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The Cutting Edge Part 10: Two For One
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the taping for a Raw/Smackdown super show, Randy Orton and Edge are
hanging out near where the offices for Vince McMahon and the various Road
Agents are, and Edge is telling the Legend Killer of his various conquests.
Randy, dressed in a black t-shirt and his blue wrestling trunks, looks at
Edge, who is dressed in blue jeans and black t-shirt. "Man, you sure have
be busy over here, they should call you 'The Diva Killer'," Randy laughs a

Edge chuckles slightly as he licks his teeth, "That's not bad... I might
have to use that, but yeah, I've speared them all so far... only have a few
of these skanks to take care of."

Randy laughs, "Good luck with that... cause from what I hear, one may be
getting too big for being part of the WWE."

Edge smirks, "Yeah I've heard about that... but she can't be that stupid to
leave... she'll want to be back on TV every week." Randy nods his head and
happens to turn his head to the left as one door opens and closes. Randy
elbows Edge to get him to look where he's looking and Edge gets a big smile
on my face as he sees Stacy Keibler is walking in their direction, "And
speaking of the bitch herself..."

Randy smirks, "Hey you think you'll be able to nail her?"

Edge licks his teeth, "Yeah... you want in?"

"Like you need to ask..." Randy laughs a bit as Stacy are talking about gets

Stacy smiles and nods politely at a few of the technical employees that are
standing nearby as she make she way down the hallway. Since being on the
popular ABC show "Dancing With The Stars", she has been a media-magnet and
was now just leaving a meeting with WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, discussing
her future with the company. Stacy walks past Randy and Edge who both have
smirks on their faces. Stacy raises her eyebrow a bit and smiles slightly
"Ummm...hey guys..." Stacy says with without taking the time to stop, who
is dressed in a short blue jean skirt and a black, thin-strapped tank top.

"Hey Stacy..." Randy smiles as he cracks the knuckles of his right hand.

"What's up Stacy..." Edge slightly licks his teeth as he takes a long look
at Stacy's long legs, "It's been awhile since you've been around, how've you

Stacy pauses and looks at both Randy and Edge, she slowly nods her head
"Umm...I've been good." Stacy replies as she looks away. Stacy sighs "Look...
I need to be going."

"Already?" Randy frowns a bit, "You just got here..."

"Yeah Stacy, what happened, are you too big a star to hang out with us lowly
wrestlers?" Edge asks as he folds his arms.

Stacy raises her eyebrow again "I am not like that...I don't hold you guys on
a lower's just I have other, more important things going in my life"
Stacy replies is a slightly snotty tone.

"More important things?" Randy scoffs as he puts his hands on his hips,
"What's more important than hanging with us for a bit?"

Edge steps towards Stacy, "Yeah Stacy, you were just on some dance contest...
which you lost..."

Stacy rolls her eyes "'re just jealous...because I'm becoming
a break-out star and you too aren't.." Stacy replies as she folds her arms
over her chest "I know some of the people here think...I'm turning my back
on them," Stacy shakes her head "I'm not...I'm just going after the

"What opportunities? Minor roles in half-baked comedies?" Randy laughs as he
refers to Stacy's few motion picture appearances.

Edge's eyes narrow, "You selfish bitch... how could you turn your back on the
company that made you famous... you wouldn't have even been on that show if
it wasn't for the WWE."

Stacy unfolds her hands from her chest and places them on her nicely round
hips. Stacy opens her mouth in shock and shakes her head "I'm not turning my
back..." Stacy then rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she throws her
hands up "I knew it was bad idea coming here to talk to Vince..." Stacy says
as she starts to turn around.

Edge grabs Stacy's left arm and forces her to stay facing himself and Randy,
"Where the fuck do you think you're going? You ain't walking away from us
like that!" Edge licks his teeth.

Randy gets a smirk on his face as Edge tightens his hold on Stacy's left arm,
"Yeah Stacy... you're spitting on the business... and you're also spitting on
all of us..."

Stacy tries to pull her left arm out of Edge's grip "Hey! Knock it off..."

"No, you fucking knock it off...." Edge yells as he grabs her right arm. He
shakes her violently while he adds, "You fucking cunt... you're going to
learn some fucking respect!"

"Hey Edge... the set for Mr. McMahon's television office is right down the
all, that'll be perfect to teach her a lesson," Randy says with a grin.

Edge laughs, "Good thinking Randy, old buddy, old pal..." Edge turns Stacy
around and holds one arm behind her back while wrapping his right arm around
her waist. "Start walking Stacy... and if you scream... I'll break your
arm..." Edge whispers into her ear.

Stacy looks over her shoulder and glares at Edge "You wouldn't dare..." Stacy
says as she tries to step away from Edge.

"Try me..." Edge locks eyes with her as he starts to bend her arm in a way
it's not supposed to, while Randy walks on ahead to the room containing Vince
McMahon's TV office.

Stacy grits her teeth in pain as she leans forward slightly to ease up on the
pressure "Owww...owww...ok...ok..." Stacy says in a painful plea.

Edge looses his hold on her arm and smirks, "Now... are you going to play
nice... or do I have to get nasty and do something you'll regret." Stacy
looks back at Edge with a glare as she starts to reluctantly walk towards
the door of Vince McMahon's television office seen on RAW. Stacy remains
silent as she approaches the door, which is being held by Randy Orton.

Randy smirks, "Someone has calmed down..." Randy laughs slightly, just before
Edge roughly shoves the beautiful long-legged blond into the office. Edge
smirks as he and Randy walk into the room, and Randy closes, then locks the
door while Edge keeps his eyes on Stacy.

"All right Stacy... it's time to play..."

Stacy looks away and folds her arms, while keeping a solid glare in her eyes
"What do you want?" Stacy asks with a snap in her voice and she looks back at

Edge smirks, "First... get out of those clothes..."

Randy nods, "Yeah... and if you don't do it right away.. we'll remove them
for you... and what you're wearing looks so nice, I'd hate to ruin them,"
Randy and Edge both laugh as they both remove their t-shirts.

Stacy looks at both Randy and Edge with a disgusted look on her face, she
then shakes her head "I'm not doing that..."

Edge gets a scowl on his face, "We can do this the easy way or the hard
way... and I know a egotistical cunt like yourself likes things easy..."

Randy smirks as he starts to lower his wrestling trunks, "Yeah Stacy, play
along and you'll get out of this all right... no telling what he'll do..."
Stacy glares at Edge as she slowly lifts her black tank top up and over her
head. Stacy tosses her tank top behind her on the couch as she stand in
front of Randy and Edge with her nice, but petite chest concealed by her
black bra.

"Nice... very nice..." Randy licks his lips as he wraps a hand around his
long thick cock and begins to stroke it to hardness.

Edge points at Stacy's blue jean skirt, "Lose the skirt bitch... and then
get to work on sucking Orton's dick."

Stacy makes another disgust face "What?" Stacy says as she glances down at
Randy's hardening cock, while at the same time refuses to remove her jean

"Take off your fucking skirt and give Orton head... what are you deaf?" Edge
yells as he begins to unbuckle his belt. Edge quickly pulls it through the
loops to remove it from his jeans and he holds the belt in away where he can
strike Stacy with it.

Randy sees what Edge has in mind and smirks at Stacy, "You better do what he
says, who knows what he has in mind." Randy walks to close to Stacy, while
still stroking his cock.
Stacy sighs and slowly pushes her skirt down her long and smooth legs. Stacy
steps out of her skirt and shakes her head as she gets down onto her knees
in front of Randy Orton. Stacy takes a deep breath as she takes Randy's cock
into her soft and smooth hands. She wraps her hands around his shaft and
begins to stroke and pump his cock with her hands.

"Mmmmm that's a nice way to start..." Randy moans as he moves his hips to
push his cock against Stacy's smooth hands.

"See Stacy... you do what you're told, we all have fun. You don't do what
you're told, then Randy and I will have fun, and you'll be wishing you never
went on that fucking dance show..." Edge smirks as he unbuttons his jeans and
slowly lowers them followed by his white briefs. Stacy takes a deep breath as
she brings her soft hands down Randy's shaft and to his ballsack. Stacy cups
his ballsack in her left hand and begins to fondle and play with his ballsack
as she lowers her head to Randy's cock and places her tongue against the head
of his cock.

"Mmmmm that's it..." Randy chuckles and moans as he looks down to watch Stacy
lick the head of his impressive cock. Edge smirks and wraps a hand around his
own shaft, stroking it slowly as approaches Stacy.

"Don't leave me out you dancing skank..." Edge licks his teeth and smirks.
Stacy rolls her eyes as she circles her tongue around on the head of Orton's
nicely large cock. Stacy moves her left hand over to Edge's cock and wraps
her hand around his shaft. Stacy begins to move her left hand up and down
Edge's hardened shaft as she continues to work her tongue around on the head
of Orton's cock.

"Enough with the circular tongue crap Stacy... suck my cock... or else..."
Randy says in a stern tone while letting out a bit of a moan.

Edge smirks, "That's the spirit Randy..." Edge then places a hand on the
back of Stacy head to prepare to shove her face onto Randy's dick in case
she doesn't do what she was told. "You heard him bitch!" Stacy takes a deep
breath before she opens her warm, wet mouth. She slowly lowers her head down
on Randy's cock and wraps her soft lips tightly around his shaft. Stacy
begins to slowly lift her head up and down on his cock as she begins to bob
her head at a gradually increasing rate. As Stacy reluctantly bobs her head
on Randy's cock, she moves her left hand back up Edge's shaft and tightens
her grip once she reaches the head on his cock.

"Mmmmmm... damn she gives great head..." Randy chuckles as he moves his hand
through Stacy's hair and pulls on it a bit when he pushes his cock further
into her mouth when Stacy drops her head downward on his shaft.

Edge licks his lips, "I bet she's not even in the league of my number one
slut Lita..." Edge laughs and reaches down to unsnap the clasp of Stacy's
bra. Stacy begins to lap her saliva around Randy's cock as she starts to
bob her head quicker on his cock, while she tightens her grip. Stacy rotates
her blonde haired head around on Randy's cock as she moves her left hand
back down Edge's shaft, slowly, using a tremendous tight grip.

Randy grunts and thrusts his cock forward into Stacy's mouth again, "Ohhh
fuck.... Edge you got to have her blow you... she's got a mouth built for
sucking cock."

Edge smirks, "I bet she sucked every dick on that dancing show to stay on it
till the very end..." Edge then grabs the back of Stacy's head by her hair
and pulls her off of Randy's cock, "But still... I love getting my dick
sucked... so Stacy, make like Lita and suck it!"

Stacy looks up at Edge with another disgusted look "No...I sucked Randy...
that's all you said..."

"Stacy... you've got to the reason why blondes have a bad name you dumb
bitch... you think you're just going to blow Randy? No, you're going to blow
me... and then we're both going to fuck your brains out..." Edge laughs as he
grips his cock and slaps it against Stacy's face, "And remember we can do
this one of two ways... the easy way... or the hard way... either way we get
what we want."

Randy licks his lips and smirks, "He's right Stacy... and I must say... you
look very fuckable right now."

Stacy shakes her head and starts to stand up "Forget it...I'm not going to
let you treat me like this!"

Edge smirks, "Come on Stacy... you don't really have a choice... you walk out
that door, you'll appear as a slut because you won't have any clothes on...
and there goes all those opportunities... in fact... since you don't want to
corporate... how about we throw you out into the hall right now..." Edge
grabs Stacy by the waist and forces her to move towards the door.

Randy laughs, "You better corporate Stacy... or you'll end up like that one
diva skank, a has been on a show with a midget... you don't want to end up
like that do you?"

Stacy sighs and looks at Edge with a glare "Fine..." Stacy says as she gets
back down on her knees in front of Edge. Stacy quickly grips his cock with
her hands and guides his cock into her warm, hot mouth.

"Ohhhh shit..." Edge laughs as he feels Stacy's hot mouth around his rock
hard cock. He places both of his large hands on Stacy's head and thrusts his
cock into her mouth before she starts to bob her head on it.

Randy gets a grin on his face, "Damn... she sure loves a dick in her
mouth..." Randy walks towards them and soon is standing behind Stacy. He
kneels down and starts to tug down black panties from her slender waist.
Stacy soon begins to bob her head on Edge's cock with her own momentum,
despite Edge thrusting his cock in and out Stacy's hot mouth. Stacy begins
to moan around his cock as she starts to pat her tongue gently against his

Edge laughs and moans as he feels his large cock hit the back of Stacy's
mouth. "God damn... Stacy... you're a fucking pro... so is this how you got
hired by WCW?" Edge licks his lips and smirks as he sees the look Stacy is
giving him. Behind her, Randy has lowered Stacy's black panties down
completely. He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her up slightly so
her ass is sticking out.

Randy smacks her ass and then shakes his hand afterwards, "Fuck her ass is
firm..." Randy grips his cock and guides it to the entrance of Stacy's
smoothly shaved pussy.

Stacy lets out a soft moan around Edge's cock as her body moves forward
slightly, taking more of Edge's cock into her warm mouth after Randy inserts
his cock into her tight pussy. Stacy then begins to suddenly bob her head
rapidly on Edge's cock as she lashes and laps her tongue around and against
his hard cock.

"Damn... someone has finally gotten into the spirit of this..." Edge remarks
as he flips Stacy's hair back when it falls forward and covers her lovely

Randy places one hand on Stacy's ass and the other on her hip as he begins
to pump his hard shaft in and out of her pussy, "Heh... hey Edge... Stacy is
now... banging with the stars... as opposed to dancing with them..."

Edge raises an eyebrow and then laughs, "Yeah... you're right." Stacy begins
to swirl and twist tongue against Edge's cock as she reaches up and grips his
shaft. Stacy quickly bobs her head on Edge's cock as she moves her hand down
his shaft towards his ballsack.

Randy steadily thrusts his cock in and out of Stacy's warm tight pussy, "Uhhh
shit... damn this bitch's cunt is awesome... feels like my dick is getting
crushed in side it."

Edge licks his teeth and laughs, "I bet it is... how about letting me get a
shot at this worthless whore's snatch?" Edge pulls his saliva-coated cock
out of Stacy's mouth, and slides it all over her face to cover it with her
drool. Stacy closers her eyes and moans softly as she moves her tongue back
and forth along Edge's saliva coated cock. Stacy begins to slowly push back
against Randy's cock in her tight pussy as she seems to be getting more and
more in on the action.

Randy pulls his cock out of her pussy and slaps it against her asscheeks,
"She's all yours Edge..." Randy smirks as he moves to the side of Stacy.

"Why thank you Randy..." Edge smirks as he moves behind Stacy. He slaps her
ass very hard before he reaches forward to grab her long blond hair and yanks
her head back, "Hey Stacy.... you're about to get banged... by the Rated R
superstar... and I know you can't wait for it."

Stacy smirks slightly, which catches Edge off guard "If you think you can
handle it..."

Edge and Randy both have shocked expressions on their faces, but Edge soon
gets a smile on his face. "Oh I can handle it... can you?" Before Stacy can
reply, The Rated R Superstar plunges his rock hard cock into the depths of
Stacy's warm cunt.

Stacy leans her head forward and grits her teeth as she feels Edge's cock ram
into her tight cunt "Mmmm...fuck" Stacy moans as she starts to gently push
back on Edge's cock, causing her ass to move back against Edge's waist. Stacy
turns her head, looking to right and sees Randy Orton standing nearby. Stacy
licks her lips as her eyes gazed down to his cock "Mmm... Randy... come here

Randy smirks, "You want some of me Stacy?" Randy asks as he gets near her
face. He grips his shaft and waves it near Stacy's lips, as Edge starts
giving the leggy blond some spear like thrusts that pushes her forward
slightly. Stacy licks her lips and nods her head, looking up at Randy as
she flips her blonde hair back while being powerfully thrusted in her
pussy by the Rated R Superstar. Stacy leans her head forward to Randy's
cock and opens her mouth. She takes Randy's cock into her hot mouth and
wraps her lips tightly around the head of Randy's cock and begins to gently
and slowly suck on the head of his rather large cock.

"Mmmm baby... yeah suck that cock..." Randy rakes his fingers through Stacy's
hair as he pushes his hips forward to thrust his cock in and out of Stacy's
mouth. It takes him a few moment to match Stacy's pace and moments, but each
them she goes down on his cock, he thrusts forward and makes Stacy almost
deep throat his dick.

Edge places both of his hands on Stacy's slender hips to pull her back
towards him. "Yeah you're just a dirty little fuck slut Stacy... look at
you... blowing Randy while I fuck your tight little cunt..." Edge licks his
lips as he slows down his thrusts to tease her a bit with long slow movements
each time.

Stacy's soft moans vibrate against Randy's cock inside of her warm mouth as
she starts lapping her warm, wet saliva around his cock with her delicate
tongue. Stacy's lips tighten as she slowly moves her head down on Randy's
cock until she feels the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, Stacy
then slowly lifts her head up from his cock, before working her warm mouth
back down on his shaft once again. As Stacy continues to blow the Legend
Killer, she begins to rammed her body back against Edge's cock repeatedly,
forcing his prick deeper into her tight, warm cunt.

"Whoa fuck... you're really getting into this shit..." Edge laughs as he
speeds up his pace to fuck Stacy hard and fast once again. Randy places a
hand on Stacy's forehead and slowly back up to pull his cock out of her

"Hey Stace.... a slut like you loves 2 on 1 action right?" Randy asks with a
smirk, even though he's not really asking her, just giving her a warning of
what he has in mind.

Stacy looks up at Randy with a raised eyebrow "I'm not a slut..." Stacy says
shaking her head "I'm just a girl who knows how to have a good time..." Stacy
says before she spits some of her saliva on Randy's already saliva coated
cock. Stacy then wraps her hand around Randy's shaft and begins to lather up
his cock more with her warm saliva.

Randy smirks as he watches Stacy tug on his fuck pole, "Yeah well... a girl
that likes a good time... can handle two... big cocks in her at once... right

Edge licks his teeth and nods as he slows down his thrusts, "Yeah that's
right... Lita really loves a good time... she needs about 5 guys..." Edge
laughs and pulls out of Stacy's pussy, and his cock is coated with the
juices of Stacy's pussy.

Stacy looks over her shoulder back at Edge and licks her lips " do
you want me?"

"Why don't you ride Randy... I want to fuck your firm flat ass..." Edge

Randy grins a bit, "That sounds good to me..." Randy grabs both of Stacy's
arms and pulls her up to her feet before he goes to a leather two-seat couch
and sits on it. Gripping his shaft with his left hand, Randy looks at Stacy
and licks his lips, "Come on for the free ride Stacy..." Stacy licks her lips
as she places her hands on Randy's strong shoulders as she gently straddles
and mounts herself down on his cock. Stacy grits her teeth as she starts to
slowly rock back and then forward on Randy's cock. Stacy's speed gradually
increases when she begins to bounce on his cock.

"Mmmmm yea.... ride me baby..." Randy laughs as he places his hand on Stacy's
legs and begins to rub them while thrusting up into her pussy. Edge watches
Stacy bounce Randy's stiff dick before he starts to approach the couch. He
pushes Stacy forward so her chest is pressing against Randy's face, and then
Edge just shoves his thick cock halfway into Stacy's asshole.

Stacy tilts her head back "" Stacy groans as she grinds her
pussy sharply against Randy's cock after having Edge's cock stuffed in her
tight asshole.

Edge lowers his head so that it's almost sitting on Stacy's right shoulder
and says into her ear, "You love that cock in your ass Stacy?" Edge starts
pumping his cock in and out of her asshole, and each time he gets more and
more of his shaft buried inside of Stacy's asshole. Randy slides his hands
up from Stacy's legs towards her petite round breasts and starts alternating
sucking on both of them.

Stacy closes her eyes and moans "Ohhhhh...shit...awww... fuck..." Stacy's
breathing becomes heavily as she starts to sweat while she increases her
speed bouncing harder on Randy's cock, while coming down tremendously hard
on his large, stiffened cock.

"Fuck... Stacy... you need... some meat on your ass..." Edge grunts as his
balls crash against Stacy's firm flat ass after every thrust.

Randy lifts his head from Stacy's breasts and grins, "Hey Edge... stick your
cock in her cunt... we'll stuff her like a turkey..."

Edge licks his teeth, "Now that's a legendary killer idea..." Edge pulls out
of Stacy's asshole and manages to work his cock into her already dick filled

Stacy closes her eyes as she grits her teeth, while feeling two large cocks
crammed in her sweet pussy "Mmmm.... ohhhhhh no...." Stacy groans. Edge wraps
his arms around Stacy's sweaty body and lifts her up and down on Randy's cock
while thrusting his dick into her. Randy pushes up into Stacy once in a
while, but he settles to circling his tongue around the stiff nipple of
Stacy's right breast while reaching around to her ass where he slips a finger
into her asshole.

Stacy slams down on Randy's cock and her pussy erupts with cum on Randy and
Edge's cock "Mmmm...awww.. fuck me!" Stacy moans loudly as she sudden orgasm
causes her body to go limp.

Edge and Randy both smirk as the exhausted body of Stacy Keibler moves
between them. "Hey... let's mark her... so she remembers this when she gains
her strength and we're long gone..."

Edge laughs, "Randy I like how you think..." The Rated R superstar pulls his
cock out of Stacy's pussy and helps Randy get her off him. The two sweaty
studs lay Stacy down on the floor and kneel on opposite sides of her head.
"Let's do it..." Edge says as they both grip their shafts to aim them right
at Stacy's cheeks and then they begin to jerk off.

Stacy slowly opens her eyes and squints as she slowly picks her head up from
off of the floor "What the hell..." Stacy asks tiredly.

"Hey... look who's back with us..." Randy grunts just before he starts to
cum, spraying his load over Stacy's right check.

"Perfect... timing..." Edge moans as moments he starts to unload his hot
sticky load over the left side of Stacy's face.

Stacy opens her mouth in disgust as she feels the warm cum of Randy and Edge
splatter her soft cheeks "Ohhhh....gross..." Stacy says as she starts sitting

Randy and Edge both laugh as they look down at Stacy's cum covered face, "Now
ain't that nice of us Stacy, we gave you a free facial..." Randy laughs.

"Yeah... how much do you pay to get a crappy one... we gave you something
high quality," Edge laughs.

Stacy reaches up and places a hand on the left side of her cheek feeling
Edge's now cold cum "Ohhh...gross.." Stacy says as she tries to quickly wipe
the cum off of her face.

Stacy looks up at Randy and Edge with a glare "You fuckers...are sick!"

Edge smirks, "Thanks Stacy... coming from a stuck up cunt like yourself...
that means a lot..."

Stacy stands up and looks around the locker room "Where are my clothes...give
me my god damn clothes!" Stacy yells, obviously upset.

"Find them your damn self..." Randy laughs before he looks at Edge, "Hey...
just wondering, how good of a fuck is that cunt Trish Stratus?"

Edge licks his teeth and grins, "Words don't describe how well she gave me
Stratusfaction..." Edge looks at Stacy, "What the fuck are you still doing
here... we fucked ya, now get out of our faces."

Stacy looks at Edge and glares "I'm finding my asshole!" Stacy
yells as she looks to the side of the couch "Where are they...I know one of
you hid them..."

"Tough shit..." Randy folds his arms, "Hey Edge... I'm sick of her..."

"Me too... I hate stuck up cunts who don't know their place..." Edge walks
towards Stacy and grabs both of her arms. "Randy can you get the door?" Edge

Randy laughs, "Sure no problem..." Randy quickly heads to the door and opens
it as Edge brings Stacy, who is struggling to escape his grasp, towards it.

"Out you go!" Edge yells as he shoves the naked Stacy Keibler out into the

Stacy opens her mouth in shock "What! Wait..." Stacy yells as she tries to
step back into the office, however the door slams shut right in her face,
followed by the sound of the door locking. Stacy balls both of her fists and
starts to knock on the doors "Hey....hey guys! Let me back in! This isn't
funny!" She yells.

Inside the office, Edge and Randy give each other a high five before Edge
says, "I love a two for one special, don't you?"


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