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The Cutting Edge Part 1: Edge's Woman
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In his private locker room, the Rated R Superstar Edge has just entered to
change out of his ring attire. He pulls of his new black t-shirt and flings
it across the room and it lands in a trashcan. "Perfect..." Edge smirks to
himself. He stretches his arms above his head as he walks over to a metal
folding chair where his travel bag is sitting. He pushes the bag off the
chair and it lands on the floor with a thud. Edge lifts his left leg, places
his foot on the chair and bends over to untie the laces of his boot, followed
by taking it off. He repeats it with right boot, then kicks both of his boots
away so he can sit down on the chair. Edge leans over and unzips his bag and
takes out a small hand towel, and uses it to wipe his forehead and neck.

Edge's locker room door pushes up and Edge's girl, Lita, walks in. She smiles
and licks her teeth "Hey so should have won!" Lita says as she
folds her arms and shakes her head.

"Yeah... but you know how it is... they just want to hold me down because
I'm too controversial for TV..." Edge grins before he licks his teeth. Edge
slides a hand through his hair as he looks up and down her body, "But since
I got you... and the money in the bank contract... I'll be showing them what
I'm all about soon enough."

Lita sighs and she straddles Edge's lap as he sits on the chair "You are so
right...who the hell wants John Cena as their Champion! I sure don't!" Lita
says as she slides her hands through Edge's blonde hair "They need a real be Champion!"

Edge places both of his hands on Lita's waist to pull her closer to him
so her chests his pressed against his own. "Cena is for kids and little
girls..." Edge smirks.

Lita laughs "That's right and you're the Rated R Superstar..." Lita licks her
lips "And I bet one day, just like you screwed over my former boyfriend and
a pathetic excuse for a man, Matt're going to screw over John
Cena!" Lita smirks as she slides her hands against Edge's chest, up to his
shoulder. She rubs his shoulders with her hands "But for now… I have surprise
for you..."

Edge gets a wide grin on his rugged face and he licks his teeth as thoughts
of what Lita has in store for him runs through his mind, "Really... what do
you got for me?" He asks as he looks down a bit to glance at Lita's cleavage.
Lita smirks and gets off of Edge's laps, she stands up and reaches into a the
back pocket of her jeans and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Lita takes Edge's
left hand and hooks one of the cuffs around his wrists. She then hooks the
other cuff to one of the locker doors. Edge pulls on cuff a bit, seeing that
it's not a gimmicked pair of handcuffs, Edge looks at Lita and grins,
"Somebody has a kinky idea in mind..."

Lita laughs "Don't I always baby?" Lita smirks as she lowers herself onto her
knees. She reaches up and unties Edge's wrestling tights as she begins to
pull them down.

Edge stands up a bit so Lita can get his tights down easier, "Last I checked
you've had a wild and sexy new style of fucking every night..." Edge answers
as he sits back on the chair and gets comfortable.

Lita licks her teeth "Well do you blame me...I was so bored with Matt...god
the same thing every night!" Lita says as she takes Edge's limp cock into her
hands. She begins to move her hands up and down Edge's limp shaft as his cock
begins to slowly harden.

"No I don't blame you... besides, he was never a main eventer... I am... so
that explains a lot..." Edge laughs as his cock reaches its half-erect state.
He grins when he sees Lita drool a bit as she handles his shaft with her
hands, "Just remind me... who's the bigger man, me or Matt?"

Lita laughs "Oh...that's easy. You babe!" Lita flips her hair back as she
leans her head in towards Edge's cock. She presses her tongue against Edge's
shaft and begins to lick up his shaft, and then down his shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck, I love that tongue of yours..." Edge moans as he relaxes his
whole body. His cock twitches noticeably whenever her tongue glides against
the tip. Edge moves his free hand through his hair and down the back of his
own neck. Lita pats her tongue ring against his shaft as she comes back up
to the head of his cock. She positions her mouth above the head of his cock;
she then slowly comes down and wraps her lips around Edge's thick shaft. Lita
moans, as she tastes Edge's cock inside her warm mouth. Lita then begins to
bob her head on Edge's cock. Edge's hips buck a bit as he instinctively tries
to force feed his cock into Lita's mouth. He places a hand on Lita's head and
threads his fingers through her reddish-brunette hair. Lita starts to bob her
head quicker as her head moves down more on Edge's cock. Soon she begins to
deep throat his meaty cock without a single problem; she laps her luscious
tongue around his cock as she sloppily sucks, saliva rolls down Edge's cock.

"Ohhhh god damn Lita, I love those slutty blow jobs you give me..." Edge
moans as he moves his handcuffed arm a bit to keep it from falling asleep.

Lita slowly picks her head up from Edge's cock and her saliva covered that
vast majority of it. She licks her lips and stands up. She unhooks the cuff
attached to the locker "Stand up..." Lita commands.

"All right..." Edge says as he shakes his arm that is now free to get the
blood flowing through it a bit more. He stands up and looks at Lita while
licking his lips and teeth, turned on by how Lita is acting. Lita walks
Edge over to a table that’s in the center of the room. Lita smirks and
rubs her hands against Edge's saliva covered cook as she has him lay down
on the table. Lita then cuffs both of Edge's hands underneath the table.
Lita licks her lips as she slides down her jeans, locking her eyes on
Edge's stiff cock that's pointing straight in the air.

"Fuck this is hot..." Edge lifts his head a bit to watch Lita stripe out of
her clothes. He licks his lips hungrily when she pulls off her sleeveless
baby-doll style top. "Damn, I don't give a fuck what those Internet geeks
say, you got the hottest body in the entire WWE..."

Lita smirks and slides her hands through her red hair as she stands naked
before Edge. Lita licks her lips and climbs up onto the table "This is all
for you baby.." Lita smirks as she places a hand on Edge's stomach and then
mounts herself on top of Edge's cock. Lita slowly comes down on Edge's stiff
cock. "Ohhhhh fuck baby..." Lita moans as her loose pussy comes down on
Edge's stiff and thick cock.

Edge grits his teeth a bit, "Damn I think your pussy gets tighter every
time... we fuck..." Edge tries to thrust up into her, arching his back and
using every bit of strength he has in his hips to give Lita a sharp surprise
every now and then. Lita leans her body down and kisses Edge, she slides her
tongue into his mouth and begins to suck on his tongue as she starts rocking
back and forth harder on his cock.

Edge moans loudly as he starts pulls with his arms to try and break the
handcuffs. His whole body quivers each time Lita comes down on his cock.
When Lita breaks the kiss Edge locks eyes with her, "Shit Lita, don't
fucking stop..."

Lita grits her teeth as she slams down hard onto Edge's cock "Mmmmm...fucking
god!" Lita moans as she sits and flips her hair back as she starts to bounce
quickly on his cock.

"Ahhhhh yeah... ride that dick!" Edge continues desperately to try and free
his hands, but with Lita dropping down as hard and as fast as she is, he
can't do much. He begins to sweat while he arches his legs to lay his feet
flat on table, giving Lita his knees as something to hold on to if she wants
to lean back even further.

Lita smirks as sweat rolls down her face, she then slows down and gets off
of Edge's cock. Lita gets off of the table and licks her teeth "I got an
idea..." Lita says before she un-cuffs Edge's hands from underneath the

"So do I..." Edge grins as he takes the handcuffs from Lita and quickly
uses the to handcuff her hands behind her back. Edge grins as he sees the
surprised yet erotic smile on Lita's face. Lita leans her head back and
kiss Edge's lips before she bends over the table. Edge moves off the table
and he kneels down behind Lita. He moves his hands over her ass and licks
both of her ass cheeks before spreading her ass apart to flick his tongue
against her asshole.

Lita smiles as she grits her teeth "Ohhhhh...fuck know I love
that!" Lita groans.

"Yup..." Edge says as he slides one hand up and down the back of Lita's
right leg. He pushes his tongue into her asshole to begin dabbing it in and
out it addition to moving a hand between her legs to insert two fingers into
her pussy. Edge pumps his fingers quickly into her dripping pussy and slaps
Lita's ass with his free hand every few moments, giving her three different
sensations at almost the same time.

Lita closes her eyes, gritting her teeth harder "Ohhh babe...fuck me!"

Edge stands up and licks his teeth, "You want to get fucked?" Edge asks
rhetorically as grips his cock at the base and rams it as hard as he can into
Lita's pussy with one thrust.

"Ohhhhhh!" Lita moans as she jolts forward on the table "Ohhh...yeah fuck me
like the dirty slut I am!"

"Yeah, you fucking like that don't you?" Edge asks as he slams his cock
in and out of Lita's pussy. He reaches forward and grabs a good portion of
Lita's hair to pull her up as he pumps his dick deeply into her.

Lita slams back against his cock and she groans "Ohhh I
it.." Lita begins to pant as she starts grinding her pussy against his stiff

"I know you do..." Edge throws all of his weight behind each thrust he
performs, making Lita and the table move a bit forward. He releases the hold
he has on her hair and smacks her ass, "And I know you love it up your ass!"

Lita looks back with a sly smirk "You know me all too well!"

"Damn fucking straight I do!" Edge pulls out of Lita and turns her around.
He lifts her up, sits her on the table, and makes her lay back and then
lifts her legs to rest them on his shoulders. Edge hikes Lita up high enough
so he can push his cock into her asshole. When he starts fucking her tight
ass, Edge lays both his hands on Lita's body, just below her flat stomach
and reaches with his thumbs to play with her pussy.

Lita's body rocks violently on the table "Ohhhh fuck yeah! Ohhh fuck that
tight ass!" Lita moans Edge licks his teeth and slams his cock harder into
her ass, making her squeeze his heads with her beautiful legs. He moves one
hand down a bit and pushes two fingers into her pussy. While his thrusts
that he's using to fuck her ass are almost animalistic, Edge moves his
fingers a bit slowly in and out of her pussy.

Lita licks her lips as sweat rolls off her tan skin "Ohhhh fuck baby...I

"You want my hot load slut..." Edge asks as he slows his thrusts down to
tease her. Edge takes his fingers out of her pussy and reaches up to slide
them into her mouth so she can taste them.

Lita nods as she licks Edge's fingers tasting her own juices. Lita licks her
lips "Mmmmm...Damn...I taste good" Lita laughs.

Edge licks his teeth as he pulls out of her ass, "I bet I taste better." Edge
takes hold of Lita's legs and pulls her off the table. He sits her on her
knee, takes hold of her head by grabbing her hair. "Open wide baby," Edge
grips his shaft and presses it against Lita's mouth. Lita opens her mouth
wide as Edge rams his cock into Lita's mouth. His cock hits back of her
throat. She presses her lips against his shaft and starts bobbing her head
along his shaft.

Edge moves his hips quickly, ramming his cock constantly in and out of her
mouth, making her deep throat his shaft each time as well as making some
sweat fly off his body. "Mmmm fuck..." Edge groans in pleasure and pulls
his cock out of her mouth. Wrapping a hand around his throbbing member,
Edge proceeds to pump his cock as fast as he can. "Brace yourself..." Edge
tilts his head back and clenches his teeth as he starts to cum. Stream
after stream of his seamen flies out of his dick as if it was a fire hose,
with the bulk of it perfectly going into Lita's wide open gullet.

Lita moans as his warm cum slides down her throat ""

Edge grins down at her as he wipes his cock clean with her hair. "We're not
done yet..." Edge says as he stands Lita up. He turns her around to remove
the handcuffs from her wrists. Edge turns her back around to face him, lifts
her up and sits her back on the edge of the table.

Lita licks her lips as she slides her hand through her sweated-moist hair.
"You are so much better then Matt.."

"Of course... I'm a main eventer... and I'm the Rated R Superstar..." Edge
grins as his sweat soaked hair hands down over his face. He pushes his hair
back before he spreads Lita's legs apart. Edge kneels down and begins licking
up and down the entrance of her pussy while pushing two fingers into her once
again. Edge repeatedly stabs her cunt with his fingers while lapping at it
with his tongue.

Lita licks her lips "Ohh...something Matt...never did with me.." Edge looks
up at her for a moment, grins and then pushes his tongue into her pussy as
well, moving it in almost perfect unison with his fingers. Edge places his
free hand on Lita's chest before moving it up to her mouth so she can suck
on his fingers. Lita's body trembles as she begins cum "Ohhhh fuck!" Like a
hungry animal, Edge slurps up the Lita's orgasmic honey while continuing to
finger her pussy, making sure she has a five star climax that'll make her
regret she was ever involved with Matt Hardy. Lita tilts her head back
"' hot!"

Edge slowly stands up; his face glimmering a bit as it's covered in Lita's
cum. He grabs the back of her hair and pulls her towards him, "And you're
such a good.. hot... little fucking slut..."


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