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The Cutting Edge Part 23: A Ho With Spirit
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the locker room belonging to the Rated R Superstar Edge and his sinful
sexpot Lita, the five members of the Spirit Squad, Nicky, Mitch, Johnny,
Mikey and Kenny are all standing in awe as they look at Lita. A short while
ago, Lita found the five male cheerleaders planning their strategy for their
match at the Vengeance PPV where they are taking on D-Generation X. After a
brief conversation, the sinful sexpot lured the Spirit Squad back to her and
Edge's locker room with a promise of 'raising some spirits' that got all
five men excited. All five men are dressed in green warm up pants, white
tank tops, and green and white jackets. Kenny licks his lips as they looks
at Lita, as she gets undressed, "Now that's something worth cheering for..."
Kenny says to his comrades.

The other four members of the Spirit Squad are a bit speechless, until
Johnny says, "Yeah... no shit..." Johnny licks his lips as eyes roam over
Lita's hot, naked body as she turns her attention towards him and the other
Spirit Squad members.

Lita slides her left hand through her fiery red hair as she licks her lips
and locks her eyes on all five of the Spirit Squad, taking the time to size
up each one of them. Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she takes a step
towards the five male cheerleaders. Lita presses her lips together before
she places her hands on her slender waist "Do you boys know what I love more
then anything.." Lita the sinful sexpot says as she moves her head from side
to side as she stands completely naked in front of Mikey, Kenny, Nicky, Mitch
and Johnny.

"A cheer?" Mikey answers in his high pitched, usually excited voice. His
answer get Johnny, Nicky, Kenny and Mitch to all look at him to see if he was
kidding, but Mikey looks back at them blankly.

Nicky shakes his head and looks back at Lita, "I can take a guess... you love
something that can make you full of spirit...." Nicky says with a bit of a
sly tone as he looks at Lita's large round chest.

Lita licks her lips as she shakes her head "Nope...I love a good hardcore...
gang bang..." Lita says with a smirk as she flips her fiery red hair back
before pointing in the direction of the five Spirit Squad members "Let me see
what I'm working with..."

All five men get the idea of what Lita obviously wants to see after hearing
her reply, so the Spirit Squad strips out of their green and white matching
outfits as if it was a choreographed routine, removing first their jackets,
then their tank tops, pants, and the green boxer-briefs they are all wearing.
Within moments, the Spirit Squad is standing before Lita, naked as she is,
allowing her to see their impressive arsenal of cocks, varying in length from
seven to ten inches, but all are very thick. Mitch smirks at Lita as she
examines them, "You got enough to work with?" Mitch asks her.

Lita licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhh...I think this plenty..." Lita
says as she flicks her tongue against her upper teeth. The sinful sexpot
lowers herself down onto the floor on her knees and then mentions for the
five Spirit Squad members to approach the cock-craving Lita.

The quintet of male cheerleaders walks towards Lita and surround the
redheaded Rated X diva. Mikey and Johnny stand on the right side of Lita,
while Mitch and Kenny stand on her left hand side. Nicky, who has the largest
shaft of the five young studs, positions himself right in front of Lita. "You
sure got quite a selection," Nicky says before he licks his lips, while
Johnny and Mitch each slide a hand through Lita's red hair.

Lita smiles as she looks up at the five Spirit Squad members and licks her
lips "Mmmmm...I know..." Lita says as she licks her teeth "Now...just have
to decide who first...decisions...decisions..." Lita says as she sits up on
her knees a bit more and gently wraps her left hand around Nicky's cock
that's right in front of her and wraps her right hand around Mikey's cock.
She begins to guide both of her hands up and down their two shafts, stroking
their cock as she turns her head to the left side and gently flicks her
tongue against the head of Mitch's cock, before doing the same to the head
of Kenny's cock.

Johnny smirks a bit as he ended up being the only man not to receive any
anything from the lovely Lita, "Odd man out I guess..." He says with a bit
of a laugh as he wraps his own left hand around his cock and begins to stroke
it. Nicky and Mikey each begin to do pelvic thrusts to slide their hands
against Lita as she strokes their hard cock. Mitch and Kenny both step closer
so that she can flick her tongue against the heads of their dicks at the same
time. Lita switches her tongue back and forth between the heads of Kenny and
Mitch's cocks as she gently beats her ring-pierced tongue against the head of
their cocks. Lita slowly removes her right hands from around Mikey's cock and
places her hands on top of Johnny's hand as he strokes his own cock. Lita
moves her left hand down Nicky's shaft and gently squeezes his ballsack.

"Looks like she's got a hand on you now Johnny," Mikey says with a goofy
grin, as squats down a bit and begins to fondle Lita's larges breasts with
his hands. Johnny doesn't reply to his fellow World Tag Team Champion as
Lita makes him stroke his cock the way she wants him too. Kenny and Mitch
both flip Lita's fiery red hair back to keep the long strands of her mane
from covering her face, so that they can watch her eyes as she gently pats
the cold metal-stud in middle of her tongue against their dicks. Lita slowly
lowers her eyes as she opens her mouth and takes Kenny's cock into her warm,
wet lip. The sinful sexpot wraps her lips tightly around Kenny's shaft as
she starts to bob her head on his cock. While Lita is busy sucking Kenny's
cock so focuses on stroking Johnny's cock and now Mitch's cock after removing
her left hand from Nicky's cock. Lita gently grazes her fingernails against
the hard shaft of Mitch as she moves her other hand against Johnny's hand,
which is on his own cock.

Mitch's well toned body tenses up as he feels Lita's fairly sharp fingernails
graze against his thick shaft as she pumps his dick. "Ohhh geeze... that's
radical..." Mitch groans.

Meanwhile, Kenny places both of his hands flat on top of Lita's head as he
bites his bottom lip. The youngest member of the Spirit Squad tilts his head
backward as Lita gives him a hot wet blowjob, "Ahhh.... ohhh fuck... me..."
Kenny moans as he plays with Lita's hair. Lita's head swiftly moves against
Kenny's cock as she sucks his cock faster, while lowering her head further
down on his cock as she allows more of Kenny's hard cock pass by her pouty
lips. Lita slowly lifts her head up from Kenny's cock after a few more head
bobs, causing a string of saliva to drip down Kenny's shaft.

Lita licks her lips as she turns on her knees to face Johnny "Ready Johnny!?"
Lita says as she licks her teeth before opening her mouth and taking Johnny's
cock in to her wet, warm mouth. With Lita now bobbing her head on Johnny's
cock, the sinful sexpot wraps her right hand around Mikey's cock and begins
to stroke his cock against while she lowers her left hand down to Mitch's
ballsack. Lita cups his ballsack and begins to massage his balls.

"Ohhhh yeah... suck me off..." Johnny moans as Lita orally pleasures his
throbbing cock with her hot moist mouth. Johnny closes his eyes as he feels
Lita coat over inch of his dick becoming soaked with Lita's warm saliva.
Kenny looks down at his own dick and smiles as he watches drops of Lita's
spit fall from the huge tip of his cock. Mitch groans as Lita skillfully
handles his balls with her hands while he begins to stroke his cock.

Nicky, who's watching the action thinks for a long moment, and then he grins,
"Hey Lita... what was that you said you loved more than anything?" Nicky asks
with the intention of getting the wild woman's attention.

Lita slowly lifts her head up from Johnny's cock with a smile "I love
getting...a good...hardcore...gang bang..." Lita says as she gradually
removes her hands from Mitch and Mikey's cocks so she's able to hold onto
Johnny's stiff and slightly moist cock.

"Then... how about we give you a good... hardcore... spirited gang bang..."
Nicky says as he moves towards Lita and with a smirk on his face.

Kenny's eyes light up and he licks his lips, "Yeah Lita... I think it's time
we started that..." Kenny says as he looks down at her.

Lita grits her teeth with a smirk "Mmmm...I love the sounds of that..." Lita
says as she starts to move both of her hands up and down against Johnny's
slightly saliva coated cock.

"I want to fuck your pussy first Lita..." Nicky says as he's about to kneel
down behind Lita, but Kenny stops him.

"I want to fuck her ass... I can't do that if you're doing her from
behind..." Kenny points out as he stares at Lita's gorgeous backside.

Mitch shrugs his shoulders, "How about Nicky lays down, Lita gets on top of
him and you do her ass Kenny? Everybody wins like that," Mitch suggests.

Nicky licks his lips, "I'm all for that..." Nicky says as he lays down right
next to Lita, so all she has to do is just mount him without moving to much.

Lita licks her lips as she looks up at Johnny, locking her sinfully seductive
eyes with the Spirit Squad member "Do you mind moving over with me?" Lita
asks with a smirk as she flicks her tongue against her upper teeth. The
sinful sexpot, Lita, proceeds to scoot back a bit on her knees towards Nicky
while holding onto Johnny's cock with her right hand.

"No problem..." Johnny says as he steps over a bit with Lita so he's still
in front of Lita so she doesn't have to let go of his cock. Nicky sits up a
little and leans over to put his hands on Lita's waist to lift her up when
she gets in the right position to climb on top of him. Kenny positions
himself behind Lita, ready to fuck her ass as soon as she gets herself set
on Nicky.

Lita gently moves her right hand along Johnny's shaft, continuing to stroke
him as the sinful sexpot lowers herself on top of Nicky's cock "Ohhhhhhh
yeah..." Lita groans as she starts to rock back and then forth on Nicky's
cock as she leans her head towards Johnny's cock and opens her mouth as she
takes the Spirit Squad member's cock into her warm mouth once again and
begins to suck on his cock, while bouncing on Nicky's cock.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah...." Nicky moans as he begins to thrust his cock up into
Lita's hot tight pussy after she gains a good momentum. He places his hand
on her sexy hips and rubs her skin as he watches her tits swing and sway
with every movement she makes.

Johnny grabs two handfuls of Lita's read hair as he starts thrusting his cock
back and forth between Lita's pouty lips, "Mmmmm yes... suck it..." Johnny

Kenny raises an eyebrow and laughs, "Johnny, we're not DX..." Kenny says as
he kneels behind Lita and shoves his saliva coated cock into Lita's tight
waiting asshole. Lita closes her eyes as she bobs her head swiftly on
Johnny's cock working her tongue around his cock as her moans vibrate against
his shaft. The sinful sexpot Lita's bounces become quicker and wilder as she
slams down harder on Nicky's cock, while pushing herself back against Kenny's
cock inside of her tight, perfect asshole. While Lita is riding Nicky's cock
as Kenny bangs her ass from behind and as Lita blows Johnny's cock, Lita
reaches over with her left hand and takes hold of Mikey's cock and begins to
stroke his cock.

"Oooo yeah Mikey likes it..." Mikey says with a dorky smile as Lita strokes
his cock a the same pace as she's moving up and down on Nicky's cock. Mitch,
the only member of the Spirit Squad not doing anything, kneels down on Lita's
right side and reaches for her breasts with his hands to feel up her chest.
Kenny rams his hard cock in and out of Lita's asshole with movements that
match the way the red-haired diva slams back against him.

Johnny takes a step forward and forces all of his cock past Lita's lips, and
he's a bit surprised that Lita isn't gagging on his shaft, "Shit... she can
take a lot of cock..." Johnny says with a moan.

Lita slowly picks her head up from Johnny's cock and smiles "I can take more
then one..." The fiery red-haired sexpot says as she licks her lips.

"Take mine..." Mitch says as he stands up and stands next to Johnny. The two
Spirit Squad members hold their cocks close together near Lita's wide-open
mouth. Kenny, who's grunting like an animal, continues to pump his shaft in
and out of Lita's asshole as he begins to sweat heavily. Nicky puts his hands
on the Rated X Diva's chest and massage her tits with his hands, while he
stops pushing his cock up into her pussy. Lita grits her teeth as she grinds
her pussy down against Nicky's cock as he thrusts his cock up in her tight
slutty pussy powerfully. Lita holds her head up and opens her mouth as wide
as she can. Mitch and Johnny then instantly push both of their cocks into her
warm mouth. The sinful sexpot closes her mouth around both of their cocks and
begins to bob her head against their cocks as she amazingly sucks the two
Spirit Squad members.

Mikey unwraps Lita's hand from around his throbbing cock and moves away from
her, "Hey guys... how about we start like sharing her a bit more... so we all
have spirited good time?" Mikey asks as he licks his lips.

"What... are you... talking about?" Kenny asks him as he pulls his cock out
of Lita's asshole to take a breath.

Mikey smirks, "You know... we each all double team her... so this doesn't
turn into a cluster fuck..."

"Good idea..." Johnny moans as he frees his cock from Lita's mouth moments
after the sinful sexpot began sucking his at Mitch's shaft at the same time.

A thought pops into Mitch's head, "Hey Lita... you want to be in a sandwich?"
Mitch asks as he pulls his cock out of his mouth and starts lifting Lita off
of Nicky.

Lita licks her lips as she flips her fiery red hair back "Ohhh I'd love it!"
Lita says with smile.

Mitch smirks, "Lay down babe..." Mitch says as he makes Lita lay on her side
down on the locker room floor. Mitch lays down behind her, lifts her right
leg and slides his cock into her tight pussy. "Hey Mikey... get over here..."
Mitch says as her looks over his shoulder.

"On my way," Mikey says as he bolts over to Mitch and Lita. Mikey gets down
in front of Lita, and he too pushes his cock into Lita's pussy, and within
moments, Lita's hot wet pussy is stretched out with two thick cocks.

Lita grits her teeth as she places her hands against Mikey's muscular chest
as the two cocks of Mikey and Mitch thrust in and out of her stretched, warm
pussy "Ohhhhh awwww fuck yesss!" Lita the sinful sexpot moans as she grinds
her pussy against both cocks.

Mikey and Mitch both grunt and groan as they alternating thrusting in and
pulling out of Lita's pussy. "Ohhhh damn.... you got spirit... for fucking
sure!" Mitch says as he gives Lita sharp thrusts. Mikey doesn't say anything
for he presses his sweaty chest against Lita's body after she starts digging
her fingernails into the skin of his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Johnny looks at Nicky, "Hey... we should do her standing up when
we get a chance..."

Nicky nods his head, "Yeah... but I get her ass when we do..." Nicky replies.

Johnny laughs as he turns his attention back to his teammates fucking Lita,
"No problem there... I want to try out her pussy anyway..." Johnny says, loud
enough for Lita to hear over her own moans and heavy breathing.

Lita grits her teeth as she turns her head to look at Johnny while her pussy
is double teamed by Mikey and Mitch "Ohhhhh fuck!" Lita moans loudly when
Mitch and Mikey at the same time ram their entire cocks deep into her slutty
pussy, the two cocks grind against each other as the fuck Lita's loose pussy.

Johnny smirks as he sees Lita looking at him and he casually walks on over to
her, Mikey and Mitch, "Hey guys, it's me and Nicky's turn..."

"Awwww fuck no..." Mikey says with a groan as he looks at Johnny, but Mikey
does pull out of Lita's loose cunt and rolls out of the way.

Mitch also extracts his cock from Lita's pussy, "Hell, she's a wild ho...
how does Edge keep her spirits up..." Mitch says as he shakes his head while
moving away from Lita.

"Who cares..." Nicky says as he walks over to Johnny and Lita. The two men
lift her up from the floor and stand her up, giving her a moment to catch her

Lita licks her lips and smirks at Johnny and Nicky as she breaths heavily and
sweat drips off of her smokily sinful sexpot body "What the fuck are you boys
waiting for!?" Lita says as she ready to get the good old hard gang bang back

Johnny and Nicky both smirk at Lita before Nicky steps behind her to hoist
her up into the air, "We're just giving you a chance to recover..." Nicky
says as he holds her up. Johnny spreads Lita's legs open, steps between them
and plunges his cock into Lita's loose pussy. Johnny grits his teeth as he
takes hold of Lita so that Nicky can get his cock into her tight asshole.
The two young studs begin to bounce Lita up and down on their cocks.

Lita leans her body back against Nicky's muscular, sweaty chest as she
bounces quickly on Nicky and Johnny's cocks; her body rocking between the two
hot, young studs with her sweat dripping off of her body "Ohhhh boys...I'm
always need to recover!"

"That's.... uhhhh.... good.... to know..." Johnny says as he rams his cock in
and out of Lita's pussy. His ballsack swings back and forth with every one of
his thrusts, and occasionally when Lita drops down too fast for Nicky and
Johnny to hold her, his balls smack Lita's skin. Johnny and Nicky work
steadily to keep the sweating hot sex driven diva moving up and down on their
cocks as they thrust them into her body.

Kenny licks his lips as he watches the action as he walks over to a metal
chair and sits down on it, "Hey guys... when you're done with her... send her
over here... I want a REAL lap dance..." Kenny says as he begins stroking his

Lita turns her attention to Kenny and licks her lips as she sees him sitting
on the metal chair waiting for her "Mmmm...I can't fucking wait..." Lita
moans as sweat drips down her face. The sinful sexpot slams down suddenly
hard on both Johnny and Nicky's cock, plunging both cocks deeper into her
pussy and asshole. "Ohhhhh fuck yessss!" Lita screams.

Johnny starts to feel himself go week in the knees, for it's taking a lot
for him to hold onto Lita and thrust into her at the same time, "Shit... I
need... a damn... break..." Johnny says as he pulls out of Lita's pussy,
causing Nicky to drop her down to the floor.

Nicky looks at Johnny, "How about... more warning next time?" Nicky says to
him as Lita starts to make her way to Kenny. Lita licks her lips as she locks
her lusty eyes with Kenny and the sinful sexpot begins to crawl towards Kenny
as he's seated in the metal chair, her rounded ass swaying back and forth as
she crawls on her hands and knees.

Johnny shrugs his shoulders as he looks at Nicky, "Sorry... man..." he says
apologizing to him.

Meanwhile Kenny is watching Lita crawl to him, "Ohhh yeah baby... come on
over..." Kenny says as he strokes his cock eagerly in anticipation. Mikey
starts to quietly walk behind Lita and he looks right at her round ass as
it moves from side to side as she crawls. Lita smirks as she sits up on her
knees and then stands up; the sinful sexpot places her hands on Kenny's
strong shoulder as she straddles Kenny's waist and lowers herself down on
his hard, throbbing cock.

"Mmmmmm... baby..." Kenny moans as he feels Lita's hot soaking pussy lower
on his cock. He places his hands on her hips after she sits completely on his
shaft, and the youngest Spirit Squad member leans his head down to lick the
sweat off of Lita's large tits. Meanwhile, no one notices the door to the
locker room being opened, and that the Rated R Superstar Edge, wearing jeans
and a Rated R Superstar t-shirt is standing at the doorway. Edge licks his
teeth as he sees that his hot slutty girlfriend has been having her fun.

Lita grits her teeth as she bucks her hips, rocking back and forth on Kenny's
cock as she bounces quickly on his thick, hard cock "
like that Kenny?" Lita moans as she sweat and breaths heavily.

Kenny nods his head, 'Yeah... I do..." Kenny moans as he reaches around
behind Lita, places his hands on her ass cheeks and proceeds to pull her
sweat dripping butt-buns apart. Mikey can help himself and he moves over
and just sticks his cock into Lita's exposed asshole, catching both her
and Kenny off guard. Edge laughs quietly at what just happened as he slips
into the locker room, closes the door and begins to take off his clothes.

Lita tilts her head back and grits her teeth tightly feeling the sudden
intrusion of Mikey's cock inside of her tight asshole "Ohhhhh yeah...fuck my
ass!" Lita moans as she continues to rock back and forth on Kenny's cock.

"I... gonna too..." Mikey says as he begins pumping his dick in and out of
Lita's tight asshole, as Kenny holds her ass cheeks apart.

Kenny closes his eyes as he feels Lita's moist pussy grind down against his
cock. "Ahhhh fuck... damn you're... hot..." Kenny moans.

Johnny, Mitch and Nicky are all watching intently, still unaware of Edge's
presence until he stands right next to them, "My slut is a hot fuck ain't
she?" he says catching everyone in the room, by surprise.

Lita quickly looks back and smiles widely at Edge "Hey babe...I hope you
don't mind...we....ohhh....ahhh...started...with....ohhhhh you..." Lita moans
as she bounces on Kenny's cock, while Mikey quickly fucks her ass with deep
and powerful thrusts.

Edge shakes his head, "No I don't mind babe... why don't you finish with
these guys.... so I can see how much Spirit you can get from this squad..."
Edge says as he moves and sits on a couch to watch the action.

Mikey is steadily pumping his cock into Lita's ass like a mad man as his
eyes roll back in his head, "Ohhhh god... yes... ohhh fuck yesssss...." Mikey
groans as he starts to fill Lita's ass with his hot cum.

Lita licks her lips as she looks back over her shoulder with as she feels
her tight asshole fill with Mikey's warm cum "Ohhhh...yess..." Lita groans,
before looking back at Kenny and smirks "Fuck hard as you can!"

"I'm gonna too..." Kenny grits his teeth as he lifts Lita up and down on his
throbbing cock, while Mikey pulls out of Lita's ass. The spent Spirit Squad
member falls down and sits on the floor, completely exhausted. Kenny slides
his hands on Lita's ass so that his fingers are pushed into Lita's asshole.
But as the youngest member of the Spirit Squad member fucks Lita as hard as
he can, he loses his self-control and begins to cum inside of Lita's pussy.
Lita grits her teeth as she grinds her pussy down against Kenny's cock,
milking his cock of his warm, sticky cum as it floods her pussy.

Kenny slumps in the chair, his body completely worn out as he finishes
cumming inside of Lita. Edge sees this and stands up from the couch after
just sitting down, "For fucks sake... Christ... I walk in and two of you pop
like fourteen year olds with a copy of Hustler..." Edge says as he insults
Kenny and Mikey for cumming. "Looks like a REAL man is going to show you how
it's done..." Johnny, Mitch and Nicky all exchange looks and shrug their

"Fine by us," Mitch says with a cocky smirk, "Show us how it's done..."

Edge licks his teeth, "I intend too..." Edge looks at Lita, "Baby... get off
that wimp... and blow me... as one of these guys does you from behind," Edge
says with a commanding tone.

Lita licks her lips "Finally...a REAL man..." Lita says as she lifts herself
off of Kenny and approaches the Rated R Superstar, kneeling down in front of
him. The sinful sexpot places her hands up on Edge's waist as she looking up
at him; she leans her head in towards his semi hard cock and gently flicks
her tongue against the head of his cock before she begins to circle her
tongue around the surface.

"Lita... what's with this teasing bullshit? Suck my fucking cock!" Edge yells
as he grabs Lita's sweat soaked red hair and forces his entire cock into her

Mitch, Johnny, and Nicky lick their lips and smirk at the site of Edge making
Lita suck his cock the way he wants her too. "I gotta try that sometime..."
Johnny says as he gets behind Lita, squats down and pushes his cock into her
already cum filled pussy. Since he's squatting and not kneeling, when Johnny
starts fucking Lita, his thrusts are sharper than usual, and he makes Lita
surge forward with each one he delivers. Lita moans around Edge's cock as she
quickly bobs her head up and down on the Rated R Superstar's cock. The sinful
sexpot laps her skilled, pierced tongue around Edge's cock and begins to lash
his shaft with the stud of her tongue ring. Lita slowly lifts her eyes up and
locks them with her boyfriend Edge as she sucks on his meaty cock, while
getting banged from behind by Spirit Squad member Johnny.

Johnny pumps his cock harder into Lita's pussy and he wraps his sweaty arms
around her body to pull her back a bit. "Ohhh... uhhhh... damn...." Johnny
groans as he suddenly pulls out of Lita in an attempt to prevent himself from
cumming, but it's too late for him, and he shortly sprays his cum all over
Lita's right ass cheek.

Edge glares at him as he watch Johnny cum on his girlfriend's ass, and Edge
shakes his head, "That's pretty fucking pathetic... I thought you guys had
spirit..." Edge says, sounding unimpressed as he pulls his meaty long cock
out of Lita's mouth.

Johnny shrugs, "We... were fucking her for... a while...." Johnny says as he
moves to lean against a wall.

Lita smirks as she looks up at Edge "Baby...they just aren't...REAL men...
like you..." Lita says as she rubs her warm saliva that drips off of Edge's
cock with both of her skilled hands.

"Ain't that the fucking truth..." Edge says as he looks at the remaining two
Spirit Squad members, Mitch and Nicky. Edge then points at Mitch, "You... get
your ass over here..." Edge says as he sits down on the couch, "Lita... get
up her, and ride my cock like you know how... let's see if this dork can
handle your ass..."

Lita licks her lips as tilts her head back "Mmmm babe...sounds good to me."
Lita says as she places her left hand on Edge's muscular chest before
straddling the Rated R Superstar's waist and then lowering herself down on
his cock. "Ohhhh baby..." Lita moans as she places her right hand onto his
chest as well, when she begins to bounce on Edge's cock, riding him.

Edge lowers his head and sucks on Lita's large tits, as Mitch looks at Nicky,
"Damn this guy is an asshole..." Mitch says before he heads over to Lita.
Mitch bends his knees a little a shoves his cock as hard as he can into
Lita's asshole. Before Lita can recover from his entry into her anal cavity,
Mitch starts drilling her with everything he's got.

Lita grits her teeth as her body shakes and rocks against Edge's cock all
thanks to Mitch's quick and powerful thrusts to her tight asshole "Ohhhhh
awww fuck that ass! Yeah fuck it!" Lita moans.

Edge lifts his head from Lita's chest and smirks as Lita rocks on his cock.
"He's seems to be doing..." Before Edge can finish his sentence, he notices
Mitch's heavy breathing. The unofficial leader of the Spirit Squad is
breathing so hard that he's blowing air right at Edge's face.

Mitch clenches his teeth as he fucks Lita with a bit more force than he was
a moment ago, "Ahhh... ohhhh... uhhhh... uhhhhhhh.... ahhhh... fuuuuuuck..."
Mitch yells as he starts to blow his load deep inside of Lita's asshole,
giving her ass a hot serving of cum. Lita grits her teeth a bit and narrows
her eyes as looks over her shoulder at Mitch with an unpleasant and
disappointed look on her face.

Mitch slowly pulls his cock out of Lita's ass and he stumbles away, and sits
down in the corner of the room. Edge looks at him, "What a fucking waste...
these monkeys can't do squat...."

"Hey... I know I'm tough enough..." Nicky says confidently as he's been
recovering for quite sometime, "So why don't you let Lita come over here...
and have her blow me... as you fuck her..."

Edge looks at Nicky and licks his teeth, "Cocky son of a bitch..." Edge says
before he pushes Lita off of his cock. "You heard him Lita... blow him..."
Edge smirks as he stands up from the couch.

Lita smirks and presses her lips together, sliding her tongue against her
bottom lip "Mmmmm..." Lita moans softly as she crawls over towards Nicky and
sits up on her knees; the sinful sexpot wraps her hands around Nicky's cock
and pulls his cock towards her mouth, she opens her mouth and takes his cock
into her warm mouth. Lita begins to slowly bob her head on his cock as she
laps her tongue around his cock, gradually bobbing her head quicker on his

Nick grabs two handfuls of Lita's sweat soaked hair and begins thrusting his
cock in and out between her lips. "Yeah... suck that cock... you spirited
bitch..." Nicky groans.

Edge smirks, "Now you got potential..." Edge says with a laugh as he bends
down and stands Lita up, so that now she's standing and bent over to suck
Nicky's shaft. Edge then shoves his cock into Lita's hot pussy, filling her
with his meaty cock. Lita's body jumps a bit and jolts forward from Edge
suddenly ramming his cock into her deep, wet and loose pussy causing Lita
to take more of Nicky's cock into her wet mouth. Lita's head moves quickly
on his cock as she traces her tongue around his cock, while twist her mouth
against his cock.

"Ahhh... fuck...yeah..." Nick moans as Lita sucks his cock so perfectly, he
almost forgets that Edge is banging the hot Rated X Diva. Nicky extracts his
cock from her mouth and smirks, "You know.... she loves two dicks in her

Edge licks his lips and laughs as he stops fucking Lita, "I know... why don't
you sit on the couch..." Nicky nods his head, and walks to the couch and sits
down on it. Edge pulls out of Lita, stands her up and says into her ear,
"Ride him... but don't face him..." Edge says before he smacks her
sweat-covered ass.

Lita looks over her shoulder with a smirk as sweat drips down her smoking,
hot body. Lita nods her head before the sinful sexpot walks over to the couch
where Nicky is. Lita flips her fiery red hair back as she turns around and
slowly sits down on Nicky's cock, taking it into her sweet, warm pussy
"Ohhhhhh fuck..." Lita groans as she lowers herself completely down on his

"Uhhhh shit...." Nicky groans as Lita sits on his cock, squeezing his shaft
with her cunt. Nicky leans back on the couch as Edge walks over to them. The
Rated R Superstar pushes Lita back so her hot body is laying against Nicky's
chest. Edge bends his knees and then forces his fat cock into Lita's pussy
with Nicky's dick, and the combined girth of both dicks stretches Lita's
pussy even more than it was earlier with Mitch and Mikey fucked her pussy

"Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Lita moans loudly as pussy is extremely stretched and Edge
begins to thrust his mighty spear-like cock into her warm, cunt filled with
Nicky's cock as well.

As Edge pumps his cock into Lita's pussy, Nicky can't even gain any momentum
for Edge is using Lita to pin him down on the couch. Nicky bites his tongue
as Edge's cock grinds viciously against his own prick. The heat generated
from the two dicks grinding against each other in Lita's pussy is too much
for Nicky, and the last member of the Spirit Squad starts cumming inside of
Lita, "Ahhhhhhh shit...." Nicky screams out as he has such a powerful
release, that he almost passes out.

Lita licks her lips as she closes her eyes feeling the warmth of Nicky's cum
"Ohhhhhhh shit..." Lita groans.

Edge smirks as he sees Lita get a fulfilled look on her face as she feels
Nicky's cum flow in her pussy. The Rated R Superstar then pulls out of her
and smirks, "Babe... come on, one more hot load... and I know these monkeys
didn't give you a real mouthful..." Edge says as he wraps a hand around his
own throbbing meaty cock. Lita licks her lips and holds her mouth open as
she slightly rocks back and forth on Nicky's cock after he has released all
of his cum. Edge grabs the back of Lita's head and pulls her so that she's
leaning forward. With her waiting mouth at the same level as his cock, Edge
pumps his shaft for a bit, before he starts to shoot his load, sending
streams of his hot sticky cum into Lita's mouth, with some of his spunk
landing on her chin and cheeks. "Uhhh.... yeah...." Edge groans as he watches
his cum go into Lita's mouth. Lita licks her lips as she closes her eyes and
swallows the warm cum inside of her mouth belonging to her boyfriend, the
Rated R Superstar Edge.

Edge licks his lips as he looks at Lita, "That's my girl..." Edge says as he
grabs her hands and pulls her off of Nicky's cock.

Lita licks her lips and smirks " you know I think I could use
some more... spirit..."


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