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The Cutting Edge Part 24: Witches And Bitches, Oh My!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the arena where the WWE is holding the June Raw Pay-Per-View Vengeance,
the sinful sexpot Lita is walking around backstage, running a few errands for
Edge. Dressed in tight fitting black pants and the new low cut red, black and
white Rated R Superstar T-shirt, Lita licks her lips as the various RAW and
ECW wrestlers check her out. However, Lita's mood changes when she sees Jazz.
"Looks like any bitch is getting hired now..." Lita says as she walks towards
Jazz, "Hey bitch..." Lita says as she pushes Jazz, who was unaware of Lita
approaching her and was wrapping athletic tape around her wrists. Jazz
catches herself before she stumbles slightly, and glares at Lita, who has a
cocky smirk on her face.

After stumbling forward slightly, ECW's hardcore bitch Jazz grits her teeth
after being pushed by the sinful sexpot, Lita. Jazz sets the athletic tape
down a piece of backstage equipment then she cracks her neck from side to
side, deciding not to respond to Lita and just taking the 'higher road'.
Jazz is dressed in a purple top with black lining, a purple jacket and a
purple wrestling-skirt.

Lita, not one to be ignored, glares at Jazz, "Oh you don't say hi to people
anymore?" Lita asks as she pushes Jazz again, this time she shoves Jazz with
both hands.

Jazz balls both of her fists tightly as she slowly turns around to face the
sinful sexpot "I stop with you tramped-up attitude..." Jazz
says as the hardcore bitch gets right into Lita's face.

Lita smirks, "Oh what's a matter? Can't take a little ribbing?" The sinful
sexpot says as she once again pushes Jazz again.

Jazz cracks her knuckles as she looks her eyes on Lita "Bitch...I suggest you
stop..." Jazz says before the hardcore bitch begins to get aggressive herself
and responds by shoving Lita back.

Lita stumbles backward and trips over her own feet, causing herself to fall
and land on her ass down on the hard floor. Lita looks up at Jazz with a
furious look on her face, "You... you... fucking bitch!" Lita yells as she
gets up to her feet.

Jazz points at Lita "I told you stop...and if you'll just get
worse, bitch! Cause I'm one bitch... you don't fucking mess with..." Jazz
says as she glares at Lita before she turns around to walk away from the
sinful sexpot, Lita.

Lita stands up completely, "Fuck you, you black whore!" Lita yells as she
runs after Jazz and jumps on her back, just as Edge comes walking around the
corner. The Rated R Superstar, dressed in black jeans and his new Rated R
Superstar t-shirt, raises an eyebrow just as he saw Lita jumping on Jazz.

"Get the fuck off me, you white bitch!" Jazz yells as she reaches over her
shoulder, trying to grab a hold of Lita to toss her off of her own back.

As Jazz literally flips Lita off of her back, Edge tries not to laugh when
he sees his lusty redheaded girlfriend hit the floor with a thud. "Owww you
bitch..." Lita cries out in pain as she glares at Jazz as Edge starts to
approach both women.

Edge licks his teeth and glares at Jazz, "What the fuck did you do to my
girl?" Edge asks with an angry tone, as he sizes up Jazz.

Jazz grits her teeth as she slowly turns around to face Edge "Your bitch...
was getting in my face!" Jazz yells back at Edge "I suggest you keep that
skinny white ho away from me in future..." Jazz says as she turns away from
Edge, with her back facing him. Jazz leans over and looks directly at Lita
"Don't...fucking mess with me...bitch!" Jazz yells.

"Don't fucking talk about my slut like that," Edge says as he grabs Jazz by
the back of her hair and shoves her against a piece of backstage equipment.

Lita slowly stands up and smirks, "That's right baby... you tell her!" Lita
says as Edge holds Jazz still. "You've messed with the wrong bitch," Lita
says as she slaps Jazz right across the face.

Jazz turns her head away after Lita gives her a good, hard slap across the
face. Jazz grits her teeth as she looks back at Lita "Ohhh you bitch!" Jazz
yells before she lunges towards Lita, however before Jazz has a chance to
physically attack Lita, Edge roughly slams Jazz up against the wall, causing
the hardcore bitch to hit the back of her head.

Edge let's Jazz slump down to the floor and he licks his lips, "Damn she's
one ugly bitch...." Edge says as Lita licks her lips.

"Baby... you know what she needs.... she needs some... Edge-ucation... and a
white... hard cock" Lita says as she presses her hand against Edge's crotch
then slowly unzips and unbuttons his jeans.

"You're right baby..." Edge smirks as Lita pulls down his jeans and his
boxers, freeing his big juicy cock.

Jazz shakes her head as she slowly recovers from having the back of her head
hitting against the wall. Jazz grits her teeth as she places her left hand on
the back of her head "Owww..." Jazz groans.

"Baby... get that black bitch ready..." Edge says as Lita glares at Jazz.
Lita smirks, nods her head and kneels down. She shoves Jazz onto her back so
that she's able to pull down Jazz's purple wrestling-skirt. Lita licks her
lips as she partially strips Jazz, as she pulls down Jazz's black panties as

Lita looks up at Edge and smiles, "She's all ready for you..." Lita says.

"Good..." Edge kneels down, forcefully spreads Jazz's powerful legs, and rams
his white thick cock into Jazz's black pussy.

Jazz grits her teeth as she feels Edge's cock ram into her tight black pussy
"Ohhh you fucker!" Jazz yells as she reaches up and tries swinging her left
closed fist at Lita as Edge begins to pump his cock in and out of Jazz's

Edge grabs both of Jazz's arms and pin them down to the ground as he moves
his cock back and forth past the lips of Jazz's tight cunt, "Play nice you
black whore..." Edge says with a grunt.

Lita licks her lips as she watches The Rated R Superstar fuck Jazz, and she
stands behind Edge, "Fuck her good baby... show her what a REAL man is!" Lita
says as she rubs Edge's back through the material of his shirt.

Jazz narrows her eyes, glaring up at Edge as he thrusts his cock deeper into
the hardcore bitch's cunt "!" Jazz yells.

Edge arches his back a bit as he rams his cock harder and faster into her
pussy, "You want me to fuck your black ass? Okay..." Edge laughs as he gives
Jazz another sharp thrust.

Lita gets an evil look in her eye as an idea pops into her head, "Fuck her
black ass baby..." Lita says as she looks around for something, and she goes
to pick up a push broom. Edge doesn't see what Lita is doing and he pulls out
of Jazz's pussy so he can turn her over. Just as Edge gets Jazz on her hands
and knees, the sinful sexpot comes back and slams the wooden handle of the
broom down on the back of the Hardcore Bitch's head, knocking her out cold,
"He's MINE you black slut! He don't fuck anyone's ass but mine!" Lita yells.

Edge smirks as he stands up, "Fuck Lita... that was pretty extreme..." Edge
laughs a bit as he pulls up his boxers and jeans, stuffing his still hard
cock into them.

Lita licks her lips as she flips her fiery red hair back "Mmm well baby...she
just doesn't deserve a REAL man's dick...." Lita say as she glares down at
the unconscious Jazz, before delivering a swift kick to the hardcore bitch's

Edge licks his teeth and laughs, "Yeah... mmm... but baby... I think you need
to... relax a bit after dealing with that bitch..." Edge says as he smacks
Lita on the ass.

Lita smirks as she presses her hand against his crotch "You want me to wait
in the locker room."

Edge licks his lips then nods his head, "Yeah baby... I want you to... chill
out... so I can make you all hot..." Edge says he pushes his crotch against
her hand. "I got a little business to take care of..."

Lita licks her lips "Ok baby...I'll be waiting for you..."

Edge smirks and smacks Lita's ass again before he starts walking down the
hall. As he walks down the hall, he starts to smell something burning after
he steps into the area of the arena where the ECW locker rooms are. "Why...
am I not surprised to smell smoke with Extremely Crappy Wrestlers in the
building..." Edge says with a laugh as he goes to check where the smell is
coming from. The Rated R superstar tracks the smell to room in the very back
of the ECW locker room area, and he opens the door to see a dark, candle lit
room, with a small circular table. Edge figures out the smoke he's smelling
is from scented candles, but he ignores that fact as he sees the mysterious
Ariel, ECW's Tarot Card reader, sitting at the table. "Well what do we have
here..." Edge says as he steps into the room and licks his lips.

Sitting at the small circular table, the mysterious Ariel is flipping her
Tarot cards over and smirks slightly as she sees the card she flipped up
"Hmmm...that's interesting..." Ariel says with shrugs as the black haired
beauty is dressed in a short black skirt and a black tank top. Ariel presses
her lips together as she picks up her tarot cards and begins to shuffle them
up in her hands.

Edge raises an eyebrow, as Ariel doesn't acknowledge his presence. "What's
interesting?" Edge asks as he licks his teeth. He closes the door and steps
towards the table with his eyes locked on Ariel.

Ariel slowly looks up and raises her eyebrow "What the cards were telling
me..." Ariel says as she begins to lay the tarot cards out on the table, face
down. Ariel presses her lips together as she looks at Edge "Who let you in?"
Ariel asks as she looks down at her tarot cards as she begins to flip them
over on the table.

Edge laughs a bit, "I let myself in..." Edge says with a wide grin as he
looks at her then at her tarot cards, "So you're into that tarot card
shit..." Edge smirks as he places his hands down on the table, "How about
you make yourself useful and give me a reading, bitch?"

Ariel slowly looks up at Edge and raises her eyebrow as the mysterious tarot
card reader begins to gather up her cards that are laying out on the table
"Well..." Ariel pauses before pressing her soft lips together "I don't need
the cards to tell me...that you're an asshole..." Ariel says before she
points towards the door "Please see yourself out..."

Edge glares at Ariel as he looks at her, "That was pretty fucking cute..."
Edge says as he suddenly flips the circular table over to the left, causing
Ariel's tarot cards to be spread all across of the dark room. Edge smirks at
Ariel, "Now that was cute..." Edge laughs a bit.

Ariel stands up quickly with anger "What was that!?" Ariel yells as she looks
at Edge.

Edge smirks, "That... was just the beginning..." Edge says as he steps
towards her and he grabs the collar of her black tank top, then rips it apart
exposing her large braless tits.

Ariel glances down at her bare, large chest and quickly covers up her chest
by folding her arms over her large chest "Hey! What the hell are you doing!?"
Ariel yells as she takes a step back, away from Edge, slightly in fear of
what the Rated R Superstar may be capable of doing.

"Bet you didn't see that coming..." Edge says as he pulls off his t-shirt,
then unbuttons his jeans. Edge walks towards Ariel and grabs her by her arms,
then forces her to her knees. "And I'm going to do... what I want..." Edge
smirks as he pushes down his jeans and boxers, letting his already hard, fat
cock out.

Ariel closes her eyes as she turns her head away from Edge's hard, fat cock.
"You sure do have a lot of guts to do this..." Ariel says as she keeps her
head away from his cock, while Edge forces her to remain down on her knees,
by keeping his hands on her shoulders.

Edge laughs, "You're supposed to be a witch right? You're should've seen the
future..." Edge says as he grabs the back of her of hair with his left hand.
He then grabs his cock with his right hand and shoves it against her mouth,
forcing it pass her lips and into her oral cavity. Ariel gags a bit as Edge
holds her head still and begins to pump his cock in and out of her warm, wet
mouth. Ariel opens her eyes and looks up at him as he throat fucks ECW's
resident tarot card reader. Edge licks his lips as he pulls on Ariel's dark
colored hair, thrusting his cock with excessive force deep into her mouth,
"Ahhh yeah... now you... got a mouth made to have a fat cock in it..." Edge
groans as his large ballsack slaps repeatedly against her chin. Ariel tries
to lift her head off of Edge's cock however when she does, the Rated R
Superstar just responds by forcing Ariel's head down on his entire cock,
making the ECW Vixen gag on his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah.... what a hot mouth..." Edge moans as he has Ariel deep
throat every inch of his fat cock. Edge tilts his head back and moans as he
holds Ariel's head so far down on his cock that her nose is pressed right
against his crotch. Ariel's warm saliva splashes against Edge's cock as he
continues thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, until he pulls his cock
out with Ariel's warm saliva dripping off of his cock. Ariel turns her head
away as she begins to cough for air.

Edge laughs as he looks down at Ariel coughing, "Mmmmm you took that
cock like a pro..." Edge says, mocking her, He reaches down and pulls the
mysterious Tarot Card reader up to her feet, then he rips off her black
skirt, and the black thong that she's wearing underneath. "Mmmm...damn...
for a real witch, you got some fucking curves on ya..." Edge says as he
shoves Ariel back down to the floor.

Ariel grits her teeth as Edge pins her shoulders down to the cold floor
"Ohhh...get the fuck off me!" Ariel yells as the Rated R Superstar mounts
himself on top of the ECW Vixen.

Edge licks his teeth, "What's a matter, afraid of a REAL man?" Edge laughs
has he positions himself so he can stuff his fat cock into Ariel's tight
pussy. Edge presses her shoulders down against the floor with his hands as
he begins to pump his cock in and out of her pussy with stiff thrusts.

Ariel shakes her head "!" Ariel yells as Edge's cock violates
her tight pussy.

"Keep on screaming you little witch!" Edge laughs as he gains more momentum
as he fucks her tight pussy. The Rated R Superstar presses down harder on
Ariel's shoulders, making it almost impossible for her to squirm. Ariel
grits her teeth as she wraps her smooth legs tightly around Edge's waist
making it a bit difficult for the Rated R Superstar to thrust into her pussy
with a great deal of intensity and force.

"Guess.... you're.... a whore... too...." Edge grunts as Ariel squeezes his
waist with her legs. Edge takes advantage of Ariel's legs being around his
waists by rolling over, so that Ariel is on top. However, even though Ariel's
on top the parts of her legs that were behind Edge's back are now pinned
underneath the Rated R Superstar. Edge grabs hold of Ariel's hips and starts
bouncing the Extreme Tarot Card Reader up and down on his mighty cock. Ariel
grits her teeth as she slams down on Edge's cock harder and harder, each time
she bounces on his cock, thanks to Edge lifting her up and down on his thick
shaft. Edge arches his back as he starts thrusting his cock up into Ariel's
pussy, making her body shake when his shaft hits her inside of her tight cunt
sharply. Edge smirks as he sees the annoyed look on Ariel's face, "Bet those
cards... didn't tell you about this..." Edge says as Ariel gets her legs out
from under his back.

Ariel grits her teeth "Don't you dare mock me!" Ariel yells as she suddenly
thrusts her body forward on Edge's cock.

Edge laughs, "Oh... whatcha going to do... cast a spell on me..." Edge says
as he sits up and presses his sweaty well toned chest against Ariel's body,
looking her right in the eyes. "You're a fraud... I bet you play... games
with... those cards..." Edge says, continuing to insult her as he rocks her
back and forth on his cock.

Ariel shakes her head "How dare you mock me! You'll pay!" Ariel moans
slightly as she starts to cum on Edge's cock, with sweat dripping off of her
well-toned body.

Edge laughs as he as he feels Ariel's pussy tighten around his cock as she
climaxes, "Ohhhh yeah.... and... whatcha... going to do... to make me pay?"
Edge asks with cocky smirk, then he pushes the sexy sweaty witch off of his
throbbing cock. The Rated R superstar once again pins Ariel down on the
floor, and he mounts her body. "You got some nice fucking tits..." Edge
smirks as he starts stroking his juicy cock and aims it at her large chest.

Ariel grits her teeth as she shakes her head, glaring at Edge as he strokes
his cock "I'll regret this!"

"I don't... regret anything..." Edge says as he starts to groan. Moments
later, the Rated R Superstar begins to cum, and he sprays his hot load all
over Ariel's large perfect tits. Ariel turns her head away as she feels
Edge's warm spray against her large chest.

Edge slides his tongue back and forth across his teeth as he slaps his cock
against both of Ariel's tits, "Mmmm.... yeah... thanks for the fuck... you
slutty little witch..." Edge says as he gets off of Ariel. He then gets his
clothes and gets dressed, while at the same time looking at the Extreme
Tarot Card Reader.

Ariel shakes her head as she sits up from the cold floor, and narrows her
eyes "I said you'd regret this...and you will regret...because tonight at're gonna Rob Van Dam..." Ariel says with a sly
smirk before tilts her head back and laughs.

Edge laughs at Ariel's statement and he starts to walk to the door, "That's
not going to happen.... tonight I'm going to take the WWE Title from Rob Van
Dam... and there's nothing no one is going to do about it..." Edge says to
her as he opens the door and leaves the room.

Ariel presses her lips together and smirks "We'll see about that...I may be
a witch, but I'm also a bitch..."


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