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The Cutting Edge Part 3: Raw's #1 Announcer
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During an edition of Monday Night Raw, Maria is preparing to interview Edge.
She looks into a hand mirror and fixes her hair slightly as WWE Road Agent
Ricky Steamboat passes her. "Hey Maria, you're going to be on in a few
moments, are you ready?" The legendary performer asks.

Maria smiles and picks up her microphone that's on the make-up table,
"Yeah...I think so, Mr. Steamboat.." Maria says cutely "I have my question
all ready too!"

"That's great Maria," Steamboat smiles before he looks at his watch, "You
better get over there... you know how Edge is."

Maria nods as she makes her way over to the interview set. Once Maria
approaches the interviewing area complete with the RAW logo, Maria spots
Edge "Hey Edge!" Maria says all upbeat before the camera crew is all set

Edge takes a look at Maria and licks his teeth slightly, "Hey Maria... you're
looking rather sexy tonight..." Edge shifts the metal suitcase from his left
hand to his right hand as he checks out her body.

Maria blushes a bit "Well thank you Edge." Maria replies before the camera
goes live. Maria stares blankly into the camera, not realizing that the live
feed has already begun.

Edge sees the camera is blinking and chuckles a bit. He casually moves a hand
behind Maria and pats her ass, "I think it's on Maria.."

"Oh!" Maria says as she smiles "Hello...I'm standing her...with the
Money-in-the-Bank winner...Edge.." Maria turns to Edge "Edge, my question
is...when are you going to use your Money-in-the-Bank?" Maria asks holding
the microphone up to Edge.

Edge smirks, "I see you remember you question for once..." Edge laughs a bit
as he looks into camera, "And since everyone wants to know... I'll answer
it..." Edge holds up the briefcase so it can be clearly seen and smacks it
with his free hand. "I'm going to use it, when I'm good and ready..." Edge
lowers the briefcase and looks at Maria, "And speaking of good and ready...
Maria you look like you're ready for something with how hot you look."

Maria raises her eyebrow a bit confused "What?"

"Oh you know... you're dressed like you want to know more about me... the
Rated R Superstar..." Edge smirks as he licks his teeth again.

Maria scrunches her nose up "Oh...I know!" Maria smiles widely "Why is Lita
such a slut?" Maria says bluntly.

Edge laughs, "Because she just is... come on, it's obvious... she was with
Matt Hardy, only a slut would go out with him..." Edge moves a hand behind
Maria again and rubs her backside.

Maria makes a face "You're hot...but Matt's really nice.."

"Sure he is..." Edge replies, "But Matt's on Smackdown now... and I'm here,
talking to the hottest interviewer ever..." Edge pinches her backside.

Maria jumps forward slightly "Ohhh!" Maria laughs as the camera feed ends.
Maria then turns to Edge "You are really hot though..."

"I know I am..." Edge grins as an idea pops into his head, "Hey how would you
like a private interview with me later..."

Maria smiles a bit "Really!?"

"Yeah..." Edge nods and licks his lips, "Come by my locker room after my
match tonight..."

Later in the night, after Edge wrestled a highly intense match, the Rated R
Superstar is in his locker room, sitting on a metal chair wiping the sweat
off his body with a white towel. Edge balls up the towel and tosses it into
a trashcan as if shooting a basketball. "Two for two..." Edge chuckles as
raises one leg and crosses it over the other to start untying the lasses of
his wrestling boots.

There's a knock on the door and the door slowly opens "Edge?..." Maria says
walking in "Edge? Are you here...for that post-match interview?" Maria asks.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks at the door after he pulls off one of his
boots, "Yeah I'm in here... come on in dum..." Edge stops and he corrects
himself, "Come on in Maria."

Maria lets the door closes behind her as she walks into the main area of
the locker room to see Edge sitting on steel chair as he unties his other
wrestling boot. Maria smiles "Are you ready?" She asks cutely.

"Yeah, just give me a moment..." Edge replies as he looks at Maria's
perfectly tanned legs and tries to look up her skirt with out her noticing.
Edge pulls off his other boot and sits up. "MmmmMmm..." Edge hums as he
licks his teeth as he takes a long look at Maria's cleavage after he stands
up. "So... what do you want to ask me..." Edge asks.

Maria takes a deep breath "Well...I was thinking about asking you when
you're going to use your Money-in-the-Bank..." Maria replies as she
completely forgets that she had previously asked him earlier in the night.

Edge chuckles, as he puts an arm around her shoulder, "Maria... Maria... you
already asked me that... don't you want to really as brand new question that
I know you've been wanting ask me for a long... long time..." Edge's tone is
very low and somewhat seducing.

Maria makes a face "Like what?"

"Like..." Edge pauses and then smiles, "Like can you find out how hot the
Rated R Superstar really is... or.... Why am I known as... Money in the

Maria looks at Edge "Why are you called that?"

"I'll show you..." Edge replies as he licks his lips. He steps in front of
her, reaches into his black wrestling tights to pull out his cock with out
any hesitation, "This is part one of why I'm called Money in the Sack..."
Edge laughs slightly.

Maria's mouth opens in shock "Edge! That's your..."

"Yes... that's my Spear..." Edge lowers his wrestling tights completely and
steps out of them, "You're pretty smart Maria..." Edge adds as he slides two
fingers of his left hand against her cheek.

"Why are you showing me that!?" Maria asks.

"So you can answer your own question... that's what an interviewer does
right... get big answers... to big questions..." Edge takes her right hand
and presses it against his dick, which is slowly rising to the occasion,
"And you are Raw's Number One Interviewer... aren't you?" Edge smiles and
again licks his teeth like a wolf licking its chops.

Maria nods with a smile, she then looks a bit confused "You want me to blow

"Ohhh yea..." Edge nods his head. "That was a very good question to ask."

Maria shrugs "Well...I am the number one announcer on Raw..." Maria replies
as she gets down onto her knees in front of Edge.

"That you are..." Edge adds as he holds his cock at the base with his thumb
and pointer finger. "And you got to find out the answers." Maria licks her
lips slightly as she locks her eyes on Edge's cock. She opens her mouth and
takes Edge's stiff cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her gentle lips around
his shaft and begins to bob her head along his thick shaft.

"Mmmm yea... that feels great Maria..." Edge moans as places a hand on the
top of Maria's head to move his fingers through her well-conditioned brown
hair. Maria begins to move her head along Edge's cock as she positions her
head on top of his cock and begins to bob her head quickly, up and down, on
his rock-solid cock. Maria pats her tongue against his shaft as she sucks.

Edge silently moans as he moves his hips slightly to push his stiff prick
deeper into her mouth. "Yeah... I bet you like speaking around this rather
than a microphone..." Edge grunts as he closes his eyes. Edge savors the
feeling of Maria's warm wet mouth on his shaft for a short while more before
he re-opens his eyes, "Hey Maria... I got a questions for you...."

Maria bobs her head a few more times before she lifts her head up from Edge's
now saliva covered cock "Yeah Edge?"

"Do you wear any panties?" Edge asks as he looks down at her with a big
wolfish smile plastered on his face.

Maria shakes her head "No...why?" Maria asks shrugging her shoulders.

"I'll show you... stand up..." Edge says as he bends down to take her
hand to help her get up. He walks over to the bench and stands behind her,
"Now..." Edge pauses as he places his hands on her mini-skirt around where
her hips are, "Bend over... and place you hands flat on the bench..."

Maria nods her head "Ok..." She says with an adorable smile as she bends
over, while standing, and places her hands on the wooden bench.

"Good girl..." Edge says as he lowers her mini skirt down to her ankles. He
slowly looks up the back of Maria's beautiful legs up to her ass to see
indeed she does not wearing any panties, "Very nice..." Edge places his hand
on Maria's buns and squeezes them as he licks up the back of Maria's left
leg, and then up her right leg.

Maria laughs a little "Ohh...Edge that tickles.."

"I bet it does..." Edge smirks as he stands up. He wraps his left hand
around his shaft and jerks is slowly, "And this is going to really tickle
I think..." Edge places his right hand on Maria's hip and pushes his long
hard dick into her warm wet inviting pussy.

"Ohhhhh..." Maria moans as Edge's shaft enters her warm and inviting pussy.
Maria licks her lips as Edge begins to thrust his thick, hard cock into her

"Damn you got a wet tight pussy Maria..." Edge grunts as he quickly begins
to build momentum with his thrusts. He uses his left hand to pop the buttons
on the back of Maria's very revealing top to allow it to fall down her
slender arms onto the bench. He smirks as he sees she's not wearing any type
of bra and gives her a sharp thrust, "You really got a hot sexy body

Maria grits her teeth as Edge's powerful thrusts, cause Maria to slam back
against Edge's cock without her even moving back "Ohhhh gosh!" Maria moans as
Edge's cock smacks against her pussy with a deep impact. Edge bends forward
and wraps his arms around Maria's slender waist, feeling the sweat that's
starting to build on her body. With a well-timed turn, Edge spins around and
lays on the bench, resulting Maria being on top of him, yet facing away from
him as well. Placing his hands against her ass, The Rated R Superstar pushes
her up and down on his 'spear'. Maria places her hands back against Edge's
sweaty chest as she uses her own momentum to bounce on Edge's cock. Maria
grits her teeth again as she slams down onto Edge's cock as she rocks back
and then forward on his solid cock.

"Ahhhh fuck yea... ride that cock Maria..." Edge grunts as he pushes his cock
up into Maria's pussy at random. He reaches further around her and gropes her
right breast firmly.

"Ohhhhhh no!" Maria moans as she begins to cum on Edge's cock. Maria lays
back against Edge's sweaty chest after she finishes cumming.

"Ahhhh yea..." Edge moans as he bites his lower lip as he uses every bit of
strength to push Maria forward and off of his cock. He sits up quickly, grabs
Maria by the waist and pushes her forward. He wraps a hand around his cock
and pumps it firmly until he cums over her ass. Once he's spent, he uses his
hands to spread the warm dick goo over her lower back and the upper portions
of her ass.

Maria looks over her shoulder with a slight smile at the warm cum on her
lower back, upper ass. Maria wipes the sweat off of her forehead and smiles
"Wow! did answer my question!"

"I know I did... and you answered one of mine too..." Edge slyly smirks at

Maria takes a towel that was on the bench and begins to wipe the cum off of
her backside. She smiles up at Edge "Really?"

"Yeah... I was wondering how you got your job... and I it's so obvious now
you fucked a few people to get it..." Edge laughs.

Maria opens her mouth as she's offend "What?!" She asks as she stands up and
picks up her skirt. She shakes her head with a frown "That's not true.." She
replies in a hurt voice.

"Oh I bet it is... hell you just fucked me to answer your own question..."
Edge laughs cruelly, "I just gotta know.... how did Bischoff fuck you?" Edge
slaps his own knee finding what he's saying very humorous.

Maria lowers her head sadly, she then shakes her head again "That's not
true..." Maria says as she starts to tear up a bit.

"Sure it's not..." Edge laughs as he reaches over to grab another towel.
He stands up and wraps the towel around his waist, "So who are you
interviewing... make that, who are you fucking next?"

Maria looks up "You'' ass!" Maria replies before she puts
her skirt back on and leaves Edge's locker room.

"And you're just a slut!" Edge laughs. He shakes his head and is about to
start getting dressed when there's a knock on the locker room door. "Back
for more slut..." Edge chuckles as the locker room door opens.

The locker room door opens and in walks the General Manager of Raw, at the
time, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff closes his cell phone with a smirk "Excuse me,

"Oh hey Eric..." Edge laughs, "I thought you were that dimwit Maria..."

Bischoff laughs a bit "Well...Edge, my friend, I just got off the phone with
another dimwit...Teddy Long from SmackDown!" Bischoff replies as he soon gets
a smug smirk on his face.

"Really? What did ol' Peanut head want? Is Matt Hardy crying about me not
wrestling him at Taboo Tuesday..." Edge asks with a smirk.

Bischoff shakes his head "Listen, don't worry about Matt Hardy, he's a
nobody...unlike you. You see Edge you're a somebody and that's why you
deserve a shot at WWE Championship Gold.." Bischoff says with a laugh as
he pats his hand against Edge's chest.

"That's right... and I got that shot, since I am Mr. Money in the Bank," Edge
smirks, "So what did Teddy Long call about?"

Bischoff smirks "I'm sending SmackDown" Bischoff slides his
hands into his pockets "Picture it...Edge for the WWE World Heavyweight
Championship going against Batista! In a...Street Fight!"

The smile on Edge's face fades as he swallows hard, "Wait... I'm facing... a street fight... You're joking right?"

"I'm not joking! But...the joke will be on Teddy Long.." Bischoff laughs
"I'll tell you about it later..." Bischoff replies before he leaves without
giving Edge a chance to respond.

"Fuck..." Edge fumes, then he starts to get a smile on his face, "Hmmm...
this probably won't be all bad... Smackdown does have some smoking hot
Divas..." Edge strokes his chin as he smirks. "And they are all probably
just dying to be with a main eventer... yeah... this is going to be
great..." Edge says to himself.


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