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The Cutting Edge Part 21: Extreme Exhibition
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at the arena where the second week of the Smackdown/ECW tapings
are being held, The Rated R Superstar Edge is walking around backstage after
talking to Randy Orton about their tag team match against Rob Van Dam and
Kurt Angle that's scheduled for that night. Dressed in black jeans and his
Rated R Superstar T-shirt, Edge roams around as he looks for someone,
"Hmmm... now where... oh where can Kelly be..." Edge says with a smirk.

Edge continues to walk around the backstage area and he passes by the
catering area, where the manager of the Full Blooded Italians, the lovely
Trinity, is getting herself something to drink. Edge smirks, "Mmmm... haven't
had Italian in a while..." Edge laughs as he starts to walk towards the ECW
Vixen. "Hey babes... you new around here?" Edge asks as he smacks Trinity's
ass so hard she spills her drink.

Trinity grits her teeth a bit and groans "Shit..." She says as she starts to
wipe up her drink that was spilled when Edge smacked her ass. Trinity slowly
turns around and raises her eyebrow "You got a problem?" Trinity asks
slightly agitated as the manager of the Full Blooded Italians is dressed in
a single-pieced black outfit, complete with pants and a top that's tied
around her neck.

"I ain't got a problem...." Edge smirks, "Ain't seen you around... are you
the newest WWE Diva... or the newest ECW Slut?" Edge asks with a laugh as he
looks up and down at Trinity.

Trinity folds her arms with her eyebrow raises, obviously not taking Edge's
comment too pleasantly "What the fuck did you just say?" Trinity asks boldly.

Edge puts his hands on hips, "You heard me... or does ECW hire skanks that
are deaf?" Edge says with a laugh as he then looks at her chest and then at
her outfit, "Probably you got hired to be a Full Breasted Italian..."

Trinity narrows her eyes slightly and shakes her head "Ohh... you got a real
probably buddy, maybe unlike the other girls around here...they won't stand
up to you...but I WILL!" Trinity slightly yells before she smacks Edge fairly
hard across the face.

Edge stands still for a moment, smirking after Trinity struck his face, then
he glares are her, "Oh you're going to stand up to me?! I don't fucking think
so!" Edge yells as he grabs Trinity and shoves her backward against the
catering table, causing her back his sharply against the edge of it.

Trinity grits her teeth as she steps away from the catering table, holding
her lower back "Awww fuck..." Trinity groans in pain.

Edge licks his teeth as he closes the distance between himself and Trinity.
"Time for you to learn how things go around here..." Edge says as he grabs
Trinity and bends her over the catering table. He rips the string that's
around her neck so he can start to yank down her single-piece black outfit.
Trinity's eyes squint in pain, still feeling the effects of her back being
rammed against the catering table, thanks to the perverted Rated R Superstar,

Edge soon manages to get her single-piece outfit lowered completely, and he
sees that Trinity is not wearing any panties. "Mmmm... no panties.... not
even a thong... damn ECW is hiring more than just the old whores...." Edge
laughs as he smacks Trinity's ass, then he pauses, "You know... in this
business you need more than Tits... you need an ass... and bitch... you sure
as hell don't have a good fucking ass..." Trinity slowly lifts her head up
and grits her teeth as she glares back at the Rated R Superstar.

Edge stands behind Trinity, and smirks at her as she looks back at him, "But
let's see if you can take a cock up in your bony ass..." Edge says as he
undoes his jeans and shoves them down a bit with his boxers and pulls out his
cock. He takes a moment to stroke his fat cock to hardness, then he shoves it
into Trinity's ass before she can push herself off of the catering table.

Trinity jerks her head back as Edge's thick, meaty cock enters her tight
asshole "Ohhhh fuck...god damn it!" Trinity groans.

"Ahhhh yeah.... fuck...." Edge grunts as he starts to bang Trinity's ass with
sharp fast thrusts with his unlubricated cock. He puts both his hands on her
hips and pulls her back towards him so that Trinity can feel his cock ripping
through her ass with every one of his movements.

Trinity grits her teeth tightly as she lifts her head up and glares back at
Edge " have some guts, fucker!" Trinity yells as Edge violates her

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Edge asks with groan as he continues
to drill her asshole, now pushing her against the table, so that the table's
edge is pressing sharply against Trinity's legs.

Trinity closes her eyes as her teeth are gritted tightly together,
experiencing extreme pain with the table rubbing roughly against her legs
"Ohhhh shit..." Trinity groans as she's completely defenseless against the
sexual dominator.

Edge tilts his head back and moans, "Ahhh... yeah... you may not have a good
looking ass... at least your ass it tight... and worth fucking...." Edge says
as he pulls out of her asshole.

Trinity begins to slowly turn around as she glares at the Rated R Superstar
"!" Trinity sneers as she balls her fists tightly.

Edge smirks, "You're more than welcome to fuck me... but first lets see if
your cunt is worth my further attention..." Edge says as he waits for
Trinity to turn around completely before he makes his next move. The Rated
R Superstar pushes Trinity backward once again, but when she hits the table
edge once more, Edge quickly lifts her up and drops her on top of the
catering table, then forces her to lay down on the wooden surface.

Trinity shakes her head and tries to kick at the Rated R Superstars as he
pins her shoulders down on top of the catering table; Edge then mounts
himself on the table and on top of the manager of the FBI, Trinity.

Edge looks down Trinity and licks his teeth, "You ready bitch?" Edge asks
with a mocking tone of voice. He reaches down with his right hand in order
to guide his throbbing meaty cock towards her pussy. Once the thick head of
his shaft is pressing against Trinity's pussy lips, the Rated R Superstar
violently ram his cock inside of her pussy.

Trinity arches her back as Edge's cock rams roughly and deep into her pussy
"Ohhhh fuck....fuck you!" Trinity yells as she closes her eyes.'

Edge laughs, "Is that all you can say, you whore?" Edge asks as he pumps his
cock in and out of Trinity's pussy as quickly as possible. He places a hand
on her neck, not applying any real force, but he does prevent her from
lifting her head off of the table. Edge licks his lips and tilts his head
back, "Ohhhh yeah... your pussy is certainly... good.... but it's obvious...
you're an ECW bitch... a WWE diva's cunt is a lot better than yours..." Edge
says as insults the Extreme Vixen. Trinity grits her teeth as she looks up
and locks her fiery Italian eyes with Edge, while she tries to struggle to
get free from Edge's hold as he rams his cock deeper and quicker into her
tight cunt.

"Uhhh... ohhh yeah... bitch...." Edge grins as he looks down at Trinity. The
perverted sexual dominator starts to pick up the pace and intensity of his
thrusts, plunging it in and out of her tight pussy, just before he suddenly
starts to cum inside of her. Trinity glares up at Edge as she feels his cum
flood her Italian pussy. Edge licks his teeth as he keeps his cock inside of
Trinity's pussy until he stops cumming, then he pulls out of her and gets
off both her and the table. "You'd never cut it in the WWE..." Edge says,
mocking Trinity as he pulls up his boxers and jeans.

Trinity grits her teeth as she lifts herself off of the table, standing face
to face with Edge. The manager of the FBI raises her right hand up to smack
Edge across the face, however Edge blocks her hand when swings, and holds
onto her right hand. Edge smirks at her as he holds her right hand, "Wrong
move bitch..." Edge says as he suddenly raises knees Trinity right in the
stomach with his left knee.

Trinity loses her balance and falls to the floor holding her stomach in
pain " bastard..." Trinity groans as she lays doubled over on the

Edge laughs as he looks down at Trinity, "Thanks for the warm up bitch...
now I'm ready for my match with Orton against your Extreme Crappy Wrestling
super-duds..." Edge laughs as he starts to walk away from the violated
Extreme Italian Vixen.

* * *

After the main event of ECW on Sci-Fi has been completed, Randy Orton and
Edge are standing around in the backstage area after losing their tag team
match against Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. Randy, dressed in his blue and
black wrestling shorts, looks at Edge, "Man, we totally got screwed out
there... the Ref didn't call for the DQ when we got hit with that fucking

Edge, dressed in his black wrestling tights, folds his arms and nods his
head, "Yeah, but so what... there won't be any of ECW's refs at Vengeance...
and I'll be winning that WWE title from Rob Van Dam...." Edge licks his teeth
and points at Randy, "And you'll be taking out Angle."

Randy smirks cockily, "You're right, they'll be in our ring with our

Edge smirks and laughs, "Yeah... but for now, how about we go have a little
fun... I saw a little ECW tramp that loves to show take off her clothes..."
Edge says as he starts to walk in the direction of the ECW locker rooms.

Randy quickly catches up to him, "You mean that blonde that couldn't take off
her bra last week?" Randy asks with a laugh.

"That's the one..." Edge answers as both men stroll into ECW's locker room
area. "I have a feeling she'll be willing to give us a private exhibition..."
Edge adds as they both start looking at the various doors to see which one
belongs to Kelly.

As they look around, Randy spots ECW's exhibitionist Kelly as she comes
walking in their direction, "Hey Edge, that's her ain't it?"

Edge looks and smirks, "Yeah that's her... let's go..." Edge and Randy both
approach Kelly and meet her halfway down the hall, "Hey cutie... what's up?"
Edge asks with a smirk before licking his teeth.

The young, 19 year-old, blonde ECW Vixen known as Kelly Kelly, pauses into
her tracks after hearing Edge. Kelly, dressed in a pair of tight, short black
shorts and white top, blushes cutely as she slides a the pink highlighted
strand of hair behind her left ear " talking to me?" Kelly asks in
an innocent voice, as Randy Orton and Edge approach the young exhibitionist.

"Yeah I was talking to you..." Edge smirks as he and Randy stand in front of
her, Edge on the right side, Randy on the left.

Randy licks his lips as he check out how the young woman looks, "You're the
exhibitionist right... the babe that takes of her clothes?" Randy asks,
obviously knowing the answer, but just wants to hear her say it.

Kelly shyly looks down and blushes, before nodding her head "Yeah...I'm an
exhibitionist.." Kelly replies as she looks up at Randy and Edge with her
soft, seducing eyes as she places her hands on her slender, but round hips.

"Shit... that's fucking hot..." Randy says as he gets a wide smile on his

Edge smirks as he folds his arms, "Yeah... and you were doing a show out
there tonight, right?" Edge asks as he looks at her chest, seeing how her
white top fits against her body.

Kelly nods her head and smiles a bit excitedly "Yeah...I done a
little bit ago..." The young ECW Vixen replies, innocently and cutely.

"Shit we missed it..." Edge says as he frowns.

Randy looks at him, "Wait I didn't..." Randy shuts up after Edge gives him
a look, and then the Legend Killer nods his head, before he looks at Kelly
once again, "Yeah we missed it... we were getting ready for our match... so
we missed your expose..." Randy says with a sly tone in his voice.

Kelly frowns a bit " guys did?" Kelly asks as pouts a bit "I did
really good out there..."

Edge shrugs, "I bet you did..." Edge says, "But it's a shame you... can't
give us... a private exhibition... just so we can know what we missed..."
Edge suggests with a smirk.

Randy licks his lips, "Yeah... that would be pretty damn cool..."

Kelly smiles widely "Oh I love to give you an exhibition!" Kelly says
excitedly before she then frowns "But...I can't..." Kelly says sadly as she
cutely pouts.

Randy raises an eyebrow at the sudden change in moods Kelly displayed, "Why
not? You're an exhibitionist ain't you?" Randy asks rather bluntly.

Kelly nods her head sadly "Yeah...but you boyfriend, Mike is here
and... well... he doesn't like it when I give exhibitions to other people.."
Kelly says as she slowly looks up at Edge and Randy with her soft, seducing

Edge smirks and licks his teeth, "Oh... you have one of those... controlling
boyfriends.... I bet he never lets you do what you want too..." Edge says as
he looks in Kelly's beautiful eyes.

Randy nods his head, "But you know what they say... what he doesn't know
won't hurt him..." Randy smirks.

Kelly shrugs her shoulders "I don't know....he'd be mad if he found out..."
Kelly says, but then smiles "But...I am an's my job,
right?" Kelly asks cutely.

Randy laughs a bit, "Yeah that's right... and since it's your job... you
should do it... when ever you want..." Randy answers.

Edge smirks, "Hey, how about we go, where your boyfriend won't find ya... so
you can show us what we missed."

Kelly presses her soft, pouty lips together as she thinks about her
options, she then smiles and nods her head "Ok...I'd love to give guys an
exhibition..." Kelly says as she slides her pink highlighted strand of her
blonde hair behind her left ear again when it falls down into her face again.

"Perfect... come with us..." Edge says and both he and Randy take one of
Kelly's arms and they all start to walk out of the ECW locker room area
towards the WWE locker room area.

Randy keeps looking at Kelly as they walk, and he licks his lips, "Mmmm... I
can't wait to see your exhibition..." Randy says as they start to approach
the locker room belonging to Edge.

Kelly blushes a bit "I enjoy it..." Kelly says cutely as bites
down on her bottom lip.

Edge laughs a bit, "Oh I bet we will...." Edge says as he takes a moment
to glance at her just before he pushes open the door to his locker room,
allowing Kelly and Randy to enter the room first.

Once inside, Randy sits on the leather couch, "I bet those ECW dressing rooms
aren't this nice..." Randy says to Kelly as Edge closes the locker room door
and locks it.

Kelly shrugs her shoulders "They aren't...that bad..." Kelly says innocently
as she looks over at Edge and follows him with her soft eyes as he walks over
to the leather couch and sits down next to Randy.

"But they aren't like this are they?" Edge asks with a grin as both he and
Randy get more comfortable on the leather couch.

"Ah, who cares... I want to see the exhibition...." Randy says with a bit of
a laugh.

Edge looks at the Legend Killer, "Hey you started this conversation..." Edge
says with a bit of a chuckle, then he looks at Kelly, "But Randy's right...
I think it's time for your exhibition..." Edge grins and licks his lips.
Kelly stands in the center of the locker room and smiles as she pushes her
shoulder up slightly, before she raises her arms above her head and begins
to slowly sway her slender, rounded hips around before she slides her hands
down her clothed, tanned body. The 19 year-old ECW Vixen stops her hands at
her waist and begins to slowly lift her white top up and off of her
stunningly tanned body to reveal a silvery bra underneath the white top.

"Fuck yeah... now this is what I'm talking about..." Randy licks his lips as
he watches the stunning young woman move her body to a melody that's playing
in her mind.

Edge places a hand on the crotch of his black wrestling tights and starts
rubbing his shaft through the material of his clothing, "Yeah... keep going
Kelly... we ain't gonna stop ya..." Edge says as his eyes are focused on
Kelly's swaying body. Kelly smiles cutely at Edge before she turns away from
Randy and Edge, with her back facing them. Kelly places her hands on her
slender hips and begins to cutely shakes her ass back and forth before she
bends over, giving Randy and Edge one hell of a view. Kelly stands up
straight and looks over her shoulder with a sly smirk, before the young ECW
Vixen begins to lower her short, tight black shorts.

"Oh baby... lower them...." Edge says his eyes follow Kelly's shorts as she
slowly lowers her tight, black shorts in a seductive manner.

Randy reaches into his wrestling shorts and rubs his stiffening cock,
"Shit... all the fucking divas should be exhibitionists...." Randy says as
he enjoys the erotic display Kelly is presenting. Kelly slowly steps out of
her black shorts after they travel down her smooth, tanned legs. The ECW
exhibitionist slowly turns around to face Edge and Randy Orton with a soft,
seducing smile as she places her hands on her smooth, tanned waist and
begins to slowly move her hands up her body, at teasing rate, towards her
silvery bra.

Randy and Edge both lean forward on the couch as they watch Kelly intently.
"Come on Kelly... don't tease us too much..." Randy licks his lips as he
pushes down his wrestling shorts so his swelling cock is more comfortable.

Edge licks his lips as he flips his blond hair back, "Kelly... you're already
my favorite chick in ECW..." Edge says with a wide grin. Kelly presses her
lips together as she turns away from Randy and Edge once again, with her back
to them. Kelly slyly looks over her shoulder and smirks back at Randy and
Edge as she reaches over her shoulder with her right hand and slowly unclips
her bra. Kelly slowly peels the bra off of her chest, after sliding the
straps down her shoulders. The young ECW Vixen then places both of her hands
over her fairly large chest and turns back to face Randy and Edge with her
hands covering both of her tanned, large tits.

"Awww... come on..." Randy laughs a bit, "You don't have to cover up your
tits with your hands..." Randy says as he wraps his hand around his exposed
cock and strokes it a bit.

"Yeah Kelly... show us what you got..." Edge licks his teeth as he starts to
push down his wrestling tights, freeing his own thick cock so that it's no
longer pressing against the restrictive material of his tights.

Kelly blushes a bit "Are you sure you want to see them?" Kelly asks in a
cute, teasing tone.

"Yeah... I'm very fucking sure..." Edge says with a wide grin, as he looks
right at her chest as she keeps them covered with her hands.

Randy nods his head, "Yeah... I'm sure as hell too... let's see those
babies...." Randy adds as gets a lustful smile on his face.

Kelly laughs a little "Ok..." Kelly says before she slowly removes her hands
from her hard erected-nippled chest. Kelly places her hands back on her waist
allowing Randy and Edge observe her perfect chest.

"Now those... are some fucking nice tits..." Randy says as he licks his lips,
"God damn... if those are real or fake it doesn't matter cause they are
spectacular!" Randy adds to his praise of Kelly's chest.

Edge licks his teeth, "I totally agree with that... Kelly you got the best
fucking pair of tits I've seen... and I've seen a lot of chicks' tits." Edge
says as he pushes his tights all the way down his legs, and now both men are
totally naked.

Kelly casually glances down at Edge's and Randy's hard cocks, and she licks
her lips as she slowly pushes down her silvery panties "It looks like you two
want to give me a little exhibition..." Kelly says as she moves her silvery
panties down her smooth legs, to reveal her cleanly shaven smooth, pussy.

Edge lightly brushes his right hand against his long thick meaty cock, "You
don't know how right you are about that..." Edge says as he looks at her
young pussy. Randy doesn't say anything as he starts to shift a bit on the
couch, giving Kelly a clue as to how worked up she made him.

Kelly licks her lips as she starts to slowly approach Edge and Randy "Well...
you know boys...I do enjoy other things then exhibition.." Kelly says in a
innocent, yet seductive voice.

"Oh really... and what things may those be?" Randy asks as he can't stop
himself and he stands up from the couch. He puts his hands on his waist and
smirks at Kelly as she slowly closes the distance between herself and the two
Raw Superstars.

Edge gets up from the couch as well, "Oh I think I know what she enjoys..."
Edge says as he locks his eyes with Kelly's.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and shrugs her shoulders "Can...I show
you?" The young ECW Vixen asks shyly.

Randy slides his tongue over his bottom teeth and lip, "Yeah... you can show
us.... it's all apart of the exhibition..."

Edge folds his arms across his chest and nods his head, "Go ahead Kelly...
show us..." Edge says with a sly tone. Kelly blushes a bit before she slowly
kneels down in front of Randy and Edge, the ECW exhibitionist casually lifts
her arms up and gently wraps her hands around the shafts of Randy Orton and
Edge. Kelly then begins to slowly guide her hands up and down both of their
hardened shaft, stroking their cocks.

"Mmmmm yeah.... I had a feeling this is what you enjoy..." Randy smirks as
Kelly's hand slowly move back and forth along his stiff cock. Edge licks his
lips, not saying anything as he looks down at the hot nineteen-year-old
Extreme Vixen. Kelly smiles up at Edge and Randy before she leans her head
in towards their cocks, the exhibitionist gently taps her tongue against the
head of Randy's cock, before doing the same to the head of Edge's cock. Kelly
softly moans before she starts to circle her tongue around the head of Edge's
cock, while moving her hand swiftly up and down against Randy's long, hard

Edge unfolds his arms and places his left hand on the back of Kelly's head,
"You know... soft teasing tongue work is nice... but since you're in ECW...
shouldn't your exhibition be... more extreme?" Edge asks with a smirk as
Kelly's tongue dances against the tip of his cock.

Randy laughs a bit, "Hey I ain't complaining..." Randy says as he begins
thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock against her small hand. Kelly
smiles up at Edge as she lifts her head away from his cock and turns her
body a bit to face Randy; The young Extreme Vixen opens her warm, wet mouth
and lowers her head on Randy's cock. Kelly instantly takes Randy's cock into
her saliva dripping mouth, wrapping her soft lips around his shaft and begins
to bob her head on Randy's cock as she places her right around Edge's shaft
once again and starts to stroke his cock again, while sucking Randy's cock.

"Aww.... fuck yeah.... mmmm.... that mouth is killer..." Randy groans in
pleasures as the Kelly hot moist mouth devours his large stiff cock. The
Legend Killer puts both of his hands on Kelly's head as he tilts his head
back and closes his eyes. Edge flicks his tongue against his upper teeth
as he watches Kelly bob her head along the length of Randy's shaft. Kelly
slowly lifts her head up from Randy's cock that slightly drips of her warm
saliva, before she returns her attention to Edge. Kelly smiles up at Edge
cutely, before she lowers her head on his cock and opens her warm mouth to
accept his cock inside of her wet, oral cavity. The exhibitionist, Kelly
Kelly, begins to bob her head swiftly on Edge's cock, lapping her tongue
gently around his shaft as she sucks.

Edge narrows his eyes a bit, as he's impresses with how skilled the young
Extreme Vixen is attacking his cock with her mouth, "Mmmm.... whip that
tongue..." Edge moans as he feels who Kelly is lapping her tongue around
his shaft as she blow him. The Rated R Superstar places his hand on top her
head and threads his fingers through her blond hair.

Randy licks his lips, "Mmm... you know I think I want to show you
something..." Randy says as he takes a few steps around Kelly and kneels
behind her. The Legend Killer places his hands on her hips and pulls her up
a bit. Randy looks at her perfectly round ass and smiles, "Damn you got a
perfect ass...." Randy says as he slaps his cock against her backside. Kelly
closes her eyes for a moment as she taps her tongue around Edge's cock, while
she bobs her head quicker on his cock, sucking him off faster. Kelly tightens
her lips around his cock as she lowers her head further down on his cock as
the ECW Vixen hottie begins to practically deep throat his entire cock.

Edge begins moving his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock forward at a
fairly quick rate as he starts fucking her mouth, "Ohhh yeah... you know how
to handle dick..." Edge groans as he enjoys Kelly's oral abilities.

Behind the young Extreme Exhibitionist, Randy casually inserts his cock into
Kelly's tight young hot pussy and begins pumping his shaft in and out of her
slowly as he gets uses to how tight she is. "Awww... fuck... she's tight..."
Randy grunts as he slowly begins to pick up momentum as he fucks her. Kelly
moans against Edge's cock as she bobs her head swiftly on his cock, while she
splashes her saliva against his cock with her skilled, wild tongue. Kelly
gently presses her teeth against his shaft and begins to rake her teeth
against his cock as from behind her, due to the thrusts delivered by Randy,
Kelly completely deep throats Edge's hard cock.

Randy slide his tongue back and forth across his top lip as he plunges his
cock in and out of Kelly's pussy, Sweat starts to build up on his forehead,
but Randy doesn't bother to wipe it off while he places his hands on Kelly's
waists to begin pulling her back towards him so his shaft goes sharper and
deeper into her young pussy. Edge smirks, "Yeah... you know how to show of
your skills Kelly..." Edge says as he starts stepping backward towards the
couch, pulling his dick out of her young talented mouth at the same time.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her soft, seducing eyes with
Edge as he sits down on the couch away from her. "Ohhhhhh yeah..." Kelly
groans as Randy quickens his thrusts to her tight pussy. The ECW Vixen begins
to gently push herself back against Randy's cock as sweat begins to form on
her smooth, tanned back.

Randy drives his cock roughly into Kelly's pussy as he closes his eyes shut,
"Ahhh shit... Edge... you gotta fuck her... she's tighter than Lita..."

Edge laughs a bit at Randy's comment as he spreads his legs, "Yeah right...
I'll just have to see that for myself..."

Randy smirks and gives the hot ECW Vixen a few more powerful thrusts before
he pulls out of her tight pussy. Randy's cock is completely covered with the
warm juices of Kelly's young hot pussy, and he taps his cock against her ass,
"Hey... go give Edge... an exhibition of your pussy..."

Kelly licks her lips "I'd love too...." Kelly says with a smile as she bites
down on her bottom lip; the hot ECW Vixen stands up straight and walks over
to the leather couch that Edge is sitting on. Once Kelly approaches Edge,
she places her soft hands on his strong shoulders as she lowers herself and
straddles herself on his cock. "Mmmm ohhhhh..." Kelly groans as she comes
down on Edge's cock, taking it into her sweet, young and tight pussy.

Edge puts both of his strong hands on Kelly's slim waist and begins to bounce
the sexy exhibitionist up and down on his fat large cock after she lowers
herself completely on his might cock. "Awww fuck... you're right Randy...
Little Kelly Kelly here... is fucking tighter than Lita..." Edge says as he
bucks his hips upward to drive his shaft into her pussy.

Randy gets up to his feet and smirks, "Told ya so... but I wonder about her
young hot looking ass..." Randy chuckles a bit as he walks to the couch and
smacks both of Kelly's ass cheeks.

Kelly looks over her shoulder at Randy and smiles as she bounces quickly
on Edge's cock, while rocking back and forth on Edge's meaty, hard cock
"Ohhhhhhh mmmm...yesss..." Kelly moans as she grinds her young pussy down
against Edge's cock.

Edge looks over Kelly's right shoulder at Randy and smirks, "Why... don't
you... find out..." Edge says as he slides his hands around to behind Kelly,
and the Rated R Superstar grabs both of Kelly's ass cheeks and pulls them
open, exposing Kelly's young tight asshole to the Legend Killer.

"I think I will..." Randy licks his lips and kneels down a bit as he pushes
his cock into Kelly's asshole, catching the Extreme Vixen off guard as his
shaft enters her.

Kelly tilts her head back and grits her teeth "Ohhh fuck yesss..." Kelly
moans as she begins to rock herself between Randy and Edge.

"Think she... likes it in the ass?" Randy asks with a laugh as he reaches
around Kelly and places his hands on both of her large perfect tits. With
Edge holding Kelly's ass cheeks open as Kelly rides him, Randy pumps his
cock in and out of the young woman's tight asshole. Kelly closes her eyes
as she slams down hard on Edge's cock, then Randy suddenly jerks her back
against his cock inside of her tight, young asshole "Ohhhh shit..." Kelly
groans as her tan, stunning body begins to drip of sweat.

"Ohhh fuck.... she seems... to like to fuck period.... which is fine by
me..." Edge groans as Kelly rides him with skill that matches those of his
sinful sexpot Lita. "But I want to tap her ass.... before I finish..." Edge

Randy licks his lips as he plows his cock in and out of Kelly's asshole,
"Ahhh... fine by me... I want... to have her suck my dick again..." Randy
replies to Edge's comments as he jerks his cock out of Kelly's asshole.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Mmm...I'm glad I gave you guys a little
exhibition..." Kelly says as Randy helps the ECW Vixen off of Edge's cock.

Randy licks his teeth as he stands Kelly up on the floor of the locker room,
"So am I... and I'm gonna give you a little something for the show..." Randy

Edge stands up from the couch and feels Kelly's ass cheeks with both of his
hands, "And so will I... bet you've never had a fat dick like mine in your
ass before...." Edge says to Kelly, commenting on that his shaft his
noticeably thicker than Randy's. Kelly smiles as she bends over while stand
and gently wraps her left hand around Randy's stiff cock, she opens her mouth
and takes Randy's cock into her wet mouth and begins to bob her head quick
and loosely on his cock, while she sticks her ass up a bit for Edge.

"Ohhhh baby..." Randy moans as he feels the warmth of Kelly's moist mouth and
pouty lips on his cock once more. He places his hands on Kelly's shoulders as
he slightly pumps his cock forward, getting another inch of his shaft past
her lips occasionally. Behind Kelly, Edge bends his knees a bit so he's able
to insert his cock into her tight asshole. Laying his sweaty hands on Kelly's
hips, Edge uses a bit of force to shove his fat cock into her tight asshole,
stretching it wider than before when Randy was fucking her ass.

Kelly groans around Randy's cock as she starts slurp up his hard cock,
lapping her tongue around his cock, bobbing her head quickly on his cock as
she takes more of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. As Kelly bobs her head
on Randy's cock, she starts to push herself back against Edge's cock inside
of her tight asshole as sweat drips off of her tanned body. Randy tilts his
head back and groans as Kelly slurps on his cock, pushing the Legend Killer's
limits on how long he can hold out as she blows him. "Ohh... ahhhh shit...."
Randy's eyes roll back a bit as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's young, hot
and talented mouth. Kelly slowly lifts her head up from Randy's cock as she
tastes his warm cum in her mouth, she smiles and some of Randy's warm cum
drips onto her soft, pouty lips.

"Ahhh... damn..." Randy moans as he pulls his cock out of Kelly's mouth and
taps it against both of her cheeks. Meanwhile, The Rated R Superstar is still
slamming his fat cock in and out of Kelly's tight asshole with swift hard
thrusts, "Ohhh fuck... I love fucking exhibitionists...." Edge moans as he
buries his cock deep into her tight asshole as he begins to unload himself,
filling her anal cavity with his hot cum.

Kelly swallows the amount of Randy's cum that's inside of her mouth and
tilts her head back moaning as she feels Edge's warm cum spray into her tight
asshole "Awwwwww... mmmm..."

Edge slowly pulls his thick cock out of her asshole after he stops cumming,
"Ohhh shit... mmm... damn... when you get out of ECW Kelly... you'll make a
perfect WWE Diva..." Edge smirks as he taps his cock against Kelly's perfect

Kelly smiles and blushes as she turns around to face Edge, after she stands
up completely "You really think so?" Kelly asks, but then says "But...I
should really focus more on my exhibitions with ECW...because well...I'm
Kelly and...I'm an exhibitionist..." Kelly pauses and smirks "And...
tonight...I just got fucked, by two WWE hotties..."

Randy laughs a bit as he goes to get his wrestling shorts to put them on,
"That you did... and we'll be glad to do it again..." Randy says as he licks
his lips.

"Got that fucking right..." Edge smirks.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up cutely and presses her lips together "Great...
and maybe next time...and show you how I use all my assets...."

"Sounds like another private exhibition for us..." Edge licks his teeth and
grins before he gets his wrestling tights and pulls them on. He walks to the
door of the locker room and unlocks it, "Feel free to take your time getting
dressed..." Edge says as he and Randy leave the locker room, leaving the sexy
ECW Vixen alone.

"Now why can't all the fucking sluts around here be like her?" Randy asks,
showing Edge just how much he liked Kelly.

Edge smirks, "Don't know, don't care... I fuck them all anyway..." Edge
laughs as the two RAW superstars walk down the hallway.

As Edge and Randy Orton walk down the hallway they are approached by WWE
veteran, highly respected, Road Agent and closes associate of the McMahon
Family, Pat Patterson. Patterson puts his left hand out "Edge...Edge hold
up just a minute." Patterson says as he gets Edge as well as Randy Orton's

Both of the young studs stop walking after Patterson gets their attention.
Randy raises an eyebrow, "What the hell does he want with you?" Randy asks
as he looks at Edge as Patterson walks towards them.

"I don't know... or really care...." Edge says to Orton as he turns his
attention to Patterson, "What do you want Pat?"

Patterson slides his hands into his pockets "Edge...I have been told that
Mrs. McMahon requests to see you...immediately!" Patterson says.

Edge smirks a bit as he digests the information Patterson relayed to him.
Edge then gets a cocky grin on his face and shrugs, "Shit..."

Patterson raises his eyebrow and then shakes his head, before walking away
"That guy has no class..." Patterson mumbles as he walks away.

Randy looks at Edge after Patterson is gone, "Sounds like your in trouble,
pal..." Randy says with a bit of a laugh.

Edge smirks an licks his lips, "Don't be so sure... I have a feeling... I'm
finally going to get... the respect I deserve...."


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