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The Cutting Edge Part 15: Payback For The Playmate
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Ahhhhh yeah...." The moans of the Rated R Superstar echoes in the lockerroom
he's in as he sits on the leather couch. Dresses in just a pair of heavy
black jeans, which are down around his ankles, Edge licks his lips a places a
hand on the head of Lita, his sinful seductress who is bobbing on his cock at
a fairy quick pace. "Mmmm Lita.... suck that big cock..." Edge groans as he
grabs a hand full of her fiery red hair and pulls on it as he enjoys the
warmth of her mouth on his hard, long and thick shaft. Lita laps her warm,
wet tongue around Edge's shaft as she pats her tongue ring against his shaft,
bobbing her head along his cock. Lita tightens her lips around the head of
Edge's cock and begins to twist her head on the Rated R Superstar's cock.
Lita moans softly against Edge's cock as takes more of his cock into her
slutty mouth, until the cock hits the back of her throat. As Lita bobs her
head on his cock, she places her soft left hand around his cock and begins to
rub the palm of her hand against his shaft.

"Mmmm fuck... that's it Lita..." Edge's moans get louder as he starts to pat
her head, "Ohhh god, no one can suck dick better than you..." Edge scoots
forward towards the edge of the couch as he pushes his cock forward into her
mouth. Lita opens her hot, slutty mouth wider as she inhales Edge's cock
completely. Lita begins to deep throat Edge's cock tremendously quick as she
lashes her pierced tongue violently against his cock. Lita presses her teeth
against Edge's shaft and begins to rake her head up and down against his cock
along with her head bobs.

"Mmmmm fuck yeah baby... keep it up... keep it up..." Edge licks his teeth as
he grabs two handfuls of her hair and pulls on it. He looks down at her with
a smirk on his face. "Ohhh fuck... come on baby... work it harder..." Edge
moans as he starts to feel the pressure building in his balls.

Lita slowly lifts her head up from Edge's cock that drips of Lita's warm,
soothing saliva. Lita smiles up at Edge "You want it harder baby? Like how a
REAL man...likes it?" Lita asks with a slutty, playful smirk.

Edge nods his head, "Oh you know it Lita... I want you to suck the cum right
out of me... with that sexy little mouth of yours..." Edge replies as moves a
hand to trace the edges of her lips with his finger.

Lita licks her lips " you know I only love REAL you.."
Lita says as she flips her fiery red hair back as she leans her head once
again into Edge's cock. Lita places her tongue against the head of Edge's
cock and begins to circle her tongue around the head of his cock, gently
tapping her tongue ring against the tip of his cock as well.

Edge grunts and closes his eyes, "Ahhhh yeah... god I love how you tease
me..." Edge relaxes the hold his has on her hair. "Mmmm fuck... you sure
know how to please a REAL man... now come on... I know... how much you like
my cum... do what you do to get it..." Lita opens her hot mouth and pushes
Edge's cock back into her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around the head
of his cock and begins to quickly bob her head at a rough and sloppy pace,
slapping her saliva all over his cock.

"Ahhhh yea... ahhh shit... suck it... ohhhh baby..." Edge licks his teeth as
he suddenly pushes Lita's head all the way down onto his cock. "Dinner time
Lita!" Edge moans as he starts to cum inside of her hot mouth.

Lita moans against Edge's cock as his warm cum splashes against the back of
her throat. Some of Edge's cum drips out of her mouth along with some of her
saliva, but Lita swallows a good portion of Edge's warm spunk. Lita slowly
lifts her head up from his cock and licks her lips as she sits up on her
knees, looking up at her boyfriend " that's what a REAL man
tastes like."

Edge smirks down at her as he licks his lips, "Mmmm... fuck, you're dirty
little cock sucking cum swallowing slut..." Edge says as he leans forward and
pulls her up on to his lap. He kisses her and tastes his own cum as he slips
his tongue into her mouth. After a moment, he breaks the kiss and smirks at
her, "How did you get so fucking good..."

Lita smirks as she moves off of Edge's lap and sits down on the leather couch
next to him "Mmm...babe, I think it was all those years of practice...with
that wanna-be of a REAL man, Matt Hardy." Lita rolls her eyes "He just wishes
he could be man enough...Mick Foley, that fatty, wishes he was a REAL man,
like you."

Edge laughs as he pulls up his jeans and buttons them up. "That is so fucking
true... those two... and just about every other man alive wish they had half
of what I got..." Edge smirks, "They all wish they can be REAL like me..."
Edge stands up and zips up his jeans.

Lita licks her lips and nods her head "That is so right, babe..." Lita then
raises her eyebrow "Where are you going?"

Edge smirks, "Oh... I going to set up a little surprise for Foley tonight..."
Edge laughs, "He thinks I'm playing with him and expects that I'm going to
take it easy on his sorry fat ass..."

Lita laughs a bit as she tilts her head back ", you go do that...
but once you're done come back here.." Lita says with a sultry smirk as she
looks at Edge "Because...I want to get hardcore...with a REAL man."

Edge laughs as he starts to walk to do the door, "Oh you'll get it real
hardcore when I get back... don't go fucking any strange men until I get
back..." Edge smirks as he opens the door to exit the locker room.

Edge leaves the locker room door open and starts to walk down the hall. He
walks past the hall leading to the divas locker room area, and he sees
Victoria and Candice Michelle, two of the three divas that has ruined his
chances of retaining the WWE Championship several months ago. Edge grits
his teeth, but continues on his way, "Those two probably think I forgot
about them..." Edge mumbles to himself as he goes around a corner, but he
stops when he sees a woman bending over to touch her toes as part of a
stretching exercise. Edge licks his teeth as he looks at the woman's
backside; not recognizing whom it is at first. Edge starts to walk towards
her and says, "My... my... you got a fine piece of fucking ass..." Edge
says as he lays his hand on the woman's backside.

The woman with blond, golden locks of her hair slowly turns her head to look
back to see who's hand is touching her nicely round and firm ass. The woman
slowly turns around and stands up completely, dressed in a pink leathery
shorts and matching pink. That woman happens to be WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, a
former member of Vince's Devils and one of the one's who humiliated the Rated
R Superstar. Torrie raises her eyebrow as she smacks Edge's hand away from
her ass after she turns around "Just...what do you think you're doing?"
Torrie, the former Playboy Playmate, asks in a questioning tone.

Edge smirks a bit once he realizes that Torrie was the one bending over, but
then his eyes narrow slightly as he looks at her. The memories of what she
did to him with Candice and Victoria flood into his mind and he grits his
teeth slightly, "Well... well... well... what do we have here..." Edge says
with a snap in his voice as he glares at her. "If it ain't one of the fucking
sluts... that took something from me..."

Torrie's eyes widen a bit as she swallows her saliva, with a bit of a
frightened look on her face. Torrie takes a deep breath as she puts her hands
up "Ummm...Edge...I..I..I.. don't know what you're talking about..." Torrie
says as her voice trembles slightly.

"Ohhhh you forgot about what you did..." Edge snaps as he grabs her right
wrist and pulls her towards him, "Well let me tell you... I haven't
forgotten..." Edge says as he glares into her eyes. "In fact... I've been
waiting... for the perfect time... to give you some payback..." Edge laughs.

Torrie's soft eyes widen more in fear as she struggles, trying to pull her
right arm away from Edge however his grip around her wrist is too tight for
her to break. Torrie shakes her head " was
Candice and Victoria's idea..." Torrie swallows again "I..I swear...I
didn't...want to do it..." Torrie says as she tries again to break Edge's
grip around her right wrist.

"Shut the fuck up!" Edge yells as he turns Torrie around and pulls her right
arm behind her back. He wraps his left arm around her body as he says into
her left ear, "If you fucking scream... I'll break your god damn arm... and
maybe even your neck..." Edge laughs, "Now start walking bitch..." Edge says
as he pushes her forward.

Torrie timidly bites down on her bottom lip as her body shakes in fear after
hearing Edge's threats. Torrie slowly nods her head "Ok...ok....I...I...
will...just...please..." Torrie begins say as she starts to slowly walk in
front of Edge as he tightly holds onto her right arm.

Edge licks his teeth, "Ohh you don't know... how much... you and your slut
friends... have been on my mind..." Edge laughs as sees an open door a few
feet away from where they currently are. He maneuvers Torrie a bit to get
her to walk where he wants her too. "Walk to that room." Edge says as he
pushes her towards the room.

Torrie slowly turns her head back to look at Edge. Her beautiful face is
stricken with fear "W-w-what going to me?" Torrie asks as
Edge continues to push her further towards the open door.

Edge licks his lips as he shoves her inside the open door, which is an small
empty locker room that has no furniture in it. "Oh... I'm going... to give
you some payback..." Edge laughs as he steps into the room and closes the
door behind him as he continues to hold onto Torrie's right wrist. The Rated
R Superstar turns her around, and grabs the front of her pink top and rips
it off of her body.

Torrie looks down at her large, free chest and quickly folds her arms over
her chest, covering herself up. Torrie slowly backs up into the small locker
room. While holding her right arm over her chest, she puts her left hand out
in front of her as she backs up "Edge...I'm serious...It...wasn't my idea...
please....just....don' anything to me.." Torrie says as her voice

Edge laughs, "You really think... I'm going to believe a cheap whore like
you..." Edge slaps her left hand down as he presses his body up against her
against a wall at the back of the room. "You're a fucking cock tease... and
what you... and your friends did to me... was over the line..." Edge laughs
as he grabs the waistline of Torrie's pink leathery shorts and pulls them
down to her knees. Edge takes a step back and licks his lips, "Mmmm... and
on top of that... you look like a fucking Barbie doll with a eating
disorder..." Edge laughs as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans.

Torrie looks down at her bottom and frowns as she looks back up. Torrie
shakes her head "I...Do not look like that!" Torrie says stomping her left
foot as she folds her arms glaring at Edge, despite having a glare on her
face Torrie looks completely irresistible.

Edge laughs, "Yes you do... look at you... your skinny as hell... you look
like you haven't eaten a fucking thing in weeks..." Edge smirks, "You
probably live on protein shakes and crackers..." Edge then lowers his jeans
and pulls out his cock, "And since I got no crackers... I do got a good
source of protein that you'll probably love."

Torrie makes a disgusted face and shakes her head "I don't want that..."
Torrie says in a prude voice.

"Oh yes you do... you wanted it really bad when you and your fucking friends
tied me up!" Edge yells as he lays his hands on Torrie's shoulders and shoves
her down to her knees. He grips his cock and presses it hard against her
lips, "Now open up Torrie... time for some of my beef... cause it's what's
for dinner." Torrie stubbornly looks up at Edge with a slight glare as she
holds her mouth shut. As Torrie looks up at Edge, she shakes her head back
and forth. Edge frowns "Open you fucking mouth!" Edge yells as grabs her hair
and yanks on her blonde locks. He then starts to shoves his cock against her

"Open your mouth... or else... and don't fucking try to test me!" Edge yells
as pushes Torrie's head against the wall. Out of intimidation, Torrie slowly
opens her warm, wet mouth as Edge pushes his cock into her mouth. Torrie
closes her eyes as she feels Edge's cock inside of her mouth. Torrie slowly
wraps her lips around his cock as Edge places his hands on the back of
Torrie's head and begins to thrust his own cock in and out of her hot mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... you fucking like the taste of that?!" Edge laughs as he rams
his cock all the way into her mouth, making the former Playboy Playmate deep
throat his cock. He looks down at her as he his balls slap against her chin
with every thrust, "Oh I know you fucking do you bitch... look at how you're
trying to eat it like it was a steak dinner..."

Torrie shakes her head as she tries to pull her head away from Edge's cock,
however when she does, Edge just pushes her head down further on his cock,
making his cock move deeper into her mouth. Torrie begins to gag on Edge's
cock as he continues to rapidly thrust his cock in and out of her mouth,
making his cock hit the back of Torrie's small throat.

"Oh yeah... god.... for a fucking Barbie doll... you do take cock like a
slut... a cheap slut... but whatever..." Edge laughs as he pulls his cock out
of her mouth and slaps it against both of Torrie's cheeks to smear her saliva
over her face. Torrie moves her head away as she starts to cough from choking
on Edge's cock. Torrie places her hands on her throat as she tries to breath,
while tears run down her cheeks.

Edge takes a step back and smirks down at her, "Mmmm since I just fed you...
cause it's time for you to get the fucking bill..." Edge laughs as he gets
down onto his knees and forces Torrie onto her back. He spreads her legs and
rams his saliva-dripping dick right into her smoothly shaved pussy.

Torrie closes her eyes shut as she feels the sudden violation of her pussy by
Edge's stiff cock "Ohhhh no please..." Torrie cries out "I wasn't
my idea..." Torrie moans slightly as Edge powerfully thrusts his cock in and
out of her warm cunt.

"It doesn't fucking matter!!" Edge grunts as he rams his cock in and out of
her pussy, "You were there... that's what matters! You helped them! And where
are they now?!" Edge laughs as he gives her a sequence of violent thrusts
that results in his skin slapping against hers.

Torrie shakes her head as her body is pull back against Edge's cock when her
grabs her smooth, tanned hips and rams her down on his cock, while on top of
her. Torrie wraps her smooth legs around Edge's waist to try and push him off
of her, however, all that does is grind her pussy against his cock.

"They are... not ever... around to help you out of this!" Edge laughs as he
pulls out of her pussy suddenly and turns Torrie over. He pulls her ass up
while her head lays on the ground. "But then, all women secretly hate each
other anyway... but who fucking cares..." Edge laughs as he shoves his cock
into her tight asshole with out anyway warning.

Torrie instantly lifts her head out as Edge suddenly rams his cock into her
asshole "Ohhh...dear god!"

Edge starts thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole with hard swift
thrust, while pulling the golden-haired beauty back towards him. Torrie's ass
collides against Edge's waist with such force that her ass cheeks jiggle each
time. "You love this... I bet that every guy you've been with never fuck your
ass like me!"

Torrie shakes her head "You're disgusting!" Torrie moans and yells at the
same time as her body quickly moves back and forth between Edge's thrusts to
her perfect ass.

"Oh... its... that all you're gonna call me?" Edge laughs, "Fuck you are a
slut... and don't think I didn't hear that moan!" Edge slams his cock harder
into Torrie's ass, making her jolt forward each time which makes him have to
pull her back so his dick doesn't fall out of her asshole. "Mmmm damn... your
ass is pretty fucking loose... you must get drilled up shit creek a lot!"
Edge chuckles.

Torrie looks back at Edge with a glare "You're an idiot!" Torrie yells as
Edge continues to savagely fuck her ass.

"Oh shut up!" Edge laughs as he gives her a sharp thrust and suddenly
starts to cum inside of her asshole. Edge continues to fuck her as his cums
splatters inside of her ass and he holds Torrie in place so she feels every
drop of his hot spunk.

Torrie takes a deep breath as she closes her eyes "'re done."
Torrie says with a groan as she looks back at Edge with a relieved look on
her face, with slight sweat.

Edge smirks at her, "Don't think you got me to get done sooner... I gave a
better load to my hot whore Lita before I ran into you." Edge pulls his cum
covered dick out of Torrie's asshole and slides it over her ass in order to
clean it off. Torrie glares at Edge as she scoots away from Edge and slowly
stands up, as she turns back around to face him. Edge grabs his jeans and
puts them on, "You know... the more I think about it... you're not all that
good a fuck... you're worst than that fucking nut job that chases that whore
Trish around..."

Torrie opens her mouth in shock "That...that isn't true..." Torrie says as
she shakes her head "I'm better than her or your whore girlfriend!" Torrie
replies and before she has a chance to think, she slaps Edge right across
the face.

Edge turns his face slightly as a result of Torrie slapping him. He then
slowly turns his head to look at her and smirks, "My... my... somebody wants
another shot..." Edge laughs, "But guess what... I don't do women who can't
fuck twice... one bad fuck is enough."

Edge turns his face slightly as a result of Torrie slapping him. He then
slowly turns his head to look back at her and smirks, "That was pretty
pathetic..." Edge laughs, before he raises his hand and slaps Torrie square
across the face so hard she spins a slightly.

Torrie holds the side of her face in pain as she drops down her knees on
the floor. Torrie closes her eyes slightly "Ohhhh goddd..." Torrie groans in

Edge grabs a handful of Torrie's hair and yanks her head back, "Listen up...
you fucking bitch... that was payback... for what you and those two other
whores did to me... if you're smart... you'll stay the fuck away from me in
the future... got that?!" Torrie eyes widen in fear again as she puts her
hands up to block herself from Edge. Torrie scoots back against the wall as
Edge towers over her in attempts to intimidate her.

Edge smirks as he looks down at her before he turns to leave, "Now... time
to... prepare for Foley... and get back to a REAL woman..."

Torrie lowers her hands and glares at Edge, although still frightened "Your
girlfriend is a ho...." Torrie replies under her breath.

Edge stops in his tracks and slowly turns around and glares at Torrie, "My
girl... is not... a ho... she's many things... but she's not a ho..." Edge
slowly starts to walk back to Torrie and he grabs her by her hair so he can
pull her up to her feet. Edge smirks at her, "The only ho here... is you...
you're not good enough to be with those other two whores... and you're a
pathetic fuck..." Torrie slowly looks down and frowns as she backs up against
the wall. "You're a piece of trash... you sold your body twice to pose naked
in Playboy..." Edge laughs, "Every man saw your slutty cunt and your fake
tits... and flat ass... how does it feel Torrie that everyone them thinks
you're a cheap slut."

Torrie begins to slowly rub her hands against her arms as she folds them
over her chest. Torrie shakes her head as she starts to tear up "They...they
don't...think that..."

"Yes they do..." Edge laughs, "Only a cheap slut will do Playboy twice...
hell... you're such a slut... they had to get that old bitch Sable to be with
you in your second issue just so it could sell... and you know what's the
greatest example to prove what I'm saying is true? Your two friends tossed
you out of your own little group because they didn't want you around... they
saw, just like everyone else, how you really are..." Edge laughs, "They see
you as a ho... a dirty, disgusting ho..."


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