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The Cutting Edge Part 30: Payback For The Psycho-Bitch
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the locker room of the former WWE Champion and Rated R Superstar Edge,
dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt is locking the door to his locker
room while his sinful sexpot, the fiery red-headed Lita is tying Victoria's
hands together. Edge licks his, "Make sure her hands are tied tight together
baby..." Edge says with a sick smirk on his face.

Lita smirks as she ties a thick piece of rope around the hands of the
unconscious and weakened, vicious vixen Victoria "Mmm baby...she's gonna
see what a REAL man is like...and learn to never mess with the greatest WWE
Champ..." Lita pauses and looks down with a light laugh "You were a great
Champion..." Lita says shyly after her perverted boyfriend had lost earlier
in the night to his long-time rival John Cena. Lita swallows a bit as she
turns back to Victoria and finishes tying up her hands while the sinful
sexpot is dressed in tight black pants and one of Edge's 'Rated R Superstar'

Edge slightly glares at his red-headed partner in crime, "Watch it! I'm going
to get the belt back again... Cena is just holding it for me..." Edge says as
he looks down at the unconscious and vulnerable Victoria, who's still dressed
in her black top and tight fitting black pants. "But first... it's time for
some payback on this psycho bitch..." Edge grits his teeth, "Wake her up!"

Lita looks over her shoulder with a sly, mischievous smirk on her face as
she finishes tying up Victoria's hands "Sure thing babe..." Lita says as she
smacks Victoria across her face "Wake up! I said wake up you bitch!" Lita
says before smacking Victoria once again across the face.

Victoria slowly opens her eyes and squints "What...where..." Victoria groans
as she moves to raise her warms up and then realizes her hands are tied
together "What...what the hell!" Victoria yells.

Edge laughs as he slowly walks over to Victoria and crouches down near her
head, "Hey bitch... remember me?!" Edge says as he grabs a handful of the
vicious vixen's black hair to jerk her head up from the floor.

Victoria grits her teeth as she narrows her eyes into a cold glare "Get your
fucking hands off me!" Victoria snaps at Edge as he holds her head back by
her raven black hair.

Lita stands up, tossing her fiery red hair back and smirks as she folds her
arms "Mmm're so hot..." Lita says as she licks her lips, checking
out her perverted, sick boyfriend aggressively hold onto Victoria's hair.

Edge looks up at Lita and licks his teeth, "Thanks babe..." Edge then looks
down at Victoria again as he pulls hard on Victoria's hair, "Oh Victoria...
it's time for you to get what's coming to you" Edge sneers, "You think I'd
forget about what YOU did to ME!"

Victoria's head shakes and trembles with anger " HELL!" Victoria yells
before she spits up at Edge. Lita raises her eyebrow a bit and presses her
lips together at seeing some of Victoria's wet saliva splash against Edge's

Edge closes his eyes for a moment as he feels Victoria's spit drip down his
face. Edge tilts his head slightly as he grits his teeth, and then he opens
his eyes, "Lita... strip... this... bitch..." Edge says as grabs Victoria's
head and pulls her up to her feet. Edge turns her around to face Lita and
the Rated R Superstar holds Victoria still, "You're going to Hell, Victoria,
and we're going to send you there!"

Lita smirks and nods her head "Sure thing babe..." Lita says before she steps

Victoria, who simply glares at Lita and grits her teeth "Back off bitch!"
Victoria yells as Lita raises her eyebrow and shakes her head before slapping
her left hand against Victoria's face once again. Victoria's head swings back
and she grits her teeth, then the sinful sexpot reaches forward for
Victoria's black top and rips it off of her hot, toned and sinister body,
exposing her large and rounded tits.

Edge licks his teeth, "Mmmm hit her again baby!" Edge laughs as he continues
to hold Victoria still, "And don't forget this psycho's pants either... she's
going to learn her lesson!"

Lita licks her teeth "You want me to hit her again!?" Lita asks with a smile
as she nods her.

Edge nods his head, "Yeah baby... lay the smack down on her... Rated R
style..." Edge laughs insanely as he keeps Victoria from moving.

Lita tilts her head back and laughs before she swings her left hand, slapping
Victoria's face with a bit harder force. Victoria's head turns away before
she grits her teeth and glares at the sinful sexpot. Lita smirks and tosses
her fiery red hair back and reaches down as she removes Victoria's tight
black pants. Once Victoria's pants are removes Lita stands arrogantly in
front of the vicious vixen with her arms folded "How do you like that, you
bitch." Lita says with a cocky smirk before Victoria powerfully lifts her
feet off of the ground as Edge restrains her and kicks Lita in the stomach
with both of her feet. Lita loses her balance and stumbles backwards "What
the hell!"

Edge grits his teeth after seeing Victoria kick his lustful girlfriend. "Ohhh
that was a mistake you fucking bitch!" Edge yells as he jerks Victoria one
way and then throws her the other way, sending the vicious vixen back down to
the ground. Edge breathes heavily as he pulls off his own t-shirt to reveal
his perfectly toned, smooth muscular upper body. "You're going to learn some
respect..." Edge says and then he gets an idea, "And you're going to join a
club too..." Edge looks at Lita, "Lita... take off your pants... Victoria is
going to join... our Kiss Lita's Ass Club..." Edge laughs.

Lita smirks and licks her lips "Mmm babe...that sounds great..." Lita says as
she tosses her fiery red hair back before she unbuttons her tight black pants
and begins to lower them, guiding her pants down her smooth, tanned legs.
Lita kicks off her pants from her feet and places her hands on her black
thong and begins to lower her thong as well to reveal her hot, slutty pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as he gazes at Lita's hot, slutty pussy, "Mmmm babe...
I love how smooth you look down there..." Edge says as he kneels down and
makes Victoria sit up on her knees. "All right Victoria... pucker up!" Edge
laughs as he grabs Victoria's face and makes her press her lips together.
"Hey babe... back that ass up... she's ready!" Edge laughs.

Victoria grits her teeth together as Edge presses her dominating lips
together "Fuck you..." Victoria says through her gritted teeth. As Lita turns
around, her rounded and hot backside facing Edge and Victoria, with a sly
smirk on her face as she lifts her 'Rated R Superstar' t-shirt off exposing
her perfect, rounded tits. Lita licks her teeth as she backs up and bends
over slightly.

"Time to kiss some ass Victoria!" Edge laughs as he pushes Victoria's head
forward and makes the psychotic devil press her whole face right against the
center of the hot redheaded diva's round ass.

Victoria closes her eyes as her lips forcefully grind against Lita's hot,
rounded ass. Lita looks over her shoulder and smirks "Mmm babe...maybe she
should join the Lick Edge's Ass Club..." Lita says with a sly laugh as Edge
pulls Victoria's head away from Lita's hot, slutty ass.

Victoria grits her teeth and looks up at Edge, eyes narrowed "You fuckers!"

Edge smirks down at Victoria, "Mmmm what's wrong Victoria... not having any
fun?!" Edge laughs as he unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down from his
waist. Edge slides them down his legs and he steps out of them so he's
completely naked and his thick twelve inch cock hangs between his legs. Edge
looks at Lita and smirk, "Baby... Victoria needs some help getting into the
Lick My Ass Club..." Edge laughs as he moves to step in front of Lita, with
his ass inches from her face as he bends over a bit.

Lita smirks and kneels down on her knees next to the vicious vixen Victoria
"Ready slut?!" Lita yells slightly as she grabs hold of Victoria's raven
black hair before she drives Victoria's face against Edge's ass "Lick his
ass bitch!" Lita yells as the sinful sexpot grind Victoria's face against
Edge's toned ass.

Edge laughs as he looks over his shoulder to see Lita grinding Victoria's
face against his toned, smooth ass. "That's it babe! Make her lick it!" Edge
says as he spreads his legs a bit so his ass cheeks spread apart, to allow
Lita to push Victoria's face right against his hairless ass crack.

Lita grits her teeth and smirks as she powerfully holds Victoria's head
against the perverted, twisted Rated R Superstar's ass and hairless, clean
asscrack "Lick it bitch!" Lita yells as she pushes her head roughly against
his ass.

Lita grits her teeth and smirks as she powerfully holds Victoria's head
against the perverted, twisted Rated R Superstar's ass and hairless, clean
asscrack "Lick it bitch!" Lita yells as she pushes her head roughly against
his ass.

Lita licks her lips as she roughly jerks Victoria's head back and away from
Edge's ass "Babe...I think you should show this a REAL man...gets
his pay back.." Lita says with a smirk as she shoves the hand-tied Victoria
down to the floor.

Victoria grits her teeth as her raven black hair is slightly messed up "You
get the fuck away from me! Do you know I am!?" Victoria yells as Lita smirks

"'re one psycho-bitch...that's about to get the pay back you

Edge licks his teeth, "Yeah that's right Victoria! Torrie... Candice... and
now you... I'm going to get my complete revenge!" Edge laughs as he kneels
down and he grabs Victoria's legs in order to spread them apart. The Rated
R Superstar then lays on top of Victoria and rams his fat twelve inch cock
deep into Victoria's pussy.
Victoria grits her teeth tightly as the Rated R Superstar drives his cock
into her tight, dominating pussy "Ohhh you fucker!" Victoria groans as she
tilts her head back while Edge ravagely fucks Victoria's pussy with his
hard, thick cock.

Lita licks her lips as she watches her perverted, twisted boyfriend pump his
cock into Victoria's pussy "Mmm babe...I can't just watch.." Lita ask as she
kneels down on the floor behind Edge and gently spreads his ass cheeks apart.
Lita then leans her head down and places her slutty, wet tongue against the
top of his asscrack and begins guide her tongue in between his clean,
hairless asscrack.

Edge groans as he feels Lita's warm, wet tongue moving up and down against
his ass crack while he pumps his cock in and out of Victoria's hot, sinister
pussy. "Ohhh yeah Lita... that's it..." Edge says as he looks back at her
before looking down at Victoria with a twisted smirk on his face, "Now she's
a good slut... and you're going to be too... you fucking psycho-bitch!" Edge
grunts as he deeply drives his cock balls deep into Victoria's pussy.
Victoria grits her teeth as she thrusts her body against Edge's muscular body
as she tries to push the perverted Rated R Superstar off from on top of her.
As Victoria tries to struggles to free herself, Lita the sinful sexpot closes
her eyes as she gently taps her tongue against the entrances to Edge's
asshole as his toned ass move back and forth against Lita's face as he pumps
his cock into the vicious vixen.

"Mmmmm... yeah... ohhh yeah...." Edge tilts his head back as he makes his
thrusts longer so that he can push his smooth toned ass against Lita's face
so that her tongue goes deeper into his asshole. Because of the change in
his thrusts, the perverted former WWE Champion is able to sharply drive his
cock into Victoria's cunt.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she locks her dark, cold eyes with Edge "You
fucker!" Victoria spits out before she sits up and wraps her legs tightly
around Edge's waist forcing Lita to quickly pull her head away from Edge's
toned ass. Victoria grits her teeth as she starts to compress her strong
legs tighter around his waist.

"AHHH AHH SHIT!" Edge groans in a bit of pain as Victoria squeezes his waist
like an anaconda. Edge reaches back with his hands and grabs Victoria's legs
and forces her to break her hold of his waist. Once he's free, Edge pulls his
fat cock out of Victoria's pussy, "Fuck... you crazy bitch!" Edge yells as he
stands up and glares down at Victoria.

Lita stands up next to Edge and folds her arms as she smirks looking down at
Victoria as well "Yeah bitch...bad move..." Lita says as the vicious vixen
Victoria sits up on her knees and narrows her eyes at the sinful, hot couple.

"Fuck you two!" Victoria spits out.

Edge grits his teeth angrily, "Lita... hold that bitch's mouth open... she's
going to beg for mercy..." Edge yells before he spits down onto the face of
the vicious vixen.

Victoria locks her narrowed eyes with Edge as Lita nods her head and smirks
"Sure thing babe...anything for you" Lita says as she kneels down on the
floor and places her hands against Victoria's mouth "Open wide bitch!" Lita
yells before she forcing the psychotic devil's mouth open.

Edge steps in front of Victoria and he bends his knees a bit in order to
force his fat twelve inch cock into Victoria's forced open, warm, wet mouth.
"Time to beg bitch!" Edge says as he pushes his cock all the way into
Victoria's mouth so that his balls are against her chin. Edge looks at Lita,
"Keep the psycho's head down on my dick!" Edge orders as he starts to sharply
thrust his cock in and out of Victoria's mouth. Lita smirks as she places her
hands on the back of Victoria's raven black haired head, forcing her head to
stay down on Edge's cock as he thrusts his cock into her mouth. The vicious
vixen is forcefully forced to deep throat Edge's entire cock and begins to
choke with the rough force that Edge is using on the helpless Devil.

Edge laughs and grabs the sides of Victoria's raven black hair as he
continues to relentlessly drive his shaft in and out psycho diva's mouth.
"Ahhh yeah... choke on it bitch! This is payback!" Edge laughs as he tosses
his blond hair back as he starts to sweat. Edge looks down at Lita and
smirks, "We're going to make this bitch beg for me to let her get some
air..." Edge groans as his cock hits the back of Victoria's mouth.

Lita licks her lips and nods her head with a mischievously smile as she holds
the back of Victoria's head down on Edge's hard, thrusting cock "Mmm babe...
you make me so hot..." Lita says as she locks her sinful eyes with her
perverted boyfriend while the vicious vixen begins to fight to get her head
up from Edge's cock.

Edge smirks, "Mmm... baby... if you're so hot... maybe you should make this
bitch beg for air..." Edge says with a sick, inspired look on face. The
perverted Rated R Superstar pulls his saliva soaked cock out of Victoria's
mouth and he slaps both of the half-crazy diva's cheeks with his meaty cock.
"Lita... lay down... and spread your legs..." Edge says with a smirk.

Lita licks her lips "Mmm babe...that sounds hot...but shouldn't we take care
of this bitch first?"

"Oh we are..." Edge smirks as he forces Victoria to turn around on her knees
and he forces the coughing Victoria to lean forward, "But I want her to see
how hot you are while I fuck her" Edge smirks as he drives his cock into
Victoria's hot sinister pussy.

Lita presses her lips together "Mmm babe..." Lita says as she lays down on
the floor and spreads her legs apart revealing her hot, wet slutty pussy.

Victoria looks over her shoulder at Edge with her eyes narrowed "You'll
fucking pay!" Victoria coughs out.

Edge laughs, "Oh... really? You and... what army? All your little dyke
friends I already took out!" Edge laughs as he drives his cock harder into
Victoria's pussy, making her jolt forward with every thrust. He grabs hold
of her tied-up hands and uses them to jerk the vicious vixen back towards

Victoria grits her teeth as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh fuck!" Victoria groans
as Edge's hard, thick cock slams into her tight, dominating pussy.

Lita licks her lips as she tilts her head back "Mmmm babe...Show her what a
REAL man is like..." Lita says as she places her left hand against her pussy
and begins to gently rub her own pussy as she watches her perverted boyfriend
ram his cock into the once-dominating Victoria.

Edge grins as he drives his fat cock harder into Victoria's tight, dominating
pussy, "Ahhh yeah... she's loving it... she's such a psycho-slut!" Edge
grunts as his balls smack against the inside of Victoria's powerful thighs.
Sweat rolls down his face as he also looks at Lita rub her own sweet, slutty
pussy, "Ohhh baby... that's it..." Edge says licking his teeth.

Lita closes her eyes "Ohhh baby...give it to her good...make her own..." Lita
says as she continues to rub her own pussy.

Edge licks his teeth as he rams his cock harder into Victoria's tight pussy.
He lets go of her arms, which makes Victoria lower her head down to the floor
of the locker room. "Ahhh ohhh yeah... mmmm hey Victoria... having fun?" Edge
laughs sickly as he mocks the vicious vixen.

Victoria grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she begins to cum against
Edge's cock "You fucker!"

Edge laughs as he feels Victoria's pussy tighten around his pistoning cock
as she cums hard on his cock, "Ohhh yeah! Oh fuck yeah!" Edge laughs, "Hey
baby... the fucking bitch just cummed!" Edge says as he continues to fuck
Victoria's pussy.

Lita smirks as she sits up on the floor and folds her arms over her chest
"Mmmm're so hot..." Lita says as she flicks her tongue against her
lips. Victoria grits her teeth tightly together as she narrows her eyes in a
cold glare. Victoria's head begins to shake and tremble with anger as her
sinister face turns a light shade of red.

Edge laughs as he pulls out of Victoria's pussy after he feels her pussy
loosen a bit after she's done cumming. "Mmmm yeah I know I'm hot baby... I'm
too hot for this psycho bitch to handle..." Edge laughs as he makes fun of
the shaking and trembling, extremely pissed off Victoria. Edge smirks at
Lita, "Hey baby... pick this bitch up... I got something for her..." Edge
laughs as he walks over to the door, turns around and crouches down.

Lita licks her lips and smiles "Mmm...of course babe..." Lita says as she
stands up and forcefully pulls the vicious vixen Victoria up to her feet and
holds her still "Ready babe?"

"Yeah I am babe.... get out of the way!" Edge laughs. When Lita steps away,
the sick, twisted, Rated R Superstar rushes forward and spears Victoria,
driving his right shoulder into her stomach. The force of Edge's spear sends
Victoria flying backward and crashing against a wall. Edge gets up to his
feet and smirks as he looks down at the once again unconscious Victoria,
"Paybacks a bitch ain't it!" Edge laugh.

Lita folds her arms over her perky tits as she presses her lips together and
licks her lips "Mmm...Babe...that was hot."

Edge turns and looks at Lita as he licks his teeth, "Yeah... but I gotta ask
ya baby... you want to get speared?" Edge asks as he points down to his hard
huge, fat cock.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head "Oh fuck yes!"

Edge laughs, "Then come get the spear baby!" Edge says as he moves to sit
down on a long leather couch, with his hard cock pointing straight up.

Lita smirks as she walks over to the leather couch that Edge is sitting on
and tosses her fiery red hair back before she straddles Edge's lap, lowering
herself down on her perverted boyfriend's hard, thick cock "Ohhhh baby..."
Lita groans as she feels his cock enter her slutty, warm pussy. Lita grits
her teeth together as she places her hands on his shoulders and begins to
rock her body back and forth on his cock "'re a REAL man!"

Edge licks his teeth as he leans his head back, "Ahhh yeah... that's right
baby... I'm a REAL man... with a REAL hot slut..." Edge moans as he puts his
hands on Lita's waist in order to start lifting her up and down on his spear
like shaft.

Lita closes her eyes as she tilts her head back while bounces and rocks on
Edge's hard, spearing cock "Ohhhh...ohhh...yeah're a REAL man."
Lita groans as she grinds her pussy down against his hard cock as she slams
down harder.

Edge groans loudly as his sinful, redheaded sexpot drops herself down on his
cock so that it goes deep up into her slutty cunt. "Ahhhh yeah baby... mmmm
ride that cock!" Edge licks his teeth as he leans forward so he can slide his
tongue against Lita's large soft bouncing tits.

"!" Lita moans loudly as she begins to drip of sweat as her
hot, sinful sexpot body slams down harder on Edge's cock "Ohhhh're
so hot baby!"

Edge wraps his arms around Lita's waist and he stands up from the couch when
Lita wraps her arms tightly around his neck. The Rated R Superstar's body is
dripping with sweat as he pumps his cock in and out of Lita's pussy as he
stands. "Uhhhh ohhh fuck baby... mmmm you're so fucking hot!" Edge grunts as
he holds Lita tightly against him as she bounces on his stiff throbbing cock.

Lita flicks her tongue against Edge's lips as she bounces quickly, up and
down, on his hard, throbbing cock "Ohhh...ohhh yeah baby...mmm fuck this
pussy!" Lita groans before she slams down hard and her hot, slutty pussy
erupts with her own cum "Ohhhh shit!"

"Ahhhh yeah... baby!" Edge groans as he feels Lita's warm cum flowing onto
his cock. The Rated R stud lowers Lita down to the floor after lifting her
off of his cock. "Ahhh yeah baby... mmmm you're so hot..." Edge says as he
sits Lita on his knees as he stands in front of her. He wraps a hand around
his throbbing fat cock and starts strokes, "Mmmm... come on baby... I got
something hot for you."

Lita smiles before she opens her mouth and sticks her pierced tongue out of
her mouth, tilting her head back "Mmmm baby...I want that cum...from a REAL

Edge licks his lips and moans loudly, "Ahhh... ohhh yeah baby..." Edge groans
as he starts to cum. He holds his cock down so he can spray his load right
onto Lita's tongue and into her wide open mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Lita moans as Edge's warm cum sprays into her mouth and onto her
tongue. She tilts her head back as she fiery redheaded sexpot swallows all of
Edge's warm, sticky cum.

Edge licks his teeth as he looks down at Lita, "Oh yeah baby... I love it
when you do that..." Edge says with a smirk as he wipes sweat from his
forehead. Edge looks down at Lita and smirks, "So baby... revenge was pretty
damn sweet wasn't it?"

Lita nods her head as she stands up, licking her lips "Oh yes it
got back those three sluts...and soon once you will be Champion! A REAL man
as a REAL Champion!" Lita says with a smirk as she boosts her perverted
boyfriend's ego. Lita places her hands against Edge's muscular, smooth and
sweaty chest "So babe...what's next for the Rated R Superstar?"

Edge smirks, "I don't know babe...but I hear there's some new sluts on their
way to the WWE... and when they get here... they all are going to get... a
Rated R welcoming..." Edge laughs as he puts an arm around his sinful,
redheaded, lustful girlfriend.


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