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The Cutting Edge Part 5: Jillian, What's On Your Face?
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours after filming his fun with the trio that comprises MNM, Edge is roaming
the backstage area with a confident look embedded on his face. His street
fight match with Batista did not happen thanks to the surprise appearances by
Raw's World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show, who dominated Batista in a
brutal 2 on 1 assault. Edge rounds a corner and takes the small digital video
camera out of his jacket pocket and smirks.

"This has been a great night..." Edge laughs to himself as he passes by an
open door. He thinks nothing of it until he realize a light was on. He does
an about-face and goes back to peek inside the room that he quickly sees is
a private locker room. "Well... well... let me see what's in here..." Edge
says slyly to himself as he opens the door some more to see what's going on

Inside the locker room, is one of SmackDown's newer Divas and the personal
'Fixer' of JBL, Jillian Hall. Jillian is standing in front of the make-up
mirror inside the Women's Locker room as she's still dressed in her ring
attire of a black business suit/skirt combination. Jillian slowly peels the
fake 'blemish' off the left side of her face that's part of her on-air
character. Jillian looks at the blemish in her hand and almost gags as she
places the blemish down on the make-up counter. "Ohhh...that's so gross..."
Jillian says to herself out loud with a shudder.

Edge feels himself throw up a bit in his mouth once he gets a look of the
blemish that is now sitting on top of the make-up counter. "Holy shit that's
disturbing to look at..." Edge says after he swallows what's in his mouth,
but he also reveals his presence at the same time.

Jillian turns around with a raised eyebrow, she then folds her arms and
laughs a bit " don't have to wear it..." Jillian smiles a
bit "You're Edge...right?" Jillian asks.

"That's right..." Edge grins as he steps into the locker room and he casually
closes the door behind him. "And you're... sorry I don't know your name...
but I do know you got stuck with a really bad gimmick..." Edge laughs, "So...
what's your name beautiful?"

Jillian smiles and blushes a bit "Jillian...Jillian Hall" She replies
extending her hand.

Edge takes her hand, shakes it, then bends down to kiss the top her hand. "A
pleasure to meet you..." Edge smiles. He stands straight up and checks her
out, "Man oh man, what's with SmackDown... making such a hottie like you
wear... that..." Edge points at the blemish.

Jillian picks up the blemish off of the counter and tosses the blemish into
her travel bag nearby. She shrugs " gets me on television, right?"

"Good point..." Edge laughs, as he tilts his head to look at her backside
when she turns away from him, "Mmmm damn... they probably do it because
you're so hot.... and to keep that nag Melina as the top diva over here...
but I can tell you're twice as hot as she is..."

Jillian smiles a bit "You...really think I'm hotter then Melina?"

"With out a doubt..." Edge smirks, "Just look at how you dress... she has to
get all slutty looking to look hot... while you can dress professionally...
just take away that thing you have to wear and you'll be the top babe here
in the WWE..."

Jillian turns her head and looks at herself in the mirror, she smiles "You
really think so?"

"Yes I do..." Edge steps behind her and places his hands on her shoulders.
"You're a perfect ten..." Edge moves one hand down to her backside and pats

Jillian smiles and then turns around facing Edge "You know...I think you're

"I know I am..." Edge says as he places his hands on her hips to lift her up
and to sit her on the make-up counter. He unbuttons the button of the suit
jacket she's wearing. "You got class..." Edge says before he kisses her lips.

Jillian softly kisses back "What are you doing?" She asks quietly.

"Don't you want to be surprised..." Edge whispers back as he slides her
jacket off her body. Edge takes a step back and gently pulls her skirt down
her legs to remove it, as well as her high heel shoes. Edge then kneels down
between her legs and slowly starts to lower her panties. Edge slips them off
of her legs and pushes her legs apart so he can kneel between them. Placing
a hand her left leg, Edge brings his face to her pussy, and licks upward
along the slit, then downward. He repeats over and over again, slowly picking
up speed as he licks her pussy.

Jillian's eyes widen as she places her right hand on top of Edge's head
"Ohhhh geeze Edge!" Jillian replies being completely caught off-guard. Edge
smirks for a moment as he spreads her pussy open with his fingers. He pushes
his tongue inside of her and begins moving it in and out quickly, pushing his
tongue so deep inside her that his face is pressed against her crotch.

Jillian leans her back against the mirror as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh...
ohhh...damn..." Jillian moans softly as she threads her delicate fingers
through his blonde hair.

Edge slowly slides his tongue out of her pussy and replaces it with two
fingers that he pumps into her slowly. Edge stands up and uses his free hand
to unbutton the buttons of Jillian's silk blouse. Edge grins at her, "I hope
this is making you as hot as you look..." Edge says as he twiddles his
fingers around inside of her pussy.

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip "'s"
Jillian groans.

"Good..." Edge smiles as he pushes her blouse off her body while continuing
to fuck her pussy with his fingers. After a few moments he takes them out
and tastes the residue of Jillian's juices on them, "You're very tasty

Jillian smiles and gets down off of the make-up counter "Let me...return the
favor..." Jillian says with a wink.

Edge licks his teeth, "With pleasure..." Edge undoes his belt buckle and
unbuttons his jeans. He hops on top of the make up counter before her starts
to push his jeans down.

Jillian leans down as she standing and pulls Edge's torn jeans down to his
knees followed by his boxer-briefs. Jillian licks her lips at the sight of
Edge's harden cock. She wraps her hands around his shaft and begins to pump
his cock with her gentle hands.

Edge moans as he takes off his jacket and flings it across the locker room.
"Great body and a great hands... awesome combination..." Edge pulls his
t-shirt off and drops it on the floor.

Jillian smiles up at Edge "That's nothing..." Jillian says before she opens
her mouth and lowers her head onto Edge's cock that's pointing straight up.
Jillian wraps her luscious lips around Edge's cock and begins to swiftly bob
her head, sucking his cock at a decent starting pace.

Edge grits his teeth as he watches Jillian's head move up and down on his
stiff cock. "God damn..." Edge moans in a bit of surprise as to how Jillian
is starting on him. He places his hands flat on the makeup table and leans
against the mirror. Jillian tightens her grip around his cock as she starts
to bob her head quicker on his cock, while taking more of his stiff prick
into her warm mouth. Jillian laps her tongue around his cock as she lathers
him up with her warm saliva. Edge groans in pleasure as he moves a hand to
the back of her head. As he moves his fingers through the back of her hair,
Edge scoots forward to the edge of the makeup table so he can thrust his
cock into her mouth. Jillian twists her head around on his cock as she works
her head down completely on Edge's cock, taking his entire cock into her
warm, wide mouth.

"Shit Jillian... you might get me to pop if I let you keep that up..." Edge
moans as he lifts her head off of his cock. Edge gets off of the counter
and kisses her deeply as he moves her back on top of the makeup counter. He
pushes her legs apart again, this time to push his saliva coated dick into
her waiting wet pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Jillian moans loudly as Edge begins to thrust his cock in
and out of her tight pussy. Edge wraps Jillian's smooth legs around his own

Edge's thrusts are hard and quick right from the start, resulting in his
thighs banging against the table each time he pushes into her. Edge places
a hand on her breast and looks into the mirror behind Jillian and grins as
sweat starts to drip down his face. "Damn... this is looking good... from
the reverse angle..." Edge says commenting on their reflections in the
mirror. Jillian begins to gently push back against Edge's cock as she wraps
her arms around Edge's neck pressing her body against Edge's sweaty chest.
Edge wraps his left arm around Jillian's waist to pull her towards him as
he pushes his dick sharply into her. Edge picks her up off of the couch and
stumbles backward until he falls onto of a leather couch that's a few feet
behind him.

Jillian grits her teeth and smirks "I think it's time for you to be fixed..."
Jillian says as she wipes her bleached blonde hair back over her shoulders
and places her hands on Edge's solid chest. Jillian begins bounce at a
wickedly fast pace on Edge's cock, coming down at a hard, solid rate.

Edge grins, "Oh fix me up Jillian..." Edge Places his hands on both of
Jillian's ass cheeks and squeezes them every time she drops on his cock.
He tilts his head to the side and kisses her neck as he begins to thrust
up into her. "Mmmm you got a great fucking pussy."

Jillian grind her pussy against his cock as she rock back and then bounces
quickly. Jillian slides her hands up Edge's chest and then slides her hands
through Edge's sweat-soaked hair " are so...great!" Jillian groans
as she slams down on his cock, taking his cock deep into her tight and warm

"I know... I am..." Edge grunts as he slides his hands to her waist and to
rock her back and forth faster and harder. Edge licks his teeth and then
licks both of Jillian's cheeks, tasting her sweat as it drips down her
lovely face. "I bet you love it on all fours..." He whispers as moves a
hand back to her ass and slides a finger into her asshole.

Jillian bites down on her bottom lips as she rocks back and forth Edge's
throbbing cock "'s the best" Jillian groans.

"I know..." Edge grins as he pushes her off of his cock. They both go
down to the floor and Edge rubs her sweaty chest with a grin, "Turn around

Jillian smiles "Sure thing hun..." Jillian says she bends over getting on her
hands and knees, into Edge's favorite position - Doggy style.

Edge licks his teeth and places a hand on Jillian's ass as he wraps the other
around his cock. "Damn... I'm going to fuck this ass of yours before we're
done..." Edge guides his cock back inside of her pussy and begins thrusting
in and out at a fast rate.

Jillian tilts her head back "Ohhhhh fuck..." Jillian moans as she begins to
gently push back against Edge's cock, gradually pussy back faster and with
more force.

Edge slams his cock with more additional force as he reaches forward to move
his hand through her now sweat dampen hair. "Ohhh fuck Jillian... you're a
quality diva... wish there was more like you..." Edge slaps her ass leaving
a red imprint of his hand on her skin.

Jillian closes her eyes as she begins to cum "Ohhhh...fuck..." She moans as
she licks her lips. Her body weakens a bit after cumming, but continues to
gently push back against Edge's cock. Edge exhales deeply as he pulls out
of her pussy. He smiles deviously and then pushes his cock suddenly into her
asshole with a sharp thrust making her jolt forward as he begins to fuck her
ass with hard fast movements.

"Ohhhh fuck Edge!" Jillian moans almost out of breath as sweat drips down her
beautiful face.

"Ohhh Geez Jillian, you got a fucking hot sweet ass..." Edge grunts as he
drills her ass. He shakes his head to get the sweat out of his eyes and
pushes harder into her. "Ohhh fucking hell..." Edge yells as he pulls out
of her ass. He grabs Jillian's arm and pulls her up to her knees while
turning her around to face him. Edge gets to his feet and strokes his cock
five times to get himself to cum all over Jillian's beautiful face. Jillian
opens her mouth in shock as Edge's warm cum sprays all over her face.
Jillian closes her eyes with a disgusted look on her face.

Edge laughs a bit at her reaction as he slides a hand through his own hair.
"Damn Jillian... what's that all on your face?" Edge laughs even harder as
he bends down and slaps his knee. Jillian reaches up and places her fingers
against her left cheek feeling Edge's gooey cum. Jillian's face sickens even
more as she looks up at Edge.

Edge smirks, "Hey... thanks for the quickie slut..." Edge pats her face;
"You're going to go far in the WWE when you start fucking the writers to stay
on TV..." Edge laughs some more and moves to gather his clothing.

Jillian remains on the floor as she looks up at Edge ""

"I played you like fiddle..." Edge laughs, "It was just as easy as when I
tricked that psycho slut back on Raw..." Edge puts on his boxer, and then
pulls on his jeans. Jillian wipes the cum off of the right side of her face
with hand as she looks down, feeling absolutely humiliated.

Edge puts his shirt on and flings his jacket over his shoulder as he starts
to walk towards the door to leave. He looks back at her and smirks, "Mmmm
Mmm... SmackDown Sluts are so fucking pathetic..." Edge opens the door and
leaves without closing it behind him.


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