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The Cutting Edge Part 2: Oh Mickie, You're So Fine!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the arena where the Raw Brand is holding a live event, Diva Rookie
sensation Mickie James is walking around the backstage area while looking
for her idol, Trish Stratus. She has gone around to the production truck,
the gorilla position, the catering area, and the locker rooms, but has yet
to find her. She makes her way to the sign-in desk where Wrestling Legend
and WWE Road Agent Arn Anderson is checking off the arrival of the wrestlers
and divas. Mickie walks over to him, taps his shoulder to get his attention.

"Hi Arn!" Mickie says with a big smile.

"Why hello Mickie, what can I do for you?" Arn asks as he takes off his
reading glasses.

Mickie smiles again " know like how I'm Trish's like biggest fan!?"

Arn chuckles a bit, "Yes, I think that's pretty common knowledge that you
idolize her."

" have you seen her?" Mickie asks as she cups her hands
together and begins them up to her chin with an innocent smile.

"No I haven't, but she's checked in, so she's around here somewhere..." Arn
says after he checks the roster sheet. He looks back at her, "Maybe one of
the other divas have seen her."

"Oh ok! Great...because I have this like awesome idea that I know she'll
love!" Mickie says before she walks away from Arn Anderson and makes her way
back into the arena.

As soon as Mickie re-enters the arena, she collides with another person,
knocking something out of their hand. Mickie steps back to compose herself
after the impact.

"Watch where you're going," the other person says as they bend down to pick
up a black metal briefcase. After getting her thoughts together, Mickie can
see the person she ran into was Edge, who in turn is checking Mickie out.

Mickie bites down her bottom lip "I'm so sorry...." Mickie shakes her head
"I was busy...looking for Trish." Mickie explains, as she gets a smile "You
know, I'm like her biggest fan! I want to be just like her!"

Edge smirks a bit and then licks his teeth; "Yeah I heard you had... an
interesting fascination with her..."

Mickie smiles and holds her hands again "Yeah...she is like so cool!"

"So do you any fascinations with other people around... say like me, Mr.
Money in the Bank?" Edge asks as he doesn't look at her face but rather is
looking at her rather large chest.

Mickie makes a face "No...not really..." She says shaking her head.

"Oh..." Edge shrugs and then gets a sly smile on his face, "You know, Trish
has done some rather interesting things since she's been here... she's
manage a tag team... won the Women's title... and learned why I'm also called
Mr. Money in the Sack..."

Mickie raises her eyebrow a bit confused "What do you mean?"

"Oh you know..." Edge licks his teeth, "She and I used to fuck... a lot...
believe me, when she says she guarantees 100% Stratusfaction, she means it."

Mickie smiles "She did? Really!?"

"Yup, in fact..." Edge smirks, "She often says because of how I've speared
her, it was the reason she became determined to be the greatest women's
champion of all time..."

Mickie looks Edge's body up and down "You know...I really want to be like

"Is that a fact..." Edge acts like his considering something then he smiles,
"You know, maybe I should give you a shot with me, Mr. Money in the Bank...
so you can be just like Trish."

Mickie smiles "Really!?" Mickie nods her head "That would be so cool!"

Edge smirks again and puts an arm around her, "Yeah... walk with me... I'm
going to give that shot..." Edge says as he starts walking with Mickie down
the corridors. He looks around constantly to find a private place as well as
keeping an eye out for anyone who'll stop him. Edge spots an open storage
closet not to far from where Mickie ran into him and he grins like a cat,
"Here we go..." Edge says as he guides her to it and pushes her inside.

Mickie walks inside the somewhat spacious storage closet, she smiles "So like
what did you and Trish all do?"

"I ate her awesome tasting pussy as she sucked my dick..." Edge says as
he sets down the briefcase and closes the door. He looks for something to
barricade the door with and sees a wooden table standing in the corner. He
gets it and sets it up so one end blocks the door from being pushed open.

Mickie smiles "Oh! I want to do that then!" Mickie says as she starts to
remove her top.

"Great," Edge licks his front teeth as he pulls off his shirt. He sits on the
table, kicks off his shoes and then starts to undo his belt. "I hope you know
how to handle a big cock Mickie, because Trish was the first to take all of
mine into her mouth..." Edge lies but his eyes are glued to her chest. Mickie
smiles and walks over to Edge as he sits on the table. Mickie slides his belt
off and unzips her navy jeans. Mickie smiles at Edge as she tugs and pulls at
his jeans. Edge stands up so Mickie can pull down his jeans. He steps out of
them and then lowers his boxers so he's totally naked. Edge climbs onto the
table, with his feet pointing to the door. He looks at Mickie and grins,
"Climb aboard Mickie..."

Mickie sits up onto the table with Edge and then climbs on top of him, so
that her head is facing his crotch. Mickie takes his cock into her hands and
begins to lick down Edge's shaft.

Edge grunts a bit, "Mmm damn, you got a good grip their Mick... just like

Mickie smiles and licks up Edge's shaft, she flicks her tongue against the
head of his cock, before she lifts her head away and looks back at him
"Aren't you going to do your part?"

Edge smirks, "I would... but you still dressed... why don't you take off your
jeans, and I'll lick you the way I licked Trish..."

Mickie laughs "Why don't you do it..." Mickie replies before she leans her
head down and takes the head of Edge's cock into her moist mouth. She wraps
her lips tightly around his shaft and begins to bob her head.

Edge chuckles, "With pleasure..." Edge pulls down her jeans, followed by her
sky-blue colored panties. With Mickie being on top of him, he can only lower
them to her knees, but it's enough for him to do what he wants. He places
both of his hands on Mickie's large ass as he lifts his head to flick his
tongue back and forth across the entrance of her pussy. Edge squeezes both
of her ass-cheeks whenever he pushes his tongue inside of Mickie's pussy.

Mickie moans softly after feeling Edge's tongue slide into her pussy
"Mmmm..." Mickie moans as she starts to bob her head quicker on Edge's stiff

"Mmmm fuck... you got a sweet tasting cunt Mickie..." Edge moans in between
licking her pussy. He slaps her left ass-cheek fairly hard, and smirks a bit
when he sees it jiggle slightly. Edge starts thrusting his hips slightly to
push his cock up into Mickie's mouth just as he starts sliding his long
tongue in and out of her pussy.

Mickie slowly lifts her head up from Edge's cock "Ohhh...fuck you
did Trish."

"You got it..." Edge grins as he pushes Mickie off him so he can slide off
the table. Edge stands at back end of it and grabs both of Mickie's legs to
pull her backwards and off of the wooden object. He pushes her forward and
rubs her ass with one hand while slightly stroking his shaft with the other.
"Get ready..." Edge licks his lips and pushes his cock into her pussy while
pushes her upper body forward so she's bent over the table.

Mickie flips her hair back with a smile "Give me some Stratusfaction!"

Edge tries hard no to laugh as he begins pumping his cock in and out of her
pussy. Placing his hands on her hips, Edge pulls her back against him with
every thrust that results in her being pushed forward against the table.
"How... do you like that Edge-a-cution..." He asks as the he starts to sweat
a bit.

Mickie groans as she places her hands back on Edge's hips and starts to push
him away from her, as she slams back against his cock "Ohhhh...fuck me...
like you did...Trish!" Mickie moans loudly as she begins to sweat "Ohhhh fuck

"No problem..." Edge replies as he pulls out Mickie's pussy and turns her
around so she's facing him. Edge wraps his arms around her waist, lifts her
up and sits her on the table. Edge pushes her legs apart so he can just ram
his shaft into her without having to guide it with one of his hands.

Mickie grits her teeth as she wraps her legs around Edge's waist and begins
to grind her pussy against his cock. "Ohhhh yes....oh fuck!" Mickie moans as
she rocks back and forth on the table as Edge thrusts in and out of her warm

Edge can't help but be amused at how into it Mickie is, "Yeah... scream out
like Trish Mickie.. shit you're taking my cock just as good as Trish..." Edge
slams his cock into her sharply as he watches her breasts bounce with every
movement she makes.

Mickie smiles widely "Fuck! I am Trish!" Mickie laughs "I'm just like her!"
Mickie says as she somewhat lifts off of the table and begins to bounce on
Edge's cock as he stands.

Edge has to quickly wrap his arms around her to she won't fall. He does it
mostly to prevent himself for getting in trouble in case Mickie got hurt.
Edge continues to move his hips to thrust into her, but Mickie is doing all
the work now. "Yeah, you're just like her all right... I bet you could
replace her and no one could tell the difference..."

Mickie smiles widely "I'm better!" Mickie says as she rocks back and forth on
his cock. She grabs onto his shoulder and pulls him toward her as she falls
back onto the table and Edge is now on top of Mickie.

Edge moves a hand through Mickie's sweat dampened hair as he pushes down
into her. Pressing his body down against her, Edge's chest slides with little
friction against her own chest. Edge licks his teeth, "Fuck, your pussy is so
fucking tight Mickie... or should I call you Trish..."

Mickie smiles "Ohhhh you're so fucking great!" Mickie moans as she wraps her
legs tightly around Edge's waist once again and begins to push her up against
his cock, causing her pussy to grind against his cock.

"Of course I am... I'm the rated R superstar..." Edge says as he suddenly
pulls out of her, "But I need to feel that hot mouth of yours again, cause
you can suck dick better than Trish..."

Mickie sits up on the table and licks her lips "Am I really better than
Trish!?" She asks excitedly as sweat drips down her smooth skinned body.

"Hell yeah, you got it all... a hot body... a tight pussy... a great mouth...
you're twice the sl..." Edge catches himself and changes what he's going to
say, "You're twice the Diva Trish is."

Mickie opens her mouth in shock " god! Are you serious!?" Mickie asks
as she grips Edge's cock with her left and begins to move her hand along
Edge's cock that's pointing in her direction

"Oh yea..." Edge moans, "Hell Trish came so fast when I fucked her we had to
take a break... but you're better... cause we ain't taking a break..." Edge
moves a hand through Mickie's hair to the back of her head to bring her mouth
to his shaft. Mickie smiles before she opens her mouth and takes his cock
into her mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock and starts to bob
her head swiftly on his cock.

"Mmmm yeah... that's what I like... give me that Stratusfaction..." Edge
moans as he fights the urge to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth like
he would with Lita. Mickie laps her tongue around Edge's shaft as she begins
to bob her quicker against his cock. Mickie's moans vibrate against Edge's
shaft causing more pleasure to his cock.

"Ahhhh yea... damn you give great head..." Edge pulls his cock out of her
mouth, wraps a hand around his shaft and slides the tip of his cock against
her lips before tapping it against both of her cheeks.

Mickie smiles and then laughs "Oh my god! Trish is so going to flip when I
tell her!"

Edge grins, "She'll certainly freak out..." He gets down on his knees in
front of Mickie and turns her around. He places his hands on her shoulder
then whispers into her ear, "Get on all fours... a girl like you must love
it doggy style..."

Mickie makes a face "I...don't really like it..." Mickie shakes her head

"Really? Trish loves it... it's her favorite position... she loves to push

Mickie smiles "Really!?"

"Yup... she loves to feel a cock enter her from behind... and how her ass
smacks against a guys legs whenever she's drilled..."

Mickie licks her lips and then gets down onto her knees, in front of Edge
with her backside facing him "I want to be like Trish..."

"I know you do..." Edge licks his lips he wraps a hand around his shaft and
eases it into Mickie's pussy. Just as she starts to compose herself to start
pushing back, Edge starts fucking her as hard and as fast as he can, "This
is how Trish likes it!" He says as he slams into her.

Mickie moves forward as she grits her teeth "Ohhhh fuck me hard!"

"I am Mickie... cause you're so fucking fine..." Edge grunts, thrusting his
rod repeatedly in and out of her pussy. He grabs hold of her waist and pulls
her back against him, causing her ass to collide with his thighs each time.

"Ohhhhh no!" Mickie moans as she starts to cum.

Edge doesn't stop fucking her, "Oh man... we still got to do the one thing
Trish loves move than anything..." Edge says, hoping she'll still have her

" that?" Mickie asks out of breath.

"Trish absolutely loves more than anything..." Edge pulls his cock out of her
pussy and presses it against her asshole, "She loves to get fucked in the

Mickie makes a face "I don't know...I really don't like that...even if Trish
does." Mickie sticks out her tongue "That's gross..."

"But don't you want to be just like her... aren't you her biggest fan?" Edge
asks as he slightly pushes his cock into her ass, but it's just the tip.

"Yeah...but that's gross..." Mickie replies.

"No it's not... I love to fuck a chick's ass... especially yours... you got
a perfect ass Mickie..." Edge says as he gently caresses it as he tries to
con her.

Mickie sighs "Ok...I guess if Trish did it..."

"That a girl..." Edge smiles as he pushes his cock into her ass. Unlike
before, he lets Mickie get use to his shaft being inside her before he begins
to fuck her. He times his thrusts perfectly so they are firm, but also slow.

Mickie hangs her head down and watches Edge's body move with each thrust.
"Ohhhh....that does feel good..."

"Told you so..." Edge grins, "And it'll feel better when I start moving
faster..." Edge slowly start to pick up the pace, steadily pumping into her
ass a bit faster after every few thrusts.

Mickie begins to slowly push back against Edge's cock " my ass

"Oh you know it... god, it's so big, I love nice hot asses like yours..."
Edge grunts as he really starts to fuck her ass throwing all of his weight
behind each thrust.

Mickie then surprisingly slams her ass back hard against Edge's cock, making
his stiff member drive deep into her tight asshole "Ohhhh mother...fuc...."
Mickie bites down on her bottom lip as sweat drips off of her forehead and
onto the floor.

"Ahhh shit Mickie... you fucking blow my mind..." Edge moans loudly as he
thrusts sharply into her one last time as he cums deep inside of her asshole.

Mickie's body trembles slightly as she feels Edge's warm cum pour into her
tight asshole "Ohhhh...Edge.." Mickie says turning around and sitting on her
knees. She wipes her forehead "I can't believe...I got to fuck you! Just like
Trish did!" Mickie says excitedly.

Edge starts laughing as he stands up, he flips his hair back and then smirks
down at Mickie, "Damn you're such a stupid bitch... I never fucked Trish."

Mickie opens her mouth in shock and her eyes sadden "W...w...what?"

Edge smirks and laughs again as he starts to get dressed, "I never fucked
her... I tricked you... it was so fucking easy..." Edge pushes the table
away from the door so it's no longer blocking it. "God you think a prude
bitch like Trish would get fucked up the ass... Oh wait, I got one, Trish
is really a lesbian... she loves chicks, especially psychos that are
obsessed with her..." Edge laughs cruelly as he makes fun of Mickie.

Mickie bottom lip trembles as she remains sitting on the floor, naked on her
knees. She eyes begin to weld up with tears " me?"

"Yup..." Edge laughs as he finishes getting dressed by putting on his shoes.
He looks at her and licks his teeth, "But seriously, thanks for the fuck
whore... it was worth tricking you." Edge exits the storage closet and closes
the door behind him. Tears roll down Mickie's cheeks as she lowers her head
and begins to sob, alone in the storage closet.


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