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The Cutting Edge Part 11: McMahon Domination
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"SON OF A BITCH!" Edge slams the door to his locker room, picks up a chair
and hurls it across the room, smashing a full-length mirror as a result.
Dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, The Rated R Superstar once again pulls
on his own hair as he deals with some unfortunate news that he just received.
He looks around the locker room and yells out, "Lita where the fuck are you!"

Lita walks out from the showering unit in the locker room, dressed in black
leather pants and a black low-cut top, revealing a great amount of her
cleavage. Her fiery red hair is dampened as she places her hands on her hips.
Lita licks her lips "Baby...what's wrong with you..." Lita asks as she starts
to approach her boyfriend, Edge.

"You won't fucking believe... what that slut... Stephanie McMahon... just
did to me...." Edge grits his teeth and pulls on his hair again as he starts
pacing back and forth. "It's un-fucking-believable..."

Lita frowns a bit as she presses her chest up against Edge's chest of his
shirt " what did she do?" Lita as she threads her delicate fingers
through Edge's hair, flicking her tongue against her teeth.

Edge look down at Lita with a deranged look in his eyes and he licks his
teeth while he places his hands on her shoulders, "That... bitch... just...
took me... out of my program with Cena... and is putting me against Mick...
Foley...." Edge says as he breaths heavily.

Lita removes her hands from Edge's hair and places them on his shirt,
covering his chest "That bitch!" Lita says and she shakes her head in
disgust "I never did like her!" Lita looks at Edge "Those pathetic fans
should be chanting 'Hooooo' at her. Not me!" Lita says as she places her
hands on Edge's waist "You know what...they're just jealous...that I
have a REAL man..."

Edge shakes his head, "That's right they are fucking jealous... she's...
getting back at us... at ME.... for being more watched... that her big
nosed... small dick... boy toy... Triple H..." Edge fumes. "They are
trying to screw me..."

Lita smirks as she starts to laugh wickedly "You know baby...maybe we just
screw with Daddy's Little Girl then.." Lita says as she licks her lips.

Edge looks at Lita and smirks a bit, "Lita... I love how you think... that
bitch is going to learn... a lesson... for trying to censor the Rated R
Superstar..." Edge laughs a bit, "If Triple H can fuck her to 10 world
titles... so can I!" Lita licks her lips before she tilts her head up and
kisses Edge on the lips, sliding her skilled tongue into his mouth.

Edge kisses Lita back and sucks on her tongue a bit before he slides a hand
behind her head, grabs a handful of her fiery red hair. He yanks her head
backward, forcing them her to break the kiss as he smirks, "Lita... I just
got... a wonderful idea... how about you... join me on this one... in the
domination of Stephanie McMahon."

Lita smirks "You know what I have to say?" Lita replies with a evil glimmer
in her eyes "Let's pay Daddy's Little Bitch a visit!"

A short time later, Edge and Lita are approaching the office of Stephanie
McMahon, located on the far side of the arena away from where most of the
other personal is situated. Edge licks his teeth and bangs on the door with
his fist.

From inside the office, the Director of Creative Writing, Stephanie McMahon
calls out "Come in..." Stephanie says as Edge and Lita both enter the office
of Stephanie McMahon. Once Edge and Lita are inside they see Stephanie is
meeting with her one her writing staff members "Freebird" Michael Hayes.
Stephanie glances over Michael Hayes and looks at Edge and Lita "I'll be with
you in a moment..." Stephanie says before she stands up and hands the RAW
script back to Michael Hayes. Stephanie smiles as she's dressed in a black
business suit, with a white blouse underneath. Stephanie looks at Michael
Hayes as she scratches her forehead "Just rework a few things and come back
in a few minutes, ok?"

Michael Hayes nods his head, "You got it, Ms. McMahon... I'll get this back
to you before we ship out to the next city." Hayes says before he leaves her
office, closing the door behind him. Both Edge and Lita glare at Stephanie as
she turns to look at them.

Before Stephanie can speak, Edge slams his hands on Stephanie's desk, "You
have a lot of fucking nerve!"

Stephanie raises her eyebrow "Excuse me?" Stephanie asks as she looks at Edge
as if he had no clue who he's talking to.

Lita glares at Stephanie as she steps out from behind Edge "Don't play dumb
with us! You know exactly what we're talking about!"

"That's right you bitch..." Edge licks his teeth, "I'm telling right now...
you're not going to screw me... out of what's rightfully mine..." Edge locks
his with Stephanie before he violently clears everything on the desk down to
the floor.

Stephanie looks down at her now cleared off desk and looks back up at Edge
with a glare. Stephanie points her finger at Edge, unaware to the fact that
Lita as moved around Stephanie's desk and is now standing directly behind
Stephanie "Just who the hell do you think you are!?" Stephanie yells "Do you
even know who the hell I am!? I'm a McMahon, in case you forgot!"

Edge smirks, "You think your name means shit to me... all you are is a
fucking cunt who gets by just because of who her daddy is..." Edge laughs as
he starts to walk around her desk. "Oh... and let's not forget... you're a
slut that fucks the wrestlers...." Edge laughs

Stephanie folds her arms as she glares at Edge, she grits her teeth as she
stands face to face with Edge "Listen up! I'm a McMahon, got it! You do not
talk down to me!" Stephanie says as she doesn't back down from Edge, standing
tall and strong as she looks right into his eyes. Lita then suddenly hits
Stephanie in the back with a closed fist sending her down and bent over the
edge of her desk. Lita smirks and licks her lips as she grabs a hold of
Stephanie's hair and yanks her head up from the desk " bitch..."
Stephanie groans.

Lita laughs a little "It's time to face facts, Daddy's Little Girl...Edge
doesn't care who the fuck you are, neither do I!" Lita says before she rips
off Stephanie's black business jacket.

Edge laughs, "That's right Lita... show the bitch who's the real boss around
here..." Edge grabs the waistband of Stephanie business suit pants and
roughly begins to tug them down, resulting in the button to break. "My, my...
for such a rich whore... you sure buy cheap clothing..." Edge laughs.

Lita laughs as she roughly grabs a hold of both of Stephanie's arms and pulls
them behind her back. Lita then ties Stephanie's business jacket around her
wrists, keeping them tied behind her back. Lita smirks as she grabs the back
of the collar of Stephanie's white blouse and rips it open, breaking each
button. Lita looks down as she sees Stephanie's large braless chest pressed
against her desk. Lita raises her eyebrow and smirks "No bra? Geeze
Stephanie... you really are a slut," Lita laughs as Stephanie lifts her head
from the desk to look back at Lita.

"Lita...I swear to God..."

Lita grabs Stephanie's hair on the back of her head and slams her head down
on the desk "Keep your head down bitch!" Lita yells as Stephanie groans after
having her head hit upon the hard desk.

Edge laughs, 'Oh shit Lita... I'm getting worked up just watching show that
whore whose boss... I love it..." Edge licks his teeth as he goes to the door
and locks it. As he walks back to Lita and Stephanie he removes his black
t-shirt, unbuckles his belt and starts to undo his jeans. "Stephanie...
you're going to learn who you should respect around here.... Your daddy has
the kiss my ass club... well your going to join, the Rated R Superstar Suck
My Cock club..." Edge laughs as he lowers his jeans and takes them off,
followed by his red boxer shorts, freeing his large half stiff cock.

Lita shakes her head as she looks at Edge's licking her teeth "
she doesn't deserve the pleasure yet in doing that.." Lita places hand on
Stephanie's bare ass and then smacks her ass firmly "I think you should lick
her no good McMahon cunt first.." Lita says as Stephanie grits her teeth.

"I two will fucking pay!"

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "Lita... once again that delightful sinful
sex mind of yours does wonders..." Edge says as he grabs Stephanie and shoves
her back into her chair. "Lita... make sure this bitch doesn't move..." Edge
smirks as grabs Stephanie's legs and force them open as he kneels down. He
quickly brings his head to Stephanie's pussy and presses his tongue against
the slit of her pussy.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she feels Edge's tongue slide into her tight
cunt "Ohhh.. you son of a bitch!" Stephanie yells as she wraps her legs
around the back of Edge's neck, trying to choke him, however all that causes
is her pussy to rub against his tongue. Lita lips her as she has other ideas
in mind, she then gets down on the floors underneath Edge and opens her
mouth taking Edge's stiffened cock into her hot mouth. Lita wraps her lips
tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head along Edge's shaft. Edge
moans a bit as he starts to thrust his cock forward into Lita's mouth. The
Rated R Superstar reaches up and squeezes one of Stephanie's breasts as he
swirls his tongue around inside of her cunt. Edge looks up at Stephanie a bit
and smirks before he starts licking around the edges of her cunt.

Stephanie grits her teeth "Ohhhhh....knock it off you fucker!" Stephanie
yells and slightly moans. Lita starts to lashes Edge's cock with her tongue
ring as she starts to bob her head quicker a long his shaft, rotating her
head on his cock as she works her mouth further down on Edge's long shaft.

Edge lifts his head from Stephanie's pussy as he reaches down and grabs a
handful of Lita's hair to pull her mouth from his cock. "Lita... did you hear
what this whore called me... she called me a fucker...." Edge starts up and
grabs Stephanie's chin, "You think I'm a fucker Stephanie?" Edge says as he
slightly spits on her face after every word.

Stephanie turns her head away "Don't fucking spit at me!" Stephanie yells as
she tries to kick at Edge. Lita glares up at Stephanie as she fondles and
plays with Edge's ballsack with her left hand "Baby...I think you should
treat her like the selfish bitch she is!"

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "That's good thinking babe... but what
should I do.... should I fuck that pretty little mouth of hers? Or fuck her
fat pussy? Or just fuck her fat ass?" Edge laughs as he grabs a handful of
Stephanie's hair and yanks her off of the chair. Edge laughs as Stephanie
lands right on her knees "Decisions... decisions..."

Stephanie looks up at Edge with a glare as Lita removes her right hand from
Edge's ballsack and scoots towards Stephanie. Lita smirks "I hope you're
having fun so far...Daddy's Little BITCH!" Lita yells as she jams two of her
fingers roughly into Stephanie's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh fuck, you bitch!" Stephanie yells as she closes her eyes, gritting
her teeth.

Edge grabs Stephanie's head and forces his cock into her mouth, "What you're
fucking language... you're the Billion Dollar Princess... you don't talk like
that!" Edge laughs a bit sadistically as he starts pumping his cock in and
out of Stephanie's mouth, making her deep throat it as well as gag each and
every time. Edge looks down at Lita and smirks, "Fuck her baby..." Edge says
as he pulls on Stephanie's dyed blond hair.

Saliva drips over her Stephanie's mouth as gags on Edge's cock which he
throat-fucking her with. Stephanie has barely any time to breath as she
feels the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. Lita looks up at
Edge with a smirk "Sure thing baby..." Lita says before she starts to
rapidly pump her two fingers in and out of Stephanie's warm pussy,
gradually slipping in a third finger. Stephanie's moans are muffled as
Edge jams his entire cock into Stephanie's mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah... you like what Lita is doing to your slutty cunt..." Edge
laughs as he feels Stephanie's reluctant moans vibrating over his cock. He
holds onto Stephanie's hair and yanks his cock out of her mouth and slaps
his saliva-coated cock against her face. "How do like the respect you're
getting now Steph? Huh? You like that?!"

Stephanie opens her eyes as looks up at Edge " shit!"
Stephanie suddenly moans when Lita jams a fourth finger into her pussy. Lita
circulates her fingers around in Stephanie's pussy. Edge laughs as he watches
Lita finger fuck Stephanie's cunt with the sexual fury he loves to see. He
kneels down next to Lita, grabs her wrist and pulls her fingers out of
Stephanie's pussy. He then brings Lita's fingers up to his own lips and
starts to lick one side of them and presses them against Lita to do the same
as he looks out of the corner of his eye at Stephanie.

Lita licks her lips, before she slides her tongue against her own fingers
"Mmmm...for a bitch...she tastes good.." Lita looks up at Edge with a sultry
look " you gotta fuck her.."

Edge licks his teeth and smirks, "Oh I intend too..." Edge takes a moment to
flick his tongue against Lita's lips before he turns back to Stephanie. "Hope
you're ready to get speared..." Edge laughs as he shoves Stephanie on her
back. He spreads her legs and shoves his rock hard cock into her pussy.

Stephanie arches her back up as Edge rams his cock powerfully into her warm
pussy "Ohhhhh fuck you!" Stephanie yells as Edge starts to thrust his cock
quickly in and out of her tight cunt. Lita crawls next Stephanie and leans
over Stephanie, kissing Edge's lips.

Edge kissing Lita back sliding his tongue into her mouth and over the
piercing in the middle of her tongue. He breaks the kiss with Lita as he
starts to quicken his pace, slamming his thick cock in and out of her
Stephanie's roughly, "Noooo... you bitch.... FUCK.... YOU! And I'm...
enjoying... every minute of it!" Edge laughs as he grunts.

Stephanie shakes her head as she tries to pushes Edge off of her "Get the
fuck off me!" Stephanie yells before Lita slaps her across the face

"Wrong move bitch!" Stephanie looks up at with a glare and then spits right
into Lita's face. Lita opens her mouth disgusted and shocked "What the hell!
She just fucking spit in my face!"

"Oh boy... Stephanie... you just crossed the fucking line..." Edge sneers
as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's cunt and turns her over. He pulls
Stephanie's ass up into the air, spreads her as cheeks and looks at Lita,
"Teach her a lesson babe... spank the bitch... make her learn a lesson about
respecting my sinful siren..."

Lita smirks as she raises her hand up to her mouth and licks the palm of her
hand before she slams her hand down on Stephanie's ass, large a red hand
print. Stephanie closes her eyes as she tries to hold back tears "Ohhhhhh god
no..." Stephanie groans painfully.

"Do it again!" Edge laughs as he holds Stephanie perfectly still, "She's
going to learn not to spit in your face... or try to screw me..."

Lita smirks wickedly as she slams her hand once again down on the ass of
Stephanie McMahon "Ohhhh stop it..." Stephanie says as she shockingly begins
to cry before Lita and Edge. Lita licks her lips as she turns to Edge and
slides her hands through his hair as she kisses his lips once again, sliding
her tongue into his mouth.

Edge closes his lips around Lita's tongue and sucks on it for a moment before
he breaks the kiss with the sinful redheaded seductress. He smirks at Lita as
he squeezes Stephanie's right cheek, "What do you think... should we stop...
or should I tap that fat slutty ass of this whore?" He asks Lita as he takes
a moment to slap Stephanie's ass extremely hard, leaving a red handprint on
her skin.

Stephanie looks back at Edge and Lita with a fiery glare "You two will
fucking pay...I swear!"

Lita smirks and looks at Stephanie "Baby...fuck Slut-phanie's ass!"

"Mmmmm I swear... I love how you think Lita..." Edge smirks as he moves a bit
so he's right behind Stephanie, "All right Slut-phanie... time for you to get
the spear again!" Edge laughs ash holds Stephanie's asscheeks open with one
hand and plunges his stiff thick throbbing cock into the depths of her

Stephanie opens her mouth as she feels her ass violated by Edge's cock "Ohhhh
fuck no! You fucking stop now!" Stephanie yells as Lita smirks and reaches
between Edge's waist and Stephanie's ass. Lita places her hand around Edge's
shaft and begins to stroke the part of Edge's shaft that isn't inside
Stephanie's tight asshole.

Edge moans as he feels Lita's hand around his cock "Ohhhh shit Lita... I
love that fucking shit..." Edge grunts as he thrusts his cock forward into
Stephanie's asshole relentlessly. He places his hand on her Stephanie's hips
to pull her back against him to so he can drill her more sharply. Edge licks
his teeth as he starts to sweat and looks at Lita, "Hey... get your other
hand... at her cunt... let's really make her regret trying to screw me

Lita licks her teeth as she reaches down between Stephanie's legs and begins
to rub Stephanie's pussy with two fingers as she continues to move her left
hand along Edge's shaft, stroking furiously. Stephanie grits her teeth as
she feels two of Lita's fingers enter her cunt again "Ohhhh...god no..."
Stephanie groans as she hangs her head, beginning to sweat.

Edge slows down his thrusts slightly, but still pushes forward roughly as he
leans forward a bit to grab the back of Stephanie's hair to yank her head
up, "You fucking... love this... Slut-phanie? You're nothing... but a cheap
whore... Trish Stratus... Lilian... they all put up a fucking fight... you
didn't even try..." Edge laughs as he resumes fucking her asshole at a brisk
volatile rate. Stephanie's eyes roll to the back of her head as her pussy
erupts with cum on Lita's finger. Lita smirks as she removes her fingers
from Stephanie's cunt. Lita licks a few drops of Stephanie's warm cum before
moving her hand up to Edge's lips.

Edge smirks and licks Stephanie's warm cum off of Lita's slender fingers,
"Mmmmmm tastes almost as good as you do..." Edge says as he slows his trusts
and pulls out of Stephanie's ass by shoving the Billion Dollar Princess
forward. Edge looks down at Lita's hand that is still stroking his cock, "Hey
Babe... what would be the best way... to mark Slut-phanie?"

Lita licks her lips "With your delicious cum, baby.." Lita says with a slight

"That's right..." Edge smirks, "Let go of my cock for a moment..." Edge takes
hold of her hand and pulls it off his cock. He moves in front of Stephanie,
takes hold of her hair and lifts her head up so her Stephanie is looking
right at his cock. Edge then looks at Lita and nods his a bit, "Get over here
Lita... and jack me off so I'll can give Slut-phanie the type of facial she

Lita licks her lips as she crawls over to Edge and Stephanie, she sits up on
her knees and flips her fiery red hair back as she wraps her hands around
Edge's shaft tightly. Lita then starts move both of her hands up and down
Edge's shaft at the same quick rate. Edge tilts his head back and groans
loudly, "Ohhh fuck yeah... that's it... here it comes..." Edge moans as he
starts to cum. Several spurts of his hot load shoots from his cock and
splatters against various points on Stephanie's face. Lita licks her lips as
she lowers her head on Edge's cock catching the remaining drops of his cum in
her hot, wet mouth. Lita swirls her tongue around on the head of Edge's cock,
cleaning his warm, gooey cum off.

Edge moans and smirks as he places a hand on Lita's head to hold her near his
cock for a moment, "Ahhh yeah that's a good slut..." Edge chuckles as he lets
go of Lita's head. He pushes He pushes Stephanie to the side, making her roll
onto her back. Edge stands up and smirks at Lita, "I think she learned a
lesson about taking me out of the big events..."

Lita stands up with a smirk as she looks down at Stephanie "I think we taught
Daddy's Little Bitch a good lesson.." Lita says as she starts to walk to the
door. Lita looks at Edge, licking her lips as she sees his body dripping of
sweat "Mmm.. baby..." Lita bites down on her bottom lip "I'll see you back in
the locker room.." Lita says before she exits Stephanie's office, leaving
Edge and very worn out Stephanie alone, Stephanie remains laying on the

Edge collects his clothes and puts his jeans on first as thought crosses
his mind. He squats down near Stephanie's head and pats her face, "You know
Slut-phanie.... your mother ain't that bad looking... maybe I should pay
her... a little visit." Stephanie slowly lifts her head up from the floor
and give a tired glare to Edge. Edge smirks back at Stephanie and chuckles
a bit as he stands up and puts his shirt on. He walks to the door and exits
Stephanie's office with a wide smile on his face.

Once Edge is gone from Stephanie's office, she slowly stands from the floor
with her teeth gritted and keeping a solid glare as her body trembles in
anger "Oh...Edge...I hope you and Lita like it hardcore...because I know...
that's exactly how Mick likes it!"


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