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The Cutting Edge Part 22: Hail The Chief...Executive...Officer
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In an arena where the WWE's RAW brand is holding a live event a few days
before the Vengeance Pay-Per-View, the Rated R Superstar Edge and his sinful
sexpot Lita, are walking to the in-arena office of the CEO of the WWE, Linda
McMahon, a full day after Pat Patterson informed Edge that Linda wanted to
see him. Edge, dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt and sunglasses, puts
his arm around Lita and laughs, "Can you believe that old bitch wants to see
me now..." Edge says as he licks his teeth, "Months after what I did to her
slut daughter Stephanie?"

Lita shakes her head from side to side as she walks with her boyfriend, Edge.
Lita flicks her tongue against her upper teeth "I bet that old...past her
prime bitch...just wants to know what it's like to be with a REAL MAN...and
not some old, disgusting Vince..." Lita says as she flips her
fiery red hair back.

Edge laughs after hearing Lita's theory, "Yeah that's possibly it... Vince is
off fucking that whore Candice Michelle..." Edge pauses and sneers a bit as
he mentions the Candilicious Devil's name and gets a bit angry. "Which
reminds me... that bitch needs some Edge-ucation..." Edge smirks a bit.

Lita places her hands against Edge's chest "Babe...forget about Candice...
she's just a skank, besides she'll get what's coming to her!" Lita says as
she casually brushes her hand against the crotch of Edge's jeans as they
approach the in-arena office door to the WWE CEO, Linda McMahon.

Edge smirks as he feels his red-headed lustful girlfriend, "You're right...
and when she gets what's coming to her... she'll regret fucking with me...."
Edge laughs a bit a bit as he places his hand on the doorknob of Linda
McMahon's office door and proceeds to open the door without knocking, Edge
strolls right into the office with Lita behind him, and he looks at Linda
McMahon and smirks, "You wanted me?" Edge asks with a cocky grin.

Linda McMahon raises her eyebrow as she slowly turns in her chair to face
Edge and Lita as the Matriarch of the McMahon Family is dressed in a black
formal business suit, complete with black pants, a black jacket and a white
blouse that's underneath the jacket. Linda presses her lips together as she
cups her hands on her face while looking sternly at Lita and more
particularly Edge. Edge raises an eyebrow as Linda just looks at him and
Lita. Edge looks back at Lita, with a 'what the fuck' look on his face,
then he looks at Linda who has yet to say a word. "Hey, I got things to do,
so what do you want? Why did ya send old FAT Patterson to get me?" Edge
asks, with his usual cocky attitude.

Linda keeps her lips pressed together, giving a stern look as she slowly
nods her head. The WWE CEO then points at Lita "I didn't request your
presence here..." Linda says in a stern voice.

Lita flips her fiery red hair back and places her left hand on her hip
"Excuse me? You did call me here..." Lita snaps back with a lot of attitude
in her voice.

Linda leans back in her chair as she folds her arms, keeping her eyes locked
on Lita "No...I called Edge in here, you however Lita...may leave my office,
immediately." Linda replies in a powerful voice.

Lita glares at Linda and then she looks at Edge, who's smirking at the
situation. Edge looks at Lita and licks his teeth, 'Lita... why don't you
go... get some guys together... I think the important CEO wants to discuss
something with me...." Edge says as he then leans his head down to say into
Lita's ear, "Get some guys with some... spirit..."

Linda slowly stands up and points towards the direction of the office door
"If you know what's good for you, I suggest you leave now..."

Lita glares at Linda, but then smiles at Edge, "I'll see you later babe...
and I'll raise some spirits..." Lita licks her lips and lightly brushes her
hand against his crotch before she turns around and leaves Linda McMahon's
office, closing the door behind her.

Edge watches Lita leave and licks his teeth, "Now there's a woman..." Edge
laughs before he looks back at Linda, "So what do you want?"

Linda narrows her eyes a bit as Edge as she sits back down her chair "Edge...
have a seat."

Edge continues to have a cocky smirk on his handsome face, but he does sit
down in the leather-lined chair that's in front of Linda McMahon's desk. He
takes his sunglasses off and hangs them from the collar of his t-shirt. "This
better be important..." Edge says with a lot of attitude.

Linda raises her eyebrow as she cocks her head a bit in reaction to Edge's
tone "I suggest you lower your tone with me..." Linda says sternly as she
stands up from her seat "Edge...I know about what happened to my
daughter-in-law, Marissa, and my daughter, Stephanie..." Linda begins say
as she walks out from behind her desk.

"Oh really? That's old news to me," Edge laughs, cutting the CEO of the WWE
off. He folds his arms across his chest as he watches Linda. "But please
continue..." Edge says arrogantly.

Linda folds her arms as she presses her lips together giving Edge an
unpleasant, stern look "When I found out...I was a bit angry, but the more
I got to think about it...the more I came to the realization of something.
Edge...we both have a problem, and I'm willing to give you what you want,
if you do something for me in return..." Linda says as she stops walk and
stands in front of Edge.

Edge looks at Linda with a very curious expression on his face. He leans
back on the chair he's sitting on and smirks, "You know... you got me
curious now.... so I'll take a nibble...." Edge licks his lips as he locks
his eyes with Linda's, "And listen to what you have to say... about this...
deal you seem to have in mind."

"Well...Edge, in your mind you were wrongfully screwed out of the WWE
Championship..." Linda says as she cups her hands below her waist "And...
I'll to give your opportunity at a rematch at Vengeance against Rob Van

Edge chuckles a little, "That's a pretty good offer to me... too bad I
already have that match in contract... unless you're talking about...
insuring that I become the WWE Champion..." Edge says.

Linda presses her lips together and nods her head with a soft smile "Yes...
Edge I assure you, you will be the WWE Champion again, whether it happens at
Vengeance or at a later date, you will be the Champion once again..."

Edge gets a bit wide smile on his face, "If this was coming from Stephanie I
wouldn't believe you..." Edge smirks, "All right... so what do you want...
in exchange for making sure that I become the WWE Champion again?" Edge asks
as he sits up right on the chair.

Linda looks down a bit and sighs "Well see...I have a little
problem of my own..."

Edge licks his lips, "Let me guess... it's that husband of yours ain't it?"
Edge asks with a laugh

Linda nods her head a bit and smiles a bit "Yes, however it's not him...its
who he's been associating himself with as of late" Linda pauses as she looks
up at Edge "It's...that tramp, Candice Michelle..."

Edge frowns at the mention of Candice name, but then he smirks, "It's funny
you mention that little whore... I have a few scores to settle with that
bitch..." Edge says as her sneers a bit.

Linda nods and smirks mischievously "Then we're on the same page. So, do we
have a deal?"

"We might..." Edge smirks a bit, "I'm going to be dealing with Candice sooner
or later... and this little element of doing it for you... well... it just
raises the stakes... since I'm going to be driving her away from Vince..."

Linda turns away from Edge "Edge...sometimes in this business you need to
take risks."

Edge stands up from the chair he's sitting on and smirks a little as he
stands behind the CEO of the WWE, "And what types of risks... do you take?"
Edge asks as he licks his lips.

Linda slowly turns around and raises her eyebrow as she pusher her lips
together "So Edge, do we have a deal...yes or no?"

Edge licks his lips, "We may have a deal..." Edge says, "But we could
negotiate a bit more... but we definitely have a deal that's workable..."

Linda raises her eyebrow a bit as she folds her arms, looking directly at
Edge "Negotiate?"

"Yeah..." Edge nods his head, "I'm taking all the risk... of Candice running
to Vince McMahon... and using her... devil charms on him... and getting
fired..." Edge says as he looks at Linda and slides his tongue across his

Linda slowly nods her head "Alright...what do you suggest, then?" Linda asks
as the Matriarch of the McMahon Family holds her head high and proud.

Edge licks his lips as the prospects of what he can do with Linda McMahon
filter inside of his head, "Let's see.... how about... you blow me..." Edge
says with a lustful gleam in his eye as he casually begins to unbuckle his

Linda's eyes wide instantly and the CEO of the WWE takes a step back "Excuse
me?" Linda asks with a cough.

"I want you to suck my dick..." Edge says with a wide grin as he finishes
unbuckling his belt, "If we have a deal... I want to make it official..."
Edge adds as he locks eyes with the CEO.

Linda looks down a bit and takes a breath, before looking back up at Edge
with a raised her eyebrow "You'll take care of Candice?"

Edge smirks and nods his head, "Oh I'll take care of that little bitch, trust
me... once I'm done with her... she won't be going anywhere near Vince..."
Edge says as he unbuttons his jeans.

Linda nods her head and then sighs "Ok...ok, fine...we have a deal..." Linda
says as she shakes her head before kneeling down onto the floor, in front of
the Rated R Superstar Edge.

Edge smiles as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment kneels before him.
"Time to celebrate our little arrangement..." Edge says as he pushes down his
jeans and his black boxers, unleashing his very impressive large, meaty cock
from his clothing. Linda takes a deep breath before she places her soft hands
around Edge's shaft and begins to gradually move her delicate hands up and
down Edge's long, meaty and semi-hard cock. Edge removes his sunglasses from
the collar of his t-shirt and tosses them on top of Linda's desk. "Nice hands
Linda..." Edge says as he pulls off his Rated R Superstar t-shirt and drops
it down on the floor next to Linda.

Linda shakes her head as she moves her hands down Edge's shaft, gently
rubbing the palms of her hands against his ballsack before she moves her
hands up his shaft, traveling at a quicker pace towards the head of his
meaty cock. Edge moans a bit as he begins pushing his cock against Linda's
hands as his cock swells to it's full hardness, "Bet you ain't never seen
a REAL man's dick either..." Edge says as he looks down at her, enjoying
both the sight of the CEO stroking his cock and the feeling of it.

Linda takes a deep breath before she begins to lower her head down towards
the head of Edge's cock. The WWE CEO gently places her tongue against the
head of Edge's cock and begins to slowly circle her tongue around the head
of Edge's cock as she gently tapes her tongue as well. "Mmmm... yeah...
nice style Linda..." Edge says as he places his left hand on top of Linda's
head and slides his fingers through her blond hair. Linda suddenly stops
circling her tongue on the head of Edge's cock and opens her warm, wet
mouth. The WWE CEO proceeds to her lower her mouth down on the head of
Edge's cock; Linda clasps her lips tightly around the head of Edge's cock
and begins to slowly bob her head against the head of Edge's cock, beginning
to suck off the Rated R Superstar.

Edge tilts his head back and moans loudly as the wife of Vince McMahon sucks
his large, meaty cock. "Ohhh fuck... boy... you got a classy way of sucking
cock Linda... I'm impressed..." Edge says as he compliments the beautiful
CEO of the WWE in his own rude way. Linda gradually allows more of Edge's
cock to pass by her lips as she loosens her grip and lowers her head further
down on his cock. Linda begins to slap her tongue gently around his cock as
she starts to bob her head quicker on his meaty cock.

Edge flips a hand through his blond hair as he leans his head forward and
looks down at Linda again. He groans each time he feels Linda's tongue lash
against his cock as the warmth and wetness of Linda's mouth. "Ahhhh...
yeah... mmmm... how you like that cock Linda? You like sucking a big fat
dick like that?" Edge asks with a cocky tone.

Linda slowly lifts her eyes up to look up at Edge as she continually bobs her
head swiftly on Edge's cock, impressing the Rated R Superstar. The wife of
Vince McMahon and the WWE CEO begins to gently grind her mouth against Edge's
cock as she suck, with her warm saliva dripping down his cock. Edge looks
down into Linda's eyes as he smiles and breathes heavily, "All right...
Linda... I think... that's enough head... for now..." Edge says as he starts
to pull his fat saliva covered cock out of her mouth. "You defiantly have a
way with a REAL man's dick..." Edge says to her.

Linda smiles a bit and nods her head "Thank you..." Linda says as she slowly
stands up and brush her black business suit pants off.

Edge looks at Linda and smirks, "You know... since Vince has had his fun with
a cheap tramp... how about... you get a chance to be... with a REAL man...
right here... right now..." Edge says as steps to her and puts a hand on
Linda's hip.

Linda's eyes widen and Edge pulls the WWE CEO close to him, forcing their
bodies to press up and against each other. Linda gently places her hands on
Edge's muscular chest "Edge...I don't...."

"Shhhhh...." Edge says as he places the index finger of his right hand
against her lips, "Consider this apart of our arrangement..." Edge says
as he pushes Linda backwards towards her desk. "I'm sure a woman in your
position... would love to have more revenge against the man... who's been
married to you for what... 30 years?" Edge asks as he looks into Linda's

Linda shakes her head "Edge...I really don't know about this.." Linda says
as she leans against her desk after Edge had pushed her in the direction.

Edge smirks, as he places his hands on the Linda's suit jacket and pushes
it off of her by sliding it down her arms and onto the desk behind her.
"Linda... I do know that you want this... I can see it... you want a REAL
man...." Edge licks his lips as he begins to unbutton her blouse while
keeping his eyes locked with hers.

Linda locks her eyes with Edge as she swallows a bit "Edge...I really...
don't know about...this..." Linda says, however she doesn't refrain Edge
from unbuttoning then opening up her white blouse to reveal a black laced
bra, covering her natural medium sized, matured and nice chest.

Edge grins, "You're not stopping me... or trying too..." Edge says as he
pushes Linda's blouse off of her body. The Rated R Superstar reaches behind
the WWE's CEO to unsnaps the clasp of her bra and peels it from her body. He
leans his head down a bit and flicks his tongue against the right side of
Linda's neck as he pushes down Linda' black suit pants. Linda bites down on
her bottom lip as she feels Edge's wet tongue brush against her lips; the
WWE CEO closes her eyes and lets out a soft moan. Edge leans his head closes
and kisses the Matriarch of the McMahon family fully on the lips as he makes
sure her suit pants are pushed down all the way to her ankles. He breaks the
kiss and kneels slightly to lower her black-laced panties from her hips. The
Rated R superstar stands up completely and lifts Linda up and sits her on
her own desk, causing her suit pants and panties to fall from her ankles and
feet on the floor.

Linda looks directly at Edge as the Rated R Superstar step towards Linda and
gently spreads her legs apart. Linda raises her eyes as Edge looks down and
Linda's sweet, clean shaven, matured pussy "We still have a deal...right?"
Linda asks.

Edge lifts his eyes and locks them with Linda, "Yeah we have a deal..." Edge
nods his head, "You're a McMahon I know I can trust..." Edge licks his lips
as he brushes the fingers of his left hand against Linda's pussy to tease her
a bit. "But feel free... to give me something more for this..." Edge says as
he dips the tips of his fingers into Linda's pussy while wrapping his left
hand around his cock, stroking it a bit. The Rated R Superstar moves his
right hand away from her pussy and presses the huge head of his fat cock
against the soft lips of Linda's pussy.

Linda tilts her head back as she grits her teeth "Ohhhhhhhh..." Linda moans
as she feels Edge's cock slip into her sweet, tight pussy. Linda licks her
bottom lip as she gently wraps her legs around Edge's waist as the Rated R
Superstar begins to thrust his mighty cock in and out of the WWE CEO's pussy.

Edge places his hand on Linda's hips, holding her still as he plunges his
cock in and out of Linda's mature pussy. "Mmmmm...." Edge smirks at Linda as
he moves his thick shaft back and forth as he fucks Linda at a surprisingly
gentle pace, but at the same time gradually picking up the pace.

Linda places her hands behind her on the desk as she leans back slightly,
feeling Edge's hard cock piston out of her tight, mature pussy "Ohhhhh...
ahhhh Edge..." Linda moans as she closes her eyes.

"You like that... Linda?" Edge asks her as he slides his hand up from her
hips, placing them on Linda's mature natural chest. The Rated R Superstar
pumps his cock faster in and out of her pussy as he begins to push Linda's
body backward so that the CEO is laying down on her desk.

Linda grits her teeth as she slowly opens her eyes feeling Edge's thrust his
entire cock into the tight WWE CEO's pussy "Ohhhh yesss Edge..." Linda moans
as she starts to push herself back against Edge's cock as he tries to
withdraw his cock from her pussy.

Edge licks his lips and groans as Linda uses her legs to keep his cock inside
of her pussy. "Ahh.... I knew you wanted... a REAL Man's cock!" Edge grunts
as he lifts himself onto the desk, so that he's on top of Linda. The Rated R
Superstar looks down Linda as he presses his body down against hers while
continuing to ram his fat cock in and out of pussy.

Linda grits her teeth and tilts her head back, resting her head on the desk
as Edge begins to roughly ram his cock deeply in the pussy of Linda McMahon
"Ohhhhh awwww...ohhhh no Edge!" Linda moans as Edge drives his cock quicker,
rougher and deeper into the mature pussy of the WWE CEO.

Edge lowers his head and flicks his tongue against her lips, "Let it
out Linda... Who knows what Vince does with that little bitch Candice
Michelle..." Edge grits his teeth as he gives Linda's pussy a sharp deep
thrust that makes her arch her back.

Linda's soft skinned body rubs and grinds against the surface of the desk as
Edge plows his meaty cock into her tight pussy. Linda reaches up and places
her hands on Edge's strong arms "Ohhhhh awwww.....Edge...mmmm...yesss..."
Linda groans and moans.

Edge tilts his head up as he fucks Linda McMahon's mature wet pussy harder,
making her move back and forth on the desk, before he starts slowly down.
"You want more Linda?" Edge asks her with a groan as he slides his hands
over Linda's chest after he stops thrusting into her completely.

Linda licks her lips "Ohhh...I want much more..."

"I knew you would..." Edge smiles as he slides his arms underneath Linda's
back before he rolls over, so that he's laying underneath the powerful CEO
of World Wrestling Entertainment. "Get as much as you want..." Edge says as
he licks his lips while looking up at her.

Linda smiles and nods her head "In the...Interest of Fairness...I think I
will..." Linda says with a slight laugh before she places her soft hands on
top of Edge's muscular chest. Linda then begins to rock back and forth on
his cock with great ease as she starts to slowly bounce on his cock as she
rides the Rated R Superstar.

Edge keeps his eyes on Linda McMahon's mature beautiful body as she does
what she want to while on top of the Rated R Superstar. "Mmmmm.... yeah....
Linda... you are defiantly... the right McMahon... to make a deal with..."
Edge moans as he puts his hands on Linda slim hips and rubs her smooth skin
with his sweaty palms as he rises and falls on his large fat cock.

Linda tilts her head back as she starts to come down harder on Edge's stiff
cock as she grinds her pussy down on his cock. "Ohhhhh ahhhhh..." Linda
moans as she closes her eyes, while the WWE CEO begins to ride the Rated R
Superstar's cock faster and surprisingly a bit more rougher.

Edge grins as his grinds his teeth together, amazed at the force and speed
Linda is using as she fucks herself with his cock. "Come on Linda... you have
a REAL cock in your pussy... use it..." Edge says to the classy CEO as he
begins to start bucking his hips to push his cock upwards into Linda's pussy
whenever she comes down hard on his dick.

Linda bites down on her bottom lip as she suddenly slams down on Edge's stiff
cock "Ohhhhh shit..." Linda mutters with a moan as she gradually slows down
riding his cock.

Edge groans as Linda slows down her momentum, and the Rated R Superstar sits
up a bit on the desk, "You want to get fucked from behind... I'll fuck you
like a REAL man... which is what you want..." Edge says before flicking his
tongue again against Linda's lips.

Linda wipes her forehead with the back of her left hand to remove the sweat
that's building up on her forehead. Linda looks down at Edge and smiles
"Sure...I'd love too..." Linda says as she gently lifts herself off of Edge's

Edge helps Linda get off of his shaft to prevent her from slipping off of
his sweat-covered body. Edge slides to the right end of the desk and grabs
Linda's body and forces her onto her hands and knees on top of the smooth
surface of the desk, "You ready to get fucked be a REAL man, bitch!?" Edge
smirks as he kneels behind her on top of the desk and smacks Linda's ass
with his right hand as a he reaches forward and grabs the back of Linda's
sweat damped hair with his left hand.

Linda grits her teeth as Edge slowly yanks Linda head back "Owww... owww...
Edge... you're hurting me..." The defenseless CEO says.

"So what? You need a REAL fucking by a REAL man!" Edge says as he lets go of
her hair and slams his fat cock hard into her tight mature pussy.

Linda's body suddenly jerks forward as the Rated R Superstar rams his cock
into her mature pussy "Ohhhhh son of a bitch..." Linda groans as Edge forces
his entire cock deep inside of Linda McMahon's pussy.

Edge grabs a firm hold of Linda's body and begins yanking her backwards
towards him as he stars using his cock like a piston, moving it in and out
of her tight pussy with out any remorse, "Take that fucking cock bitch!"
Edge yells as he plunges his shaft so hard into Linda's body that the he
causes Linda to knock some of her personal items off of the desk.

"Ohhhh're hurting me..." Linda cries out.

"Shut up! This is part of the deal Linda!" Edge licks his teeth, "I'm gonna
guarantee that you keep your fucking word about my title shot!" Edge grunts,
continuing to ravage the pussy of the WWE Chief Executive Officer. Each one
of Edge's thrusts are sharp and swift, and with Edge pulling Linda back
towards him, her ass smacks against his rock hard body.

Linda shakes her head "'re being too rough..." Linda
pleads with the Rated R Superstar as she breaths heavily and sweat drips off
of her body.

"This ain't nothing bitch! You should see what I'm going to do that whore
Candice Michelle!" Edge laughs as he continues to fuck Linda's pussy. He
leans his body forward a bit and wraps his strong arms around her body to
pull her back harder against him.

"" Linda moans as she begins to cum on Edge's cock, however
that doesn't stop the Rated R Superstar as Linda's body goes practically
limp in Edge's strong arms.

Even with Linda's body going limp, Edge doesn't let her go as he continues
to hump Linda's soaking wet mature pussy, "Ahhh yeah... Remember bitch... a
REAL man made you go weak!" Edge says as he drives his entire fat cock deep
into her pussy and suddenly begins to cum himself, filling Linda's pussy
with his hot load. Edge closes his eyes and moans as he floods Linda's pussy
with hot cum. After he's spent, the Rated R Superstar pulls his cock out of
her pussy and slightly drops the exhausted Linda on the desk. He hops off
the desk and walks around to where he can look at Linda's face and smirks at
her, 'Had fun Mrs. McMahon?" Edge laughs as he pulls her head up. Linda grits
her teeth a bit as she slightly glares at the Rated R Superstar.

Edge sees the look on Linda's face and smirks, "You don't have to thank
me..." Edge chuckles a bit.

Linda slowly pushes herself off from being bent over the desk and sits down
in her chair as she breaths heavily and her body is slightly covered in sweat
"Edge..." Linda pauses to take a breath.

"Yes?" Edge says with a smirk as he looks at Linda's tired, sweat covered
body with a proud, cocky smirk on his face.

"You your end of the deal..."

Edge smirks and licks his lips, "Linda...." Edge chuckles, "If you thought...
I was rough with you...." Edge places both his hands on the desk and leans
forward, "What I'm going to Candice Michelle is going to five times worst...
that's a guarantee..."

Linda takes a deep breath, before she smirks mischievously "Good...."

"But Linda... you better make sure I get a guaranteed reign as WWE
Champion... after all... that's our deal..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

Linda nods her head " forgot... I always do what's in the...
Interest... of... Fairness..."

Edge smirks, "Yes you do.... and soon enough... we'll both get what we
want..." Edge laughs, "It's a pleasure doing business with you... Linda


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