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The Cutting Edge Part 29: Bringing Down The Heat!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the locker room of the Rated R Superstar Edge is sitting on the long
leather couch, starring up at the ceiling with a smirk on his face as he
holds his personalized WWE Title belt with the Rated R logo on his waist.
"Soon I'm going to be rid of Cena..." Edge laughs as he thinks about his
upcoming TLC match with the Doctor of Thuganomics at the Raw Brand's
Unforgiven Pay-Per-View. Edge says as looks over at Lita sitting at one end
of the couch, "Can you picture it babe? No more Cena around? It'll be

Lita presses her lips together and smirks as she tosses her fiery red hair
back "Oh...I know babe!" Lita laughs "John Cena deserved to be on a 'B-rated'
show...unlike you...a REAL man...who deserves the 'A-show'...RAW!" Lita says
as she folds her arms, while dressed in a pair of tight black pants and a
black low-cut top "Just think of it...after Unforgiven not only will send
that talented...I mean...NO TALENTED...John Cena to SmackDown...and you
already sent that pathetic, stupid...not man enough for me...Matt Hardy to

Edge licks his teeth and laughs, "Mmmm yeah... I remember.... sending that
loser to SmackDown was great... but getting to send that over hyped poser
John Cena to SmackDown... that'll be so fucking sweet... it'll reek of
awesomeness..." Edge laughs again as he tosses the personalized WWE Title
belt down to the floor in front of the sofa.

Lita leans over towards Edge as she places her right hand against the shirt
covering his chest. The sinful sexpot lays against the current WWE Champion
as he puts his arm around his sinfully hot girlfriend. Lita smirks as she
licks her lips "Babe...I'm so happy to be with a...REAL Champion..."

"Mmmm... I know you are babe..." Edge smirks as he licks his teeth. Edge,
who's dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt, looks at her, "Hey babe...
how about you show me just how happy you are... to be with the best damn
Champion ever..." Edge suggests as he puts his right hand on the crotch of
his jeans.

Lita raises her eyebrow and laughs "You really want that...babe?" Lita asks
with a sly smirk as she places her right hand against the crotch of Edge's
black jeans and begins to gently massage the Rated R Superstar's cock through
the material of his jeans.

Edge licks his teeth as he nods his head, "Oh you know it babe..." Edge
replies as his cock starts to get hard within his jeans. "I want us to
get... Rated R!" Edge grits his teeth as he smirks at his hot sinful
sexpot girlfriend.

Lita licks her lips as she tosses her fiery red hair back " know
I love getting Rated R with you...a REAL man.." Lita says with a smirk as
she begins to unbuckle Edge's belt with her mischievous hands.

Edge grins, "Mmmmm... yeah... you get so fucking wild when I give it too you
good..." Edge says as he lifts up and takes off his black t-shirt, revealing
his smooth, yet muscular upper body as Lita pulls his belt through the loops
of his jeans.

"I love you babe..." Lita says with a smirk as she leans down on the leather
down and begins to unbutton and unzip Edge's black jeans before she begins to
pull down his jeans from his waist.

"Yeah... I love me too..." Edge smirks cockily as Lita pulls down his jeans
and slides them down his long legs. The Rated R Stud isn't wearing any
underwear or boxers underneath his jeans, so his impressive, fat, twelve inch
long cock is instantly freed with Lita gets his jeans down.

Lita licks her lips "Ohhh know I love your dick..." Lita says as
she gently wraps her right hand softly around Edge's shaft and begins to
gently guide her hand up and down his cock, making his cock instantly hard
within a few quick strokes.

Edge smirks and licks his lips, "I know you love it babe... remember the
first time you saw it... when Matt was home all alone... you couldn't get
enough of it..." Edge laughs as he leans back on the couch as Lita pumps
her right hand up and down on his stiff Rated R shaft.

"By far the biggest dick ever..." Lita says as she licks her lips while
boosting her pervert boyfriend's ego. Lita tosses her fiery red hair back as
she lowers her head and opens her mouth, taking him into her warm and wet
mouth. The sinful sexpot wraps her lips tightly around his cock and begins
to slowly bob her head on Edge's cock.

"Mmmmm... awww yea babe... suck that big cock... press those lips against
it..." Edge moans as he puts his left hand on the back of Lita's head. Edge
licks his teeth and closes his eyes as he enjoys Lita bobbing her head on his
fat shaft. Lita presses her lips tighter around Edge's shaft as she slurps
and sucks on the perverted Rated R Superstar's cock. Lita closes her eyes as
she twists her tongue against his cock while she starts to bob her head
quicker, taking more of his cock into her mouth as she lowers her head
further down on his cock.

"Uhhhh fuck Lita... out of all... the fucking sluts here in the WWE... you
suck my dick the best..." Edge groans as he leans to his left in order to
reach under Lita in order to start pushing down her tight black pants from
her hips, exposing her gorgeous round ass. Lita taps her pierced tongue
against Edge's shaft as she moans softly against Edge's cock as she slaps
her saliva against his cock with her tongue. The sinful sexpot wraps her
lips tightly around his shaft as she twists her red-haired head on his cock,
before she lowers her head completely down on his cock, deep throating her
perverted boyfriend.

Edge licks his teeth and moans as Lita easily deep throats his cock
repeatedly as she continues to give him a hot blowjob. "Mmmmm yeah baby...
that's it... mmmm you know what I like..." Edge groans as he gets Lita's
tight black pants down below her ass cheeks before he grabs Lita's fiery
red hair off of his cock, causing a lot of saliva to fall from Lita's open
mouth down onto his shaft. Lita smiles at Edge as she licks her lips, before
leaning in and kissing Edge on the lips. Lita slides her tongue into his
mouth and gently sucks on his tongue. Edge moans as Lita sucks on his long
tongue as she moves to where he can start pulling on her black low-cut top,
lifting it up her body and freeing her large, round perfect tits. Edge leans
his head back and yanks off her top when Lita lifts her arms.

Lita presses her lips together as she flips her fiery red hair back and
smirks as she takes a good glance at her perverted boyfriend's hot, tanned
muscular body "Mmm are so hot!"

"I know it... and you're real fucking hot baby..." Edge says as Lita sexily
pushes her tight black pants down her smooth tanned legs. Edge looks down at
Lita's hot, smooth pussy.

Lita nods her head as she licks her lips "I love being with a REAL...

Edge smirks, "I know you do..." Edge says as he suddenly shoves Lita down
from the couch to the floor. The Rated R Super Star kicks off his jeans and
he quickly gets on top of Lita. He spreads her legs roughly and rams his cock
full speed deep into her hot pussy.

Lita grits her teeth tightly as she arches her back feeling Edge's hard cock
ram into her hot, warm pussy "Ohhhhh yeah baby..." Lita moans as Edge begins
to thrust into her pussy at a solid, quick rate.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks down at her, "Uhhh fuck babe... you like how
I spear your slutty pussy?!" Edge asks as he drives his cock in and out of
Lita's pussy with fast, sharp thrusts that make Lita scoot on the floor

"Ohhh fuck yesss!" Lita groans as she places her hands on Edge's strong arms
as her body rocks against the floor. The sinful sexpot then wraps her smooth,
tanned legs around Edge's waist and begins to grind her pussy against his
cock. Edge grits his teeth as he lowers his head down and dips his tongue
into Lita's open mouth while he plows his cock in and out of Lita's hot,
pussy. Edge puts his hands on to Lita's round tits and squeezes them as he
drills her cunt. Lita flicks her tongue against Edge's tongue as the sinful
sexpot and the perverted WWE Champion share a kiss. Lita moans into Edge's
mouth as she begins to sweat while Edge slams his cock deeper into her slutty

Edge breaks the lustful kiss with his hot red headed girlfriend and he pulls
out of her hot slutty pussy. "Mmmm baby... I'm going to spear ya like you
like it..." Edge says as he turns Lita over onto her hands and knees. The
Rated R stud gets a smirk on his face before he jams his cock back into
Lita's hot wet slutty cunt.

Lita grits her teeth as her body jolts forward while on her hands and knees.
Lita looks back at Edge, over her shoulder, with sweat dripping down her face
"Ohhh yeah babe...fuck me like a REAL man."

Edge puts his hands firmly on Lita's waist as he begins pumping his shaft in
and out of Lita's pussy as sweat pours down his hot body, "I am baby... I
fuck you like no other..." Edge grunts as he slams his cock deep in and out
of Lita's pussy over and over again.

"Mmmm...yeah're the best!" Lita groans as she continues to boast
her perverted boyfriend's ego as she starts to slam her hot, sinful body back
against Edge's hard cock.

"Damn... straight... ain't no one better than me!" Edge yells as he pulls
Lita back against him so hard that her ass smashes hard against he roughly
fucks his hot girlfriends pussy. His ballsack swings back and forth and
smacks against Lita's smooth skin with everyone of his thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck babe!" Lita moans loudly as sweat drips off of her body
and the sinful sexpot begins to cum.

Edge grits his teeth as he feels Lita's hot slutty pussy tighten around his
cock as she cums hard on it. "Ahhh yeah babe!" Edge groans as he starts to
cum inside of Lita's hot, soaking wet cunt. The Rated R superstar continues
to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy as he fills her up with his warm

Lita tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she feels Edge's warm cum
flood her slutty, wet pussy "Ohhh yeah baby..."

Edge licks his lips as he finishes cumming, "Mmmm... that was hot..." Edge
says as he pulls his cock out of Lita's pussy.

Lita licks her lips as she turns on her knees to face her pervert, hot and
sweaty boyfriend "Mmmm babe...there's no other man like you."

Edge grins as he stands up, "You got that right babe... I'm the champ... and
I'm the Rated R Superstar... I'm better than everyone..." Edge says as he
goes to flip on a television monitor. When he does, he sees a video promo
for SmackDown's newest diva and the 2006 WWE Diva Search winner Layla El.
"Hmmm... what do we... have here..." Edge says with a smirk as he licks his

* * *

A few days later at the WWE SmackDown live event, the Rated R Superstar and
WWE Champion Edge strolls into the arena through a side backstage entrance.
Dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt and a gray colored denim jacket, Edge
licks his teeth as he heads straight for where the SmackDown Diva's locker
room area is located. Once he's there he looks for the door marked 'Layla'
and when he arrive, Edge roughly knocks on the door as he licks his teeth.

A few moments later the locker room door is opened by the adorable, frizzy
haired winner of the WWE 2006 Diva Search, Layla El, who is dressed in a
semi-short jean skirt and a pink top. Layla smiles cutely "Why hello there!"
Layla excitedly says in her cute, adorable British accent as she holds the
door open with her right arm while placing her left hand on her hip. Layla
pauses and raises her eyed "Wait! Wait! It's Edge!? Right!?" Layla asks.

Edge licks his teeth, "Yeah that's right... and you're the new sl..." Edge
pauses as he smirks, "You're the new diva... Layla El..." Edge says as he
tilts his head noticeably as he checks Layla out. "Mmmm mmmmm... and what
a sweet looking diva you are..."

Layla smiles and then blushes "That's right! I am the newest WWE Diva!" Layla
says happily in her cute British accent. Layla nods her head and then looks
at Edge "So...what can I help ya with!?"

Edge licks his teeth, "Hmmm... let's see... you can start... by earning your
spot..." Edge says as he steps forward and pushes Layla backward so that he
can step into the 2006 WWE Diva Search winner's locker room.

Layla raises her eyebrow a bit and is slightly offended when Edge pushes
himself into her locker room. Layla turns around and faces Edge at her locker
room door closes "Earn my spot!? I already did, baby!? The fan voted me in!?"
Layla smiles adorably "And now...I'm bringing down the HEAT on SmackDown,

Edge takes off his gray denim jacket and he throws it down to the floor,
"That ain't what I'm fucking talking about you dumb bitch!" Edge says as he
grits his teeth, "You're in the WWE now... and I'm the biggest star here!"
Edge says as he steps towards Layla as he pulls up his t-shirt shirt,
revealing his smooth, muscular upper body as he takes it off. Edge balls up
the t-shirt and throws it at Layla.

Layla opens her mouth in slight shock as she is completely offended by the
Rated R Superstar's actions "Whoa! Hold on baby! Just what's going on?" Layla
asks in her British accent and then slightly laughs "Is this some sort of

"It ain't no fucking joke...." Edge says as he reaches down with his right
hand and unbuttons his jeans as he steps closer to Layla, "You say you're
bringing down the HEAT... well baby... I'm going to give you some fucking
HEAT!" Edge laughs as he grabs Layla's left wrist with his left hand and
he jerks Layla towards him so that her body collides with his. The Rated R
Stud then grabs the neckline of Layla's pink top and rips the top down the
middle. Edge licks his teeth as Layla recovers from colliding with him, the
Rated R Superstar shoves Layla again, this time towards a leather couch.

Layla sits up slightly after being shoved down on the leather couch "Hey!
This isn't funny!" Layla yells as she stands up, only to have Edge shove her
back down onto the couch.

Edge laughs, "Oh it is bitch... you're a joke!" Edge says as he grabs Layla's
jean skirt and jerks it down from her waist and pulls it down her smooth dark
skinned legs. The perverted WWE Champion licks his lips as he grabs hold of
the dark red thong Layla is wearing and it rips it off her, exposing her hot,
smooth pussy.

Layla covers her head hot, smooth pussy with her hands as she scoots away
from Edge on the couch "Hey! Stop it!" Layla yells.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm... looks like you got a hot whore's pussy..."
Edge says, "But there's only one way to make sure..." Edge laughs as he
pushes down his black jeans and takes them off to free his fat, twelve inch
cock. The Rated R Superstar smirks as he wraps his hand around his cock and
strokes it until it becomes hard and rigid.

Layla makes a disgusted face "If you think I'm going to LAY down for you...
that's you're absolutely wrong, baby!" Layla slightly yells in her British
accent while Edge towers over the former Miami Heat Dancer as she remains
on the couch, covering up her hot, smooth body.

Edge laughs, "You're already laying down... now make like a real fucking diva
and spread those legs!" Edge says as he grabs Layla's legs and forces them
apart. He steps between them and leans down in order to ram his cock into
Layla's pussy when she puts her hands on his chest to push him away from her.

Layla grits her teeth and tilts her head back, closing her eyes, as the
pervert WWE Champion rams his cock deeply into her tight, hot pussy "Ohhhh no
baby!" Layla moans as she tries to push Edge off of her, while he thrusts his
cock into her pussy.

Edge laughs as he puts his hands on Layla's shoulders as he steadily
increases the pace and force of his thrusts as he fucks Layla's hot pussy.
"Mmmmm yeah baby... I was right!" Edge says as he smirks down at her.

Layla shakes her head as her body couch against the soft cushions of
the leather couch "Get off me!" Layla yells and moans slightly as she
unintentionally pushes herself back against Edge's cock.

Edge laughs as he flips his long blond hair back as he drives his fat shaft
in and out of Layla's cunt, "Uhhhh yeah... mmmm... fresh rookie diva
pussy..." Edge laughs with a perverted look on his face as he now pumps his
shaft deep into Layla's hot pussy.

Layla wraps her smooth, soft legs slightly around Edge's waist as she sits up
on the couch and tries to push the perverted Rated R Superstar off of her
"Stop it! Get off me!" Layla yells in her British accent as she places her
hands against his smooth, muscular chest in order to push him off.

Edge smirks as he licks his teeth, "Mmm ahh... what's a matter baby? Can't
take the HEAT?!" Edge laughs as he takes advantage of Layla wrapping her
legs around his waist by rolling over so that he's sitting on the couch and
Layla's on top of him. The twisted Rated R WWE Champion puts his hands on
Layla's waist and holds her on his cock as he starts to thrusts his shaft
up into her tight, hot, British pussy.

Layla grits her teeth and shakes her head "No! No! No! Stop it!" Layla yells
loudly as Edge firmly holds onto Layla's waist as her drives his quickly up
and deeply into her pussy causing the former Miami Heat Dancer to bounce
smoothly on his cock "You are like sick, baby!" Layla moans in her British
accent as she continues to fight off the sick, twisted and perverted WWE

Layla grits her teeth and shakes her head "No! No! No! Stop it!" Layla yells
loudly as Edge firmly holds onto Layla's waist as he drives his shaft quickly
up and deeply into her pussy causing the former Miami Heat Dancer to bounce
smoothly on his cock "You are like sick, baby!" Layla moans in her British
accent as she continues to fight off the sick, twisted and perverted WWE

Edge laughs as he tilts his head back as he makes Layla bounce on his shaft,
"Wrong baby! I'm Rated R!" Edge groans as he starts to sweat slightly as he
makes Layla rock back and forth on his cock. "And you're... a total slut! You
love being on a REAL man's cock..." Edge adds as he mocks the beautiful, 2006
WWE Diva Search Winner.

"No! No! I don't!" Layla yells as Edge forces Layla to rock back and forth on
his cock "Stop it!" Layla groans as the perverted, twisted Rated R Superstar
forces Layla to grind her pussy against his hard, thick and spearing cock.

Edge licks his teeth, "Oh you want me to stop? Mmmm guess you want my Rated R
cock somewhere else!" Edge laughs sickly as he suddenly shoves Layla off of
his cock and down onto the floor of her own locker room. The cocky, arrogant,
perverse WWE Champion slides from the couch and kneels down on the floor and
makes Layla turn over and get up on her hands and knees. Edge licks his
teeth, "And I know where you want my cock..." Edge laughs as he holds Layla
still and slams all of his cock deep into the hot rookie diva's tight

Layla closes her eyes tightly as Edge's perverted cock rams into her tight
pussy "Ohhhh you fucker!" Layla moans in her British accent before he starts
to violently slam his cock in and out of her tight asshole.

Edge laughs as sweat rolls down his face, "Uhhhh yeah! This is what you like
isn't it?!" Edge grunts as he pulls Layla back towards him as he pumps his
shaft in and out of her tight asshole. Each one of Edge's thrusts are sharp
and swift and they make Layla jolt forward every time he slams his cock deep
into her asshole.

Layla holds her eyes closed as sweat drips down her beautiful face as Edge
rams his hard, thick cock deeply into her tight asshole "! No! No
more!" Layla moans and yells at the same time.

Edge grits his teeth, "Welcome to the fucking WWE bitch!" Edge grunts as he
continues his sick, twisted, perverted assault on Layla's ass. The Rated R
Superstar continues to pull Layla back against him and her ass cheeks smack
hard against his waist just as Edge's ballsack smacks against her smooth
skin. Edge tilts his head back and groans as he starts to cum inside of
Layla's tight asshole. "Ahhhhh fuck yeah!" Edge laughs and moans as he fills
Layla's ass with his hot cum.

Layla opens her eyes and groan, disgustedly "Ohhh...gross, baby! Gross!"
Layla groans in her British accent as she feels Edge's warm cum flood out of
her tight asshole.

Edge keeps his cock deep inside of Layla's asshole until he finishes cumming
and then he pulls out, "Mmmmm... yeah... how'd you like how I brought down
the HEAT slut?!" Edge laughs as he gets a smirk on his face as stands up
behind Layla and crouches down.

Layla slowly turns around and shakes her head as she slightly narrows her
eyes "You're so sick!" Layla says as she slowly stands up and starts to back
away "Get the hell out, baby!"

"I'll leave... when I feel like it!" Edge says as he suddenly rushes forward
and nails Layla with his favorite move in his wrestling arsenal, the spear.
The Rated R Superstar drives his right shoulder into her stomach as he knocks
her down to the ground and knocks her out. Edge stands up and admires his
work, "Mmmm... now that's how you bring down... the HEAT!" Edge laughs as he
gathers his clothes and gets dressed. He looks down at Layla and smirks,
"Welcome to my world..." Edge says as he buttons up his jeans.

Just as the Edge is about to leave Layla's locker room, he sees a copy of WWE
Magazine on the floor, opened up to an article about Victoria. Edge looks
down at it and licks his teeth, "Hmmmm... almost time... for some sweet...


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