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The Cutting Edge Part 20: Heating Things Up!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days after his 'one night stand' with Beulah McGillicutty, the Rated
R Superstar Edge is roaming around backstage at the arena where the WWE is
holding it's joint SmackDown/ECW tapings. Dressed in black jeans and a black
Rated R Superstar t-shirt, Edge roams the backstage area, carefully keeping
an eye out for any ECW wrestlers that are looking for him. After making a
turn down a corridor that leads to the SmackDown roster's locker room area,
Edge notices SmackDown's 'teacher', Michelle McCool coming out of what he
assumes is her locker room. "Now there's a smoking hot bitch..." Edge says,
loud enough for everyone to hear him, particularly Michelle as he passes her.

Michelle McCool, dressed in a short black skirt and a white long sleeved top
that tied below her nicely sized chest, slightly revealing her black bra
underneath. Michelle raises her eyebrow and removes her glasses just as Edge
passes "Whoa...whoa...hold up now, what'd ya'll just say?" Michelle asks in
southern accent as she places her hands on her slender hips.

Edge turns around and smirks at Michelle, "I said 'Now there's a hot
bitch'... and if you're wondering, I'm talking about you..." Edge replies
as he licks his teeth while checking Michelle out, taking a long look at
the area where her black bra is showing.

Michelle raises her eyebrow a bit more and then smiles "Yeah, ya'll must have
been talking about me...because I do the A+ body around here.."

Edge laughs a bit, "You got a hot body... but I wouldn't give it an A+....
maybe a C-.... from what I see" Edge remarks as he looks her in the eyes,
"Or I could say your body gets an incomplete..." Edge laughs a bit more.

Michelle presses her lips sternly together "You're just jealous, because
ya'll know you don't stand a chance against this A+ body..." Michelle turns
to leave but then stops "And besides I bet, ya'll only have a D- sized

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "Baby... I got a dick that you'll need two
rulers to measure...." Edge brags as he grabs his own crotch and gives it a

Michelle takes a glance down at Edge's crotch and looks back up at him with a
raised eyebrow "Ya'll should know...that's not even heating me up at all..."
Michelle says as she turns away.

Edge sneers a bit, and he grabs Michelle's left arm to make her face him,
"You want to get heated up bitch?" Edge says as he glares at her, then he
smirks, "I'll make you get heated up... one way or another."

Michelle looks at Edge with a raised eyebrow again, as he holds her still
"Ya'll better get your hands off of me..."

"What's a matter... you don't like people laying hands on your average body?"
Edge asks with a smirk as he lets go of her arm, but then feels up her chest,
"Damn, nice tits..." Edge licks his lips.

Michelle takes a step back "Ya'll better keep your hands to yourself..."

Edge takes a step forward, "I think 'teacher'..." Edge pokes Michelle's chest
before saying, "Needs to go to school..." Edge smirks.

Michelle looks at Edge and simply folds her arms over her chest "Ya'll better
watch your tone with me.." Michelle snaps back as she places her glasses

"Oh whatcha gonna do... make me go to detention..." Edge laughs, as he makes
fun of her, while enjoying himself at the moment.

Michelle presses her lips together before rolling her eyes "Some people are
just hopeless..." Michelle replies as she turns away once again, and begins
to walk away from the Rated R Superstar.

Edge glares at Michelle after she jus insulted him, "Bitch... if you think
you're just gonna walk away..." Edge moves quickly to get back in front of
Michelle, blocking her path. He grabs both of her arms and shoves her towards
the direction of her locker room door.

"Ya'll better get your hands off of me!" Michelle yells as Edge pushes her
towards her locker room.

"I don't think so..." Edge laughs as he shoves Michelle into her locker room,
and he enters the room a moment later. Edge closes the door and locks it as
he keeps his eyes locked on Michelle after he takes his hands off of her.

Michelle grits her teeth a bit as SmackDown's 'teacher' has a look of anger
on her face "Ya'll better let me out of here!" Michelle yells.

"Why should I? School has just started...." Edge flicks his tongue against
his teeth before he pulls his black Rated R Superstar t-shirt off.

Michelle has a disgusted look on her face after Edge removes his t-shirt
"Ya'll better just stop it right now, I'm serious!" Michelle says.

Edge tosses his t-shirt to the floor before he starts to unbutton his jeans,
"You know... I always wanted to fuck a teacher..." Edge says as he starts
pushing his jeans and boxer briefs down his legs, freeing is long, fat cock.
Edge smirks as he sees the apparent look of disgust on Michelle's face as
she doesn't look away from him.

Michelle glances down at Edge's free, hanging cock and then looks back up at
Edge. The 'teacher' points at Edge "I'm serious...ya'll better stop with

Edge steps out of his jeans and boxer briefs, then he starts walking towards
Michelle, "Ain't gonna happen Teach..." Edge licks his lips as he reaches
forward, grabs the knot of Michelle's white long sleeved top, and starts
untying it. Edge licks his lips as he enjoys Michelle reactions.

Michelle begins to smack Edge's hand away from "Ya'll better stop!" Michelle
yells as she tries to take a step back.

Edge finishes untying the knot of Michelle's top, which flows open, revealing
the entire front of Michelle's hot body. "Boy... I bet you love getting a
rise out of the students..." Edge laughs a bit.

Michelle grits her teeth as she pushes Edge away from her "I told ya'll to
stop..." Michelle says as she bends down to pick up her white top that Edge
had tossed to the floor.

With Michelle no longer looking right at him, Edge steps around her so
he's standing behind the hot 'teacher' "I ain't gonna stop... cause there's
nothing you can do to me..." Edge says as he grabs the waistline of
Michelle's black skirt and yanks it down her long beautiful legs.

"Hey!" Michelle snaps as she stands up after Edge lowers her short black

Edge smacks her ass cheeks with his right hand as he starts to pull down her
black thong underwear with his left hand, "Damn 'Teach' you got an A+ ass..."
Edge says as he licks his lips. He pulls her black thong down completely and
turns Michelle around to face him.

Edge licks his lips, "First... I want those tits of yours... to come out for
recess...." Edge laughs at his own bad joke, "And then I'm going to heat you
up... and take you to school... for a little... Cutting Edge... Sexual
Education..." Edge says as he licks his lips.

Michelle nods her head a bit "Ya'll want to see my tits?"

"Damn straight I do..." Edge smirks as he licks his lips, "So bring those
puppies out to play..."

Michelle smiles a bit "Alright...but I do...ya'll get a special treatment
from me." Michelle says as she begins to play along with Edge's perverted
game. The 'teacher' steps away from Edge and reaches into her duffle bag
pulling out a standard ruler. Michelle walks back over to Edge "Ya'll
better understand, when you come to better be prepared."

"Hey I brought all the things I need for class..." Edge replies as he points
to his thick cock as it hangs between his legs, "So I wonder, what you need
that ruler for?" Edge says with a wide grin.

Michelle presses her lips together "Well ya'll are going to find out..."
Michelle replies as she reaches over her shoulder with her left hand, while
holding the ruler with her right hand. Michelle then unclips to bra and peels
the bra off of her nicely sized chest.

Edge lowers his eyes to visual examine Michelle's large round breasts,
"Damn... now those... are A+ tits.... Almost as good as Lita's...." Edge says
as he licks his lips and puts his hands on hips. "Defiantly worth coming to
'class' for those..." Edge laughs.

Michelle nods her head and gently pats the end of the ruler against the palm
of her left hand "Now...ya'll need to bend over..."

Edge laughs, "Lady... I think you're too much of a teacher... but I'll play
along..." Edge says as he turns around and places his hands flat on a table
and bends over a bit. Michelle smirks and steps behind Edge, the 'teacher'
raises the ruler up and bit before she swings the ruler against Edge's tanned

Edge's body jolts a bit as the ruler smacks against his firm ass cheeks,
" got quite a swing..." Edge says with a smirk as he looks over his
shoulder at Michelle. Michelle presses her lips together and nods her head at
Edge before she smacks the ruler once again against Edge's tanned ass. Edge
licks his teeth as he feels the ruler strike against his ass again, "Ohhh
yeah... fuck, I got to remember this after 'class'..." Edge says with a bit
of a moan.

Michelle licks her lips slightly "Ya'll want another?" Michelle asks as she
gently taps Edge's tanned ass with her right hand.

"Sure... why not..." Edge laughs a bit as he continues to look over her
shoulder at the hot teacher. Edge licks his lips a bit, "Cause I've been a
bad boy..." Edge smirks a little. Michelle smirks as she raises the ruler up
once again, before lowering the ruler down against Edge's tanned ass for a
third time before she sets the ruler aside.

Edge turns around after Michelle discarded the ruler, and he rubs his ass,
which is a bit sore. "Mmmmm.... never been spanked like that..." Edge says
with a smirk as he looks at Michelle.

Michelle places her hands on her hips and smirks "Ya'll ready to heat things
up, now...because I think I am too."

Edge licks his lips, "Yeah... I'm ready to heat things up... but first...
why don't you show me how heated... you can make my cock..." Edge says as he
wraps a hand around his dick and strokes it a bit.

Edge licks his lips, "I hope you're ready... cause right now...." Edge grabs
Michelle and pulls her close, "You're gonna go to my school...." Edge lifts
up the hot 'teacher' and sits her on the table, then he spreads her legs. Not
waiting for her to reply to actions, Edge pushes his long fat cock past the
soft lips of Michelle's pussy, and shoves it all the way into her with one

Michelle tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhhh yesss..." Michelle wraps
her smooth, shaven legs around Edge's tanned waist as he begins to thrust
his cock in and out of her tight, soft pussy. As Edge's thrusts quicken,
Michelle's glasses begin to slip so she reaches up and removes them.

Edge places his hands on Michelle's waist, holding her still as he pumps his
cock in and out Michelle's pussy, "You like... school... so far, Teach?" Edge
asks with a grunt as he looks down at her glasses, which she's holding in her
right hand, and then he looks at her face.

Michelle looks forward and Edge and licks her lips "Mmmmm ohhhh...I love
it..." Michelle groans as she begins to casually push herself back against
Edge's cock.

Edge smirks as he throws his head back to get his own long hair out of his
face, "I bet you do... I'm a pretty good... FUCKING... teacher..." Edge
laughs as he plows his cock harder into Michelle's pussy. He slides his
hands up to Michelle's large tits and makes the sexy 'teacher' lay back
on the table.

Michelle sets her glasses on top of the table once she lays back completely.
Michelle licks her lips as she feels some of Edge's sweat drip off of his
chest and onto her well toned stomach "Ohhh ya'll should know though...I'm
best teacher around." Michelle moans as her body slides against the surface
of the table.

Edge laughs, "Well... so far.... you're not teaching me... anything new...."
Edge lowers his head down and flicks his tongue against the stiff nipples of
Michelle's breasts while he fucks Michelle's hot, wet pussy. Edge slides his
hands down Michelle's body and places them on both of her thighs, squeezing
them firmly each time his cock goes all the way into her pussy.

"Ohhh...ya'" Michelle moans feeling his
hard, throbbing cock ram into her tight pussy.

"Yeah I do..." Edge grunts as he lifts his head up from her chest, "Whatcha
say Teach... you gonna show me something to really heat things up?"

Michelle smirks a bit as she looks up at Edge "I think ya'll deserve
something new...." Michelle says as she reaches for her glasses and places
them back on "Why don't...ya'll lay down on this table."

"All right Teach..." Edge licks his lips as he pulls out of Michelle's tight
pussy. The Rated R Superstar then lies down on the table as Michelle sits up,
and Edge puts his hands behind his head, "Ready my 'lesson'..." Edge laughs a
bit. Michelle smiles as she kneels up on the table and straddles herself over
Edge's cock with her back facing him. The hot teacher places her left hand
around Edge's shaft; Michelle lowers herself down and gently works Edge's
cock into her tight asshole. Michelle leans back and places her hands on
Edge's sweat covered muscular chest and begins to gradually bounce on his
stiff, hard cock.

"Mmmm.... I think I like... this lesson..." Edge moans as he watches the sexy
teacher move up and down on his cock with expert skill. Edge quickly realizes
that Michelle knows exactly how to rock back and forth at just the right
moments while keeping a perfect pace as she bounces on his shaft.

Michelle grits her teeth as she rocks and stays back for moment on Edge's
cock, adding some pressure, before she rocks forward and begins to bounce
quicker on his cock as she removes her hands from his chest "Ohhhh awwww...
ya'll like this lesson?"

Edge nods his head as he brings his hands from behind his head and places
them on Michelle's slender waist, "Yeah... I'm gonna have to tell Lita
about... some of these tricks of yours..." Edge says as he starts thrusting
his cock up into Michelle's tight, educating ass.

Michelle looks over her shoulder and smirks as sweat drips down her beautiful
face, Michelle rocks back and forth gradually before she slows down and comes
to stop. Michelle then sits up a bit and moves Edge's cock out of her tight
asshole and inserts his cock into her wet pussy. "Ohhhh...ya'll have a nice
dick there..." Michelle moans as she places her hands back on his sweaty,
muscular chest and begins to bounce quickly on his cock.

"And you... have... a hot ass... Teach..."Edge moans as he slides his hands
over Michelle's skin as he moves them up to her shoulders. Edge groans as
he feels Michelle's pussy tighten around his shaft, "And your pussy... can
teach... a few things too... it seems..." Edge laughs as he bucks his hips
upward to drive his cock sharply into her pussy. Michelle grits her teeth
as she rocks back and forth on his cock, slamming herself down harder on
his cock; taking him deeper into her warm, tight cunt.

"Ahhh... whew... shit... damn.... now... why couldn't... school be like
this..." Edge asks with a moan as he slams his cock up into Michelle's pussy.
He brings his right hand down to her waist and he turns onto his left side.
With Michelle on his shaft, she turns with him, which allows Edge to lift her
left leg up. The Rated R Superstar begins to fuck the hot teacher with long
fierce thrust them the side,

Michelle tilts her head back and grits her teeth as the perverted Rated R
Superstar drives his cock repeatedly in and out of her tight pussy "Ohhhhh
ya' know things are heating up now..." Michelle moans as her smoking,
hot and tanned body drips of sweat.

Edge groans as he continues to pump his cock in and out of her pussy, "You
got that... right.... but... let's turn up the heat... some more..." Edge
grunts as he arches Michelle's left leg over his body so that his right
hand is free. The sexual dominator then places his right hand at Michelle's
pussy and he begins rubbing the soft lips as he fucks her.

Michelle licks her lips as she closes her eyes and moans "Ohhhhh yesss...
ohhhh mmmm..."

"How... you like my lessons?" Edge asks as he starts rubbing the soft lips
of Michelle's pussy more fiercely as he continues to fuck her. He presses
his sweaty chest against Michelle's equally sweaty back, as he breathes his
breath on the back of the sexy teacher's neck.

"Ohhhh...ya'll should know...I love it..." Michelle groans as she begins to
cum on the hand of the pervert Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Edge smirks as he feels Michelle's warm on his fingers and on his cock.
"I... can tell..." Edge groans as he moves his right hand away from her pussy
and rubs Michelle's own cum over her chest. The Rated R Superstar continues
to fuck Michelle's tight climaxing pussy as he starts to approach his own

Michelle bites down on her bottom lip as she closes her eyes after having
just climax "Mmmm...ya'll get an A+ for sex..."

Edge smirks, "No way... I'd fail... at what I do best..." Edge moans as he
pulls his cock out of Michelle's pussy and blows his load on Michelle's
thighs, covering her skin with his hot sticky cum.

Michelle lifts her head up and smiles over her shoulder at Edge "And my

Edge sits up on the table, "You get a big fucking A+...." Edge licks his
teeth, "I might just have to come for more classes..." Edge says as he gets
off the table. Michelle smiles and nods her head as she lifts herself off of
the table as well. Edge walks to over to his clothes and picks them up to get
dressed. He looks over his shoulder at Michelle and grins, "Just wondering...
do you do... private tutoring?" Edge laughs a bit.

Michelle smiles and nods as she adjusts her glasses "Yes I do...and for ya'll
information...I also do group tutoring..." Michelle replies as she bends over
to pick up her short, black skirt.

Edge pulls on his boxer briefs and jeans, "Oh that's great... cause I bet I
can put together... a few people for you to tutor..." Edge says as h licks
his lips before he puts his t-shirt back on.

Michelle pulls up her skirt and then reaches down for her white, long-sleeved
top "Well I guess I'll be seeing ya'll real soon."

"You bet you will..." Edge says as he walks to the door, opens it and leaves
the locker room. As he walks down the hallway after leaving, Edge smirks,
"Now there's a diva...with class... just like my baby Lita..." Edge says to
himself as he passes by a monitor. He raises an eyebrow as he sees what's
going on during the ECW portion of the SmackDown/ECW tapings, "What do we
have here..." Edge licks his teeth as he watches the monitor.

On the television monitor appears a young and attractive blonde woman dressed
in a blue colored bra and matching bottoms. The attractive, young blonde
smiles at the camera "Hi...I'm Kelly...and I'm exhibitionist, and tonight I'm
going to take off all my clothes..." The woman now known as Kelly says before
she seductively bites down on her bottom lip.

Edge licks his teeth and chuckles lightly, "Hello Kelly... it's going... to
be my pleasure... to meet you..."


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