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The Cutting Edge Part 13: Hardcore Correspondence
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days after Edge speared Mick Foley after the hardcore legend counted
him out in a major loss to John Cena, The Rated R superstar is roaming the
halls of an arena where Raw & Smackdown is holding a joint non-televised
live event. Dressed in his black wrestling tights and boots, Edge is making
his way to the locker room area with a frown on his face, "That cheating...
bastard..." Edge sneers as he suffered a quick loss in a match to John Cena,
who pinned him cleanly. "This is all Foley's fault..." Edge mutters to
himself as he walks past the staff that works behind the scenes at every
WWE event.

Once Edge walks by, Arn Anderson, who was in the middle of a conversation
with Kristal Marshall, looks over at Edge and shakes his head. "That kid is
not doing himself any favors..." Andersons says as he turn back to resume
his conversation with Kristal.

The conservative SmackDown Correspondent, Kristal Marshall, slowly watches
Edge walk past her and Arn heading down the hallway. Kristal with her hair
up in bun, dressed in a black skirt and black high heels with a long sleeved
white buttoned shirt and her black rimmed glasses, raises her eyebrow before
turning her head back to Arn Anderson "Ummm...Arn, could you excuse me for a
moment?" Kristal asks.

Arn nods his head, "Of course... I have some errands to take care of, so
we'll continue our talk later."

Kristal smiles and nods her head, she pats Arn on the back before following
after the R Rated Superstar, Edge. The conservative Kristal Marshall,
casually makes her way up to Edge and is now walking side by side with him
"Excuse me...Edge?" Kristal says as she tries to get Edge's attention

Edge continues to walk back to his locker room, but he turns his head to
smirk at Kristal, "Yeah that's me... what do you want?" Edge asks as he stops
walking and folds his arms across his chest.

Kristal stops walking and turns to face Edge slightly "Edge...I was hoping
you could clear up a rumor I overheard.." Kristal says before puts her
hands up in front of her "This isn't an interview...although I do ask the
hard-hitting questions, this is just so I know the truth." Kristal says as
she reaches up and adjusts her black rimmed glasses.

"Well since this isn't an interview... I could... tease an answer..." Edge
laughs a bit as he takes a moment to flip his head back, "So that being
said... depending on what the rumor is... it's all true..." Edge licks his
teeth slightly as he looks at Kristal and laughs slightly, "Other wise...
I deny everything..."

Kristal clears her throat as she looks directly at Edge "I've heard a few of
the women here accuse you of engaging in certain adult and unprofessional
activities with them..." Kristal begins to say.

Edge licks his teeth as he smiles, "That could be... very true... and very
untrue... depends on your... perspective..."

Kristal folds her arms below her chest and raises her eyebrow "That isn't a
clear and straight answer, Edge."

Edge laughs a bit, "Kristal, Kristal... if I gave you... a truly... hard
hitting answer... you'd wouldn't know how to interpret it..." Edge starts
walking away, but doesn't go far before he enters a locker room when his
name on it. Once inside the locker room, Edge looks at a clock on the wall,
and starts counting down the seconds as he assumes Kristal is going to
pursue him, "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5..." Just as Edge is about to say
four, he is silenced by a knock on his locker room door.

Edge smirks and opens the locker room door. "Why... Kristal... what ever
brings you to my locker room door..." Edge says as he licks his lips.

Kristal looks at Edge with a curious look on her face as she places her hands
on her slender hips "I want to know...if it's true" Kristal nods her head
slightly "And...I want a straight, forward answer."

Edge locks eyes with Kristal as he takes a half step towards her. He looks
down at her with a smirk, "Are you sure... cause you may not like... or you
may love... what you want to hear..." Edge laughs a bit, enjoying the verbal
game of chess he's playing with Kristal.

Kristal raises her eyebrow and shakes her head "As a hard-hitting
correspondent, I am trained to receive the hard-hitting answers" Kristal
says as she firmly looks at Edge "Whatever...the answers may be."

Edge smirks, "All right... you asked for it..." Edge grabs both of Kristal's
wrists and pulls her into his locker room. He kicks the door close and then
presses Kristal up again it.

Kristal's widen as her black-rimmed glasses fall off of her face when Edge
pins her arms against the locker room door "What...what...what is going on?"
Kristal asks quickly.

Edge licks his lips, "Answering... your questions..." Edge laughs and
forcefully kisses Kristal and rams his tongue into her mouth. He moves his
hands over Kristal's chests before he grabs the center of her white button
shirt and rips it open, causing the buttons to pop off of the shirt. Kristal
looks down at her rip shirt and sees her bra-covered chest. Kristal opens
her mouth in shock as the conservative correspondent quickly folds her arms
over her medium sized chest.

Edge laughs, "Oh what's a matter... I thought you wanted hard-hitting
answers..." Edge pulls Kristal away from the door add turns her around so
that she's now facing it. He pushes her forward and uses his body to press
her up against it. Edge unsnaps the clasp of her bra as he licks the right
side of Kristal neck, "Mmmm... you have a sweet taste Kristal..." Edge
laughs again.

Kristal closes her eyes as she shakes her head " alone...
please." Kristal begs as feels Edge peel her bra away from her chest.

"Hey... you're the one... that asked the questions..." Edge says before he
bits her right earlobe as he peels her bra away completely. "And when I'm
pressed... I give... the answers... people like you want..." Edge steps back
and pulls Kristal away from the door and shoves her towards the couch against
the east wall of the locker room.

Kristal starts to slowly sit up from the couch "I...I don't want this."
Kristal says as she shakes her head with her hair gradually coming out of her
bun due to the sudden roughness by Edge.

"Yes you do..." Edge says as he rips off his black wrestling tights,
unleashing his already fully hard, throbbing long cock. He starts to walk
towards her, "You're a hard-hitting correspondent... you want the answers to
those questions... and I'm going to give them to you... one way...or..."
Edge pauses and he then laughs, "Well there's only way I'm giving you the
answers..." When he reaches Kristal he grabs legs and pulls off her heels
and her black skirt. Kristal looks up at Edge in fear as he roughly yanks
down her black panties. Kristal shakes her head as she once again tries to
sit up on the couch, however Edge pushes her back onto the couch and spreads
her smooth legs apart. Edge grips his cock as he gets between Kristal's legs
and shoves it into her tight pussy. "Ahhhh yea..." Edge laughs as starts to
thrust into Kristal. He looks down at her face and grins, "Normally... I like
to get blown first... but you want answers badly..."

Kristal shakes her head and tries to push Edge away from as her steadily
thrusts his cock into her tight ebony pussy. However, since she is a great
deal smaller then Edge, she is barely able to make Edge budge. Kristal grits
her teeth as she balls her fists and begins to pound her fists against Edge's
chest "You''re sick!" Kristal yells as she continues to smacks her
hands against Edge's chest.

Edge laughs as he starts to quickens the pace the of his hard thrusts, "Oh...
give me... some credit... I could've fucked your ass straight up..." Edge
grabs both of Kristal's wrists and pin them down on the sofa with his hands.
Edge lowers his head down and slides his long tongue over Kristal's face.

Kristal turns her head away from Edge as she feels his tongue slide against
her beautiful face "Ohhh...gross..." Kristal groans as she accidentally
arches her back a bit, causing her warm pussy to rub against Edge's cock.

"Mmmm.... you sure... taste good..." Edge laughs as he flicks his tongue
against her lips. Edge changes the rate of his thrusts to where he's almost
pulling out of Kristal when he pulls back, but then he drives his shaft all
the way back into her cunt, making her arch her back whenever he wants.

Kristal closes her eyes as her eyes start to water " more...please..."
Kristal sobs as she feels Edge powerfully ram her delicate pussy.

"No more? Hey... I didn't make you suck my dick... so be a little fucking
grateful..." Edge yells as he pulls out of her pussy suddenly. He turns
Kristal over and makes her raise her ass into the air. With that being her
only warning, Edge thrusts all of his white cock into her asshole and
resumes fucking the conservative correspondent with hard-hitting thrusts.

Kristal grits her teeth and clenches her eyes shut as she feels the sudden
penetration of Edge's cock into her tight asshole "Ohhhh god no...please."
Kristal moans slightly as she starts to break down and cry. Kristal's body
quickly jolts forward and pulls back continuously as Edge rams his meaty cock
into her asshole. Kristal hangs her head down and screams loudly as she feels
Edge's cock go balls deep into her asshole.

Edge licks his teeth and grunts with every swift movement he makes as he
repeatedly pumps his cock into the depths of her asshole. His ballsack slaps
against her ass almost rhythmically and the perverted Raw superstar moans
loudly, "Ahhh yeah... I love fucking black... chicks... asses... nothing
quite like it..." Edge says as he reaches up to grab Kristal's hair to yank
her head back. "How... do you like... the fucking answers bitch!"

Tears stream down Kristal's soft cheeks "They...they weren't lying...
Sharmell... Jillian.... they were telling the truth." Kristal says in sobs
as her ass violently rams back against Edge's cock.

Edge laughs as he stops thrusting into her ass and pulls out, "That's right
Kristal... everything is true... and you know what's going to be true..."
He says in a sick tone as he shoves his throbbing cock back into her tight
pussy, "I'm... gonna make sure... I blow my load... in your tight...
slutty... fucking cunt."

Kristal shakes her head "No...please...stop..." Kristal cries out as her
breathing becomes heavy. Kristal hangs her head down as she feels Edge's
cock violate her pussy with hard, long and quick thrusts.

"Awww... what's that... you want... my cum on your face?" Edge laughs as he
appears to give Kristal a choice. He places both of his hands on her hips and
pulls her back towards him as he practically rapes her cunt like an animal.

Kristal takes a breath as she lifts her head up "Please...stop...I beg you."

"Alright..." Edge laughs as he gives Kristal an extremely hard sharp thrust
and a split second later, he starts to cum inside of her pussy. His hot spunk
splatters around inside of her, and Edge laughs as he watches Kristal.

Kristal looks over her shoulder at Edge and takes a deep breath, slightly
relived, knowing that her violation is over. Kristal's eyes narrow a bit
"You're...a jerk!" Kristal spits out.

Edge grins and licks his teeth, "All... is that all you got to say about
me..." He pulls out of her pussy and picks up Kristal's skirt to use it to
clean off his cock.

Kristal opens her mouth disgustedly as she watches Edge wipe off his cock
with her skirt "You're...You're sick!" Kristal yells as tears roll down her

Edge looks at Kristal with a smirk on his face, "Hey... you got something on
your face..." Edge laughs as he suddenly leans forward and starts rubbing
Krista's all skirt on her face. After just a few moments, he stops and laughs
at her. "How's that... for an answer to your questions! Now get the fuck out
of here... before I get an urge to answer you again..."

Kristal shakes her head as she gets off of the couch, gathering her clothes
up "Maybe...if you...had a better attitude, fans would respect you..."
Kristal says under her breath as she picks up her shirt, followed by her
high heels.

"The fans are fucking morons... but they can't be all bad... they didn't vote
you to win the Raw Slut Search..." Edge laughs as he sits on the couch.

Kristal lowers her head as she opens the locker room door and steps out into
the hallway "You are an asshole!" The conservative Kristal Marshall yells.

"Oh yeah?" Edge laughs hysterically, "And you've just got fucked... and I
know you loved every minute of that hard-hitting action!"


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