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The Cutting Edge Part 6: The Stratusfaction Desire
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a Raw Live Event, Edge is sitting on top of one of the numerous rolling
trunks used to move the production equipment from the trucks into the arena
and back out again. Dressed in black jeans and a t-shirt, Edge leans back
against the wall behind the trunk as he chats on his cell phone with his
girl, Lita. Edge gets a big grin on his face after something Lita just said
to him.

"Oh yeah Lita... I love it when you talk like that you dirty little slut..."
Edge says with a smirk as he pops open the button of his jeans to slide a
hand into them to adjust himself as he listens to what Lita is now saying to

Lita laughs on the other line of the phone "Ohhh baby...I miss you so much...
but what I miss more is that big...cock" Lita groans a bit "You know how I
love it."

"Mmmm yeah... I know you do... I bet you wished I was there with you right
now... just so you can suck my big... hard... cock with that hot dripping
mouth of yours..." Edge licks his teeth as the mental image of Lita working
his shaft over with her mouth runs through his head.

Lita moans softly "'re making me so hot baby..." Lita replies as
she talks to Edge over the phone. In the arena however, the current WWE
Women's Champion, Trish Stratus approaches the 'Rated R Superstar' Edge.
Trish folds her arms as she looks at Edge, giving him a cold stare. Trish
clears her throat getting Edge's attention.

Trish is successful in getting Edge's attention as he looks at her with a
smirk, "Hey baby... something's.... or rather... someone's come up... I'll
talk to you later..." Edge only hears a moan in reply as he hangs up the
cell phone. He takes his hand out of his jeans and smirks at Lita, "Hey
Trish..." Edge licks his lips as he blatantly checks out her body. "You're
looking rather... hot and sexy..."

Trish unfolds her arms, however keeps her cold stare on Edge "Cut the
crap..." Trish replies with a snap in her voice "Look...I know what you did
to Mickie!" Trish says angrily "I Mickie can be at times..." Trish
says with a nod "But she sure as hell didn't deserve that!"

Edge smirks, "Relax Trish... calm down.... it's no big deal... I'm sure you
wanted her to get something like that done to her..." Edge hips off of the
equipment trunk, but doesn't re-button his jeans. "I've seen how annoyed
and angry at her you get... and I bet you're just dying to release all the
frustration and anger..." Edge licks his teeth, "And I know a way how..."

Trish laughs a bit and places a hand on her hip "Oh...yeah...I want to
release some anger" Trish replies "You wanna know how?"

Edge grins, "Sure... I'm all ears..." Edge shifts his gaze from looking at
Trish's face to looking at her chest then he looks back up her.

Trish nods her head a bit and smirks "Well...Edge...simply....this!" Trish
says before she raises her left hand up to slap Edge across the face.

Before Trish's hand comes in contacts with his face, Edge grabs her left
wrist and pulls her towards him, "That's not what I had in mind..." Edge
licks his teeth and then he forcefully kisses her, pushing his tongue into
her mouth.

Trish breaks the kiss "Awwww!" Trish yells as she pushes herself away from
Edge, looking obviously pissed.

Edge smirks as she grabs her again, "You know you liked it..." Edge moves a
hand through her hair before he lifts her up and puts her over his shoulder.
"And you're going to enjoy this..." Edge laughs.

"Let me go!" Trish yells as she kicks at Edge's chest with her feet and hits
Edge's upper back with her hands "Edge...damn it! This isn't funny! Let me

Edge chuckles, "Relax Trish... this is for your own good..." Edge laughs some
more as he starts to walk to down the hallway. He grabs hold of her two legs
to keep her from kicking him.

Trish delivers a hard elbow to Edge's upper back "Edge! Stop it!" Trish says
gritting her teeth.

Edge goes around a corner to head towards his private locker room. "We're
almost there Trish... trust me... you're going to enjoy getting this..."
Edge laughs some more as he reaches the door and kicks it open with his
foot. Trish twists and turns her body as tries to push herself off of
Edge's shoulder.

Edge carries her into the locker room and kicks the door close. He releases
Trish's legs and locks it before he moves to the couch and tosses her down on
to it. Edge licks his teeth like a predator as he looks down at her, "Now the
fun begins..."

Trish looks up at Edge and tries to sit up, however Edge pins her down by her
shoulders "Fuck you..." Trish says and spits up into Edge's face.

"Awww Trish... you don't have promise me you're going to do that... I was
going to invite myself anyway..." Edge grins as he grabs the neckline of
Trish's top and pulls on it to tear it apart.

Trish grits her teeth as she looks down at her bra covered chest and then her
torn shirt. Trish lifts her left up trying kick Edge off of her "Get the fuck
off me!" Trish yells.

"Just relax..." Edge grins as he undoes the buttons of Trish's pants and
begins to pull them down. He uses a bit of effort to get them off of her
legs. Edge takes a moment to gaze at her now partially naked body and grins,
"No wonder you were the Babe of the Year three years in a row." Edge sits
down on the couch next to her and moves a hand through her hair, "Hope you
can handle a Rated R Superstar..." Edge says as he begins to take off his
shirt. Trish sits up and elbows Edge in the shoulder as she tries getting
up from the couch as Edge pulls her back down.

Edge tosses his shirt away and quickly takes off his jeans and boxers. Edge
grabs her arm and pulls her into another kiss, slipping his tongue back into
her mouth as he moves a hand around her to hold her close to him. Edge breaks
the kiss and licks her lips. "Mmmmm you got some really juicy lips Trish...
I know what will got great between them." Edge stands up and pulls Trish off
the couch and has her kneel down on ground. Edge grabs his cock and takes a
handful of Trish's hair. Trish glares up at Edge as she clamps her mouth
shut. Edge pulls Trish's mouth open and Edge thrusts his cock into Trish's
warm mouth. Edge's cock hits the back of Trish's throat instantly as she
gags. Edge holds Trish's blonde hair into a ponytail as he begins to thrust
his cock deep into her wet mouth.

Edge moans, "Oh fuck yeah... I knew your mouth was built for sucking dick..."
Edge grabs another handful of Trish's hair as he thrust his cock in and out
of her mouth faster and harder. He pushes his shaft all the way into her
until his entire cock is past her lips.

Trish's saliva drips out of her mouth as she bobs her head quickly on Edge's
stiff cock, mostly due to Edge lifting her head up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmm you love that dick in your mouth don't you..." Edge says as he bends
down slightly. Edge continues to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth as
he reaches between Trish's legs to rub her pussy. He smirks and licks his
teeth, "Well... well... what do we have here... seems like someone is getting
turned on by this...." Edge pushes his middle finger into her pussy and
begins sliding it in and out in a teasing manner. Trish tries jerking her
head off of Edge's cock, however each time Edge's presses Trish's head down
further on his cock with his hand, making Trish's deep throat his entire

"Mmmmmm... Seems like my finger isn't enough for you pussy..." Edge says as
he pulls his cock out of her mouth. He lets go of her hair and grabs both of
her arms to lift her up. Edge pushes her back onto the couch then grabs one
of her legs to pull it away from the other so she's spread out. "And I got
the right tool for the job..." Edge grips his cock by the base and shoves
his rod extremely hard into Trish's pussy.

Trish's eyes close instantly "Ohhhhh fuck!" Trish cries out "Edge...please
stop.." Trish begs as he thrusts quickly in and out of her tight pussy.

Edge licks the underside of his teeth as he pushes himself deeply into
Trish's pussy, "Ahhh yeah, that's a tight fucking pussy you got Trish..."
Edge roughly moves a hand through Trish's hair as he lifts up one of Trish's
legs to turn Trish a bit onto her side.

Trish looks over her shoulder at Edge with a cold glare as he turns her over
completely on her side, withdrawing his cock for a few moments before ramming
his stiff cock back into her warm pussy "Ohhhhh fuck!" Trish moans out in
pain. Trish takes a breath "Edge...if you don't stop...I'll scream!"

"No you won't..." Edge laughs as he moves his arm to angle it around Trish's
head to cover her mouth with the palm of his hand. Edge places his other hand
on Trish's waist to pull her back again against him after each thrust. Trish
moves her head slightly and manages to bite Edge's first and second fingers
as he continues to thrusts his cock in and out of her tight cunt.

"Oh you bitch!" Edge scream as he pulls his hand away from Trish's mouth.
"You little slut!" Edge yells as he pulls out of her. He roughly picks Trish
up and drops her on all fours onto the floor with her facing the leather
couch. Edge gets behind Trish and rams his cock with out any preparation into
Trish's ass.

Trish closes her eyes "Ohhhh fuck no...!" Trish whimpers "Please...Edge

Edge reaches forward and grabs a handful of Trish's blonde hair and yanks her
head back, "Oh come Bitch... you love it... I know my 'brother' did these to
you a lot..." Edge pushes hard into her, making her move up against the

Trish grits her teeth "Fuck off..." Trish says aggressively as she slams her
ass back against Edge's cock, trying to cause him pain.

"Mmmm yeah... that's what I like..." Edge grits his teeth trying hard not to
reveal that Trish didn't just hurt him with her last push back. He reaches
around her waist with his fee hand and starts rubbing her pussy with three
of his fingers.

Trish looks over her shoulder at Edge as she begins to sweat "You...know...

Edge grins at her as sweat drips down his face and body, "Ohhhh don't... make
me laugh..." Edge gives her a sharp thrust that results in his cock being
force completely inside of her asshole. The Rated R Superstar pushes two
fingers into Trish's pussy and moves them in and out quickly as he resumes
fucking her ass at a quick rate.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhhh fuck..." Trish groans.

Edge chuckles, "Mmmm I knew you like this... you're just a dirty little
slut..." Edge pulls his cock out of Trish's ass and forces it back into her
pussy. As he resumes fucking her pussy, Edge rubs the edges of her pussy with
his hand.

Trish looks over her shoulder and glares at Edge "Fuck you..." She replies as
she spits at him once again.

"Wrong... I'm fucking you!" Edge laughs. Edge moves a hand to Trish's ass
and pushes his thumb into her asshole. Edge moves his other hand away from
Trish's pussy and licks his fingers, which are coated in Trish's juice.
"Mmmm..." Edge smirks as he starts to stand up while continuing to fuck
Trish, who he pulls up to her feet to bend her over the couch.

Trish takes a deep breath and then begins to yell "Help!"

"Oh you fucking cunt!" Edge grabs her hair and pulls her up to she's standing
against him. He wraps an arm around her sweaty waist and covers her mouth
with his right hand. Edge begins lifting her a bit up and down as he pumps
his shaft into her. Trish swings her left arm back and elbows Edge in the
stomach causing him to withdraw his cock from her pussy.

Edge gets a bit angry, "You're really pushing it slut!" Edge turns Trish
around and shoves her back onto the couch. He forces her legs apart and plows
his shaft back into her pussy. Edge takes extra precaution by grabbing both
of Trish's arms to pin them down on the couch, and he forcefully kisses her
to prevent her from screaming out. Trish, without meaning to, wraps her legs
around Edge's waist as he rams his stiff cock into her cunt. Trish moans into
Edge's mouth as he kisses her. Edge breaks the kiss, smirks and kisses her
again, forcing his tongue her mouth. He moves her arms up and over Trish's
head; criss-crossing them as he gives Trish some more stiff thrusts. Sweat
drips off of his body and onto Trish's gorgeous body. Trish gently bites down
on Edge's bottom lip as she begins to cum, she tightens the grip of her legs
as her body relaxes with her warm juices flowing out of her pussy. Edge
breaks the kiss and smirks at Trish, "I knew you were fucking enjoying this
you whore..." Edge pushes into Trish for a few more moments as he releases
her arms to pull her legs from around his waist.

Trish glares up at Edge "You're an asshole..."

Edge licks his teeth, "And you got a dirty mouth... I better wash it out with
my cock..." Edge stands up and pulls Trish off of the couch again. He props
her up against it and uses one hand to force her mouth open to force his
throbbing member past her lips. Trish holds her head still refusing to suck
Edge's cock. She looks up at him glaring. Edge smirks down at her and grabs
the sides of her head as he begins thrusting his him to drive his cock in and
out of her mouth. Trish begins coughing around Edge's cock as his cock hits
the back of her throat. "Ahhhhh fuck...." Edge tilts his head back and gets
a big smile on his face as he begins to cum. He makes sure to keep his cock
inside of Trish's mouth to force her swallow his load. Trish quickly pulls
her head away from Edge's cock as she gets some of his warm cum into her
precious mouth. Trish looks down at the floor and slides her hand through her
blonde hair as she spits Edge's cum out of her mouth.

Edge smirks at Trish and bends down a bit to run his hand through Trish's
hair again, making it even more disheveled. "Awww... you spit it out... I
knew you were a cheap slut..."

Trish raises her eyes and glares at Edge once again "You're an ass..."

Edge chuckles as he starts to gather his clothes to put them back on. "If I'm
such and ass... how come you let me fuck your fine ass..."

Trish gets up on the floor and sits on the couch "Because you forced me!"

"Hey you only called out for help once you slut..." Edge chuckles as he
buttons up his jeans. "You didn't call out for help when I brought you
here... you wanted this... and you enjoyed every minute of it..." Edge
laugh some more as he starts to head towards the door.

Trish begins to tear up slightly " I didn't!"

Edge turns back and smirks, "Hey... look on the bright side... You're just
like Mickie now... a dirty fucking slut." Edge opens the door and leaves
laughing his head off.

Trish hangs her head as tears roll down her cheek. Out in the hallway WWE
Diva, Victoria is walking by and hears Trish inside of the locker room.
Victoria pauses and raises eyebrow before stepping inside. Victoria sees
Trish inside on the couch, now clothed and in tears. Despite being a rival
of Trish's, Victoria shows some concern for her fellow Diva "Trish? What's
wrong?" Victoria asks folding her arms.

Trish starts to look up but can't bring herself to and looks down and she
covers her face with her hands, "I... I..." Trish sobs and shakes her head.

Victoria rolls her eyes and sighs "What's wrong? Are you losing you're
beloved Women's Championship?"

"No.... no...." Trish takes a deep breath as she tries to compose herself.
"I... I... was... I... was... raped..."

Victoria places her hands on her hips and looks at Trish as if she doesn't
believe her "Yeah right...what do you want blondie some more attention?"
Victoria yells a bit "How much more can you get, you're already in the damn
spotlight on Raw!"

"I... was raped..." Trish repeats herself, "By... by... Edge..." Trish
shakes her head, "He... he..." Trish buries her face into her hands, which
are shaking quite a bit, and resumes crying.

Victoria raises her eyebrow a bit " is true...I guess that dumb bitch
Maria was right too." Victoria smirks as she cracks her neck slightly "I
guess there's a problem that needs to be taken care of..."


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