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The Cutting Edge Part 7: Lockerroom Lita
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Edge's locker room, the Rated R superstar is sitting on the armrest of one
of two leather couches decorating the room, while Carlito and Chris Masters
each sit on one stretched out. The three of them had a six-man tag team match
earlier in the night, which they won thanks to some heavy interference by
Edge's girlfriend Lita.

Carlito smirks at Edge as he takes a bite out of his green apple, "Hey, that
chick Lita... she's cool..."

Masters nods his head, "Yeah man, she so totally turned the tide for us at
the right moment."

Edge smirks at the two young superstars, "Yeah, Lita's good at that... but
better at other things."

Carlito slouches back on the couch, "Carlito thinks Lita is hot... she has
all the things Carlito likes, and that's cool."

"Shit yeah, she's a masterpiece of a ass..." Master laughs at his own joke
but looks at Edge, "No offense man, I know she's your girl..."

"Do I look like fucking Matt Hardy? Lita's a slut... and that's what makes
her hot..." Edge replies.

"And that's cool too..." Carlito chimes in, Edge and Masters both laugh in
response to Carlito getting the last word in as the cool Caribbean native
takes a few bites out of his apple.

The locker room door pushes open and in walks Edge's woman, Lita as she's
dressed in a tight pair of jeans, that hug her hips perfectly, and one of
Edge's 'R Rated Superstar' t-shirts, that's low cut, revealing her cleavage
line. Lita licks her teeth as she walks over Edge. She straddles his laps
and slides her hand through his long blonde hair " you were so
good out there...John Cena has nothing on you!" Lita says and then turns
her head looking at Carlito and Chris Masters "Neither does Ric Flair or
Shawn Michaels...they're all like little boys...just Matt...Hardy."

Edge puts his hand under Lita's chin and has her face him so he can kiss
her. He doesn't hesitate in pushing for a hot and heavy kiss by forcing his
tongue into her mouth. Carlito and Masters both watch kiss and have different
reactions with Carlito smirking and Masters licking his lips. "God damn she
fucking hot... look at how she just got into kissing him back..." Masters
says as his eyes wander Lita's tightly clothed body.

Lita threads her fingers through Edge's hair as she twists her tongue around
in Edge's mouth as she kisses him. Lita scoots up on Edge's lap about as she
begins to rotate her pelvis as she grinds herself against Edge's crotch.

Edge wraps his arms around Lita and slightly rakes his fingers against her
covered back. Seeing this gets both Masters and Carlito to get wide grin on
their faces. Carlito nudges Masters, "Hey Carlito don't like to watch... but
this is cool."

"Yeah no shit..." Masters answers as he adjusts his crotch.

Edge breaks the kiss with Lita and locks eyes with her, "You got great timing
babe... we were just talking about you..." Edge licks his teeth as he looks
out of the corner of his eye at Carlito and Masters then focuses back on

Lita kisses Edge's lips before she turns slightly on Edge's lap so she can
look at Carlito and Masters. She smirks "Really? What were you talking
about?" Lita asks she glances down towards Carlito's crotch and then glances
at Masters's crotch.

"Well baby..." Edge slides a hand up the back of Lita's head, making the back
of her hair a mess as he threads his fingers through it rather roughly. "We
were talking about you..."

Carlito grins, "Yeah, we think you're cool..."

"And hot as hell..." Masters chips in.

Edge laughs, "That's what they think now... but I was about to tell them how
much of a hot fucking slut you are."

Lita laughs and licks her teeth "If anyone knows how of much of slut I can...
it's you baby..." Lita says as she places her left hand into between Edge's
legs and begins to rub her smooth and against Edge's crotch that's concealed
in his wrestling tights.

You got that right..." Edge slightly moans as he feels her hand press against
his crotch, "But they don't know... and I want them too...." Edge moves his
right hand and lifts Lita's T-shirt up slightly to reveal the lower half of
her flat stomach. He pops the button free of Lita's jeans and then slides the
tips of three of his fingers into them to rub the upper area's around her
pussy. Carlito and Masters both gawk a bit in amazement of what they are
seeing and for the moment are speechless. Edge smirks and turns his head to
flick his tongue against Lita's earlobe. In a bit of a commanding whisper,
"Why don't you show them how much of total slut you are..."

Lita licks her lips as Edge slowly inserts his middle finger into her pussy,
while her jeans are still on. "Ohhhh baby..." Lita moans as she closes her
eyes and leans her head back against Edge's shoulder that's somewhat already
sweaty from his match.

Edge licks his teeth and raises his eyebrows a few times before he says to
Carlito and Masters, "Watch this..." Edge moves his middle finger in and out
of Lita's pussy at a very slow pace as he begins to tease her. He pushes her
t-shirt up and over her head where it's now resting on her shoulders at the
back of her neck. Edge lowers his head a bit to circle his tongue around the
nipple of Lita's left breast. As he flicks his tongue against the very tip
of her nipple, Carlito bites his lip while constantly adjusting his tights
to make his rising cock more comfortable.

"Ah Santa Maria..." He whispers as Masters shifts in his seat as his dick
starts to rise and press against tight confines of his wrestling trucks. He
remains pretty silently but his eyes are locked on Lita's body, looking up
and down from her breasts down to her crotch.

Lita slides her hand into her jeans and places her hand on top of Edge's
hand; she begins to guide his finger in and out of her pussy as she pinches
her right nipple with two of her fingers. Lita grits her teeth "Ohhhhh fuck
baby..." Lita moans lustfully as she opens her eyes slightly as she reaches
behind her with her right hand, that was pinching her nipple, and slides
her hand into Edge's wrestling tights as she sits on his lap, while facing
Carlito and Chris Masters. Lita feels around for Edge's cock in his wrestling
tights and once she finds his cock she begins to rub two fingers against the
head of his large cock.

Edge grins at both Carlito and Masters, "Enjoying the show boys?"

"Fuck yeah..." Masters says in a stunned voice.

"This... is... way cooler than my Cabana..." Carlito adds.

"Well... since your.... mmmm..." Edge moans as he fells the nail of one of
Lita's fingers graze across the head of his cock, "Why don't you... get
comfortable... Lita... is going to be... more than willing to do what it
takes for both of you." Carlito and Masters exchange looks and smirk as
they stand up to take off there wrestling trunks to free their ever-growing
erections. They both sit back down on the leather couch. Carlito wraps his
hand around his cock and slowly begins to stroke it as he watches Lita
however Masters doesn't put a masterlock hold on his dick just yet. Edge
smirks and whispers into Lita's ear lustfully, "Look Lita... two big new
dicks for you..."

Lita opens her eyes completely and licks her lips, she removes her hand from
her own jeans and the wrestling tights of Edge. She smirks and looks at Edge
"I'll be back with you..." She says she gets off of Edge's lap and walks over
to the leather couch. Lita flips her red hair back as she gets down on her
knees in front of Carlito and Masters. Lita licks her lips once again as she
takes a hold of both cocks into her cold hands. Lita moves her hands up
against both shaft as she leans forward and flicks her tongue against the
head of Masters's cock, she then does the same to Carlito.

Edge grins approvingly as he watches Lita begin to work on Masters and
Carlito. Carlito is a bit jumpy, as he moves his hips slightly in unison
with every movement Lita's hand, moving forward when Lita strokes upward
and backward when she comes down. Master swallows hard as he feels Lita's
tongue dab against the tip of his cock. "Mmmm... damn that's a soft
tongue..." Masters moans.

"Wait till she's sucking your dick..." Edge laughs as he gets up to remove
his wrestling tights. Lita laughs a little before she slowly runs her wet
tongue down Carlito's shaft to his ballsack. She gently flicks her tongue
against his ballsack as she laps his balls into her mouth and begins to
slowly suck on them.

"Ohhhh yea... suck on Carlito's apples...." Carlito moans as he closes his
eyes and leans back. Masters turns his head to look at Carlito to ask him
about what he just said but thinks better of it and doesn't. Edge sits
back down on the other leather couch, right into the middle, with one hand
wrapping around his dick and the other draped across the back of the couch.

"She's so fucking good at that..." Edge licks his lips.

"She sure looks like it," Masters replies as he angles his head to get a
good look of how Lita is pleasuring Carlito. Lita pulls her head away from
Carlito's ballsack and then turns to Masters's impressive 13-inch cock, she
licks her lips and circles her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Oh yeah... this is perfect...." Masters places both of his hands behind his
head and flexes his pecks a bit when he sees Lita look up at him.

Carlito is breathing hard all ready, "God damn... Lita is no cheap ho... Lita
knows what's she's doing..." Carlito says in praise of Lita's work.

"Of course she does... I'm the Rated R Superstar... and I make sure she
knows what to do at all times..." Edge replies, and then gets a wide grin as
an thought pops into his brain, "Hey Lita... go way down on Chris... that'll
shock him..." Lita smiles widely as she flips her hair back and opens her
mouth as wide as she can. She slowly lowers her mouth onto Masters's cock
and wraps her lips around his cock, she begins to bob her head as she deep
throats him.

"Sweet Jesus..." Masters gasps, "She's practically fucking swallowing by
dick..." He places both of his hands on Lita's head to feel her bobbing on
his dick.

Carlito licks his lips, "This is really cool..."

"Boy... you two are sure impressed easily... she's not even out of her jeans
yet..." Edge laughs a bit.

"Carlito's not complaining," Carlito replies with a cheesy grin. As Lita
bobs her head quicker on Masters's cock and tightens her grip with mouth. She
wraps her right around Carlito's stiff shaft and begins to quickly move her
hand against his shaft.

Edge gets up off the couch then walks over behind Lita. He runs his hand
through hands though her hair, "Suck that cock Lita..." Edge says as he
starts to massage her hair, while pushing her head down a bit on Masters'

Carlito takes a deep breath, "Hey... Can Lita... take two... dicks...."

Edge grins, "She used to managed those Limp-y Boys... of course she can..."
Edge kneels down a bit behind her, "Ain't that right?" he says into her
ear before he nibbles on her shoulder a bit. Lita lifts her head up from
Masters's cock and smirks, while nodding her head. Carlito moves a bit
closers to Masters on the couch, Lita wraps her hands around both cocks
and pulls the two cocks of Masters and Carlito close together as she lowers
her head onto both of their cocks. With her mouth somewhat stretched, Lita
begins to bob her head on both cocks with a slow pace.

Both Carlito and Masters moans loudly under the oral assault they are
receiving by Lita. Edge licks his lips and places his hands on her shoulders,
rubbing both of them, "Yeah that's right Lita... suck those big cocks..." He
looks at both Carlito and Masters, "She loves sucking dick... she can never
get enough of it... but there's something she loves more..."

Master gasps a bit but manages to asks, "And.… what's that..."

Edge grins, "She loves to get fucked... hard... by as many guys as
possible..." Lita begins to bob her head quicker on both Masters's and
Carlito's cocks, making both of their cocks grind against each other as
she laps her luscious tongue around their throbbing, stiff cocks.

"Ahhhh shit..." Carlito moans, "Carlito really wants to fuck this slut..."

Masters looks at him as if he just ruined, "Christ dude... watch what you're

Edge laughs, "Relax... he ain't saying something that's not true... Lita tell
them..." Edge grabs a hand full of Lita's hair to pull her head off of both
of their dicks, "Tell them what you are..."

Lita smirks "I'm...a!"

"That's fucking right..." Edge smirks as he pulls Lita back a bit to turn her
around. Edge places a hand on her head and guides his cock to her lips as he
looks at Masters and Carlito, "What are you guys waiting for? Fuck her!"
Masters and Carlito are stunned for a moment before then realize what's going
to happen.

"Carlito's going first, cause Carlito's cool," Carlito pushes Masters out of
the way and shoves his cock into Lita's waiting pussy. He instantly starts
fucking her at a brisk pace. Carlito pushes Lita forward as he thrusts his
cock in and out of her warm pussy. Lita begins to instantly bob her head
quickly on Edge's cock as she laps her very skillful tongue around on his
solid, hard cock.

Edge rocks his hips to push his dick further into Lita's wet mouth, "Take it
all..." Edge grunts.

Carlito slaps the side of Lita's thigh after a few hard thrusts, "Oh yea...
she can take Carlito's cock good..." Carlito grips her hips to pull her back
against him.

Masters licks his lips after watching Carlito bang Lita for a few minutes,
"Hey how about letting a masterpiece fuck her..."

Carlito looks at him as he starts to sweat a little, "You're going to like
fucking her... her pussy is cool... and wet." Carlito slides his cock out
of Lita and Masters quickly takes his place. He starts off by giving Lita
a stiff thrust that makes her shoot forward and presses her face down
completely on Edge's shaft. Lita moans as she deep throats all of Edge's
large cock. Lita begins to twist her head on his cock as she slams her
body back against Masters's cock. Lita reaches over towards Carlito and
takes his cock into her free hand and begins to stroke his moist cock,
from her juices, with her soft hand.

Masters pushes himself faster in and out of Lita's pussy repeatedly, "Fuck
she's got a tight pussy..."

Edge grins, "You must got a big dick cause she's very loose..." Edge pulls
his cock out of Lita's mouth and slides it over her left cheek, smearing some
her own saliva on her face.

Carlito bites his lower lip and moans, "She can't get enough dick..." Lita
laughs and flips her hair back as she pulls Carlito's cock towards her warm
mouth. She swirls her tongue against the head on his cock and then opens her
mouth and begins to bob her head on the Caribbean’s cock. Lita sucks tightly
on his cock as she inhales his cock like a vacuum into her mouth.

"Oh fuck yea..." Carlito moans loudly as he ruffles up Lita's hair with his
right hand. Masters continues to fuck her pussy pushing her forward each time
by placing his hands on her ass.

Edge sinks down to the floor, laying almost completely on his back but he's
turned a bit on his side. He then asks her, "Having fun Lita?"

Lita lifts her head up from Carlito's cock and smiles "Ohh you bet baby" Lita
says with a moan as Masters's rams his think cock into her warm pussy. Lita
flicks her tongue against Carlito's shaft "Are you baby..." She asks as she
places her left hand over the head of Edge's cock and begins to massage the
head of his cock.

"Mmmmm... yeah... but... how about you climbing up on me... and get my spear
inside that nice wet slutty pussy of yours..." Edge licks his teeth. Masters
pulls out of Lita's pussy for a moment then plows his dick back into her.

"She'd fucking love that I bet..." Masters chuckles as his body starts to
shine from his own sweat.

Lita winks up at Carlito as she crawls a bit away from Masters, leaving his
cock still in her warm cunt. Lita slowly gets up onto Edge's cock with a
little maneuvering. Lita bites down on her lip once she comes completely down
on his stiff cock. Lita places her hands on Edge's chest as she begins to
bounce on Edge's cock and then push back against Masters's cock that's in her
pussy as well "Mmmm...mother...fuck!" Lita moans as she begin to bounce
quicker on Edge's cock, while pushing back harder on Masters's cock.

"Shit she's a hardcore... cock hungry whore!" Masters moans with the most
amazed look on his face. He doesn't thrust into her at all and just lets Lita
do all the work. Edge places his hands behind his head and he gets a very
satisfied look on his face, "Ride that dick Lita... yeah... that's it..."
Edge closes his eyes and starts to really get into enjoying the way Lita is

"Hey! Carlito's left out, that' not cool!" Carlito complains.

Edge licks his lips, "Hey there's enough room in her ass for you Carlito..."

"Oh yea..." Carlito moves behind Lita and Masters scoots over slightly. The
Cool Caribbean grips his cock and spits on it before he begins to push it
into her asshole. Once he has enough of his dick inside of her, be carefully
thrust into her.

Lita tilts her head back "Ohhhh fuck yes!" Lita moans loudly as she rocks
her hips as she rides Edge's cock. Lita leans down a bit and slides her hand
through Edge's sweat filled hair as she too sweats. Lita licks Edge's lip as
she kisses him.

Edge kisses little back and moves his long tongue all over inside of her
mouth. Masters begins pushing in and out of her after getting bored with just
Lita pushing back against him. He smirks at Carlito, "How come more Diva's
can't be total sluts like Lita?"

"Oh Carlito knows about the some of other divas... they are pretty wild..."
Carlito answers.

"I bet they are all sluts..." Masters licks his teeth as he gets an idea and
he withdraws his cock from her pussy and he pushes it into her asshole along
side Carlito's. Lita wraps her tongue around Edge's tongue inside of her
mouth and begins to suck on Edge's tongue as she grinds her pussy around on
Edge's cock, while she rides his large prick. Lita then powerfully slams back
on both Carlito and Masters, catching them by surprise.

"Oh fucking geeze!" Carlito grunts as he the sudden push back by Lita gets
him to cum. He pulls out of her ass and blows most of his load all over her
right ass cheek. Carlito steps back and sit on the couch, a bit exhausted
from his match and from fucking Lita. "That was cool..." Carlito smiles.
With Carlito now spent, Masters starts fucking Lita's ass with every ounce
of strength he's got in his Adonis like body.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Lita groans as Edge thrusts his cock sharply up into her pussy.
Lita licks her lips while she gently pushes back on Masters's cock "Mmmm...I
fucking love cock..."

Edge moves his hands and grabs hold of Lita's large chest as Masters grits
his teeth. "You're just a dirty little cock hound..." Masters grunts as sweat
drips down his face. He wraps his arms around Lita's waist as he stands up
slightly to push downward into her ass. The Masterpiece's breathing gets
quicker and heavier as he tries to hold himself back, but just as he's about
to hit the brink, he pulls out of ass and moves to her right side. Masters'
yanks her head up and pushes his cock completely into her mouth.

Edge gets a cat like smile on his face, "Bravo... that's how she loves it!"
Lita wraps her lips around Masters's cock tightly as she quickly bobs her
head on his cock. Lita gradually works her tongue into his piss-slit tasting
his pre-cum as she circles his cock around her warm mouth. Lita places both
of her hands firmly on Edge's sweaty chest as she bounces quickly on his
stiff prick.

Masters leans his head back and gasps loudly while repeatedly opening and
closing his powerful hands. "Ahhhhh fuck me...." Masters yells as he starts
cumming in her mouth. He grabs hold of Lita's head and makes her keep his
cock in her mouth until he finishes. Lita moans around Masters's cock as his
warm cum flows into her mouth, some of his cum drips out of Lita's mouth,
but the majority goes right down her throat. Masters slowly pulls his cock
out of her mouth and he steps backward to sit on the couch. Edge places his
hands on her hips and rolls over so he's on top of her. Before Lita can
swallow the cum in her mouth he kisses her, sliding his tongue into her
mouth as he fucks her.

Masters and Carlito watch as Edge practically stirs the cum in Lita's mouth
with his tongue. Edge swallows all of Master's cum with out any problem. He
grabs both of Lita's arms and pins them down on the floor as he thrusts
sharply into her pussy. Edge breaks the long hot passionate kiss with Lita,
"You're.... such... a perfect... slut..." Edge moans.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhhh fuck...." Edge thrusts sharply into
her Lita's pussy as he gets a hand between himself and Lita to rub her pussy.
He angles his head to lick and kiss her sweaty neck. Lita closes her eyes and
licks her lips "Ohhh're so good.."

"Got that right... I'm the rated R... Superstar!" Edge grits his teeth as he
blows his load inside of Lita tight pussy. "Mmmmmmmmm shit...."

Lita legs wrap tightly around his waist as she feels his cum flow into her
pussy "Mmmmm...fuck"

Carlito and Masters sit in stunned silence as Edge and Lita lock eyes. Edge
starts to pull out of Lita's pussy, "Damn... we're a bit messy aren't we...."
Edge laughs.

Masters chuckles, "Yeah... we are...."

Edge grins at Lita, and licks his teeth, "Who's up for a shower?"

Some time later, Lita and Edge step out of the locker room, completely
refreshed and clothed. Edge puts an arm around Lita's waist and smirks as he
pulls her in front of him, "You're such a total fuck slut...." Edge smirks.

Lita laughs before she kisses Edge on the lips, she break the kiss "I know...
I know.." Edge puts his arm around Lita and the two begin to walk down the
hallway. Unknown to Edge and Lita, at the other end of the hallway WWE Diva,
Victoria, has stepped out of the Women's Lockerroom and has been watching the

Victoria grits teeth and then cracks her knuckles "Ohhh...this is one
bitch... you don't want to mess with..."


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