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The Cutting Edge Part 14: Hoooo!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of the men's locker room, The Rated R Superstar Edge, dressed in black
jeans and a black t-shirt, is talking to Smackdown's Randy Orton, who is
dressed in black warm up pants and his trademark RKO t-shirt. Even though
Randy appeared during Raw's main event a short while ago to attack John Cena,
the two men are talking about something totally unrelated as they both look
at Edge's sinful seductive siren Lita. "Ain't she something Randy..." Edge
asks as he licks his teeth as he looks at her.

"Fuck yeah she is..." Randy nods his head eagerly, "Shit... Lita... you got
a fucking hot body..."

Lita smirks and flips her fiery red hair back as she places a hand on the
front of Edge's waist and her other hand on Edge's chest. Lita licks her lips
as she looks at Edge and then glances at Randy "Why thank you Randy..." Lita
says with a sultry smirk as she dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a black
top that shows off the cleavage of her large and round tits. Lita turns back
to Edge and kisses his neck, before she flicks her pierced tongue against his
neck as well.

Edge wraps an arm around Lita's waist as he looks at her and smirks, "Mmmm
you little slut...." Edge smirks as he tilts his head down to flick his
tongue against Lita's cheek. He then looks at Randy and grins, "There's no
woman alive... that can match what my personal slut has got."

Randy shakes his head and folds his arm as he smirks, "I don't know Edge,
Lita seems like she could be good..."

Edge raises an eyebrow, "Seems like? Randy... Lita... is the best at
everything..." Edge looks back at her, "Ain't that right baby?"

Lita smirks as Edge drapes his left arm around her shoulders. Lita stands
next to Edge and slides her right hands into Edge's back pocket and licks her
lips as she looks at Randy " you know no one can match up with
me." Lita shrugs as she lowers her eyes to Randy's crotch "It's a shame...he
doesn't think so...or maybe isn't a REAL you" Lita turns her head
to Edge once against as she brushes her fingers against Edge's chest
"Because...I need a REAL you, baby."

Randy unfolds his arms and places his hands on his hips, "Hey... I am a real
man... hell, give me a few minutes and I'll have you experience an R-K-Orgasm
in no time..." Randy says with an insulted look on his face.

Edge laughs a bit, "Lita may have a bit of a point Randy... although she
doesn't know what you can do... and vice versa..." Edge licks his teeth as
his eyes narrow when a thought pops into his head. "Hmmmm... that kinda
gives me an idea...."

Lita raises her eyebrow, giving her a sultry, fiery look on her face as she
tilts her head back slightly "You do, baby?" Lita asks before she flicks her
tongue against Edge's lips.

Edge flicks his tongue against Lita's tongue before he nods his head,
"Yeah.... you're going to put on a little show for Randy here..."

Randy raises an eyebrow, "She is?"

Edge looks at him and smirks, "Yeah she is... she'll do what I tell her..."

Randy takes a long look at Edge and starts laughing, "C'mon, stop kidding
around... Lita's not really gonna do that is she?"

Edge turns and completely faces Lita, he lays his hand on her shoulders and
licks his teeth, "Oh she will Randy... right Lita? You'll do whatever I
want... you too."

Lita licks her slutty lips as she tilts her head back slightly to lock eyes
with her boyfriend, Edge. "Mmmm...babe...I'll do anything for you." Lita
smirks "Anything you want...I'll do.." Lita says she pokes her left index
finger against Edge's chest.

Edge gets a wide grin on his face, as he slowly turns his head to look at
Randy, "See Randy... told you so... Lita's a faithful little slut... MY
obedient little slut..."

Randy raises his hand and claps a bit, "Ok... ok you made your point..."
Randy then smirks when he slides hands into his pockets, "So... what are you
going to have her do?"

"Just wait..."Edge laughs slightly as he looks back at Lita, "Lita... you...
are going to suck the dick... of the next man that walks in here... doesn't
matter who it is... got it?"

Lita get a sly smirk on her face as she licks her slutty tongue her teeth
"You got it baby...the next person.." Lita says as she brushes her hand
against Edge's crotch behind she turns completely with her back to Randy
and Edge, so she can watch the locker room door for the next person to

Orton looks uncertainly at Edge, "Man, Edge are you serious... what if
Viscera walks in here... or that toe sucking freak Snitsky..."

Edge licks his teeth, "She'll blow them... no matter who it is...."

As soon as Edge finishes his reply to Randy, the door of the locker room
opens, and in walks Shelton Benjamin, dressed in white slacks and a white
button down shirt. "Hey guys...." Shelton says with a smile as he sees
Randy, Edge and Lita. Randy shakes his head in amazement of Lita's good
fortune. Edge grins, "Shelton Benjamin.... this is your lucky night..."

Lita licks her lips as she locks her eyes on Shelton Benjamin " lucky
night.." Lita says with a smirk as she starts to slowly walk towards the
'Momma's Boy' Shelton Benjamin.

"Oh you guys have my sunglasses?" Shelton says as he with a raised eyebrow.

"Nope... but Lita has something better than sunglasses for you..." Edge says
with a wide smile as he watches his redheaded seductress approach Shelton.

"Man Lita... you don't know how lucky you are..." Randy laughs as he moves
to sit down on the couch so he can get a good view of what is about to take

Lita smirks as she comes face to face with the black stud, Shelton Benjamin,
Lita licks her lips as she instantly looks down at Shelton's crotch "Mmmm...
it is my lucky day..." Lita bites down on her bottom lip, before flipping her
fiery red hair before she surprise Shelton by leaning over and begins to undo
Shelton's white slacks.

"Whoa... what's going on... today ain't my birthday..." Shelton says as he
looks down at Lita's hands as they unbutton and unzip his white slacks.

"Chill Shelton... I'm just showing Randy here how loyal and obedient Lita is
to me..." Edge says as he licks his lips and flips his hair back.

Randy shrugs, "Yeah Shelton... so relax and let me see that redheaded slut

Shelton raises an eyebrow and then smiles, "Shit... I'm down with that..."

Lita flicks her tongue against her lips with a smile as she gets down on the
floor on her knees in front of Shelton, pulling his white slacks down from
his legs. Lita places her hands against Shelton's black boxer briefs and
licks her lips "Mmmmm...." Lita moans softly as she starts to rubs Shelton's
cock through the fabric of his boxer-briefs, before guiding her hands to the
waistline and slowly tugging them down.

Shelton's black eleven-inch long cock slowly comes into Lita's view. Shelton
licks his lips as he looks down at Lita with a bit of anticipation on his
face. Randy scoots to the edge of his seat on the couch and watches with an
eager look on his face, which Edge notices. "Watch Randy... watch my slut as
she gives Shelton here, the blow job of his life..." Edge says with a bit of
a grin as he rubs his own crotch as he turns his attention back to Lita. "Do
it Lita..."

As Shelton's boxer-briefs drop to the floor along with his pants, Lita takes
Shelton's long shaft into her soft, cooling hands as she wraps them around
his shaft. Lita begins to moves her hands swiftly against Shelton's black
cock, before she leans her head into Shelton's cock and places her pierced
tongue against the head of Shelton's cock and begins to circle her tongue
around the tip of his cock.

"Mmmmmm.... damn...." Shelton swallows hard and moans at the same time as he
cock slowly becomes an unbending piece of hard meat in Lita's expert hands.

Randy licks his top lip as he watches Lita swirl being her oral presentation,
"That's not a blow job..." Randy says to Edge.

Edge laughs, "She's just getting warmed up... trust me... you'll be wishing
you were Shelton soon enough..."

Lita gently lashes the piercing of her tongue on the head of Shelton's cock
before she opens her mouth and lowers her head onto Shelton's cock, taking
his black cock into her hot mouth. Lita wraps her lips tightly around
Shelton's cock, practicing making her bottom and upper lip touch as they're
around Shelton's shaft. Lita starts off slowly bob her head on Shelton's
cock, giving him long and deeper head bobs.

"Ohhhh yeah.... that's it...." Shelton moans as he quickly gets into the
moment as Lita slowly sucks his cock. Shelton closes his eyes and tilts his
head back as he licks his lips. Randy sits back on the couch and starts to
push down his workout pants and the boxers he has on underneath to pull out
his thick ten-inch cock. The Legend Killer wraps a hand around his hardening
shaft and slowly begins to stroke it as he watch Lita intently.

Edge looks at Randy and smirks, "Is this getting to hot for you Randy?" Edge

Randy smirks, "No... just had to let it loose you know?"

"Right..." Edge licks his teeth as he turns his attention back to Lita,
"C'mon baby... show Shelton and Randy what you can do with that black dick."
Lita rubs her pierced tongue back and forth rapidly against the underside of
Shelton's shaft before she opens her mouth wider and engulfs his entire black
cock into her warm, sensual mouth. Lita begins to bob her head quicker than
lightning as she deep throats his black slab of meat.

Shelton bites his lip and groans loudly, "Ohhhh shit...." Shelton says as he
places a hand on top of Lita's red hair as he almost goes weak in the knees.
Over on the couch, Randy is still stroking his cock slowly, but he stops for
a moment to spit onto his right palm, and then resumes handling his cock.

"Fuck... she's really is that damn good..." Randy says as his eyes move back
and forth, tracking every movement of Lita's head.

Edge takes off his black t-shirt and tosses it behind him, before he starts
to walk over to Lita and Shelton, "That's it Lita... work it... use that
slutty mouth..." Edge says as he stands behind her and starts to rub her

Lita lifts her head slightly on Shelton's cock, wrapping her lips tight and
firm around solely the head of Shelton's large black cock. Lita slows down
her head bobs as she teasingly sucks slow, patting her pierced tongue against
the head of Shelton's. Lita loosens her grip once again as she lowers her
head a bit more on Shelton's black shaft, before she starts to twist her head
on his cock, just as she gently places her teeth against Shelton's shaft.

Edge clutches his hand tightly on Lita's shoulders as he thrusts his hips
forward to tap the back of Lita's head with the crotch of his pants. Looking
down at Shelton's saliva-dripping cock, Edge says, "Mmmmm baby... you have
his cock all wet..."

On the couch, Randy has stopped stroking his hard as steel shaft and is
removing all of his clothing as quickly as possible. "Fuck... Lita was made
to suck dick...." He says once he gets his clothes off, even though he's not
the one getting blown. Randy spits down onto his cock before he again wraps
his right hand back around his cock, and reaches down with his left hand to
lightly squeeze his own balls.

Meanwhile, Shelton is start to breath heavily as a result of Lita's oral
onslaught. He has opened his eyes and is unbuttoning his shirt to open it up,
and when he gets the last button undone, Shelton lets out a gasp mixed with a
moan, "Ahhhh ahhh shit... I'm... gonna cum..."

Lita slowly lifts her head up from Shelton's cock and smiles up at him with
lustful and seductive smirk "Good thing you told me...because I'm not done
with you yet..." Lita says with a wink as she pats her left hand against
Shelton's left thigh. The red-haired seductress slowly backs up on her knees
away from Shelton as her warm saliva drips off his cock, on the brink of

Shelton bites his bottom lip in frustration, "Aww... man... that's almost...
devilish to leave me like that..." Shelton says as his cock throbs

Randy licks his lips, "Shit... if she wants something to suck on... I got
something for her..."

"Chill your jets Randy." Edge laughs before he looks at Shelton, "Don't worry
Shelton... Lita wants you and your dick for something else..." Edge pats her
head, "Ain't that right baby..."

Lita nods her head, looking up at Edge, as she licks her lips "'re
so right baby.." Lita then turns her head to look at Randy "But...I think I
need something else to suck on for now" Edge's sultry sex-siren, Lita,

Shelton moves over to the couch and sits on the right armrest as Randy
continues to slowly stroke his own hard cock. He smirks at Lita, "Oh I have
something for you to suck on..."

Before Lita can make a move to head in Randy's direction, Edge grabs a
handful of her fiery red hair and yanks her head back, "Don't get so eager...
you know better... We want to see that slutty hot body of yours... so get
those fucking clothes off..." Edge licks his teeth.

Lita looks back up at Edge with a smirk as he slowly lets go of her fiery red
hair. Lita flicks her tongue against her teeth "Mmmm...Baby, anything for
you..." Lita says with a groan as she sits up onto her knees and lifts her
black top off of her body, revealing her braless, bare round and perfect
tits. Lita flips her red hair back as she sets her top down on the floor,
before reaching down to unbutton her tight jeans.

Edge stands behind Lita and takes a moment to squeeze her ass through her
jeans just before she unzips them. "Randy... I'm gonna make sure... you get
a great head session from my personal whore..."

Randy grins and licks his lips, "And how are you gonna do that?"

Edge smirks as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans, "Simple... I'm gonna fuck
my slut..."

Shelton gets a wide a smile on his face, "That seems like a good way to make
her work..."

Edge laughs as he lowers his jeans and his black boxer briefs to free his own
hard cock, "You don't know how true that is..." Edge then turns his attention
back to Lita and smirks, "What are you waiting for?"

Lita lifts her head up and turns her head to look back at Edge over her
shoulder with a sly, cock-eager smirk. Lita grits her teeth a bit "Baby...its
about time...I had a REAL man to fuck me...why don't you show those two how I
want a REAL man..." Lita says before she bends over onto her hands, remain on
her knees as she on all fours in front of the Rated R Superstar.

Edge smirks as he kneels down behind her and he slaps her ass, "You want a
REAL man... you cock hungry whore?" Edge spits on his left palm and reaches
between Lita's legs to rub her pussy, smearing his salvia against her cunt.
Randy and Shelton both watch Lita and Edge's interaction with wide eager
eyes as Edge roughly squeezes Lita's right ass cheek while at the same time
digging his fingernails into her rump. Lita tilts her head back and grits
her teeth as she arches her back slightly and reaches her left hand back and
begins to stroke the tip of Edge's cock, before he roughly smacks her hand
off of his cock.

"You fucking whore!" Edge yells as he also pulls his hand from her pussy.
"You dirty little slut..." Edge licks his lips , "You want a REAL man's
cock... and you're gonna pass up your dinner? Get the fuck over to Randy
and choke on his cock!" Edge says as he slaps her ass so hard a bright red
imprint is left on her skin.

"Holy shit..." Shelton says with a bit of a laugh, not expecting that to

Randy licks his lips as he looks at Lita's slutty lips and moves his hand
away from his rock hard shaft, "Yeah Lita.. come over and have dinner..."

Lita locks her eyes seductive gaze with Randy's eyes as she slowly crawls to
the couch that Randy and Shelton are both sitting. Edge licks his lip as he
watches Lita's round, juicy ass sway back and forth as she crawls. Lita
reaches the couch and looks up at Randy with a slutty smirk "I really hope
you're a...REAL man, Randy...I'd be disappointed if you weren't" Lita says
as she flips her fiery red hair back, before she spits her warm saliva on
Randy's cock. Lita wraps her soft hands around Randy's shaft and begins to
rub her warm saliva against his cock as she begins to stroke him as well.

"Oh I'm a real man..." Randy smirks as he places a hand on the top of Lita's
head, "And I got a big really hard as fuck cock for you to slurp on..."

Shelton shakes his head and smirks, "Man... Edge, you got one fine woman..."

Edge laughs as he closes the distance between him self and Lita, "Woman? Lita
ain't a fucking woman... she's a dirty cock hungry cum swallowing slut... and
I wouldn't have her any other way..." Edge says as he places his hands on
Lita's asscheeks to spread them apart. He then spits down into Lita's ass
crack and his warm saliva slides down between her gorgeous buns. Lita lets
out a soft moan as she leans her head down on Randy's cock and places her
warm, sensual and slutty tongue against the head of Randy's cock. Lita begins
to circle her tongue on Randy's cock as she pats her tongue piercing against
the head of Randy's cock, before she opens her hot mouth and inhales Randy's
cock. Lita wraps her slutty lips around Randy's cock and begins to bob her
swiftly on his cock, almost matching the same pace she blew Shelton at.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm.... that's a way to suck a dick..." Randy moans as he
grabs a handful of Lita's hair to prevent it from covering her face.

Shelton licks his lips, "Randy, let me tell ya, when was sucking me off I
thought she wanted suck my nuts from right out my body..."

Randy licks his lips hungrily, "Oh shit... I want that feeling..."

Meanwhile behind Lita, her perverted lover Edge is now sliding the fingers
of his right hand up and down her ass crack as he grips his thick cock.
"That's it baby... suck that big dick...." Edge says as he starts to shove
his cock into her waiting wet pussy. When it appears Edge is going to just
ease it in, Edge roughly rams his whole dick into her as he shoves her

Lita's tanned body suddenly jolts forward, engulfing Randy's entire cock
into her warm, moist mouth. "Mmmm...uhhhh..." Lita moans against Randy's
cock as she gently presses her teeth against Randy's shaft, starting to
slowly lift her head a bit, allowing herself to bob her quick and freely
on his cock. Lita bucks her round hips and slams herself powerfully
against Edge's cock as her ass smacks hard against Edge's muscular waist.

Edge starts to roughly thrust his cock in and out of Lita's tight pussyf
without any regard, "Yeah... Randy... make her choke... on your dick..."

"All right... it'll be my pleasure..." Randy smirks as he moans. The Legend
Killer places both his hands on Lita's head and presses her down on his cock,
making her deep throat it all.

Shelton, who is now stroking his black cock, watches Lita with amazement,
"Shit... nothing can slow her down..."

Edge licks his teeth as he gives Lita a sharp thrust, "You're not lying...
Lita's... a fucking pro..." Lita moans loudly around Randy's solid hard cock
as he quickly thrusts his cock in and out of her hot, slutty mouth. Lita
reaches her right left hand between her legs and begins to rub Edge's shaft
as he powerfully fucks her loose pussy. As Randy and Edge are fucking Lita
rapidly in her cunt and mouth, Lita wraps her right hand around Shelton's
black cock and begins to stroke his already hard cock, moving her hand
smoothly up and down his shaft.

Shelton moans as he feels Lita's hand tighten as she strokes his cock
swiftly, "Damn... looks like she needed a handle bar..."

Edge laughs as he notices Lita now stroking Shelton's black dick and gives
Lita several swift knife like stabs in her cunt with his phallic spear.
"Ohhhh yea... now... the games begin!" Edge places both his hands on Lita's
back between her shoulder blades and proceeds to dig his nails into her back
as he scratches her.

Randy scoots to the edge of the sofa and begins thrusting his cock hard into
Lita's mouth, making his balls slap against her chin, "Awwww fuck... man...,
I love this bitch's mouth..."

Lita slowly lifts her head up from Randy's cock as her saliva drips off of
his cock. Lita looks over her shoulder at Edge and grits her teeth as he
rams his cock sharply into her cunt "Ohhhhh ahhhhh! Fuck yes!....You...are...
a REAL man!" Lita moans as she body violate shakes due to Edge's powerful
thrusts. Sweat begins to drip off of Lita's smoking hot body as Randy stands
up from the couch.

Edge gives Lita few more thrusts before he suddenly pulls out with very
little effort, leaving Lita in a state of wanting him to continue. Before
she can beg him to keep fucking her, Edge looks at Randy and points at Lita,
"Fuck her Randy... let's see if you got it..."

Randy smirks, "Oh I got it... but I don't want her pussy right now... I want
that sweet looking ass of her's..."

Shelton stands up from the couch and sinks down to the floor, "Well if you
don't want her pussy... I'm sure she'll love my black snake in her cunt..."

Edge smirks, "Great thinking Shelton... Lita get your slutty sloppy pussy on
Shelton's dick."

Lita flips her fiery red hair back as she arches her body back with sly
smirk. Lita licks her lips as she mounts herself on top of Shelton's cock.
Lita suddenly comes down quickly on his cock, jamming his black cock
straight up into her slutty cunt. Lita grits her teeth "
cock!" Lita groans as she places her hands on Shelton's chest. Lita, however,
doesn't begin to ride Shelton's cock as she looks over her shoulder waiting
for Randy to take position and enter her inviting asshole.

Shelton places his hand on Lita's perspiring thighs as Randy kneels behind
her. He grips his cock and guides his cock into her waiting asshole, "Get
ready... for a killer legendary ass fucking..." Randy says as he jams all of
his cock into her asshole with such ease that he pauses for a long moment,
"Shit... she must've gotten ass fucked earlier tonight..."

Edge licks his lips, "Of course she did..."

Meanwhile, underneath Lita, Shelton is starting to thrust his cock up into
her pussy as he pushes her back and forth on his cock, "Mmmmm shit... I love
this... man this is... my lucky night..." Shelton says as he reflects on what
happened earlier.

Lita grits her teeth tightly as she bounces quickly on Shelton's cock,
slamming down hard after each bounce. Lita tilts her head back and moans as
she starts to push her juicy ass back against Randy's cock as he rams his
cock into her asshole at the same time. "Ohhhhh fuck..." Lita moans as she
hangs her head down inches away from Shelton's face. Sweat rolls down from
her face and onto Shelton's lips as she closes her eyes as her ass and pussy
are pound relentlessly.

Edge moves and stands to right of the trio stroking his cock as he holds it
near Lita's head, "Fuck her good..." Edge licks his teeth as he grabs Lita's
hair and yanks her head back.

Randy slams his cock nonstop into Lita's round ass, making her lift up more
on Shelton's cock. "Fuck... damn she go... like... a five-dollar whore..."
Randy grunts as beads of sweat starts to drip down his face. Shelton reaches
up and grab's Lita's large round tits and presses them together as he rams
his black throbbing prick up into Lita's pussy by lifting his hips off of
the floor. Lita, the slutty red-headed siren, looks up at her boyfriend and
her slutty tongue hangs out of her hot mouth. Lita leans her head back more
and begins to flick her well skilled tongue against the underside of Edge's
shaft as moans widely. Lita guides her tongue down Edge's shaft to his
ballsack and takes his nutsack into her hot mouth, a trait of Lita's that
Edge very much enjoys.

"Ahhh yeah, suck my balls you whore!" Edge groans loudly as he continues to
stroke his cock.

Shelton licks his lips as he groans, "Ohhh shit... man I love your fucking
cunt..." Behind Lita, Shelton's comment gets the wheels in the third
generation superstar's mind. In a quick moment, Randy pulls his cock out of
Lita's asshole and forces it into Lita's stuffed pussy with a violent thrust.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Randy grits his teeth as his cock grinds roughly against
Shelton's as he tries to start fucking Lita at a hard fast rate as she
continues to bounce on Shelton's thick black fuck stick. Lita lets out a
loud, pleasurable moan around Edge's ballsack as she rocks her head back
and forth against his ballsack, swirling and tapping her tongue against
his cock. Lita suddenly slams down on Shelton's cock and then rams her
body back against Randy, catching both young studs by the intensity of
the slutty Diva.

"Uhhhhhh fuck!" Shelton moans loudly as he starts to blow his load inside
of Lita's pussy as she comes down incredibly hard once again. His hot sticky
load acts as a lubricant for Randy, who starts banging Lita's pussy with
added force as he tries to hold out from busting his load.

"Ahhh damn.... ahhh shit..." Randy says as he wraps his arms around Lita's
sweat drenched body.

Edge moves away from his red-headed sex pet after freeing his heavy ballsack
from her mouth, "Having fun you dirty whore?" Edge asks before he spits down
into Lita's open mouth.

"Ohhh...I am...a fucking dirty....whore! Of course...I'm having...ohhhh!" Lita moans as grits her teeth as she slams down quickly on
Shelton's weakening cock, due to Randy's quick and powerfully thrusts. Lita
tilts her body slightly, arching against Randy's body as sweat flies off of
her tanned, smoking hot body "Ohhhh...I'm...such a slut!" Lita moans loudly
as Randy power drills her sweet and slutty cunt.

"I... second that!" Randy groans as he pulls his throbbing cock out of her
pussy. The Legend Killer grips his thick cock and strokes it twice moments
before he starts to spray his hot load over Lita's backside.

Edge licks his lips as he looks down at Lita nodding his head in approval,
"That you are... you dirty slut... now get off Shelton... and get my cum..."
Edge says with a smirk.

Lita licks her slutty lips as she unstraddles herself on top of Shelton and
moves over to Edge, kneeling in front of the Rated R Superstar. Lita smirks
slyly as she looks up at Edge "Baby...cum on my face...I need a... REAL
man's...cum all over my slutty face!"

Edge grips his cock and places a hand on Lita's forehead to tilt her head
back as he jerks off. "You dirty... cum loving... fucking whore..." Edge
moans, "Here... it... comes you bitch!" Edge grits his teeth as he his cum
powerfully erupts from his cock and lands all over Lita's lovely sweaty face.

"Ohhhhh baby!" Lita moans as she feels his warm cum splatter against her
face. Lita's eyes roll to the back of her head in ecstasy, before she leans
her head forward and wraps her slutty lips around the cum coated head of
Edge's cock. Lita begins to slowly bob her head against Edge's cock milking
any drops of Edge's cum that are left in his oozing cock.

"Ahhh uhhhh yeah Lita.... get all that cum..." Edge moans as he closes his
eyes. Behind Lita, Randy and Shelton watch her as she slurps out every drop
of Edge's spunk from his cock.

"Man... that's a top fuck slut..." Shelton says.

"Yeah..." Randy nods his head and smirks, "$5 says she'll want more..."

Lita slowly lifts her head up Edge's cock after milking his cock completely
clean of cum. Lita licks her lips as she turns to face Randy and Shelton
after hearing their comments. Lita looks at them with Edge's cum splattered
all over her slutty face. Lita smirks "Mmmmm....I want more...but I want
more...cock..." Lita shakes her head "Three just wasn't enough for me."

Edge licks his head as he runs his fingers through Lita's red hair, "Of
course it's not Lita..." Edge pulls her head back so she's looking up at
him, "Because you are... a hot... fucking..."

A short way down the hallway, WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan is walking
carrying his wooden 2x4 over his left shoulder. Hacksaw stops once he
reaches the opened door of the locker room and glances inside the locker
room and sees Lita's face covered in cum as Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton
and Edge slightly surround her all of them being naked. Hacksaw his
raised a bit and then raises his right thumb into the air and shouts
"Hoooooooooooooo!" before he decides against entering the locker room,
and instead continues his walk down the hallway.

Lita turns her head to look at the door and pouts, as she's completely
offended by Hacksaw's unwanted comment, "I'm not a ho! I'm a slut... a
whore... a cock loving bitch... but I am not a HO!" She looks up at Edge
and pouts some more, "Edge... baby... you're gonna do something about him

Edge smirks down at her, "Of course I am... trust me..."


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