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The Cutting Edge Part 4: Lights, Camera, Action!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the taping for Friday Night Smackdown begins, Edge arrives in
the parking lot in his rental car. He parks it on the far side of the arena
to avoid any one from the SmackDown roster from doing a number on it. He
kills the engine and reaches into the backseat to get a small digital camera
from a small bag Lita left in the car. After checking the battery, Edge gets
out of the rental car and walk towards the arena, dressed in $250 pair of
custom torn jeans, a leather jacket and a black t-shirt. Before he enters
the arena, he turns on the camera and begins filming his surroundings.

All right... this is the B-Show arena... and as we all can see... it's barely
a step up from a bingo hall..." Edge says as he starts to do commentary on
what he sees. He walks by several Smackdown wrestlers, notably Scotty 2 Hotty
and Funaki, "And here we see those that inhabit the B-Show... mediocre talent
that can barely make it on to Internet shows on" Edge laughs. Scotty
and Funaki get sour looks on their face, but before they can say anything,
Edge has moved on. He roams the backstage area, filming the various pre-show
preparations that are going on until he finds himself in the make up area
where Stacy Keibler is fixing her hair. Edge stands behind her, aiming the
camera at her feet then slowly raising it to show how long her legs are, "God
damn... they go on forever..."

Stacy slides her hand through her blonde hair before she turns around with
a raised eyebrow. She folds her arms as she looks at Edge "Did you say

"Yeah... I was talking about your legs... they are so long..." Edge raises
the camera so he can film Stacy's facial expressions. "How've you been Stacy?
I bet you miss being on Raw."

Stacy makes a face "Actually...I like it here on SmackDown..."

"You do? Oh yea... the lack of competition... but there's no real main
eventers here... wait that's not true, I'm here." Edge laughs. "So what do
you say... want a real Raw Rebound?"

Stacy sighs and then rolls her eyes "Get lost..." Stacy says before she walks
away from Edge and his video camera.

Edge points the camera at Stacy as she walks away, "There goes one of
Smackdown's second rank sluts... she couldn't cut it on Raw... now look at
her..." Edge laughs. He resumes his trek through the backstage area of the
arena, "Hmmm there's got to be someone interesting around here..." Edge says
as he stops to looks around. In one direction, he sees the group known as
MNM, consisting of Melina, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury hanging by the
Smackdown interview et. Edge points the camera right at Melina and hits zoom
to get a close up look of her body. He licks his teeth and smirks, "Bingo..."

Melina, dressed in a short jean skirt and a tan low-cut, puts her hands
together "That's one can stops us...because we're MNM!" Melina
says as she encourages her team of Nitro and Mercury. Melina smacks her
hand against the bare chest of Mercury "Isn't that right? We're the most
dominant tag team in WWE history!" Melina smirks as flips her hair back
"And I'm the most dominant diva of all time!"

"That's right Melina..." Nitro says with a big grin on his face, "And soon
we'll get those tag team titles back to prove it."

"Oh yeah I can't wait," Mercury rubs his hands together esthetically.

Edge video tapes that part of their conversation as he approaches them,
"Well... well... if it ain't the threesome that's making all the headlines...
MNM..." Edge says, totally interrupting their conversation and focusing his
camera on Melina.

Melina turns around and smirks as she folds her arms "That's right
the best thing to happen to the WWE!"

"Yeah, we're turning all the heads here on Smackdown..." Mercury adds as he
folds his arms.

"Hey, you guys are talked about on Raw all the time... epically you
Melina..." Edge replies as he aims the camera down slightly to focus on
her chest.

Melina nods with a smirk "Of course...I'm the hottest...most dominate diva
in history...and like MNM's motto...It's okay to stare."

Edge chuckles, "Oh believe me... everyone knows that when it comes to you...
oh and your boys too."

Nitro and Mercury give each other a high five, then Nitro puts an arm behind
Melina, then asks Edge, "What's with the camera?"

Edge smirks, "Oh well I'm just filming you guys..." Edge then aims the camera
and Melina's face and asks, "I heard you really like performing in front of a

Melina smirks "You could say... Mr....Money in the Sack..." Melina says
licking her lips.

"Really... then I say I want to find out... I got a camera... the battery is
practically charged... lets get down and dirty..." Edge slides his tongue
against the underside of his teeth. Mercury and Nitro exchange unsure looks
and they step in front of Melina.

"Hey, Melina ain't that type of celebrity... she's got class..." Mercury says
in protest of what Edge just suggested.

"And is a hot piece of ass," Nitro adds with a sly smirk.

Edge chuckles, "Boys... boys... I was talking about all of us... I'm sure
Melina would be all right with that... right Melina?"

Melina smiles and slides her hand through hair "I'd be all for it!"

"I knew you would..." Edge says, "So... where can we do the nasty at?"

Nitro thinks, "Fuck our locker room is good... it's better than anyone else's
here on Smackdown..."

"Yeah, it's got carpeting, leather couches, big screen TV..." Mercury smirks.

"Really? I bet Melina worked really hard to get all of that... I'd love to
see it," Edge says as he locks eyes with Melina. Melina smirks and steps in
front of Edge, Nitro and Mercury, she looks back at them over her shoulder
and then looks forward as she begins to lead her boys MNM and the R Rated
Superstar to the luxury locker room.

Edge points the camera and Melina's ass that moves very smoothly as she
walks, "MmmmMmm... now that's a hot fucking ass..." Edge licks his lips.

"Man, wait till you're fucking it... Melina's got the best ass in the entire
WWE," Nitro licks his own lips, as he and the other two studs follow the
smoking hot diva.

Melina smirks and looks back as she pushes the locker room door open. She
enters the locker room with Nitro, Mercury and Edge following not too far
behind. Melina licks her lips as she turns around looking at Edge "Mmmmm... are pretty hot." Melina says.

"Damn right I am..." Edge says as he aims the camera up and down to get good
shots of Melina's body, "You're more than hot yourself... love to see you on
Raw... and undressed..." He grins slyly. Nitro and Mercury both smirk as they
unbuckle their belts and watch Melina and Edge interact.

Melina's eyes wander down to the crotch of Edge as she sits down on her knees
in front of him "I figured you're the type that loves blowjobs!" Melina says
as she begins to unhook his belt.

"You figured right... there's nothing like getting blown by a fucking hot
diva... and you look like the type that can suck a cock like a vacuum..."
Edge aims the camera down to watch her face while shrugging off his leather
jacket, which falls to the floor. Melina licks her lips as she slides off
Edge's belt from his custom made jeans. She then unzips them and pulls the
jeans. The jeans fall down to Edge's ankles as Melina places her hand
against the crotch of his boxers to his growing cock.

"And I'm going to find out..." Edge says as he moves the camera from one
hand to the other to get a good shot of her face. "I hope you can handle a
main event dick... no offense to the boys, but there's no one like me on
SmackDown," Edge boasts.

Melina pulls down Edge's boxers and his cock points at Melina. Melina's eyes
lighten up as she wraps her hands around his shaft "Mmmmm..." Melina moans
slightly as she places her tongue against the head of his cock and circles
her tongue around on the tip.

"Yeah.... that's a great tongue you got Melina..." Edge moans as he moves
a hand through her hair freely. Nitro and Mercury have gotten completely
undressed and are now leaning against the leather sofa with grins on their
faces as they watch Melina show her skills off to Edge. Melina opens her
mouth and takes Edge's prick into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly
around the head of his cock and starts to bob her head swiftly. As Melina
bobs her head on Edge's cock she blindly motions for Nitro and Mercury to
approach her. Nitro and Mercury move over to Melina and Edge, and they
stand on either side of her, with Nitro on her left and Mercury on her
right. Edge passes the camera over to Nitro, "Just point it at her... it'll
do all the work." Edge moans as he moves his hips to thrusts his cock in and
out of her mouth at the same rate she's bobbing her head on his dick.

Melina starts to bob her head quicker on Edge's cock as she wraps her left
hand around Nitro's cock and her right hand around Mercury's cock. She begins
to jerk-off her two boys, MNM, as she laps her tongue around the cock of the
'R Rated Superstar' "Ohhh fuck yea... jerk it Melina..." Nitro grunts as he
tries to keep the camera steady as he films her hand moving along his dick
before he aims the camera at her mouth to catch her saliva dripping from
Edge's cock. Melina lifts her head up from Edge's cock and turns on her knees
as she pulls Mercury's cock up to her mouth. She accepts Mercury's cock into
her mouth and begins to suck right away at a quick rate, bobbing her head up
and down.

"Hey give me the camera..." Mercury moans as he reaches over for the
camera. Nitro quickly hands it to him, and Mercury gets a great view of
Melina slurping on his dick. "Oh yea... that's what I'm talking about,
suck it Melina..." Mercury moans.

Edge licks his teeth, "Damn she gives a really raw blowjob... totally

Melina tightens her grip around Mercury's cock as she amazingly goes down on
Mercury's cock as she begins to deep throat his stiff cock. Melina places her
free hand around Edge's saliva covered-cock and begins to stroke his cock
with the same rhythm she's stroking Nitro's cock.

Edge takes the camera from Mercury and aims it at Melina's face, "All
right...mmmm I can see you can suck dick... but how do you fuck... I beat
you're like Lita, you like it really Raw... don't you."

Melina lifts her head up from Mercury's cock and smiles "Ohh...I can do
wonders...just ask my boys..." Melina replies before she turns to Nitro and
finally takes his eagerly waiting cock of Johnny Nitro into her warm, wet

Edge looks at Nitro while keeping the camera still on Melina's face, "So...
how is she at fucking?"

Nitro grunts and closes his eyes as he enjoys Melina's mouth, "Shit... give
me the camera... and get behind her... her pussy is fucking great..." Melina
begins to bob her head quicker on Nitro's cock as she works her tongue around
his shaft, gradually working her tongue towards the head of his cock as she

"All right here you go..." Edge says as he hands the camera to Nitro. The
Rate R Superstar frees his cock from Melina's hand and then moves behind her.
He spanks her ass before he lifts her up in order to thrust his cock into her
tight wet pussy. "Mmmm now this is heaven..." Edge starts ramming his cock in
and out of her pussy roughly, jerking her body back against him.

"All right here you go..." Edge says as he hands the camera to Nitro. The
Rate R Superstar frees his cock from Melina's hand and then moves behind her
and lifts her up slightly by her hips and slowly begins to pull down her
skirt. He smirks when he sees no panties obstructing his goal. He spanks her
ass before and then thrusts his cock into her tight wet pussy. "Mmmm now this
is heaven..." Edge starts ramming his cock in and out of her pussy roughly,
jerking her body back against him. Melina moans around Nitro's cock as she
begins to bob her head quicker on his cock, taking it deeper into her warm
mouth as she pushes back against Edge's thick cock.

"Damn she's got a hot fucking pussy..." Edge grunts as he slams himself
into her. "It's great..." He wraps his arms around her waist for some extra

"What you can't handle her?" Mercury laughs a bit as he takes the camera to
get some great views of Nitro and Edge thrusting their cocks in and out of
her at different ends.

Melina lifts her head up from Nitro's cock "Ohhhhhh fuck..." Melina moans as
Edge slams against her pussy hard with his cock. Melina lowers her head again
and flicks her tongue against the head of Nitro's cock.

"Man I can handle any chick..." Edge says as slams his cock harder in and out
of her pussy. Nitro smirks, "Man, you got to just let Melina ride you... then
you'll see what she can really do..." Nitro says as he lays down on the floor
in front of her.

Melina licks her lips "Mmmm...I really need some Joey.."

Joey smirks, "Sorry Johnny, but she wants the best..." Nitro grudgingly rolls
out of the way and takes the camera from Mercury, who takes his place on the

Edge pulls his cock out of Melina's pussy and slaps her ass, "Mmmm that's a
quality pussy..." Edge moves back a bit to get a good view of what Melina
does next. Melina crawls on her hands and knees away from Edge, coming
toward Joey. Melina licks her lips as Joey puts his hands behind his head
and smirks. Melina flicks her tongue against his cock that points right into
the air. Melina smiles at Joey as she mounts herself on top of his cock. She
places her hands onto Joey's muscular chest and begins to gently bounce on
his cock.

Joey groans as he feels Melina comes down on his cock with all her weight.
He places his hands on both of her thighs and closes his eyes. Nitro walks
around his tag team partner and Melina, filming them with the camera, "Damn
every time I see her fuck it's amazing..." Nitro says.

Edge takes the camera from him and zooms in on Melina's ass, "I can see
why... look at her go..." Edge licks his lips.

"Well buddy, you ain't seen nothing yet..." Nitro moves behind Melina, grips
his cock and presses it against her ass. "Ready for a double dose chief?"
Nitro asks.

Melina looks over her shoulder at Johnny with a smirk as she pushes her
ass back against Nitro's cock, causing herself to rock back on Joey's cock.
Melina leans back and kisses Johnny's neck "Give it good..." She says before
she turns her attention back to Joey and begins bucking her hips as she rides
his cock with gaining speed.

"You got it..." Nitro places a hand on her shoulder and pushes his cock into
Melina's tight asshole, making her rise up a bit on Mercury's dick. Mercury
sits up slightly, propping himself up with one shoulder behind him.

"Holy shit boss... you really got it working..." Mercury says as he thrusts
upward to keep his cock deep inside of her pussy. Edge licks his lips as he
walks over to the right side of Melina and waves his cock in her face while
filming her reactions.

"That all you got Mel?" he asks with a cocky smile.

Melina licks her lips "Ohh...I got it!" Melina winks before she turns her
head and opens her mouth, taking Edge's thick cock to her mouth. Melina wraps
her lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head along his shaft
as she comes down on Joey's cock inside of her pussy and pushes back against
Johnny's cock inside her tight asshole.

Edge drops the camera as he gasps in surprise of how intensely Melina is
sucking his cock, but Mercury catches it before the pricey camera is smashed
to pieces. He aims it at Melina's body and starts capturing images of her
breasts bouncing rhythmically. Nitro moans as he wraps his arms around
Melina's waist to thrust sharply into her ass.

"Son of a bitch, Mel I swear your ass is fucking tighter than before," he

"And her pussy is fucking fantastic as usual too..." Mercury bites his own
lip. Melina swirls her tongue around on Edge's cock as she bobs her head
quickly on his stiff cock. Melina opens her mouth wider as she goes down,
taking his cock deeper into her warm mouth. Melina begins grind her pussy
and ass against the cocks of Joey and Johnny as she rocks back and forth
in between her two hot studs of MNM.

Edge licks his lips and smirks, "Hey I got a hot fucking idea..." He pulls
his cock out of her mouth and then moves behind her and next to Nitro.

"What do you got in mind dude?" Nitro asks as he continues to pump his dick
in and out of Melina's vice like asshole.

"Just a little double teaming of her sweet ass..." Edge licks his teeth and
pushes his cock into Melina's asshole along side Nitro's first chance he
gets. Both men take hold of Melina's sweaty body to pull her back against
them and random moments.

Melina mouths opens in shock "Ohhhh fuck!" She moans as she feels like her
tight asshole is getting ripped apart. Melina grits her teeth as Joey thrusts
his cock up into her pussy causing Melina to rock back against both Edge and
Johnny's cocks. Melina runs her hands up Joey's now sweaty chest and leans
down a bit to kiss him on the lips.

Joey slides his tongue out and into Melina's mouth as he feels her sweat drip
from her forehead down on his face. He steady thrusts up into her pussy, but
gets tired of behind underneath the action and holding the camera. "Hey...
guys... let me out from under here..." He calls out after Melina breaks the
kiss. Edge and Nitro both drive themselves into her butt to wedge themselves
there as they pull Melina back and off of Mercury's cock. Melina leans her
head back and kisses Johnny on the lips, then Edge as she crawls away from
their two cocks. Melina slides her hand through her sweaty hair as she licks
her lips.

Edge takes the camera from Mercury and aims it at Melina's face, "So sexy...
what's your most wild fantasy sex position to have with three guys?"

Melina raises her eyebrow "Hmmm..." She licks her lips "Lets see..." She says
as she places her hand around Edge's cock and begins to stroke his cock as
she thinks.

Edge groans as he films her stroking his cock, "I bet it's wild... and it
needs a main eventer like me so it can happen..."

Melina smirks and then looks at Joey and Johnny "Hey you remember
that one time?" She asks as she licks her lips.

Nitro and Mercury both smirk and nod their heads, "Yeah we remember," Nitro

Edge gets a wide grin on his face, "Hey let me in on the details here... I
want to know."

Melina smirks "Have you ever heard of a DP..69..combo?" Melina asks with a
laugh as she eyes up Edge's cock, continuing to stroke him.

"Can't say I have..." Edge replies with a very interested look on his face.

"Oh man you don't know what your missing..." Mercury smiles.

Nitro licks his lips and looks at Melina, "How do you want us this time

Melina licks her lips "You remember last time...the same way...but we'll give
our new buddy Edge the best part of the position."

"Right..." Nitro grins before he slaps Mercury on the back, "Get back on down
buddy boy..."

"Oh joy..." Mercury licks his lips as he lays back down on the floor.

Edge looks at Nitro and then at Melina, "So what's the best position out of
the this DP 69 Combo?"

Melina mounts herself on top of Joey's cock once again, taking his throbbing
cock deep into her pussy. She looks over her shoulder at Johnny with a smirk
as he crouches down and gets behind Melina "Why don't you tell him Johnny..."
Melina then turns around and blows a kiss into the video camera Edge is

Nitro pushes his cock into her asshole as he looks at Edge, "My man, you're
going to lay on top of Joey and eat out Melina... as she's blowing you."

Edge makes a face but then smiles, "Oh I get it... so she's in a 69 with me
as you do are double fucking her... awesome... I better set this bad boy up
so it catches the whole thing." Edge looks around the room to find a spot to
mount the camera, which he places onto of the big screen television. Edge
then lays on top of Joey, with his ass near his head, "Kid don't even think
about licking my ass."

"You don't have to worry about that.... just lay there, munch her pussy and
enjoy the rest..." Mercury replies. Edge smirks and lays his head between
Mercury's legs so his face is near Melina's pussy. The Rated R Superstar
starts flicking his tongue around her pussy, carefully avoiding licking
Mercury's dick.

Melina licks her lips as she flips her hair back before she somewhat lays
on top of Edge and takes his cock into her warm mouth. She wraps her lips
tightly around his shaft as she bobs her head, sucking at a fast rate. Joey
and Johnny then begin to alternate their thrusts into her ass and pussy.
Edge wraps his arms around her and starts rubbing the upper portions of her
ass and lower back. Swirling his tongue around the edges of her pussy, Edge
moves his hips to push his shaft up into Melina's warm wet mouth. Mercury
closes his eyes tightly so he doesn't have to look at Edge's balls.

"Man I hate seeing another guy's wam-bag..." He moans and complains.

Nitro laughs, "Yeah, but you know Melina loves your cock to bounce on..."
Melina pushes herself back against Johnny, making his cock ram deeper into
her tight asshole as she rocks forward bounces quicker on Joey's cock.
Melina pats her tongue against Edge's cock as she slowly bobs her head and
then works her mouth completely down on his entire shaft, now deep throating
the 'R Rated Superstar'.

Nitro slams his cock as hard as he can repeatedly in and out of her ass. He
grits his teeth and moans loudly, "Ohhhhh shit...." He grunts as he cums
deep inside of her asshole. Melina tightens her grip around Edge's cock as
she now sucks slow and hard on his stiff cock, while grinding her pussy
against Joey's cock.

Nitro withdraws his cock from Melina's ass hole and plops down on the floor
to rest. Edge laps his tongue wildly all over her pussy now, occasionally
licking the shaft of Mercury's dick. "Hey... hey..." Mercury moans as he
feels Edge's tongue on his dick.

Melina lifts her head up from Edge's shaft "Ohhhh fuck..." Melina moans as
she begins to cum on Joey's cock and Edge's tongue.

Mercury's body tenses up as he starts to cum inside of Melina's pussy a
moment later. Edge sweeps his tongue all over Melina's dripping pussy,
slurping up her honey as well as a bit of Mercury's cum. When he tastes
Mercury's semen, he gags and rolls over as he gets out from under her.

"Oh shit... man that was a nasty surprise..." Edge coughs as he tries to get
the taste out of his mouth.

Mercy laughs, "Hey Melina likes how it tastes..."

Melina licks her lips and then looks at Edge "I love it..." She gets off
Mercury's cock and crawls over to Edge. She sits open on her knees and opens
her mouth as she places her hands around Edge's throbbing cock and begins
move her hands against his shaft.

Edge moans, "Hey get the camera... I want a close up of this..." Nitro moves
to get the camera and quickly hands it over to Edge. Edge quickly aims it
down at Melina's face, "Ohhhhh yea Melina....Mmmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as
he starts to cum in her mouth.

Melina licks her lips as some of Edge's warm cum slides down her throat while
the remaining drops of cum drips out of her sweet mouth.

Edge films her face for a few more moments before saying, "You certainly got
potential to be the top diva around here... especially if you keep this up."

Melina folds her arms "No... I am the top diva here!" Melina replies.

"Yeah... here on SmackDown... a second rate show... with second rate
talent..." Edge laughs as he turns off the camera.

Melina stands up and shakes her head "Johnny and Joey are not second rate
talent! They are MNM...we hang out with Paris and Jessica and Ashton...all
"A" List!"

Edge laughs, "Yeah, two "A" list wannabe tramps and a guy nailing a woman
twice his age..." Edge grabs his jeans and pulls them on, and then collects
his shirt and leather jacket. "That was real fun... look me up if you ever
make it off the B-Show and on to Raw...were the only A-List star... is me,
the Rated R Superstar."

Melina opens her mouth in shock and then turns to Joey and Johnny "Don't
listen to him...he's just jealous...because he isn't MNM!"

Edge laughs after he pulls on his t-shirt and then his leather jacket,
"Jealous? Me? I'm Mr. Money in the Bank, these two little boys are jealous
of me... I make the headlines you wish you could be apart of, because like
I said, I'm the Rated R Superstar."


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