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The Cost Of A Title Shot
by Surfomaniac

It was Monday Night Raw on the 28th of April 2003, one week after Trish
Stratus, the blonde haired darling of the WWE, went one on one against the
Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff in a no disqualification match, a win
granting her a title shot, a loss meaning she would have to spend the night
with Bischoff in his hotel room. The match was a farce as Trish ended up
being thoroughly beaten up by Victoria and Jazz. Trish was outnumbered and
over powered. To make matters more humiliating for the sexy blonde, as she
lay in the ring broken and in pain, she was groped and manhandled by Eric
Bischoff, as he ran his hands all over her smooth, voluptuous and curvy body,
feeling her all over, before pinning her for the win.

As per the stipulation, Trish was meant to go back to Eric's hotel room and
do whatever the hell the he wished. Eric was the happiest man in the world,
oh he would make Trish Stratus get down to her knees and suck his cock. He
would then lay her precious body on his bed and fuck her brains out. Oh this
was a great plan, a great idea to get inside Trish's pants and experience
what she had to offer.

Eric looked down at Trish starting to get hard by the sexy thoughts but his
raging hard-on was interrupted as the WWE CEO entered the arena. Eric
suddenly changed his manner, with a now fake concern for Trish's well being,
calling on the paramedics. But Linda McMahon had come with a motive and was
not gonna be fooled by Eric's make believe acts. She had an announcement and
she wanted to make it fast and keep it simple. Much to the horror of Eric
Bischoff, Linda McMahon announced that there would now be a Co-General
Manager on RAW, accompanying Eric Bischoff, and he was STONE COLD STEVE
AUSTIN!! This news made Eric sick to his stomach and he soon forgot all about
Trish, let alone his plans for fucking her.

* * *

Next week on RAW, the 5th of May, the beautiful blonde diva, surprisingly,
had yet another shot at the Women's Gold. Even with a number of divas in the
ranks it was Trish who got the most number of title matches. Trish was either
a champ or competing to be one. No doubt she was good, but her beauty was
beyond comparison. Trish's appearance equaled to RAW ratings and so once
again she was set to go one on one against Jazz.

Trish was backstage warming up for her match, in her sexy, dark red spandex
wrestling top and tights. Her extremely large and cock hardening boobs were
popping out of her top, displaying some traditional, ample cleavage. Her
tights stuck to her wonderful round ass. She threw her head back as her
wonderful, long, silky, blonde hair flew behind her, framing her beautiful
face, followed by a couple of jumps, causing her wonderful chest to heave.
Ready for her match, the blonde bombshell put on a sexy black cap and headed
to the ring, wearing her 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed dark red cape,
looking drop dead gorgeous. If looks could kill, Trish Stratus would be the
#1 convict in the WWE. Seeing her curvy and athletic body move as the camera
focused on catching all her vital assets, Jerry Lawler's cock tingled as he
announced, clearly excited and slightly horny, "Check it out J.R.!!! The
prettiest puppies in the WWE are on parade, when Canada's own Trish, gets a
chance to win the Women's title back, from Jazz!!!!!" Jerry Lawler's
fascination with Trish and her large breasts in particular, which he had now
associated with the term 'puppies', once used exclusively to refer to former
WWE diva Debra McMichael's gigantic boobs, was a custom on every RAW as the
audience at home were used to his sleazy comments. Some found it hot when he
started announcing puppies, big puppies, Trish's puppies and so on, teenage
boys getting turned on by his constant reference to Trish's (in)famously
large tits.

Highlights were shown of Trish getting a thorough ass kicking from Jazz a
week ago. Seeing Trish getting beat up in the ring was a major turn-on for
many men around the world, and this highlights package was a perfect setup
for another great Trish JO session. "Time to Rock and Roll" filled the arena
as fans saw a fiery and determined Trish Stratus head towards the squared
circle. Her huge tits, pushed up by her wonder bra, heaved; her ass swayed;
her sexy hair flew behind her as she made her way enthusiastically to the
ring. The time had come for cocks to rise, for cocks to be stroked, jerk
buddies ready, as masturbatory mayhem was about to start on RAW, the WWE Babe
of the Year, Trish Stratus, was in action.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE
Women's championship. Introducing the challenger, from Toronto, Canada, TRISH

As Trish entered and paraded in the ring, pointing to her fans who felt their
cocks rising, the commentators could only mutter "WOW" as the blonde diva
looked absolutely stunning. There was always that unknown anxiety of what
Trish was in for, would she be victorious, would she get her ass kicked or
even better if she would be stripped to her bra and panties. With the pretty
blonde in the ring, there was always the chance of something sexy. The male
audience near the ring got a good look at her curves, her cleavage, all
picturing her in the nude, imaginations running wild. Trish was the perfect
diva to continue the WWE diva's legacy of providing some masturbatory
incentives to teenage and even mature male audiences, the perfect big boobed
blonde. It all started in the late nineties, when the buxom, blonde Sable
started to whore herself in the ring, always ready to take off her clothes,
be stripped, expose her perfect body. There were Sunny and Terri Runnels,
blondes with huge racks and if that was not enough, you had Debra, the queen
of puppies. Chyna was perfect for people who wanted to jack off to muscular
women with huge knockers. Into the new millennium, as these plastic bimbos
faded away, the onus was on Lita, to fulfill the redhead fantasies, Trish,
the big boobed blonde ones, and the Chairman's daughter, Stephanie McMahon,
not minding to be the heavy chested brunette sex symbol. WCW imports, Stacy
Keibler, the leggy blonde, and the true plastic babe, Torrie Wilson, added to
the jerk quotient.

"Well, Trish knows it's not going to be easy, King. This will be a physical
female encounter".

"And making her way to the ring being accompanied by Theodore Long and Rodney
Mack, the WWE Women's Champion, JAZZ".

Trish was waiting in the ring, bending with her hands on her knees, the pose
that she used to focus on her opponent, but more importantly, accentuate her
deep cleavage. As Jazz entered the arena with her two allies, Trish had a
worried look on her hot, sexy, fuck face. Seeing the odds heavily stacked
against her, the hot blonde started to complain to the referee. But the big
titted, blonde bombshell had to face it, the referee not acknowledging one
word she said, although he was a bit turned on, hearing Trish's sexy voice.

The bell rang as the two women engaged in battle with Jazz quickly
overpowering the sexy Trish as she tossed her in the corner and slapped her
across the face. Jazz took Trish down with a waist lock and then she gave
her some shots to the back of the head. Trish went to pull Jazz down to the
mat with a head scissors but Jazz shoved her down. Jazz took down the buxom
Trish with a body slam and a leg drop for a two count. Trish countered with a
Lou Thez Press followed by some hard slaps to Jazz's chest from the back of
her hand. Theodore Long got up on the ring apron which had Trish distracted
as Jazz pinned her with her legs on the middle rope but Trish managed to kick
out. Trish recovered and hit Jazz with a vicious Stratusfaction. As Trish
went for the cover, Victoria appeared from nowhere to distract the referee.
Trish went after Victoria, not focusing on Jazz only to turn around and get
hit square in the face by Jazz, with the Women's title belt. The huge boobed
blonde was knocked out as Jazz covered her beautiful and curvy body for the
three-count and the win.

* * *

Moments later, the beaten Trish Stratus was again backstage, infuriated by
the turn of events, frustrated at being screwed out of the championship time
and again. Trish was fuming, her sexy face full of rage, her blonde hair
framing it, her big boobs heaving and it made her look so hot that every cock
that passed her backstage was rock hard. That was the thing about Trish. No
matter in what mood she was, she was always extremely fuckable. After seeing
Trish, it was almost impossible for men to not think of a blowjob or a good
titty fuck. Couldn't blame them, Trish had such a sexy face, such pouty lips,
it just made sense that people wished they could shove their cocks in it.
With Trish's large tits and her huge cleavage always on display, the most
logical thought would be to think how perfect her tits were for accepting a
hard cock in between.

Right then, Trish had just one thought in her mind. Re-match. She went
straight to the office of RAW co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin. She
knocked on the door and was ordered to enter.

"Hey ... Steve".

"Oh, Trish, it's you. What a pleasant and pleasurable surprise".

"Look, I need to talk to you about my match".

"Oh, yeah, about that."

"Yeah, you saw..."

"Now wait a minute, Trish. You need to finish what you've started here,

"What do you mean?"

As Austin stepped away from his desk, Trish's pretty gaze shifted to his
crotch because Austin was sporting a 12 inch boner from under his boxers. The
beautiful blonde diva was shocked at what she saw; first that Austin was
without pants in his office but more cause of the sheer size of his rock hard
boner. She was left staring her mouth wide open.

"Now Trish, as you see, Stone Cold is absolutely fucking horny right now. And
the reason is you."


"Yeah Trish, my rock hard cock is a result of stroking it as I was jerking
off to you wrestling in the ring."

Trish was dumbstruck, not knowing how to react.

"I mean can you blame me?" he continued as he again stroked his cock through
his boxers. "Wow, look at you in that hot, red spandex gear, exposing your
big boobs, your ass sticking out, your beautiful, silky, blonde hair framing
your perfectly sexy face. As you moved in the ring and your curvy body was in
motion, as your cleavage poured out of your top, my cock was awake and I had
to stroke it."

"I...aaahhh...I um, I got to leave" Trish blurted.

"Now just a second honey. I know what you're here for and I have no problem
in granting your wish. It's just that I am horny as fuck right now and I was
gonna jack off to you before I resumed my work. Until I jerk off I'm quite
useless. I know you can't go to Eric to beg for a rematch cause you did not
meet your end of the stipulation last week. He's quite pissed that you did
not offer him any of your Stratusfying services last week in his hotel room
after the show, you did lose the match, babe. So, as I was saying, I was
gonna jack off thinking about fucking you just as you look right there. But
now that I have the real package right in front of me, I guess jacking off is
not the right option now, is it, Trish? So Trish, honey, why don't you be a
real good girl, and relieve me of my tensions so that I can get back to work
and offer you the rematch?" Stone Cold waited for Trish to respond as he
pulled on his long hard shaft, looking directly at the sexiest woman on the
WWE roster.

Trish still shell shocked tried to compose herself, sliding a hand through
her sexy blonde hair. "So, um, what you're saying is, you'll give me another
title shot if I help you .... uh ... cum? That's atrocious. Fuck, I don't do

"That's right, baby. You come over here, get down on your knees, and suck my
big cock with that fucking perfect mouth of yours, you give me the fucking
best blowjob you can offer and you have a title shot."

Trish still stood there, contemplating what exactly was happening.

"Oh c'mon Trish. It's just a fucking blowjob. Get down here and fucking
please my cock with that perfect face of yours, oh look at you. Such a hot,
sexy fuck face and those lips. C'mon Trish, it's a blowjob, fucking you're
the #1 cock sucker in the industry as all say. Let Stone Cold experience the
Stratusfaction you claim to offer. Hell, it's just a blowjob." Austin stared
at Trish taking in all her beauty. She really was a goddess, her big tits
pushing against her top, cleavage pouring out.

"What do you mean just a blowjob? I'm Trish Stratus, goddammit. I don't need
to suck your cock or anyone else's cock. I can get a title shot without
having to lower myself to suck any goddamn dick."

Seeing Trish all agitated was getting Austin hornier. "Listen here Trish.
Don't give me the you are Trish Stratus shit. Hell, when it comes to the
Women's division, nobody gives a shit as to who you are, how many titles
you've won, whether you are the Babe of the Year, Diva of the Decade. HELL
NO, nothing matters. What matters in the Women's division is how hot you are,
how large your tits are, how perfect your ass is and the amount of dicks you
can raise while you're in the ring. Now you can walk out of the door and
forget about your title shot or you can spend 15 minutes of your precious
time pleasuring my cock with your hot, sexy face and you've got yourself a
title shot at Judgment Day."

"Oh fuck this shit, let's get this over with."


Trish neared Austin as she kneeled before him seated in his chair. That was a
sight Austin loved. He had the ultimate cock-tease Trish Stratus kneeling
before him ready to suck his cock dry.

Trish grabbed Austin's boxers as she pulled them down and off him. Austin's
12 inch rock hard cock was pointing straight at her much desired face. Trish
held Austin's cock in her soft hands as she gently began to stroke his huge
cock. She held his cock by the base with her left hand and started moving her
right hand up and down his shaft, looking at Austin directly.

Austin watched Trish as she continued her brilliant handjob, massaging his
cock with her soft palms, his gaze allowing him a perfect view of her awesome
rack. Trish's boobs looked amazing, as her cleavage oozed through her top,
Austin enjoying her much desired valley.

Trish leaned closer as she licked the underside of Austin's cock with her wet
tongue from bottom, right to the tip sending shivers down Austin's spine. She
flicked his pee hole with her tongue teasing the Rattlesnake, looking
straight at him with her pretty eyes.

"Oh baby, SUCK IT TRISH. Suck my cock." He pleaded.

Trish, wanting to get this over with soon, took Austin's cock head past her
awesome lips into her mouth. She pressed her lips tight against his cock as
she worked her mouth on his cock taking more of his man meat inside. She
sucked on his shaft slightly spitting on it as she took in more and more of
his cock. Austin got to his feat resting against the table as he held Trish's
head in place. Trish slurped and sucked his cock and bobbed her sexy face on
it as she had around 7 to 8 inches in her warm mouth. Austin's cock felt so
perfect inside Trish's mouth, as if Trish's mouth was made for sucking cocks.
Austin was in heaven as Trish Stratus worked her blonde haired head on his
cock treating him with her superior blowjob skills. Trish went down to suck
Austin's balls for a bit taking them in her precious mouth and pressing on
them before resuming her wet and slurpy blowjob. Austin looked down at
Trish's beautiful face and how sexy she looked with his cock in her mouth,
her head moving up and down his shaft, silky, blonde hair framing her face.
The much fantasized over Canadian bombshell got a good grip of Austin's cock
in her right hand as she now moved her mouth and hand in unison over Austin's
cock. Austin was going wild watching Trish's heavily made up face pleasing
his cock so. Trish got her hands behind Austin grabbing his ass as she pulled
Austin closer, Austin grabbed Trish's head pushing it towards him as his cock
kept penetrating deeper into the blonde haired head of the former Women's
Champion. Trish's moans were muffled due to Austin's man meat filling her
cock-sucking mouth.

"Oohh yeah baby, take it all in Trish. C'mon baby, you say you're Trish
Stratus, you say you deliver Stratusfaction. Show me if Trish Stratus can
take 12 inches of Stone Cold's cock down her throat. Let me know how dearly
you want that title shot, Trish."

"Aaahhhh..." Trish pulled away from Austin's cock as she now decided to use
all her cock sucking capabilities and finish off the Rattlesnake. She spit on
his cock again as she took his shaft right in slurping around his dick. She
took his cock in, pressed her lips on it and then popped it out of her mouth.


Austin ran his hands through her gorgeous hair as he guided her head on his
cock, Trish increasing the pace, bobbing her head up and down Austin's cock.
Trish paused from time to time, grunting and taking in air before resuming
the wet blowjob. Austin pushed Trish's head further down inserting more of
his cock in her mouth, hitting her throat. Trish opened wide and Austin kept
pushing as he got 10 inches down her throat. Austin held Trish in that
position as his cock was down her throat causing her to gag.

Austin's cock before he released her.

"This time it's 12 inches down your Stratusfying throat, Trish."

Trish looked straight at Austin her eyes watering a bit due to the intense
throat fuck, but she was fucking ready to blow Austin away. Austin took hold
of Trish's hot, sexy, fuck face as she took in the 10 inches down her throat.
Austin held her that way for some time before pushing Trish's head further
down and thrusting in causing his entire 12 inches to disappear in Trish's
amazing mouth. The sexy Canadian diva's eyes were wide open as 12 inches of
Stone Cold's rock hard man meat was past her lips, in her mouth, down her


Austin held Trish's head causing her eyes to water as her face turned red. He
took one last look at the bombshell's face engulfing his cock as he released
her causing her to choke and cough on the floor.

"AH-HUH AH-HUHH AH-HUHHHH" Trish coughed gasping for air.

Austin allowed her to recover before pulling her again towards him. He
reached to her tits as he felt and squeezed her world famous knockers through
her top. He so wanted to fuck Trish's tits, but he had to get it over with

"Open wide, Trish. Let me fuck that hot mouth of yours. Hell, I don't have
time to fuck you, so I'll make do with fucking your pretty face instead."

Austin grabbed all of Trish's long, silky, sexy, blonde hair in a ponytail as
Trish opened her fucking large and sexy warm mouth and waited. Austin having
a good hold of her head started thrusting his cock hard into Trish, roughly
fucking the most beautiful face amongst all the WWE divas. He fucked Trish's
face as he would have fucked her cunt, rough, giving her 12 inches of cock
hitting her throat in each thrust. Trish just kneeled in front of Austin,
totally submissive, letting him use her pretty blowjob worthy face as a
pussy, allowing him to fuck her face to his cock's content, choking and
groaning on his cock.

Austin tightened his hold on her blonde hair as he banged Trish's hot, sexy
fuck of a face, looking down and devouring the sight of Trish having his man
meat violate her face.


Austin directed his cock to the underside of Trish's cheeks as he fully
fucked her face. As Trish continued to cough and choke around his cock,
Austin was at the height of his horniness as he fiercely took her head by her
hair and slammed her pretty face up and down his cock. He looked down
watching him totally in control of Trish as he felt her warm mouth being
fucked by his cock. He loved how he had the WWE Babe of the Year by her hair
as he was fucking her hot, sexy and oh so fuckable face.


Austin held her head with his cock deep inside her mouth as load after load
of cum splurted out of his cock with nowhere to go but down Trish's throat.
He emptied his balls down Trish's throat until he was spent and then pulled
his cock from her mouth. Trish was forced to take in the entire load in her
mouth, not a drop wasted.

forced to swallow an enormous amount of Stone Cold Steve Austin's cum.

"AAHHH, FUCK, OH FUCK" Trish exclaimed a bit dazed as her mouth was sticky as
hell with a huge amount of cum in it.

"Fuck you're the best cock sucker in the WWE for sure Trish. Fuck you're
awesome" Austin let go off her beautiful hair as Trish finished her final
sucks on his cock cleaning it up.

"Oh, fuck, just give me my title shot, give me my contract and cut the crap."
Trish demanded as she was totally repulsed by the salty fluid in her mouth.

"Oh yes, baby, yeah. How can I refuse after what your mouth just put my cock
through. With blowjobs like that Trish, you could fucking get two title shots
per week."

Handing her an official Judgment Day contract, he said, "Here you go baby,
all it needs is Vince McMahon's sign on it."

* * *

Trish freshened up in her room, thoroughly washing her mouth, brushing her
hair, fixing her face before heading to Vince's office.

Vince was discussing business with his son Shane when he heard the knock on
the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Trish Stratus."

Shane looked at Vince as they both wickedly grinned at each other before
Vince ordered "Come in."

The recently face-fucked, huge chested jerk fantasy of millions entered
Vince's office. Seeing Trish in her red spandex gear, big breasts popping out
and sexy blonde hair framing her cute face got Vince's and Shane's attention.
Involuntarily, on seeing Trish, they could not keep their cocks from
hardening just a little.

"Why Trish, how are you, beautiful? What brings you here?" Vince asked.

"Well, Mr. McMahon, I just got a title shot for Judgment Day, so if you could
please sign this contract and seal the deal?"

"Didn't I tell you Shane? Trish always lives up to her word, don't you,

"What do you mean?" Trish asked.

"Well, you kept your word, didn't you? Went to Eric's room last week and
slept around with him after losing your match. And now you have a title shot

"What!!! NO NO.. FUCK NO. I didn't sleep with that lousy bastard."

"You didn't keep your end of the bargain, Trish? You did lose that match,
Eric was entitled to fuck you like his bitch if he wanted to." Shane added,
continuing to tease the blonde sex bomb.

"NO ... NO way could I lower myself to that."

"Anyways Trish, bygones be bygones, you're too much of a woman for Eric
anyways. So how did you then manage to get the title shot so quick? You just
lost to Jazz tonight" Vince asked.

"I was screwed again tonight and Austin offered me the title shot."

"Austin! Say, recently you are getting screwed a lot Trish. In the ring you
get screwed, outside the ring people wanna screw you. Do you ever live a
moment of your life without being screwed by someone?" Shane asked, teasing
the pretty, busty diva.

"Oh c'mon, Shane. Please don't talk to me like that. Show some respect for
Christ's sake."

"Right you are, Trish. You do deserve respect. So Dad, what do you think?
Does Trish Stratus really deserve the title shot at Judgment Day?" Shane
asked Vince as he winked slightly, Trish not noticing it.

Vince at once realized what Shane was hinting at. Vince knew his son's
marriage was not going the right way, that Shane was not getting any, and was
always looking to score with the WWE divas. He knew that his son wanted to
bang the beautiful Canadian diva ever since she entered the WWE 3 years back.
He looked at Trish standing in his office, such a pretty face, such huge
tits, what a lovely ass, 5'4" of pure fuck meat. He thought of the good times
he had with Trish back when she was new to the company, when she used to give
him the occasional blowjob to keep him happy, to rise to the level she was at
now. Oh Shane wanted Trish, but so did he. His libido was strong as ever, age
not catching up with that aspect of his life and right now looking at Trish
in her tight, red, spandex gear, with her huge cleavage popping out of her
top, he decided that tonight it's time to be Stratusfied.

"Mr. McMahon, with all due respect, if you cold please sign the contract,
then I can go. I've had a rough day." Trish pleaded.

"Shane, Trish does deserve a title shot. Hell, just having Trish's tits on
the show can make Judgment Day look like Wrestlemania."

Trish, offended again, didn't retaliate. Vince was the only one who could
speak like that and get away with it. Vince had done everything for her. Had
made her career, made her into what she was today. She had to listen to
everything he said.

"Do as I say, Trish, and you'll get your re-match. Have a seat on the couch"

Trish went across the room and seated herself on the right side of the couch
as Shane McMahon locked the door to the office.

"Shane, why don't you be a gentleman and take those tight pants off Trish?
They look real uncomfortable." Vince said, snickering.

"Excuse me? Mr. McMahon, what did you just say?" Trish couldn't believe her

"Those tights are really hugging to your ass, Trish. Allow Shane to take them
off. Just relax Trish, the three of us will have a good time."

Trish, sensing the tone, pleaded, "Mr. McMahon, oh please, please don't take
advantage of me. You know I deserve that title shot. Please Vince. Please let
me go."

"Now, now, Trish. You know that you can't keep going around getting title
shots as and when you like. There are so many other divas wanting that spot,
but somehow or the other you've kept getting the opportunities. Now, still
we're granting you the title shot, we're doing something special for you, so
you do something special for us. Simple."

"But ... but Austin has already granted me the title shot."

"And you must have done something special for him." Vince said with a sly

Shane approached Trish and leaned close to her planting a kiss right on her
pouty lips. Trish's first reaction was to push him away but instead she felt
herself kissing him back. Deep down inside Trish knew she would have to put
through this, so might as well enjoy it. Shane and Trish were French kissing
to their hearts desire as Vince looked on, happy that Trish was getting into
it. Shane rested his hands on Trish's big boobs as he started feeling over
her breasts through her top, groping and gently squeezing Trish's tits. Shane
kept groping on Trish's tits causing the blonde babe to moan a bit the sounds
muffled due to her ongoing kissing. As Shane keeps playing with Trish's ample
tit flesh he keeps getting hornier for the Canadian bombshell. Shane pressed
and squeezed the large tits of the former Women's Champion as he looked her
in the eye as he sees Trish being turned on with the boob massage.

Vince continued watching from his desk as he slightly rubbed his cock
watching his son play around with the big tits of his #1 diva.

"Oh, you can't get your hands off Trish's tits, can you Shane?" Vince asked.

"They're too damn fine, the best rack in the world, dad. True assets of the

Shane reluctantly left Trish's tits in order to pull her tight pants off.
Trish lifted herself up in order to allow her pants to drop to the floor.
Shane admired her bare thighs as he felt them all over. He enjoyed rubbing
his hands all over her beautiful legs. He leaned over to lick her thighs and
kiss them. Shane raised his hands towards Trish's black thong panties as he
rubbed the WWE's most desired pussy through the fabric. Trish let out a faint
moan as the most private part of her wondrous body was felt by Shane. Shane
then grabbed a hold of Trish's panties as he slid them off her, finally
exposing her lovely, shaven cunt. Trish just sat there on the couch as her
pussy was exposed and at the mercy of the McMahons. Shane's cock was now rock
hard as he saw Trish's tight and perfect pussy.

"So Trish, there you are in the office of the McMahon's with your panties
off. So, aren't you gonna put up a little show for us? Flaunt that pussy of
yours a bit, let us know what Trish Stratus' pussy is all about. We wanna see
if it really is what people imagine it to be." the Chairman of the WWE
taunted the blonde babe.

"Of course, Mr. McMahon, Sir. I'd do anything for you, Sir." To the joy of
Vince and Shane, the ever so proud diva got her right hand down to her snatch
without any hesitation. Trish Stratus lay back on the couch as she gently
started to rub her perfect pussy, feeling and touching herself.

"Yeah, c'mon Trish. Put up a show." Shane demanded.

Trish spread her legs further apart as she flaunted her cunt while rubbing
four fingers over it continuing her self pleasure. As Trish stimulated
herself, slightly inserting her fingers in her twat, she suddenly felt very
horny. She felt like a true slut and she was totally into whoring herself off
tonight. Trish inserted two fingers right in her snatch as she ran her left
hand through her sexy hair, moaning slightly. Vince and Shane had their cocks
out and at full hardness as they witnessed the Canadian bombshell's
masturbatory act. Trish seductively looked at both McMahon's as she finger
fucked herself, causing them to start jerking their cocks. Trish still had
her top on, her huge boobs oozing cleavage thanks to her push up bras,
causing her tits to heave slightly as she was getting into a good rhythm.

"Trish, lemme see what you've got there. C'mon, spread that pussy, bitch.
Lemme see." Shane demanded stroking his cock.

Trish gently pulled her pussy apart with both hands exposing the soft, pink
flesh. Trish's pussy was the most desirable thing that a man could ever see.
It was nice and tight, a deep pink, moist and ready.

"There, see that Dad, Trish Stratus' pussy, fucking fine as hell."

Trish, now really getting into a slutty mood, rubbed her pussy hard as she
moaned heavily in her sexy voice, teasing the McMahons.

"Mmmmmmm... mmmmmmmmmmm" Trish moaned as she took her fingers in her mouth
tasting herself, putting up the sluttiest show she could, for the bosses.

Shane had seen enough and couldn't resist approaching Trish, putting his face
down and tasting her delicious cunt. Vince, cock hard, reached over to the
couch as he held Trish's face in his hands, feeling it, running his hands
through her hair. Vince took a hold of Trish's red top and forced it off her
leaving her big breasts in her push up bra, before feeling her tits, pressing
and massaging the busty blonde's assets. Shane was going wild, licking and
eating Trish's sweet pussy, sending waves of pleasure through her body,
causing the beautiful babe to push her head back in ecstasy.

"Oh fuck yeah, Shane. Oh yeah, eat my pussy. OH FUCK." Trish moaned.

Shane was totally aroused by this, Trish Stratus was begging him to lick her
cunt. He took a hold of her thighs as he started working his tongue upon
Trish's pussy, gently tasting it and pressing down on her pussy lips with his
mouth. Meanwhile Vince was kissing all over Trish's breasts, licking her huge
bra enclosed mounds, kissing her neck and licking her face. The more he
kissed Trish all over, his cock throbbed until he could not take the foreplay
anymore and needed some Stratusfaction. Taking his hard cock in his hands, he
slapped it over Trish's face a couple of times before placing it before her
perfect and pouty lips.

"Suck it, Trish. Oh suck it dry, baby." Vince said, taking Trish's head in
his hands.

Trish opened her mouth as she took Vince's cock in and wrapping her pretty
lips around it. Trish began to move her gorgeous face, bobbing it slightly on
Vince's cock, taking in 3-4 inches.

Shane lifted Trish up slightly, spreading her legs further as he continued to
eat her pussy, now dripping wet. At the same time, Vince started pushing his
cock further down Trish's mouth starting to fuck her hot, sexy face. Trish
was arched on the couch offering her pussy to Shane causing her to constantly
moan while delivering a wet blowjob to Vince. The WWE Babe of the Year, was
into her slutty best as she fiercely moved her head up and down Vince's cock,
sucking the Chairman, her mouth having a tight grip on his cock. Looking at
Trish take his cock with such enthusiasm turned on Vince a huge deal, causing
him to grab her head and thrust his cock deeper into her wet mouth. Shane
lifted Trish up as he started feeling her ass all over, running his hands
over her ass flesh, continuing to pleasure her pussy, occasionally inserting
a finger or two in her shit hole. Shane now spread her legs completely apart,
exposing her pussy to the fullest and lapping up all of Stratus' juices.
Trish's head hung from the side of the couch, her mouth wide open as Vince
was fucking her brilliantly, pushing in around 6-7 inches of dick in every
thrust. Vince occasionally offered his balls to Trish, which the buxom babe
happily sucked before resuming her face fucking. Vince released Trish's tits
from her bra, causing the bra to hang loosely around her chest as he got a
hold of her boobs before resuming to bang Trish's pretty face.


went Vince as his cock was experiencing the true potential of Trish Stratus'

Shane took Trish's legs and placed them on his shoulders before himself
kneeling on the floor. Half of Trish's body rested on the couch, the other
half on Shane's shoulders. Vince kept hammering his cock inside Trish's mouth
while Shane was still not done tasting her sweet pussy. Vince pressed on
Trish's massive breasts as she kept performing her oral sex on the Chairman's
cock and balls. Vince now was moving his dick hard into Trish's mouth,
hitting her throat on every thrust, inserting his full 9 inches. Trish
obediently kept her mouth wide open allowing the chairman to fuck her face
like a pussy, gagging and choking on his cock. Trish fiercely went for
Vince's cock, sluttily taking in the man meat, bobbing her head over his
dick, her hair framing her face.


"Time to fuck you, Trish." Shane said, having enough of the cunt tasting.

Trish quickly positioned herself on her hands and knees on the couch as Vince
sat down, his cock pointing straight up.

"I'm not done with your mouth yet, Trish. Keeping sucking you little slut."

Trish threw her hair back before she leaned down and again took Vince's cock
in her wet mouth. Vince grabbed Trish's hair as she slurped and sucked over
his hard shaft. Shane took a hold of Trish's left leg and lifted it up as he
positioned his hard cock before inserting it into her precious pussy.


As the real action began with Shane drilling into Trish's tight pink pussy,
Trish kept moaning and slurping around Vince's hard cock. Shane was fucking
her with force as Vince got hold of her hair and forced her face over his
cock. Trish kept working his cock, in between tugging and stroking it with
her hands before resuming to move her head up and down his shaft. Shane
meanwhile pulled her away from the couch causing her to rest herself with her
right foot on the floor, her left leg in Shane's hand, with her pussy taking
in his 8 inch cock.

screamed in joy as he brutally fucked Trish's hole. Trish's free tits bounced
from her chest as the impact from Shane's thrusts hit her body. Trish so
loved being fucked like a whore, offering her entire sexual prowess to the
McMahons. Her legs were 180 degrees apart with Shane's cock hammering into
her pussy while she did not stop pleasuring Vince's cock with her face. Vince
rested on the couch allowing Trish to do all the work as Shane released her
leg resting it on the floor. Trish was bent over with Vince's cock in her
face and her twat exposed as Shane again inserted his cock straight into her
dripping wet vagina. Shane grabbed her ass as he resumed his hard pussy
fucking, taking Trish Stratus doggy style. Trish's pussy now was wide open,
dripping wet as Shane's cock drilled it causing her to moan with pleasure and
suck Vince's cock harder.

Shane slapped Trish's ass hard a couple of times as he mouthed a few more

Shane slam fucked Trish's pussy with loud noises as Vince held her face over
his cock, causing her to choke on his man meat.





Trish obediently switched sides as she turned to face Shane, offering her
base to the Chairman, still staying on all fours.

Shane grabbed all of her silky blonde hair in his hands as he started to
insert his cock in Trish's perfect mouth. Trish had her mouth open allowing
Shane to enter and exit it as he pleased. Shane took control over Trish's
head as Trish was face fucked by a third cock in a single day. Trish slurped
and sucked his cock like a true cock sucking expert, easily deep throating
the entire length. Shane pointed his cock to the underside of Trish's cheek
causing her cheek to bulge out. He kept it that way, cheek fucking Trish as
she kept sucking on his rod like a cock starved slut.

Meanwhile Vince got a good hold of her ass before inserting his cock in her
wet pussy, starting to fuck her with a good pace. Trish was truly loving the
feel of cocks in her pussy and mouth, delivering true Stratusfaction to both
the McMahons. Trish Stratus was completely stretched out as Vince and Shane
were fully focused on fucking her holes. Vince kept fucking her still tight
cunt, pleasuring Trish, causing her moans to be muffled over Shane's cock,
who was now feeling all over her big tits. Vince slapped his cock on her ass
a couple of times before resuming to take her pussy from behind. Shane looked
at Trish's face, she looked so hot with his cock deep inside her pretty
mouth, as she used her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft while moving
her experienced head perfectly, giving him the best blowjob of his life,
while she herself was being fucked hard by his dad.

Looking at Trish working her mouth on his shaft he marveled at what the
McMahon's could do, they had Trish Stratus reduced to a big boobed, blonde
slut with some serious McMahon cocks stuffed inside her, fucking her much
fantasized and jerked-over body hard. He saw Trish's boobs hanging naked from
her chest, the same boobs she used to so tease the male audience but was too
proud to expose it all. As he reached over and mauled her fantastic tits, he
felt incredibly superior to the rest of mankind, making him take Stratus by
her sexy, blonde hair and forcing her head up and down his cock. Vince, on
the other side, always knew that Trish was his prized asset. He knew that RAW
would not be the show it was, without Trish's cleavage gracing it every week,
her ass looking perfect in her tight wrestling attire. As he fucked the
pretty Canadian, he wondered about the millions of men who have their cocks
in their hand, stroking it as they watched Trish on RAW. He knew that was the
power Trish Stratus had on the audience, turning them into zombies, as they
pleasured themselves thinking about banging the hot diva. Trish was too proud
to whore her body in Playboy, something which irritated Vince a lot, but now
he had the sex sensation nude on his couch with his hard dick up her cunt,
his son's cock down her throat, and he wanted to put a point forward, use
this opportunity to remind Trish that she was just as big as the McMahon's
wished, she was at their mercy. And there was no better way to teach Trish
this than by inserting his hard cock up her fantastic butt while his son
fucked her wet and dripping pussy, double penetrating the best fuck in the
WWE. He took Trish by her hair and pulled her face away from Shane's cock as
he looked straight into her pretty face, running his fingers all over it as
he leaned over and licked her cheeks, chin, nose and lips.

"Trish, oh Trish, you're such a fine fuck. Such a perfect lay. Trish, baby,
you're now going to prove your worth to the WWE. You're going to prove to the
McMahon's why you are and will always be the #1 diva in the WWE." Vince
reached over to her tits and grabbed them as he licked her nipples. Trish was
too sexed up to respond, right now she just wanted some cock, she didn't care
whose. "Let's see what you've got, Trish. Show us that ass Trish, c'mon,
widen that hole, let us look at what is rightfully ours and what we're gonna

Trish bent forward, as she grabbed her fleshy ass cheeks in her hand
spreading them apart, exposing her million dollars worth asshole. "That's
right, baby. Now go on and ride Shane like the cock-hungry slut you are right
now, as I'm gonna rip your ass apart."

Shane was already on the couch his dick straight as an iron rod as Trish
quickly positioned her cunt over it and took it in. Vince then placed her
flat on Shane, her boobs resting over Shane's chest, her face so close to
Shane's face that he couldn't resist licking and kissing it. This caused her
precious ass to be offered to the WWE Chairman who, horny that he was, wasted
no time in pushing his cock up her butt. Vince and Shane immediately started
fucking Trish's ass and pussy hard, rocking her holes, banging the voluptuous
diva mercilessly.

as she was fiercely being pumped with some wealthy cocks.

Shane fucked her pussy hard as Vince grabbed her hands and pulled them back
as he took apart Trish's fine ass, his cock drilling her butt, the sexy,
blonde, sandwiched in between the McMahons, being fucked senseless. The
combined cocks in her holes was too much for Trish to take as she climaxed, a
huge orgasm hitting her as her pussy exploded over Shane's cock.

moaned in pleasure, Vince's hard cock deep inside her butt.

As much as Vince and Shane tried to control themselves, Trish was too much of
a fuck for them to hold out any longer. They both exited her holes as they
pointed their throbbing cocks at her sexy face.

"Aaaaahhhhh, here's your title shot, Trish. Aaaahhh, here it is baby,
aaaaahhhhhh" Vince screamed in pleasure, his cum hitting Trish all over her
beautiful face and hair, covering it completely.

"Oh fuck those boobs deserved some juice, Trish. Fuck your boobs deserve some
McMahon cum." Shane's cock erupted as load after load of his cum splashed
across Trish's big tits, covering her huge rack.

"There you go, Trish, suck our cocks one last time and you have the Judgment
Day title shot" Vince said as Shane and his cocks were again pointed at
Trish's now cum covered face.

Trish obediently took each cock in her mouth, licking it clean.

Vince headed to his desk before adding some more names on the contract,
signing it and handing it over to the nude, cum covered, Trish Stratus.

Trish had a look at the contract and was shocked at what she saw.

"What the fuck is this? Fatal 4 Way?? You added Victoria and Jacqueline in
the match? What the fuck is this Vince? I let you and your son fuck me for an
hour, you take me as you wish, fucking mouth obscenities at me, fucking you
have your cum all over me and you fucking amend the contract?"

"You're not the only one fucking around to get a title shot, Trish. You're
definitely the best fuck Trish, but alas, not the only one" said Vince.

Shane, stroking his cock a final time, looking at Trish added, "Make sure you
win, Trish. Next time I wanna fuck you with the WWE Women's title around your
waist. Fucking, what a turn-on that would be!!"

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