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The Cutting Edge Part 28: Spearing A Wanna-Be
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Inside the Rated R Superstar's locker room in an arena where the RAW brand
is holding a live event, Edge, wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, is
telling his girlfriend, the sinful seductive redheaded Lita, about his late
night visit to the Hogan Household. Edge laughs as leans back on a couch,
"Oh man Lita, that Brook Hogan is such a little slut... I didn't even have
to force her to do anything... she did exactly what I told her too..." Edge
says with a smirk before licking his teeth, "Too bad I couldn't show the
Hulkster how big of a whore his hot eighteen year old daughter is..." Edge
adds as he puts an arm around Lita.

Lita smirks as she tosses her fiery red hair back as she leans against her
boyfriend's shirt covered chest "I bet you should her what a REAL man is
like..." Lita says as she licks her teeth and locks her seductive, sinful
eyes with the Rated R Superstar. Lita, dressed a pair of black pants and a
white tanktop, places her left hand against Edge's thigh and begins to
teasingly travel her hand up Edge's thin "I told you babe, she was a slut..."

Edge licks his teeth as he nods his head, "Oh you bet I showed her... and
she's such a big slut that after I finished with her... she fucking got down
on her knees on her own and got me to fuck her again..." Edge laughs, as he
tells his version of what happened. "She can fucking HULK me up anytime..."
Edge laughs as he slides a hand through his blond hair.

Lita raises her eyebrow at Edge "Don't you fucking forget about me...or I'll
find another REAL man...just like I did to that pathetic, no-talented Matt
Hardy.." Lita pauses as she starts fume with anger "And what did he do!? He
didn't mope around...he got himself a new girlfriend! Who is like a total

Edge smirks, "Hey babe I'm not going to fucking forget about my number one
slut..." Edge says, "But speaking of fucking other people who are totally
pathetic and have no talent... how was your romp with that wannabe thug
John Cena?" Edge asks as he reaches into his pocket to take out his cell

Lita folds her arms and slowly looks away as she bites down on her bottom
lip "It was...ummm ok..." Lita says with pleasured smile as she is slightly
turned away from her perverted boyfriend. Lita pauses and sighs "But do you
expect from a talented loser?"

Edge smirks, "Expect him to look like a total jackass as he tries to keep up
with my girl..." Edge says as he messes with his cell phone to access the
WWE's Mobil Alerts. Edge goes through all the latest breaking news for the
WWE and then he smirks, "Well... well... well... now this is some... hot
news..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

Lita raises her eyebrow as she slightly smirks "What is? Other then me
wearing out the pathetic loser, John Cena?"

"Yeah..." Edge smirks, "One of the whores from this year's Diva Search is
in the arena... to try and work out a deal to be on the roster..." Edge
laughs as he reads further, "And it's that slutty MILF... J.T. Tinney
that's here..."

Lita rolls her eyes "Oh great...another Diva Search slut...trying to take
the spotlight..."

Edge smirks, "Yeah... but another slut for me to use..." Edge says as he
starts to think up some possibilities. "I should drop by... and trick the
bitch..." Edge says as he slides his cell phone back into his pocket.

Lita licks her teeth as she raises her eyebrow "Oh yeah should
show just what being a WWE Diva is that wanna-be what it's like
to be with a REAL man...a REAL Champion..." Lita says as she moves her right
hand against Edge's crotch.

Edge grits his teeth slightly as Lita moves her right hand back and froth
across his crotch, "Yeah I should... mmmm I'm going to show her how I deal
with wannabe's who want my girl's spot light..." Edge says as he stands up
from the couch and licks his lips.

Lita presses her lips together as she stretches out on the couch and licks
her lips as she locks her seductive, sinful eyes on her perverted boyfriend,
the Rated R Superstar "Babe...are you going now?"

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... have to catch her before she leaves the arena...
or goes to her meeting..." Edge answers as he slides his right hand through
his hair. "But why don't you... go have some fun with a couple of boys..."
Edge suggests with a smirk.

Lita licks her lips as she sits up on the couch "Mmm...babe you know I'd love

Edge licks his teeth, "I know you do baby... I'm going to go take care of
that bitch... cause it's business..." Edge laughs, "And you go have some

* * *

Outside Edge's locker room in the hallway of the locker room area, Shelton
Benjamin, wearing his red and white wrestling trunks and the reigning
Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro, wearing orange colored wrestling
pants, are talking as they stand outside Shelton's locker room. "Shit
Johnny... just once I want to get you one on one so I can get my belt
back..." Shelton says.

Nitro smirks, "Hey I don't make the matches..." Nitro says as he folds his
arms, "But I've already beaten your ass..." Nitro laughs.

"Only because Carlito was there..." Shelton replies with a smirk of his own
as Edge comes out of his locker room and passes them both without saying
anything. Both Shelton and Nitro ignore them, but when Lita comes out of
Edge's locker room, Shelton sees her and he licks his lips, "Hey Lita...
when are we going to hook up again!" Shelton says with a laugh. Nitro looks
over his shoulder to see if Lita is there and when he does he smirks.

Lita smirks at raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms against her flat
stomach "You wanna hook again Shelton? You want to be with a REAL...woman?"

Shelton folds his arms over his smooth, black muscular chest, "Shit yeah...
I love fucking hot babes who love black dick..." Shelton replies.

Nitro puts his hands on his waist, "Hey, if there's going to be a hook up
I want in... I really need a hot fuck..." Nitro says as he checks out the
sinful sexpot known as Lita.

Lita licks her teeth a bit " both want to fuck me? Huh?" Lita asks
with a sly, sinful smile.

Shelton laughs a bit, "Is there an echo out here?" Shelton asks.

Nitro shakes his head before he licks his lips, "Yeah we both want to fuck
ya Lita..." Nitro replies with a smirk on his handsome face.

Lita presses her lips together and motions to her head to the locker room
door belonging to her and Edge "You two...want to join me?"

"Fuck, don't have to ask me twice..." Shelton says as he starts to head
towards Lita and to her and Edge's locker room. "Hey wait for me!" Nitro
yells out as he follows Shelton towards Lita and Edge's locker room. Both
hot, studdly men check Lita out as they pass her and walk right into the
locker room before she does.

Lita smirks and licks her lips as she enters the locker room and closes the
door behind her and then locks the door. Lita tosses her fiery red hair back
as she grits her teeth against and leans her back up against the door "Why
don't you studs get naked" Lita asks as she flicks her tongue
against her teeth.

Nitro grins and nods his head, "Sounds like a hot idea babe..." Nitro says
as he starts to push down his wrestling pants from his waist.

"Oh yeah, I'm just itching to get my big black dick out for you Lita..."
Shelton laughs a bit as he pushes his wrestling trunks down quickly and steps
out of them, freeing his large, thick twelve inch black cock. Nitro gets his
own pants off a few moments later, freeing his own ten-inch prick. Both of
the young, hot wrestlers stand in front of Lita with smirks on their faces as
their cocks start to get hard and rise to attention.

Lita licks her lips as the sinful seductress locks her eyes on both cocks
belonging to Shelton Benjamin and Johnny Nitro " boys are very
hot..." Lita says smirks and lowers herself down onto her knees on the
floor of the locker room. Lita licks her lips again as she motions for
Johnny and Shelton to approach her.

"Shit I know I'm the hottest guy on the scene..." Johnny Nitro says with a
grin as he steps towards Lita.

Shelton walks next to Nitro and licks his lips as Lita stares at both his
and Nitro's dicks. "Damn Lita... you look like you need a lot of cock..."
Shelton says as he puts his hands on his waist as he and Nitro stand close
to Lita.

Lita nods her head slowly and licks her lips "Ohhh...I do, I do...luckily I
found you two hot studs..." Lita says as she sits up on her knees and wraps
both of her soft, sinful hands around the shafts up Nitro and Shelton. The
sinful sexpot, Lita, begins to smoothly move both of her hands against their
shafts, making their cocks suddenly become hard.

Shelton and Nitro both groan slightly as the sexy redheaded diva stroke both
of their hard, thick cocks with ease. "Mmmmm... you didn't have to look for
long...." Shelton groans as he looks down at Lita's right hand as it moves
back and forth on his stiff, black cock. Lita looks up and smirks at Shelton
before the sinful sexpot lowers her red-haired head and places her tongue
against the head of Shelton's big black cock. Lita begins to gently circle
her tongue around the head of his cock as she continues to stroke his cock
as well as Johnny Nitro's cock.

"Mmmmm... fuck stroke that dick Lita..." Nitro moans as he slides both of
his hands through his slick black hair as Lita smoothly jerks his hard pole.
Shelton spreads his legs apart slightly and he steps closer to Lita, pushing
his meaty dark cock past Lita's lips and into her warm, wet mouth. Lita
gently taps her tongue against the head of Shelton's black cock before she
lifts her head and tosses her fiery red hair back as she turns to face
Nitro's cock. Lita licks her lips and lowers her head as she opens her mouth
and takes Johnny's cock into her warm, sinful mouth. Nitro grits his teeth
as Lita begins to bob her head slowly on his thick ten-inch cock. "Ahhh
yeah..." Nitro moans as he puts his right hand on Lita's head and pushes her
red hair back. Shelton looks down and licks his lips as he watches Lita suck
off the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Lita presses her lips tightly
against Nitro's cock as she starts to smoothly bob her head on Nitro's cock
as she gently taps his shaft with her the stud of her tongue ring. The sinful
sexpot gently moans against his cock as she twists her left hand on Shelton's
black shaft as she strokes his cock.

Shelton licks his lips, "Mmm damn Lita you sure love a dick in your mouth..."
Shelton says as he bends down and starts to pull up Lita's white tank top. As
Shelton lifts up Lita's tank top her large, braless tits bounce free and he
forces Lita to lift her head off of Nitro's saliva covered cock so that he
can lift her tank top off of her body completely. Lita smirks as she looks up
at Shelton, turning her attention away from Johnny Nitro's hard, saliva
dripping cock. Lita licks her teeth as she leans over towards Shelton and
opens her mouth, guiding his cock into her sinful soothing mouth. Lita wraps
her luscious lips around Shelton's black shaft and begins to move her head
smoothly on Shelton's cock as the sinful sexpot begins to suck off the
athletic black stud.

"Uhhh ohhh yeah... suck that big black dick..." Shelton groans as he puts
both of his hands on Lita's head as bobs her head smoothly and quickly on
his black shaft. Meanwhile, Nitro has moved behind Lita and he pulls her
up slightly so that he can push down her black pants and her black thong
down towards her knees as she remains kneeling on the floor. Nitro kneels
behind Lita and after pressing the tip of his cock against her pussy, Nitro
puts his hands on her waist and slams his thick ten inch cock deep into
Lita's hot, sinful pussy.

Lita groans softly around Shelton's black cock as she gently pushes her
sinful body back against Johnny Nitro's hard, saliva coated cock "Ahhhh...
mmmm..." Lita moans around Shelton's black cock as she laps her tongue
around Shelton's cock, taking more of his black cock into her hot mouth.

Nitro grits his teeth slightly as he begins to increase the momentum of his
thrusts as he drives his cock balls deep into Lita's cunt. "Ohhhh fuck...
you're pussy is so hot Lita..." Nitro groans as he pushes himself forward so
that his thrusts are sharper as he drills Lita's cunt. Shelton meanwhile is
pulling a bit on Lita's fiery red hair as he thrust his black cock all the
way past Lita's luscious lips as he makes the sinful diva deep throat all of
his meaty prick. Lita's red-haired head lowers further down on Shelton's
black cock as she deep throats his cock, feeling the head of his cock hit
back of her throat. Lita's warm, saliva drips against Shelton's cock as she
starts to roughly push herself back against Nitro's throbbing, hard cock.

"Ahhhh damn girl... ohhh fuck you can sure suck a mean dick..." Shelton
groans as he moves backward and slowly pulls his cock out of Lita's warm, wet
mouth. Nitro continues to slam his shaft in and out of Lita's pussy as he
makes her jolt forward with every thrust and then pulls her back quickly so
that she pushes back hard on his dick.

Lita grits her teeth together as her sweaty, hot sinful sexpot body slams
back against Nitro's cock "Mmmmm fuck...I'm such a hot slut!"

"Ahhh yeah you are!" Nitro grunts as he drills Lita's pussy sharply with his
cock before pulling out.

Shelton pulls Lita up to her feet and walks with her over to the leather
coach. Shelton smirks as he sits on the couch, "I bet you know what to do..."
Shelton says as he holds his stiff black cock with his hands, holding it
straight up for Lita.

Lita licks her lips and nods her head "Oh...I think might" Lita says with a
smirk as she tosses her fiery red hair back before she places her hands on
Shelton's shoulders and straddles herself on his lap, lowering herself down
onto his large, black cock.

Shelton licks his lips and moans as Lita's warm, tight pussy goes down on his
stiff, thick black dick. "Ahhh yeah..." Shelton groans as he puts his hands
on Lita's waist and starts to lift her up and down on his shaft before she
gets settled on his cock. Lita tilts her head back and groans as she begins
to rock and grind against Shelton's muscular black body. Lita closes her eyes
as she starts to bounce smoothly and quickly on his black cock as she rides
the athletic stud with tremendous ease and swiftness.

Johnny Nitro licks his lips as he watches the sinful redheaded diva bounce
and rock on Shelton Benjamin's thick black cock. "Mmm I gotta get back in on
that..." Nitro says with a chuckle as he walks over to the couch and stands
directly behind Lita. The talented Intercontinental Champion bends his knees
a bit and shoves his cock deep into Lita's asshole when she rises up on
Shelton's cock.

Lita's sinfully hot body jerks slightly as she feels Nitro's throbbing, hard
cock enter her tight and soothing asshole "Awwww fuck yess!" Lita moans as
she begins to rock herself back against his cock as well as bouncing on
Shelton's large, black cock. Shelton and Nitro both grunt repeatedly as they
begin thrusting their cocks into Lita's hot pussy and tight asshole
respectively. Shelton clenches his teeth as he pops his hips to drive his
cock up deep into Lita's cunt. Meanwhile, Nitro has his hands on Lita's waist
and is furiously pumping his cock quickly into Lita's ass while sweat drips
down his face. Lita grits her teeth as sweat begins to drip off of her body
as she rammed in her tight asshole and her warm pussy by both Shelton and
Nitro's hard cocks "Ohhhh fuck yess...mmmmm yesss!" Lita moans as she bounces
quicker and rocks back rough against Nitro's cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck yeah..." Nitro licks his lips as his cock flies in and
out of Lita's asshole as he balls slap against her ass. Shelton wraps his
arms around Lita and pushes himself up from the couch, and Nitro has to
quickly put his arms around Lita as well before he and Shelton begin to
bounce Lita up and down on their dicks as they slam their cocks deep into
her pussy and asshole.

Shelton's hot, black muscular body is dripping with sweat and he's breathing
hard as he buries his cock deep into Lita's pussy. "Ohhhh ahhhh uhmmmmm
damn!" Shelton grits his teeth as Lita's large sweat covered tits press right
against his chest as she bounces on his and Nitro's dicks.

Lita closes her eyes and bites down on her bottom lip as she slams down
roughly on Shelton's black cock and feels her pussy erupt with her own warm,
sticky cum. Lita's eyes roll and her hot, sweating body becomes relaxed
"Ohhhh fuck..."

Nitro and Shelton continue to sandwich fuck the climaxing hot redheaded diva.
Shelton grits his teeth as he pushes his cock all the way into Lita's hot,
soaking wet pussy as he starts to cum inside of her pussy, filling her hot
pussy with his own hot sticky cum. "Ahhhhh yea!" Shelton groans as he feels
his cock shoot his cum into Lita's cunt. After he's done cumming Shelton
pulls out of Lita's pussy and Johnny Nitro almost drops Lita down to the
floor as he pulls his throbbing cock out of her asshole and puts her down on
the floor of the locker room.

"Uhhh... ohhh fuck Lita... turn around..." Nitro moans as he holds his cock
with his right hand and lightly strokes his dick.

Lita turns around on her knees, tossing her fiery red hair back as she looks
up at Nitro with a sly smirk "Give me that cum..." Lita says with a slight
moans as she licks her lips and then opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth.

Johnny Nitro aims his cock down at Lita's mouth as he quickly strokes his
cock. "Ahhh... ohhhhh fuck!" Nitro moans as he starts to cum. Some of his
hot, sticky load lands in Lita's mouth, but a lot of it sprays onto her chin
and cheeks because he's continuing to stroke his cock at a fast pace. By the
time Nitro has finished cumming, Lita's face is dripping with his warm,
sticking cum.

Lita tilts her head back and groans as she licks her lips "Mmmm...I love

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, the Rated R Superstar Edge is approaching the in
arena office of Vince McMahon. Knowing that J.T. Tinney, the 3rd place runner
up for the 2006 WWE Diva Search is inside, Edge opens the door and walks
right in. He sees J.T. sitting on a leather couch as she waits for Vince
McMahon to meet with her. Edge licks his teeth, "You gotta be J.T. right?"
Edge asks, acting nicely as he closes the office door and casually locks it.

J.T. Tinney, the hottest MILF ever, smiles politely and nods her head
"Yeah...yes I am..." J.T. replies as she dressed in a nice, perfectly fitting
business suit.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm... dam it's great to meet you..." Edge says as he
checks J.T. out, "You're here to try and get a deal to be a WWE diva right?"
Edge asks with a smirk on his face.

J.T. nods her head with a cute, adorable smile "Yep that's right..." J.T.
replies as she slightly folds her arms as leans back on the leather couch
"I'm really hoping something can get worked out."

Edge smirks, "Well... that depends on a lot... but you know how things go...
all you need is someone important... like say myself, the WWE Champion... on
your side, it could go a long way to help you become a diva..." Edge says as
he folds his arms over his T-shirt covered chest.

J.T. raises her eyebrow and shakes her head slightly "I don't get what you're'd help me become a WWE Diva?"

"Damn, you're smart too..." Edge says with a slight laugh. "But yeah, I'd
help you out... cause in this business... the way to do this is kiss up to
the right people... sorta like if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours..."
Edge licks his teeth.

J.T. nods her head slowly before she presses her lips together and smirks
", you'll get me a contract...thanks." J.T. says as she tucks a
strand of her soft brown hair behind her left ear.

"Hey... but first... I gotta see if you're... diva material..." Edge
says, "Cause that diva search shit is just for the fans... backstage it's
completely different... you gotta pay some dues..." Edge smirks.

J.T. raises her eyebrow as she folds her arms over her chest "Dues? What hell
is that suppose mean?" J.T. replies with a slightly cute attitude.

Edge smirks, "It means you gotta show your respect for those who's TV time
your taking... but if you... were to convince me to say that you're a great
choice to be a diva..." Edge licks his lips, "Then you'll have no trouble at

J.T. raises her eyebrow more suspiciously "Right...and what would I have to
do exactly?"

Edge smirks and chuckles a bit as he unzips and unbuttons his black jeans.
The perverted WWE Champion pushes his jeans down from his waist as well as
his black boxer briefs, freeing his large, thick over a foot long cock.
"You can start... by sucking my dick..." Edge says as he wraps a hand around
his cock and begins to stroke it as it becomes hard. Edge steps out of his
jeans and boxers and smirks at J.T. "Remember... you do what I want... you
get a better chance to be a diva..."

J.T. puts her hands up and shakes her head as she laughs "
this some kind of joke?" J.T. asks as she places her hands down on her
slender, rounded hips.

Edge shakes his head and smirks, "It ain't a joke... every diva here had to
fuck someone to get a job... hell... my hot slut Lita is on TV every week
because she bangs me..."

J.T. raises her eyebrow as she shakes her head again, not believing one word
Edge is saying "They don't have to fuck someone to get a job...but...if you
insist promise to put in a good word for me..." The hottest MILF, J.T.
Tinney, says with a soft and playful smile.

"Yeah... I'm going to put in more than just a good word... especially if you
show me... how nasty you can get..." Edge says as he steps over to J.T. as
the hot MILF stands in front of the couch. "Now... let's get started... take
off that suit... and lets see how hot of a MILF you really are..." The Rated
R Superstar says as he licks his teeth.

J.T. raises her eyebrow with a smirk "Ok...ok..." J.T. nods her head as she
begins to unbutton her black business jacket before removing it to reveal
her white, stunning buttoned blouse underneath. J.T. smiles at the Rated R
Superstar, Edge, as she starts to unbutton her white blouse. Edge strokes
his cock lightly with his left hand as he watches the gorgeous J.T. Tinney
unbutton her white blouse. He gets a smirk on his face as he sees her white
lacy bra that's covering her hot, round firm tits when J.T. pushes her
blouse open. Edge lets go of his rock hard cock and pulls off his black
Rated R Superstar t-shirt so that he's completely naked. J.T. bites down on
her bottom lip seductively as she tosses her soft dark brown hair back and
removes her white blouse completely from her stunning, tanned and gorgeous
body. J.T. places her hands down against her black, tight-fitting business
pants and unbuttons them before sliding them off of her hips and down her
smooth legs.

Edge licks his lips as he sees J.T.'s white panties after she lowers her
black business suit pants down her smooth legs. "Mmmm... damn you are a
fucking hot MILF..." Edge says with a smirk, "Don't forget to take those
bra and panties off... you ain't gonna need them..." Edge laughs a bit.

J.T. smirks as she places her soft hands against both straps of her white
laced bra "You want me to take them" J.T. asks softly.

"Yeah... take them all off..." Edge says as he nods his head as he puts his
hands on his waist.

"Ok..." J.T. says with a soft laugh as she slips the straps of her bra off
of her shoulders before she reaches behind her back and unclips the bra,
peeling it away from her large, firm and perfect tits. J.T. drops her bra
down to the floor before the hot MILF begins to lowers her white laced
panties down her smooth, sexy legs.

Edge licks his lips when J.T. steps out of her white-laced panties and stands
up. Edge looks down at her smooth, hot MILF pussy and he licks his lips. "All
right J.T. let's see... what you can do with this..." Edge says as he points
to his stiff cock as he looks at J.T.

J.T. cutely shrugs her shoulders "I guess you'll just have to fucking find
out..." J.T. says with a playful wink as she kneels down on the floor, in
front of Edge, and wraps her soft hands around Edge's shaft. The hot Diva
Search MILF begins to slowly and gently guide her hands up and down Edge's
hard shaft before leaning her head down on his cock and presses her tongue
against the head of his cock and begins to circle her tongue.

Edge smirks as J.T. Tinney slides both of her hands up and down his stiff fat
cock as she coats the head of his shaft with her warm saliva. "Uhhh... that's
all right... you gotta do better than that to impress me... I'm the fucking
WWE Champion after all..." Edge laughs a bit. J.T. lifts her soft eyes up and
locks her gentle eyes with Edge as she taps her tongue against the head of
his cock as she circulates her tongue. She lifts her head up for a moment and
opens her mouth before she lowers her head, taking his cock into her warm,
soothing mouth. The hot MILF presses her soft lips around his shaft and
begins to smoothly bob her head on Edge's cock, as she begins to suck off the
Rated R Superstar. "Ahhh yeah... that's better..." Edge groans as he puts
both of his hands on top of the hot MILF's head. He pushes her hair back as
he grits his teeth and looks down at her.

J.T. presses her soft lips tighter against his shaft as she lowers her head
further down on his shaft while she bobs her head quicker. J.T. laps her wet,
delicate tongue around Edge's shaft as she reaches up places her soft hands
on his waist while she takes his cock deeply into her hot MILF mouth. Edge
smirks, "Ahhh yeah... take my cock down deep..." Edge says as he starts
thrusting his pelvis forward to drive his cock in and out of J.T.'s warm wet
mouth. Every time he pushes his cock forward, Edge drives his shaft almost
completely past her pouty lips. J.T. Tinney closes her eyes as she moans
against Edge's cock as she takes his cock deeply into her mouth, practically
deep throating the perverted WWE Champion. J.T. slows down her bobs and
momentum as she begins to gently twist her head on Edge's cock.

Edge grits his teeth, "Ahhh yeah... ohhh yeah you hot MILF..." Edge moans as
J.T. twists her head to left and then to the right on his cock as thrusts his
shaft in and out between her lips. Edge groans before he pulls his saliva
soaked cock out of her warm, moist mouth. "What else can you do with that
mouth of yours..." Edge asks with a smirk.

J.T. shrugs her shoulders "Ummm...I don't know..." J.T. replies with a soft
laugh as she smiles and looks up at Edge.

Edge smirks, "Well... let's see... a lot of people... kiss ass in this
business... so you... can fucking lick my ass..." Edge says as he turns
around so that his hot ass is in front of J.T.'s face.

J.T. raises her eyebrow as scoots back a bit "Whoa...there's no way I'm
fucking doing that!" J.T. replies as she folds her arms over her chest and
shakes her head.

Edge smirks as he looks back over his shoulder to look at her, "Really...
well that's not good... what are you going to do if there's a storyline that
involves you doing something you don't want to do... get fired?" Edge asks
with a smirk on his face.

J.T. makes a disgusted face "But...that's completely different..."

"No it's not... I've seen folks get fired cause they didn't want to do what
they needed too..." Edge says.

J.T. sighs "Do...I really have to do you'll put in a good word
about me?"

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... and the more creative you get while you do it...
the better the word I'm going to put in for you..." Edge says.

J.T. lowers her head before nodding "Fine...fine...I'll do it..." J.T. says

Edge smirks, "Good..." Edge says as he walks over to the desk of Vince
McMahon and leans forward against it. Edge spreads his legs apart and looks
back at J.T. "Well come on J.T..." J.T. takes a deep breath before she
positions herself behind Edge as she kneels down, directly facing his tanned
and firm backside. J.T. places her soft hands against both of Edge's ass
cheeks as she spreads them apart and places her tongue against Edge's
cleaned, hairless asscrack and begins to guide her tongue against his
asscrack as she licks his ass. "Ahhh... mmmm... you've done this before..."
Edge smirks and moans as he pushes his ass back a bit against J.T.'s
beautiful face. Edge flips his hair back as he grips his cock with right
hand and strokes it a bit as J.T. licks up and down between his ass cheeks.

J.T. gently taps her tongue against Edge's assholes before she twirls the tip
of her tongue against the entrance to his asshole. As J.T. focuses her tongue
on Edge's asshole, she reaches underneath and between Edge's legs, placing
her left hand against Edge's ballsack and begins to massage and rub his
ballsack with her left hand. Edge groans and licks his lips as he smoothly
strokes his fat cock with his right hand as J.T. rubs his balls and presses
the top of her warm soft tongue against his asshole. "Ohhh yeah... that's
great..." Edge moans as he feels J.T.'s warm saliva drip down his smooth ass
crack. J.T. closes her eyes against softly as she gently slips the tip of her
tongue into Edge's tight assholes as she gently rakes her fingernails of her
left hand against his large ballsack. Edge licks his lips as he lets go of
his throbbing cock as he puts both his hands flat down on top of the desk of
Vince McMahon as J.T. scratches her fingernails against his large balls as
she flicks her tongue around inside of his tight manly asshole.

J.T. slides her soft tongue against the entrance of Edge's asshole before she
reaches up with her right hand and gently inserts her right index finger into
his tight asshole and begins to gently thrust her right index finger in and
out of his tight asshole. as she continues rubs his ballsack with her left
hand "Ahhh fuck... mmmm you nasty little MILF..." Edge groans as J.T.'s right
index finger moves in and out of his asshole as she gently, yet firmly
squeezes his large balls. Edge licks his lips and looks over his shoulder at
J.T. "Uhhh got some real... skills in adapting..." Edge smirks.

J.T. slowly lifts her head away from Edge's ass and smirks as she continues
to gently thrust her right index finger in and out of his asshole as she rubs
his ballsack with her left hand "So...are we gonna fuck at all?" J.T. Tinney
asks with a cute attitude.

Edge nods his head, "Yeah... stop what you're doing... and stand up... and
lean over the desk..." Edge orders as he licks his lips.

J.T. smiles slightly "Alright..." J.T. says as she removes her right index
finger from Edge's asshole and pulls her left hand away from his ballsack.
J.T. the hot MILF, tosses her dark brown hair back as she stands up and moves
over to the desk. J.T. smirks as she looks at Edge and bends over the desk as
her rounded, hot ass is directed towards Edge.

Edge looks at J.T.'s hot round ass as he rubs both of his hands over it to
feel how firm it is. "You got a hot ass... I almost want to tap it right
now..." Edge laughs, a bit as he gets close behind her. The Rated R Superstar
bends his knees slightly and slide his large, fat, hard cock right into
J.T.'s hot, tight pussy. He puts his hands on the 2006 WWE Diva Search
contestant's sexy hips as he begins to firmly thrust his cock in and out of
her pussy, pushing his cock into her cunt deeper each time he thrusts

J.T. gently grits her teeth together as she feels Edge's hard, thick cock
suddenly thrust forward into her tight and warm pussy "Ohhhhhh shit..." J.T.
moans as she tilts her head back and gently pushes herself back against
Edge's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah... got a tight little twat on you... mmmm..." Edge groans as he
begins increase the pace of his thrusts as he pumps his cock in and out of
her wet, hot pussy. As his thrusts become faster, they also become harder as
he drives his shaft into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh...ohhh...yeah...mmmm fuck..." J.T. Tinney groans as the hot MILF is
fucked from behind by the perverted Rated R Superstar, Edge. Edge pulls his
thick cock out of J.T.'s hot pussy and flips her over on the desk so she's
laying on it and that her legs are hanging off the edge. The Rated R stud
lifts J.T.'s legs up and spreads the so that he can stick his rock hard
throbbing cock back into her sweet, MILF pussy. "Ohhhh fuck!" J.T. moans
loudly as her hot, tanned body jolts forward on the surface of the desk when
Edge rams his powerful, thick cock deeply back into her pussy. J.T. gently
wraps her smooth legs around his shaft as he thrusts into her hot MILF pussy.

Edge puts his hands on J.T.'s waist, as he remains standing straight up as
he drives his cock forward into her cunt. Edge licks his teeth as he watches
J.T. pull him towards her with her legs as she arches her back to grind her
pussy against his pistoning cock. "Ahhh yeah.... ohhh fuck yeah.... you like
that big cock you hot fucking MILF?!"

J.T. grits her teeth together as she starts to gradually push herself back
against Edge's cock after he deeply slams his cock into her tight pussy

Edge grunts as he rams his thick cock deep into J.T.'s cunt, "Ohhh yeah...
you hot MILF..." Edge groans as he gives J.T. another hard sharp thrust
before he pulls out of her hot, wet pussy. Edge slaps the head of his cock
against J.T. Tinney's pussy. He unwraps her legs from around his waist and
he pulls her off of the desk, "Get down on the floor... I'm going to tap
that ass... doggy style..." Edge laughs a bit as drops of sweat roll down
his face.

J.T. licks her lips slightly "Is that what you fucking want?" J.T. asks with
a playful smirk as she kneels down on the floors and positions her herself,
leaning over onto her hands.

Edge laughs, "You got some fucking spunk in you... I like that..." Edge
replies as he kneels behind the hot MILF of the 2006 WWE Diva Search. He
presses the head of his cock against the entrance of her tight asshole,
and then he puts his hands on her sexy waist. The perverted Rated R
Superstar then jerks J.T. back towards him, making her impale her own
asshole with his fat large cock. Edge doesn't start pumping his cock into
her ass, instead he pushes J.T. forward and pulls her backward, making the
stunning MILF fuck herself with his cock.

J.T. grits her teeth and closes her eyes as her hot MILF body is pulled back
against Edge's cock and then pushed forward by the Rated R Superstar "Ohhhhh
yeah...mmmm fuck that ass..." J.T. moans as she gently pushes herself back
against Edge's waist and cock. Edge grits his teeth together as finally
begins to drill J.T.'s asshole by thrusting his cock deeply in and out of her
backside. Edge then starts to slap J.T.'s ass with both hands, alternating
them so that first he smacks her ass with her right hand and then with his
left as his cock slams deep into her ass. "Mmmmm ohhh fuck!" J.T. moans as
she slams back against Edge's cock sharply "Ohhh yeah...fuck that ass!" J.T.
moans as she begins to slightly sweat.

Edge licks his teeth as he fucks J.T.'s hot round ass with his cock, "Ahhh
ohhh yeah... so... J.T... here's... you're chance now... to really show me
something..." Edge grunts as he puts his hands on J.T.'s ass and shoves her
forward so that his cock falls out of her ass.

J.T. raises her eyebrow as she looks over her shoulder with a slight smirk
"Ohh...I get to pick?"

"Yeah..." Edge smirks, "Show me what you got..."

J.T. laughs "It's about fucking time, I got to pick something..." J.T. Tinney
the hot MILF licks her lips as she scans the room and then nods her head
"Ok..." J.T. motions her head towards the leather couch "Get your ass over
there..." J.T. says with a cute attitude.

Edge licks his lips, "All right babe..." Edge says as he heads over to the
leather couch and sits down in the middle of it and leans back. "So whatcha
going to do babe?" Edge asks with a smirk.

J.T. licks her lips as she playfully crawls over towards the leather couch
that Edge is sitting on "Well... I think I might go for a little ride..."
J.T. says as she reaches Edge and stands up in front of Edge. J.T. Tinney
places her soft hands on his strong shoulders as she gently straddles his
lap and lowers herself down on his cock "Mmmmm...fuck..." J.T. groans as
his cock enters her tight, warm pussy.

Edge smirks and groans as J.T. lowers herself down completely on his thick,
large cock. Edge puts his hands on J.T.'s hips and grins as J.T. begins to
rock a bit on his cock. "Mmmmm... all right babe... go for it..." Edge says
as he locks eyes with the hot MILF.

J.T. Tinney gently grits her teeth together as she starts to rock smoothly
back and forth on Edge's cock as she begins to bounce quicker on his cock,
causing her to slam down harder each time "Ohhhhh...awww...mmm...fuck
yesss..." J.T. moans as she sweat drips off her hot MILF body.

"Ahhh yeah.... ride that dick babe...." Edge groans as J.T. slams her self
up and down on Edge's cock as she rocks her body wildly as well. She throws
her hair from left to right as Edge starts jamming his cock up into her
pussy as he moves slides his hands on both sides of J.T.'s hips.

"Ohhhhh Edge...yesss baby" J.T. moans as she begins to breath heavily as she
grinds her pussy sharply against Edge's cock as she continually bounces on
his hard, throbbing cock "Ohhhh...give it to me Edge!" J.T. Tinney moans as
the hot MILF begins to cum against his cock.

Edge grits his teeth as J.T. continues to bounce on his cock as her warm
juicy cum flowers all over his meaty cock. "Ohhhh I'm gonna give it too
you..." Edge groans as the studdly Rated R superstar starts to cum inside
of J.T.'s soaking wet pussy.

J.T. Tinney's teeth grit tightly as she closes her eyes feeling the warm
flood of Edge cum into her tight, extremely wet pussy "Ohhh Edge..." J.T.
moans as she lays her hot, sweaty MILF body against Edge's muscular and
sweaty chest.

Edge groans as he finishes cumming inside of J.T.'s hot pussy. "Mmmm...
damn... I'm defiantly going to put in a good word for you..." Edge says as
he starts to push J.T. up and off of his shaft.

J.T. smiles as she stands and tosses her soft, dark brown hair back "You...
really...are?" J.T. asks as she breaths heavily, trying to catch her breath
as she fans herself off with her right hand as she tries to cool down a bit.

"Yeah I am...." Edge says as he licks his lips, "A hot fuck like you deserves
to be a WWE Diva..." Edge says as he gets up from the couch and gets his
clothes and begins to get dressed.

J.T. turns away from Edge with a smile "Well hopefully I'll get a contract
today..." J.T. says as she bends over slightly and picks up her black, tight
fitting, business pants and pulls them up and buttons them before she puts
her white blouse on without her bra and begins to button up her blouse.

"Yeah... anything's possible..." Edge says as he finishes getting dressed and
crouches down a bit. Edge licks his teeth as he stares right at J.T. as she
picks up her business suit jacket and puts it on. "Hey... can you turn around
for just a moment... I want to see if you look good..."

J.T. shrugs her shoulders a bit "Yeah sure..." J.T. says as she slowly turns
around to face Edge "I really fucking appreciate you putting in a good word
for me..." The hot MILF J.T. Tinney begins to say. Before J.T. can finish
what she's about to say, Edge rushes forward and spears J.T., driving his
shoulder into her stomach as he knocks her down to the floor of the locker

Edge stands up after he's knocked out the hot MILF J.T. Tinney following his
powerful spear. Edge laughs and licks his teeth as he looks down at J.T.
"Stupid bitch...hoped you liked the spear...cause I loved fucking you over...
and to think you wanted to take my number one slut's spotlight...guess you
won't be now" Edge says as he heads towards the door of the office and
leaves. As he walks down the hallway back to his locker room he thinks about
how his time with J.T. was and he smirks, "Hmmm... she wasn't a bad fuck...
maybe I should check out the slut that won the Diva Search... and show her
some real HEAT..."


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