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The Cutting Edge Part 26: Payback For The Mistress
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On July 3rd, 2006, the Rated R Superstar Edge and his sinful sexpot Lita are
walking backstage minutes after Edge won the WWE Championship in a triple
threat match against John Cena and the defending champion Rob Van Dam. Edge,
dressed in his black wrestling tights, licks his teeth as he looks at the
championship belt in his hands, "Tonight was MY night... finally the belt is
back in the hands of a REAL man... a REAL champion..." Edge says as he
glances at his sinful girlfriend Lita.

Lita licks her lips and nods her head as she wraps her left arm around Edge's
waist as the perverted-sick couple walks down the hallway. Lita smirks as she
glances at the WWE Championship "Mmmm ohhh yess...with a REAL MAN..." Lita
flips her fiery red hair back as she presses the palm of her right hand
against the crotch of Edge's wrestling tights. Lita the sinful sexpot is
dressed in slightly baggy black jeans and low-cut Rated R Superstar t-shirt,
that reveals her cleavage.

Edge licks his lips as he feels Lita's hand pressing against his crotch,
"Mmmmm.... Baby... don't you forget... I promised a REAL sex celebration
for when I got the belt again..." Edge says as he reaches behind Lita and
squeezes her ass through the material of her black jeans.

Lita tilts her head back and licks her lips "Ohhh baby, maybe we can have
another.. LIVE... SEX... CELEBRATION!" Lita says with an excited smirk.

Edge smirks, as he drapes the WWE title belt over his right shoulder, "That's
not a bad idea babe... Especially since our original one got ruined..." Edge
says as he raises his eyebrow a few time before he flicks his tongue against
Lita's lips. Lita sticks her tongue out of her mouth and presses her tongue
against Edge's tongue as he licks her lips. Lita flicks her tongue against
Edge's tongue as she closes her eyes as sloppily kisses the Rated R

Edge puts his left arm around Lita and pulls her closer so she's pressing
against his sweaty perfectly toned body. Edge breaks the sloppy, lustful kiss
with Lita and smirks, "Let's get the fuck out of her babe..."

Lita licks her lips as she presses her hands against Edge's sweaty chest
", I'm all for that.." Lita says with a laugh as she gradually
looks over her shoulder and raises her eyebrow as she sees Vince McMahon's
own mistress and one-half of Vince's Devils the sultry and sinister Candice
Michelle walking up the hallway in the direction that Edge and Lita are.
Lita turns back to Edge and smirks "Baby...that'll have to wait...we have
business..." Lita says as she motions her head to Candice Michelle, dressed
in a short black skirt and black vest-like top.

Edge looks in the direction Lita is motioning with her head and he gets a
wide grin on his face, "Lita... that's Business and pleasure...." Edge says
as he glares at Candice, "Think it's time to get some payback on that little
bitch..." Edge moves his Championship belt from his right shoulder to his
left as he begins to walk towards Candice. Lita licks her lips as she turns
around and follows Edge, as they walk towards the 'Candilicious' RAW Diva,
who is looking down as she walks down the hallway, not paying any attention
as she walks.

Edge picks up the pace of how he's walking, and when he sees Candice is
looking down at the ground while ignoring everything around her, The Rated R
Superstar gets right in front of Candice, blocking her path. Since Candice is
looking down she bumps right into Edge, who smirks, "Watch were you're going
bitch!" Edge yells at her,

Candice quickly looks up and her eyes widen as she swallows "Ohhh...ummm...
Edge..." Candice says as she takes a fearful deep breath, seeing the sinister
look on the Rated R Superstar's face as well as the look that Edge's sinful
sexpot, Lita is looking at her. Candice smiles innocently "Con...grad...
ulations...Edge.." Candice says as she takes a step back, until Lita steps in
front of Edge and folds her arms glaring at Candice.

"Where the hell do you think you're going!?" Lita yells " you think
Edge and I forgot about what you and your friend Victoria did to us?" Lita
says as she immediately gets into Candice's face, causing Candice to back up
more and raising both of her hands up as her delicate devilish hands slightly

"We've been fucking waiting a long time to get you back Candice..." Edge says
as he licks his teeth, "You and your psycho friend Victoria... you two are
going to pay for what you did to me and my innocent Lita..." Edge says as he
steps to right and stands next to Lita, "And the time for you to pay is
now..." Edge sneers and grabs Candice's right wrist.

Lita laughs as Candice is pulled towards the sinful sexpot and the Rated R
Superstar. Lita smirks before she smacks Candice across her beautiful face as
she's restrained by Edge "What's wrong Candice?" Lita asks with laugh as she
grabs a hold of Candice's wavy, long black hair and yanks her head back.
"WHAT'S WRONG CANDICE!?" Lita yells before flicks her tongue against
Candice's neck.

"Let...go...of me!" Candice yells with a slight shriek on her voice.

"Candice... you're not going anywhere... you're going to pay..." Edge laughs
as he twists Candice's right wrist a bit making Candice cry out in pain. Edge
glances at Lita and smirks, "Let's take this bitch some place private..."
Edge looks back at Candice and stares right into her eyes, "Cause I'm going
to enjoy every minute of taking this devil, straight to hell..."

Lita laughs as she gives Candice a little shove "Baby...she sure isn't so
tough without her buddy Victoria..." Lita says as she taunts the mistress of
Vince McMahon.

Candice narrows her eyes slightly and glares at Lita "When Mr. McMahon finds

Lita folds her arms and mocks Candice "When Mr. McMahon finds out....SHUT UP
BITCH!" Lita yells before kicking Candice in the stomach making the devilish
Diva, double over as Edge holds her. Lita smirks "Lets go take care of
business, baby..."

Edge shrugs the WWE Championship belt off of his shoulder and hands it to
Lita, "Here... carry this babe..." Edge says with a smirk as he picks Candice
up, lifts her over his right shoulder, "Cause business is going to pick
up..." Edge laughs as starts walking down the hallway while carrying Candice
over his shoulder.

Candice squirms slightly as she's over Edge's shoulder "No...put me down!"
Candice yells as she starts to pound her closed handed fists against Edge's

Lita smirks a she follows Edge and Candice from behind, she licks her lips as
she glances down at the WWE Championship and spins the spinner on the belt
"Payback is a bitch..."

Edge laughs as he smacks Candice's ass with his left hand as he walks,
"Yeah it is... and nothing is better than payback..." Edge says as he carries
Candice to his and Lita's private locker room. Edge kicks the locker room
door open, walks inside and drops Candice on her ass down on to the cold

Candice looks up at Edge as her towers over her and the defenseless devil
gulps as she tries to scoot away from the perverted Rated R Superstar. Lita
smirks as she closes the locker room door and then locks it. She sets the WWE
Championship belt down and steps behind Edge as she flips her fiery red hair
back " should show Candice what a REAL like."

"I intend too baby..." Edge smirks as he flips his blond hair back. He slides
his tongue back and forth across his teeth as he starts to lower his black
wrestling tights, freeing his fat, large cock from them. Edge steps out of
his tights, grabs his shaft and smirks at Candice, "This is what a REAL cock
of a REAL man looks like..." Edge says at her, "You treat it with respect!"
Edge then looks at Candice and smirks, "Ain't that right babe?"

Candice puts her hands up as she scoots up against the black, leather couch
inside of Lita and Edge's private locker room "Edge...listen...Victoria...and
I...we were...just having some fun.." Candice laughs nervously as Edge steps
closer towards her. Lita smirks as she walks over to couch and gets onto the
couch, sitting Candice. The fiery red-haired sexpot places her hands around
the back of Candice's neck and forces her to look up at Edge's cock.

Edge smirks downs at Candice as he position's himself so that his fat cock is
inches from her face, "Oh really? You and that nutjob were just having some
fun?! Well guess what... Lita and I want to have some fucking fun!" Edge says
as he looks at Lita and licks his lips, "Ain't that right baby?"

Lita licks her lips "Mmm that's right baby...we'll have our fun" Lita says as
she moves her hands from the back of Candice's neck to her shoulder "Open
wide slut." Lita says with smirk.

As Candice is about to refuse and shake her head no, Edge starts to
forcefully press the thick tip of his cock against Candice's closed mouth,
"Yeah, open up you gold digging bitch.... you open that mouth for 60 year
old men so you better open it for a man who has gold!" Edge says as he
pulls roughly on Candice's hair.

"Owww..." Candice moans as Edge's yanks on her hair, with her mouth open Edge
takes the opportunity and forces his cock into her warm, wet mouth

"Mmmm baby make her suck it..." Lita says as she licks her lips as she starts
to undo Candice's black vest-like top.

"I'm gonna..." Edge laughs as he grabs two handfuls of Candice's black hair,
holding her head still as he begins thrusting his mighty cock in and out
between her soft lips. Edge watches his sinful sexpot as she strips Candice
out of her top and licks his lips. Candice closes eyes as Edge's cock rams
in and out of her wet, warm as the devilish Diva begins to choke on Edge's

Lita finishes undoing Candice's black-vest like top and opens it up so that
Candice's large round chest is exposed. "Mmmmm baby... it's so hot... seeing
her suck your cock..." Lita licks her lips and laughs as she reaches down and
squeezes Candice's breasts.

Edge continues to pump his cock in and out of Candice's hot, wet mouth as he
begins to make the gentle Devil bob her head along the length of his cock,
"Ahhhh fuck Lita.... she's no where as good as you are..." Edge says to Lita
as his balls slap against Candice's chin.

Tears swell up in Candice's eyes as she gags and chokes on Edge's large cock.
Candice opens her eyes as she manages to lift her head away from Edge's cock.
Candice looks up and shakes her head "I'm...sorry...about...before...please
no more...please."

Edge smirks, "She's says she's sorry Lita... do you believe her?" Lita
shakes her head no, "Not in the slightest baby..." Lita grins as she pulls
on Candice's soft black hair, "I think she needs to be punished..."

Edge laughs, "Yeah Baby... that's a good idea..." Edge steps backward and he
pulls Candice up to her feet. Lita pulls Candice's vest off of her upper body
before she starts to pull Candice's short black skirt down.

Candice folds her arms over her chest as the gentle devil looks a bit
frightened "No... please... it... was... all Victoria's idea!" Candice yells
as Lita forces Candice to step out of her short, black skirt.

Lita laughs as she smacks Candice's ass with her right hand as she pulls
Candice's black lacy panties down with her left hand, "Betraying your friend?
Mmmm baby... she's a real backstabber... she wants to hang her friend out to
dry to save herself..." Lita says as she makes Candice step out of her

Edge smirks as he grabs hold of Candice's arms to uncover her hot chest, "I
don't give a fuck who's idea it was... you're guilty by association..." Edge
says as he licks his teeth.

Candice shakes her head "No...please...don't..." Candice says as she places
her hands together, begging the Rated R Superstar for mercy.

Edge lets go of Candice's arms, letting Lita grab hold of the 2006 Playboy
cover girl "Sorry bitch... but you fucked with me twice... and I'm going to
get my revenge on you..." Edge says as he moves and sits on the couch with
his cock sticking straight up into the air.

Lita grabs hold of Candice's arms and makes the 'Candilious' diva turn and
face Edge, "Get up on MY man bitch... or I'll beat your ass..." Lita says as
she shoves Candice towards the couch.

Candice looks down a bit and slowly nods her head "Yes...Lita.." Candice
timidly says as she slowly straddles Edge's cock.

"Mmmm yeah... that didn't take long for you to submit..." Edge laughs as he
grabs hold of Candice's slender hips and pulls her down onto his fat cock.
Candice shakes her head as she bounces on Edge's cock, partially refusing
the action going on

"Ohhhh fuck... you like riding that cock don't you..." Edge laughs as he
makes Candice bounce faster and harder on his stiff cock. Lita takes off her
low-cut Rated R Superstar t-shirt, and she kneels down on the floor. She
places her hands on Candice's gorgeous ass and pinches her ass cheeks, making
Candice jump a bit on Edge's dick.

Candice grits her teeth as she looks over her shoulder at Lita with a
disgusted look "" Candice moans as Edge suddenly
rams his cock roughly and deep into her pussy.

Lita smirks and looks up at Candice, "Oh... this is not even HALF of the
sick shit you and that other bitch did to me and Edge.. I'm not surprised if
you can take the shit you dish out..." Lita says as she spreads Candice's
ass cheeks apart and flicks her tongue against' Candice's asshole. Edge
meanwhile is bucking his hips wildly, slamming his cock harder and deeper
into Candice's tight devilish pussy.

Candice's body shivers as she feels Lita's wild tongue flick against her
asshole "Ohhh... you bitch..." Candice moans as she closes her eyes when Edge
powerfully slams her down on his hard cock "Ohhhhh no..." Candice groans in

Lita slides her tongue into Candice's asshole and she begins to lick it
clean as she thrusts it in and out. Edge licks his lips as he hears the
moans Candice is letting out, "Bitch... you love this shit... you're a
cheap fucking whore..." Edge says as he suddenly lifts Candice off of his
cock and shoves her down to the floor, knocking Lita over in the process.
Candice swallows in fear once again as she looks up at the Rated R
Superstar as he stands over the defenseless gentle devil.

Lita sits up on her knees and shakes her head after getting knocked over.
"Ohhh baby... tell me you're not done with her YET..." Lita says with a fake
moan, mocking the slight shriek Candice does when she talks.

"I'm not done with her yet..." Edge says as he gets off of the couch and
kneels on the ground The Rated R Superstar grabs Candice's beautiful legs and
spreads them apart, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of her..." Edge laughs as
he shoves his fat cock past the soft lips of Candice's pussy and begins to
abuse her cunt with hard fast thrusts.

Candice's back arches up when Edge suddenly rams his cock back into her tight
pussy "Ohhhh more..." Candice cries, begging the Rated R
Superstar to stop.

"Oh please.... you know... you love it..." Edge grunts as he plows his cock
in and out of her tight wet pussy over and over again. Sweat flies off of
Edge's body as he fucks Candice, and the new WWE Champion makes sure Candice
feels every inch of his huge cock as he drives it balls deep inside of her.

Lita takes off her own baggy jeans, and kneels next to Edge as he ravages the
gentle devil. "Yeah Candice... you just love have a REAL man fucking you..."
Lita says before she reaches down with her right and slides two fingers into
Candice's pussy as Edge's cock pumps into it.

Candice grits her teeth in pain "Ohhhh stop...ohhhh...please..." Candice

Lita flips her fiery red hair back as she starts to finger fuck Candice's
pussy as Edge repeatedly rams his cock in and out of the dark haired diva as
well. "Baby she wants more... and she said please..." Lita says with a grin,
"I think she'll want to get fucked rougher..."

Edge licks his teeth, "You're right babe... get those fingers out of her..."
Edge orders, and Lita quickly takes her fingers out of Candice's pussy. The
Rated R Superstar pulls a bit out of Candice's pussy and flips Candice over
so she's on her stomach, causing Candice's beautiful face to hit the floor.

Candice slowly lifts her head up in pain as Lita crawls around in front of
Candice. Lita smirks as she slides her left hands through Candice's silky
black hair and begins to ruffle and mess up the beautiful devil's hair
"Having fun gold digger?" Lita asks with laugh and all Candice can do is
groan in pain.

"I bet she is..." Edge laughs as he pulls Candice's lower body up so her ass
is sticking in the air. The new WWE Champion resumes fucking Candice's pussy
from behind, slamming his cock sharply in and out of her pussy with such
incredible force that Candice's body jolts forward. Edge slaps his hands down
onto 2006 Playboy Playmate and pulls her back towards him, making her ass
cheeks smash against his waist.

Lita laughs as she forces Candice to look directly at her "Poor...poor
Candice.." Lita licks her lips as she leans in and kisses Candice soft on
lips. Candice's moans enter Lita's mouth as the Rated R Superstar quickly
rams his cock in and out of Candice's pussy.

With sweat pouring down his body, the sick-perverted WWE Champion wraps his
arms around Candice's body as he fucks her. Edge licks his lips, "Poor
her.... she doesn't have... that large psycho cunt to protect her.... she's
all alone... and helpless..." Edge laughs as he taunts Candice while fucking
her with relentless thrusts.

"Ohhhh no...please...stop..." Candice moans as she begins to cum against
Edge's cock.

Lita licks her lips "Mmmmm baby...mess her up...mess her up good..."

"I'm going to babe...." Edge groans as he gives Candice a few more sharp
thrusts before he feels his balls starting to tighten as he approaches the
breaking point. "Lita... turn this bitch around... I'm going to mess up...
this gold digging whore's face..." Edge says as he pulls his throbbing fat
cock out of Candice's raw fucked pussy.

Lita licks her lips "Sure thing her how a REAL man does it..."
Lita says as she turns the weak and defenseless Candice Michelle around to
face Edge.

Edge stands up, wraps his left hand around his fat cock and begins to stroke
his throbbing shaft. "She's going to get... a REAL display of how a REAL man
like me does it..." Edge says as he starts to cum. His cock pulses in his
hand as it shoots streams of white-hot spunk onto Candice's beautiful face,
covering her skin in his goo.

Candice turns her head away after Edge's warm cum sprays on her face
"" Candice groans as Lita stands up behind Candice and smirks
as she folds her arms.

Edge laughs as he looks down at Candice, "All right Candice... we're done
with you... you can get up and get the fuck out of here..." Edge says as he
looks at Lita with a grin.

Candice slowly stands up and looks around the room "Where...where...are my
clothes?" Candice asks as her voice wavers and tears run down her cheeks.

Edge grins, "Turn around Candice... they are right behind you...." Edge
chuckles a bit as he steps back away from Candice.

Candice slowly nods her head as she backs away from Edge and turns around to
face the sinful sexpot Lita. Lita with her arms folded smirks "Sorry gold
digger...time's up..." Lita laughs before kicking the gentle devil in the
stomach, forcing Candice to bend over. Lita the wraps her left arm around
Candice's her head and pulls the gentle devil the her side, before falling
and hitting Candice's head against the cold floor, delivering a vicious DDT.

Edge laughs as he watches Lita nail Candice Michelle with a vicious DDT,
"Shit babe... that was fucking sweet to see..." Edge smirks as he looks down
at Candice's unconscious body and then at the sinful sexpot.

Lita tilts her head back and licks her lips "Now's time for a REAL

Edge licks his teeth with the tip of his tongue, "Yeah it is baby... another
bitch speared... I'm the WWE Champion..." Edge laughs, "It's defiantly almost
time for a REAL celebration..." Edge then narrows his eyes and grins, "But
there's one... more... fucking... whore... that needs to pay..."


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