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The Cutting Edge Part 25: Taking Down The Queen
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Two days after the Vengeance Pay-Per-View where Edge lost to Rob Van Dam in
his attempt to capture the WWE Championship, The Rated R Superstar and his
Sinful Sexpot Lita are searching the backstage area of the arena where the
weekly SmackDown/ECW tapings are being held. Edge, dressed in dark colored
jeans, a solid black jacket and a dark colored denim jacket, grits his teeth,
"Once I find… that wannabe witch… I'm going to show her something extreme..."
Edge says as he and Lita search the backstage

Lita shakes her head " what you...lost to Rob Van Dam...he's
pathetic and not a REAL you" Lita says as she walks with Edge,
dressed in slightly baggy black jeans and a black, low-cut top. Lita licks
her lips "But you're should pay that...witch...I mean bitch

Edge balls his fists, "You're damn straight I'm fucking right... that fucking
cunt jinxed me.... she jinxed me...." Edge fumes, "When I find that tarot
card playing whore... she's going to fucking pay!" Edge yells as he and Lita
walk around a corner and head to the part of the ECW side of the arena where
Edge assumes the Extreme Tarot Card Reader Ariel is going to be.

Lita licks her lips and tilts her head back "Mmmm baby...can I help you?"
Lita asks with a sinful smile as she licks her upper teeth.

Edge looks at Lita, "Yeah you can fucking help... I was looking forward to
fucking you as you wore the WWE belt..." Edge says, licking his lips, "She's
going to so fucking pay for this..." Edge says as they come to the most
private locker room in the entire arena.

Lita smirks "Mmmm baby...we can still fuck later too...even without that
belt, although you deserved it!" Lita says as she wraps her left arm around
Edge's waist.

Edge looks at Lita and licks his teeth, "Oh I know that babe... but it was a
goal of mine... since our Live Sex Celebration was ruined by that old fart
Ric Flair... and Mr. Vanilla Ice, John Cena..." Edge says as he reaches
behind Lita with both hands and squeezes her ass through her baggy jeans.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip "Mmmm...I love how you're such a REAL
man..." Lita pauses as she and Edge stop in front of the locker room door,
the sinful sexpot then pushes the locker room door "Let's give that tarot
card bitch...some pay back.." Lita says with a lusty smirk before she flicks
her tongue against the side of Edge's neck.

Edge grins, "Oh yeah... let's..." Edge smirks as he steps into the locker
room, "Time for some fucking payback you tarot card dealing cunt..." Edge
says as he looks around the locker room, which is the complete opposite of
the one he found Ariel in. This locker room is well lit and rather fancy,
Edge raises an eyebrow, "Either that fucking whore was just pretending...
or this is someone else's room..." Edge smirks.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing!?" An angered voice says coming
from the doorway of the bathroom inside of the locker room. Lita and Edge
both turn their attention to the bathroom doorway to see the hardcore Queen
of Extreme, the one and only, ECW Vixen Francine; dressed in a tight pair of
blue jeans and black tank top. Francine places her hands on her hips, with a
raised eyebrow as she locks her eyes on Edge and Lita

Lita looks at Francine with a smirk, "Oh Edge... looks like there's someone
better here than some bitch with cards..."

Edge licks his teeth as he looks at Francine, "I say we have... we've found
the Queen of Extreme Whore..." Edge says as he takes off his denim jacket in
front of Francine.

Lita smirks and flips her fiery red hair back, "Baby she's the top whore...
ain't that right Francine?" Lita says to Francine, remembering how Francine
embarrassed her when Lita was known as Miss Congeniality.

Francine narrows her eyes a bit before pointing at Lita "Listen here you
little bitch, don't make me embarrass you in front of your
I've embarrassed you in the past!" Francine replays with a slight attitude.

Lita glares at Francine and steps towards her, "You don't got Dawn Marie or
Tammy here to back you now..." Lita says as she gets right in Francine's
face, and shoves the Queen of Extreme backward. As Lita distracts Francine,
Edge is stripping out of his clothes, pulling off his t-shirt and taking off
his jeans.

Francine stumbles back a bit before she catches her balance and grits her
teeth "Don't you fucking touch me, you bitch!" Francine slightly yells back
before she firmly places her hands on Lita's shoulders and shoves her back,

Lita stumbles back, "Bitch... I'm a former Women's Champion!" Lita yells
back after she regains her balance. Lita steps right up to Francine again and
slaps her across the face. Edge laughs a bit as he sees the mini-cat fight as
he casually walks over to them and he grabs Francine and holds her by her
arms while she's recovering from Lita's slap, "Don't fucking shove my girl,
you cheap whore..." Edge says as he holds Francine still. Francine grits her
teeth as she breaks free of Edge's grasp and smacks Edge across the face,
before the Queen of Extreme turns her attention back to the sinful sexpot,
Lita. Francine narrows her eyes, glaring at Lita, before she rushes Lita and
tackles the sinful sexpot to the floor. Francine mounts herself on top of
Lita and starts to pull at her fiery red hair, initiating classic ECW style

Edge licks his teeth and he steps back to watch Francine and Lita fight on
the floor. "GET OFF ME!" Lita screams as she tries to get Francine to stop
pulling on her hair. The Rated X Diva grabs hold of the neckline of
Francine's black tank top and yanks on it, causing it to rip down the middle.
Francine grits her teeth as she screams a bit and smacks Lita across the face
with her left hand before she starts to bang Lita's head into the floor; the
sinful sexpot manages to roll out from underneath Francine and is now on top
of the Queen of Extreme. Francine reaches up and grabs a hold of Lita's top,
and much like Lita did to Francine, Francine rips Lita's shirt down the

Lita grinds her teeth together as she pulls on Francine's long brown hair
with her left hand and scratches Francine's chest with her the fingernails of
her right hand. Edge stands back and watches the catfight while licking his
teeth, "Oh yeah, now that's what I love to see..." Edge says as he strokes
his meaty cock a bit as he enjoys the fight.

"YOU BITCH!" Francine yells before she raises her left arm up and smacks Lita
hard across the face causing Lita to lose her balance and fall off from on
top of the Queen of Extreme. Francine proceeds to re-mount herself on top of
Lita and begins to pull on her fiery red hair once again.

Lita screams, "OWWWW WHORE!" Lita tries slapping Francine to knock her off of
on top of her, but the Queen of Extreme blocks the blow from Lita, and begins
going to down on the redheaded diva. "BABY HELP!" Lita cries out.

Edge smirks, "Coming babe..." Edge laughs as he grabs Francine by her hair
and proceeds to pull her off of his sinful sexpot.

Francine grits her teeth as the Rated R Superstar yanks the Extreme Vixen's
head back as she's lifted off from on top of Lita "Ohhh you fucker..."
Francine groans as she tries to kick at Lita before she gets up from the

Edge gets a good hold of Francine this time, preventing the Queen of Extreme
from getting away from him a second time, "Play nice bitch... We came looking
for some payback... and looks like my hot slut is going to get some..." Edge
says to Francine as Lita stands up.

"That's right Francine... you love to show how hardcore you can get... so
we're gonna get HARDCORE!" Lita yells as she punches Francine right in the
stomach before starting on taking off Francine's jeans.

Francine doubles over slightly after Lita punches her in the stomach "Ohhh
you fucking bitch." Francine groans in pain.

Lita yanks down Francine's jeans down to her ankles followed by Francine's
red thong underwear, exposing Francine's shaved extreme pussy. Lita looks at
Edge, "Baby... she sucked so much dick back in the day..." Edge smirks, "Way
ahead of you..." Edge says as he turns the Queen of Extreme around and forces
her to her knees.

Francine looks up at Edge with disgust "If you think.....!" Francine begins
to yell.

"Stick a cock in it bitch!" Edge says as he stuffs his fat large cock into
the Extreme Vixen's mouth.

Lita laughs as she puts her hands on the back of Francine's head, "I know you
love fat dicks Francine... so suck a REAL man's dick" Lita says as she shoves
Francine's head forward so she takes more of Edge's cock past her lips.
Francine shakes her head around Edge's cock, in protest however all it does
is causes Edge's fat cock to move around inside of her warm, wet mouth,
before the Rated R Superstar begins to thrust his meaty cock in and out of
her extreme mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah... suck that REAL EXTREME dick..." Edge moans as he pumps his
cock in and out of Francine's mouth at a swift pace. His balls smack against
Francine's chin.

Lita licks her lips, "Mmmm baby... give it to her..." Lita says as she pulls
on Francine's brown hair with her right hand, while reaching around with her
left hand to pinch the nipple of Francine's left tit. Francine's head bobs
quickly due to Edge's constant thrusts of his cock into her warm mouth.
Francine closes her eyes as the sinful sexpot, Lita, forces the Queen of
Extreme's head down on Edge's cock as he drives his cock deeper into her
warm mouth, making the head of his cock slam against Francine's throat.

"Oh yeah... suck that fucking cock..." Edge groans as he fucks Francine's
beautiful face while feeding her his hot cock.

Lita licks her lips as she keeps Francine's head down on her lover's shaft,
"Mmmmm baby, she loves dick so much... she could never get enough of it..."
Lita laughs as she makes sure Francine's nose is pressed against the Edge's
crotch. As if showing a bit of mercy, Lita yanks the Queen of Extreme's head
off of Edge's fat, saliva covered prick. Francine keeps her eyes closes as
the Queen of Extreme coughs for air. Francine turns her head away as her
coughs become harder.

"Babe... I think this Extreme Slut wants to feel me spearing her cunt... Get
her on all fours" Edge says as he licks his lips. Lita licks her sinful lips
and nods her head. She grabs Francine's hair and makes the weaken Francine
turn around so Edge can pull her ass up into the air.

"Mmmmm baby... Spear the shit out of her..." Lita says as she forces Francine
to support herself up with her hands. Behind the Extreme Vixen, Edge wastes
little time in plowing his fat cock into Francine's tight pussy.

Francine grits her teeth tightly as Edge rams his fat cock into Francine's
tight pussy "Ohhh you fucking bitch!" Francine yells, before spitting at Lita
as Edge thrusts his cock quick and powerfully in and out of the Queen of
Extreme's pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as his cock moves in and out of Francine's tight extreme
pussy, "Ahhh fuck babe... she's fucking looser than that bitch Jazz..." Edge
says as he looks at his redheaded sexual siren.

Lita smirks as she starts to strip out of her baggy jeans and black low cut
top. "Hey Francine... are you still the fucking biggest dyke in wrestling?"
Lita asks as she cups Francine's chin with her right hand and makes Francine
shake her head no, "No? I bet that's a lie..." Lita laughs as she sits in
front of the Queen of Extreme and starts to lower Francine's head down to her
perfectly shaved pussy. Francine grits her teeth as she shakes her head
trying to pull her head away from Lita's pussy, however with Edge thrusting
his cock in and out of her pussy from behind, Francine the Queen of Extreme
has little strength let and face rams right down into Lita's slutty pussy.

"Make her... eat you out babe..." Edge says as he continues to relentlessly
pound Francine's pussy with his fat shaft. Lita licks his lips as she grabs
two handfuls of Francine's long brown hair to grind her face against her
pussy. Lita locks her eyes with Edges as she begins to push her Rated X
pussy against Francine's face.

Francine closes her eyes as Lita's fiery, slutty pussy rubs against the
Queen of Extreme's face, while Edge's fat, thick cock drills her tight pussy.
"" Francine groans against Lita's pussy, causing
slight vibrations.

Lita sneers as Francine lifted her head, "Edge... baby... she called us
assholes...." Lita says with a pout as she looks over Francine at Edge, "I
think she should get... fucked in the ass..." Lita licks her lips.

Edge smirks, "Yeah baby... good idea..." Edge pulls out of Francine's pussy
and stands up, pulling the Queen of Extreme up with him. Edge forces Francine
to be bent forward as he rams his cock into her tight asshole.

Francine shakes her head as Edge begins to ram his cock in and out of her
tight asshole "Ohhh you fucking jerk!" Francine yells as her body slams back
hard against Edge's cock.

"Oh you love it... you extreme bitch..." Edge grunts as he slams his cock in
and out of Francine's asshole, making the Queen of Extreme jump a few inches
into the air with every one of his thrusts.

Lita sits up on her knees in front of Francine and smirks, "Francine... I've
waited a long time to fucking get you back for what you did to me... and now
I'm going to embarrass you..." Lita says as she sticks three fingers from her
right hand into Francine's wet tight pussy.

Francine opens her mouth slightly as her eyes roll to the back of her head
"Ohhhh... god... you bitch..." Francine moans.

Lita reaches up with her left hand and pulls down on Francine's hair, jerking
her head down so Francine is forced to look at her. "Who's the fucking Queen
of EXTREME NOW?!" Lita screams as she roughly fucks Francine's pussy with her
three fingers.

"You tell her... Lita..." Edge grunts as he wraps his arms around Francine's
waist, jerking the former Extreme Head Cheerleader back against him so his
cock penetrates more sharply into her asshole.

Francine grits her teeth as she glares at Lita "
fucking...bitch..." Francine moans slightly as Lita fucks her tight pussy
with three of her sinful sexpot fingers. Francine's body trembles as she
begins to cum on Lita's three fingers.

Lita laps up Francine's cum as the Queen of Extreme body shakes violently
because of her climax. Lita retracts her cum covered fingers from Francine's
pussy and smears Francine's own cum on the Extreme Vixen's face. "You're
such... a whore... Francine..." Lita laughs, as Edge continues to fuck
Francine's ass. Lita looks at the Rated R Superstar and grins, "Baby...
are you gonna cum soon?"

Edge nods, "Yeah babe... I'm gonna fill up her ass...."

Lita stands up, "NO! I want her to be fucking embarrassed... cum on her
face... make her feel a REAL man's hot cum..." Lita says with a lustful
smile. Edge nods his head and he shoves Francine forward as he pulls his
throbbing cock out of her asshole. Francine stumbles forward and lands
on her knees on the cold floor of the locker room; the Queen of Extreme
slowly turns to look at Edge and Lita with a cold glare at the two pervert,
sickly-twisted WWE Superstars stand over the hardcore ECW Vixen.

Lita moves and stands behind Francine, "I know you're going to love and hate
this..." Lita laughs as she holds Francine's head still so she's forced to
look at Edge as the Rated R Superstar stands in front of the Extreme Vixen.

Edge licks his teeth as he begins stroking his cock, aiming it right at
Francine's beautiful sweaty face, "Ahhhhh yeah..." Edge groans as his fat
cock starts to shoot long thick streams of hot sticky white cum across
Francine's face. Francine closes her eyes and her body shakes as she feels
Edge's warm cum spray against her face.

Lita scoops some of Edge's cum off of Francine's face with her fingers,
"Here... have a taste bitch!" Lita says as she shoves her cum covered
fingers into Francine's mouth, making Francine taste Edge's load. Edge
smirks and slaps Francine's cheek with his cock as it becomes limp
following his climax, and he moves to get dressed as Lita shoves
Francine down to the floor before she stands up.

Francine lifts her head up from the floor and spits out the cum that Lita
forced into her mouth. Francine grits her teeth and glares at Lita as Edge's
warm cum drips of her beautiful, sweat and cum soaked face "You fucking

Lita smirks down at Francine, "Paybacks a bitch... and now I'm the real Queen
of Extreme..." Lita says taunting Francine as she gathers her clothing.

Once the Rated R Superstar is fully dressed, the sinful sexpot Lita walks
over to him and smirks "Baby...I think you should...spear the whore..." Lita
says flicking her tongue against Edge's lips.

Edge licks his lips, "That's a good fucking idea..." Edge says and he flicks
his tongue against Lita's lips before he squats down to get ready to spear
Francine. Lita steps out of the way and once Francine has gotten to her feet
after a bit of effort, Edge rushes forward and spears the Queen of Extreme
knocking her backward against a wall, causing her to hit her head and get
knocked out.

Lita tilts her head back and laughs as she licks her lips "Down...with...the
queen... mmmm..." Lita says as she places her hands on her hips and tosses
back her fiery red hair.

Edge laughs as he gets back to his feet, "Yeah... and all hail... the new
Queen of Extreme..." Edge says as he walks back to Lita with a smirk on his

Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she presses her hands against his
muscular stomach, that's covered up by his Rated R Superstar t-shirt.
Lita smirks, before flicking her tongue against Edge's lips "Ohhh yess...
he new...Queen of Extreme...mmm baby...why you and I head back...and
celebrate...because I need...a REAL man.."

Edge grins, "You'll get a REAL man when we head back to the hotel... and
then... I think the time is going to be right... to fulfill my end... of a

Lita smirks and then raises her eyebrow a bit "What deal babe?"

"Just a deal I made with Linda McMahon... I take out that slut... Candice
Michelle... and I get as many title shots as I need... to become WWE
Champion..." Edge licks his teeth as he narrows his eyes.

Lita licks her lips " need help...because if you remember
that bitch messed with me too..."

Edge grins, "Yeah... I want your help.... because you and I... are going to
get payback on that little Playboy Playmate... and send her straight...
to.... hell...."


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