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The Cutting Edge Part 9: Announce This Lilian!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the 2006 Royal Rumble, Edge lost his WWE Championship back to John Cena
in a brutal defeat in which Cena dominated Edge with relative ease. But Edge
knows that deep down, he wasn't himself during the match. His mind kept
drifting back towards the embarrassment and violation he suffered at the
hands of Vince's Devils consisting of Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice
Michelle. Dressed in his black wrestling tights and one of his 'Rated-R'
t-shirts, Edge pulls on his own hair roughly as he tries to rationalized how
the Devils messed him up. Under normal circumstances, Edge would have the
sinister seductress Lita improve his mood, but thanks to Hacksaw Jim Duggan,
Lita has run off after he called her a "Hoooo." He paces back and forth
looking down at the ground of the hallway, not at all noticing he's blocking
the route to diva's dressing room area.

As a frustrated Edge paces back and forth in front of the door to the Diva's
dressing room, Raw Diva and Ring Announcer, the beautiful Lilian Garcia makes
her way down the hallway, heading towards the Diva's dressing room. Lilian
approaches the door in which Edge is standing in front of as she dresses in
a dark navy blue short skirt and matching thin-strapped dark navy blue tank
top. Lilian pauses as she sees Edge in front of the doorway. Lilian smiles
politely and nods her head her at Edge "Hello Edge...if you don't mind I have
to get in there." Lilian says as she moves to walk around the "R-Rated

Edge stops pacing and looks at Lilian with a crazed look in his eyes, "What
do you want?!" Edge snaps as he breathes heavily. Even though he heard
Lilian's voice, which derailed his train of though, Edge didn't hear what
she said. He stands right in front of the doorway and doesn't budge.

Lilian raises eyebrow her slightly at the sudden outburst. Lilian swallows
and points towards the dressing room door "Ummm.. I need to get in there...
to get my bags..."

Edge grits his teeth, "So what... like I care about what you need to do..."
Edge then pauses and tilts his head slightly, "Whoa... wait a fucking
second... you... you... were really quick... to announce the result... of
the match..." Edge points at her with an accusing finger as if blaming her
for his loss to John Cena.

Lilian looks at Edge with a bit of confused look on her beautiful face "What
are you talking about?" Lilian asks with a slight laugh.

"You... you announced... Cena the winner... really... fast... and you...
sounded... really happy that I lost..." Edge says as his lower lip quivers.
"You're just... like... that trio... of whores..."

Lilian takes a step towards the door that Edge is blocking. She nods her
head a bit "Well...I am a bit happy he won...he's not a Champion who parades
around with disgusting live sex celebrates" Lilian replies.

"Disgusting? It got people to tune it... it was the most watched segment on
Raw in over 5 years... Everyone wanted to see me and Lita do the nasty..."
Edge laughs a bit hysterically, "And you had a ring side seat... I know you
were watching it..." Edge licks his teeth as continues to block door.

Lilian rolls her eyes "Please let me through..." Lilian says politely as

"Oh... you want to go inside?" Edge asks, "Fine... you can go in..." Edge
steps away from the door slightly, and pushes it open. He sarcastically
motions for Lilian to enter to dressing room.

Lilian smiles and nods her head "Thank you..." Lilian replies as she begins
to approach the doorway of the locker room.

Edge licks his lips as he Lilian walks past him and into the locker room, but
before she walks in completely, Edge grabs her by her hair and pulls her back
towards him. "But first... you're going to pay the fucking price... for what
you announced!" Edge sneers as he pushes her into the locker room and kicks
the door closed.

Lilian looks at Edge in disgust after her lets go of her "Get the fuck away
from me!" Lilian yells.

Edge takes a moment to locker the door and then smiles darkly at Lilian. "I
don't think so... you think you're something don't you... you're just another
slut to me..." Edge says as he slowly approaches her while he takes off his

Lilian starts to slowly back up as she moves her hands out in front of her
trying to somewhat block Edge from coming closer to her "Edge...what are you
doing?" Lilian asks as she continues to back up until she trips over the
couch in the Diva's locker room and falls back slightly onto the leather

"I'm doing what I want... I'm the rated R superstar..." Edge laughs as he
grabs Lilian's left wrist and twist it enough to cause her pain. Edge then
grabs the Lilian's top and rips it off of her body.

Lilian grits her teeth as she looks up at Edge painfully "Ohhhh...owww...stop
it!" Lilian yells.

"That doesn't hurt..." Edge laughs as he twists her wrist again, this time
with more force, "Now that should hurt!" Edge laughs darkly as he starts
tugging on Lilian's bra until the clasp snaps so he remove it.

Lilian closes her eyes as she tries to kick her legs at Edge to push him away
"Owwww....Edge're hurting me!" Lilian cries out as he tightens the
grip around her wrist.

"Bitch... I haven't even started..." Edge laughs as he lets go of her wrist.
He then grabs Lilian's right leg to control her from kick him. Edge grabs
Lilian's navy blue short skirt and pulls it down her legs, leaving the
beautiful ring announcer in her dark blue panties. "My... my.... what a hot
body..." Edge licks his lips as he starts to lower his tights.

Lilian shakes her head and she tries holding back tears "Edge...stop...or...
or I'm going to Vince!" Lilian yells.

"You ain't going to Vince..." Edge laughs, "Because he'll think you're
lying... I'm the Rated R Superstar... I'm more important to the WWE than
you... than Cena... than Triple H... I'm the most important man here..."
Edge takes his tights off completely and grips his rock hard cock with
his right hand.

Lilian is able to kick both of her legs and pushes Edge away from her, so
she's able to scout away from him on the couch. Lilian takes a deep breath
before she starts to yell "Help! Somebody help!"

"Shut up!" Edge yells as he quickly regains his balance. He grabs Lilian's
legs and pulls her off the couch and forces her onto her knees. He then grabs
a hand full of her hair and yanks on it as he presses his cock against her
mouth, "You want to use your mouth? Then use it the way a whore like you
should!" Lilian tries her best to keep her mouth closed, however; Edge is
able to press his fully erected cock against Lilian's soft lips, forcing her
mouth open. Edge places his other hand on Lilian's head so he can then pull
her head forward while thrusting his cock forward. "Take it all bitch!" Edge
laughs as he drives all of his cock past her lips.

Lilian forcefully takes Edge's cock into her warm, wet mouth. Lilian
slightly presses her lips against his shaft as she tries to pull her head
away. However, when Lilian tries to pull her head away, Edge begins to
thrust his hard cock in and out of Lilian's warm mouth. "Mmmm yeah...
that's it Lilian... suck it good..." Edge says as he makes Lilian bob her
head quickly on his stiff dick. The Rated R superstar quickly pumps his
dick in and out of her mouth, resulting in his ballsack to slap repeatedly
against her chin. Edge holds Lilian's head down completely on his cock as
he forces her to deep throat his entire cock. Lilian's warm saliva drips
down his shaft as she begins to gag on the Rated R Superstar's cock.

Edge tilts his head back and laughs, "Oh this is incredible... you can work
the microphone... and you can work a cock... why am I not surprised..." Edge
slides his hands to Lilian's forehead and pushes her away from his cock.
Lilian quickly picks her head up from Edge's cock, that drips of her warm
and wet saliva, she turns her away from Edge's cock and begins to cough and
try to catch her breath. Lilian looks back up at Edge and glares at him.

Edge sees Lilian glaring at him and he just smirks back at her, "Awww... did
you want to suck on my meat stick some more? Don't worry... it'll be back
inside you soon enough..." Edge licks his teeth as he moves to push Lilian
onto her back. He quickly spreads her legs and shoves his huge cock into
Lilian's tight pussy.

Lilian grits her teeth as Edge powerfully thrusts his cock into her tight
cunt "Ohhhh shit!" Lilian yells "Edge stop it!"

Edge roughly moves a hand through Lilian's hair as he drills his cock into
her pussy, "What was that?" Edge grunts as he licks his teeth, "You want
more?" Edge laughs and he starts to quicken his pace, fucking Lilian with
sharp thrusts. Lilian closes her eyes as her body slides back and forth
against the tile floor of the dressing room due to Edge's thrusts of his
hard cock. Lilian shakes her head as she tries to squirm her body out from
underneath Edge.

"Ohhh fuck Lil... you got such a hot tight cunt... it was made to get
fucked by a stud like me!" Edge says as he shifts his body so that most of
his weight is pressing down onto Lilian. He licks his lips as he rolls over
suddenly so Lilian is on top. Before she can realize she has a chance to
escape, Edge sits up and wraps his arms around her body so he can make
Lilian bounce up and down on his cock.

Lilian grits her teeth as she forcefully slams down hard on Edge's cock
"Fucking...stop Edge!" Lilian yells and moans at the same time as Edge places
his hands on Lilian's hips and begins to rock her powerfully back and forth
on his cock.

"Why? You seem to be loving this..." Edge laughs as he tilts his head to the
left so he can suck on her neck. He rocks her back and forth on his cock
quickly while he scoots back towards the couch.

Lilian shakes her head in protest as she slams down hard on his cock once
again "Ohhhh fuck!" Lilian moans as her body jolts a bit, causing her pussy
to clamp around Edge's cock like a vice.

Edge lifts his head from Lilian's neck and licks his lips, "That's it
bitch... announce all that pleasure you're feeling... Christ you're such a
whore!" Edge says as he pushes Lilian off of his cock suddenly. He gets to
his feet and pulls Lilian up to her feet. Edge turns her around and bends
her forward so she's leaning over the couch. Edge keeps a hand on her waist
as he guides his cock to wards her asshole. He shoves it into her asshole
with a lot of force that pushes Lilian forward.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip "Awwww fuck... no..." Lilian cries out
as Edge begins to pushes his cock deep into her tight asshole.

"Mmmmm... you're loving this shit... you cock whore..." Edge laughs and
grunts as the drills her asshole relentlessly. Much to Lilian's dismay, Edge
moves a hand towards her pussy and starts to rub it rather roughly with his

Lilian shakes her head as tears begin to run down her delicate cheeks
"Leave... me alone.. please..." Lilian cries out.

"No fucking... way..." Edge says as he sweat drips down his face and body,
"A hot slut likes you... deserves this..." Edge laughs as he repeatedly pumps
his cock into her asshole while shoving two fingers into her tight pussy.

Lilian swallows her own saliva as she begins to sweat. Lilian body's shake
violently due to Edge's powerful hard thrusts to her asshole "Awww... no
more... please..." Lilian pleads.

"I ain't gonna stop... till I make you cum.... so you'll never forget what it
means... to embarrass me..." Edge laughs as he slides his fingers in and out
of her pussy repeatedly. He slows down the pace he's using to fuck her ass,
but he still rams his cock extremely hard into the depths of her asshole.

Lilian lifts her hands up to wipe her eyes as her body becomes weakened after
the repetitive thrusts to her asshole " more!" Edge feels
his balls tighten as he approaches the boiling point and he suddenly pulls
his cock out of Lilian's asshole. Lilian lets out a sigh of relief, but soon
realizes Edge is still finger banging her pussy with his two fingers. Lilian
holds her eyes shut as she begins to cum on Edge's fingers. Lilian takes a
deep breath knowing its finally over "Oh...thank god..." Lilian says placing
a hand on her chest.

Edge withdrawals his fingers from her pussy and licks them to tastes them
to sample the sweet flavor or Lilian's cum. Wordlessly he turns Lilian
around and pushes her to sit on the couch. "You fucking whore... I got an
announcement for you..." Edge licks his lips as he wraps a hand around his
throbbing cock. Lilian quickly turns her head away from Edge's throbbing

Edge grits his teeth and aims his cock at Lilian's sweat covered chest as he
starts to cum. Edge laughs, "You think I want my cum on your slutty face? I
know you'd just leave it there..." Edge says as he milks his cock with his
hand until every drop of his hot sticky load is on Lilian's chest. Lilian
opens her eyes and turns her head looking down at her chest as she feels his
warm cum splatter against her chest. Lilian slowly looks up at Edge

Edge looks down at Lilian and smirks, "What's a matter Lilian? You don't have
any announcements to make? Well I got one for you... you just got speared...
by the Rated R superstar..." Edge laughs. Lilian looks back down at her cum
covered chest and then looks back up at Edge as she starts to tear up after
being violated and embarrassed by Edge.

Edge grabs his tights and t-shirt and puts them on, before he walks to
door. He looks back at Lilian and laughs, "Thanks for the fuck Lil... you've
obviously had a lot of practice..." Edge opens the door and steps out in to
the hallway. Lilian looks down once again at her cum covered chest, she
brings her hands up to face and begins to cry into her hands.

Edge looks back at Lilian and smirks, "What a slut..." He leaves the door to
the locker room open and walks away with a satisfied grin on his face. He
rubs his hands together and licks his teeth as he walks down the hallway,
"And now... let the fun begin again..." Edge laughs.


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