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The Cutting Edge Part 18: Target - McMahon
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days after the May 22, 2006 edition or Raw, Edge, dressed in black
jeans, Rated R Superstar t-shirt, is pacing back and forth in his locker
room, "I can't believe this shit... first... I get fucked out of the my
rightful championship because of that big nosed jack off Triple H... and
now... and now...." Edge pulls on his own blond hair in frustration before
slamming both his fist against a wall, leaving a dent. He looks at his
sinful partner in crime Lita with a furious look on his face, "And now...
I got to go spend my fucking time in front of a bunch of fat, pathetic, ECW
fans! This is not fucking fair!"

Lita places her hands up on Edge's chest "Baby...don't worry listen, knowing
Mick Foley he has plan." Lita says as she flips her fiery red hair back
"Beside..." Lita pauses for a moment and smirks, pressing her lips together
"All those pathetic, disgusting ECW fans...have no idea what it's like to be
a REAL man..." Lita says as Edge's sinful sexpot is dressed in a pair of
black pants and a red low-cut top.

Edge looks at Lita, "Ain't that the fucking truth... but that's besides the
point..." Edge shakes his head, "It's those fucking McMahons... first... They
just want to keep that big nosed son of a bitch Triple H on top... and keep
pushing that fucking pretty boy John Cena instead of the man who was the MOST
WATCHED Champion in 5 years!" Edge yells in anger, his lower lip quivering a

Lita moves her hands down from Edge's chest and places them on his waist
"Baby...I got an idea...lets go talk things out with Vince." Lita pauses and
licks her lips "And if I have to...I'll orally persuade him to get out of One
Night Stand with those pathetic ECW scumbags..."

"As much as you'd love to go do that... I already have a plan..." Edge licks
his teeth, "We're going after a McMahon... alright... but we're going after
the one... to show I'm not to be FUCKED with like this..." Edge runs his
tongue back and forth over his lips as his eyes narrow a bit.

Lita tilts her head back slightly and flicks her tongue against Edge's upper
lip "Ohhh babe...I'm ready to do whatever it takes." Lita replies as the
sinful seductress takes Edge's left hand into her right hand, holding his
hand as the two begin to exit Edge's locker room "So babe...who are you going

Edge smirks, "We're going after... the one McMahon... that no one knows
about... that fucking little bitch who stays in the background... Marissa...
McMahon...." Edge laughs as they exit Edge's locker room. "This will show
them not to disrespect me..."

Lita tilts her head back with a laugh as she licks her lips "Mmm baby...I
know we'll make sure you get what you rightly deserves...what a REAL man
deserves, not some appearance at a stupid low-rate, Extreme Crappy Wrestling
show..." Lita says as her and Edge enter the indoor parking unit of the
arena, just as they enter a long, black limo pulls into the parking lot and
stops. The far back left door opens and an attractive brown haired woman
proceeds to get out of the limo, as she's dressed in black skirt and a red,
buttoned up blouse. The woman happens to be the Director of WWE Public
Relations and the beautiful wife of Shane McMahon, Marissa. Marissa begins
to walk away from the limo as the Director of Public Relations is busy
talking on her cell phone.

"Yes...I was thinking about rescheduling that meeting for later in the
week..." Marissa says into her cell phone.

Edge licks his lips as soon as he sees Marissa walking in front of him.
"Well... well... well... this is going to be much easier than I thought it
would..." Edge laughs darkly as his eyes follow Marissa as she walks towards
the door that leads backs to the arena's main corridor. Edge looks at Lita
and smirks, "We don't even have to go to her... she came to us... someone
must like us..." Edge snickers, before he and Lita start to walk after
Marissa McMahon, keeping their distance to see where she is heading.

Lita folds her arms over her chest "She seems like a prude bitch..." Lita
says as she and Edge watch Marissa pull the door open and enters into the
main facility of the arena.

Edge laughs a bit, "She's probably a total slut..." Edge says as he and Lita
go back into the main facility of the arena, continuing to follow Marissa as
she walks several feet ahead of them.

Lita licks her lips "Mmmm baby...just thinking about getting that bitch has
me all hot and wanting a REAL...Man..." Lita says as she presses her hand
against the crotch of Edge's black jeans.

Edge licks his teeth as he feels Lita rub the crotch of his jeans, "Don't
worry babe... after we take this bitch down... you'll be getting a REAL
man...all night long..." Edge says as he sees Marissa walk into a room.
Edge and Lita walk towards the door Marissa entered, and Edge gets a wide
grin on his face, "Aw, how sweet... she's here to see her pudgy husband..."
Edge laughs as he reads the name on the door, which is the entrance to the
arena office for Shane McMahon.

Lita smirks "You know babe...Shane's in meetings all morning...that means
his poor little all alone.." Lita says as she pushes her slender
shoulders up and laughs.

Edge licks the front of his teeth with the tip of his tongue, "Yeah... maybe
we should... give her a little company..." Edge laughs as he places his hand
on the doorknob, turns it and opens it slowly to see what Marissa is doing
at the moment before he makes his move. Edge watches Marissa as she continues
to talk on her cell phone with her back towards the door. Edge looks at Lita
and smirks, "Be very quiet..." Edge says before he and Lita enter into Shane
McMahon's office and sneak up on Marissa. When they are both standing right
behind her, Edge quickly snatches away Marissa's cell phone and hangs up on
whoever she's talking too before she can react.

Marissa quickly turns around "Hey! I was talking to someone!" Marissa says
as she looks a bit angry.

Lita smirks as she places her hands on her own hips "Cool your jets
Marissa..." Lita says as she steps away from Edge and starts to approach

"Well now you're talking to us..." Edge says as he flings Marissa's cell
phone over his shoulder and it lands on the floor by the door. "Cause I got
a real fucking problem with you... and your family..." Edge says as he looks
at Marissa from head to toe.

Marissa raises her eyebrow as she looks a bit confused "What are you talking
about?" Marissa asks as she slightly shakes her head, with Marissa keeping
her focus on the Rated R Superstar Edge, she has no idea that his sinful
sexpot, Lita, has positioned herself behind Marissa. Lita stands behind
Marissa with a smirk on her face as she locks her lusty eyes with Edge.

Edge smirks a bit as he sees his seductive siren standing behind Marissa
ready to make her move. Edge licks his lips and turns his attention back
to Marissa, "Oh you know what I'm talking about... you're whole family is
holding me back... and not giving me what I fucking deserve..." Edge says
as he takes a step towards Marissa. "And frankly... I'm sick of getting
fucked over by all of you..." Edge adds as he locks his dark eyes with
Lita's and grins.

Marissa puts her hands up as Edge starts to approach the innocent wife of
Shane McMahon "Edge listen...I'm not really involved in the decision that
they make...I just work behind the scenes.." Marissa replies as she gulps,
slightly fearful of what the Rated R Superstar may do.

Edge smirks, "So what... you have the ear of that pudgy bastard Shane.... and
if I know anything... Triple H gets what he wants by fucking a McMahon..."
Edge laughs a bit as he steps right in front of her, giving her no chance to
escape. He raises both his hands grabs the material of Marissa's red,
buttoned up blouse, teasing that he's going to rip it open.

"Hey...what do you think you're doing!?" Marissa slightly yells before she
smacks Edge's hands away from her. Suddenly Edge's sinful sexpot, Lita, hits
Marissa from behind with her left forearm pushing Marissa into Edge. Lita
tilts her head back and licks her lips.

Edge grabs both of Marissa's shoulders and laughs, "Damn Marissa, you're a
bit anxious aren't you..." Edge laughs as he turns Marissa around so she's
facing Lita, and he holds her still. "Lita... this little rich bitch is a
bit over dressed don't you think?" Edge asks with a smirk as he slides his
hands to the front of Marissa's blouse and starts ripping it open.

Lita nods her head with a smirk as she steps closer to Marissa, being held
back by Edge "Yeah babe...she's definitely way over dressed..." Lita says as
she slides the red blouse off of Marissa's body after Edge had ripped it
open. Lita smirks as she skinks down to her knees and reaches up at Marissa's
waist and begins to pulling down her black skirt.

Marissa shakes her head " are you doing!?" Marissa slightly

Edge laughs, "What do you think bitch? We're gonna fuck you... just like your
family has fucked me..." Edge says as he makes sure Marissa stays perfectly
still as Lita lowers Marissa's black skirt. Edge takes a moment and pulls off
Marissa's white cotton bra that the beautiful Director of WWE Public
Relations is wearing.

Marissa grits her teeth as she tries to kick Lita away from her, however
despite her effort the poor Marissa McMahon does not succeed. After removing
Marissa's skirt completely, Lita stands up with a smirk "What's wrong bitch?
You don't like this? Well TOO BAD! Because the Rated R Superstar is about to
be un...LEASHED!" Lita says with a lick of her pouty lips before smacking the
Director of WWE Public Relations across the face.

Edge lets go of Marissa just as Lita smacked her, causing Marissa to stumble
to the right. Edge laughs as Marissa tries to compose herself, then he takes
a moment to pull off his black Rated R Superstar t-shirt. "That was a good
smack Lita..." Edge says as he balls up his t-shirt and throws it at Marissa.

Marissa slowly turns around and looks down at her nicely sized chest before
covering herself up with her arms "What do you to want..." Marissa asks as
Lita removes behind her and kneels down removing Marissa's white cotton

"Gee... for someone who has a position of important in the WWE... you sure
are an idiot..." Edge says with a laugh as he unbuttons his jeans and starts
to take and his boxers off at the same time, unleashing his fat, meaty long
cock from its clothing prison. "I'm gonna fuck you to get what I want..."
Edge says as he looks at Marissa beautiful body with a lustful gleam in his

Lita smirks as she stands up once against, still behind Marissa "That's right
bitch... and my man, a real man...loves getting blown, so get to it!" Lita
says as she roughly pushes Marissa down onto her knees on the floor.

Edge stands right in front of Marissa and wraps a hand around his rock hard
cock, "Open up bitch... I know that's how you got your fucking job in the
WWE..." Edge says as he starts pushing his cock against Marissa's closed
mouth. Edge smirks, "It doesn't matter if you're willing or not bitch... I'm
gonna have my fucking fun... one way or another." Edge places a hand on top
of Marissa's head and grabs a tight handful of her brown hair to pull on it

"Owwww..." Marissa slightly screams as Edge's jerks her head back, when
Marissa's mouth opens, Edge takes the opportunity and shoves his cock into
Marissa's warm mouth.

Lita licks her lips as she watches Edge thrust his cock in and out of Marissa
McMahon's mouth. "Mmmmm baby you know how hot this looks?" Lita asks as she
starts to removes her red, low-cut top.

Edge laughs, "Oh... I bet as hot as you do without your clothes on..."
Edge replies to his gorgeous sinful sexpot as he grabs another handful of
Marissa's hair as he rocks his hips back and forth, making sure that every
inch of his meaty cock gets forced past Marissa's mouth. Marissa's warm
saliva splashes and slaps against Edge's cock as her drives his rock, meaty
cock deeply into her innocent, warm mouth of Marissa. Lita licks her lips
as she walks behind Edge and kneels down behind him; flipping her fiery red
hair back and she leans her head in and presses her tongue against the
beginning of Edge's cleaned asscrack. "Awwww..... yeah... Lita... lick my
ass... as this front office slut blows me..." Edge groans. He presses both
of his hand down flat on the back of Marissa's head, holding her down on
his shat. The Rated R Superstar continues to fuck Marissa's mouth, and at
the same time he pushes his ass back against Lita's tongue.

Marissa begins to gag around Edge's cock as the Rated R Superstar holds her
head down on his cock, forcing her to deep throat his entire meaty cock.
While Edge forces Marissa to suck his cock, Lita slowly works her skilled
tongue up and down Edge's asscrack as she moans gently against his ass.

Edge tilts his head back and moans loudly, "Ahhhh.... now... this is how...
the MOST WATCHED champion in 5 years should be treated..." Edge says as he
enjoys the warmth of Marissa's mouth on his cock and the incredible
sensations Lita is giving him as she licks up and down between his ass
cheeks. Edge soon pushes Marissa backward, letting the wife of Shane McMahon
have a chance to get some air. Marissa turns her head away as she starts to
cough for air. Edge steps away from Lita, causing her tongue to slip from
his asscrack, "Lita... go get that crap off of Shane O'Mac's desk..." Edge
orders as he bends down and grabs Marissa's brown hair again to pull her up
to her feet.

Lita stands up and nods her head "Sure thing babe..." Lita says as she starts
to walk over towards Shane's desk, while Edge has hold of Marissa

"Let me go you jerk!" Marissa yells as she tries to smack Edge.

Edge grabs Marissa's right hand and pulls it behind her back, then twists it
a bit, "Calm down bitch... when I'm done with you I'll let you go..." Edge
laughs as he starts to walk Marissa over to the desk as Lita starts throwing
Shane's belongings off of it.

Marissa grits her teeth as she tries to break the grip Edge has on her right
hand "Stop it...please just stop it!" Marissa yells as Lita tosses the last
remaining items off of Shane's desk.

"Ain't gonna happen Marissa..." Edge smirks as he pushes Marissa towards the
desk and forces her to bend over her. He stands right behind her, grabs his
cock and shoves it right into Marissa McMahon's tight pussy with out a second

Marissa grits her teeth as she closes her eyes "Ohhh no you jerk!" Marissa
moans as Lita walks behind Edge and places her hands on his shoulder, while
he drives his cock in and out of Marissa's tight pussy.

Lita licks her lips "Mmm her what a REAL like."

"I will baby..." Edge grunts as he plows his massive, meaty cock between the
lips of Marissa's pussy. He places his strong hands on Marissa's waist and
starts pulling her back towards him as his shaft moves in and out of her
pussy. Edge leans over towards Lita and flicks his tongue against her lips.

Lita places her hands on the sides of Edge's face as she deeply kisses the
perverted Rated R Superstar, taking his tongue into her warm mouth, and
gently sucks on his tongue. Meanwhile, Marissa lifts her head up and looks
over her shoulder at Edge "You jerk...knock it off..." Marissa cries out
with disgust as her pussy in violated with Edge's stiff, hard cock.

Edge breaks the lustful kiss with Lita and looks back at Marissa with a smirk
as he pauses fucking her for a moment, "What's a matter Marissa? Jealous that
Lita's getting some attention?" Edge laughs, completely mocking Marissa's
comments. He pulls his throbbing shaft out of Marissa' pussy so he can turn
the beautiful brunette around and sits her on the desk. Edge spreads her legs
and spears her pussy with his cock once more.

Marissa grits her teeth with the roughness that Edge thrusted his cock
into her tight pussy "Ohhhh you jerk...quit it!" Marissa begs as Lita leans
forward and places her hand against Edge's shaft, when his cock isn't
completely inside of Marissa's pussy. Lita begins to then strokes the part
of Edge's shaft that isn't inside of Marissa's cunt.

Edge licks his teeth, "Come on you slut... you know you love it... bet Shane
never fucked ya this good..." Edge laughs as he places his hands on Marissa's
lovely breasts and pushes her to lay back on the desk, with her head hanging
off the other end. Edge closes his eyes for a moment while he continues to
give Marissa a fucking she'll never forget. Edge looks at Lita as she strokes
his cock as it pumps in and out of Marissa, "You know babe... I bet... this
bitch is such a tight ass... she's never been fucked up the ass... what you

Lita presses her lips together "Ohhh baby, you're not forgetting about me are
you?" Lita asks as she licks her upper teeth.

Edge smirks a bit, "No I'm not forgetting you babe... you just seemed to
enjoy watching me fuck this slut..." Edge says to his sinful sexpot as he
pulls his cock out of Marissa's pussy.

Lita licks her lips "I'd rather have the real man...fucking me.." Lita says
as she flicks her tongue against Edge's lips.

"Then get down doggy style babe..." Edge smirks, "Cause I'll fuck you like an
animal... right here..." Edge says as he places his hands on Lita's body and
pushes he hot girlfriend down to the floor the way she likes it. Lita licks
her lips as she flips her fiery red hair back, pushing herself up onto her
hands and knees after Edge pushed her down to the floor.

Edge looks at Marissa as she sits up on the desk, "Sorry bitch... but my
personal slut takes priority..." Edge laughs as he gets down on his knees
behind Lita and rams his throbbing cock into Lita's tight pussy. "Awww...
fuck... now that's the pussy I love..." Edge grits his teeth as he starts
to fuck Lita with swift sharp thrusts.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to automatically push back
against Edge's hard, throbbing cock inside of her sinful sexpot pussy.
"Ohhhh baby..." Lita groans as Marissa watches on and shakes her head with

Edge looks at Marissa and smirks as she watches him fuck Lita, "Loving... the
show Marissa?" Edge asks as he fucks Lita harder, making his lustful lover
jolt forward following each of his thrusts. Marissa makes a disgust face as
she slides off of Shane's desk and starts to gather up her clothing, slightly
glaring at Edge and his sinful sexpot, Lita.

Edge watches her, "Where... do you think... you're going..." Edge smirks as
he pumps his shaft in and out of Lita's pussy without stopping. "Awww...
you're jealous aren't you?" Edge asks Marissa with a laugh, "Lita look...
she's mad she ain't getting a REAL dick..."

Marissa shakes her head "You two are so wonder why Vince
and Stephanie aren't pushing you..." Marissa says as Lita powerfully slams
herself back against Edge's hard cock.

"Ohhhh are a REAL man.." Lita screams out.

Edge throws his head back as he laughs Marissa's comment, "Oh... Vince... and
Steph will give us our push..." Edge grunts as he grits his drills Lita's
pussy continuously. "Cause I create ratings... as soon as the belt went back
on Cena... they went in the toilet... and I bet that became a PR nightmare
for you" Edge grunts as he mocks Marissa even more.

Marissa shakes her head "No...what was a PR nightmare was that ridiculous
live sex celebration!" Marissa fires back as Lita smirks and looks back at

"Baby...give Marissa what she wants..."

"Right baby..." Edge pulls out of Lita's pussy and wipes a bit of sweat from
his forehead. He stands up and turns to face Marissa completely, "It's funny
you mention that... since it got RAW the most ratings it got since your wuss
husband got drenched in beer by that drunk redneck..." Edge laughs as he
closes the distance between himself and Marissa quicker than she would
expect. Marissa eyes widen a bit as the perverted Rated R Superstars begins
to approach her. Edge grabs Marissa's arms and forces the Director of Public
Relations down to her knees, with her back up against the desk of Shane
McMahon. "I know you want bitch..." Edge laughs as he wraps a hand around
his cock and starts to jerk off. As Marissa turns her head away, Edge grabs
her hair and makes her face his dick just before he starts to cum on her
beautiful face.

Marissa closes her eyes as she feels Edge's warm cum splatter against her
poor, beautiful face. Lita stands up and licks her lips "Ohhh
showed her."

"Yeah I did..." Edge laughs as he slaps his cock against Marissa's face to
smear his cum over her face. "This outta show the McMahon's not to fuck with
me..." Edge says as he looks at his redheaded girlfriend.

Lita smirks a bit as she folds her arms "And baby... don't worry...I know at
that Extreme Crappy Wrestling One Night Stand you and Mick Foley will beat
the living hell out of Tommy Dreamer and that old, washed-up has-been Terry
Funk!" Lita pauses and grits her teeth "And I swear if Tommy's little bitch
gets involved..."

Edge laughs, "Don't worry babe... if little Beulah McGillislutty gets
involved... I'll show her... the true meaning of extreme..."

Lita tilts her head back and laughs "Ohhh baby...ECW...has no idea what you
are capable of!"


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