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The Cutting Edge Part 8: Too Hot To Handle
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the arena where Raw is broadcasting from, Candice
Michelle and Torrie Wilson are standing near the production zone. Both women
are dressed in matching outfits, of black bottoms with hot pink tops. Torrie
flips her golden blond hair back with one hand as he places the other on her
hip. Torrie smirks, "We really showed Trish and Ashley who not to mess with
tonight didn't we?"

Candice laughs "Oh...that's right, from now Trish and Ashley will know that
we're just handle!" Candice says with a smile. Candice licks
her lips a bit as she looks at Torrie "But hot out
there tonight." Candice says gazing her eyes down at Torrie's cleavage.

"Oh hush..." Torrie laughs as she starts to looks at Candice, "You're the one
who look... scorching hot out there..." Torrie slightly licks her bottom lip,
"So hot... that it got every one's attention."

Candice bites down on her bottom lip and then flashes her eyelashes "Tor...
what do you say...we head back to locker room?"

Torrie gets a small smile on her face, "That's a great idea Candice..." Just
before both hot divas begin to the head to their locker room, "The Rated R
Superstar" Edge passes by. He acts like he didn't notice them at first, but
he stops and walks backward back to them.

"Why hello...." Edge smirks then licks his teeth as he looks first at Torrie
and then at Candice.

Candice and Torrie both stop in the hallway. Candice smiles "Hello Edge..."
Torrie places her left hand on her hip.

"Hey Edge...did you happen to see our match?" Torrie asks as she glances at

Edge smirks, "Oh yeah... I saw your match... and I must say..." Edge's eyes
become fixated on Candice's cleavage, "I liked what I saw tonight."

Candice laughs "Is that because we're too hot to handle?" Candice asks as she
raises her left hand into the air and slowly twirls her body around, doing
her patented GoDaddy Dance.

Torrie smiles "Ohh...Candice you are so hot.."

Candice smiles and pats Torrie's backside softly "Ohh...I know...but you're
much hotter..." Candice replies.

Edge smiles like a kid in a candy store as he looks at both divas, "You're
both fucking hot..." he comments and then he starts to get a brain storm,
"But I'm not sure... if you're Rated R hot...." Edge smirks as he scans both
divas with his eyes as if trying to see through their tight fitting clothing.

Candice licks her lips "Oh...I know Torrie's hot enough."

Torrie laughs "Oh no...Candice is definitely hot enough."

Torrie says before looking at Edge and raising her eyebrow "What are you
suggesting... Mr. Money in the Bank?" Torrie asks with a smirk.

Edge slides a hand through his hair as if thinking for a moment, "Oh... I'm
thinking maybe a little test... how about you two come with me to my locker
room... so I can really see if you're too hot... for the Rated R Superstar...
to handle."

Candice smirks and licks her lips "Oh...that sounds fun.." Candice says
twirling a strand of her hair with her left index finger.

Torrie folds her arms and looks at Edge, she nods "'ll be fun...but
why don't we go to the Women's Lockerroom?" Torrie asks.

Edge licks the bottom of his teeth, "That sounds great to me..." Edge replies
as he steps in between both Candice and Torrie, and slides a hand around each
of their waists. Candice and Torrie both smile at Edge as they walk down the
hallway. Candice slides her hand into Edge's left back pocket on his jeans as
Torrie does the same, sliding her hand into Edge's right back pocket.

Edge smirks as he feels both of their hands in his back pockets, "It's great
to be me..." Edge looks at Torrie and then at Candice, "Bet you two can't
wait to go... two... on one... with me."

Candice smirks "Oh...I can't wait..." She replies as she gently pinches the
left asscheek through his jeans. Torrie licks her lips as she turns her head
towards Edge "I have the biggest dick ever..." Torrie says as she
too pinches Edge's ass cheek through his jeans, only on the right side.

Edge grins as he feels his ass being pinched, "Well... I don't like to
brag... but I'll bet it's a hell of a lot bigger than anyone you two have
fucked before..." The trio goes around a corner and heads down the next
corridor towards the Women's locker room.

Candice laughs "Ohh...I wouldn't know...I've been too busy with Torrie
lately.." Candice says with a wink in Torrie's direction.

Torrie licks her lips "Yeah...Candice is really good with her tongue too..."

Edge's grin turns into a full out smile, "I knew there was something going on
between you two... but I know for sure both of your tongues are going to be
busy with my big dick... neither one of you is going to get enough of it."

Torrie smiles "Ohh...I hope we're just not...too hot for you.." Candice
places her hand against Edge's belt buckle as the three now stand outside the
Women's Lockerroom.

"Ohhh...Torrie, I can't wait to get his dick in my mouth." Candice says as
she starts to unhook his belt out in the hallway. Torrie glares a bit at

"No...I get him first...I've Playboy're just a GoDaddy
whore." Candice opens her mouth in shock and places a hand on her hip
turning in Torrie's direction.

"At least I'm not blowing Mr. McMahon..."

Torrie laughs " got that confused with yourself..." Torrie
says arguing back with Candice. Edge turns his head slightly looking away
from the two beauties as Candice smirks a bit and winks at Torrie.

Edge pushes the door of the locker room open, "Torrie... Candice... there's
no need to fight... there's enough of me for both of you." Candice and Torrie
both step out of Edge's arms and stand together in the doorway as Edge walks
into the darkened Women's Lockerroom. Edge squints his eyes as he tries to
see where he's going, "Hey... where's the light switch?" Edge asks, "I need
to see you two if I'm going to bang you both."

Candice puts her arm around Torrie and Torrie smiles as she replies "Oh...
it's a little further in there...just keep going..."

"Ohhh... I bet you two are already naked... just waiting for me to turn on
the light..." Edge grins in the dark as he starts feeling about for a wall,
but instead his hands end up on something else, or rather someone else. He
moves his hand around and he realizes he's feeling a woman, "Hmmm I wonder
who this can be... I bet it's Candice..." Edge then feels a heavy object
hit him right in the back of his head. Edge collapses on the floor of the
locker room knocked out.

A moment later Torrie, who smirks slightly, turns on the light. "This is such
a great plan..."

About an hour later, Edge slowly starts to wake up. He blinks his eyes a few
times as he gets use to the bright lights of the now brightly lit locker
room. Edge groans in pain as his head starts throbbing as an after effect of
getting nailed with something heavy a short while ago. "Ahhh shit... my head
hurts..." Edge slowly starts to realize that he's standing up.

"What the fuck..." Edge squints his eyes and takes a step forward, but
realizes he's not going anywhere we he finds out his hands are tied to one
of the racks. He begins pulling to get free.

"What the fuck is going on!" Edge yells in frustration. Edge yells in
frustration as he looks down and sees himself totally naked. Normally,
The Rated R Superstar wouldn't mind being in the buff, but under the
circumstances, it only adds to his anger.

"Okay! Real fucking funny you assholes! Joke's Over!" Edge screams out,
assuming what's going on is all a joke. Edge suddenly feels a cold hand grip
his left ass cheek and squeezes hardly, leaving a slightly red mark on his
ass cheek.

"Fuck that's cold!" Edge yells. He turns his head to both the left and the
right to see who just squeezed his left butt-cheek but can't see whom it was.

Victoria then slowly walks out from behind Edge and stands face to face with
the R Rated Superstar. Victoria, a member of Vince's Devils, smirks "What's
wrong Edge?!" Victoria yells as she folds her arms glaring at Edge.

Edge glares at Victoria, "What the fuck is going on! Cut me loose!" Edge
resumes his attempts to free his arms and swears what ever it is being used
to restrain his wrists to the rack gets a bit tighter.

Victoria reaches forward with her left hand and places her hand on Edge's
mouth, she squeezes his cheek bones "Listen! I know what you've done to
those other bitches...Maria...Mickie...Trish..." Victoria says as she
places her right hand against Edge's chest and begins to rake her
red-painted fingernails against his bare chest.

Edge grits his teeth a bit as he feels Victoria's fingernails dig a bit
against his chest, but then he smirks a bit as he totally misreads Victoria's
comment, "Aww... you're feeling left out... hey tell you what... free me...
and I'll show you a really good time."

Victoria laughs and then reaches behind Edge and yanks on his hair with that
that was squeezing his cheek "No! Listen Edge! It's time...for pay back!"
Victoria yells "Your days of messing with us Divas is over!" Victoria says
as the bathroom door in locker room opens and out walks Victoria's fellow
Vince's Devils members, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle wearing matching
silk pink bathrobes, just like Victoria.

Edge sneers a bit, "What the fuck are you talking about? Payback for what?"
Edge starts to sweat as continues to try and break free from his restraints.
"What do you bitches want?"

Victoria laughs as she reaches up and pulls on Edge's belt that is attached
to the rack, in which Edge is tied to. Victoria yanks on the belt tightening
the grip around Edge's wrists "You want to treat us Divas like your
bitches...well Edge now you're our bitch!" Victoria yells as Candice and
Torrie both drop down to their knees instantly in front of Edge.

Edge locks eyes with Victoria, completely ignoring Candice and Torrie for the
moment, "You dumb cow! I'm the Rated R Superstar! I can do whatever the fuck
I want!"

Victoria laughs "Until we call the shots!" Victoria says with an evil smirk
as she turns her head looking down at Candice and Torrie "Devils! You know
what to do!" Victoria commands as Torrie tightly grips Edge's cock in her
hand as Candice leans her head forward and lashes her tongue against Edge's
shaft. Candice then begins to teasingly lick up Edge's shaft as Torrie joins
in and licks his shaft as well.

Edge's cock starts to rise to attention even though he doesn't want to get
hard for the trio of lovely divas plans. "Get the fuck away from me you..."
Edge lets out a moan, "You... fucking whores..."

Victoria grabs a hold of Edge's hair and yanks back again "What did you
say!?" Victoria yells as Candice opens her mouth and takes Edge's cock into
her warm mouth. Candice begins to bob her head on Edge's shaft, as she bobs
her head, Candice rakes her teeth against Edge's shaft. Torrie leans down a
bit and twirls her tongue against Edge's ballsack.

"Owwww! Watch those fucking teeth... you stupid skank!" Edge yells at Candice
as he feels strands of his hair ripped out by the roots by Victoria. Edge
turns his head and glare at Victoria, "Oh you bitch..." Edge is cut off when
he yelps in pain when Candice's teeth come in contact with the sensitive tip
of this dick.

Candice lifts her head from Edge's cock and Torrie scoots over a bit as she
takes Edge's cock into her mouth. Torrie wraps her lips tightly around his
shaft, much like a vise, as she begins to slowly and tensely bob her head on
his prick. Candice cups his ballsack and begins to roughly massage them, as
Torrie starts bobbing her head quicker on his shaft, much like Candice,
Torrie begins to rake her teeth against Edge's shaft. Victoria smirks and
kneels down behind Edge, she spreads Edge's ass cheek apart and laughs
"Ready baby..." Victoria says before she inserts two of her fingers into
Edge's tight asshole.

"Hey! Get your fucking fingers... son of a bitch!" Edge cries out as he feels
Victoria's fingers move in and out of his asshole. He clenches his ass shut,
but all that does is add to the discomfort he's feeling. Edge's eyes are
squeezed shut as he tries to mentally block out the pain he's experiencing at
the hands and mouths of Vince's Devils. Torrie lifts her head up slightly on
Edge's cock as she rakes her teeth against the head of his cock. Candice
crawls around and gets behind Edge along with Victoria. Candice softly kisses
Victoria. Victoria removes her two fingers from Edge's asshole as Candice
inserts her own two fingers into his asshole. Victoria leans forward and
begins to drag her warm, wet tongue up Edge's ass crack as Candice thrusts
her two fingers in and out of Edge's asshole.

"You three are fucking sick!" Edge slightly whimpers as he starts breathing
heavily. "You three... are lucky I'm tied up..." He opens his eyes and glares
down at Torrie just as he gets an idea. He raises one of his legs and manages
to push her away with his foot. "Get the hell away from me!"

Torrie stumbles back a bit and Victoria removes her face from Edge's ass
crack. She stands up and walks around, facing Edge "Oh...big mistake..."
Victoria laughs as Candice removes her two fingers from his asshole and
stands up behind Edge. Victoria then nods to Candice and Candice unhooks
Edge's belt from the rack, however Edge's hands are still tied together.
Victoria grabs a hold of Edge by his shoulders and then lifts her left
knee up and slams it right into Edge's stomach. Edge instantly doubles

Edge coughs loudly as the sudden blow knocked all the wind out of him. He
goes down to his knees and then looks up at them with an extremely pissed off
look on his face. "You... I'm going to you all back for this... I swear..."
Edge licks his teeth as the thoughts of what he'd like to do them run through
his mind. Victoria smirks and stands over Edge, she unties her pink bathrobe
and slides it off her perfect toned and muscled body. Victoria stands over
Edge completely naked as Torrie and Candice also remove their bathrobes.
Victoria sits down on Edge's muscular chest, pinning his shoulders down as
Torrie mounts herself on top of his cock. Torrie slowly comes down on his
shaft and she grits her teeth. Torrie then begins to rock back and forth on
his cock, with each movement bouncing quicker and grinding her warm pussy
harder against his shaft.

"Ohhh shit..." Edge moans as he feels Torrie moving up and down on his
cock. Edge locks eyes with Victoria. "If... you... think... I'm eating your
pussy... you're fucking insane!" Edge moans as he begins to thrust up into
Torrie's pussy involuntarily.

Victoria laughs, "No... you're not eating my pussy..." Victoria then looks
over her shoulder at Candice and points her "Candice...get your hot GoDaddy
ass over here..." Victoria commands as Candice crawls over to Edge and her
fellow two members of Vince's Devils. Candice smiles and licks her lips as
she mounts herself on top of Edge's face, while looking at Victoria. Candice
then begins to gently rock on Edge's face, grinding her pussy against his
face. Edge turns his heads to the right and now Candice is grinding her wet
pussy against his ear and the side of his skull. The Rated R Superstar arches
both of his legs in an attempt to gain some leverage to power his way out
from under Victoria, Torrie and Candice, but with Torrie riding his stiff
prick and the combine weight of them on top of him all he can do is wiggle a

Torrie slams down hard on Edge's stiff cock "Ohhh fuck!" Torrie then rocks
back on Edge's cock as she begins to sweat. Victoria leans her head down
between Candice's legs and begins to lick Candice's delicate pussy as Candice
grinds her pussy against Edge's face.

"Fucking cunts..." Edge grumbles, but with Candice grinding her pussy
all over his rugged face, neither she nor Victoria hears him. Edge feels
Victoria's tongue flick against his chin once in a while.

Torrie slows down on Edge's cock and lifts herself off of his cock. Victoria
lifts her head up and gets a wicked smirk "Devils...I got a great idea..."

Candice licks her lips "Really Victoria?"

Victoria nods and gets off of Edge's chest as Candice gets off his face.
Victoria looks at Candice "All fours babe!" Victoria commands as Candice
bends over getting on her hands and knees. Victoria smacks her head against
Candice's round ass "Mmm...perfect.." Candice looks over her shoulder with
a smile. Victoria turns her attention to Edge and locks eyes with him.

Edge breathes heavily, "I not going to do a fucking thing for you three...
so you can forget it!" He says defiantly as he tries to spit at Victoria.

Victoria glares at Edge and then looks at Torrie "Help me out..." Victoria
says as she and Torrie both lift Edge off of the ground and force him onto
his knees. Victoria stands up and yanks Edge's head back by his hair "Listen
up!" Victoria yells as Candice backs herself up getting closer to Edge's
stiff cock. Victoria looks into Edge's eyes "'re our bitch!"

Edge takes a deep breath, "Go... fuck... yourself... slut!" Edge tries moving
backward on his knees, but with Victoria and Torrie holding him, he doesn't
move much at all.

Candice backs up against his waistline and Victoria reaches down, taking a
hold of his cock. Victoria then forces Edge's cock into Candice's warm pussy.
Victoria looks at Torrie "Devils...time to get to work!" Victoria says as
Torrie kneels down behind Edge and amazingly inserts three of her fingers
into Edge's asshole. Victoria steps in between Candice and Edge and smirks at
him before she grabs Edge's hair and pulls his head down towards her pussy.
Edge screams into Victoria's pussy as he feels Torrie fuck his ass with her
slender fingers. Every time the former Playboy covergirl drives her fingers
into his ass, he thrusts forward sharply in Candice. Edge starts to wonder
if anyone can hear him but his train of thought is derailed when he feels
Victoria bang her pussy against his face. Edge manages to pull his face away
from Victoria's pussy, "You... Ahhh three.... sluts... can... go... to hell!"

Victoria grabs a hold of Edge's hair and yanks his head back once again
"What did you say!?" Victoria yells as Torrie continues to thrust her three
fingers in and out of Edge's asshole, while Torrie finger-fucks his ass,
Candice begins slam herself back powerfully against Edge's cock, causing him
to somewhat lose his balance.

Edge grits his teeth as he can feel multiple strands of hair being yanked out
by the roots as he tilts towards the right slightly. "I... OWWWW said... you
can... all go... to hell!" Edge yells as pain.

Victoria smirks "Oh really...Devils! It's my turn..." Victoria says locking
eyes with Edge as Torrie removes her three fingers out of Edge's asshole
and Candice slowly scoots forward removing Edge's cock from her own pussy.
Victoria licks her lips with an evil smirk as she places her hands on Edge's
face "Don't worry baby...I won't play...too hard.." Victoria then pushes Edge
back onto the floor, making him lay on his back as his hands are still tied
together with his belt. Victoria then mounts his cock roughly, slamming down
on the first contact of her pussy and his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!" Edge cries out in pain as he feels Victoria using
all of her weight as he drops down on his dick. Edge tries uses his elbows
and his legs to push himself out from under him, but Victoria keeps him
right where he is.

"Mmmmm....fuck..." Victoria moans, placing her hands over Edge's sweating
chest as she fiercely rocks back and forth on his cock, riding faster as she
comes down harder. As Victoria rides Edge, Torrie lays down on the floor next
to Edge. Torrie smiles up at Candice as she runs her hands against Torrie's
smooth legs.

"You're so hot Torrie.." Candice says.

"Not as much as you baby" Torrie replies before blowing a kiss to Candice.

Edge squeezes his eyes shut, "Fuck... you three... are... worthless... you
couldn't handle me if I was free!" Edge arches his back to try and push
Victoria off of him using his lower body strength, but is unsuccessful.

Victoria grits her teeth as she slams down harder on Edge's cock. She tilts
her head back "Ohhh...fuck!" Victoria groans as Candice flicks her tongue
against Torrie's left thigh, and then her right thigh before Candice inserts
her warm tongue into Torrie's wet pussy.

Torrie licks her lips "Mmmm...Candi...I love your tongue.." Torrie groans.
Victoria slows down on Edge's cock and then gets off of his prick. Victoria
turns and lays on top of Edge's body in a 69 position. Victoria tightly grips
his cock with her hands and begins to circle her tongue around the head of
Edge's cock.

"You... can't suck dick at all!" Edge yells as he resumes trying to slide
out from underneath Victoria, but only ends up grinding his cock against
Victoria's teeth, "How the hell did you get a fucking job here in the WWE."
Edge groans in pain. Victoria opens her mouth taking Edge's cock into her
mouth, she tightly wraps her strong lips around his cock as she begins to
bobs her head teasingly slow as Candice and Torrie crawl over to Edge's
cock. Candice and Torrie, both begin to lick Edge's ballsack as Victoria
presses her teeth against Edge's shaft, while she bobs her head. Edge lets
out a moan as he enjoys the sudden change in their approach, but his mood
has not changed, "This is the only way you three skanks can suck the dick
of a main event wrestler!"

Edge starts kicking his legs out wildly but Torrie and Candice soon pin
them down to the floor. Victoria rakes her teeth against Edge's shaft as
she begins bobbing her head quickly on his shaft. Torrie takes one of
Edge's balls into her mouth and begins to suck on it as Candice moves her
tongue around on the outer area of Edge's ballsack. Victoria works her
tongue in Edge's piss-slit as she sucks tighter, adding a lot of pressure
to Edge's cock. Edge whimpers as if he got kicked in to crotch as he
begins to cum, "Get away from me!" Edge cries out as his spunk shoots out
of his dick like a volcano.

Victoria inhales most of Edge's warm cum into her powerful, vacuum-like
mouth. Victoria lets the warm cum slide down her throat before she lifts her
head up from Edge's cock. Victoria licks her lips clean as Edge trickles down
Edge's softening shaft. Victoria smirks and gets off of Edge "
two can clean up.." Victoria says as she walks over and picks up her bathrobe
that's laying on the floor. Candice and Torrie both smiles as the two hot
Divas raise their heads up from his ballsack. Candice and Torrie lick their
delicate tongue up Edge's shaft getting every possible once of cum off of his

Edge continues to whimper as his cock begins to soften after his climax. He
looks up at the ceiling, "All right... you sluts... had your fun... now let
me go!"

Candice and Torrie both pull their heads away from Edge's cock and the two
stand up, picking up their bathrobes off of the floor. Victoria smirks as she
ties her silk pink bathrobe shut. "Now Edge...Let's just hope we don't have
to meet again..."

Edge glares at them completely confused, "What... the fuck... are you talking

Candice laughs a bit as she ties her bathrobe "What she means..." Candice
replies, before Victoria cuts her off.

"What I mean is...I hope you've learned your lesson!"

Torrie smirks as she along with her fellow two members of Vince's Devils are
covered up by their silk pink bathrobes "You's too
bad our buddy Edge couldn't handle us."

Edge exhaustedly tries to free his hands from the belt holding them behind
his back, but he gives up. "If you three didn't fucking tie me up I would
give you three whores more than you could ever want!"

Victoria places her hands on her hips and smirks "Face it Edge, you can't
handle know why? Because we're Too..."

Torrie smirks "Hot..."

Candice licks her lips and does her trademarked dance "Too...
Handle!" Candice then laughs as Victoria and Torrie share a quick kiss on
the lips. Torrie, Candice and Victoria all turn around with their backs
facing Edge. Victoria stands in-between Torrie and Candice; she puts her
arms around them and smirks.

"Come on Devils...we got work to do..." Victoria laughs, as do Torrie and
Candice as the three members of Vince's Devils exits the Women's Lockerroom
where a helpless Edge lays on the floor.


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