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The Cutting Edge Part 17: Rise Of The Phoenix
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Edge sits on the leather couch of his locker room, pulling on the long
strands of his blond hair, "Those... two... fucking... cunts... did it to me
again..." Edge sneers as he recalls what happened to him and his girlfriend,
the sinful seductress Lita a few days ago at the hands of the devilish duo
Victoria and Candice. "Those two... have to fucking pay for disrespecting

Lita sighs and flips her fiery red hair back "Baby....stop getting so worked
up about those two skanks..." Lita says as she turns a bit to face Edge as
she sits next to him on the couch. "They just wanted to know what it was like
to be with a" Lita says as she places her left hand on the
front of Edge's shirt, feeling his chest through the material of his shirt.
The sinful seductress is dressed in a tight pair of black pants and a low-cut
'Rated R Superstar' t-shirt that shows off a great deal of her chest and
cleavage "Seriously, babe, Victoria and Candice...they're just skanks...and
I'm sure we'll get them back eventually, but now we need to focus on other
things..." Lita adds.

"No... I want to get those two back... I'm going to show them what it means
to fuck with me!" Edge says as his mind is still on Victoria and Candice even
as he looks right at Lita's exposed chest and as she rubs his chest. "Sorry
baby.... but those got me so fucking distracted...." Edge says, as he's
dressed in a 'Rated R Superstar' T-shirt and black heavy jeans.

Lita licks her lips and smirks "Maybe...I can help...get your mind off of
those two skanks..." Lita says as she lowers her left hand down from Edge's
chest and begins to move her hand down his stomach and stops at his waist as
she places her right hand onto his belt, along with her left hand. The sinful
sexpot, Lita, begins to then unbuckle the belt of the Rated R Superstar.

Edge's mood improves as Lita slowly unbuckles his belt, and the Rated R
Superstar responds by getting a bit more comfortable on the couch, "I don't
know Lita... those two whores... really fucked me over..." Edge says as he
starts to lick his teeth a bit.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly pulls Edge's belt from around
his waist and tosses the belt over her shoulder "Mmmm baby, I know...but once
I'm done with'll forget those two..." Lita says as she starts to
unzip Edge's black jeans, while she scouts off of the couch and gets down on
her knees in front of Edge.

Edge puts his hands behind his head, "You maybe right... but how about... you
show me if that's possible..." Edge says as his own personal delightfully
sinful diva starts to pull down his jeans.

Lita licks her lips "Oh got that right...because you are…what I
enjoy, a REAL....MAN!" Lita replies as she pulls Edge's jeans down his legs
and lets his jeans rest at his ankles, before Edge's sinful sexpot reaches
up and pulls down Edge's black boxer shorts.

As Lita pulls down the Rated R superstars black boxers, Edge's impressive
long, fat meaty cock flops free from them. Edge licks his lips as he sees
Lita's eyes light up as she looks at the dick that he uses to spear her
night after night. "And you're what I enjoy... a hot... fucking woman who
knows how to make a REAL man like me feel better..." Lita smirks, pressing
her lips together before she lowers her head and presses her tongue against
the head of his cock. The sinful seductress begins to circle her tongue
around the head of his cock, placing both of her hands on Edge's shaft and
begins to stroke his cock "Mmmm.... starting to feel better... already..."
Edge moans a bit as Lita teases him slowly to make sure he starts getting
his mind off of Vince's Devils. Edge stretches his legs out on both sides
of Lita as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes.

Lita begins to gently tap her tongue against the head of Edge's cock as she
circles her head around the surface, before she slyly works the tip of her
tongue into Edge's piss-slit. "Ahhhh... ohhhh yea..." Edge groans as he
brings his hands from behind his head and places his left hand on top of
Lita's head. He grabs a handful of her fiery red hair, then pulls on it a
bit as he feels her warm saliva drip through the piss-slit of his cock.
Lita lifts her eyes up and locks them with Edge as she opens her mouth and
proceeds to lowers her head down on Edge's cock, taking him into her warm,
wet mouth. Lita wraps her lips tightly around the cock of the Rated R
Superstar and begins to slowly bob her head, sucking his cock.

"Awww... yeah... suck my cock Lita... no one gives head better than you..."
Edge groans as he pulls harder on her red hair as he looks deeply into Lita's
sinful slutty eyes. Lita begins to bob her head quicker on Edge's cock,
rubbing her soft lips against his shaft every time she bobs her head up and
down on his cock. The sinful sexpot begins to tap her tongue ring against
Edge's shaft as she cups his ballsack with her left hand and begins to
massage his ballsack as well. "Ahhhh... fuck yeah... you really know how to
blow my mind..." Edge laughs as he lets go of Lita's hair, causing it to fall
over face a bit, giving Lita a hotter look as she slurps, sucks and slobbers
on his meaty shaft. Edge runs his tongue back and forth across his lips when
Lita lightly crushes his nuts with her left hand.

Lita closes her eyes as she starts to quickly lash her tongue ring against
Edge's meaty shaft as she grinds her lips against his shaft, while bobbing
her head swiftly on his throbbing cock. Edge's eyes roll back a bit as Lita
takes full advantage of him being distracted with what happened at the hands
of Victoria and Candice. "Mmmmmm... ahhhh.... ohhh baby... you're gonna get
a reward... soon babe..." Edge moans.

Lita slowly lifts her head up from Edge cock and spits her warm saliva onto
the head of his cock, the sinful sexpot watches her warm saliva drip off of
the head of his cock and rolls down his long, throbbing shaft. Edge licks his
lips and wraps a hand around the bottom half of his cock and starts to stroke
it a bit. With short swift firm strokes, Edge pumps his slick cock enough to
cause it to start shooting his hot cum right at Lita's pouty luscious lips.
Lita tilts her head back after Edge's cum sprays onto her lips "Mmmm...
baby..." Lita moans before she starts to lick the cum off of her pouty lips.

Edge watches Lita lick her lips clean and he gets a smile on his face, "Damn.
I love watching you do that..." Edge says as he's reaches down and starts to
pull up his boxers and jeans.

Lita smiles as she slides her hand through her fiery, red hair "Feeling
better babe?"

"Yeah I am..." Edge says as he stands up from the couch. He buttons and zips
up his jeans and smirks, "You know... I think I'm over what those two cunts
did... I'll get them one of these days... and when I do... they'll regret
screwing with me."

Lita licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmmm baby...I love how you're such a
REAL man...unlike poor pathetic, Matt Hardy..." Lita says as she rolls her
eyes "But forget about him too...what you need to worry about is getting back
on track."

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... that's right..." Edge bends down to pick up his
belt and is about to put it back through the loops of his jeans, but then he
doesn't. "Lita... I'm gonna go... get back on the right track... I hear
there's a new slut walking around here that I haven't speared yet..." Edge
says with a slightly evil wide grin on his face.

Lita folds her arms and sits back on the couch "Go spear her good baby...and
when you get back...I'll be waiting for you."

Edge licks his teeth, "I know you will... maybe I'll bring you back a couple
of guys to play with..." Edge smirks as he walks to the locker room door,
opens it and leaves the room. Edge walks down the hallway, heading right for
the women's locker room area on the other side of the arena, but he doesn't
get far as he sees the girl he wants coming into the arena through the
employee's entrance door. "Perfect... timing..." Edge says as he licks his
lips and scouts out the diva he wants to spear, the beautiful Beth Phoenix.

Beth Phoenix, RAW's newest Diva and arch-enemy of Mickie James, signs her
name on the sign-in sheet as she enters the building. Beth smiles a bit as
she pulls her wheeled traveling bags as she dressed in a pair of black pants
and a black female styled tank top. Beth removes her sunglasses as she looks
around the arena entrance searching for which direction the Women's locker
room is.

Edge crouches down as he watches her look around, and he sees that she's
lost. Edge stands up and starts to walk over to her, "Are you lost bitch?"
Edge asks as he locks his eyes on her."

Beth looks over towards the direction Edge is coming from and raises her
eyebrow as she looks at Edge with her eyes hardened on him "Excuse me?" Beth
asks thinking she may have heard him wrong.

"I said... are you lost bitch?" Edge repeats himself as he licks his lips,
"I guess you're hard of hearing... but you're blond so I'll forgive you
once..." Edge laughs as he stands right in front of her with an arrogant

Beth grits her teeth a bit as she glares at the Rated R Superstar "I don't
know who the hell you are...but you better watch your tone!" Beth replies,
impressively standing up to the sexual dominator.

Edge glares at her, "You don't know who the fuck I am, you little tramp?"
Edge yells as he grits his teeth. "Well you're gonna find out!" Edge adds as
he suddenly raises his right hand and strikes Beth right across the face.

"Ohhhhhh!" Beth moans in pain as she turns away quickly, letting go of her
traveling bags as she holds the left side of her face.

Edge takes a few steps back away from Beth, and crotches down into the
position he normally does for when he's going to use his spear. He licks his
lips and teeth as he gets ready, then says, "Turn around bitch..." Edge says
with a laugh.

Beth squints her eyes slightly as she slowly turns around to face Edge "Son
of a..." When Beth turns around completely, Edge rushes forward and spears
her, driving his right shoulder into Beth's stomach and knocker her back
against a metal garage style door. When Edge steps away from Beth once again,
RAW's newest Diva doubles over onto the floor, holding her stomach as she
groans in pain.

Edge licks his lips as he stands up and looks down at her, "The name's Edge
you fucking bitch... and welcome to my show..." Edge says as he starts to
unbutton and unzip his black jeans. He pushes them and his boxers down a bit
to pull out his cock.

Edge pushes Beth over onto her back and starts pulling violently on her black
pants, tugging them down from her hips to expose her lower body. "Mmmm...
you're pretty fucking hot for a rookie..." Edge laughs as he rips off a pair
of light blue panties from her body so he can look at her pussy. Edge then
looks at her face, smirks and then positions himself on top of her and shoves
his meaty long cock into her pussy. "Hey bitch...time for some fun!" Edge
laughs as he smacks her face a bit before he begins thrusting his cock in and
out of her tight pussy.

Beth grits her teeth as her eyes are squinted, feeling Edge's cock suddenly
ram into her tight pussy "Ohhhh you asshole..." Beth groans.

Edge smirks, "Shut up and enjoy it..." Edge laughs as he pumps his cock in
and out of Beth's hot pussy, repeatedly driving his shaft all the way into
her pussy which makes her feel every inch of it.

Beth reaches up and places her hands on Edge's chest trying to push the Rated
R Superstar off of her "Stop it you sick fuck!" Beth yells as she then balls
her fists and tries to hit Edge.

Edge grabs both of her hands and pins them both down on the cold concrete
floor of the entrance area, "What's a matter slut?! You never been with a
REAL man before?!" Edge laughs as he pumps his cock faster and harder into
Beth's pussy.

Beth grits her teeth as she force to look right up at Edge "Get the fuck off
me!" Beth yells as she starts to breath heavily.

"What was that? You want me to fuck you harder?" Edge mocks her cry for him
to get off her and laughs. He does pull out of her pussy, but then turns her
over on her stomach. "You're gonna get some more bitch..." Edge licks his
teeth as he pulls her body up, shoves his cock back into pussy with so much
force that Beth jolts forward a bit. Beth grits her teeth as she looks back
at Edge; the spear into the metal garage style door causes Beth to be weaker
then she would normally be, so Edge is able to have his animalistic way with
the defenseless diva. Sweat drips down Edge's face as he fucks her pussy
with sharp thrusts. As Beth looks back at him she can the perverted, dark
expression on his face when he lays his hands on her hips to pull her back
towards him, "Damn bitch... you must be liking this more than you say you
are!" Edge laughs.

Beth grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes into a glare, then RAW's
newest Diva makes a daring move and spits back into the face of the Rated R
Superstar. Edge flinches a bit as Beth's saliva hits him right in the face.
"You fucking little whore..." Edge sneers as he pulls his cock out of her
pussy and shoves it into her asshole without any warning. Before he begins
fucking her ass, Edge reaches forward and grabs a strong handful of Beth's
blond hair to jerk her head back.

Beth closes her eyes tightly as Edge violates her tight asshole "Ohhhhh
nooooo...please not this...." Beth moans.

"What's a matter you stupid slut? Too uptight to get fucked in the ass?!"
Edge laughs as he moves his hips back and forth, pumping Beth's asshole full
of his cock.

Beth grits her teeth tightly as she balls her fists up against the cold
cement floor "I better stop!" Beth groans as Edge slams his cock
deep into her tight asshole.

Edge laughs fairly hard as he considers Beth's remark to be an empty threat,
"I'll stop... when I fucking feel like it... you're in the WWE... which is my
playground when it comes you and every other fucking slut..." Edge grunts as
he smacks his right hand hard against her ass cheek, leaving a bright red
imprint of his hand.

Beth hangs her head down "Ohhh…you're an...asshole..." Beth moans.

"Wrong... I'm... in your asshole!" Edge grunts as he slams his cock all the
way into Beth's tight anal cavity. A moment later, the Rated R Superstar
begins to cum inside of Beth's ass, making her sick to her stomach as Edge's
hot cum shoots into her.

Beth closes her eyes as she clutches her stomach with both of her arms.

Edge licks his lips as he pulls his shaft out of her asshole. "What's a
matter bitch? Did you love it?" Edge asks sarcastically as he uses Beth's
own pants to wipe his cock clean.

Beth slowly turns around and glares at Edge "You' sick as Mickie!"

Edge glares at her and then he smirks, seeing how he can have a little fun,
"Hey... that fat ass fuck up paid me to do this to you..." Edge laughs as he
stands up and pulls up his boxers and pants. "And I always do what I'm paid
too..." Edge licks his lips.

Beth grits her teeth as she balls her fist "Ohhh bitch!" Beth
slightly yells.

Edge laughs, "Sounds like you got some... issues with her... and that's none
of my business, cause I don't give a shit about you or that fat bitch..."
Edge laughs as he starts to walk away from Beth. He tilts his head back and
starts laughing a bit sadistically, "Cause the Rated R Superstar is back in


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