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The Cutting Edge Part 16: Screwing Over Matt, Again!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area of a joint Raw/SmackDown live event on the Road to
WrestleMania, Matt Hardy is talking to his girlfriend Ashley Massaro before
his match. Ashley is sitting on a wheel chair with her crutches leaning
against a wall. Matt looks at her as he stretches his arms above his head,
"So, are you sure you don't need anything? I got a few minuets before my
match with Animal..." Matt says with a smile. "I could help you back to the
locker room."

Ashley laughs a little and nods her head "Matty, I'm absolutely fine..."
Ashley pauses and then shrugs "Although, I would like to get out of this
damn wheel chair..." Ashley replies as she stubbornly tries to get up from
the wheel chair. Ashley is dressed in a pair of jeans and black sleeveless
t-shirt, as well as a red cast on her right ankle due to her injury she
sustained in a Diva Battle Royal on RAW.

"Want some help?" Matt laughs as he takes her hands and helps her up to her
feet, where he then helps her balance on her left leg as she grabs her

"You know, injuries are all part of the game... you don't really want too
rush yourself back to fast." Matt says as Ashley balances herself with her

Ashley sighs and nods her head slowly "I know...I know...I just wish I could
be there to help Trish out with that psycho, Mickie James." Ashley replies as
she balances herself on the two crutches. Ashley then smiles cutely at Matt
"At least...we get to spend some time together, though."

Matt smiles and brushes a strand of hair from Ashley's face, "Yeah, that's

As Matt is about to say something else to her, Road Agent Ted DiBiase comes
walking from the gorilla position, "Hardy, your match is in 5 minutes."

Matt turns and nods, "Thanks, I'll be right there." DiBiase nods his head and
continues on his way. Matt looks back at Ashley and smiles, "Well... I gotta
get going..."

Ashley frowns a bit "Awww...can't you stay here?"

"I wish I could... but I go out there..." Matt frowns, "But I'll try and rush
through the match to get back with you..." He then smiles a little, "You
going to wish me luck?"

Ashley laughs a little "Good luck...don't end up like me, injured." Ashley
replies before she gives Matt a soft, quick kiss on the lips.

Matt breaks the kiss after a moment, "I won't..." Matt smiles as he gives her
a soft kiss before he turns to head to the ring. "I'll see you in a bit."
Matt says as he turns back to look at her for a moment before he walks away

A short distance away the Rated R Superstar, Edge and his sinful seductress,
the former girlfriend of Matt Hardy, Lita are watching the interaction
between Matt Hardy and Ashley Massaro. Lita folds her arms and rolls her
eyes after seeing the quick kiss shared between Matt and Ashley. Lita groans
as she flips her red fiery hair back " god, doesn't that make you so
sick, baby?" Lita says as she turns her head back slightly, to look at Edge.
Lita is dressed in a somewhat baggy black pair of jeans and a black low-cut
top, showing off her cleavage.

Edge laughs, "Yeah... it's so sweet and pathetic... kinda like the Brady
Bunch... makes me wanna throw up," Edge shake his head, "God... I bet he got
that chick because she had pity for him..." Edge laughs. He's dressed in a
black shirt, denim jacket, black jeans and a gray knit cap. Edge puts an arm
around her gorgeous waist and pulls her close.

Lita shakes her head as she narrows her eyes a bit as she looks at Ashley
"Too bad...she couldn't be with a REAL you.." Lita smirks a bit
as she looks up at Edge "Hey baby...are you thinking...what I'm thinking?"

Edge licks his lips and laughs, "Oh... if I am... then yeah... I will get you
20 guys for your birthday..." Edge sees the look on Lita's face and he grins,
"Seriously though... I think that Matt's trashy little girlfriend needs to
see what a REAL man is..."

Lita licks her lips with a sly smirk on her face before she turns to Edge and
places a hand on his stomach "Babe...go back to locker room and get ready...
I'll handle the little bitch..."

"Don't take too long..." Edge grins as he licks his teeth, he then starts
to walk backward away from Lita as he looks at her, "Fuck, you're so damn

Lita smirks "I know..." Lita laughs a little before she starts to approach
Ashley, who is trying to walk with the support of her crutches. Lita comes up
from behind Ashley and gently places a hand on her back "It's Ashley, right?"
Lita asks with a soft smile.

Ashley turns her head in surprise as she looks at Lita, "Yeah... that's
right..." Ashley smiles politely, "And... you're Lita... right?" she asks as
she stops walking and balances herself on the crutches.

Lita folds her arms and nods her head as she presses her lips together and
looks Ashley, up and down. Lita eyes lighten up "You like... you could use a
little help..."

"Yeah... I could..." Ashley laughs a bit, "I'm still getting used to them...
but it beats sitting in that wheel chair." Ashley motions with her head
towards the wheel chair.

Lita glances at the wheel chair and then back at Ashley, she smiles politely
"Well Ashley.. I could help you out..."

"Oh... I don't want to be a bother... besides..." Ashley sighs but smiles, "I
got to get use to these things sooner or later..." Ashley starts to walk with
the support of the crutches again, but looks very shaky with every step she

Lita reaches forward and places her left hand on Ashley's shoulder "Ashley...
I insist, let me help you..." Lita says with a smile "...I can help you right
to the locker room..."

Ashley smiles, "Thanks Lita... I appreciate it..." Ashley then laughs,
"Matt's match probably would've ended before I would make it back to the
locker room."

Lita glares a bit as she starts to help Ashley towards one of the nearby
locker rooms " and Matt, huh?"

Ashley nods, "Yeah... he and I... kinda met after I won the diva search...
and we've hit it off pretty good..." Ashley says as they continue to head
towards the locker room.

Lita makes a disgusted face "'s that just great..." Lita rolls
her eyes, before turning a bit to Ashley as they walk down towards the locker
room "You know...Matt only dates sluts, right?"

Ashley turns her head and looks at Lita with a raised eyebrow, "What are you
talking about... I'm not a slut..." Ashley then sighs, "And he really doesn't
think that about you if that's what you're getting at..."

Lita stops walking and turns to completely face Ashley once they're in front
of the locker room door. Lita folds her arms as she glares at Ashley "Sure...
you're not a slut...I'm're a wanna-be Diva...whore!"

Ashley looks at Lita with her eyes wide open, "What... what's this all
about... if this is about me dating Matt, then you've got the wrong idea..."

Lita raises her eyebrow "Ohh...really? Just're just fucking that
pathetic excuse, Matt Hardy, so you have job security around here...isn't
that right, Ashley!?" Lita says as she pushes the locker room door open.

"No... that's not it at all..." Ashley shakes her head, "I'm with Matt
because he's a great guy..." Ashley then bites her lip as she clutches onto
her crutches, "And... if you didn't stab him in the back... you would've
still be with him. So don't get mad at me because you lost something great
with him!"

Lita hardens her glare on Ashley "What did you just say!? HUH WHAT DID YOU
JUST, BITCH!?" Lita yells at Ashley before she kicks both of Ashley's
crutches away from her. Ashley stumbles a bit, however Lita catches her and
smirks "Don't worry bitch...I have you..." Lita says as she starts to pull
Ashley into the locker room.

"What... what are you doing?!" Ashley asks with a panicked look on her face.
She grabs hold of the locker room doorknob to better support herself. Ashley
looks at Lita with a bit of a glare, "If you a problem with me... just
because I appreciate Matt for who he is... then you can leave!" Ashley yells
as he starts to try and pull away from Lita.

Lita smirks "'s see what a REAL man is like..." Lita
replies before pushing Ashley completely into the locker room. Ashley enters
the locker room and stumbles over her own casted ankle and trips, falling
down to the floor as Lita closes the door and locks it. Lita places her hands
on her hips and smirks down at Ashley, licking her lips. Ashley looks up at
Lita and swallows her own saliva as she tries to scoots away from Lita.
Ashley puts her hands up to protect herself as she's down on the floor.

"Lita...I...I...there's no need...I wasn't trying to start anything..."
Ashley replies as her voice wavers a bit. The sinful seductress, Lita, raises
her eyebrow and smirks down at Ashley.

"Shut up, you bitch!" Lita glares at Ashley "Like I's time to see
what a REAL man is like."

"And that REAL man you're gonna get... is me!" The Rated R superstar Edge
comes out from the shower area of the locker room, just wearing his jeans,
which are unbuttoned. He licks his lips as he looks at Ashley down on the
floor, then he looks at Lita, "Lita, what is it about Matt getting involved
with sluts?" He asks with a smirk.

Lita tilts her head back and laughs " Ashley what a REAL man stupid sluts like her!" Lita says in a commanding tone as Ashley
gets a look of fear and concern on her face as she tries to stand up, however
with her broken ankle, she isn't able to move much.

"What...what going to me?" Ashley asks in a frightened

"Well... I'm sure a trashy looking whore like yourself can figure that out...
unless you're the dumbest blonde chick on the planet..." Edge laughs as he
lowers and takes off his black jeans followed by his white boxer briefs,
exposing his thick, already hard cock to Ashley.

Ashley tries to back up and away from Edge as she still on the floor,
however, Lita kneels down behind Ashley and grabs both of Ashley's arms,
holding them behind her back and preventing Ashley from any chance of
getting away. Lita smirks "Damn baby...Ashley here is one of those teasing
type sluts." Lita tilts her hand back and laughs.

Ashley eyes widen a bit as she watches Edge approach "Is...this some type of
rib or joke..."

"It ain't no fucking rib or a joke..." Edge smirks, as he starts to approach
Ashley and Lita. "You see Ashley... you're just a slut to me... and Lita's
right... you are a tease... look at that fucking outfit you got on..." Edge
kneels down and grabs the neckline of Ashley's t-shirt and rips it down the
middle, exposing her the red sports bra that is covering her chest.

Ashley looks down at her bra covered chest "Get the fuck away from me!"
Ashley yells as tries to kick Edge with her right leg. Lita shakes her head
as grabs a hold of Ashley blonde hair and yanks her head back "Ahhhhh ohhh
god..." Ashley groans as she feels Lita pulling at her hair. Lita smirks as
she starts to unclasp Ashley's red sports bra and then smacks Ashley across
the face with her hand " bitch..." Ashley says slightly in pain
after the hard slap she got from Lita.

Lita licks her teeth "Now listen up Ashley, you bitch, you gonna suck a REAL
man's dick...and you're gonna like it!" Lita yells as Ashley shakes her head
and tries to kick at Edge once again

"Get the fuck away from me!" Ashley yells again, this time a bit louder.

"Damn you got a filthy fucking mouth..." Edge laughs, "Maybe a big fat cock
will teach you how to speak to those better than you!" Edge laughs as he
steps over Ashley's legs and he grabs hold of his cock and shoves it Ashley's
mouth when she prepare to yell again.

Ashley tries pulling her back and off of Edge's cock, however Lita places her
hand down on the back of Ashley's head and begins to push Ashley's head down
on Edge's cock as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of Ashley's warm

Despite Ashley shaking her head in protest, Edge starts to push his cock
deeper into Ashley's wet mouth. Lita laughs as she looks at Edge thrusting
his cock into the mouth of Ashley "Ohhh baby...I think the slut likes what
you got..." Lita nods her head as she strokes Ashley's soft, smooth arms
"Isn't that right Ashley, don't you like being with a REAL man?" Lita asks
as she begins to tie Ashley's hands behind her back with her own ripped
t-shirt, while still keeping her right hand on top of Ashley's head.

"Oh I know she does..." Edge laughs as he runs his fingers through Ashley's
blond hair, messing it up as he thrusts his cock hard and fast in and out of
Ashley's hot mouth. "Fuck... she's got a whore's mouth Lita... Matt must make
good use of it every night." Edge laughs as he pushes Ashley's head down all
the way onto his crotch so that his balls are pressing against her chin.

Ashley begins to gag and cough on Edge's cock as she feels the head of his
cock hit that back of her throat. Ashley feels herself running short on air
as tears begin to run door her soft cheeks. Lita laughs as she licks her
lips "Too bad...Matt isn't a REAL man.." Lita say as she shakes her head
while reaching around Ashley and begins to unbutton Ashley's jeans, and
pushes them down as well. Lita tightly grabs a hold of Ashley's blonde hair
and violently yanks her head off of Edge's cock. Ashley's saliva drips out
of her mouth and onto Edge's cock as Ashley pulls her head away and begins
to cough for air.

Edge licks his teeth, "Yeah... if he was a REAL man... he'd make sure his
new fuck toy wasn't where I could get her... ain't that right Ashley?" Edge
laughs as he slaps her right cheek with his saliva covered cock. He then
looks down at Ashley's crotch and smirks when he sees that she's wearing a
thong. "Hey Lita... she's a thong wearer too... you know what that means...
she loves to get fucked in the ass."

Lita smirks "I bet she loves it in the ass...only a slut would love it in the
ass.." Ashley places her hand over her throat as she breath for air "I...I
am...not a slut..." Ashley coughs as Lita rolls her eyes.

"Oh sure you aren't.." Lita says as she pulls her own top off of her body
revealing her large, braless chest. Lita shakes her fiery red hair from side
to side as she licks her lips, gazing at her boyfriends saliva coated cock.

Edge places a hand on Ashley's head and brings her head back towards his
cock, "Lita... since you're both sluts... how about you both... kiss my cock
together..." Edge laughs as he grabs hold of Ashley's hair and presses one
half of his cock against her lips. Edge then grabs Lita's red hair and yanks
her towards his cock so that her lips are pressed on it as well, but then he
lets go of Lita's hair so she can do whatever she wants freely. Lita smirks
a bit before she places her tongue against Edge's shaft and begins to move
her head freely against his shaft, licking up and down as Ashley tries to
pull her head away from Edge's, however with Edge holding her head in place,
she is unable to budge free. Lita starts to lash her tongue and tongue ring
against Edge's shaft, occasionally lashing her pierced tongue against
Ashley's cheek.

"Ahhh yeah... you're both hot fucking sluts..." Edge laughs as he adjusts
his hold on Ashley's head so he can start making her slide her lips over his
cock. "Mmmmm.... who would've though I'd get Matt's old slut... and his new
whore... sucking my cock at the same time..." Edge laughs as he starts
thrusting his cock between both of their mouths. Edge then smirks a bit,
"Hey... Lita... what...position do you think this whore... loves best..."

Lita gently taps her tongue against the underside of Edge's cock before
pulling her head away with a sly smirk on face "You know...I bet...this
whore, loves it all" Lita nods her head as she grabs Ashley by the back of
the head and yanks her head back violently "Isn't that right, slut!?" Lita
asks as Ashley slightly glares at Lita.

"Fuck you...." Ashley looks up at Edge "Fuck you too!" Ashley manages to
spit out.

Lita shakes her head as she holds Ashley by her blonde hair "Baby...did you
hear that?" Lita says as she lets go of Ashley's hair and reaches down as she
starts to remove Ashley's red colored thong. Ashley shakes her head as she
tries to scoot away once again.

"Get the fuck away from me!" Ashley yells "Help! Someone help!" Ashley yells
louder, before Lita covers Ashley's mouth with her left hand.

"Don't do anything stupid, bitch!"

"Yeah you stupid cunt..." Edge smirks as he grabs Ashley's cast covered
ankle and pulls her back and gets her to lay on her back, "Lita and me both
know you want to get fucked... we even saw you trying to get Matt not to go
get that ass kicking he's getting from Animal!" Edge laughs as he spreads
Ashley's legs to look at her pussy. He licks his lips, "Mmmm... shaved
clean... just like a slut's... right Lita?" Edge asks as he looks at his
lustful lady.

Lita nods her head with a smirk "Just like a slut..." Lita replies as she
starts to push down her slightly baggy jeans as Ashley shakes her head in
protest with what Edge is about to do.

"Help!! Get the fuck off me!" Ashley yells as Edge begins to lay
on top of the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner

"What was that?" Edge asks, "You want me to get right to fucking you?" Edge
licks his teeth and works his saliva-covered cock into Ashley's pussy. Once
his cock is inserted into Ashley's vagina, Edge starts to fuck her with
swift, stiff thrusts as he places his hands on Ashley's legs to hold them
in an upward angle.

Ashley grits her teeth together as she shakes her head in protest "No...god
no!" Ashley yells as she feels Edge's cock inside of her pussy "Get off of
me!" Ashley yells as Lita removes her own black thong and shakes her head at

"Baby...maybe this will silence the slut..." Lita says as she starts to
crumple her thong into a ball and proceeds to press the thong into Ashley's
mouth to silence her screams for help. Ashley eyes widen instantly as she
feels and tastes Lita's thong inside of her poor mouth.

"Oh yeah baby.. that was a great idea..." Edge laughs as starts fucking Matt
Hardy's girlfriend with sharp thrusts as he puts both of her legs onto his
shoulders. He then reaches up to her chest and starts squeezes Ashley's tits
together while pumping her pussy so hard with his cock that his balls slap
repeatedly against her skin.

Ashley lifts her head up to spit Lita's thong out of her mouth, however Lita
covers Ashley's mouth with her hand forcing Ashley to keep the thong in her
mouth. Ashley has a disgusted look on her face as if she could gag at any
moment. Lita smirks and licks her teeth "That's it Ashley how a
REAL man fucks!"

"Ohhhh Lita... there's only one way a REAL man fucks cheap sluts like
Ashley... and that's from behind!" Edge laughs as he pulls his cock out of
Ashley's pussy. He pushes her legs off of his shoulders and then turns her
over. Edge pulls Ashley's head up into the air and looks at Lita, "Keep her
fucking head down on the ground..." Edge says as he shoves his cock back
into Ashley's cunt, "Cause face down, ass up... that's how I fuck trashy
little sluts!"

Lita licks her lips as she crawls in front of Ashley and locks eyes with her.
Ashley glares at Lita and Lita simply smirks "Geeze really are a
slut." Lita says as Ashley manages to spit Lita's thong out of her mouth .

" fucking bitch! I swear...I'm gonna kick your fucking ass!"
Ashley yells as Lita laughs and lays down on the floor in front of Ashley
and spreads her legs apart. Lita reaches up and grabs a hold of Ashley's
blonde hair and yanks her head down, forcing her head between Lita's legs.
Lita laughs and licks her lips as she starts to grind her pussy against
Ashley's face. Lita grits her teeth as she wraps her legs around Ashley
neck, while Lita continues to grind her pussy against Ashley's face.

Edge licks his lips as he watches his wicked woman as she humps Ashley's face
with her pussy, "Ohhh fuck baby... that's so damn hot... if only Matt could
see you two..." Edge laughs as he rams his cock repeatedly into Ashley's
pussy, making her jolt forward and press her face down against Lita's cunt.

Lita grits her teeth "Oh baby...this bitch is nothing compared to me!" Lita
moans as she pulls at Ashley's blonde hair "Right, bitch!?"

Ashley doesn't say anything that can be heard because of where her face is
planted. As sweat start to roll down his face, Edge pulls his cock out of
Ashley's pussy and slaps her ass cheeks with it, "Mmmmm Lita, she's
defiantly doesn't have anything on you... in fact... her cunt is not as tight
as yours... and you know I love to fuck a really tight pussy..." Edge then
locks eyes with Lita, "But maybe her slutty ass is worth something... what do
you think?"

Lita pushes Ashley head out from between her legs and sits up on her knees
before standing up and walking over to Edge. Lita smirks as she slides her
hands through Edge's long hair, leaning down to kiss his lips, before saying
"Babe...I'm sure a slut like her...must be worth something."

Ashley slowly lifts her head up and glares back at Lita and Edge "Fuck you
two! Fuck you! When Matt finds out..."

"When Matt finds out... he won't do a damn thing unless he wants to get his
ass fired again..." Edge laughs as he smacks Ashley's laughs. "He's a fucking
nobody on the B brand that only got back in the WWE because of a bunch of
fucking jack- offs who didn't stand by him once he came back..." Edge laughs
some more, "Wait... that's how you got to be in the WWE too ain't it?" Edge
grips his cock and presses it against Ashley's tight asshole, but doesn't
push it in just yet.

Ashley narrows her eyes at Edge "You're fucking sick!" Ashley replies as she
surprisingly spits at Lita.

Lita opens her mouth in shock "Baby! Did you see that!?"

"Yeah I saw it..." Edge grits his teeth as he leans forward and grabs
Ashley's blond hair and yanks her head back, "No one fucking spits at my
slut but me you fucking tramp!" Edge proceeds to thrust his whole cock into
Ashley's asshole and begins fucking her roughly while keeping a firm lock
on her hair.

Ashley clenches her eyes shut "Ohhh god no..." Ashley cries out in pain as
Lita walks around to the front of Ashley and kneels down. Lita then proceeds
to smack Ashley across the face.

" like that, huh? You like being slapped you stupid bitch!" Lita
yells as she continues to slap Ashley across the face, leaving red marks on
Ashley's beautiful face. Tears begin to stream down Ashley's cheeks as Lita
and Edge sexually abuse her.

Edge laughs as he watches Lita relentlessly slaps Ashley's face as he
violates her asshole, "That's it Lita... teach that bitch what she really
is!" Edge says as he moves his free hand underneath Ashley and thrusts two
fingers into her pussy. The perverted Rated R Superstar thrusts his fingers
and cock in and out Ashley's pussy and ass at almost the same pace as he
grits his teeth. "How's it fucking feel bitch to be fucked like the whore
you are?!"

Ashley grits her teeth as she sobs at the same time "You two...are fucking
sick..." Ashley says as she breath heavily, before Lita backhands her across
the face once again. "Ahhhh fuck..." Ashley groans as she reaches up to hold
the right side of her face.

Lita laughs and licks her lips "How do you like this, you whore!?" Lita

Edge grins as sweat drips off of his lean body down onto Ashley's backside,
"Oh she does... she's pushing back against me..." Edge laughs as he starts to
feel the urge to cum. He suddenly pulls out of Ashley's ass and looks at Lita
as he stands up, "Lita... come over here..." he says as he licks his lips and
strokes his cock a bit.

Lita licks her lips as she flips her fiery red hair back "Sure thing baby..."
Lita says as she crawls over to Edge and sits up on her knees, looking up at
Edge with a slutty smile on her face.

Edge starts stroking his cock a bit more swiftly, "Lita... I want you... to
open your mouth... and take my cum..." Edge moans and licks his teeth, "And
then... spit it... on Matt Hardy's... fucking whore's... face..."

Lita licks her lips " sounds great...but let me finish you
off." Lita replies as she leans up on her knees and opens her slutty mouth,
pushing Edge's cock into her hot mouth with her hands. Lita wraps her lips
around his cock and starts to bob her head up and down on his cock, sucking
his cock at a quick rate.

"Mmmmm god... I love your slutty mouth... and those lips..." Edge moans as he
tilts his head back, "Ahhh here it comes baby... don't swallow any of it..."
Edge grunts as a huge load of hot cum pours out of his cock into Lita's hot

Lita moans softly as she lifts her head up from Edge's cock, keeping the cum
in her mouth as she crawls over to the worn out and sexually violated, Ashley
Massaro. Lita looks into Ashley's eyes as some of Edge's cum drips out of
Lita's mouth. The sinful seductress then shockingly spits all of Edge's hot
cum onto Ashley's beautiful face. Ashley groans in disgust as she feels
Edge's cum drip down her face "Ohhhh... god... gross!" Ashley cries as Lita
stands up and licks her lips clean.

"Ohhh baby... that was fucking great..." Edge laughs as he walks over to Lita
and flicks his tongue against his red-haired girlfriend, before he looks at
Ashley, "Awww... ain't that sweet... you loved that didn't you..." Edge

Ashley looks up at Edge and Lita with a cold glare as tears fall out of her
innocent eyes. Lita walks over to pick up Edge's clothes from the floor and
purposely kicks Ashley's broken ankle that's in a cast. "Ohhhhh fuck!" Ashley
yells as she reaches for her injured ankle.

Lita laughs " know, you should really be more careful with that
leg..." Lita says as Ashley grabs her ankle in pain.

Edge laughs, "Yeah... although... she doesn't need that leg completely to be
on her knees..." Edge takes his clothes from Lita and starts to get dressed.

Lita shakes her head as she looks down at Ashley with disgust "
Ashley you a such a dirty slut...with all that cum on your face" Lita says
as she starts to get dressed as well. Ashley grits her teeth slightly as she
looks up at Lita and Edge, while holding her ankle that Lita had kicked.

Edge looks down at Ashley and smirks as he pulls on his jeans and buttons
them up, "Yeah... you know... I wonder what Matt would think if he saw you
like that..." Edge laughs drapes his denim jacket over his arm. "He might
just... dump you," Edge laughs.

Lita licks her teeth and smiles "Wouldn't that be great, baby if he did..."
Lita then looks down at Ashley "Lets leave this piece of trash..."

"Yeah..." Edge puts an arm around Lita's slender waist, "I got to go fuck
you..." Edge smirks, "Since you're a REAL woman..." Edge starts to walk with
Lita to the door. When he opens the door, he looks at Lita and smirks, "You
know what's great Lita?"

Lita smirks "What babe?"

"I screwed Matt over when I fucked you behind his back... and now I just
screwed him again..." Edge laughs as they step out of the locker room.

Shortly after Edge and Lita leave the locker room, leaving Ashley alone
after just getting violated by Edge and Matt Hardy's former girlfriend, Lita.
Ashley sobs as she holds her ankle that's riving in pain.

"Matt!....Matt!....Help...someone!" Ashley calls out from inside the locker

Out in the hallway, Matt Hardy is walking towards the locker room after his
match, and stops when he hears Ashley calling for help. "Oh shit..." Matt
breaks into a full sprint and rushes towards and into the locker room, almost
breaking the door down in the process. When he sees Ashley down on the floor,
naked, with cum on her face and holding her cast-covered ankle, his eyes go
wide. Matt grabs a towel off of a bench and goes to her, "Ashley... what...
what happened?!" He asks frantically as he kneels down and wipes her face
with the towel.

Ashley looks up at Matt with tears running down her face "Matty....Edge...
he...and Lita...they..."

Matt grits his teeth and puts his arms around Ashley, "They... did this..."
Matt's lower lip quivers violently as he can barely keep his rage contained,
"Don't... don't worry Ashley... we'll... we'll get back at them... some
how... some way... we'll make them pay..."

Ashley wipes her tears off of her cheeks "You're not...going to break up with
me...are you?"

Matt hugs her, "No I'm not... what makes you think I would?" He asks as he
looks at her and slides her hair from her face.

"They...they said..." Ashley's eyes narrow a bit "Those fuckers...said you
would if you found me like this..."

Matt shakes his head, "Those two... they screwed me when they had their
affair behind my back... they got me fired... and now want to break you and
me up..." Matt grinds his teeth together.

Ashley raises her eyebrow a bit "What are you gonna do Matty?"

"I'm going... to make a deal with a devil..." Matt then smirks, "Or maybe...
two devils..."


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