continued talking.

"What would the problem be, sir?" Trish asked, looking as if she hadn't done
anything wrong.

"Well, for starters, your were going to fast on the road," the other officer
said, stepping in. Trish looked at both the nametags on their shirts, and

"Well, Officer Michael, and Officer Nichols, I'm sorry that I was going too
fast on the road. I hope I don't get a ticket," Trish said, smiling as the
officers began to whisper to each other.

"We won't give you a ticket, but we will have to search you first," officer
Nichols said, as Trish smiled.

"No problem," Trish replied, turning off her car. She stepped out, and
watched as the officers began looking at her very hot body. Large breasts,
perfect ass, flat stomach. They both smiled, as they began their search.

"Well, miss, you'll have to put your hands on the car," officer Michael said,
as Trish did so. They continued their search, running their hands along
Trish's body, getting a cheap feel on the blonde Canadian diva. When one of
the officers put their hands on Trish's ass, she protested.

"Hey, your not supposed to touch me there," Trish said, getting concerned as
officer Michales groped her ass. He grunted, as the officer Nichols began
groping, too.

"Hey! This is way beyond a search. Get your hands off me!" Trish yelled, as
she took her hands from the car, and pushed the officers hands away from her
body. Suddenly, the officer lunged at Trish, slapping her hard in the face.

"Shut up bitch! Your coming with us," officer Nichols said, as officer
Micheal grabbed Trish. He slapped a pair of handcuffs on her, and pushed her
up against the car. Then, both officers began feeling and groping on Trish's
body once more. Officer Nichols put his hands between Trish's legs, feeling
the warmness of Trish's pussy against his hand.

"I bet your shaved, aren't you?" officer Nichols said, as he slowly began
rubbing Trish's pussy. Trish suddenly spat in his face.

"You bastard! I'm not gonna even answer that question!" Trish yelled, as
officer Nichols wiped the spit from his face. He punched Trish, and dragged
her off the car, along with officer Michael.

"This bitch really wants it, so I think we should take her back to my room,"
offier Nichols said, as he threw Trish in the car. Trish screamed, as the
officer shut the door. They both climbed in, and took off.

* * *

When Officer Nichols and Michael made it to Officer Nichols motel room, they
dragged Trish to it, and opened the door. Dragging Trish inside, they threw
her on the bed, and began staring at her body.

"Well, do you wanna have your fun with this bitch first?" Officer Nichols
asked officer Michael, looking over at him. Michael nodded, as he looked down
at Trish.

"If you touch me I swear to God I'll sue you for all your worth you piece of
shit!" Trish spat, as Michael walked over to her. Trish was still handcuffed,
so she couldn't do anything. Nichols called Michael, and threw him a ballgag.

"Gag the bitch," Nichols said, before he left the room. As soon as the door
closed, Michaels smiled.

"Oh I have better plans," Michaels said, as he grabbed Trish by her long,
beatiful blonde hair off the bed. He forced her on her knees, and pulled down
his pants and boxers.

"You see this cock bitch?" Michaels asked, as Trish stared at it.

"It looks pretty small to me you asshole," Trish said, as Michael slapped

"Want me to make it to it's full size then?" Michael asked, as his cock
immediately sprung to 12 inches thick. Trish stared at it in horror, as
Michael smiled evily.

"Now suck it bitch!" Michael yelled, forcing Trish's mouth onto his cock.

"And if you bite me, I'll break your fuckin' neck," Michael threatened, as
Trish began bobbing her head back and forth, sucking the large shaft. She
stuck her tongue out, and licked the tip of it, swirling her tongue around
it. She leaned down, and licked his balls, sending shivers up Michael's

"Oh yeah baby suck it hard, ohhh yea bitch, lick my fuckin' balls," Michael
moaned, as Trish continued sucking. She kept sucking, and licking, until
Michael shot his cum out in her mouth.

"Swallow it all slut! Swallow it like your used to!" Michael yelled, as Trish
sucked down all his cum. She tried not to gag on it, but she still got it

"That's a good slut. Now, the real fun begins," Michael said, as he picked
Trish up off the floor by her hair. Trish screamed, as he dragged her to the
bed. He threw her on the bed, and grabbed her by the shirt.

"I don't see any reason why we should keep this on!" Michael yelled, ripping
Trish's shirt from her body. Michael realized that Trish wasn't wearing a bra
at all, as her large breasts bounced loose.

"Oh look at these, they look beautiful, mind if I take a...Closer look?"
Michael asked, getting on his knees and leaning closer to Trish's large

"Don't touch me!" Trish yelled, trying to struggle away, but her large
breasts only bounced and bounced harder up and down, causing Michael to get
turned on even more.

"Shut up bitch!" Michael yelled, slapping Trish backwards. He grabbed the
ballgag he had earlier, and put it on her.

"Now, shall we continue?" Michael asked, in a sick, perverted voice. Trish
tried to sit up, but she was cut off by Michael forcing her back down.

"I don't think you'll be getting up," Michael said, as he held Trish's
shoulders down on the bed. Michael leaned down, and took Trish's right nipple
into his mouth. His tongue flickered out over it, not stopping until the
nipple became hard. He held Trish down with one hand, while the other went to
Trish's left nipple. It began twisting and pinching, and rubbing tiny circles
over it. Trish moaned in disgust and in pleasure from behind the ballgag, as
her large breasts and nipples were being molested. She hated the way she was
being treated, but she couldn't help but to feel the effects this torture had
on her. Michael's tongue swirled around her right nipple, before sinking his
teeth deep inside it. Trish yelped out from behind the ballgag, as Michael's
teeth went deeper inside her nipple. Taking his teeth off, Michael heard
Trish whimper loudly, as he traded to her left nipple. While holding Trish
down with the hand that was working on the left nipple, the other hand went
to the right nipple and began doing the same things it was to the left.
Michael began sucking on Trish's left nipple, flicking his tongue out over
it, and biting into it as well. Michael moved his body on top of Trish's, as
he held her down with all his body weight. Using both his hands, Michael
squeezed Trish's large breasts together, and buried his head inbetween them.
He began licking both breasts, getting his saliva all over them. He let go
of her large breasts, and began to scoot down. When he was face to face with
Trish's pussy, he pressed his head up against it. He began unbuttoning
Trish's jeans, yanking them down roughly, until they were down to her ankles.
From there, he just tore the pants off, and threw them to one side. He began
toying with her thong, as he began taking it off with his teeth. His teeth
let go of the thong, and he just tore it off her body with his bare hands.
He stared at Trish's neatly shaved pussy, before spreading her legs.

"Oh look at that clit. It's sticking out, already for me to suck it. Well,
before I suck the living hell out of it, I'm gonna do some handy work of
my own," Michael said, as he slid two fingers inside Trish's pussy. Trish
moaned, as Michael began penetrating Trish's cunt gently with two fingers.

"You like that don't you baby? You’re a real slut!" he yelled, as he added
two more fingers in. He began penetrating Trish's cunt harder and faster, as
Trish's moans picked up. She began thrusting herself onto Michael's fingers,
wanting to cum badly. Trish wanted to scream out in pleasure, but she
couldn't because of the ballgag. She wanted Michael to keep going, not
stopping at his job of fucking her pussy hole with four fingers.

"Mmmmph! Mmphph!" Trish moaned, trying to scream in pleasure but she
couldn't. The more Michael fucked her with his fingers, the more she wanted
so badly to release her cum. Suddenly, she began errupting on his fingers.
Her cum came out quickly, leaking all over Michael's fingers, as he smiled.

"Man, I guess you *did* wanna cum huh? Well, if you think THAT made you cum
hard, wait until I do this," Michael said, as he leaned close to Trish's
cunt. Suddenly, Trish felt something long and cold slide into her cunt. It
was Michael's tongue, and he began to slide it in and out.

"Mmph! Moph!" Trish tried to say more, but it wasn't coming out right.
Michael's tongue was doing a hell of a job, as he kept fucking her sweet hole
with his tongue. Michael's teeth gently caught hold of Trish's clit, which
was engorged, as Trish became excited. She began bucking and jerking with
excitement, as little jolts of electricity went through her body. Michael's
teeth gently grinded Trish's engorged clit, as she became more excited by the
minute. To make Trish more excited, Michael flicked his tongue out over the
clit, making Trish's whole body jump and jerk. Michael let go of the clit,
sending waves of pleasure over Trish. Michael slid his tongue back in Trish's
cunt, this time forcing it deeply inside her. Trish moaned out, as Michael
kept fucking her harder and harder with his tongue. He was doing one hell of
a job, and Trish *never* wanted him to stop. As Michael continued to eat
Trish out, his cock was beginning to get hard again. As Trish was on the
verge of cumming again, Michael stop licking Trish's cunt. Trish got mad, and
began moaning. Michael smiled, as he took the ballgag off her mouth.

"Please *don't* stop! I need you to lick my pussy more!" Trish yelled, as
Michael smiled even more. Trish smiled, as Michael went down once again on
her. He buried his face into her cunt, licking as hard as he could inside
her pussy.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeess! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard! Oh your tongue is sooooooo
good!" Trish yelled, as Michael ate her dripping wet pussy. Trish suddenly
came, her whole body shaking and her hips bucking wildly. Michael held her
hips down, and continued to drink up her sweet juices.

"God suck my pussy dry! Oh yes eat me out baby! Oh yes I like it!" Trish
yelled, as Michael finished sucking her juices up. Before taking his face
from her pussy, he sucked on her clit awhile, before making her cum again.

"Now, are you satisfied?" Michael asked, as Trish nodded.

"Yep, now that you've eaten my pussy, can you fuck it for me?" Trish asked,
smiling seductively. Michael shook his head no.

"I don't wanna fuck your pussy, I wanna fuck your tight sweet ass," Michael
said, staring at Trish's ass.

"Oh no! I won't be able to fit your cock all the way inside me! It'll hurt
more than it ever does!" Trish yelled, shaking her head. Michael smiled.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle," Michael said, grabbing Trish's waist. Trish
screamed, as Michael flipped her over.

"Please don't fuck my ass!" Trish yelled, as Michael stuck his finger inside
Trish's asshole.

"Man your dry, I think I might have to get that slippery so I can slip
right inside," Michael said, leaning down to face Trish's cunt. Trish felt
Michael's long tongue enter inside her pussy again, getting her wet. This
time, instead of swallowing the juices, Michael's tongue bought the juices
up to her asshole. He rubbed it around a bit, making her asshole wet.
Michael smiled, as he got his cock ready to fuck Trish's sweet ass.

"Okay babe, I'm ready to fuck your ass, and your ass is ready to be fucked,"
Michael said, placing his 12 inch cock at Trish's ass entrance.

"Please don't fuck my ass! Please don't! It's gonna hurt me!" Trish yelled,
trying to wiggle away. Michael let Trish wiggle just a few inches away from
him, before pulling her back to him.

"I don't wanna hear your voice when I'm fucking your brains out. You'll annoy
me too much," Michael said, strapping the ballgag back around Trish's mouth.
Trish began to cry, as she once again tried to wiggle away from Michael.

"Get back here whore!" Michael yelled, dragging Trish back to him by her
hair. He began spanking her ass, turning it beet red. Trish began crying
harder, as Michael continued beating her ass with both of his hard hands.
As soon as her ass cheeks were red, Michael smiled.

"That's what you get for trying to get away from me, Trish," Michael said,
as he spread Trish's plump cheeks with both hands. Trish continued crying, as
Michael placed his 12 inch cock at her asshole.

"Mmmph! Mmrhp!" Trish tried to say, but her cries were muffled by the

"Too late bitch," Michael said, as he thrust his cock all the way into
Trish's ass.

screamed in agony, as her ass was being pummeled by Michael's cock. Michael
smiled evily as he heard Trish crying out in pain and agony, and he enjoyed
it all. Trish, who was still crying, *wasn't* enjoying this at all. Her ass
felt as if it was on fire, as Michael continued fucking it. Suddenly, Trish
began cumming, against her *own* will. Michael smiled, as he felt Trish

"Your such a slut, your cumming all over my cock," Michael said, as he
suddenly felt his balls tighten.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Michael yelled, as he blew his load up Trish's tight
ass. Trish cried out in pain, as Michael came hard, and still kept fucking
her ass. He wouldn't stop, until Trish had went limp. He pulled out, and
began getting dressed.

"Thanks for the nice fuck, slut," Michael said, as he left the room, leaving
Trish on the bed, sweaty, cummed up, and beaten...


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