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The Cutting Edge Part 12: Another Man's Woman
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of the arena where the WWE is running a joint
Raw/Smackdown super show, the Rated R Superstar Edge, wearing black jeans,
his newest t-shirt and a tattered leather jacket is hanging around near the
interview area, watching the what is happening in the ring between the
Boogeyman, Booker T and Sharmell. Edge licks his lips as his attention is
primarily focused on Sharmell as she tries to stay away from the worm-eating
maniac. Sharmell makes a run for the backstage area when Booker distracts
the Boogeyman. Edge looks away from the monitor, not wanting to see the brawl
between the two men. "Mmmm... that Sharmell sure looked like she needed
help..." Edge laughs.

Later during the show, Edge is heading back to the locker room area after
getting out of his match with the Big Show. Edge smirks as he passes by the
locker room belong to Sharmell and Booker. Edge licks his teeth as an idea
pops into his head, and he knocks on the door.

"Who...who...who is it?" Sharmell says in a frightened voice from inside the
locker room.

"It's not the Boogeyman," Edge laughs a little before he straightens the tone
of his voice, "It's Edge... I'm an old friend of Booker's... I want to talk
to you about your problem."

Sharmell hesitantly opens the door as she dressed in a shiny red evening
gown, a silver tiara on top of her dark haired head, white long gloves, and
white sash over her shoulder that reads 'Miss Black America'. Sharmell
quickly peeks her head out into the hallway and looks both ways to see if
the Boogeyman is near by. Sharmell looks up at Edge and nods her head "Ok...
ok...come on in." Sharmell says quickly.

Edge takes his time to walk into the locker room and smirks, "Boy... you look
very nervous Sharmell... you better lay off the coffee..." He laughs a bit as
he licks his teeth.

Sharmell closes the door after Edge enters the locker room and then locks the
door. Sharmell takes a deep breath as she leans her back up against the door
"Do you blame me with that freak staking me and my man...Booker T?" Sharmell
says as she places her hands on her round, slender hips.

"No I guess I can't blame ya... but that's why I'm here... to talk about the
creepy Boogeyman..." Edge smirks as he folds his arms a bit, "And since you
and Book are scared out of your minds... you may need someone... Rated R...
to deal with him."

Sharmell cocks her head a bit as she looks at Edge "Excuse me? You aren't
sayin' my man...Booker T...ain't man enough to protect me are you?" Sharmell
asks with a slight snap in her force "Because my man...can protect me...from
that freak!"

Edge smirks and holds his hands up, "Hey... he's the one that got knocked
out after you escaped from the ring earlier... I'm offering my help... I know
how to deal with pathetic freaks... just ask Kane..." Edge laughs a bit.

Sharmell raises her eyebrow as she removes her hands from her hips and folds
them over her chest "Just what exactly are you gettin' at?" Sharmell asks
with a bit of attitude in her look.

Edge licks his lips, "Well... what I'm getting at is I'm willing to help you
out... for a price of course..." Edge looks up and down Sharmell's body, "I
mean after all... Booker and I are old friends..."

Sharmell continues to look at Edge with a raises eyebrow "Oh really!? And
what would that price be?"

Edge licks his teeth, "The price would be you... servicing me..." Edge slips
off his jacket and holds with his right hand.

Sharmell opens her mouth in shock and disgust "Excuse me!? Oh tell me...ya
didn't just say that! Just who do ya think you are!?" Sharmell shakes her
head "If my man...Booker T...heard you say that to me..."

Edge laughs, "To answer your question... I'm someone who'll do whatever it
takes to get the job done... and I'm the Rated R superstar... and if Book was
here..." Edge smirks as he drops his jacket onto the floor. "He'd tell you to
do it... so he can go after Benoit and get the United States title back..."

Sharmell glares a bit at Edge and then nods her head a bit "You're
right...besides Benoit stole that belt from my man...he deserves that belt!"
Sharmell says as she start to rant of to Edge, however she pauses "But you're and my man need some help from that freak...the Boogeyman."

Edge smirks, "So you realize... that everyone wins... you service me...
Booker goes after Benoit... and I stop the Boogeyman from bother you... no
one loses..." Edge says as he looks up and down her body again.

Sharmell reaches up with her hands and slowly removes the tiara from her head
" exactly do.. YOU want?"

"Good choice..." Edge smirks, "First... I want to see... all of you... I want
to see how hot you are 'Miss Black America'..." Edge licks his lips. "So get
undressed... but... leave those long white gloves on... and that sash..."

"Oh really!?" Sharmell asks he folds her arms "I'm gonna need a little help."

Edge smirks, "Sure..." Edge takes off his t-shirt and drops it on the floor
before he walks over to Sharmell. He goes behind her and places a hand on her
left shoulder as he unzips the zipping on the back of her red evening gown.
When he finishes, he takes a moment to squeeze Sharmell's ass through the
material of her gown. Sharmell smiles slightly as looks back at Edge over her
shoulders, shrugging the straps of her red evening gown off of her slender

Edge slides Sharmell's gown down her body to the floor, "You might want to
raise your feet..." Edge smirks as he reaches up to unsnap the clasp of her
bra and to tug down her panties. Sharmell smiles as she steps out of her red
evening down and then places her hands on the straps of her black bra and
slowly peels the bra off of her ebony chest.

Edge fully lowers her black panties down to her feet and stands up. He
pats her ass a bit and rubs it slightly, "Mmmm... I see that you have the
qualifications..." Edge laughs as he slowly has Sharmell turn around.

Sharmell smiles proudly of her appearance and the approval of Edge as she
places her gloved hands on her round hips "Well...what next?" Sharmell asks.

"What's next... hmmm...." Edge smirks a bit as he unbuttons and then unzips
his jeans. "How about you get down on your knees 'Miss Black America' and
blow me..."

Sharmell raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms over her chest once again
"For... reals?"

Edge licks his lips, "Yeah for real... I want to see if something is true
about black women sucking white dick..." Edge lowers and takes off his jeans
and his boxer briefs to free his semi-hard cock. Sharmell sighs as she rolls
her eyes before she gets down onto her knees in front of Edge. Sharmell
places her glove covered hands around Edge's semi-hard shaft and begins to
smoothly move her hands up and down Edge's shaft, feeling his cock harden
almost instantly in her gloved hands. "Mmmmmm... those gloves feel great on
my dick..." Edge moans a bit as he looks down at her as he slides a hand
through his hair.

Sharmell moves both of her hands up Edge's now hard cock and licks her lips
as she looks at the large head of Edge's cock "Mmmmm...damn baby...My man...
would be impressed with that."

Edge laughs a bit, "So that means you're impressed..." Edge says as he licks
his lips.

Sharmell nods her head "You got that right..."

"Good..." Edge smiles, "Now... how about wrap those hot ebony lips of yours
around my big thick cock..."

Sharmell licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...sure thing baby..."
Sharmell replies as she lowers her head down on Edge's cock, taking his cock
into her warm, moist mouth. Sharmell wraps her soft ebony lips around Edge's
cock and begins to slowly bob her head up and down on his cock as she presses
her tongue against the underside of his cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... that's it..." Edge groans in pleasure as he slides hand
through Sharmell's hair. He control himself a bit and allows Sharmell to suck
his cock at her own pace. Sharmell starts to lap her tongue around Edge's
shaft as she starts to bob her head at a quickening rate, rotating her head
around on his cock. Sharmell places her left gloved hand over his ballsack
and begins to fondle his ballsack as she steadily sucks on his cock.

Edge groans and closes his eyes, "Shit... it is true... black chicks... can
really suck white dick..." Edge chuckles a little as he tilts his head back.
Sharmell closes her eyes as she takes Edge's cock deeper into her hot mouth
as she starts to grind her soft, pouty lips against Edge's cock while she
laps her warm saliva around his cock.

Edge opens his eyes and looks down at her at her, "God... you sure suck great
dick 'Miss Black America'..." Edge moans as he starts to pull his cock out of
her mouth. "But now... let's... further this along show we..." Edge smirks as
the head of his cock pops escape Sharmell's perfect lips.

Sharmell looks up at Edge with a smile " better feel lucky, cause I
only do that for my man..."

Edge smirks and licks his lips, "Yeah... that was a pretty hot blowjob...
but now... it's time for you to feel lucky..." Edge says as he steps around
Sharmell and is now behind her. He gets down on his knees and places his
hands on her waist to push her forward.

Sharmell raises her eyebrow and looks back at Edge "Whoa...whoa...hold up!
Wait just a minute! What do ya think you're doin'?"

Edge grins, "Collecting my payment... unless you want to deal with the
Boogeyman all by yourself..." Edge says as he steadily pushes Sharmell
forward until she's on all fours.

Sharmell shakes her head "This wasn't part of the deal...all you said...was
service you..."

Edge grins a bit, "That's right I did... all right... you can ride my
cock... so you can service me properly..."

Sharmell shakes her head "Oh hell no...I ain't havin' sex with you..."

"Fine... I'll just track down the Boogeyman where you're all alone..." Edge
shrugs with a smirk as he starts to stand up. "It's a shame... you're such a
lovely black woman... I'd hate to think of what that freak has in mind for
you... just look what he did to that Jillian chick..."

Sharmell turns around quickly, still on her knees. "Wait...I'll do it...I'll
do whatever..."

"Oh... you already said no..." Edge smirks as he starts to stand up, "You'd
have to do something to... change my mind..."

Sharmell clasps her hands together and looks up at Edge, pleading and begging
"Please...please...I'll do it...doggy style if you want....please, just
please...protect me from that freak!"

Edge licks his lips as he acts like he's considering it, "Alright... on a few
conditions... you ride my cock first... and then... I fuck your fine black
ass... doggy style..." Edge grins, "Oh and Sharmell... that's a take it... or
leave it offer..."

Sharmell sighs as she looks down "Fine...fine...I'll do it...but ya better
protect me!"

"Oh I'll protect you..." Edge smirks as he lays on the floor in front of
Sharmell. His cock stands up like a mighty tower and Edge puts his hands
behind his head. "Now... let's not waste time Sharmell..."

Sharmell nods her head slightly as she moves down onto the floor with Edge.
Sharmell straddles herself over Edge's cock and slowly comes down onto his
stiff cock. Sharmell bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Edge's cock
enter her tight, ebony cunt "Mmmm.... ohhhh" Sharmell moans.

Edge licks his lips as he watches Sharmell come down completely onto his
stiff cock, "Mmmm... damn... you got a hot pussy..." Edge says as he locks
eyes with her.

Sharmell moans as she places her hands on Edge's muscular chest and begins to
gently and slowly bounce on his cock, while rocking her body forward and then
back on his cock. "Mmmm" Sharmell moans as she closes
her eyes as she begins ride Edge's cock.

Edge begins to slightly thrust up into Sharmell's pussy, matching her pace
almost perfectly. He brings his hands from behind his head and lays them on
both side of Sharmell's perfect waist. "Ahhhh... you like... how that white
cock... feels in your black pussy... 'Miss Black America'?" Edge asks as he

Sharmell tilts her head back slightly as she comes down on Edge's cock
rougher than she had before "Ohhhh...It...feels...good..." Sharmell moans as
she begins to sweat.

"Yeah.... it does... doesn't it... and it's worth it too..." Edge groans as
he reaches up and rubs Sharmell's chest with his right hand. "You just... pay
my price... and you get the protection... you need from the Boogeyman..."

Sharmell slams down hard once again on Edge's cock "
sounds good to me.." Sharmell moans as she starts to grind her pussy against
his cock, each time she comes down on his hard cock. Edge grins as he grabs
Sharmell's arms and rolls over so he's on top of her and in a position to
control the tempo. He immediately starts to slam his cock into her pussy
quickly and firmly. Sharmell opens her mouth moaning loudly as Edge
repeatedly rams his cock into her ebony cock "'s too
hard." Sharmell moans as she feels her pussy practically stretch due to
Edge's powerful thrusts.

"Shut up Sharmell..." Edge grunts as he smirks down at her while continuing
to pump his thick cock into her pussy. "I know... about black women... you
like it rough..." Edge pulls his cock almost completely out of her pussy and
slams it back into her completely in one shot.

Sharmell's eyes roll to the back of her head as she receives another powerful
thrust "" Sharmell groans.

Edge licks his teeth, "Ohhhh there's... gonna be more Sharmell... cause I'm
not done... getting serviced by you yet..." Edge laughs and pulls out of her
pussy so he can flip Sharmell over onto her stomach. He grabs her hips and
pulls her ass up so he can ram his thick long hard cock into her asshole.

Sharmell shakes her head " ...I don't like it in the ass.." Sharmell
yells "I don't...even let my man...go there!"

"Reality check Sharmell..." Edge laughs as he begins to thrust into her ass,
"I am not your man..." Edge places his hands on her waist and pulls her back
roughly against him, causing her ass to slap against his waist.

Sharmell grits her teeth as she hangs her head down "Ohhhhh fuck that hurts!"
Sharmell moans.

"Ahhh take it like a hot black slut..." Edge laughs as he rams his cock into
her asshole with even more intensity.

Sharmell lifts her head up and shakes her head as Edge pulls her back against
his cock once again "Please...anything...but this..."

"No no no..." Edge laughs, "This is what I want... to fuck that hot black ass
of yours with my white cock..." Edge grits his teeth together as he gives
her another rough thrust.

Sharmell's body jolts forward as sweat rolls down her smooth skinned, ebony
body. Sharmell shakes her head "No more...please..." Sharmell begs.

Edge feels the pressure to cum building in his cock. He licks some sweat off
of his top lip and gives Sharmell another hard thrust, "Ahhhh shit yeah..."
Edge groans as he starts to cum deep inside of Sharmell's asshole.

Sharmell's bottom lip trembles as she feels Edge's warm cum rush into her
ebony asshole "Ohhhh..." Sharmell moans.

Edge takes a moment before he pulls his cock out of Sharmell's asshole. He
taps it against her asscheeks to smear some cum onto her skin. "That... was
a nice fuck..." Edge says as he moves to get his clothes and begins to get

Sharmell turns around with a soft smile "Oh thank god...finally someone can
keep that freak away from her..." Sharmell says as she stands up "And my
man...can go after that cheater...Chris Benoit!"

Edge looks at Sharmell after he puts his t-shirt on and suddenly starts
laughing. "What are you... stupid?" Edge laughs as he picks up his leather

Sharmell steps over her red evening gown and begins to slowly pull the
evening gown up her body. Sharmell raises her eyebrow "Whatcha talkin'

Edge laughs, "You really think... that me... the Rated R superstar... is
going to dirty his hands with somebody called The Boogeyman?" Edge shakes
his head, "God... you must be a total fucking moron if you think that..."
Edge starts to walk to door while putting on his jacket.

Sharmell opens her mouth in shock as she marches over to Edge "Just wait a
minute...after everything I did!"

Edge opens the door and looks over his shoulder at her and smirks, "Boy...
Booker sure picked a dumb slut for a wife..." Edge laughs as he leaves the

Sharmell's eyes widen after she hears Edge's comment. Sharmell rushes out
into the hallway "Ohh...just wait! My man...Booker gonna make you
pay...ya here that, Edge! My gonna make ya...suffer!" Sharmell
yells after Edge as he walks away. Suddenly, Sharmell feels a cool breeze
brush up against the back of her spine. Sharmell shivers a bit as she
slowly turns around. Sharmell's eyes go wide as standing in front of her
with worms coming out of his mouth, the freakish individual known as the
Boogeyman is looking down at her with worm juice dripping down his chin.
He shoves a hand into his pocket and takes out a handful of worms and
slowly brings them up to Sharmell's face. Sharmell's eyes instantly widen
as she raises her arms up into the air and screams as she starts to run
away from the freakish Boogeyman.

Down the hall, Edge hears Sharmell's screams of terror and starts to laugh,
"Ahhh... nothing like fucking another man's woman..."


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