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The Cutting Edge Part 19: One Night Stand
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view, on June 11, 2006, Tommy Dream,
Terry Funk and Beulah McGillicutty took on Edge, Mick Foley and Lita in a
six-person extreme rules tag match. The war between the two sides went back
and forth, as never before scene violence was seen on a global scale. Towards
the end of the match, after The Innovator of Violence hit the sinful sexpot
Lita with a Dreamer Driver, The Rated R Superstar Edge nailed Dreamer with a
variation of the Edge-o-Matic with barbed wire around Dreamer's neck. The
lovely Beulah immediately goes to check on Dreamer, and as she realizes she's
alone, she looks at Edge who's crouched down, waiting for her to be in the
right position. Beulah starts to back up and move to the right, but it's no
use, Edge nails Beulah with a powerful spear, knocking the wind out of her
and knocking her out all in the same instant. Edge thinks about pinning her
normally, but then he folds up her body so her shoulders are on the mat, but
her legs are draped over his shoulders. As referee starts to count the three,
Edge thrusts his hips, pumping his crotch against Beulah's while licking his
teeth as he mocks the rabid ECW Audience. After the referee counts the three
count, Edge gives Beulah another pump before he gets up and he looks down at
her, licking hit lips with a lustful gleam in his eyes.

Later in the Night...

Beulah McGillicutty, the wife and former manager of Tommy Dreamer is inside
of Dreamer's locker room as Dreamer is checking on their tag team partner
Terry Funk after the brutal six-person Extreme Rules tag match. Beulah rubs
the back of her neck and grits her teeth slightly, feeling the effects of
the Spear that Edge delivered to the petite Extreme Diva "Ahhhh....Damn..."
Beulah groans in pain as she shifts her neck from side to side, trying to
leave the tension as she's dressed in black pants and a black tank top.

Just outside the entrance to locker room, the perverted Rated R Superstar,
Edge is licking his lips as he remembers his actions earlier in the night.
Dressed in smoky gray colored pants a white tank top and a black vest, Edge
pushes the door to the locker room open with his foot in order to see if the
woman he pumped in inside. "Mmmmmm mmmm... this is going to more than just
Rated R..." Edge laughs to himself before he kicks the door wide open and
steps into the locker room, catching Beulah by surprised. "Hey bitch..."
Edge says with a wide grin, as he slams the locker room door shut behind him.

Beulah jumps slightly and quickly turns around to face Edge, her soft eyes
instantly widen at the sight of Edge, before she then glares at him "What do
you want!?" Beulah snaps slightly, while at the same time fearful for her
safety as she begins to slowly step back, away from Edge.

Edge licks his teeth as he starts to step towards the original Queen of
Extreme, his piercing eyes lock onto Beulah and he smirks, "Oh I'm here
to.... well you can tack a wild guess...." Edge laughs as he takes off the
black vest he's wearing and throws it down to the floor. With each step he
takes towards Beulah, he makes her back away from him even more.

Beulah continues to back away until she's backed up against the wall in
the locker room. "What...your slut Lita wouldn't put out?" Beulah replies,
slightly raising her hands a bit incase she would have to defend herself
against Edge.

Edge's smirk fades and becomes sneer, "No you stupid cunt... you're pathetic
Tommy Dreamer caused Lita to need some medical attention... and I'd just
thought I'd just get some payback..." Edge laughs as he now stands right in
front of Beulah. He takes advantage of Beulah raising her hands by grabbing
the collar of her black tank top and ripping it down middle.

Beulah jerks her body away from Edge, however all it causes is Beulah black
tank top to rip down the center, revealing Beulah's black bra and her toned,
smooth stomach. "Get the fuck away for me! Or I swear I'll so you the meaning
of extreme!" Beulah says.

Edge laughs, "Oh now there's a threat...." Edge says, mocking Beulah's
remark with his own sarcasm, He shoves Beulah up against a wall, pinning her
shoulders against it, lowers his head and forcefully kisses her. Beulah
starts to struggle, but Edge keeps her still as he forces his tongue into her
mouth as he lowers his hands and begins pulling on her black bra, ripping it
from her petite body.

Beulah tries to move her head away from Edge, as he wraps his tongue around
Beulah's tongue, while kissing the original Queen of Extreme. Beulah places
her hands firmly on Edge's chest and forces the perverted Rated R Superstar
off and anyway from her. Beulah wipes Edge's saliva off of her soft, pouty
lips as she glares at him "You're sick...and I'm going to go get Tommy!"

"You're not going anywhere..." Edge laughs as he grabs Beulah's right wrist
with his right hand. He twists her wrist and pulls the smaller woman towards
him, making her uncovered chest press against his body. "You know... there's
reason why I'm Rated R... and you're going to find out first hand... that
I'm more extreme than you... and that broken down pathetic excuse of a man
Tommy Dreamer..." Edge says as he reaches behind Beulah's head with his left
hand and pulls on her brown hair.

Beulah grits her teeth as Edge yanks her head back "Awww fuck..." Beulah
groans in pain as the perverted Rated R Superstar forces Beulah down onto
her knees.

Edge reaches down with his right hand to unbutton and unzip his grayish
colored pants. "Get ready to see a REAL man's cock bitch..." Edge laughs as
he pushes his pants down from his waist, as well as the white boxer briefs
he has on underneath, unleashing his long, fat, meaty cock. Edge wraps his
right hand around his shaft, holding it steady as he starts pressing it
roughly against Beulah's mouth. "Open wide..." Edge laughs as he yanks hard
on her brown hair.

Beulah grits her teeth again as Edge once again yanks Beulah's head back
"Ohhh you asshole..." Beulah groans with her teeth gritted.

"Oh stick a cock in it!" Edge laughs as he pushes his thick cock into
Beulah's mouth while forcing her teeth apart. Placing his right hand on her
head, Edge uses both of his hands to hold Beulah's head still as he starts
thrusting his dick in and out between Beulah's pouty lips. Beulah closes her
pouty lips around Edge's shaft as she starts to try and lift her head off of
Edge's cock, however the perverted Rated R Superstar keeps his hands on top
of Beulah's head, forcing her head to stay down on his cock as he thrusts his
meaty prick in and out of Beulah's warm mouth.

"Ahhhh... shit... no wonder... Dreamer married you..." Edge laughs as he
starts moving Beulah's head back and forth, making her bob her head along
the length of his thick cock. Edge continues to fuck her mouth, pumping his
shaft in and out of her warm, moist mouth, causing his large ballsack to slap
against her chin. Beulah's warm saliva drips on Edge's cock as he rams his
cock deeper into the tight, small mouth of the original Queen of Extreme,
Beulah McGillicutty. Beulah begins to gag around Edge's cock as he thrusts
his hips, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth, making the head of his cock
smack against the back of Beulah's throat.

"Ohhhh baby... damn... you sure are a whore cock sucker... Ms. Beulah
McGillislutty..." Edge laughs as he holds Beulah's head all the way down on
his dick, forcing her to taste every inch of his cock as he stops thrusting
his dick forward. Edge smirks as Beulah gags and coughs around his cock, and
a few moments later, Edge shoves Beulah backward, causing his saliva covered
dick to fall out of her mouth. Beulah turns her head away as she places her
soft hands against her chest and begins to cough for air, tears stream down
from Beulah's soft eyes after gagging on Edge's cock.

Seeing that Beulah isn't going to go anywhere at the moment, Edge takes a
few moments to pull of his white tank top, revealing his near perfectly toned
upper body, and to step out of his jeans and boxer briefs so that he's naked.
Edge then turns his attention back fully onto Beulah, "What's a matter slut?
Crying cause I pulled my cock out of your slutty mouth?" Edge says as he
crouches down, grabs the legs of Beulah's black pants and begins to violently
tug on them to pull her pants off of her waist and legs. Beulah grits her
teeth as she glares up at Edge, after he violently rips off her black pants.
Beulah turns away from the perverted Rated R Superstar and attempts to crawl
away from the sexual dominator, Edge.

Edge licks his teeth and lets Beulah crawl away from him while also toying
with her. "Now where do you think you're going?" Edge asks with a laugh as he
closes the distance between him and Beulah and rips off the black panties she
is wearing, completing his goal of stripping Beulah of all of her clothing.

Beulah stops and looks back at Edge "Getting the fuck away from you.." Beulah
snaps back before, sitting on her knees and proceeds to stand up, once again
trying to get away from the pervert Rated R Superstar.

Edge laughs, "Oh I thought you were going to show me how extreme you can
be..." Edge stands up completely, grabs both of Beulah's arms to stop her
from getting any further, "But since you're not going to do that... I'm
gonna show you just how Rated R I am!" Edge says before he licks his teeth
and forces Beulah to kneel down on top of a small couch.

Beulah grits her teeth and tilts her head back in pain as Edge applies
pressure to her back, that forces her to kneel down on the small couch "Ohhhh
owwww..." Beulah groans.

Edge licks his lips, "Mmmm... for a whore... you got a nice ass..." Edge
remarks as he smacks her backside. He kneels his left leg on the small couch
before he shoves his fat cock into Beulah's extremely tight pussy.

Beulah closes her eyes tightly upon feeling Edge's stiff cock ram into her
tight pussy "Ohhhhhh" Beulah groans as she grits her teeth.

"You're more than welcome to that bitch..." Edge replies as he starts move
his cock sharply in and out of Beulah's pussy. Placing both of his hand on
Beulah's slender hips, The Rated R superstar starts pulling her back towards
him at a pace equal to that of his thrusts.

Beulah's nice, rounded ass smacks against Edge's waist when he pulls her back
against his cock "Ohhhhh no..." Beulah groans as Edge's cock roughly violates
her tight, extreme pussy.

Edge laughs as he pumps his shaft into Beulah's pussy, giving her long deep
thrusts that results in his cock going being totally buried into her cunt.
"Uhhhhhh yeah... you love this extreme action don't ya bitch!" Edge grunts
while he continues to piledrive her pussy with his cock.

Beulah looks back at Edge and smirks slightly with a laugh "You have no idea
what it's like to be extreme..." Beulah fires back as Edge continues to pound
her pussy.

Edge laughs as he looks into Beulah's eyes, "Oh I... know what it's like..."
Edge remarks as he pulls his cock out of her pussy. Grabbing a firm hold of
Beulah's petite body, the Rated R superstar yanks her off of the small couch
and flings her down to the floor of the locker room. Edge then pounces onto
Beulah, pinning her down to the ground. Re- entering his large cock back into
her pussy, Edge looks down at her with a smirk as he resumes fucking the
extreme beauty. Beulah is forced to look directly up at Edge as the perverted
Rated R Superstar begins to drive his cock deep into her pussy.

Beulah squirms her body trying to push Edge off of her but her efforts are
useless. Edge grabs both of Beulah's wrists and uses his superior strength to
restrain them down on the floor. "Fuck... you're not extreme bitch... you're
just a cheap fuck..." Edge says as he looks down into her soft eyes while his
own eyes are filled with lust and perversion. Beulah grits her teeth as she
starts to push her back off of the floor, but with Edge restraining Beulah's
petite body by pinning her wrists down to the floor, she can't manage to free
herself from Edge's way of sexual dominance. Edge arches his back as he
continues to slam his cock in and out of her pussy. In his perverse state of
mind, Edge gets cocky and rolls onto his back, allowing Beulah to be on top
of him. Before Beulah can even think about getting off of him, Edge puts his
hands on her hips and begins bouncing the small woman up and down on his

Beulah grits her teeth as with Edge's forcing hands, she bounces quickly on
Edge's cock, slamming down harder onto his prick after each bounce "Ohhhhh
awwww god... no... please stop..." Beulah begs as her petite body slams back
down on Edge's cock.

"Why... should I... I'm having... an EXTREMELY good time..." Edge laughs as
he jolts his cock up into Beulah's tight hot pussy, making the small woman
rock in several directions, Edge licks his teeth as he watches the sweat roll
down Beulah's body as he continues to move her up and down on his shaft.

Beulah grits her teeth as she breaks the grip of Edge's hands on her slender,
smooth hips and proceeds to lift herself off of Edge's cock "Ohhh thank
god..." Beulah moans as she begins to crawl away from Edge and towards the

Edge glares at Beulah, but then smirks as he slowly sits up on the floor,
"Going so soon?" Edge laughs as he sits up on his knees, reaches forward and
grabs both of Beulah's ankles. With a bit of effort, Edge pulls Beulah back
towards him and he takes the next step by ramming his hot fat cock into
Beulah's asshole, giving her the shock of her life.

"Ohhhh you fucker!" Beulah screams after Edge enters her tight asshole.

Edge smirks as he begins to fuck Beulah's asshole with fast hard thrusts,
"Ohhhh ahhhh you... love this bitch... bet Dreamer never dreamt about fucking
you like how I am... cause I'm a REAL man!" Edge grunts as he plows his cock
in and out of her tight asshole. Beulah grits her teeth as she sweat drips
down her beautiful face as she experiences pain with the roughness that Edge
is fucking her tight asshole. Edge tilts his head back as he pulls Beulah
back against him, "I don't know which is better.... pumping you out in front
of 2,000 fat ECW geeks... or fucking your ass..." Edge grunts while his whole
body is dripping of sweat as he ravages Beulah's ass with out any sign of
relenting. Then much to Beulah's surprise, Edge suddenly pulls out of her
asshole, but since she can't see exactly what he's up too, she doesn't see
him get into a crouching position. He licks his lips and smirks, "Get up and
turn around bitch..."

"Fuck you..." Beulah replies as she stands up anyway and turns to face Edge,
however her intentions are to leave. Beulah eyes wide and her mouth hangs
open as she sees Edge crouching down. The original Queen of Extreme mentally
recalls what happened earlier in the night during ECW One Night Stand, when
the perverted Rated R Superstar speared when she was defenseless after
checking on her fallen husband, Tommy Dreamer.

Edge licks his teeth and suddenly rushes forward and spears Beulah for a
second time, but he doesn't hit as hard as he did earlier. But the effect of
his spear is enough to knock the wind out of Beulah and to send her crashing
down to the floor of the locker room. Edge then folds Beulah's body up like
he did earlier, with her shoulders pinned flat to the floor. The Rated R
Superstar positions Beulah's legs over his shoulders and slides his cock back
into her pussy. "Gonna pump ya again..." Edge snickers as he begins thrusting
his cock into her pussy just like how he pumped her in the ring earlier in
the night.

Beulah's dazed eyes squint as her head and body lays limp against the floor,
feeling Edge's cock pump into her wet, tight pussy. "Awww.... yeah...." Edge
grunts as he fucks her pussy. He looks down at Beulah's dazed and confused
face and smirks, "You're such a slut..." Edge laughs as he arches his back
to gain more leverage as he drills her pussy. When the Rated R Superstar
starts to feel himself approach a climax, he comes to a stop, "Let's... do
this... like earlier shall we?" Edge says as he pull his shaft out completely
then drives it back into her pussy, "One!" Edge laughs as he then repeats his
action, but this time he delivers the thrust with even more force, "TWO!"
Once more, Edge retracts his shaft out of Beulah's cunt and this time pumps
his cock so hard into her pussy that he cums instantly, "THREE!" Edge grunts
as he fills up Beulah's tight wet pussy with his cum.

Beulah grits her teeth as she feels Edge's warm cum rush into her pussy.
Beulah arches her back a bit "Ohhh you asshole..." Beulah groans.

Edge keeps his cock inside of Beulah's pussy as he licks his lips, "Now...
that... was more extreme... than anything you've ever experienced... wasn't
it..." Edge laughs, once more mocking Beulah before he pulls out of her

Beulah narrows her eyes into a glare as she locks her eyes with Edge's
"You're a sick jerk...and Lita...she's a skank too!"

Edge looks down at Beulah with a grin before he starts to get his clothes,
"Oh really... what does that make you... you didn't cry out for help..." Edge
laughs as he puts his clothes on.

Beulah slowly sits up and rubs the back of her neck, feeling the effects of
not one, but two Spears delivered by Edge "Hey Edge...since you took things
to the extreme...I dare the...EXTREME!"

Edge raises an eyebrow and laughs at her, "And what exactly does that suppose
to mean? I'm a WWE Superstar... not some hardcore ass backward ECW reject..."

Beulah grits her teeth a bit and smirks "I dare show your face at
ECW...when ECW goes Sci-Fi..."

Edge smirks, "Oh I'll be there... I was planning in on dropping in anyway..."
Edge laughs as he starts to walk to the door, "And you and the rest of your
ECW rejects are going to wish... things didn't get Rated R..."


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